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Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 06:52:37 -0800 (PST) From: tag michaels Subject: A Boy's Diary IIThat night at home in the privacy of my room-door locked of course-I stripped in front of the mirror, which was becoming a regular occurrence for me. Naked, I fiddled with my stuff, moving my limp dick around then taking hold of it at the base between my index and middle fingers and literally whipping it back and forth. Needless to say I got hard pretty quick.I ruminated on the events of the afternoon. So, I was bigger in the dick department than any of my friends and at least two teenage boys, make that three teenage boys, that I was aware of. I was beginning to grasp onto the fact that I did indeed seem to have a large cock and for a boy, if you had to be large that was the department that you wanted to be large in. Big ears, noses, or bellies just didn't garner the respect that a big dick did.I reflected on my time with Brandon and relived the feelings of having him suck my dick and me suck on his. It had never occurred to me before to do something like that but I found quickly that I really liked it a lot, both sucking and getting sucked. The cool thing about it all was that it seemed as though Brandon liked it too, as much or more than I did. I was absently stroking my cock while my brain replayed the whole event then the tickling started down there and I stopped. As I said before; if only I had known.Although Brandon seemed to have been really interested in my spending the night it didn't happen right away. I did spend the night at Chu's a couple of times and he stayed at my house but nothing interesting happened. I `d gone by the park a few times but the boy that had showed me the jacking off and sperm stuff was never there. So it was, amazingly, that about a month went by before my next foray into joint sexual exploration.How it happened was Chu and I and another kid named Mike were hanging out at Mike's place. His fourteen year old brother Tom was responsible for keeping and eye on Mike; nobody liked the word babysitting, while their parents worked during the day. A couple friends of Tom's were at the house and when they started to leave one of the boys said"See you later then T-bone.""T-bone? Where did you get that nick name Tom?" Mike asked. The other two teens started laughing and one of them said,"Yeah T-bone, tell your little brother how you got that name." Tom punched the kid in the arm and told us that it was none of our fucking business. I was shocked at the language but Mike was undaunted. As soon as the two boys left he told Tom that if he didn't tell us where the name came from he was gonna rat him out to their parents for swearing and for having friends at the house, two big no no's. The older boy would catch holy hell for the offenses; maybe even get a licking, or worse the loss of any revenue that had been promised for doing the alleged watching, ne babysitting. To top it off any retaliation on his younger brother would be met with a likewise punishment. Mike had his older brother over the proverbial barrel. Tom glowered at his irksome little brother, as older brother's had done the world over since time began, and motioned for us to follow him into the house. Chu and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows; this oughta be good if the older boy didn't want to talk about it outside."Okay," Tom said, looking at all of us but mostly at his little brother, "I popped a boner in PE class at the end of last semester and then in English class so Eddie started calling me T-bone as in Tom Boner. Okay, you happy? It's only between me Eddie and Frank so if you tell anybody I swear I'll cream you even if I have to get a lickin for it. That goes for you guys too," he said looking at me and Chu. "None of you guys even know about boners so forget it. Well nobody was going to get creamed least of all Chu cause his older brother was known to be tough as cow hide, abeit a pretty nice guy."Hey, no big deal okay?" Chu told the boy. "I got a older brother so I know all about boners in fact I see his boner all the time." That was a little bit of prefabrication on Chu's part, at least as far as I knew. "And he jacks off too," Chu added as though he was laying down a couple of aces in a poker game."What's jacking off?" Mike asked, looking first at Chu and then at Tom. Then Chu pulled me into the mix."Yeah and Damon's even seen a boy jack off and squirt out sperm and stuff." Chu said rather smugly. Now Mike looked at me with a questioning look and then asked what squirting sperm was. Tom was looking at me too and it seemed as though he'd formed a new attitude toward all of us. Apparently we weren't just the little boys he viewed us as being, at least Chu and I weren't."Really?" he said, looking at me. "So either of you two guys, you know," and he make the universal gesture for beating off. Now, if he had asked if we beat off I