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Related article: Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 06:44:58 -0800 (PST) From: Rob Hoek Subject: A Boy So YoungThis is a work of fiction and contains sexual interaction between an adult male and a young boy. It is intended for adult audiances with an interest in the subject matter and should not be viewed by those under 18, or by abyine who might be located where such fiction in unacceptable. Garret sensed it the very first time he had laid eyes on the Preteen Lesbians boy. It was as if a subtle feeling had washed over him, a feeling of such unflagging certainty that he had known in that instant that that he would have this stunning boy, and to hell with the obvious fact that the boy was far too young and unsophisticated to even be considered in such a way. It had not really surprised him, feeling as he did, but rather it had simply seemed "right" somehow, and just, and more than anything else, it had felt so completely natural for him to simply decide without benefit of any actual analysis that, as certainly as is the constant passage of time itself, he was going to fuck this beautiful boy, and soon. Having recently passed his twenty-eighth birthday, Garret was fully cognizant of the fact that he should have long ago outgrown his predilection for young boys as sexual partners, but, the truth of it was that he had not, not even slightly. As a youngster himself, somewhere around his tenth, or eleventh year, Garret had emerged as a somewhat precocious lad, rather forward in both thought and deed for one of his tender years, and, a goodly portion of that budding precociousness had soon manifested itself in a sexual way, as young Garret began cultivating an extreme interest in the seemingly endless variations regarding the blooming development of the pre-pubescent, and pubescent bodies of his many friends, and acquaintances. This interest had manifested in a wide variety of ways, primary among which had been Garret's skillful seduction of an endless stream of beguiling young boys whom he deftly persuaded to willingly share in a virtual buffet of sexual activities, literally running the gauntlet from the childish playing of "doctor," or "you show me, I'll show you" sorts of games, up to and including mutual acts of cock sucking, and the anal insertion of various objects, not the least of which had frequently been Garret's highly randy young erection. The oddity was that as Garret had matured, and moved through his years in high school, and then college, his sexual tastes seemed somehow frozen in development, his attractions remaining firmly stalled at his burgeoning interest in the seduction of very young boys. Oh, he had on occasion wrestled with the malady, all too aware of the plethora of pitfalls that such desires held for one currently considered to be an "adult," and, even more keenly aware of the non-compassionate vigor with which law enforcement pursued justice, and punishment with regard to perpetrators of unseemly acts upon minors, most particularly those of a sexual nature. Mindful of this social condemning of his sexual preference, Garret had willed himself to abandon his pursuits of tender young lads in exchange for those of, or beyond the legal age of consent, an effort that had left him totally unfulfilled, and restless, so much so that he had finally deemed the experiment an utter and complete failure. So much so that he completely abandoned all pretense at behaving like an average gay young man, and instead renewed his ever present desires for the multitudes of tempting young lads that were Preteen Lesbians seemingly in endless supply everywhere that he went. The place that Garret had come to for this particular "boy-sighting" was, oddly enough, a baseball diamond. In this case, a baseball diamond situated in a large city park where the tax payer's dollars provided and supported an upscale venue for various Little League organizations to field their teams of budding young athletes in the combat of America's pastime. This was a venue that Garret had long ago come to see as a highly target-rich environment that was on any given summertime weekend filled to overflowing with the many objects of his dark desires. The interesting twist on this particular outing, however, had come in the form of the fact that the boy, now squarely centered in Garret's cross-hairs, was in fact not a player, but a fellow spectator, seated in the multiple rows of bleacher style seating, one row behind, and several spaces to Garret's left. This small variation on the norm of Garret's usual protocol of studying the players on the field to sort out a likely post-game prey presented an intriguing twist in the game, given the additional challenge of successfully determining the lack of any nearby parental supervision, an element considered to be paramount to Garret, for obvious reasons. Stealthily, Garret twisted slightly to his left, his piercing gaze settling directly focused on the boy, while giving the impression that he was in fact looking beyond the boy, as if search of something, or someone, in the background. The boy glanced briefly at Garret, then averted his gaze back toward the field of play, a common reaction when one feels that someone is watching them, and then realize that it was a mistake, that they were actually looking past them, at something else all together. Garret permitted himself a small smile, pleased that his acting skills had proven up to the task of him appearing uninterested in his chosen prey, and he seized upon the opportunity to look the boy over carefully, a familiar stirring awakening deep in his groin. The boy was simply stunning, beautiful even, if one may apply that term to a boy. Not more than eleven, tops, Garret's practiced eye told him, and a waif of a thing, certainly no more than perhaps five feet tall, if that. Garret let his eyes travel over the shorts-clad boy's slender body, his expertise estimating his weight at not more than perhaps ninety-five, or a hundred pounds, judging by the slimness of his bare arms, and the rather thin legs Preteen Lesbians that splayed out of the shorts that he wore. Focusing on the shapely legs, Garret noted the apparent absence of any trace of hair growth, and his minds eye conjured up a vivid image of an equally hairless groin, from which he knew would sprout the boy's as yet underdeveloped young penis, and the taut little pouch of his barely descended little boy nuts. His own cock stirred at the thought, swelling rapidly inside his shorts, and he unconsciously licked at his lips, his mouth suddenly flooded with drooling saliva, as he visualized capturing the entire hairless and pink package in his drooling mouth, as the youngster squealed in excitement, a sense of fear mixed with never before known pleasures. Garret was jarred suddenly from his reverie as some element of play on the field drew a loud roar of crowd reaction, and the boy suddenly jumped to his feet, his thin arms rising in unison above