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Related article: Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 10:42:59 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: A BOY FULL FILLED Part one.A BOY FULL FILLED. Part one. The following story is a homosexual fantasy of sex between a teenage boy and older guys. If it is illegal for you to read such material please leave now; if not I hope it brings you pleasure. Because it is a fantasy the sex in it will not be safe, but I would advise you to have safe sex in real life. I am indebted to the author of "Boy in the Toilet." His story inspired me to write this story I hope you enjoy it; it starts in a different style to my usual writing; comments appreciated.It was 4:30 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon when the man locked his office and headed for the Mall beneath to have a relaxing coffee before heading home. He was a successful 45 year old distributor of sex toys, porn videos and porn DVDs; some imported some made in Preteen Model Galleries England. While he was sipping his coffee in the Mall's coffee shop he kept his eyes glued on the entrance to the nearby Gents. When he'd sat down at the table he'd caught sight of a sexy looking, slim, dark-haired teen dressed in trainers, a very short T-shirt and baggy shorts with a small bag slung over his shoulders. The teen had looked around furtively and then gone into the Gents. A good 10 minutes had passed and the teen hadn't come out yet. Because the toilets had a reputation for gay cruising the man presumed that the teen was cottaging. The man pictured the sexy teen and his cock started to stir in his jeans. Due to pressure of work he hadn't had sex for a few days and could do with a suck or a fuck. So, although he knew it was dangerous to have sex in the Mall toilets these days because two twinks had been caught fucking in there a couple of weeks ago and arrested, he decided to check things out. If the teen was cottaging, and was as sexy close up as he was from a distance, the man would pick him up. There was always his office to take the teen to, or even his flat which was only a 10 minute drive away. The only thing he wouldn't do was pay the teen for sex, he wasn't that desperate, and anyway the teen hadn' t looked like a hustler. Having made up his mind the man finished his coffee, glanced around, and headed for the Gents. The teen stood at the end urinal with his shorts around his ankles slowly tossing his thin, 5 inch cock. His rigid cock had a slightly flared pale-purple knob and a short loose foreskin; it also had a slight inward curve towards his hairless, slim young body. The teen's free hand was between his arsecheeks and he was fucking his arsehole with 3 fingers. He'd been getting fucked regularly by Colin, his best mate, for the last year, since they were both 14. He loved the feeling of Colin's stiff cock pumping up and down his colon and then filling his colon with spunk. Colin's cock was a little shorter than the teen's but a touch thicker. After the first time both of them carried tubes of lube in case they got the opportunity for a fuck. The teen lived about 2 miles from the school they both attended; Colin lived about 2 miles further on. For the last 6 months they'd usually get to school half an hour early and Colin would fuck him in the school sports-field bogs which were always empty in the morning. When Colin and he had cum the teen would stick a buttplug up his bumhole and keep Colin's spunk inside him all day. Sometimes they managed to get away from their schoolmates at lunchtimes and Colin would add another load of spunk to the first. Occasionally Colin's Mom, who picked them both up in the afternoons, would text that she'd be late and Colin would fuck him again until he'd filled the teen's bumhole with a third load of his watery spunk. The teen found it so sexy to sit in the back of Colin's Mom's car with his bumhole full of her son's spunk. The teen loved the fact that whenever Colin fucked him he always shot at least his first load hands free; Colin's cock sent such wonderful sensations through his young body as it pumped up and down his bumhole and banged against his prostate. They'd also been wanking each other and 69ing since they were 13 and the teen loved to eat Colin's spunk; and his own. The teen never wanted to fuck Colin, he just wanted to suck him off or have Colin fuck his bumhole; of course he enjoyed Colin sucking him off as well. Colin usually slept over at his house whenever the teen's Mom worked a double shift on a Friday or Saturday night and slept at the hospital. That happened about once a month. The teen's Mom had trusted him enough to do without a baby-sitter since he was 13. If it was a Saturday that his Mom was working the double shift Colin would come over just after three-o-clock when she'd gone to work. If it was a Friday Colin would go back with the teen to his house after school. Colin' s cock was hardly out of his bumhole all the time they were together, and, if Colin's cock wasn't up his bumhole they'd be 69ing; the teen loved those Friday's and Saturday's. Both he and Colin would shoot 5 or 6 loads of watery spunk on the nights and a couple more loads in the afternoons and mornings. Holiday times if they didn't go away with their respective families they'd cycle out and find places in the open air to have sex. They always stripped naked, that turned both of them on even more. They both got a big thrill out