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Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 06:55:14 -0700 (PDT) From: tag michaels Subject: A Boy's DiaryAnother story about coming of age, sort Preteen Model Pictures of. This isn't about me or anyone specifically that I know of but it is about boys in general and how they often learn about the sexual aspect of being boys.So sit back, or forward, and enjoy.Hugs tagI don't know what it was. Well, that's not true because I know what it was. And I can remember why it all started I just don't remember how it started, and I'm not sure when. I guess I'll just have to do the best I can.The "what" of the matter was that I had a big cock. Of course I didn't know that when I was little because I had no idea really and no one to actually compare myself to and it probably wouldn't have even occurred to me to compare. I have some vague memories my mother and my father telling me what a Preteen Model Pictures big boy I was but I can't say whether or not I was naked or un.I remember when I was seven or eight and was half woken up one night to discover my babysitter, a thirteen year old girl from our neighborhood, pulling the front of my pajama's down. I don't really have much more memory of that episode but another one is more clear. Same deal with the same baby sitter only a friend of hers was over studying with her that night. I was waked up that time by the sound of whispering voices. The front of my pajamas was pulled down underneath my balls where I could feel the warmth of the fingers that were holding the elastic waistband at bay."See, I told you," my babysitter whispered."Can I touch it?" the other voice said."Better not," was the answer, as my pj's were put back into place. I had the same babysitter for another year but if there were any more nocturnal visits to examine my boyhood charms then I wasn't aware of them, then or now. It had never occurred to me to measure my cock so I can't say how big it was then.The idea of measuring one's cock didn't come for another couple of years or so, shortly after my tenth birthday. My friend Chu Chu, or actually choo choo because when he was little he would run around the house pretending he was a train, told me a about recent encounter with his brother Nate. Seems Chu bounded into the bedroom they shared one day to find his fourteen year old brother standing naked in front of a mirror with a ruler held up against his very hard teenage cock. Chu hasn't seen his older brother fully naked for some time so was quite taken with the boy's cock as well as the thick bush of black hair at the base of it as well as on his balls, which according to Chu seemed to hang down quite low."What'd he do?" I asked. The answer was that his brother had kindly told Chu that he should forget what he saw. The boy then pulled his white cotton briefs on, got dressed. When Chu asked him why he was doing what he was doing his brother had said that Chu would understand when he got older."I asked him how big it was," Chu had told me, "and he said that it was none of my business then left the room. He leaned his head back in and said,"Six inches and you better not tell a soul," then winked at me and left.""Wonder why he was measuring his dick," I said rather than asked. Chu didn't know either but allowed as how teenagers did a lot of strange things. Apparently Chu heard his brother making all kinds of noises under his blankets on Preteen Model Pictures more than one occasion, sort of like he was hitting his hand against the sheets. He'd heard Nate moan sometimes too and say things like "oh yeah" and stuff like that and not just in his bed at night but sometimes in the bathroom too. Neither Chu nor I could figure it out, a testament to our naivety.I thought Nate was a pretty cool guy and he'd always been very nice to me so it seemed that if Nate was measuring his cock then I probably should too. Since it kind of sounded like Preteen Model Pictures I was going to do it sometime anyway I figured that I might as well get started. At home that night after my shower I stood at the desk in my room and held a wooden ruler up against my softened cock, metal side out of course. I remembered that Chu said that his brother had been hard so I started squeezing my cock and rubbing on my balls. When I didn't get an immediate response I lay on my bed and ground my hips into the mattress. It was a little thing I'd discovered a year or so before by accident, that moving my waist around like that with pressure on my stuff felt pretty good and seemed to Preteen Model Pictures produce hardness in my cock, which I already knew felt pretty good.So that was what I did and in no time at all I had the desired effect. I went back to my desk and measured my stiffie. Now, that didn't seem right to me so I wondered if Nate had used a different ruler than I had but that seemed silly. An inch was an inch and he'd told Chu that his was six inches. How could it be that, at ten years old my hard cock was almost as big as a fourteen year old boy's and if I