his head, as he clapped thunderously. The movement caused his untucked tee shirt to ride a long way up, baring a wide expanse of well tanned and flawlessly smooth tummy, and a well exposed rack of rib bones along the boy's right side, and Garret gulped down the invasion of saliva that threatened to actually dribble from the corners of his widely gaping mouth, as he imagined his tongue, and lips, tracking over that satin-like swath of skin until he would encounter what he was certain were tiny, dime-like little boy nipples available for the feasting of his tongue, and lips. His rigid cock poked sharply at the gathered material of his shorts, as he inhaled deeply, his senses filling with the clearly imagined scent Preteen Lesbians of the boy, that priceless aroma that emanates uniquely from puberty ridden young boys, and which would, in a more perfect word, be sold in small bottles the world over. A slightly breathless Garret let his gaze drop to the small sports shorts that the boy was wearing, a navy blue shade of material with narrow white piping at the outer seams, and a wide band of elastic encircling the narrow waist, and he preferred to think that he was able to just discern the slightest of boy-bulges at the nicely clinging crotch of the shorts, as the boy jumped up and down excitedly while intently watching whatever had been developing on the field of play. Closing his eyes, Garret concentrated mightily, his mind forming a vivid image of the boy fully naked as he moved through the gyrations of his rapt excitement, and he shuddered, seeing clearly the tiny young penis bouncing unencumbered, it's narrow shaft and nicely helmeted little head bumping between his smooth groin, and the plump little pouch that nestled neatly between milk-white thighs. As he opened his eyes, again needing to gulp down his free flowing saliva, Garret saw the boy settle down, and fold back into this seat, providing the nearly drooling Garret with the briefest glimpse of a perfectly formed little boy-butt pushing out against the snug shorts material as he sat back down. Perhaps once again sensing that someone's attention was focused upon him, the boy looked over at Garret once more, and his angelic face crinkled into a heart stopping smile that exposed a bright flash of tiny and snow-white teeth, and, be still my heart, tiny caves of dimples in each peaches and cream rosy cheek. Garret groaned softly, acutely aware of the wetness of his oozing precum dampening his boxers, and he quickly returned the boy's open, if slightly curious smile, and added a small wave of his hand, as if in familiarity. The boy held his gaze for a moment longer, his small hand lifting slightly off his buttery thigh, as he offered a very tentative return wave, and then returned his attention to the ball game. Garret remained where he was, struggling with the nearly irrepressible desire to just openly stare at the delicious little boy, or worse, the maddening need to get up, and go over and sit beside him, and place his hand in that oh-so-inviting crotch, and fondle that sweet Preteen Lesbians little cocklet, and those tender little boy nuggets that he knew awaited his attentions behind the small blue shorts. He willed himself to focus on the game before him, allowing himself the occasional luxury of a few quick glances in the boy's direction, as the next inning dragged by. Finally, his well honed instincts telling him it was time, he slowly stood, and made his way to his left, finally presenting his best innocent smile to the boy's inquisitive face, as he said, casually, and in as friendly a tone as possible, "Hi...um...Jason, is it...?" randomly picking a name he had found to be highly common to boys of this age group. The boy looked up, a faint smile painting across his lush little mouth, as he shook his head, causing his longish brown hair to waft over his smooth forehead in errant strands, as his melodic, and very young voice responded, "No...I'm Justin, actually..." Garret broadened his smile, feigning disgust with his error, and he quickly corrected himself, saying, "Oh...right...of course... Justin...excuse me...my bad...but, it was only the one time that we met, I think...and I am so bad with names, too...but...I could never forget having met such a fine looking boy as you!" Justin furrowed his brow, seeming to search his memory to identify a prior meeting with this polite man that stood there smiling at him. Garret watched the boy closely, all the while holding onto his very open, and innocent expression, and he saw the boy's sweet cherubic face register a small glimmer of recognition, as though he had indeed made the connection, despite the fact that there actually was none between them prior to this very moment. "Um...oh yea...I think I got it now...you know my friend Robby's dad, right...?...and, you were like with them at our cub scout cook-out last month...is that right?" inquired Justin, his angelic gaze melting Garret's heart while it further inflamed his pulsing erection. Instantly seizing on the proffered opportunity to establish a harmless link, Garret broadened his grin, and nodded, as he replied, "Exactly right young man...indeed so...I just knew I could never forget having been introduced to such an impressive lad as yourself...and thank goodness that your young and unfettered memory is far sharper than my own!" The boy giggled, his tiny pug nose wrinkling along with his smooth forehead, and Garret was once again treated to a glimpse Preteen Lesbians of the small bright teeth outlined by the lush, full lips, and delightfully pink tongue. "You sure do talk funny Mister..."an impressive lad"...I'm not actually sure what a "lad" is...but, if it means me, I don't see anything so impressive about me." Garret chuckled warmly, taking the liberty of sitting down right next to the boy, as he leaned slightly sideways toward him, availing himself of the dizzying scent of youthful and unblemished boy, as he replied, "Well young Justin, let me just say that you are both correct, and incorrect, all at the same time...and by that I mean to say that I suppose I do talk funny in my way, and, by way of explanation, a lad is merely another way of saying boy...but, where you are clearly incorrect is in the mistaken impression that there is nothing impressive about you...indeed my boy, you are indeed very impressive, both in appearance, and poise as well as articulation...and of course, there is that snappy memory, as well!" Justin giggled some more, clearly charmed with the man's strange way of speaking, and he felt a glimmer of pride at the reference to his excellent memory. He was even pretty sure that the comment about his looks was a good thing, although he didn't fully grasp the thing about poise, or articulation, whatever they might mean. In any event, he decided, the man seemed to like him, and, he was a kind of a friend of a friend, and he seemed nice enough too, enough so that Justin didn't want to hurt his feelings by giggling about his way of speaking again, so