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Related article: Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Boys Diary IVMy whole plan of getting together with T-bone in order to get a decent fucking by a cock that was bigger than a pencil got short circuited. That is, the part about having T-bone fuck me got short circuited. His family ended up having to move away before I figured out a way to implement my plan. I continued to spend the night at Brandon's about once a month and of course it was all sexual. While the cute young thing would fuck me from time to time it was generally me fucking him. I didn't have any complaints though. Having my hard young cock buried in his butt was about as much fun as I could possibly have.I never told Chu that Brandon and I were fucking each other and I don't know why exactly. Well, I know part of it and that was that Brandon had asked me not to tell anyone, even Chu Chu. "I know you're best friends and everything Damon but I'd like it if just you and me knew about it." I asked him about his cousin and he shook his head and said that he wasn't going to tell him. When I asked if he was still going to let his cousin fuck him any more he shrugged his shoulders."I don't know, I don't think so," he said in a soft voice. I asked him why not and he sort of stammered and tripped over his words. "Well, mostly because I think that you're just about the most way cool friend in the world and..." he stopped talking and it was like he was embarrassed or something."And what?" I asked. He took his time and then it sort of just rushed out like a good crap."I just want to think of us as, I dunno, boyfriends or something," he finally managed to get out. That shocked me so much I couldn't even say anything. The concept of boyfriends was unknown to me. I understood girlfriends, kind of, but even that was beyond my full comprehension, but boy friend I'd never heard of. Remember, this was small town America in 1959. I'd never even heard the word queer at that time. I agreed to keep my trap shut but the notion sure occupied a lot of brain power on my bike ride home that Preteen Panty Models morning.I still played around with Chu Chu as well and we eventually graduated to fucking but like I said, he was a pencil dick and it would be some time before that started to change.My dad had been talking for some time about the need to go see his parents, my grandparents and in January he and my Preteen Panty Models mom decided that we would do it. It had been a number of years since he'd been home and I couldn't remember ever being in their house although my parents said that I had when I was a little boy. They generally visited us and even at that it had been over 2 years since I'd seen them. That we were visiting them was exciting but for more than just the fact that I got to see them. It would be my first trip in an airplane and we would get to go to Disneyland as part of my 11th birthday present.Of course Chu was jealous as all get out and begged me to ask my parents if he could go with us but I knew that they wouldn't allow it. Brandon wasn't jealous but he said that he was going to miss me and actually got tears in his eyes on the last night we spent together the week before I left.We were lying all snuggled up together after I'd finished fucking him for the second time. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone Dame," he said, and I heard a catch in his voice. I moved my upper body backwards in order to Preteen Panty Models see his face, although it was dark and there wasn't much to see."What's the matter Bee," I asked him and then I heard him sniffle."I just love you so much Damon," he said, "I don't want to lose you." I was really confused, I Preteen Panty Models mean, I was only going to be gone for 10 days for heck's sake; it wasn't like we were moving to California or anything and I told him that."I know, I'm just being silly," he said and pulled me back to him and buried his head against my chest. It was weird but sometimes Brandon could act so much a like a girl. Of course I had no idea how right I was at the time. I held him and rubbed my hand up and down his back and down onto his naked butt."I guess I'm worried that you're going to go out to California and meet another boy or something," he finally said. Now I was really shocked. The idea of looking for, meeting, or even running into, another boy had never entered my mind let alone being sexy with one. I just didn't understand what possessed Brandon to even think something like that but I didn't tell him that instead telling him that it wasn't going to happen. If only I'd known, not that I would have said anything of course.So it was that we landed in Los Angeles on Friday April 15th and I have to say that never was a boy more excited than I. My parents let me have a window seat on the Boeing 707 and since the weather was clear and sunny I was graced with the view of sprawling LA. It was almost inconceivable to me to look out and see almost nothing but buildings. The city seemed to go on forever. That 6 million people lived there was more than mind boggling, it was unbelievable. To this day I can remember my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, the blue stretching as far as my eyes could see.My grandfather picked us up at the airport in a 1959 Thunderbird convertible, just like the one on the TV show 77 Sunset Strip. I'd never seen a convertible in real life, we just didn't have them back home, and I was going to ride in