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Related article: IF YOU ARE UNDER 21 OR OFFENDED BY MALE TO MALE/ GAY SEX PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.A BOY'S BLUES I awoke early to try to get the coffee ready before Kristian woke up. To my suprise he was already up and setting on the veranda looking over the city. In deep thought though it seemed. "You're up early this morning" I said with a tone that seemed to come out of nowhere. "Yea I am, just thinking about my move here." What was this I thought? What happened since a couple of hours ago? "Are you ok, Kristian?" "Yes, I think." "Um, Chance there is something i need to tell you" that's it, I know he is gonna head out the door just as fast as he came in. "Is there something wrong Blue?" Here it comes, the yes part...... "Not actually, if you're thinking about inbetween us, But with me yes there is." Tears started to form in his eyes, I knew that it was going to be serious. "What's wrong Blue?" I could actually feel my heart pounding in my chest. "Chance, I came here just a little while just to get away from my family, I never expected to let what happend last night to ever occur between us." "Don't get me wrong, I do love you, It's just I'm not sure I'm ready to make such a big step in my life." a long pause happened, with me confused, I didn't know wether to console him or myself at this point. "Blue, you know I'll always be here for you, I have in the past why not now?" laughing at the end to make sure to break some of the tension in the air. "Chance, you really know how to beak the edginess, no matter what." "Yea you could say that, so what's next?" I had to find out what was happening here in the present, as well as in the future. "Well I want to stay here with you a couple of more days, that is if it is alright with you?" "Hell, Blue you know it is, you know you'll have a place as long as i live." "Come on get up and get dressed, we got a lot of territory to cover." We ended up heading down to 5th ave. trying to find a new outfit for tonight, I had agreed to sing for amature night at a bar right down the street. I was sorta nervouse to have to sing in front of Kristian. Its something that I never had to do while in college. But I know I couldn't fuck up anymore that what I have in the past. I picked out a black pair of levi's 501, and Bbs Preteen Models a white longsleeve shirt. I figured with the bar being casual, why shouldn't I be comfortable? I didn't have any idea what i would sing tonight. Then it hit me, I had heard it in the music store earlier today; NEVER KNEW LONELY by Vince Gill. I never really paid any attention to the song, until now. I figured that it would make a good stage song; Espically since it sorta tells my story from a diffrent point. Midnight came too fast, before I knew it I was on stage singing to a group of strangers. But yet I felt as though these people were family. I knew after i started to sing my first song, that I had them. Everyone was listening so closely to every word, one person in particular. Kristian listened and reacted with a sense of belonging finally. It can be hard letting someone know how you actually feel about them, but with music, it seems to hit home and right to the heart faster. The next couple of songs were very upbeat. The latest from the Real McCoys...One More Time, Savage Garden's ....I Want you. The rest of the evening proved to be my best performence yet. I could tell that with the music and the surroundings, Kristian was in the mood for more action. We left the club around 3 am, heading back to the apartment; to my suprise he wanted to grab a bite to eat, the only place open at this time of night was one of my favorite deli. The same people in there working night after night. Kristian stayed quiet during our mid morning snack. Before long we headed back to the apartment, him being very quiet, and myself wondering what he was thinking. Once inside Iasked if he wanted to take a shower first or if he wanted me too. As a result I went first. The hot water felt good running off my back, I just stood there enjoying the relaxing heat roll off of my back. It wasn't long until I heard moving around inside the bathroom. Then the shower door was pulled opne revealing a very hard body in front of me. The other night i only felt his body in the darkness. I never thought how much his body had changed since college. Man what a change, his chest was very built, with a nice covering of black hairs outlineing his body. A little thin patch lead to a fine product..his cock, it had to be at least 8.5 to 9 inches. It was fully erect, with no stopping it now. Precum was already starting to drip from the tip; veins were bulgeing like they were about to blow, or for a matter of fact was going to get blown. He stepped inside the shower pushing me to the wall. "You know I hate to be alone." He said with a stern face. Do you need some help washing your back?" "Sure, but is that all you want to do?" I asked, watching his eyes look into mine. "You were very good tonight." he said without any expression. "You liked the show, I assume" "oh yea, I liked it, but you know....I liked you better. I never thought what it would feel like to have you all to myself." "But now I do and I want to take complete control." "You do not realize how much I needed you for a long time Chance, You are the only one I have ever loved, and up until last night the only one I have ever had any sexual contact with." "you're shitting me Blue, You made it with a lot of girls back in college." I said shocked like hell, i couldn't believe it, I have heard about all of those escapades. "No, Just a jack off session late at night after you were fast asleep." "you know I loved the feeling inbetween us, last night." "Are you going to sit here and talk or are you going to ravash me?" I got no verbal answer, just him pushing me down on his cock. I didn't think i could fit all of it in my mouth like I did the other night, but at this time I didn't have no other choice, he kept pushing it in even harder. In between him shoving a beer can down my throat or the water from the shower, I didn't know if i was going to die from drowning or from my throat being split open by his massive tool. It wasn't long before the water was turning cold, since we had drained the hot water from the water heater. Bbs Preteen Models The cold water made everything in by body start to tremble. "come on lets hit the bed room" no fuss from me, it Bbs Preteen Models didn't take long before we were wrestling around on the bed; like we did back in college. I ended up on my stomach, soon to be entered like a ravaged mad man. Blue took his cock and lubed it up. running up and down my crack looking for a an entry. Upon finding the entry he added pressure and envaded me. I had never been the bottom man for anyone, for that matter, I had never done anything except jerked off of sucked a friends cock. I screamed out in pain, grabbing the bed, tearing at the covers. I tried everything to ease the pain, but it seemed like the pain ceased just as the pleasure began. I could actually feel the folds of skin around his cock moving in and out of me. Blue started to sweat to the point that it started to fall onto my back, Blue leaned forward and laid on my back. The feeling was wonderful, the closeness was all that i needed. I have always wanted him to hold me like he was now. "Chance, you know I love you don't you?" He asked thru his heavy breathing. "Blue, I have always wanted you to say that" My mind started to spin in pure esctasy, the pleasure of having him inside of me and having him to hold me like this. Before long I could feel his cock head start to swell inside, the next thing I felt was his cock explodeing inside of me. Blue, slowed his movement almost to a halt. He rolled me over on top of him and started to jack me uncontrolably. Just having him jerking my cock threw me into a wild frenzy,having a cock buried inside of me and my cock being worked like crazy. I shot a load so hard that it flew past my head and onto Blue's shoulder. We laid there for a long time before getting up and hitting the shower. Blue and I are still toghether, after five years, we are still going strong. A college room mate turns to lover after all of the day dreams, wishing and hopeing. It was once said that lovers can come and go, but for some strange reason, we have the same fire that was born on his first nioght here in New York City. to be continued................................................ Chance Brickman
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