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Black Preteen Models

(2011-11-22 13:46:20)






Related article: Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:02:19 -0800 (PST) From: Rob Hoek Subject: A Boy So Young (2) Snuggled cozily on the wide sofa, Garret continued to fondle the naked boy that lounged happily against his side. Unable to get his fill of the stunning boy, Garret longed to just scoop him up in his arms, and carry him off to the lavish bedroom that silently called to him from a short distance down the nearby hallway, and continue his thorough exploration of the boy's youthful body. But, reality is often the reigning power in such situations, and Garret was, if anything, a realist, and his sound logic skills told him that the boy had been totally on his own back there at the baseball field, and, given his tender years, there would likely be someone very soon beginning to wonder as to his whereabouts. Garret reasoned that his befriending the boy had occurred in the highly populous environment of a city park, and a well attended baseball game, and there would doubtless be persons who would, if asked, recall the encounter between the young boy and the adult male that had resulted in the boy's absence from the area. Much as he wanted to while away the remainder of this amazing day with this naked cutie in his bed, sound reasoning prevailed, and he reluctantly stopped fondling the sculpted little penis that he held gently in his hand, and he told Justin that he had better go to the bathroom and wash up, then get dressed, so he could deliver him safely back to the park before he was missed. Justin frowned at this direction, but seemed to understand that any suspicion his detected absence might arouse with his parents would most certainly land him in some degree of trouble, and would also likely preclude any future opportunity for him to again get together with this exciting man, and he most definitely looked forward to doing just that, so he quietly acquiesced, getting to his feet, and then scooping his shorts and shirt up from the floor, before padding off toward the bathroom. Garret watched, his eyes riveted to the tiny mounds of the boy's beautiful little butt as he scampered down the hallway, then, sighed heavily, standing himself, as he moved off to his own private bath, where he quickly and efficiently jerked a massive load into some tissues, relieving his own pent up excitement. While driving back to the park, Garret mentally rehearsed a couple of likely ploys that he might use to arrange to meet the boy again, but before he could actually introduce the suggestion, Justin surprised him by calmly saying, "I hope we can do...this...again sometime...it's, like, the best I have ever felt in my life...how you...um...touched me, and stuff...sucking my... dicky... that way...and, uh...licking my...me." Garret chuckled, simultaneously pleased and amused at the boy's dainty blush, and at the shy little expression on his pretty face, and he reached over to firmly grip the boy's once more stiff little nail between finger and thumb, as he vigorously nodded his head, and replied, "Oh Justin...yes, definitely...I was actually just thinking the same thing myself as you said that...and, believe me, Son, playing with...and sucking and licking all of your tasty little stuff was amazing for me as well...and, there are so many even better things I'd love to have you experience...so yes, we most certainly can...and hopefully will...get together again very soon." Justin gasped as Garrets fingers captured his rigid penis, and a strong shudder ran along his spine, and he desperately wished that they were back in Garret's nice house, and that he was still all naked, letting the amazing man waken more of the incredible feelings in his young body. Turning to face Garret, he smiled widely, and in very typical boyish fashion drove home the point, simply asking in a soft and not fully changed voice, "When...how?" Realizing that they were nearing the entrance to the park, Garret coasted the car into a vacant curbside space, and stopped. Facing the still grinning boy, he spent a few moments helping him commit his cell phone number to memory, eliminating any possibility of an accidental discovery of some damning slip of paper that he might have written it on to give the boy, and then, spent another few moments cautioning him regarding the excessive amount of cash he now held in his possession, and the difficulty he might well encounter explaining it's origin. Despite his youth Justin seemed to clearly fathom the cash situation, declaring to Garret the existence of a secret hidey-hole that he used to squirrel away his personal treasures, and assuring him that he would be most discreet in his spending habits so as to not arouse undo curiosity. Typical of such a young and alert mind as yet uncluttered with the staggering amount of data stored in most adult brain cells, Justin required only tacit repeating the number sequence of Garret's cell number to commit it firmly to memory, and they had then set about establishing a place and time for their next connection. Comfortable that all required bases had been tagged, Garret had given the boy's ample treasures a final squeeze, and then delivered him back to the park, and watched him walk away. He shook his