one. Chu Chu wasn't going to believe it. But that wasn't all; there was my grandfather.He was tanned, had a strange triangle of hair on his chin, dark glasses and a shirt that covered up his neck. I was surprised, my father was shocked. I would learn later that my grandfather had affected much of the dress and mannerisms of the beat generation and that was probably due to his position as talent executive with Capitol Records.My grandparents lived in Venice, then a fairly short drive time wise from the airport, and I gawked and stared the entire way. Palm trees, bright sunshine, colorful buildings and houses, and even then strange people all conspired to take my heart away. I loved California; and I really loved my grandparent's house.They lived in an area called the canal district were houses faced canals instead of streets. The streets at the back seemed narrow, more like alleys, and it was from the back that most people entered their properties because that's where they had to park. My grandparent's house was no different and as we turned to pull into the garage, the door was already opening and of course I found that terribly exciting. From the garage we entered a small back yard and I got my first view of the house, an older 2 story wooden structure that seemed taller than it was wide which I would find was not uncommon in that area. Three huge trees offered shade over a good portion of the property and instead of fences separating the houses there were hedges.My grandmother met us at the back door and fussed and fawned over me and told me how big I was getting and how cute I was. I felt myself blush. The house seemed fairly open, light and airy, with dark hardwood floors and mostly white walls trimmed in highly polished wood. We went into the living room which looked out onto the canal. They had a small deck that sat beneath yet another huge old tree and overlooked the canal and of course the houses on the other side which showed me how close the houses really were to each other. Like many homes, theirs had a dark green hedge between their yard and the public sidewalk that ran along the canal but it was cut sort of curvy and resembled waves. And then there were the flowers, everywhere, in an amazing array of color and fragrance. Looking out I could see canoes or row boats in front of most of the houses on the other side and wondered if my grandparents had one. I was quite taken by the whole place and I figured if I could live anywhere in the world that's where it would be. As I was staring out I heard footsteps coming down the stairs then my grandmother say,"Angel, come meet our son and his family." I turned around to see the most amazing looking boy I'd ever seen in my life and I swear my little heart skipped a beat.He was a teenager but I wasn't good at ages although he seemed older than T-Bone. He was a little taller than me, which didn't say much and was somewhat slender but not a bean pole of a boy. His skin was a light brown, his hair pitch black and slightly long in the bangs sort of like Maynard on Dobie Gilles. His eyes, framed by thick brows and long lashes, seemed huge to me and had a slightly oriental look. When he smiled I was practically blinded by crystal white teeth. There didn't seem to be a mark of any kind on his face; it was perfect. I thought to myself, he's beautiful."It's nice to meet you Damon," he said in a soft voice, gently shaking my hand after greeting my parents. My grandmother threw an arm across Preteen Panty Models the boy's shoulders and hugged him."Angel has been living with us for, what Frank," she said looking at my grandfather, "a little over a year now. It's like we've known him all our lives." The boy smiled, pleased at the attention and affection. "Damon, you're going to be bunking with Angel, I hope you don't mind."Well I'm here to tell you I didn't mind at all; I was more concerned about whether Angel minded. I would find out that he'd shared a room with three brothers before living with my grandparents so sharing it with me for less than 2 weeks was easy for him."Why don't you get Damon settled in Angel while we adults get caught up.""Come on, I'll show you our room," the boy said with a friendly smile. Angel grabbed my suitcase and I followed him up the stairs, my eyes all but glued to his narrow butt in front of me. At the top of the stairs he turned and headed back toward the front of the house and entered an arched door into a room at the front corner of the house. Once again I was surprised.The room was round, or at least almost, and a large bed was situated smack dab in the middle. Glass doors opened onto a small balcony that overlooked the canal with plenty of smaller windows throughout the room doing the same. On the wall to the right, behind where the bedroom door opened, was a built in dresser with 5 large drawers, one of which Angel showed me I could use, along with a small closet. Further along that wall a door went into a bathroom that was only for that room. A student desk and bookshelves rested against the wall to the left of the entry door and there was a small fireplace beside that with two arm chairs facing it. The ceiling was high and sort of domed, painted a light sky blue with some clouds scattered around it."This is a really neat room," I said and Angel said he thought so too. Angel stood and watched while I unpacked my stuff then put my suitcase on the closet floor. When I was finished he asked what I wanted to do. I shrugged my shoulders."I don't know what there is to