pressed the end of the ruler against my smooth hairless body I was just two little lines over six inches. How odd. It didn't occur to me to be proud of that fact in fact, it was just strange.A few days later the topic came up again when Chu told me that he'd measured his cock and discovered that it was about three and half inches long, or a little longer maybe, he wasn't sure. I smiled shyly and told him that I'd done the same thing."Really, how big is it?" he asked excitedly. When I told him, he didn't believe me then asked if I had been hard or soft when I measure and I told him I'd been hard. "Nuh uh, lemme see," he said, stepping back a little and looking down at my waist."I'm not gonna show you my dick," I retorted. He immediately offered to show me his and simply shoved his jeans and underwear down exposing the pale whiteness of his smooth little boy's cock and balls. Seriously now; up until that point I'd never in my life seen another boy's stuff so of course I looked, not knowing that all boys look. His dick looked to be almost a stub and for a quick moment I wondered how the hell that little thing could get to be three and a half inches long. His balls were two marbles in a small, shriveled, blue veined bag."Come on Damon, your turn," Chu said as, leaving his pants down and absently, gently slapping his little cock back and forth with his fingers. I shrugged my shoulder and unsnapped my jeans. Unlike Chu I couldn't just tug them down. I unzipped, then slipped my thumbs into Preteen Model Pictures the waistband of my briefs and tugged the whole works down underneath my balls which, by themselves, seemed to have more square inches than Chu's entire works."Jeez Dame yours is as big as Nate's." I told him I had thought so too. Neither of us could figure out why and said so then moved on to the next topic. "Does it get bigger when it's stiff?" he asked. I nodded my head and of course Chu wanted to see it get hard. It wasn't like I could make it hard on command and I was damned if I was going to lay on Chu's bed and make it hard that way. So, we stood there in his room, pants down and engaged in the millennium old rite of two boys discovering the fun and excitement of mutual sexual exploration.Chu seemed to stretch out to full length much quicker than I did. Maybe it was because he only had to go half as far as I did. Still and all it amazed me at how something so small could grow out so big. Well, not exactly big but way bigger than it had been."Try this," Chu said, gripping his hard little cock between thumb and index finger and sliding the skin up and down. I took hold of my half hard cock and mimicked my friend's behavior and in no time it was sticking out like a limb on a tree. Once I was all Preteen Model Pictures hard it wouldn't do but we had to snuggle up side by side to see how they compared when next to each other. Standing there, hip to naked hip it was clear that there was no comparison. My cock was longer and thicker, the head was bigger than his and my balls were bigger and seemed to hang a little whereas Chu's were sort of sucked up tight between his smooth thighs. I hadn't noticed the hanging part before but then I hadn't done the comparison thing either."Wow, what a difference," was about all Chu could say. That done we put everything back in place and went about other boy business. At home that night, behind the locked door of my bedroom, I stood up close to my mirror as I got undressed for bed. Naked from the waist down, I pulled my t-shirt up and held it in place with my chin while I performed a more than cursory inspection of all that which made me a boy. With a thumb and forefinger on each side of my cock, I held it up and pointed the head at the mirror and looked at its reflection. I pulled the piss slit open and smiled at how much it looked like a little mouth. I then moved it open and closed as though it were talking, and made my high soprano voice even higher, supplying the vocals to the action and pretending like I was a ventriloquist or something.I held my cock up out of the way and examined my balls in the mirror, the fact that they were starting to hang away from my body somewhat amazing. When I tugged upward on my cock my balls followed along and if I did it sort of fast the hairless wrinkled bag sort of jumped around a little bit. I pulled my balls up high and noticed, for the first time in my life, that I could see the beginning of my butt crack. It wouldn't do but I had to turn around then bend over and pulled a cheek open to see my butt hole then constricted the muscle and made the darker, wrinkled eye wink back at me. I struck me that my butt hole wasn't quite the disgusting part of the body that people seemed to make it out to be. It was then too that I noticed the seam of flesh that ran down between my balls and continued between my legs and, as far as I could tell, ended up at my little butt hole. It was as though that was where my body had been sewed up after all my guts and stuff had been put inside, kind of like a rag doll or something.Amazingly