would have said no since to me, beating off or jacking off also meant squirting sperm out and I didn't do that. But both Chu and I stroked our hard cocks just like Tom was indicating so I nodded my head. Tom looked at me with a look best described as skepticism while Mike's expression was one of someone who seemed to be missing something important."You mean this," T-bone said with a bit of a sneer while mimicking jacking off using a thumb and finger. Chu shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head while I shook mine side to side. Tom was now focused on me, as was his little brother."Shiiit you guys peckers wouldn't be as big as mine even if you put em all together," Tom said with a dismissing tone knowing that language was no longer an issue with his little brother."Bet ya," Chu said immediately. So the challenge was on."Okay show me," T-bone said."What do we get if we win? What if our dicks all together are bigger than yours; then what?" Chu asked."Nothin." T-bone responded."Then no deal," my friend said. Chu Chu was a regular negotiator. Probably had something to do with the fact that his dad was a used car salesman. Tom was hooked though, curious to see where this was going to go."Hard or soft?" Tom asked, stalling for time. Chu told him it didn't matter cuz we were gonna beat him anyhow. "What if I win; what do I get?" the teen asked."You're not gonna win so it doesn't matter," Chu repeated. Mike's head was swinging back and forth as if he was watching a tennis match. Tom wasn't buying it so Chu told him that if he won I'd suck his dick."What?" I asked loudly and indignantly. I started to say something else and Chu cut me off."Don't worry Dame, he's not gonna win.""Yeah well don't be betting with my mouth. You wanna suck his dick go ahead but don't offer me up." I wouldn't have minded sucking the older boy's Preteen Pay Sites dick but not with witnesses no matter that Chu was my best friend."Oh hell with it," Chu Chu finally said, "Okay if you win I'll suck your dick but don't be planning on it." Mike gasped as though he'd never heard of such a thing and although Chu sounded like he was an expert cocksucker he'd never done it before. So then Tom asked what he had to do if he lost, making it clear that sucking anyone's cock was not an option. Chu said T-bone would have to jack off in front of us and squirt out his sperm. Tom nodded his head in ascent. So we all shook on it by putting a hand out and linking fingers with each other."Ya got a ruler T-bone," Chu asked putting a little emphasis on the nick name. The older boy glared at Chu and told him he had better watch his fucking mouth. Mike gasped again. It wouldn't be the last time. Tom motioned for us to follow him upstairs, which we did, and ended up in his bedroom. He went to his desk and rummaged around in a drawer and came up with a battered old wooden ruler."So, hard or soft?" T-bone asked again and Chu said it might as well be hard cuz he'd have to be hard to jack off."Or be sucked," Tom added. Chu shrugged his shoulders. Tom went to his bed, crawled on and reached down along the wall and fiddled around a little then turned around to face us with a magazine in his hand. "You don't know nothing about this Mike," Tom said to his little brother who nodded his head in agreement. Mike was just plain flabbergasted at the whole thing and of course afterwards he would practically view me and Chu as gods for manipulating his older brother the way we did. And actually it was all Chu; I just had the winning dick.Tom went to his desk and laid the magazine down and started flipping through the pages slowly. We all stood around looking at Preteen Pay Sites the glossy colored tits and cunt shots. It didn't take but a minute before all four of us were pushing and pulling at the front of our jeans and in another minute hands were going down inside to better rearrange growing cocks. Tom was the first to undo, releasing the top three buttons on his 501's then sliding his hand down between the jeans and his briefs. It was always briefs back then; no one wore boxers. Hooray for the old days."You guys ready? Everybody got a bone?" Tom asked, stopping on a two page fold out of a hot looking blond whose long glossy red fingernails were holding the sides of her pussy open so we could see clear up to her neck. We all nodded our heads so Tom said on the count of three. As he did the slow count all of us got the last buttons undone and thumbs hooked into the waistbands of our underwear and on three all four of us tugged our clothing down under our balls and stayed there."Looks like you lose," Chu said quietly. Indeed Tom lost but then there wasn't much doubt about that. Tom's cock was nice enough; about the size of the boy I'd seen in the park and which wasn't significantly bigger then my own. Of course T-bone had a bush of tight black hairs growing at the base of it, and his balls, which were also growing some hairs, hung down a little bit one lower than the other