do.""Well," he began, "we can walk the canals and I can show you around. We can walk to the beach and check out the boardwalk. Pacific Ocean Park is a little ways away but an easy walk; it's a pretty cool amusement park with rides and stuff although not as big as Disneyland or anything. We can go swimming; whatever you want to do.""I need to pee really bad then I think I'd like to change clothes," I told him. I was wearing a button down short sleeved shirt and dress pants and while not completely uncomfortable it was much warmer there than at home."I should change too if we're going out," Angel said. I got up and went into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door and did my business. When I came back into the room Angel was standing in his underwear, white cotton briefs, and folding his Levi's. I quickly undressed and folded my clothes, electing to do so clad only in my underwear as well. I couldn't help but notice the bulge that Angel had and in looking at him I noticed a scar at the waistband."What happened there," I asked, pointing to it."Oh," he said, looking down at his flat belly. "I had my appendix taken out a couple of years ago." He pulled the waistband down enough that I could see the whole scar, not to mention the edge of his hairs. "It was really embarrassing too cuz a nurse had to shave me down there and I got a boner. Preteen Panty Models She said not to Preteen Panty Models worry about it cuz it happened to boys and even men all the time. It didn't help that she held it out of the way while she shaved me." I was pretty much flabbergasted at his revelation and continued to all but stare. "You can touch it if you want to Damon, my scar I mean," he added with a smile. I smiled back, reached out and ran my fingers along the puckered flesh. I didn't know anyone that had a scar so I'd never felt one. What I really wanted was to see and to feel his cock cuz I was sure it was a big one. While the whole scene only lasted about a half minute I felt my own dick start to swell and when I stepped away from him Angel looked right at my crotch. If he noticed that I was getting hard he didn't say anything.We both put on cut-off's and a t-shirt, white of course. I put on my Keds but Angel put on leather sandals which I thought were cool. Downstairs he told my grandmother that we were going to walk down to the beach and goof around. I think my mother wanted to put up some argument but my dad said to have fun then my grandfather gave me some money, "just in case," he said. As we headed out the door my mother started into her worry mode and both my grandparents assured her that everything would be alright, Venice was a pretty quiet neighborhood where little happened and Angel would be able to look after me just fine.Angel and I talked as we walked the sidewalks and small bridges of the canals. When we reached the beach it was all I could do not to run across the wide expanse of white sand and put my feet in the water. Angel seemed to understand my desire and led me across the sand to the edge of the water where were took off socks and footwear then walked along with the water lapping at our feet and ankles.What we talked about were the usual boy-get to know each other-stuff. I found out that he had come to live with my grandparents through my grandmother's work as a guidance counselor at Santa Monica High School. He said that there had been some trouble at home and the state was going to take custody of him until my grandmother stepped in and the rest was history."Your grandparents are really cool, hep people," he said. "They've treated me like family since the first day." I didn't understand the word "hep" but didn't say anything. He was 14 and would be 15 around thanksgiving. He no longer saw his family, stating that they had moved out of the area. I thought he sounded a little sad but not overly. He said he liked school, was in 8th grade, was okay at sports and other school stuff that his favorite past time was reading and he liked writing poetry and stories. I sensed a sort of gentleness in him, not the sort of rough and tumble kind of boy like Chu Chu's brother or t-bone.We walked back up to where the sidewalks and building were and came across a large area where guys were lifting weights or doing some gymnastic stuff. I was really surprised at their bodies because many of them wore only skimpy swim suits; some had undershirts that had straps and not sleeves like I wore. Either way their bodies were sweaty and many had quite a bit of muscles. I couldn't help but notice that the skimpy suits also showed off their dicks somewhat and I was a little shocked by that. You'd never see something like that back home. We stopped and watched them for a minute or two and I saw that Angel's attention was focused on a guy whose stuff was sort of bulging at the front of his suit. He saw me looking at him and quickly turned away and started walking up the boardwalk.I noticed that Angel touched me a lot and by that I mean little touches on the arm or shoulder if he was pointing something out to me or trying to get my attention. A couple of times we saw some really strange people and we both laughed, leaning against each other almost for support. I should explain that we didn't actually laugh at the people or even around them really, that would be rude.By the time we got back to my grandparents house I felt like we were fast friends. I remembered thinking that Brandon had been a little foolish worrying about me meeting another boy and here I