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Related article: Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 09:18:46 -0800 (PST) From: Rob Hoek Subject: A Boy So Young (6) Following some quiet time spent basking in the afterglow of their shared and intense orgasms, Garret led Justin into his large multiple head shower stall. They spent a long time under the warm and refreshing sprays, each using the excuse of soaping the other to further explore their bodies, and Garret chuckled at the rapid recovery rate of the stunning young erection he now held in his hand. Justin blushed prettily at Garrets mild chiding of his youthful exuberance, and the sweetness of his glowing expression melted Garret's heart, causing him to wrap the slender young body tightly in his arms as he hugged him, thinking again of his great good Tiny Preteen Model fortune in having encountered this incredible boy. Garret had used the subterfuge of washing Justin's pretty little butt to inspect his most secret treasure for any residual damage, and was pleased to find no traces of the recent intrusion he had affected there, save for some mild inflammation of the tender tissues that surrounded the tiny oval. Justin had, apparently, accepted his deflowering like a trooper. Exiting the shower stall, Garret kneeled in front of the boy, toweling his lithe frame with a fluffy bath towel, while making a production of avoiding the young erection poking into his eye, a scenario that set Justin to giggling, as he thrust his tiny hips in an attempt to do just that to Garret. Garret put an end to the contest finally when he simply opened his mouth, and captured the well formed boyhood inside, as his hands firmly gripped the twin pillows of his pert little butt. Justin instantly ceased his movements, and his slim body shuddered with pleasure, as Garret noisily sucked his rigid penis. As Justin beg a! n emitting his now familiar little mews of pleasure, Garret trailed his finger into the warm crease of the boy's ass, and moved it in small circles over the tiny pucker, as his warm mouth moved back and forth over the length of the rigid shaft. Justin shuddered again, as Garret probed his tight opening more firmly, not penetrating, but nearly so, and he gasped loudly as Garret released his penis, and quickly took his smooth scrotum inside his mouth. Garret gently sucked the silky pouch, his tongue probing the small nuggets within, and Justin rocked up onto his toes, and reached to grip Garret's head in his hands, as he chirped, "OHhhh...oh jeez...!" Garret continued another moment, savoring the sensation of the tight sac and its contents filling his mouth, then backed off, gripping the turgid erection in his fingers, as he lapped repeatedly across the well shaped helmet several times. Justin squealed in delight, his body shivering once more, and Garret released him then, getting to his feet. Justin dropped his gaze to Garret's thick erection, and Garret held his breath as he watched the boy's slender hand move toward it, and then close around the wide shaft, and stroke it. Garret shuddered this time, his nerve endings electrifying as the boy worked his cock, and a sudden chill washed over him. He stood mesmerized, watching closely as the boy steadily stroked his cock back and forth, and then groaned loudly, as Justin tentatively inched closer, and finally took the wide manhood into his soft, warm mouth. Garret could scarcely believe what he was seeing as he looked down at the boy's head bobbing over his aching erecti o! n, and he nearly lost it when Justin withdrew, leaving the wide flare of his cock head between his lush lips, as he rolled his eyes Tiny Preteen Model upward to look directly into Garret's astonished gaze. Groaning, Garret let his held breath go, as he uttered, "Oh Justin...oh God, Son...!" Sensing the extreme pleasure that he was providing, Justin released the heavy stalk from his lips, and, still looking up at Garret he extended his little pink tongue, and let it wash over the bulbous knob of Garret's oozing cock several times. The visual, combined with the heart-stopping sensations, nearly proved too much for Garret, and he felt his balls draw tight, as he melted into another strong shudder, the boy once again taking his rampant cock fully into his soft mouth, and sucking it. Torn between giving in to his rapidly building desire to let himself erupt and fill this amazing mouth with his cum, and the equally strong desire to have this incredible experience last forever, Garret felt his knees nearly turn to rubber as he shuddered strongly once more. Steeling himself, he gently eased away from the boy until his erection popped free of the magical mouth, and he saw an expression of disappointment flash over the pretty young face, as those stunning eyes rolled u p! ward in question. Reaching out his hand, Garret stroked the baby-soft cheek, and told the boy, "Yes, baby-boy, you are wonderful at that...I just think we should take this back to bed, don't you?" The quizzical look quickly morphed into the shy little smile that Garret had so come to love, as