enough, that entire episode didn't make me get hard. Apparently the exploratory nature of the whole experience took precedence over any other feelings. About a month later I was touched there by someone else for the first time in my life, other than when I was a baby, and discovered the world of sexual pleasure.I was riding my bike in a large wooded park area about a mile from my house. Chu had been with me at first but had to go home because of a dentist appointment, which I thought was an unfair way to have to spend a summer afternoon. I'd gone into a men's room to pee and had no sooner stood up to the rust stained porcelain trough when another boy came in and stood next to me. A teenager, he stood right next to me and tugged the front of his sweat pants down below his balls and let his cock just hand there. It had happened so fast that I hadn't even had time to register what was happening and turn away from him. As it was he glanced down right away and spied my dick as it hung over the waistband of my underwear, my jeans unsnapped and unzipped for the occasion."Nice cock for a little guy," he said which of course prompted me to say thank you while I glanced over at his dick. He wasn't peeing at all and in fact his dick seemed like it was getting hard, lifted up and away from his balls and not just hanging down."Can I look at it?" he asked, looking me in the eye while his hand seemed to grasp onto the shaft of his own cock and squeeze. I seemed to hesitate so he said, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," a phrase, or some variation of it, that I would hear a whole lot over the next five or six years.The boy didn't wait for an answer but simply turned to face me, holding his sweats out of the way. It was the first time that I'd seen an older boy naked and I was pretty impressed with the bush of tight black hair at the base of his growing cock. His balls hung sort of low, like mine were starting to do, and like mine, his balls had no hair on them at all. Without thinking, and with my eyes centered on the boy, I shoved my jeans and underwear down below my balls and pulled my t-shirt up out of the way so he could have a good look. Actually, pulling my shirt up out of the way was beginning to be a sort of common thing for me when I was looking at myself like that."Wow, that's pretty impressive, how old are you anyhow?" When I told him I was ten he was amazed and said I was as big as he was and he was thirteen. He also said I'd be hung like a horse when I was older, whatever that was supposed to mean. I'd never seen a horse's cock before. Meanwhile the boy had begun stroking on his cock, which had gotten fully hard while mine was only starting to feel different."Can I touch it?" he asked, the first of countless boys and men who would ask me that question. I figured I had gone that far, I might as well go for broke and nodded my head. When the boy wrapped his hand around my half hard cock and squeezed it I thought I was going to die. The warmth and pressure caused me to go hard almost in an instant and then the boy stroked me."You are a big boy," he said admiringly. I was looking at his hard cock, sticking almost straight up in the air, and he asked if I wanted to touch his cock. I did and I said so. I didn't wait for permission assuming that it had already been given, so wrapped my smaller hand around his stiff dick. It felt strange. It was all warm and stuff, and the feeling was sort of strange; hard yet soft at the same time. I wonder if I felt like that to him. I saw what looked like clear pee on the tip of his cock and sort of running down the underside of his cock head."What's that I asked?" He said it was like sperm, which happened before the actual sperm came out. There was something new so I asked."You never heard of sperm before, or cum?" I shook my head no. "Do you want to see some?" again I nodded my head. "Do you want to help me do it?" That didn't take a lot of brain cells to answer. "What do I have to do?"First of all he directed me into the larger stall in the back where he locked the door once we were inside. He shoved his clothes down then gripped his cock and stroked it then let go told me to go ahead and do it for him. I stood beside him and began stroking his cock. He began moaning right away and saying things like "Oh yeah" and "hold it tighter". That certainly cleared up one mystery which I would have to tell Chu about. The boy had his hand on my shoulder and his breathing started going faster and he told me to jack him off faster, whatever that meant, but I figured it had something to do with sliding my hand on his cock so I went faster. I felt his cock get thicker in my hand then the boy groaned and moaned out sort of under his breath,"Oohhh fuck yeaaaaahhhh," and his cock started squirting out white stuff onto the concrete floor as his balls bounced around like crazy. I figured that was what caused it; his balls getting shook up like a can of shaving cream or something while not even being sure that's where the stuff was even coming from. His cock