had done exactly that. I remembered thinking it foolish that I'd even consider being sexy with any boy I'd met. I was more than willing to be sexy with Angel.My grandparents took us out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant and since I'd never heard of Mexican food let alone had any, it was yet another exciting experience in a day filled with such experiences. I thought that taco's were just about the best thing I'd eaten since I first tried Pizza and the rest of the spicy food was just "cool" a word that was gaining popularity in my vocabulary. As we were eating my grandfather noted that,"The great thing about re-fried beans is that they don't make you fart." Angel and I burst out laughing while my mother rolled her eyes and my grandmother simply shook her head. Back home later the adults sat out on the deck while Angel and I watched a little TV; notably 77 Sunset Strip and the Rifleman. I really liked both shows although I had a heck of a time understanding half of what Kookie was saying. I noticed though that my grandfather talked like him and even Angel used some of the words that Kookie did. I loved the Rifleman though and watched it every week without fail. I thought that Johnny Crawford was about the cutest boy I'd ever seen and found myself wondering what his dick looked like. I liked Dennis the Menace too. Damn that boy got into trouble. I thought Jay North was cute too but man oh man I loved Johnny Crawford.We finally said goodnight to the adults and went upstairs about 9. "I want to take a shower before we go to bed Damon," Angel said, "I feel a little sticky." I thought about it a moment then said sure. Angel asked if I wanted to go first but I shook my head and said I'd wait. While Angel showered I went out onto the balcony and reveled in the warmth of the evening, lights from the houses that seemed packed along the canal, the smells of flowers, especially the night blooming Jasmine that was climbing up the outside wall. I wondered for a moment what Angel looked like naked. I sort of got a picture in my brain of him in the shower and washing his balls and stuff then thought about him maybe jacking off under the warm spray. I'd done that before and felt my cock start to grow at the thought of the older boy maybe jacking off in there.I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later Angel called out that I could go in. I headed back into the bedroom and saw Angel drop his towel to the floor. His back was to me and I all but stared and his slender naked butt. He pulled open a drawer and pulled out clean underwear then bent slightly to put a foot through the leg and in doing so I caught a quick glimpse of his balls before he pulled the white cotton garment into place. I could see him shove his hand down the front to adjust himself before turning around to see me all but staring at him."What," he asked. I couldn't believe the bulge at the front of his briefs. "Oh, I'm sorry Damon; I'm just so used to changing in front of other boys I didn't think about it." I pried my eyes away from his crotch and forced them to look at his face."No, umm, it's okay. I mean, it's just us boys after all," I told him. I hurried into the bathroom and as I passed him Angel said there were clean towels in the cupboard. I pulled one out and quickly undressed, freeing up a half hard dick. I got the water going and quickly climbed in, not wanting Angel to see my stiffening dick but on the other hand wanting him to. I showered quickly, managed to get my boner to go away in the process and while toweling myself off realized that I hadn't brought clean underwear into the bathroom with me. On the other hand it gave me the opportunity to be naked in Preteen Panty Models front of Angel.When I went back into the bedroom Angel was sitting at his desk but stood up. Like he had done, I dropped my towel to the floor and bent over to pull underwear out of the drawer then started to pull them on. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Angel was watching me so wiggled my butt at him and made him laugh. I had my hand down the front of my briefs, getting my cock where I wanted it, when I turned around."That's funny cuz boys do that in my PE class all the time, shake their butts at each other. I think boys like showing off their stuff sometimes," he said, almost staring at my crotch in much the same way that I had stared at his. I nodded my head in understanding.I already knew that my dick was bigger than any boy my age and as big if not bigger than some boys Angel's age. On top of that my cock had grown some since that first time I'd measured it over 9 months before and was now just under 6 � inches long. My balls had gotten bigger and were hanging much of the time and I'd started to get some hairs. Granted they were only light colored sprigs and few of them at that but they were there. I hoped that I'd make my first sperm by summer time of that year. What I'm saying is that I filled out a pair of briefs pretty good and fresh clean ones especially.Angel had stood up and taken a couple of steps toward me, his eyes traveling over my body but drawn back downward."What," I said in the same manner that he had said to me. He shook his head as if trying to clear it or something."Nothing, I'm sorry for staring." I had a questioning expression on my face because I still didn't know exactly what he was staring at. "It's just that, well, I don't Preteen Panty Models want you to think I'm rude or anything but, umm you look pretty big down there. I