Justin succumbed to another of his pretty blushes as he nodded his head firmly, and replied, "Oh yea...let's do that... for sure!" Chuckling, Garret leaned over, and scooped the naked boy into his arms, and marched off into Tiny Preteen Model the bedroom where he carefully laid him onto the rumpled bed, and then joined him. What ensued over the next hour or so might have found legs in an award competition for porn production, as man and boy pulled out all the stops in their eager exploration, and enjoyment of each others heated bodies. Their hands and mouths left no quadrant of flesh unexplored, or tasted, and they even successfully overcame their difference in physical size, as they maneuvered into an intense sixty-nine, wherein young Justin deftly honed his newly acquired skills at lavishing oral delights upon Garret's thick manhood, while a heavily panting Garret deployed his entire arsenal of long practiced oral skills on the rigid young penis, and tight little balls. Justin's sweet young face all but glowed, a thin sheen of sweat coating his smooth brow, when Garret bent back his coltish legs, and spread him, as he ! feasted happily on the fresh tasting core of the boy, the still lingering scents of the recent shower filling his senses as he laved his tongue over the highly sensitive ring of tissue that snuggled deeply between the firm mounds of his perfect little ass. Justin seemed to absolutely enjoy Garret's attentions there, regardless of his lingering amazement that the man would perform such an intimate act upon him, and as he relished in the stunning sensations of the attention visited upon him, he clamped his eyes tightly shut, his balled fists thudding at the mattress. For Garret's part, he was in boy lover heaven, his head spinning with the effects of hyperventilation, and sensory overload. The heady aromas of the excited boy added to his sense of lightheadedness, as his free flowing saliva drooled onto Justin's creamy smooth skin as he continued to tongue wash the tiny pucker, and the surrounding nooks, and crannies. He rolled his tongue tightly, and jabbed the tip at the tight wrinkle, forcing a minor entrance that coaxed small squeaking sounds from the boy, and he alternated his assault on the tiny treasure with sweeping laps over the tight and hairless scrotum, even taking the entirety of the plump pouch inside his mouth, time to time. Pausing to rest his aching and overworked tongue, Garret moved to engulf the throbbing boyhood, sucking it firmly, as he reveled in the almond like flavor of Justin's oozing seminal fluids, and on sudden impulse, he gently clamped his teeth onto the rigid stalk, eliciting a loud gasping sound from the ! startled boy, followed by a high-pitched squeal as he chirped, "OHhhh jeez...oh boy...!" Sensing that Justin was very near to the edge, Garret increased his maddening suctioning on the pulsing erection, as he wormed his finger against the well wetted orifice that he had been so enthusiastically swabbing, and eased the digit into the boy's incredible softness, and warmth, sinking it effortlessly to the second knuckle, as he redoubled his efforts at coaxing the creamy young nectar from the small balls. His efforts were rewarded nearly immediately after his probing finger located the tight nub of the boy's small prostate, and strummed it, while his mouth glided wetly over his rigid boyhood, and Garret felt the narrow rod buck inside his mouth, and then erupt. The warm, slick essence jetted repeatedly, flooding Garret's mouth again and again, and he swallowed happily, savoring the tartness of the copious discharge as it washed over his tongue, and into his throat. As Justin's forceful orgasm waned, and the panting boy settled back onto the bed, Garret rolled onto his back, his thick manhood throbbing against his abdomen, and he reached for the boy, pulling him on top of him, as he stroked his back, and pretty little ass. Locating the container of lube, Garret quickly spread a generous dollop of the cool and slick gel to his aching cock, and then slid his large hands into Justin's soft and hairless underarms, lifting him so that he straddled Garret's mid-section. Garret groaned as his rigid cock settled into the warm crease of the boy's firm little butt, and he thrust upward, letting the head of his slippery cock imbed itself between the firm mounds of Justin's ass, making contact with his small pucker. Justin gasped, suddenly grasping the concept of Garret's movements, and he adjusted his slender body to aid in Garret's effort. He settled himself; his knees planted against the bed on either side of Garret's waist, and then slowly sa n! k downward. Garret gripped the boy's hips, again thrusting upward against the tight little wrinkle of Justin's entrance, and then thrust once more, as Justin answered the move by letting his weight settle into the rigid stalk that probed his most secret place. The boy sucked in a deep breath, his smooth chest expanding, and then pushed strongly downward, and his tender opening expanded, and relaxed, allowing the wide shaft of Garret's pulsing cock to