he just smiled sweetly, and said, "Okay, cool then...oh, and thanks!" Garret chuckled, nodding his head to acknowledge Justin's acceptance of his complimentary remarks, no matter how strangely phrased, and, ramping up his boldness just a tad, he reached out and gripped the boy's silky smooth thigh in his thick fingers, relishing the sensation of the warm, smooth skin under his fingertips, as he said, a conspiring tone to his voice, "No thanks required when one merely speaks the truth, Justin...oh, and by the way, when I spotted you sitting here, I was just on my way to the concession stand for something cold to drink...it is so warm this afternoon...I wonder, would you be interested in a cold drink...?...my treat of course." Justin brightened, his head nodding, as he quickly answered, "Oh man, for sure yea...I am, like, totally hot and thirsty, and since I'm here by myself, I don't have any money to spend." Garrets heart thumped in his chest, as he digested the double win that had just been handed him, the acquiescence to his offer to join him, and more importantly, the revelation that the boy was apparently at the ball park on his own. Striving against the excitement that welled up in him, he managed to keep a calm expression on his face, as he gave Justin's creamy thigh another squeeze, and told him, "Very good then...shall we...?" as he reluctantly relinquished his grip on the well formed thigh, and got to his feet. Justin hopped up, and happily followed his new found friend down the bleacher steps, then off in the direction of the concessions. As the two rounded the corner of the backstop, Garret stopped suddenly, as though pondering some new thought, or idea. Justin stopped along side him, his bright eyes turning upward to gaze at Garret, who smiled back at the stunning boy, and asked, "Hey Justin...a thought...are you as hungry as I suddenly am...?...I was wondering if our going for a pizza or something, with the cold drinks, and even some nice cool air conditioning might be a better idea than a luke warm soda and a greasy hot dog, or whatever...what do you say, little buddy?" "PIZZA...YEA!" Preteen Lesbians chirped a suddenly excited Justin, "Oh yea...man, let's do that, okay...and could we go to the Roundtable place...that's my favorite kind of pizza!" Taking advantage of the boy's excitement, Garret chuckled, and slid his arm around Justin's narrow shoulders, and pulled his slender little body close in a brief hug, as he told him, "Perfect...it's my favorite as well...okay then, Roundtable pizza it is!" "Awesome!" announced Justin, not pulling away from the embrace at all. As he relinquished his hold on the boy, Garret let his hand slide down his back, and ever so briefly ran his palm over the firm little pillows of his delectable butt before moving off toward the parking lot, as he said, "My car is right over here, and as I recall there is a Roundtable place in that shopping center a few blocks over...right?" Eagerly following Garret, Justin confirmed that indeed there was a roundtable there, and they walked the short distance to Garret's car, and got in. Garret was a little surprised at the boy's willingness to be so easily led into leaving the ball field with a virtual stranger, but he gave silent thanks to whatever forces were apparently motivating the cute boy to be so cooperative in his endeavor to seduce him. Without hesitating, Garret started the car, and exited the lot, driving in the direction of the pizza place. Justin settled right back into his seat, not showing an ounce of discomfort or concern, not even when Garret reached over and ran his hand along his exposed thigh as he went on about how great a pizza was going to taste. Over a truly delicious pizza and icy cold soda's Garret was able to ascertain that Justin was in fact just eleven years old, and, that his having been all alone at the baseball game had evolved from the facts that his Mother was working one of her twelve hour shifts at the local hospital, and that he had grown bored being home alone, deciding then to walk over to the nearby park, and watch a game or two. Garret also utilized the eating time to gently nudge additional information from the boy, learning as he did so that he was an only child of divorced parents, and that he lived full time with his Mother, seeing very little of an absent father who lived in another state. He also learned that Justin was apparently a bit of a loner, not really involved in any special friend kind of relationships, and as a result, he was unused to the attention, and compliments that Garret was carefully lavishing upon him, and he seemed to soak it up like a sponge. By the end of the meal, the atmosphere between them had grown quite comfortable, and Justin had easily accepted Garret's suggestion that they adjourn to his nearby home to partake of the brand new X-box he had recently purchased, along with several game cards. In reality, Garret had little interest in Preteen Lesbians the always overly violent video games, but, experience had taught him that the things were like magnets for young boys, and had therefore been well worth the considerable investment. As they walked back to the car, Justin made excited inquiries as to which games Garret owned, grinning broadly at finding that he actually had some of his personal favorites, games that he only got to play on the rare occasions his Mom took him to the arcade. X-box, it seemed, carried a bit of a steep price tag to be within Justin's Mothers reach. Back in the car and headed to Garret's home, Justin kept up a running banter about the X-box games that he liked, and any time that he made a particular point about one of his past experiences with them, Garret made sure to reach over, and stroke the boy's bare thigh, even "accidentally" overreaching a few times, letting his fingers lightly graze over the small boyhood bulges under the snug shorts. He was elated to encounter no resistance or any real reaction from Justin when he did this, the only response being the boy turning his head to give him an inquiring look. Garret simply smiled in return, chuckling softly, as he muttered some minor comment, like "oops," or "oh my!" Upon reaching home, Garret toggled the auto-opener on the garage door, then drove inside, and lowered the door. The only light inside the garage came from a single overhead bulb, leaving the car interior bathed in only dim illumination, providing Garret with ample opportunity to excuse his hand dropping squarely into Justin's lap as he reached across him to open the passenger door. He was acutely aware of the form of Justin's little penis under his groping fingers, and he gently gripped the narrow tube between thumb, and finger, giving it a firm squeeze, as Justin let out a surprised little chirp. Feigning difficulty with the door handle, Garret continued to squeeze and relax his groping fingers on Justin's boyhood, and he felt a dull aching sensation deep in his balls as he realized that the little soldier was rapidly responding