mean, I've seen plenty of boys in their underwear cuz of gym class and well, you look bigger than any 7th grader I've seen and as big, or bigger, than a lot of 8th graders."Well I'm here to tell you that I was pleased that he'd noticed, not that I was trying to get him to. Well, maybe a little. I wanted to say something about his too but I didn't know what to say so said, "You too." I picked my towel up and grabbed Angel's from where he'd put on the foot of his bed frame and took them into the bathroom and hung them over the shower curtain rod. I went back into the bedroom and since Angel was sitting on the edge of the bed I sat next to him."So, now what," he asked. I shrugged my shoulders because I had no idea what to do. Well, I did but I wasn't going Preteen Panty Models to say it. I yawned involuntarily and Angel asked if I was sleepy, if I wanted to go to bed. I glanced at the large wall clock above his desk, noticed that it was after 9 which meant that for my body it was actually 11."You know, I guess I am sleepy. It's been along day for me." It took him a moment but he realized what I was talking about."Oh yeah, time zones; we can go to sleep if you want Damon." I didn't want to put him out and said so."It's okay, really, I'm kinda tired too." He stood up so I followed suit and he pulled the covers down while asking which side I wanted to sleep on. I asked what side he usually slept on and he laughed and said the middle. I figured to keep it simple and decided on the side that I was standing on. Angel turned the lights off and I climbed in but didn't pull the covers up. It was quite warm, much warmer than I was used to. Angel lay down next to me, on his back like I was and we were just quiet for a moment. I was hoping that he'd make a move of some kind, even just touching me with his foot or something but he didn't. Finally he spoke."I'm really glad that you're here Damon. I had a lot of fun today." I rolled onto my side and looked at him. Enough light came in through the windows to be able to see and my eyes looked down his body again; the high bulge of his chest then the drop to the flatness of his belly, and then the bulge at his crotch creating a mound in his underwear."I had fun too Angel. I'm glad I'm here and have you to be a friend," I told him."Do you really mean it; that you think of me as a friend?" I was surprised that he would ask me that."Yeah, why wouldn't I?" He was quiet for a second, still didn't look at me."I don't have any friends." I couldn't understand that, how someone couldn't have ANY friends."I don't understand," was all I could say. Again, he didn't say anything for a little bit."I'm Mexican, Japanese, Filipino, and white. I don't fit in with any group because no group really wants a mixed blood. People can be pretty racist. I'm not saying people are mean to me but they just don't want to hang out with me or have me hang out with them."I still couldn't understand that. I knew Brandon wasn't white, I wasn't really sure what he was and I didn't care, I wasn't bothered by his color or race and none of our friends were. I told him that."It's different out here Damon. Nobody really likes the Mexican's unless they're doing their yard. All of the Asian's think that their culture is better than all the rest of the Asians, and the whites, well, I don't know. Seems like they don't like anybody sometimes." He finally turned his head toward me. I couldn't help myself, I reached out and rested my hand on his chest, felt the warmth of him."Well I think those people are just stupid. I like you and I think you'd make a great friend." I wanted to let my hand slide down across his flat stomach and rest on the mound of his dick but pulled my hand back instead; slowly though."Thank you Damon. That means a lot to me." Even though there wasn't much light I could still see the expression on his face. I knew that he meant what he said. I wanted to kiss him but instead I said goodnight and rolled onto my back.I dreamed that I was in bed with Brandon and he was feeling up my dick, which was so hard it was like the skin was stretched out as far as it could possibly go. He started to sort of stroke me and I felt like I wanted to shove my underwear down so that I could feel his skin on mine. Then I felt that hardness of his cock press against my butt and in reflex I pushed back against him and moaned softly. He took his hand off of me and backed away and I could sense a rustling in the bed.I rolled onto my back as if to ask him why he moved but I couldn't get my voice. My right arm was lying on the bed, my left across my chest. Then I felt the lightest touch against my rock hard cock and then more pressure. I really wanted to take my underwear off but you know how dreams are, sometimes you just can't move. I felt pressure on the back of the hand that was on the bed and realized in my dream that it was Brandon's cock but there seemed to be something different about it. The pressure on my cock changed to fingers that were gently squeezing it and I had an urge to push my hips up against them. I could hear Brandon's breathing get louder and felt myself slowly begin to wake up. It took a moment to realize that I wasn't dreaming and remembered that I was in bed with Angel.I didn't want to make any sudden moves and scare the older boy off; I didn't want him to stop. I slowly turned my hand over so that it was palm up and as soon as it was Angel pressed his hard cock against it. I wanted to grip the thing, to feel how big it really was but