of the possibility of being caught naked and fucking. They'd try to find 2 or 3 different places in a day and the teen loved the discomfort of cycling home with a buttplug up his bum and his colon full of Colin's spunk; it kept his cock hard. But Colin and his family had moved away last weekend, it was a tearful farewell for both of them, and now he was desperate to have his bum fucked. The teen had decided he wanted to try a man's cock up his bumhole; he was tired of finger-fucking his bum while he masturbated, which was often. This afternoon at school he'd been on his way to his last lesson when he remembered that he needed a text book from his locker and went to get it. He was just about to turn the corner to where the lockers were when he heard two older boys talking. The first words he heard were "so I sucked him off" and he paused out of sight and eavesdropped. The two older boys were talking about picking men up for sex in the Mall toilets. The teen got excited as he listened to the one tell the other that an older guy had fucked him in the toilets and he decided there and then to try it out himself. So as soon as school finished he'd gone home, cleaned himself out, greased his bumhole, changed into shorts, purposely leaving his underpants off, and a T-shirt, and headed for the Mall toilets. But the teen was getting disappointed, he'd been in the toilet for over 10 minutes and nobody had come in. Just then the over-sexed teen heard the outer door open, it squeaked, and he heard footsteps coming down the corridor. The teen quickly yanked his fingers from his arsehole and pulled up his shorts, wiping the Vaseline off his fingers in his pocket. He did up his shorts' top button and fished his hard cock out of his flies as he moved closer to the urinal. The door into the toilet opened. The teen glanced sideways and saw a tall, fit, hard looking man, mid-forties he guessed, dressed in Levi's and a polo shirt, walk up to the urinals and stand two places away from him. The man stood a little back from the urinal and glanced at the teen and half smiled before turning back, undoing his flies and pulling out a thickening length of meat. The teen almost gasped, the guy's cock looked huge even though he knew it wasn' t fully hard. As the man started to pull on his cock he looked across at the teen again and smiled broadly at him which made him look a lot friendlier. The teen found the man attractive and he was sure the man was interested in having sex so he smiled back tentatively; and when the man looked towards the teen's crotch and nodded his head away from the urinals the teen immediately caught on and stood back from the urinal and showed the man his rigid, precum leaking little cock. The teen's heart was hammering and his mouth had gone dry and he was blushing furiously. But he was determined to see what would happen; he just knew that the man was Gay. The teen was desperate to get fucked, and although the man's cock was the longest and thickest he'd ever seen the thought of it fucking his young bumhole really turned the teen on. The man almost licked his lips at the sight of the teen's thin, rigid, inward curving cock which, because of the short foreskin, he could see was leaking precum. His own cut cock was now erect; it was 8 inches long and thick and it jutted out at almost right angles from his body. The man turned and showed his big cock fully to the teen, rubbing his thumb over his bulbous purple knob to spread his precum over it. The teen's eyes widened and he moaned softly while unconsciously working his short, loose foreskin up and down his rigid, vein less, pale cockshaft. The man's uncut cock was really huge compared to his and Colin's the teen thought; it must have been 8 inches long and it was very thick, probably three times thicker than Colin's, and it had a big bulbous purple knob. There were also thick veins twisting around the dark skinned cock-shaft. In spite of the cock's, to him, Preteen Model Galleries huge size the teen knew that he wanted it up his bumhole, fucking him until the man shot his spunk into him. The teen almost jumped when the man half-whispered to him. "How old are you kid? I'm 45." The boy hesitated, went even redder, and then stammered out his reply, his voice going squeaky then gruff. He hoped against hope that the man didn't think he was too young for him to have sex with, and almost lied and said eighteen, but then he decided to tell the truth. "Er ... um ... I'm ... er ... I've just turned fifteen ... er, Sir." (He was a polite, respectful boy.) The man's heart missed a beat and his cock jerked. Fucking hell, just fifteen! he thought to himself, and so sexy, I've just got to have him. If I only get to suck his delicious little cock off and get him to suck me off too that'd be great; and maybe he'll even let me fuck his boypussy; that would be even better. Although the kid's blushing furiously he's obviously looking for sex, his delicious little cock is rigid and leaking precum like a tap. The man made an instant decision; he'd take the teen to his office. But before he could speak the blushing teen spoke again. "Er ... I ... er ... um, would you like to fuck me Sir? Er ... my mate's been fucking me for over a year now, but he's gone away. I love to get .. er .. fucked. I love to feel a hard cock sliding up and down my bumhole Preteen Model Galleries and then shooting a load of spunk into my bumhole; it always makes me cum too. Oh .. um .. Well, my mate's cock