to the stimulation as it quickly swelled and firmed under his groping. Damn, Garret thought silently, the little hottie sprung a bone...a good sign indeed, he thought with a rye smile, a very good sign! Not really wanting to relinquish his fondling of the young penis, he forced himself to do so for fear of spooking the boy by moving things along at too quick a pace, so he stopped his mock fumbling with the handle, and pushed open Justin's door, as he leaned back into his own seat, and said, "There...finally got it opened...hop on out Justin, and we can go inside." Justin looked over at Garret, a slightly dazed expression on his sweet face, and with his lush little mouth formed into a small oval that may have been surprise, or arousal, possibly both. Still looking directly at Garret, the boy moved his small hand into his lap, and Garret stifled a groan, as he watched Justin finger the now more prominent bulge at the front of his shorts as he reflexively adjusted his now apparently erect little penis. He turned then, and swung his legs out the door, then stood, giving Garret an all too brief glimpse of his tight little butt before he stepped away, and pushed the door shut. Garret took a second to adjust his own rampant cock in his shorts, then, stepped out, and walked around the car to take Justin by one small hand, and lead him inside the house. As they passed through the kitchen, Garret paused to gather some drinks from the fridge, and some bags of snacks from a cupboard, while Justin followed Garrets directions to the bathroom after announcing his need to pee. Garret moved into the large living room, and deposited the snacks and drinks on the coffee table that fronted the long sectional sofa, and then moved to turn on the X-box and the television. Retrieving the twin controllers, he moved back, and settled onto the sofa, just as Justin reentered the room, and moved to seat himself next to Garret. Once they were each properly armed with a controller, Garret started the game, and in no time they were deeply immersed in desperate attempts to kill off the numerous demons within the game so as to continue advancing to higher levels of play, with additional weaponry available to eliminate the bad guys. The loud volume of the games multiple gunshots and explosions were amplified by the built-in screeches and whistles and bells that sounded as demons fought back, or were eliminated, filled the room, along with Justin's excited squeals and screeches each time he conquered a baddy, and his peals of giggles each time that Garret took a hit from a demon. After nearly an hour of intense play, both Justin and Garret had finally made sufficient mistakes to encounter the dreaded "game over" message on the screen, and they set down the controllers, and took a break. Sipping at soda cans, they chatted about the game, and Justin gazed around the room, a surrounding far more lavish than his own humble home, and, as curious eleven year old boy's are far from hesitant to do, he straight forwardly asked Garret, "Gosh Garret, you have a lot of really nice stuff...are you rich, or something?" Garret chuckled, amused by the boy's directness, and he gave a small shrug, as he replied, "Well, I don't know about rich, but, my business makes very good money, and I have a lot of business, so I guess I do okay." Still visually checking out the plush furniture, and the amazing plasma television set, Justin eyes traveled over the numerous framed photographs that lined the rooms walls, then asked, "Cool...so what is your business then?" "Photography," replied Garret, "I'm a professional photographer who mostly specializes in portrait work, and, I am blessed with some very rich and famous clients who enjoy having frequent portraits taken of themselves...actually, the more rich and famous, the more photos of themselves they seem to want...hence the more good money I get paid to do it!" "Cool!" Justin repeated, "Too bad I don't have a lot of money so you could take lots of pictures of me." Garret's cock twitched, his mind immediately visualizing the sort of photo's he would dearly love to take of this little morsel, and he smiled warmly at the stunning cutie, as he replied, meaning every syllable, "Well Justin, let me assure you that I could never take money for photographing a beauty such as you, even if you did have it...it is very rare that a photographer encounters such a perfect subject as you would be to model for his work, and I would consider it a privilege to capture your stunning likeness in photo's completely free of charge." Justin cocked his head to one side, looking at Garret as if he were trying to determine of he were kidding. Deciding that he just might be serious, he queried, his still unchanged voice very boyish, and cracking slightly, "Really...?" Garret leaned toward the boy, the mouth watering scent of him once more flooding his senses, and he once more let his wide hand venture onto the boy's creamy thigh as he gripped it, and answered, "Yes, really...very definitely really...so tell me young Justin, would you actually consider allowing me that very special privilege...?...taking your pictures, I mean...?...I could actually pay you for the model work now that I think about it...there are standard model fee arrangements...?" Justin's eyes widened, his pale eyebrows lifting, as that lush little mouth again went oval, as he squeaked, "Pay ME...?...wow, really...and, I would be like a real live model person...?...like in magazines, and stuff...?" Chuckling, while easing his hand higher along the smooth thigh until his fingers moved along the narrow band of cloth that was the shorts leg, and then grazed once more over the narrow tube of the boy's penis, applying subtle pressure, as he answered, "Indeed yes, exactly so...a model just like in the magazines, or on television adds...and yes, a paid model at that...after all, real models certainly don't pose for free you know...so Justin, do you think you might be actually interested in trying that...?...perhaps just a few test shots at first to see how you feel about it?" Justin pondered the question briefly, a sense of excitement rising inside him as he considered posing for the camera, and earning some spending money doing it, and, pushing aside the faint thought that he might look pretty dumb doing it, he decided that posing for a few pictures couldn't be all that bad, or difficult, so he answered, "I guess so, sure...it you want to take pictures of me, it's cool...I mean, I can be your model and stuff...how much are you gonna pay me?" Garret reluctantly removed his hand from Justin's lap, satisfied once again at the total lack of alarm his subtle touching of the boy's young penis had elicited, and he sat back, taking on a business like demeanor, as he gave the question some thought, then answered, "There are standard model pay protocols which start at fifty dollars an hour for generic posing, things like modeling basic street clothes, sweaters and jackets, that sort of thing...then the rates go