again, I didn't want to scare him away. Then I figured; what the hell. He wanted it; I wanted it, why pretend. I let my arm slide slowly off of my chest then moved my other hand from beneath Angel's hard cock then hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slid them down. Angel had moved his hand away quickly but he must have been watching in the dim light for soon his hand was back, gripping my rigid cock, and not being secretive about it.I put my right hand back where it was only now I felt free to grope and feel without pretending. When I wrapped my fingers around him I was quite surprised at the rigid thickness of him. To me, he seemed huge."Take your underwear off," I whispered. I turned my head and watched him slide his briefs down, pull his knees up in order to get his underwear off then stretch back out flat. I rolled toward him and propped myself up on my arm to look down on him. I was right, he was huge.Angel's cock almost reached his belly button, and it was thick, and in the semi light of the room the tip looked very different. I reached out and took hold of him, felt the strength in his hardness then stroked his cock and right away saw the difference. He had skin on his that could completely cover the head, or uncover it. I was totally amazed. I'd never heard of such a thing let alone seen it. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings about his cock being deformed."Gosh it's so huge Angel," I murmured, the boy lying still so that I could explore him. I reached down and held his balls, the sac of eggs filling my smaller hand. Angel moved his hand to grasp onto my cock so I let go of him and rolled onto my back so the older boy could thoroughly explore me as I had him. Like I had done, he rolled onto his side so he could see as well as feel."You're pretty big too Damon, for a boy your age I mean." He stroked and fondled, he cupped my balls Preteen Panty Models and I just lay there enjoying him touching me. My underwear were still down around my knees so I stopped Angel, took my underwear all the way off then rolled back over to face him."I wanna do so much stuff with you," I whispered. The expression on his face was one of surprise."Really; you want to do stuff with me?" You'd a thought I wanted to give him a million dollars or something. Then he asked my why."Well, ya gotta dick for one thing," I said. I could tell right away that I probably shouldn't have said it. I moved right up to him, pushed on his chest to make him go onto his back and propped my upped body above his. I leaned down and planted my lips against him and kissed, staying there for a moment Preteen Panty Models and moving my lips against his. When I broke the kiss I looked him in the eyes."I really like you Angel. You're cute, and kind, and friendly and sweet. I want to do stuff with you." With that said I reached down and took hold of his cock, slid down his body then turned to face it. I stroked him, sliding the skin back and forth over the head while vowing to investigate that in the day light, assuming he wasn't embarrassed about it, then leaned down and put my mouth over the head and began to suck his cock.I tasted the beginning of his sperm right away. I learned from t-bone that when you were old enough to make sperm that sometimes a boy leaked some of it out before he actually squirted. I kept stroking Angel's cock while I sucked it and could feel that extra skin push against the edge of my lips. I kinda wanted to slide it up into my mouth and feel it but again, I didn't know how Angel felt about that so I didn't. After I started sucking him Angel put his hand on my back and sort of rubbed it a little bit so I knew that he was liking what I was doing to him. Actually I couldn't imagine a boy not like getting his cock sucked but ya never knew.I'd never sucked a cock as big as Angel's so I found that my mouth got sore. I took it out but began licking all over the swollen head which, I could see enough of in the light to know was just like mine only bigger. I licked down the side of it then licked a little bit on his balls, noticing in the light that they were bigger than any of the other older boys I'd seen. He had some hair on em too so they weren't as soft but I still liked them and liked licking and nuzzle them with my lips. I could hear Angel moaning a little bit too and doing little gasp like sounds.I finally stopped and moved back up along side of him. The look on his face told me how much he liked what I did but I asked him anyway. He looked at me but his eyes were half closed and I knew that he was in a fog of hotness over it."That was way fucking cool," he whispered to me. It surprised me that he swore cuz it was the first time he'd done it and so far I hadn't sworn. "I want to do you too, is that okay?" Well, it sure wasn't like I was going to say no, don't suck my cock."I'd like that," I responded. Angel surprised me by leaning forward and planting a kiss against my lips then started to move. I got another surprise because he stopped right away and put his mouth over one of my nipples and began to suck it like a baby on a tit, not that I'd actually seen that before but I knew about it. I didn't have time to think on it though because my body was flooded with feelings that I'd never felt before. Okay, that wasn't exactly true because I had felt similar feelings but not ones that were caused by my nipples. My hand went right to the back of Angel's head and sort of gently held him as he sucked on me and ran his tongue back