one. Mike's cock was the smallest, not that there was a lot of difference between his and Chu's three inch stiffies."Damn that's a big dick for a boy your age Damon," Tom said which of course made me beam with pride. "You are gonna really be hung when you get older." I finally grasped onto the idea that what he meant was that my dick was gonna keep on growin as I did. Tom reached over and took hold of my hard cock and squeezed it which always caused me to get all tingly.Since it was summer, most of the time we boys all went around shirtless and in cutoff jeans and that day was no different so it was no big deal for Tom to just shove his clothes to the floor and step out of them and stand before us younger boys with his cock sticking out. None of us needed any further invitations and in fifteen seconds we all stood there naked, boners standing proudly before us. Mike was having a difficult time grasping on to the situation. He'd never seen his older brother naked, at least not since they had taken baths together a million years ago. He'd never seen me naked either and he Preteen Pay Sites was trying to make sense out of the fact that while we were the same age my cock was almost as big as his older brother's while his and Chu's were still little boy cocks."What's that stuff leaking out Tom? Is that pee?" Mike asked as he noticed his older brother's precum."No it's the beginning of sperm," I said authoritatively. Tom looked at me with what felt like a new found respect."It's called precum," he told us, "You cum yet?" he asked me. I shook my head while Mike asked what cum was so his brother gave Preteen Pay Sites us Preteen Pay Sites a quick biology lesson while we all stood there looking at each other's cocks and slowly stroking or playing with our own stuff."I can't get over how big your dick is," Tom said and stepped up Preteen Pay Sites close to me then took hold of both of our cocks and held them next to each other. "Not much smaller than mine," he said as he let go then cupped my nuts and tugged on them a little bit. Mike asked if he could touch his brother's dick and Tom said he could so Mike took hold and squeezed and felt his older brother up a little bit. When he was done Tom asked Chu if he wanted a feel so Chu did what everyone else but me had done and felt the older boys cock."So let's lay on my bed," Tom said and walked over, crawled on and sat with his back to the wall along side the twin sized bed. We all got on with him, Chu on one side and me on the other with Mike sort of on the edge in between our feet and legs. Tom spread his legs open and started stroking his cock, his balls moving up and down with each stroke. Chu couldn't resist and reached over and cupped the moving sac of nuts which caused Tom to moan slightly and close his eyes for a moment."Damn that felt good. Nobody ever touched my balls before." The rest of us stroked our own cocks while Tom did his, picking up speed which caused his balls to bounce around like a steely in a pin ball machine. It wasn't long before he was telling us to watch, which we all did with extreme attention."Oh fuck yeah," he said all of a sudden and his whole body went stiff. He slowed his stroke and relaxed then his cock spat out a small glob of white goo onto his belly. That was followed quickly by a shot of stuff that landed on the boy's chest causing a collective "wow" of appreciation. You'd think it was the 4th or something the way we younger boys carried on. The next glob of stuff landed just past the end of his dick and the next three successive shots landed just below or along side each other right under the second shot and created a pool of white frosting like stuff on Tom's flat belly around his belly button. His cock slowed down to a dribble but there were at least three or four of those, white globs oozing out in the middle of more watery looking stuff that ran down over his thumb. He finally let go of his dick but the stuff continued to ooze out in little globs which eventually hung off the end of his dick creating a white stringy connection with the pool on his belly. Overall it had been a hell of a show."Can I touch that stuff Tom?" Mike asked and t-bone nodded his head and gave us all permission to check out the mass of goo. Mike and Chu put a finger tip in the mess then rubbed two fingers together, testing the viscosity, then sniffed at it."You can even taste the stuff if you want to," he said, "doesn't really have much of a taste and it won't kill ya or anything." Neither boy took him up on it. He looked at me and asked if I was interested and I shook my head. I'd already done that so there wasn't much mystery for me. Tom looked at me kinda weird like and looking back on it I guess he was wondering just what a little boy like me had done to discover the secrets of teenage boyhood.T-bone asked his brother to get him a piece of laundry from his hamper and the younger boy quickly went to do his brother's bidding. After all, Mike had been let