higher as the model exposes more...does more...daring...modeling work...all the way to full nude shots, which generally glean a hundred dollars...more yet, if the work involves porn, or any type of simulated sexual activity...it is a very lucrative field of work if one has the look for it...and the body, both attributes that you certainly have in abundance, I think." Justin's eyes went wide again, as he croaked, "Fifty dollars an HOUR...?...wow, that is a lot of money just to let somebody take your picture!" Garret nodded his agreement, then sighed, and went on, "It is indeed a lot of money...but well worth it to a photographer to find the right model...the issue with someone as young as you is that in order to receive the standard modeling rates you need to be enrolled with an agency who protects the models rights, and collects the fees, then distributes the money after payroll taxes, and all of that...really quite a cumbersome process I'm afraid...you're not actually with an agency, are you Justin? Justin giggled sweetly, his head shaking a decided no, as he replied, "No silly, I just right now even found about modeling, and getting money for doing it." Garret sighed heavily, expressing disappointment, as he said, "Well, that's the bad of it then...if you were associated with an agency, I could simply call and arrange to hire you on the spot as a model, but without that....no, wait...I have an idea that should work...how about this, Justin...we can just make our own side agreement...an amount slightly less than the standard, given that no agency fees will be involved for you, and I can save a little too...what would you say to...oh...say I put one hundred dollars on the table here, and you pose for me until you think that you have earned the hundred, then, if we both agree, we can continue, with me adding more money as we progress, and, we apply the agency escalating rates for any more...revealing...shots?" Justin listened attentively to Garret's proposal, his young mind reeling at the prospect of actually pocketing a whole hundred dollars, and, maybe even more, depending on how things went. His excitement at the thought of so much money simply for having his pictures taken quickly overpowered any reservation he was feeling about exactly what Garret had meant by "revealing," and "more daring" shots, though his Preteen Lesbians infrequent covert dalliances on the internet kind of made him think that he knew pretty much what that meant, and even that was kind of exciting in it's own right. While he had not let on that he was fully aware of Garret's gentle and subtle attempts at fondling his penis, he was indeed aware that the man definitely desired to touch him in that way, and that too was an exciting, if somewhat nasty, thought. He had been counseled often enough over the past year or two regarding the dangerous practice of allowing himself to be visited upon by strangers, to be aware that there was an abundance of men who would prey upon supple young boys like himself when given the chance, and in truth, the repeated warnings of such possibilities had actually served to stimulate young Justin to wonder just how being touched in that way might feel. He had recently discovered that his own fondling of his slim boyhood and his tight little pouch was actually pretty amazing, and, the few brief touches that Garret had surreptitiously executed this afternoon were, if anything, ten fold better, and he had silently wished that the man would become bolder in his probing before the afternoon ended. The posing thing, he decided, might just do the trick. Looking into Garret's obviously hopeful eyes, Justin smiled coyly, and said, "Okay, sure...oh boy...I'm gonna earn a whole hundred dollars...wow...okay Garret...what do you want me to do?" Garret exhaled the breath he had been holding, a warmth suddenly flowing through him as he mentally set his hook in his prey, the knowledge that now he surely had the boy, and most certainly would have the boy, in the purely biblical sense, before darkness descended on this day. Preteen Lesbians Smiling sagely, he extracted his wallet, and carefully laid five crisp twenty dollar bills onto the coffee table, then stood, and said, "Just let me get my cameras, and a few other things Justin...finish up your soda, and I'll be right back." A bit more than an hour later, the scene in Garret's living room little resembled how it had looked upon their arrival from the pizza place. The room now more resembled a photography studio than a posh living room, with light stands strategically placed here and there, and a few of those strange umbrella-like light reflectors, as well as a couple of the flat panel style scattered about. A very high end appearing tripod was stationed in the spot previously occupied by the glass top coffee table that fronted the large sectional, and one of Garret's best Nikon digital camera body's was affixed to it, and angled just so to allow it's expensive wide-angel lens to focus perfectly on a reclining Justin, who was stretched lazily across a long expanse of the sofa seat. Certain other things had undergone change s well, not the least of which was young Justin's mode of dress. He was now shirtless, and shoeless, his slender young body clad only in the small blue shorts, and presumably any type of underwear he might be wearing, and, to the casual observer, he appeared fawn-like, his movements fluid, and graceful to a fault. Standing behind the camera, Garret directed the boy expertly, verbally guiding him through various movements, and facial expressions, as he happily snapped away on the shutter release, all but simply holding it down so that it clicked away automatically at about 1/10th second per exposure. The boy had quite obviously warmed quickly to his new found profession, Preteen Lesbians and his coy little smile belied the rapt excitement he found in executing his poses, his lithe young body moving in cat-like grace as Garret issued verbal commands. "Lie fully on your back now, Justin...good boy...and bring your arms up over your head...like a stretch...yes...and open your legs wider...very nice...now, arch your back slightly...oh yes...higher...that's it Justin...God, you look absolutely wonderful...very sexy...and...eager!" Watching the viewing lens from the corner of his eyes, Garret focused the bulk of his attention on the bulging crotch of Justin's little shorts, and he was positively drooling at the sight of the obviously erect young organ that stood in clear definition pressed against the tightly stretched shorts material. He imagined that he could actually see it pulsing with growing excitement, count the pulses even, as he swallowed his copious saliva, and resisted the nearly overpowering urge to go to the boy, and rip the shorts from him, freeing that sculpted boyhood for his oral worship. Justin felt his youthful penis throbbing strongly, quite possibly as hard, and big as he had ever experienced it, and he knew full well that Garret was staring at it, a look of