head, still not fully believing the incredible events of his afternoon, then, with a final longing glance at the quickly disappearing boy, he drove out of the park, and home. Though Garret had hovered closely to his cell phone throughout the following day, it had remained silent, much to his consternation. But mid-morning of the ensuing day it happily chirped to life, it's unique ring tone causing a mild jolt of excitement to Garret's balls, and he hurried to answer, a wide smile crossing his face at the sound of the boyish voice on the other end of the call. He listened carefully, Justin speaking softly as though wary of being overheard, and he received another strong jolt to his balls, when the boy asked if he could just ride his bike over to Garret's house since it wasn't all that far from his own. He had, he told Garret, received permission to bike to the park and join some imaginary friends, and, he was free until dinner time that evening. Better still, he was assumed to be pretty much unreachable while within the large park area with his friends. Garret smiled again, impressed with the boy's cunning, and he quickly agreed that Justin biking directly to him was a fine idea. Terminating the call, Garret moved to his bedroom where he dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of gym shorts, deciding at the last moment to forego any underwear, as he stroked his thickening cock while thoughts and visions of the boy naked and erect filled his mind. Moving through his bedroom, and then the living room, he strategically placed towels, and bottles of lube to be close at hand wherever events might possibly develop, then, settled onto the sofa, resisting the urge to pace the expansive room as he eagerly awaited the boy's arrival. Soon enough, Garret heard the sounding of the front door bell, and he leapt up, hurrying to respond, and he flung the door open to face a coy looking Justin standing on his front porch, smiling his dazzling little smile. Garret let his gaze drift quickly over the boy head to toe, and his own face broke into a broad grin, as he noted the delightful fact that Justin was shirtless, his slender body dressed only in the briefest of shorts, and open-toed sandals. His eyes fell on the snug fitting shorts, as he felt his balls tighten yet again as he focused on the lumps and bulges that gave definition to Justin's young treasures, and Justin giggled sweetly as he realized where Garret's gaze was centered. Gathering himself, Garret stepped back, and indicated that Justin come inside, and then closed the door behind him. Dropping to a knee, Garret reached his arms around the delicate boy, and hugged him, as he breathed, "Hello my handsome boy...welcome...you look simply delicious...and I am very Black Preteen Models glad that you are here!" Justin hugged Garret in return, then pulled back his head, and grinned shyly, the word "delicious" echoing through his mind again and again, as he replied, "Hi again, Garret...and I'm really glad, too!" Standing, Garret took the boy's small hand, and led him to the sofa. Indicating that Justin should sit, he offered a cold drink, then, went to the kitchen to retrieve it before moving back to sit along side the stunning boy on the sofa. Justin took the soda, and gulped down a long swallow, and then set it on the table, as he sank back into the cushions, and looked sheepishly at Garret. He felt the excitement of seeing his man friend welling, and his little penis went stiff, pulsing strongly against the snugly stretched crotch of his small shorts, and he blushed prettily as he watched Garret's eyes drop to his swollen crotch, as his tongue made a swipe over his full lips. Understanding Garret's unspoken reaction to his obvious erected state, he shivered strongly, and let out a nervous little giggle, as he mumbled, "I think that...um...it...is pretty glad to see you, too...!" Garret laughed, charmed by the boy's nervousness and expression, and he moved his wide hand onto the tent at the front of the small shorts. His index finger ran along the length of the rigid boyhood that pushed at the shorts, then his hand clamped down on the firm tube, and he squeezed it, as Justin shuddered again, and closed his eyes. Slowly stroking the boy's delightfully excited penis, Garret said, "Oh my...indeed it does seem happy to see me...so very nice...so hard... and such a big boy...I am so very eager to make him feel amazing things...him, and you, and all of your amazing young body." Justin flushed a deeper tone of red, as he groaned softly, and bucked his tiny hips against Garret's stroking hand, and he simply nodded then, and muttered, "Oh boy...yes...oh, yes!" The boy settled back fully then, his eyes going closed as his head lolled on the sofa back, and his colt-like legs parted, giving Garret's groping hand wider access to his crotch, as he offered a series of small groans of pleasure. Aware that Justin was obviously in a very highly charged state of excitement, Garret released his pulsing young penis, and ran his fingers over the satin-like skin of his chest, teasing the tiny nipples, and then moved down to stroke the boy's inner thighs, all of it adding to Justin's excitement. Trailing his fingers upward along the creamy thighs, Garret them under the hems of the shorts legs, pushing past the material