that is; nobody else has .. er .. fucked my bumhole yet. I'm really missing my mate's cock up my bumhole, I'm ... er ... desperate to be fucked." Christ, thought the man, I've died and gone to heaven; the kid loves being fucked and he's never had a man's cock up his arsehole before, he's practically a virgin. The way he's blushing he's obviously not a hustler; and anyway he's not mentioned money; he's Preteen Model Galleries just desperate to get fucked. Christ he 's so fucking sexy and he's got a beautiful hard little cock that looks as stiff as a poker. And I love the childish way he calls his boypussy his bumhole, I'll soon change that. So, putting on his best smile, the man answered in a no nonsense tone. "It's not safe to have sex in here kid, but my office is upstairs. Do you fancy going up there? I can fuck you there. Oh, when do you have to be home?" Remembering his parents' instructions about strangers and instantly ignoring them the teen tentatively smiled back and eagerly answered. "Er, yes please, Sir. Oh, I don't have to be home until 9:00P.M., that's when my Mom gets home from work, she's a nurse. My Dad's not home, he's an electrician working down London." Once again the man couldn't believe his luck and hurriedly told the teen to get dressed. When they were dressed the teen followed the man out of the toilet and they headed for the access lift to the offices. The man was so pleased that the office part of the building hadn't had CCTV fitted yet, there'd be no evidence of the teen having been to his office. There was only Jeff the security guard, who was an old gay friend, to go past. From working late the man knew that the cleaner wouldn't get to his office for about an hour, so to be on the safe side he figured that he'd have around half an hour with the teen. And if the teen was as good sex as he hoped for and wanted fucking a second time then he'd take him to his flat and give him a real seeing to. They got out of the lift and approached Jeff's desk, Jeff was talking to some guy who was making enquiries about renting an office. So, after exchanging pleasantries, as an alibi the man told Jeff he was running his nephew home but had forgotten some paperwork and was going up to his office to get it. Jeff looked the teen up and down and leered at him before winking knowingly at the man; the teen noticed both actions and blushed furiously. In the office they wasted no time, wordlessly stripping and tossing their clothes onto the desk until they were soon standing naked in front of each other. The man looked the teen up and down; he had short, tousled dark brown hair, brown eyes and an infectious grin. At 5ft 6, his body was a bit thin but firm limbed and he had hairy legs but no body hair apart from a few armpit hairs, a few pubes and a very faint treasure trail. His face, arms and lower legs were slightly tanned but his upper legs and body were pale skinned. His nipples were bright red and tiny. His rigid, pale, uncut cock was 5 inches long and quite thin with a slightly flared pale-purple knob and a short loose foreskin; it had a slight curve towards his body. His balls were large for his age and housed in a hairless, slightly loose, red ballbag. The man got the teen to turn around and he almost drooled when he saw the teen's proud, dimpled, hard little bubble-butt; it was totally hairless too. Simultaneously the teen looked the man up and down, he liked what he saw. The man was 6ft 2 with a chunky, slightly hairy, gym trained body. His cropped hair was salt and pepper and he was good looking in a rough sort of way. His cut cock was 8 inches long and thick with a bulbous purple knob. His above average sized balls were housed in a shaved tight purple ballbag. He had also trimmed his pubes. The man's nipples were deep red, thick, and prominent. The teen couldn't tear his eyes away from the man's cock, it was huge and he wanted it so much; he just hoped he could take it up his bumhole. The man opened his desk drawer and took out a tube of lube. The teen grinned cheekily, he'd relaxed a little. "There's no need for that Sir, I'm so desperate to be fucked that I've already greased up my bumhole." The man smiled at his good fortune, he sat back in his wide chair and pushed his throbbing cock upright before pulling the teen towards him. This was going better than he'd expected; the teen was obviously used to having his boypussy fucked and loved it. Wordlessly the teen straddled the man's body placing his feet either side of the man. Holding onto the armrests he slowly lowered himself until he felt the man's bulbous knob hard against his pucker; by now the teen's cock was jerking and oozing precum. The man stayed still, the teen was obviously used to being fucked and he wanted to see what the teen would do. The teen breathed deeply, pushed down and almost half of the man's bulbous knob entered the teen's pucker before being stopped by the teen's sphincter. The man took hold of the teen's skinny hips as the teen moved his hands onto the man's shoulders for support. The teen smiled hesitantly, took a couple of deep breaths, closed his eyes, and then pushed downwards. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then the man's knob broke through the teen's sphincter. The teen's grip on the man's shoulders tightened and he screamed; his eyes flew wide open and he cried out. "Jesus Christ! That hurt, it really hurt, I didn't think I could take it!" The man could see the tears in the teen's eyes start to trickle down his face, and his cheeky face was contorted in pain and had blushed deep red along with his neck and shoulders. Perhaps my cock is too big for him to take the man thought, and, although he was desperate to fuck the teen's boypussy now Preteen Model Galleries that he'd got his knob in it, he offered the teen a way out. "Do you want to stop kid? It's alright if you can't take my cock up your arsehole; maybe you'd like to suck me off instead?" The teen was breathing raggedly and his heart was hammering and sweat poured off his body. It was nothing like when Colin stuck his hard teenage cock inside his bumhole; that hardly hurt at all, not even the first time. But the man's huge knob had really hurt him when it broke through his sphincter; it had felt like it was tearing him apart. But now that the pain was gradually subsiding to a dull ache he was determined to let the man fuck him, and answered breathlessly. "Oh no Sir, I want you to fuck my bumhole with your big fat cock. I just need to rest a little and get used to its size, it's so big!" After a couple of minutes the teen's grip on the man's shoulders eased, he flashed the man a nervous smile, and he started to slowly push his body down; gradually, centimetre by centimetre, forcing the thick, 8 inch cock into his bumhole until, with a high pitched sigh, he sat on the man's trimmed pubes. The man's huge cock felt like it was filling him enough to make him burst. But now that the pain had eased from when the man's huge bulbous knob had broken through his sphincter the teen started to enjoy the feeling of the man's cock throbbing away deep inside his bumhole. The teen started to relax and he couldn't believe how full he felt, how satisfied, how complete. And every time the man's huge cock throbbed inside his bumhole his own cock oozed precum; the teen was so turned on. The teen tentatively moved around on the big thick cock and he thrilled to the sensations it sent through his young body as it stirred his insides. The man had moaned with lust while the teen's well lubed, and very tight, boypussy had slowly swallowed his big cock. It was probably the tightest boypussy he'd ever fucked, thought the man, and it was so fucking moist and hot. He'd also noticed that the teen's cock had softened a bit when his big bulbous knob had broken through the teen's very tight sphincter; but now the teen's cock was rigid again and leaking precum. The kid really loves having a hard cock up his boypussy he thought to himself. The feel of the teen' s tight, hot boypussy wrapped around his throbbing cock was taking the man to the brink and he began to breathe deeply, trying to calm himself down before he shot his load prematurely. He wanted to enjoy the feeling of the teen's tight boypussy wrapped around his cock for as long as he could. The teen had relaxed and he grinned cheekily at the man. "You can fuck me now Sir." The man cupped the teen's hard, little round buttocks in his hands and lifted him up until only half of his cock was in the teen's boypussy. He lowered the teen's body back down and then started to steadily raise and lower the teen; wanking his cock with the Preteen Model Galleries teen's hot, tight boypussy. Within seconds the teen was moaning softly, he couldn't believe the incredible sensations the man's big cock was giving him as it slowly and steadily ploughed up and down his colon. When he and Colin fucked they fucked liked rabbits; Colin jabbing his cock in and out of his bumhole in short rapid strokes. This was different, and so much better, he'd never felt so many sexy sensations when Colin fucked him. The man's big cock rubbing back and forth across his prostate was rapidly bringing the teen to orgasm. "OH FUCK YES!" The teen gasped after just a few minutes of the man fucking him; and the man was amazed as the teen's thin body trembled, stiffened and then began jerking as watery boycum shot from his rigid cock and started raining down onto the man's neck, chest and belly. As he was shooting his load the teen's sphincter was spasming uncontrollably around the man's cock-shaft and he stopped lifting the teen up and down; letting him sink his boypussy down his cock-shaft until the teen's buttocks ground into his pubes. The man was desperate not to cum yet. He glanced at the teen's cock; it was still as stiff as a poker and Preteen Model Galleries leaking aftercum. Mmm, the man thought, I'll be able to fuck another load of boycum out of him. When the teen's orgasm finished he looked down at the man who could see that the teen's eyes were glazed over. As he came back to reality the teen once again relished the sensation of the man's big cock still throbbing away deep inside his young body; it felt as if he was now complete, that he should always have a man's hard cock throbbing away inside his bumhole. Because Colin and he had always snogged during and after sex ever since the first night Colin had fucked his bumhole, on impulse, the teen leaned in to snog the man. The man immediately responded (thinking what a sexy young fucker and turn-on the teen was) and they started Frenching passionately. The man started flexing his cock inside the teen's boypussy; and the teen moaned into his mouth and then began sucking on the man's tongue like it was a cock. The teen had just had the best fuck of his young life; it had been totally different to when Colin fucked him. There had been emotion with Colin but this had been pure sex, lust, and