such hunger on his face that Justin would not have been surprised if the man simply advanced, and attacked his tingling body. He was loving this, more with each passing, and increasingly bold command that he was given, and the steadily growing sexual excitement that the posing incited was staggering. He watched Garret make an adjustment to the camera, then gasped, as he heard his next command, Garret saying quietly, "Now Justin...slowly...bring one arm down, and rub your hand over your chest...that's it...excellent...now, touch your nipples...just the fingertips...yes...very lightly...good...now the other one...oh yes...so good...back again....excellent...trail the fingers down now...like that, yes...slowly...down to your tummy...and inside your cute little button cave...oh God...now Justin...down more...onto the shorts...good...lower...now...touch it Justin...touch your hard little cock for the camera...oh my God...slowly...just lightly...rub that pretty little cock with your finger...oh Jesus...that is so hot...!" Justin shuddered, the sensation of his finger moving along his rigid penis sending chills down his spine, while the act was made even more stimulating by the knowledge that the camera was capturing image after image of him touching himself in this very intimate way. Relishing Garret's obvious excitement, he ventured a move of his own, drawing his fingers upward along the length of his erection, then sideways across his soft little tummy just above the elastic of his shorts several times. Garret groaned loudly, and Justin could hear the steady operation of the camera aperture, as he ever so slowly slid his fingers beneath the elastic of the shorts, and let his hand disappear inside. "Oh..my...God!" hissed Garret. Justin rolled his soft eyes toward the camera, a sly little smile painted on his lush mouth, and he slowly let the tip of his tongue swipe across his soft lips, as he gripped his rock hard penis, and thrust it up off his groin so that the stalk poked nearly obscenely at the tightly stretched shorts. Then, he stroked its length, making it totally clear to the camera, and its digital memory, that this eleven year old boy was jerking his pretty little penis for the world to witness. Barely maintaining his control, Garret ordered Justin to stop what he was doing long enough for him to get his video camera rolling on an adjacent tripod, then, his voice audibly shaking, he ordered the boy to resume his stroking. He watched, open mouthed, for a moment or two, and then, suddenly fearful that the boy might orgasm, and end the moment, he called a halt, as a reluctant Justin withdrew his hand from his shorts, and pouted at Garret. Garret smiled, pleased that Justin clearly wished to continue what he had been doing, and he approached the boy, extracted his wallet from his shorts, and carefully withdrew five more crisp twenty dollar bills, which he laid on the coffee table along side the first set. Looking at the flushed boy, he smiled again, and said, "The money is yours Justin, assuming you are still game to continue, and, if you would like to try some of the "more revealing...and daring" poses we discussed earlier." Justin rolled his eyes to briefly look at the neatly arranged row of bills on the table, then looked back up at Garret, and he felt a warmth surge over his face, as he realized what Garret was suggesting. He felt a shiver run along his spine, and his rigid boyhood pulsed strongly at his crotch as he contemplated going further, knowing that the next step would be to take off his shorts, not that they actually were concealing very much as it was. He glanced downward over his bare torso, and settled his gaze on his very tented shorts, and his penis reacted with a strong spasm, which caused a leering Garret to groan audibly once more, as Justin gave a small shrug, and moved his hands to the elastic band of the shorts. Garret swallowed hard, a serious lump having formed in his throat, and watched the stunning young boy, as he quickly raised his narrow hips, and tugged the little shorts down his hairless legs, and off his small feet, before letting them drop to the floor. Garret groaned yet again, the sound catching in his constricted throat, as he let his hungry eyes travel over the length of the slender boy, now clad only in the briefest of bikini style underwear of a nearly translucent shade of pale yellow. Cut high at the hips in the typical French style, the tiny garment was without the typical y-front fly, giving the impression that the boy was actually wearing a very sexy panty more so than boy's underwear, and the satin like material hugged the erect boyhood like a second skin, a sight that caused Garret to groan once more, as he muttered, as much to himself as to Justin, "My God son, you are breathtaking...beautiful...and so very, very sexy!" Justin blushed furiously, the deep pink tone that his flawless skin reflected only serving to enhance the stunning beauty of him, and he batted his eyelashes reflexively, a pixie-like move that quickly elicited another guttural sound from Garret, who could not take his eyes off the incredible looking young boy that lay before him. Staring slack-jawed at the stunningly sexy boy, Garret struggled with a nearly overpowering urge to just launch himself onto him, and surrender to the burning desires that welled strongly within him, and he forced himself to withdraw, moving back to the camera, where mustered the necessary control to resume photographing Justin, as he motioned with his hand that the boy should resume his posing as he had been doing prior to the brief interruption. Seeing Garret signaling him, Justin inhaled deeply, making an effort to compose himself in spite Preteen Lesbians of the throbbing ache that pulsed steadily along the length of his rampant erection, and the deep tingling sensation in his tight balls. Releasing the breath, he again moved his hand to his soft little tummy, and trailed his slender fingers along the warm skin just above the waist band of his tiny briefs, and he watched Garret work the trigger on the camera body repeatedly. Forming his lush mouth into a pout of sorts, he half closed his eyes in what he hoped was an expression reflecting the ardent passion that he was definitely feeling, as he let his fingers walk lower, trailing lightly over the very visible lump that was his rigid penis where it pressed tightly against the thin fabric. His fingers traveled down the tube of his cock, and gently prodded at the tight lump of his trapped balls, then, he walked them back to the clearly defined ring of his neatly circumcised tip, where he worked a fingertip around the ridge, and then back and forth across the highly sensitive head, causing him to shudder, and release a soft moan of pleasure. Garret was slightly dizzy, his gaze locked on the boy's fingers slowly teasing at his young cock, and he sucked in a Preteen Lesbians deep gulp of air, and told the boy, his voice actually quivering with excitement, "That's perfect Justin...God, you