and forth over the little nubbin of flesh.He didn't stay there very long but when he started, his hand kept on going until it reached my stuff. He cupped my balls first, raising the sac up away from my body and gently tugging and squeezing them on them. He pulled the sac up over the base of my cock and when they couldn't go any further he kept his hand moving so that they sort of seeped out of his hand and slipped back into their natural hanging position. Angel stroked my cock a few times then moved off of my nipple, kissed my chest a few times then kissed his way down my body until he reached where my dick was sticking out.Angel held my cock up then went about licking over every single bit of it, seeming to concentrate on the underside of the head. When I say he licked it I don't mean a full tongue swipe like he was trying to catch melting ice cream. Angel used the tip of his tongue in short little pokes, swipes and wiggles and sometimes he did it along the rim of the head as if tracing it with his tongue. Finally, satisfied that he had explored every single bit of it he took my cock head into his mouth then lowered his head.At that point in my life I'd had what, 3 or 4 different boys that had sucked my dick. None of them did what Angel did and that was to take the entire thing into his mouth and throat. I could feel his throat muscles grip my cock head as he forced it in there and gasped at the feelings that it created. He didn't stay there very long but raised his head back then went about normal sucking, staying on the top half of my cock. His hand went to my balls and kept very busy playing with them, squeezing, sometimes tugging and stretching the skin out. Needless to say I figured out pretty fast that mine was not the first cock that the cute dark skinned boy had sucked."Oh gaaawd," I groaned as he did it again, took my entire cock into his mouth until his lips grabbed at the base of it. He was only there for a moment but what a moment it was; then he went back up and worked at the top half of my cock. By that time every nerve in my body was lit up like a Christmas tree."Make me cum Angel," I panted, "I gotta cum." Angel continued to suck me but began to stroke me along with it. He stayed on top and worked mostly just the head which allowed him a decent length to jack me with. It didn't take very long before my breathing became ragged and just before I was going to tell him I was going to cum he took his mouth away and jacked me off.My cum seemed to hit me harder that it had in recent months. My body was wracked with the spasms, I thrust my hips into the air and I grunted and groaned Preteen Panty Models as softly as I could. I didn't know where my parents were sleeping and sure didn't want them busting into the room because they thought I was sick or something. Oh boy wouldn't that have been choice.The whole thing finally slowed and then ended and I relaxed back onto the bed panting like a racehorse. Angel continued to stroke me slowly and then finally stopped. He crawled back up along side of me and resting on his elbow and arm looked down onto my face. I looked back at him although I knew that my eyes were practically closed from the hotness I'd just gone through. Angel lowered his head and kissed me gently on the lips then lay down on his back and began jacking off.I rolled onto my side and watched him, unsure if there was something that I could do or that he wanted me to do then I figured that he'd of told. It was interesting watching that skin slid back and forth over his cock head and wondered if it helped make things feel better. Angel's left hand went down and cupped his balls and I watched him pick up speed and heard his breathing come faster. All of a sudden he slowed way down and said, "watch."He held his skin down, not moving, and raised his head slightly to see his sperm shoot out and shoot out it did. A long ropey strand shot all the way up to his chest and it had barely landed when another one came out. Angel stroked his cock once; up and then down where he held it. A third squirt erupted; he stroked again and held it. He did that five times before resuming a continued stroking which seemed to coax more cum to ooze out and then down his cock and over his fingers then drop onto his belly."Holy shit that's a lot of sperm," I said in a voice a little louder than what I'd hoped, but the fact was the front of Angel's body was almost covered in the stuff. He finally quit stroking but kept his hand wrapped around the base of his cock as he let it down to rest against his body. I'd never seen so much juice in my life although to be honest I hadn't seen that many boys' sperm. Regardless, it was a lot."Will you grab a shirt or something from the laundry hamper in the bathroom please?" He asked me. Preteen Panty Models I got up and did as he asked, bringing back whatever was on top of the pile. Angel went about cleaning the goo off and when he was done tossed the cloth toward the bathroom door. We lay there facing each other in the dim light."That was pretty interesting," I finally said. He smiled then looked over his shoulder at his wall clock, which seemed to glow very lightly."It's after midnight and we have to get up early," he said. "We can talk about it tomorrow." I nodded my head and yawned then leaned forward and kissed him then rolled over onto my side and back up into him. Angel put his arm around my chest and held me lightly then kissed my neck. "G'nite Damon."
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