in on some teenage secrets and knew how to be grateful about it. After a cursory cleaning T-bone reminded us that we didn't need to be talking to all our little buddies about what had happened cuz he could get into serious trouble for it so we all swore that we'd keep clam about. We all had questions of course which Tom graciously answered as we all continued to lie about Preteen Pay Sites and play with our stuff. Chu and Mike all but continued to stare at T-Bone's still stiff cock and while I was interested enough I'd seen one before so it wasn't all that new to me."So can you do that again Tom?" Chu asked, I mean, how many times can you squirt the sperm stuff out?" Tom gave us the basics saying, rather proudly, that he'd done it five times in one day but a friend of his swore that he'd done it every hour on the hour one rainy day when he was home from school supposedly sick. When Mike asked if he'd do it again for us Tom said he had a better idea, why didn't we do it for him, jack him off. We all three looked at each other and came to some unspoken agreement then Chu answered for us saying we would do it.Tom showed us what we had to do and Chu went first, gripping the older boy's stiff dick and sliding the skin up and down. He asked if one of us would sort of play with his balls so Mike reached in and took over the nut tugging job. Since I was closer to him, and probably cuz I had the bigger cock, Tom elected to play with my dick and my balls, feeling things all over, stroking and just making contact with my boy stuff. The older boy praised me for my size, asked me if I liked what he was doing to me and of course I was all goose bumpy and stuff."I bet you'll be getting hair any day now Damon and making sperm too. Oh man are you gonna love it. since I was sitting where I was Mike used his other hand to play with my balls while he played with Tom's but then Chu said his arm was getting sore so Mike took over and Chu Chu kept our nuts happy. I felt my balls starting to tingle and a funny feeling started going on in my belly and I told Tom to stop cause it was tickling too much."No Damon, now's when ya gotta keep going cuz I think your getting ready to cum." Tom kept a grip on my cock with his thumb and fingers and I started wiggling around cuz it tickled so much then my whole body was taken over by it. The feelings were so strong and tickled so bad that I heard myself squeal out loud, almost like a little girl. My breathing was coming like I was running a race or something and my hands gripped onto the blanket as my whole body started shaking. Mike stopped jacking Tom off to watch what was going on and I saw that Chu had a worried look on his face.The whole universe seemed centered in my hard cock and my balls. I felt myself shaking and vibrating and simply couldn't take it anymore and fell over on the bed, pulling my cock out of the older boy's hand. I woke up and saw all of the boys watching me, Tom with a smile on his face while Mike and Chu looked like I'd died and in fact Chu said that's what they had thought, that I'd had a heart attack or something."You cummed is all," Tom said then went on to say that he'd heard that little boys like us could cum, that even though we didn't make sperm we still had all the feelings from cumming. "I never seen it happen of course cuz I only jacked off with sperming boys but I never heard of a boy cumming so hard he fainted.Both Mike and Chu lost their boners over the whole thing so the sexually charged atmosphere had pretty much dissipated. We boys pulled out clothes on while T-bone watched and played with his dick and his nuts. We said g'bye and headed outside to our bikes and some other thing that only boy's our age could call an adventure.About a block away I discovered my wallet was missing. The wallet thing was something my dad insisted that I start doing and I guess it was designed to teach me Preteen Pay Sites responsibility or some such crap. There wasn't much of importance in there; my library card, ID card, the kind that come with a wallet, and my card that said I was a bona fide member of good standing in the Captain Bob fan club. Cap'n Bob was a local kind of kid's personality who had a weekday TV show thirty minutes before dinner. I also had a dollar bill folded up and stashed in a "hidden" compartment. This was an emergency fund that my mother insisted I carry in case I was stuck somewhere and needed to get home. We didn't have a bus system; had one taxi cab and I mean a car not company so I guess was supposed to stop some stranger and offer him money to take me home. Anyhow,"Hey Chu my wallet's gone. I think it musta fell out in Tom's room. I gotta go back." The other two didn't want to so I told them I'd meet them at the park, which was where we were headed to. Back at Mike's I wandered into the house and up the carpeted stairs to Tom's room. He hadn't gotten dressed when we left so I wondered if he was still naked and maybe even jacking off again. Maybe that