slide up inside him once more. Almost in tandem, both Garret and Justin groaned, and Garret forced himself to stay completely still, giving the boy a moment to adjust to the thick intrusion once more filling his velvet-like tunnel. Garret looked up at Justin's flushed face, and he watched the boy's expression slowly change from a tight grimace to a look of wonder, as his eyes fluttered open, and he looked down to meet Garret's gaze. He inhaled again, holding the breath briefly, and then slowly let it go, as his lush mouth formed a small oval, and he hissed, "OHhh gosh...man...it's so...full...oh jeez...!" Garret reached for the boy's penis, gently cradling the half soft member in his hand, and he stroked it lovingly, as he nodded his understanding. He resisted the strong urge to drive himself deeper into the silky tightness that seized his throbbing cock like a vise, and he continued to work the young penis with his fingers, smiling as he felt it begin to plump up in his grip as Justin responded to the multiple sensations he was experiencing. Justin lifted his lithe body Tiny Preteen Model slightly, gliding upward on Garret's impaled cock until only the plumb-like head remained captured in his tight sheath, pausing then to suck in another deep breath. Garret remained frozen, letting the boy set the pace, and his body was wound so tightly that he realized he was clenching his teeth. Willing himself to relax, Garret remained still, only his hand moving slowly back and forth over Justin's silky smooth penis, which was once again completely rigid. Justin shuddered slightly, and then slowly sank d o! wn the length of Garret's cock, taking the wide shaft fully once more. Another brief pause and Justin seemed to soften, his inner muscles flexing around Garret's thickness, the incredible sensations nearly driving Garret mad with pleasure. Justin rose once more, and then settled again, finding a rhythm, as he placed his palms flat on Garret's firm abdomen, and began literally riding Garret's rigid cock with a steady pace, which Garret quickly matched with his thrusting hips. Garret heard his pounding pulse in his head, a pins and needles sensation washing over him, and he savored the small grunts and groans that emanated from the boy as he rode his aching cock. The Tiny Preteen Model amazing visual of the pretty young boy rising and lowering his lithe body on his rock hard cock would in itself have been sufficient to drive Garret to distraction, but that delicious sight being even further enhanced by the overload of intense sensations that the boy's gripping sheath generated throughout Garret's body was nearly indescribable, and Garret was already feeling the familiar tingling deep in his balls. Looking up, Garret noted that Justin's eyes were closed again, and his head was rolled back on his shoulders, an expression of intens e! concentration on his face, as he moved steadily above him. The boy's mouth gaped open, and a steady cadence of low grunts emanated from him, as Garret redoubled his efforts at stroking the narrow erection in his fist. Justin's eyes suddenly popped open, and he let out a deeper moaning sound, and Garret felt the young penis spasm in his grip, as another offering of Justin's creamy nectar exploded forth onto Garret's stomach, and chest. Justin gasped loudly, his tempo quickening as he rode the length of Garret's erection, and he seemed to shiver strongly as his orgasm played itself out. Garret's own lust boiled over then, the stunning sight of the boy's erupting semen painting over his body taking him over the top, and he drove his hips upward, impaling his flexing cock fully into the boy's buttery warmth, and he erupted, his cock ejecting streamer after streamer of his copious cum into Justin's soft rectum, the volume so plentiful that Garret actually felt it oozing from the b! oy's stretched hole as he continued to pump into him. Finally spent, and complete exhausted, they settled onto the bed, and Justin sagged limply forward onto Garret's heaving chest. Garret wrapped his arms around the whimpering boy, and held him tightly, as he breathed incoherent babble against his small ear as they both rode the lingering wave of their intense coupling. Garret's spent cock slowly wilted, and slipped from the boy's battered hole, and Garret felt the wetness spread on his groin as his semen drained from the boy. Justin's creamy offering spread between their bare chests, and Garret moved his arms, then gripped the twin pillows of Justin's pretty ass in both hands, and he kneaded the firm mounds, and he spoke softly against Justin's ear, saying, and meaning it, "Justin...oh baby...God...you are just so...incredible...I never...well...you are just simply the most amazing boy ever...!" Justin snuggled tighter against Garret's chest, and Garret felt his soft hair tickle under his chin as the boy gave a nod of his head. He sucked in a deep breath then, and let it go, the breath warm against Garret's chest, as he mumbled softly, "Yea, huh...!"(To Be Continued) Storyguy22yahoo.com
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