the teen had loved it, and he wanted more. The man's cock was so much bigger than Colin's and being slowly fucked by it had sent the teen to levels of pleasure he'd never been to before. Colin's rabbit-fucking was nothing compared to having a man's cock ploughing slowly up and down his bumhole, and rubbing hard against his prostate the teen thought. After several minutes the teen broke the snog and as he squeezed his sphincter around the man's throbbing cock-shaft he whispered huskily. "Let me ride your big fat cock until it makes me cum again, please Sir?" Never one to expend energy when not necessary the man leered at the sexy teen. "Sure kid, be my guest." The teen took hold of the chair arms and smiled down at the man as he raised his body until half of the man's long thick cock was outside his bumhole. And then the teen slowly lowered himself until he could feel the man's trimmed pubes scraping against his hairless buttocks. The teen let out a satisfied sigh and began repeating the action, steadily fucking himself on the man's big cock as he relished the sensations coursing through his body. The man was getting more and more turned on as the teen's hot, tight boypussy masturbated his throbbing cock so he started jabbing his cock in and out of the teen's boypussy in rhythm with the teen. The teen had been moaning softly but now he started to groan with the added pleasure the man's big cock was giving him. The man began to grunt as he jabbed his cock up into the teen 's incredibly tight boypussy and he felt his climax approaching. When the pressure in his balls built to the point of no return he tightened his grip on the teen's hips and forced the teen's body down until his throbbing cock was buried as far up the teen's boypussy as it would go. "FUCKING YES!" The man shouted as his thick spunk started to spew from his throbbing cock, coating the teen's colon walls. As the teen felt the first blast of hot spunk hit his colon walls the teen threw back his head groaning loudly, and watery boycum erupted from his rigid cock once more. This time his first blast of spunk hit the man on his cheek before raining down onto the man's heaving, sweaty body. When both their climaxes were over the teen collapsed into the man's arms and they both breathed deeply as they came down off their sexual high. The man's cock had remained hard if not stiff and he flexed it inside the teen's boypussy and thought to himself; oh fuck that was one of the best fucks I've ever had, I've got to take this kid home and fuck his incredible boypussy again! The teen was in a distant place enjoying the euphoria of two great orgasms and the feeling of Preteen Model Galleries the man's hard cock jerking around in his bumhole. Christ he thought, as he slowly came around, that was my best fuck ever, but I'm still hard, I want the man to fuck me again and make me cum again! After looking down and noting that the teen's delicious little cock was still stiff the man was the first to speak. "That was great kid; you've got a really talented boypussy! We're both still up for it so do you want to come back to my flat and I'll fuck you again? It's only a 10 minute drive away." The teen couldn't believe his ears; Preteen Model Galleries that was exactly what he wanted! "Oh yes please!" he answered somewhat breathlessly. "That was the best fuck I've ever had. I love the feel of your big thick cock ploughing up and down my bumhole, er Sir." "O.K. kid we'll do it, we just need to get cleaned up a bit. And by the way it's your boypussy not your bumhole, O.K.?" The teen went bright red and stammered his reply. "Er ... er ... Yes Sir." The teen wasn't used to all the dirty talk, but he Preteen Model Galleries found he was getting more and more turned-on by it. He reached for his bag, which was on the desk with his clothes and pulled it towards himself. Still blushing the teen stammered when he spoke again while he pulled the buttplug from the bag. "Er ... could you um ... push this up my bu, er ... boypussy when I lift off your cock, Sir? I'd like to keep your spunk inside me; and when you fuck me again I'd like you to do the same. I love to feel spunk sloshing around in my bu, boypussy after I've been fucked. Then when I get home I force it out and eat it." The teen had turned even redder while he spoke and the man chuckled as he looked at the fairly slim 5 inch buttplug in the teen's hand. This kid was a real find; 15, attractive, sexy, filthy minded, with a hot tight boypussy to die for that he loved having fucked! thought the man. Because he can take my cock I'll give him a bigger buttplug after I've fucked him again; I bet he'll love that! He gave the teen what he hoped was an extra friendly smile. "You're a very sexy kid, a real pussyboy; of course I'll put the buttplug up your boypussy!" The teen handed the man the buttplug and then gingerly raised himself up. The man's hard cock caused a plopping sound as the teen's boypussy lifted of it. The man quickly pushed the buttplug up the teen's well stretched boypussy and held it in place until the teen's sphincter closed around the narrow bit. While he was holding the buttplug in place he realised that some of his own spunk had leaked from the teen's boypussy onto his hand. The man was quite surprised at how quickly the teen's sphincter closed around and gripped the buttplug; the joy's of youth he mused. While this was going on the teen realised that if he could get the man to fuck him regularly he