squirted out about four times before it slowed to a dribble and oozed out, some of the stuff dripping to the floor while some of it ran down the underside of his cock onto my fingers. Much as I wanted to get a closer look at the stuff I kept on doing what the older told me to do but then he said I could let go so I did and he took over, moving his hand way slower and rubbing his lower belly and into the patch of hair.I immediately looked at the white stuff on my knuckles and fingers, thinking that it looked like white snot and when I opened my fingers the stuff stuck to em like snot."That's sperm, well actually the sperm is so tiny you can't see em but they're in there. The rest of the stuff is semen but boys call it cum." I sniffed it and it smelled kinda like bleach or something. "You can taste it too if you want to," the boy said as he wiped off the end of his cock and stuck the finger in his mouth and sucked it. I wasn't ready to eat the stuff like he did but I did barely touch the tip of my tongue to it and tried to taste it while I wiped the stuff off my fingers with toilet paper."That was pretty neat," I told the boy while I performed my hygiene, discovering that the sperm stuff was pretty sticky."You'll start making the stuff once you get hairs on your dick but you gotta have hairs first or it won't work. At least that's what older boys say. I don't really know for sure, only that I had hairs first and cum second." Well that seemed reasonable to me since I didn't have any of the stuff, or wasn't making it, if the boy was correct on his information and I assumed he was. On the other hand I'd never really stroked my cock before, which reminded me."You said something while I was doing that to you," I told him, "something about jacking off or something." He smiled and nodded his head while he continued playing gently with his still exposed and still hard cock and his balls."When you do that its call jacking off or beating off although there's a whole bunch of other names those are the two most popular ones that every boy learns first. Look, we should probably get out of here before someone comes in and catches us. If you want to do more stuff meet me over here most any afternoon on weekends." He tucked himself back in and I did the same. We came out of the stall just as an older came in with his dog on a leash. The older guy sort of gave us the evil eye and the dog just wagged its tail.At home that evening I stood naked in front of mirror, a seemingly more frequent activity, and looked at my body. My cock was already on the rise as I reflected on my afternoon experience. The feeling of that boy's hand on my hard young cock had been incredible, as was the feel of his cock. Then making his sperms come out; well that was beyond incredible. I was dying to be able to do it but the boy had said that I couldn't without having hairs on my cock like he did. Seeing the boy naked had been a treat as well. It had been my first time seeing an older boy like that.We lived in a fairly small town that didn't have it's own public pool so I hadn't had the opportunity that some of my friends had when their parents had taken them the twenty or so miles to the next town over to use their public pool. I'd heard a few boys my age talking about the older boys they'd seen at the pool and how big their cocks had been and all the hair that could grow down there. I say could because they'd commented about seeing boys who didn't have very much hairs at all. Apparently there was a whole new world out there waiting for me and I was panting to be a part of it.It started that night after telling my parents I was going to bed and once there, after making myself hard I tried doing to myself what I'd done to the boy in the bathroom, jacking off or some thing like that. I grasped onto my stiffie using my thumb two fingers just like the boy had and moved them back and forth on my cock, amazed at how much the skin moved around. I paid attention to how soft the skin seemed to be yet how hard it was underneath. The sliding part felt pretty good but after awhile it started to tickle sort of so I stopped. It is obvious now how little I knew then but hey, I was only ten. I wasn't supposed to know all that stuff yet was I.I debated on whether or not to tell Chu and elected to do so for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that I'd now been able to compare my young cock Preteen Model Pictures to two other boys who were at least three years older than me, maybe four; one in person and one through the accounts of my best friend Chu and of course the one boy had told me I was pretty big for a boy my age so needless to say I was very curious about that. The other thing of course was that I wanted to be able to clear up for Chu, some of the mysterious behaviors that his older brother Nate had been exhibiting.I saw Chu the next day and when I told him what had happened he was all kinds of excited, especially about the squirting out of the white sperm stuff. It wouldn't do but we had to go behind some bushes and make our cocks