gatherings until he encountered a swath of cloth that translated from fingertip to brain as being something very smooth, almost silk-like. His own cock straining painfully inside his shorts, Garret permitted himself the hope that the pretty young boy had worn some sort of panty, or other type of a feminine garment under the already sexy shorts, and his usually well guarded secret fantasy of actually one day encountering some slender waif of a boy with a bent toward exhibiting himself in some dainty and definitely feminine kind of sexy little undergarment caught fire within him in an instant. Lifting his eyes to meet Justin's sheepish expression, he felt his heart hammering in his chest, as he arched his eyebrows in question, and said, breathlessly, "Justin...?...oh my God, Son...are you wearing...??" Justin's soft cheeks flamed brightly, his lush little mouth forming into a sly little oval, as his eyes sparkled brightly, and he barely nodded his assent, and croaked hoarsely, "Oh jeez...!....okay...yes, I am...actually they...it....well, I sorta...borrowed...like, from my sister...like to sometimes....and, well...dunno...just sorta thought that you might...well...like that, I don't know....shit...stupid, prolly...!" Garret could barely resist ripping the shorts from the boy, his excitement at the prospect of his boyish treasures being gently supported by his own sister's frilly little panties, and he gulped, trying desperately to contain himself, and the fragile moment. He swallowed again, feeling a chill slide down his spine, as his balls drew up in his scrotum, and he strived for a calm smile, a he replied, his voice breaking with the rising stress, "Oh baby...!...my God...no, completely NOT stupid...not at all...oh baby-boy...you are simply the most amazing boy ever...how on earth could you even guess...?...that is...you are...you in...them, I mean....well, it's just about the most exciting thing that I can even imagine...how utterly perfect...oh, Justin...baby....!" Blushing furiously, Justin tried to carefully read Garret's astonished face, and he saw what he had desperately hoped for, that the excitement was in fact wholly genuine, that Garret actually seemed to be about to blow a vein, so amped was his excitement, and Justin relaxed then, no longer concerned that his attempt to stun the man as much as the man had stunned him on their last meeting would be laughed at, or considered silly, or stupid. He grinned coyly at Garret, and fluttered his long eyelashes, finally managing to say, "So, do you...um...wanna see?" Nearly dizzy with lust and Black Preteen Models boiling excitement, Garret only managed to nod his head, as he gulped down his copiously flowing saliva, and croaked, "Oh yes...very much...yes baby...yes...I want very much to...see!" Struggling to hang onto his nerve, Justin quickly pushed himself up, and stood up, his fingers hooking into the waist of his shorts, and he pushed them down his well shaped legs, then stepped out of them, and straightened, his slender body an absolute vision of sexiness, clad only in the nearly sheer, and tiny panties. Garret sat stone-still, completely mesmerized by the stunning sight before him. His heart thudded noisily in his chest, as his eyes made a slow and deliberate scan of the slender young boy's body. The slight and rounded shoulders gave way to the smooth chest, dotted with the aroused tiny nipples, then slipped away to the soft little tummy, and slender waist, which then flared slightly into perfectly molded hips, themselves somewhat girlish in appearance, then the totally smooth and colt-like legs that ended in small, even dainty feet. Garret gulped, and then moved his eyes to the center piece of this master sculpture, the barely concealed boy-treasures that strained at the nearly transparent material of the tiny white panties. Taking Justin's trembling hand, he guided him forward, then, slid his hands into the completely hairless underarms, as he lifted the boy, and set him up to stand atop the coffee table directly in front of the sofa. He raised the boy's arms, and had him clasp his hands on top of his head, then dropped back onto the sofa, nearly breathless with the stunning sight that stood before him. Justin's penis looked larger than Garret knew it to be, trapped by the minisule swatch of silky material, and his plump balls threatened to escape the high cut French style leg opening, and Garret literally drooled, as sexually excited as he could ever remember feeling as he reached out to lightly finger the soft and nearly slippery material. Justin gasped as Garret pinched the head of his penis, and prodded at his tender balls with the fingers of his other hand, and he gasped again, as Garret leaned close, and licked along the length of his barely concealed young boyhood, his flowing saliva quickly wetting the sheer material and making it even more transparent. Capturing the plum-like knob between his lips, he washed his tongue over it repeatedly, eliciting soft mewing sounds from Justin, whose slender body quivered with excitement. When Dave moved lower, his mouth engulfing the boy's plump scrotum, his tongue moving the tender orbs within their pouch, Justin groaned loudly, then gasped, as Dave gently sucked his marble sized nuggets, each in turn. The fresh, youthful scent of the boy's body