wasn' t going to miss Colin that much; the man was obviously so experienced and his fucking was far better than how Colin had fucked him. Before the teen dismounted the chair the man scooped up what spunk he could from between the teen's legs. Then the man, holding his hand in the air to stop his spunk dripping onto the carpet, nodded towards a door. "The washroom's through there kid, no shower I'm afraid, but there's a hand basin, I'll help you clean up. The teen hesitated. "Er, can I clean your hand first? I'd um, like to taste your spunk." The kid's such a sexy little fucker I should have guessed he'd want to eat my spunk, thought the man, and he held his hand out to the teen. The teen licked up all of the man's spunk and then briefly sucked on the man's thick fingers. That caused the man to shudder and his cock to jerk. The teen was a bit surprised at how much thicker and stronger tasting the man's spunk was compared to his own and Colin's, but he loved the taste all the same. In the washroom the man washed the teen's cock, balls, and upper thighs with a flannel; the teen's cock remained hard. Then the man handed the teen a towel to dry himself while he cleaned himself up. When they were both dry the man gathered up the flannel and towel to take home, he didn't want the cleaner finding them. As they hurriedly dressed, just before the teen pulled up his shorts, the man noticed that he now had a full hard-on. The man groped the teen's stiff cock, who blushed furiously; the man chuckled and led him from the office. The man took the teen to the key-operated office lift that led directly to the garage. In the garage the man led the teen to a black Range Rover; they got in and set off. The man turned to the teen, chuckled, and smiled broadly. "Well kid, I can't believe it, after everything that we've just done I still don't know your name!" The teen stammered. "Er, I'm Adam, er, Sir." "Pleased to meet you Adam. I'm Tom, but I do prefer it if you call me Sir when we're having sex, it's an extra turn-on for me." Tom glanced down at Adam's crotch and could see that he still had a hard-on and there was a large precum stain on his shorts; sexy young fucker, just ripe for fucking, he thought to himself. "Oh, by the way Adam, I hope that after today you and I will be having lots more sex together?" Adam's heart raced, that was just what he'd wanted to hear, he'd loved the feeling of Tom's big thick cock throbbing away in his er, boypussy. He blushed again as he answered. "Er, I'd like to have a lot more sex too, er Tom. Your big thick cock made me feel so good when you, um, fucked me." Tom smiled to himself when he thought of how much sex he'd actually got in mind for the kid now that he'd fucked his young boypussy and found that it was so tight and hot, just perfect. It was obvious that the kid loved to get fucked and he had several mates who loved to fuck boypussy like he did. So he guessed he'd have to set up an orgy if he could talk the kid into it, and he was good at getting kids to fall in with his plans. Tom's half-hard cock twitched when he imagined himself and some of his mates gang-banging the teen; fucking his mouth and boypussy with their big cocks and draining their balls inside him. Enough of that he thought; let's get the next fuck out of the way first. So, while he was driving Tom explained to Adam that he owned a block of 6 shops and the apartments above them. The first 2 shops he'd had converted into a sex-shop which was run by a manager. The other 4 shops he rented out. His apartment had been converted from the 2 apartments over the sex-shop and the apartment over the next shop. The other 3 apartments were also rented out. The back of the shops/apartments had gardens or parking spaces and faced a windowless factory wall. He used the back of the sex shop, which had a high fence, as a small garden; and there was a high fenced security gated area at the side of the building for parking, and which gave entrance to the garden. The entrance to his apartment was via a concealed staircase from the garden in the middle of the 2 halves of the sex shop. The entrance to the other apartments was from the other end of the building; so his apartment was completely private. Adam knew exactly where Tom meant, Colin had got an older Gay cousin to buy the buttplug from there for them. By the time Tom had finished explaining they'd arrived at the shops. After he'd parked up Tom led Adam up the staircase and into the apartment. Wasting no time Tom took Adam's hand, turned right at the corridor that ran through the centre of his apartment, and led Adam into a room. Adam glanced around, there was a large double bed covered with a rubber sheet, with cabinets either side and shelving holding various sex toys. Adam could see an open door on the left that led into a bathroom. Tom told Adam to strip and hang his clothes on the pegs by the door. They were both naked in seconds. Adam' s stiff cock was already jerking in anticipation, but he was also trembling slightly from fear of the unknown. Tom noted Adam's disquiet, he'd had so many boys in the same situation, so he took Adam's hand and pulled him gently down onto the bed where they started snogging and fondling each other's bodies. Adam slowly relaxed as Tom used his considerable expertise to calm him, and then arouse him. Eventually Tom manoeuvred Adam into a sideways 69. Tom eased Adam's loose foreskin back until it lodged behind his flared pale-purple knob. Immediately