was why I was careful about making noise.Tom's bedroom door was still about half open so went in. T-bone was lying there on his back with his eyes closed while he slowly stroked his cock not ten feet from me. His other hand was rubbing his belly and chest and I watched as it moved downward to his thigh, rubbing as it went. He spread his legs open and pulled one knee up giving me a view of his nuts, the egg moving up and down as he loved his hand. The free hand moved in and began pulling and squeezing the bag then slid down and started playing around with his butt crack. My cock went hard instantly and I put my hand down my Preteen Pay Sites jeans to rearrange things and that was when the teenager opened his eyes."What the fuck!" he said and brought me out of my reverie."Sorry Tom I musta lost my wallet so I had to come back and look," I said hurriedly and began scanning the room and spied the black plastic mass under the edge of Tom's dresser. "There it is," I said and went for it. As I stood up he asked where the others were. I stood there looking at his crotch and told him I was going to catch up with them at the park."You wanna watch me cum again?" he asked quietly. I nodded my head and he told me to sit on the bed next to him. He asked me if I thought it had been fun watching him before and did I like it when he jacked me off. I nodded my head again. He told me to sit on the bed next to him and almost as soon as I was comfortable he asked if I wanted to help him. I nodded my head and he told me to take hold of his cock so I did, automatically stroking the warm piece of hardened flesh. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly inched up until he was touching the front of my jeans."Fuck Damon, you're hard as a rock. Take it out," he commanded. I stood up and shucked my clothes and sat back down. I went for Tom's cock and he went for mine. Preteen Pay Sites I loved how it felt holding onto the older boy's cock and I loved how it felt having mine held and stroked like he was doing to me."Have you ever like, ya know, umm, sucked another boy?" he asked. I knew by his tone of voice that he was hoping I had so I nodded my head. I didn't wait for him to invite me, instead just leaned down and took the thing into my mouth. "Fuuuckk yeah," Tom moaned. As soon as he recovered from the initial feelings of having his cock in my mouth Tom went back to stroking my cock, but not for long."Slide up Damon, I want to suck on your cock too," he said, moving over to give me room. I swung my legs up then we both did a little bit of maneuvering until we were both lined up where we needed to be. I watched as the older boy went right for my cock with a wide open mouth and in seconds my dick was all wrapped up inside the boy's flesh. Man oh man it sure seemed as though Tom liked to suck cock cuz he sure went after mine in a big way. I returned my mouth to his as well, holding on to the shaft and Preteen Pay Sites bobbing my head back and forth.The feelings were incredible on both ends for me. I was really loving having Tom's hard cock in my mouth. I noticed that he had a smell down there too, not an unpleasant one either but a sort of heavy, animal kind of smell maybe. I didn't know how to describe it and didn't much care either. Judging from the sounds he was making and the way he was attacking my dick I guessed that Tom pretty much felt the same way. Then the tickling started. I vowed that this time I was going to ride it through and sucked on T-bone's cock even harder. In response the older boy started humping his hips a little bit like he was fucking my mouth. And then the feelings hit.My entire universe centered on my cock, the tickling so intense that I could barely stand it. I took Tom's cock from my mouth so I could breath and heard myself moan, a low almost rumble in my throat as my whole body started vibrating and shaking. I heard Tom groan, felt him push his cock back into my mouth then felt the dick thicken or harden or something then the warmth of liquid filling my mouth. I knew what it was immediately and didn't think twice, or couldn't because of my own orgiastic experience, but just started swallowing as fast as I could. I couldn't take it all and felt his sperm seep out the corners of my mouth and run down my chin.Tom's cock finally stopped squirting, my body stopped the intense shaking but I was still weak, like after you get a really good scare, and we both just lay there panting. Tom finally sat up and once he moved I felt like I should too so sat up as well."That was fucking the best feelings I've ever had," Tom said to me, his eyes all but staring into mine from no more than a foot away. I thought he was going to kiss me and almost puckered my lips in anticipation. I was glad I didn't. "Any time you wanna, ya know, mess around you let me know." I nodded my head and Tom made me hold still while he wiped his sperm from my chin. I finally got up and got dressed, the whole episode taking less than ten