flooded Dave's senses, and he felt his own cock leaking copious amounts of wetness inside his shorts, as he backed away from the boy's bulges, and allowed himself another minute of just silently staring at his overwhelming beauty, and abject sexiness. The little panties were literally soaked now, the rigid tube of his boyhood clearly visible, as was his hairless scrotum, though both appeared slightly in shadow behind the wet and gauzy satin. Dave shuddered, his lust for the boy growing rapidly, and he reached out, trailing the fingers of both hands along the silky smooth thighs, stroking repeatedly between the slightly knobby knees, and the apex of those stunning legs, as Justin's slim hips thrust back and forth, hungry for Dave's touch on his pulsing boyhood. Dave felt that same burning hunger Black Preteen Models now, the desire to see, and taste the sculpted young penis finally outweighing his rabid enjoyment of seeing the boy in Black Preteen Models just the frilly panties, and he moved his trembling fingers to grasp the panty, tugging the scanty garment out, and then downward, so that the pulsing erection sprang free of it's confinement. Dave lowered the panty sufficient to free the taut scrotum, then, tucked the thin strip of elastic band up behind the now exposed pouch, and let it go. Sitting back, he groaned, his brain receptors in total overload with the visual of the stunning boy that stood blushing before him. Naked, and yet not, Justin's throbbing little soldier stood proudly jutting off his milky groin, the perfectly formed knob of it glistening wetly in the room light, and the myriad of swollen veins blue, and defined along the narrow shaft. His scrotum swelled between his hairless thighs, the weight of his balls causing the crinkled sac to dangle slightly beneath the rigid penis, and it actually thrust slightly outward from the pressure of the taut elastic Black Preteen Models tucked snugly behind it, as if in offering to Dave, and Dave actually drooled, his gaping mouth completely flooded with saliva as he hungrily focused on the boy's cock, and balls. Moving to the very edge of the sofa he sat on, Dave leaned close to the boy, his tongue extending, as he licked the rigid shaft, then lapped at the wetness that had spread over the smooth knob. Justin gasped loudly at the contact, his small hips thrusting forward, as if seeking to stab his hardness into Dave's mouth, and Dave granted the boy's wish, opening his drooling mouth to engulf the delicious young appendage, as his hand closed around the plump pouch of balls. "OHhhh!" chirped Justin, rocking up onto his toes, his hands gripping at Dave's bobbing head as his balance threatened to fail. Dave' mouth moved up and down the boy's length, loud slurping noises filling the room, intermingling Black Preteen Models with the noises that Justin was uttering in a steady cadence, as his slender fingers clung tightly to Dave's bobbing head. Through his peripheral vision Dave saw Justin's tummy muscles tighten, as he let out a low groaning sound, and then squeaked, his youthful voice cracking badly, "I'm gonna.....OHhhhh....!" Simultaneous to the frantic sounds coming from the boy, Dave felt the young penis pulse strongly, and spasm in his drooling mouth, and in the next instant he was rewarded for his efforts, as a flood of warm and creamy boy-honey erupted across his tongue. The first strong burst was immediately followed by three or four secondary spasms, each offering another, if less voluminous taste of the rather sweet nectar, and Dave greedily swallowed each as quickly as it presented, only releasing the delectable young stanchion from his mouth as it calmed, and began to wilt. Sitting back, he grinned up at the stunned and trembling boy, and then offered his hand to assist him down from his perch atop the table. Justin took Dave's hand, and then stepped off the table, his sweet face flushed, and damp Black Preteen Models with sweat. He all but collapsed then, as Dave pulled him onto his lap, and they sagged back against the sofa cushions, each lost for the moment in his own reverie. Dave slowly stroked the damp skin of the boy's back, holding his slender body wrapped in his arms, and he let his hand wander over the firm pillows of Justin's cute little butt, still encased in the filmy panty, as he breathed softly near his ear, saying repeatedly, "Baby, baby, baby...so good...so very, very good!" Justin shuddered, lifting his head off Dave's shoulder as he smiled at him weakly, and nodded, as he managed to reply, "So amazing....oh boy....wow...!" They rested quietly then, their elevated heart rates settling, and after several minutes, Justin stirred, shifting his lithe body in Dave's lap, and he giggled sweetly as his pert little butt settled squarely atop Dave's burgeoning erection, and he said sweetly, "Ohhh...I bet I know what this is...!" Dave shivered strongly, the contact of the perfect little butt causing his aching cock to spasm, and he chuckled, running his fingers through Justin's soft hair, as he replied, "Uh huh...right...that is exactly what you think it is, Champ...!" Justin giggled sweetly again, lifting his head to look seriously into Dave's smiling eyes, as he said, "Can I see it...?"(To Be Continued) Storyguy22yahoo.com
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