a large pearl of precum oozed from Adam's cock-slit and Tom licked it off before starting to tease Adam's knob with his tongue. Adam moaned with pleasure, took hold of Tom's cock-shaft and lowered his mouth over Tom's bulbous, dark-purple knob. Adam found it hard to accommodate Tom's big, bulbous knob, but he worked on it with relish, and was soon rewarded with Tom's precum trickling Preteen Model Galleries down his throat. When Adam got into his stride and began to suck and tongue his knob Tom groaned with pleasure; the kid was turning out to be almost as good a cock-sucker as he was a fuck. Then Tom took a deep breath before swallowing Adam's cock to the root, and then he pushed Adam' s big hairless balls into his mouth as well. Adam's knob was down Tom's throat and he began swallowing, working it with his throat muscles. Adam moaned louder around Tom's cock as he tried to push more of his cock into Tom' s clever mouth. When Tom started to play with the buttplug, pulling it back and forth so that it stretched the teen's sphincter but never left his boypussy, Adam's moans became even louder. Good job the flat's soundproofed Tom thought. Adam couldn't control himself, Tom's clever mouth and tongue and the buttplug stimulating his sphincter were too much. So Adam lifted off Tom's cock and gasped. "Oh shit! I'm gonna shoot again!" Letting go of Preteen Model Galleries the buttplug Tom rolled Adam onto his back; he quickly pulled back until only half of Adam's cock was in his mouth and then he started to suck on Adam's juicy, flared knob in earnest. Adam's body stiffened, his back arched up off the bed; and Tom's mouth was flooded with sweet, watery boycum and he quickly gulped it down while sucking hard on the teen's jerking cock and gently squeezing his big balls. When Adam's orgasm was over he sank into the bed like a rag doll he was totally spent after another mind-blowing orgasm. Tom lifted off his softening cock and kissed his way up Adam 's body until they were snogging passionately but tenderly; Tom knew how to work a boy. Tom's hard cock was poking into Adam's body and when he felt Adam's cock start to stiffen against his body he broke the kiss and growled softly. "Right you dirty, cocksucking pussyboy, now I'm going to shove my big fat cock right up your tight little boypussy and fuck you hard until we both cum!" Adam's eyes flew wide open and he answered huskily. "Oh, yes please To ... Sir!" Adam thought to himself how Tom talking dirty to him turned him on even more, as Tom manoeuvred him until he was flat on his back with a pillow under his buttocks and his legs draped over Preteen Model Galleries Tom's shoulders. Tom had decided to forego any extended foreplay and just fuck the kid, hard. Lining up his stiff cock with one hand he took hold of the buttplug's base. "Ready you little cocksucker?" Adam gulped and nodded apprehensively. Tom yanked the buttplug from Adam's boypussy and immediately forced his throbbing cock in hard until his bulbous knob broke through Adam's sphincter, then he stopped. Adam screamed and tears welled in his eyes, then he cried out when Tom slapped his buttocks hard, one after the other, then growled. "Relax cocksucker, don't be such a sissy; an hour ago you were happily riding up and down my cock fucking yourself silly! You'll soon learn to love it when a big stiff cock breaches your tight little boypussy, trust me!" "But it really hurt this time T, er, Sir, it was so much more painful than the first time." Adam sobbed. "I've just told you kid, you'll get to like it. Now take some deep breaths and try to relax; think about how good it felt when you were riding yourself to orgasm on my big cock, how much you enjoyed it." Tom knew how to talk to kids like Adam, what buttons to push, he'd done it so many times before; and calling them sissies nearly always worked. As he choked back the sobs the awful thing for Adam was the realisation that Tom was right, some part of him had enjoyed the pain of Tom's initial penetration! He was also a bit frightened again; he was alone with Tom and completely in his power and no one knew where he was. He took some deep breaths and tried to relax; reflecting that it had been far less painful to sit on Tom' s big cock than having it rammed up his boypussy; there he was using the word now! But when Tom flexed his cock Adam couldn't stop himself from moaning softly from the twinge of pleasure he got. Tom realised the kid was ready for further penetration. "Are you ready for the rest of my big cock kid?" Tom asked in a kinder voice while smiling at Adam, he didn't want to scare the kid too much; he'd got further plans for him. Adam choked back a sob and answered in a shaky, squeaky voice. "Er, yes Sir, I think so Sir." Placing his hands on the backs of the kid's thighs Tom started to push his hips forwards and his big cock slowly but surely forced its way Preteen Model Galleries up Adam's boypussy, its passage made easier by Tom's spunk and the lube Adam had pushed into his arsehole before setting out. Slowly Adam's mind was blocking out the pain in his sphincter and replacing it with the pleasure of Tom's long thick cock forcing its way up his boypussy, stretching his colon to its limit. Tom groaned and Adam felt Tom's ballbag hit his buttocks, he'd taken all of Tom's cock, and he let out a sigh of pleasure and relief. As his boypussy got used to Tom's cock, and he started to feel pleasure building up, Adam looked down his body and