are just so sexy...stunning...and now, Babe...I'd like for you to take off the hot little undies...let's have the camera see that pretty young cock and balls, okay?" Justin hesitated only a moment, a flight of butterflies rising inside his small tummy at the thought of being fully naked, and so very, very hard in front of Garret, and his non-stop camera, but his rising reluctance quickly gave way to his desire to have the nearby two hundred dollars for his own. Inhaling, he moved his fingers to the panty, and, lifting his tiny butt off the sofa, he skinned the flimsy garment down his smooth legs, and let it join his shorts on the floor. Lying fully back on the sofa, he raised his arms above his head, and twined his slender fingers together, as he arched his back slightly, turning a tiny bit onto one hip, and splayed his colt-like legs slightly. Garret groaned loudly behind the camera, his mouth flooding once again, as he slowly took in the perfectly sculpted boyhood that presented in such amazing beauty that he very nearly cried out. Justin's penis was perfect in every way, Preteen Lesbians and Garret estimated it to be nearly four inches in length, while narrow, not more than an inch in circumference, if that. The perfectly shaped head was helmet-like, and the coronal ridge was perfectly shaped, joining at the center of the underside where the pink flesh formed a perfect tiny "v." There was the faint beginning of some silky strands of light hair on his smooth and milky groin, just at the base of his pulsing boyhood, while the shaft appeared totally smooth, and hairless. As was the taut scrotum that nestled neatly between his thighs, tucked snugly up under the pretty boyhood, and bulging nicely with what appeared to be rather plump little balls. The slightly darker pink skin of the pouch was crinkled, tiny and tight little creases of soft young flesh lining its width, and Garret swallowed, his taste buds actually aching with the longing to capture that perfect little globe of skin and young balls inside his mouth. Gathering himself, he quickly snapped a series of shots, then, struggling to find his voice, he managed, hoarsely, "Touch yourself Justin...like before...slowly and gently...just do whatever seems right...whatever feels good..." His self confidence growing quickly, Justin seemed to warm to the task instantly, his arms coming down to his sides, as he moved a hand onto his silky smooth chest, and let his fingers lightly graze his warm skin, then move between his tiny little nipples, stimulating the newly discovered sensitive nubs as his other hand made small circles over his soft little tummy. He watched Garret's face contort with tension as he watched Justin touch himself, the camera seeming forgotten, as the man dropped his wide hand down to adjust his own raging erection where it strained mightily at the front of his shorts. Justin's eyes widened, as his brain registered the impressive size that Garret's erection seemed to be, easily twice that of his own size it appeared, and his hand moved from his tummy, going lower, as he ran his index finger along the satin smooth shaft of his very erect boyhood several times, all the while focusing on Garrets very tented shorts. He wrapped his slender fingers around it then, squeezing the rock hard staff, and then worked it up and down a few times, pausing as a tear-drop of clear fluid oozed from the tiny slit at the center of the head. "Oh sweet Jesus!" groaned Garret, seeing the pearl of precum emerge from the sculpted head of the boy's cock. "Taste that, Justin...dab it with your finger, and lick it off." Justin giggled softly, the suggestion striking him as totally wicked on this day seemingly plagued with wickedness, and he carefully dabbed at the slick fluid with the very tip of his finger. He sensed the wetness, and sensation of warmth at the touch, and he milked the shaft some more, encouraging another tiny offering of the slick substance which he added to the fingertip. Slowly, he brought the shiny wet finger to his face, and sniffed it briefly, then, opened his lush lips, and slid the anointed digit inside his mouth, as Garret groaned yet again. Savoring the very faint flavor of almond, Justin happily sucked at his finger, purposely making slurping sounds, as his tongue washed away all traces of his effluent. He removed his finger with a slight popping sound, then grinned widely at Garret, as he felt a warm blush crawl over his cheeks, and he said, "I am so wicked today!" Garret simply smiled back, unable to speak, and completely at a loss for what to say in response, if he could have spoken. He simply nodded, then, moved to the nearby coffee table, where he wordlessly added another fan of twenty dollar bills to his earlier offerings. Justin watched silently, his eyes taking in the neatly arranged fortune that awaited him, and he said, his youthful voice cracking slightly, "Gosh...more...?...how do I get to keep all of that?" Garret settled himself onto the sofa along side the boy, and placed his hand on Justin's thigh, just above his knee. The contact seemed to sear the palm of Garret's hand, the smooth creamy texture of the young flesh seeming hot to the touch, and he shuddered, as he slowly trailed his fingers higher along the silky skin, stopping his advance a scant distance from the boy's delicious looking scrotum. Looking Justin dead in the eye, he sucked in a deep breath, and then let it go, as he answered, "I think that you know the answer to that, Justin...I think you have known from the first hundred how it is that you get to keep it all...the real question is, do you think that you are ready for...that?" Justin felt the butterflies again, and he knew that Garret was right, he had known what this "chance" meeting between them had been all about, right from the moment that he had decided to play along with pretending he had known this man from a previous meeting, when he knew full well that he had never seen him before. The stark truth of it was that Justin's sexual interest, and curiosities had been peaking of late on much the same pace as his rapidly advancing puberty, and, as he had explored those curiosities with his covert internet searches, he had discovered much to his surprise that what seemed to most titillate his appetites had been the web sites he had stumbled across that featured the gay style of sex. Clicking among the seemingly endless array of images of men engaged in a wide variety of sexual activities, Justin had busily played with his drooling boyhood until the much sought after feeling of release was obtained, his battered young penis spilling forth his meager offering of newly generated fluids from his recently activated balls. Indeed, if Justin were being completely honest with himself, he would have to admit that the long, thick cocks of grown men was his interest of choice, and, that covert interest is what had gotten him where he was at this moment, naked with an adult man. And, while keenly aware of his tummy being filled with nervous