minutes.I caught up with Mike and Chu about ten minutes after that and took a little bit of flack for taking so long. I explained that my wallet must have gotten kicked under Tom's dresser because we found it underneath the bulky piece of furniture and half way to the wall that the dresser rested against."Well I'm glad it all worked out, your wallet and all. So how was Tom?" Chu asked. I said he was fine, just hanging out and killing time. "Yeah, I see that," Chu said and reached up to touch my face. I felt him drag his finger along the underside ridge of my jaw then show me. It looked kinda wet and when Chu rubbed another finger against it you could see that whatever it was, it was sticky."Sperm, it was some of T-bone's sperm," I thought to myself while trying to maintain a straight face. Fortunately Mike's attention was drawn elsewhere so he wasn't privy to that part of the conversation."That should be an interesting story," my best friend said with a smile then got Mike's attention and we rode off. Chu Chu and I talked about it later and of course he was amazed and of course he wanted to try it as soon as possible which turned out to be the next day in his bedroom. We got to talking then to feeling around on ourselves and eventually our pants came off and we were feeling around on each other. Chu allowed as how it had been fun messing around with the older boy the day before but that playing with my cock was almost as good if not better."You don't got all that hair on your cock Dame," he told me as he stroked my stiffy. I reminded him that we'd both have hair down there before long and he said that would be different. I didn't ask how. I eventually showed Chu how to hold his lips over his teeth then I sucked on his cock, which was a whole lot easier that sucking on T-bone's. I took the whole thing into my mouth and let my tongue swirl all over the little head of it while I moved my head up and down. I didn't do it for long, just enough for Chu to get the idea about how good it felt.Chu did me and afterwards declared that it was pretty interesting. Like me, he'd never really gotten to look at another boy's cock close up so he spend quite a bit of time poking and prodding and lifting and looking around which was fine with me cuz I loved being played with, having a warm hand or fingers exploring my boyhood parts. When he put his mouth over my cock I moaned from the feelings. Chu managed to suck on me for a minute or so the quit and said that it was sorta weird feeling, my cock skin, that the head seemed so soft."Ya know Chu," I said, "I wonder if you can have those same cumming feelings like I do. It's really awesome ya know, like your whole body just gets all, I dunno, tingly or something.""How do you do it Damon?" my best friend asked. I told him I guessed that you just had to keep jacking off till it happened. He said that seemed reasonable so we lay back and began stroking out cocks."Jeez Dam I still can't believe how big your dick is," he said as he watched me jack my cock. I felt the same way about it but didn't bother to say anything. So we laid there, two young boys, doing what boys did together the world over, sharing a moment of self love together."It's starting to tingle Damon," Chu said, his breathing becoming fast, as was mine. I encouraged him to keep going and he did. A moment later he started shaking like a dog throwing water and saying a bunch of ooh's and ahh's while his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he stroked on his cocklet even faster. It was cool watching my best friend have a cum, as we would call it, and it made me work harder to have my own and a moment later I was shaking and squirming and ooh-ing and ahh-ing.After we'd both recovered from the experience we talked about and Chu essentially figured that it was better than ice cream. I pretty much agreed with him but despite how highly we thought of the experience we didn't engage in it as often as one might think. We were still only ten years old so those urges and surges of puberty hadn't started yet so left room for the feelings that boys get from doing other, non sexual, boy things. At least I think it was that way for Chu Chu.I think it was different for me cuz I was much further along on the maturation pathway. I played with myself almost daily and I would have played with Chu if he'd been interested but he wasn't and I was smart enough not to press the issue him, best friend or not. No, for the time being my adventures in sexual pleasure were solitary until I finally stayed the night with Brandon. In Brandon I would find another boy who felt as I did, who shared the same interest in sex. Even though he wasn't as sexually mature as I was I would soon learn that Brandon was learning from his older cousin and my friend was dying to pass that information on to someone who lived closer to him and would be willing to become a playmate. I was perfect for his plan.
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