hard so I could show him the jacking off thing. He didn't seem much concerned that I had both, touched another boy and been touched. We didn't stay at it very long as they were going to pour the cement slab for a new supermarket that was being built in town and an event such as that took precedence over just about everything else that might occur in the life of a ten year old boy in small town America in nineteen fifty nine.There were four or five other boys our age at the construction site and since we all knew each other, after the initial excitement was over and we all got to put our initials in the wet concrete, we rode our bikes around town then out to a spot along the river and lay around in the grass enjoying the warm sun of an early June mid Saturday morning. One of the boys allowed as how he needed to take a leak and for some reason it seemed as though everyone else did as well so we wandered off into the trees a little bit and unzipped then hauled out our cocks. Needless to say I was the biggest of the batch by a mile and so was the center of attention."Is it bigger when it gets hard?" Joey Johnson asked and before I could say anything Chu piped up and said that it was. I would learn later that, as a teenager, one didn't volunteer that sort of information about another boy because it might draw into question whether or not you were queer. In that day and age though, and being preteen boys, all it did was spur on a boner match. So there we stood, six ten year olds and a nine year old, in a circle with our jeans down to our knees, t-shirts held up out of place by our chins while we fondled and played with our dicks until they got hard. The sight of watching all those boys in such an intimate posture seemed to give me butterflies in my belly and make me go hard pretty quick although Brandon seemed to be hard as stone almost before we started but apparently I was the only one who noticed that or if someone else did they didn't mention it. In any case my hard cock carried the day and Harold, a chubby boy with flaming red hair, turned out to be the smallest of us, his pale dick seeming only a couple of inches long. Even Tony, the nine year old, had a bigger cock.Once the comparison part was over we put out stuff away and got on our bikes and headed back to town. Chu was going with Henny and another boy to check out a litter of puppies that the other boy's dog had birthed a week before but I declined to go as I'd seen my share of puppies and wasn't interested. Brandon asked if I wanted to go to his house and hang out so I did.In retrospect, Brandon was a pretty cute boy. The same height and weight as me, he had dark brown hair compared to my light blonde. He had large, dark eyes with super long lashes, much the same as me except my eyes were blue. Of course I was more light skinned than he was too. Brandon lived in a big old house and his bedroom was the only room on the third floor besides a huge attic full of junk. There were five kids in the family and he was the only boy so had his own bathroom up there and everything. It was pretty neat. We were lying on his carpeted floor looking at comics when he brought up the main event of the afternoon and did I think it had been fun showing each other our boners and stuff. I allowed as how it had been sort of then made a crack about Harold's tiny cock. Brandon agreed then commented on how big mine was and that it was bigger than his cousin John's. Brandon was sort of pushing at the front of his jeans while he talked about John having showed him his dick right there in that very bedroom one day a couple of months before. I felt myself getting hard and when I too pushed at the front of my jeans Brandon asked if I was getting a boner."Yeah sorta," I said."Me too," he said shoving his hand down the front of jeans, "In fact it's hurting because my jeans are too tight. I allowed as how mine were getting a little cramped too so he suggested that perhaps we could take them off."Nobody comes up here and besides even if they did we'd heard em on the stairs," he informed me. I'd barely gotten the okay out of my mouth before he'd was on his back unbuttoning and unzipping and shoving his faded Levi's to his ankles. He stopped and kicked of his black high topped Ked's then pushed his jeans all the way off."That sure feels better," he said then put both hands to the front of his underwear and pressed and squeezed on his obviously hard dick. I hurriedly did the same and once unclothed did the same thing, pressing on my hard cock."Can I see it again Damon?" he asked, adding, "I'll show you mine." I said sure and together we lifted our slender ten year old boy's butts up off the carpet and shoved our Jockey's to our knees, freeing up our young raging dicks."Jeez I can't believe how big your dick is Damon. I swear that John's is smaller." That prompted me to ask about John and Brandon told me that they'd been up there in his room and John initiated a boner session with his younger cousin. Brandon started to tell me something else but then stopped so of course