butterflies, he was indeed ready to experience the myriad of sexual experiences that he had witnessed via the net. This man who now sat with him, his thick fingers driving him crazy with their feather-like stroking of his upper thigh was merely the opportunity, a means to a desired end, and, the money that he offered in exchange for being the one fortunate enough to enjoy his eager young body was like the frosting on an already tasty cake. Justin looked into Garret's eyes, and held the gaze, as he slowly moved his slightly trembling hand, and placed it on top of Garret's where he continued to lightly stroke his inner thigh. Gripping Garret's wrist, and still looking deeply into his eyes, he urged Garret's hand upward until the stroking fingers were gently manipulating his tender young balls. Garret cupped the plump sac ever so gently, using his fingers to move the marble-sized orbs within, as he sighed heavily with relief, and said quietly, "Justin...oh yes...!" Justin felt an incredible jolt of pleasure wash over him as Garret fingered his balls, and he closed his eyes, releasing a deep sigh of contentment, as he once more raised his arms above his head, and willingly surrendered his young and inexperienced body to Garret. Garret' heart hammered in his chest, his own excitement at the prospect of having this amazingly sexy young boy nearly equaling that of young Justin. He reveled in the weight of the youthful balls he held in his hand, tugging the snug pouch gently as his fingers probed the small nuggets gently. Releasing the sac, he traced his trembling fingers along the rigid stalk of Justin's penis, and swiped the flat of his thumb over the wet slippery head of it, causing the boy to gasp loudly, and suck in his smooth tummy. The scent of youth and freshness filled Garret's senses, Preteen Lesbians making him giddy, and, unable to resist another second, he lowered his head, and licked up the length of Justin's pulsing cock before capturing the perfectly shaped head between his lips. Justin groaned loudly, and lifted his head to look down over his smooth torso, and then groaned again at seeing his entire boyhood disappear into the wet warmth of Garret's mouth. Dropping his head back onto the sofa, he savored the incredible sensations that Garret was delivering as his mouth worked deftly over his penis, very nearly bringing him to the brink, before Garret sensed his rapidly approaching orgasm, and moved off his throbbing boyhood to lick and suck at his ball sac. Minutes passed, the combined sounds of Garret wetly sucking the boy's balls and scrotum mixing with Justin's repeated groans and the sound of his rapid and shallow breathing. Releasing the boy's sac, Garret licked the softness of his inner thighs, then once again lapped at the shaft of his cock, ending with small swipes of his tongue across the drooling helmet, before moving on, his tongue leaving cool trails of wetness as is snaked along his torso. Reaching the tiny dime sized nipples, Garret lapped at each, and captured each nub in turn with his soft lips, sucking it, as his fist encircled the young cock, and stroked it steadily. Justin felt as if he might just implode, the pressure and tension building inside him to a point well beyond his very limited experiences, and his writhing body felt on fire, literally overloaded with sensory perceptions, all seemingly at once. He felt the familiar aching feeling deep in his balls that mingled perfectly with that maddening tingle sensation that he was well aware signaled his impending eruption, and he balled his fists, hammering them at the sofa as Preteen Lesbians his hips bucked rapidly, and he let out a long, deep groan. Garret expertly read the signals the overheated boy was giving off, and he quickly slid to the floor, and gripped Justin's oozing erection at its base, as his mouth fully engulfed the throbbing instrument. He positioned the spasming cock about half way into his mouth, anticipating the eruption of the boy's youthful essence, and in just seconds he was rewarded. Justin groaned loudly again, and drilled his tiny butt upward off the sofa, as his penis bucked strongly inside Garret's busily sucking mouth, and erupted. The force, and surprising volume of the first volley caught Garret slightly off guard, causing him to reflexively swallow before allowing him time to sufficiently savor the tasty cream, but as Justin continued to spasm, and thrust, he quickly adjusted so as to capture the remainder of the warm, sweet offering, which he swilled in his mouth Preteen Lesbians like expensive cognac, as his tongue continued to stimulate the underside of Justin's now very sensitive penis. Justin simply crashed, every ounce of tension seeming to drain from his body at once, as he went totally limp, sagging weakly into the soft sofa, as Garret continued to gently suckle his wilting boyhood, as his fingers very gently kneaded his drained balls, as if coaxing one final dribble of his incredibly sweet tasting nectar from them. Finally, Justin could take it no more, his now limp penis spent, and extremely sensitive. He drew his knees up, causing Garret to reluctantly release his now quite small penis from his cum dripped lips, and he moved up to the sofa, cuddling the trembling young boy against his much bigger bulk, as he held him, stroking his back slowly, letting the boy catch his breath. The room was Preteen Lesbians silent, save for their still somewhat labored breathing, and Garret savored the warm smoothness and the pettiness of the boy's body on his arm, and the lingering aroma of their excitement, and Justin's cum permeated the air. Eventually Justin stirred, lifting his head as he half turned and looked into Garret's eyes. A wry smile turned up the corners of his lush mouth, and he blinked rapidly several times, before saying, "Oh boy...boy, oh boy....that was really...amazing!" Garret chuckled, his fingers pushing several errant strands of Justin's hair off his forehead, as he smiled, and replied, "Amazing indeed...completely so...and, I might add, completely delicious as well...well done little man...you deliver a wonderfully surprising mouthful!" Justin blushed prettily, a mixed sense of pride, and embarrassment washing over him at hearing Garret's apparent pleasure from him depositing what surely was his best-ever cum inside his mouth, and he giggled nervously, as he muttered, "Cool then...way cool, actually...I never felt anything so awesome...not ever...can we do that again?" Garret laughed out loud, loving the boy's exuberance, and his plainly youthful zeal for a repeat, as he hugged him tightly, and promised, meaning every word, "Yes little man we most certainly can do it again, and then again...that, and so much more...just as soon as this little peanut here is up to it!" Justin giggled, blushing some more at the reference to his now tiny little boyhood, and he snuggled into Garret's side, as he chirped, "Cool!"(To Be Continued) Storyguy22yahoo.com
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