I asked him what he was going to say. He fiddled his rock hard three inches of cock a little bit, pulling it down and letting it snap back against his smooth flat pubic bone."Oh man Damon you gotta promise not to tell anyone." I promised and we did the cross your heart thing then spit in our hands and shook them, the ultimate act of swearing secrecy in our boy culture."He touched my cock. He actually held it in his hand and played with my balls and stuff." Okay, the balls things was new but I'd been there and done that with the holding the cock thing so told him about my experience with the older boy in the park which he got really excited about. We were lying on our sides, one foot flat on the floor, playing with our cocks while we shared the secrets. Brandon kept looking down toward my cock and I was wondering if maybe he was thinking about wanting to touch me or something since I was sort of wanting to touch his."Your cock looks so hard Dame," said then sort of licked his lips and asked if he could touch it. My answer was to roll onto my back, spread my legs out a little bit and pull my t-shirt up. "Your balls seem like they're hanging, just like John's," Brandon said before grasping onto my dick. I swear I wanted to just faint away as my friend squeezed up and down the length of my dick then slid the skin up and down in the jack off way. Then he held my balls."Oh gosh Brandon that feels good," I moaned and it surely did. My dick felt about as hard as it ever had, almost to a point Preteen Model Pictures of hurting."You want to try something else Dame?" he asked. Needless to say, at that point I was up for just about anything that the cute boy had to suggest. When I nodded my head he said that his cousin had sucked his cock and the feelings were so incredible that he almost fainted. Brandon said that if I was willing to try to suck on his cock then he would suck on mine. Well then; I could stand a little bit of feeling faint so told him sure. He moved around so that he was more perpendicular to me then draped himself across my belly. I Preteen Model Pictures couldn't see him but of course felt him grasp onto my dick and hold it up in the air and in the next instant I learned about what it meant to feel faint.The warmth of Brandon's mouth as it closed down on my cock was so incredible that I heard myself groan. Then his tongue started moving around all over the head of it as if it were exploring its surrounding. Brandon moved his head up and down a few times then took me out of his mouth."How did you like it?" I told him it was fantastic. "Okay, your turn," and he rolled onto his back. "Put your mouth like this," he said, showing me how to cover my teeth, then let his head rest on the carpet. I draped my body across his just like he'd done then took hold of his dick in my thumb and two fingers. I held it upright and looked it over. Never having really examined another boy's dick I felt sort of compelled to do it then. Brandon must have figured I was having second thoughts about sucking his cock because he reminded me that I had promised."I'm just lookin," I told him, "I never seen a dick up close." I opened my mouth wide then lowered my head and close my lips over the warm rigid flesh of another ten year old boy. My heart was beating like mad as I Preteen Model Pictures experienced the first taste of another boy's cock. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life. No candy or pastry ever tasted as good or felt as good in my mouth as Brandon's hard cock did. I heard him moan behind me as my tongue did what his had and moved all around his little dick head while I bobbed my head there. I didn't want to stop and it seemed as though Brandon didn't want me to either."Oh fuck Damon that feels so good; don't stop," he moaned. I was a little bit surprised at the word fuck. At that time in my life I don't think I'd ever said it although I'd heard older boys say the word before. I kept on sucking on his dick, really liking how the stiff flesh felt in my mouth, not knowing then that I would be a life long cock sucker, but my mouth got tired so I stopped and rolled onto my back. Brandon didn't miss a beat but rolled back toward me and promptly began sucking on my cock again, staying there until his mouth also got sore."Brandon," a female voice called out, "come down for lunch." He quickly rolled away from me, yelling that he would be down in a second and grabbed his underwear and I was right behind him. As we quickly dressed he asked what I'd thought about the whole process and of course I thought very highly of it and told him so. He asked if I wanted to do it again sometime and I nodded my head vigorously."Yeah.""Neat," was his response. We both had to adjust ourselves and by the time we got our sneakers on my cock at least had softened considerably. We headed downstairs but not before Brandon asked if I'd like to spend the night sometime which I readily agreed to. As it would turn out, Brandon was the first boy that I would fuck.
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