saw that his own cock was starting to stiffen again. The fear he'd felt early receded too as his body took control of his reactions. When Tom flexed his cock again Adam shivered and his stiffening cock jerked. "O.K. kid?" Tom asked, not unkindly. "Yes Sir; but please give me a minute or two to get used to your cock again, it's so long and thick." By the time Adam's cock was hard again, about two minutes, he was ready to be fucked again and starting to look forward to it. He remembered how good Tom's cock had felt when he fucked himself on it earlier and he half smiled up at Tom choosing his words with care; Adam had quickly realised that talking dirty was a turn-on for both of them. "You can fuck my, um, tight little boypussy with your big fat cock now Sir; until I, er, we cum, er, Sir" "Good boy! You're learning fast; now just slip your arms through and hold your legs back so that my hands are free." Tom was pleased the kid had the nous to start talking dirty; it all helped with the process of breaking him in. and Tom marvelled at the suppleness of the compliant kid as he locked his legs away up and behind his head. Tom looked down to see his hairy thighs hard against the kid's hairless, white buttocks, his thick cock disappearing up the kid's boypussy. He noticed that the kid was still flushed red from his initial penetration and he was soaked with sweat; must give him a drink after I've fucked the shit out of him he thought. Slowly Tom pulled back until just his knob was left inside the kid's tight boypussy. He leered down at the kid as he pushed his cock steadily back up the kid's boypussy until it was buried to the hilt again. Adam had gasped as Tom pulled back and then he'd moaned softly as Tom's big cock re-stretched his colon. Tom started to fuck Adam with long slow strokes while fondling his buttocks, Adam was soon moaning with pleasure. His eyes were closed and a half-smile played across his pretty face. Looking at Adam' s face Tom thought he was now relaxed enough and he speeded up his fuck rate. After several minutes of steady fucking Tom looked down at Adam's sweet little cock, it was rigid and bouncing around in concert with his fuck strokes and there was a glistening pool of precum on his quivering belly. He reached in and took hold of Adam's rigid cock-shaft; and one gentle push was all that was required to lodge the kid's foreskin behind his corona. When Tom let go of his cock-shaft Adam moaned softly, disappointedly, and Tom saw another bead of precum ooze from the kid's cock-slit. Tom loved the feel of the kid's tight boypussy opening and closing around his cock-shaft as he ploughed up and down it. He knew he wouldn't be cumming too soon after the mind-blowing orgasm he'd had earlier; so he just enjoyed the sensations as he always did when his cock was rammed up a young kid's tight arsehole. Adam couldn't believe how good Tom's cock felt as it ploughed up and down his boypussy; all concerns over the pain of penetration had gone. He loved to get fucked, especially by Tom's big cock, but now he wanted it harder, faster. Adam's eyes flew open and Tom noted that they were glazing over like before. "Fuck my little boypussy harder with your big fat cock Sir, make me cum again, please!" Adam was almost begging and Tom realised that he'd got him; the kid was becoming addicted to having his boypussy fucked by a man's hard cock. It usually took five or six sessions to achieve that; but then again the kid had been getting fucked regularly by his mate for the last year; that would explain it Tom thought. Tom placed his hands on the bed either side of the kid' s body and speeded up his stroke rate. Within minutes Tom was grunting loudly as he plunged his cock in and out of the kid's boypussy with long, increasingly faster, strokes. Adam was groaning continually as Tom's cock pounded and rubbed against his prostate, and his rigid, jerking cock was leaking copious amounts of precum. Tom speeded up, grunting even louder every time he rammed his cock fully up Adam's boypussy; both he and the teen were sweating profusely. Adam thrilled to the sensations Tom's big cock was giving him as it plunged in and out of his boypussy at a furious pace. His prostate was getting a right pounding and he could feel another orgasm building. He was clutching at the rubber sheet trying to counteract the force of Tom's fucking. He stopped moaning and started to hiss through clenched teeth, "Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes!" every time Tom plunged his big cock all the way back up his boypussy. Tom's big balls were banging against Adam's buttocks and his big cock was making squelching noises as it plunged in and out of Adam's boypussy. Adam could feel Tom's spunk from the first fuck seeping from his arsehole onto the rubber sheet. This is the fuck to end all fucks, he thought to himself, Tom's cock seems to Preteen Model Galleries be going further and further up my boypussy and I don't want it to stop. The inevitable happened, Adam gave a loud groan, thrashed his head from side to side, and his watery boycum began spewing from his cock raining down onto his sweaty body. When Adam started to shoot his load his sphincter began spasming uncontrollably around Tom's cock-shaft making it tighter for him to force his cock all the way into Adam's boypussy. The more force Tom had to use made Adam groan even louder and shoot more boycum; and his sphincter spasmed even more wildly around Tom's thick cock-shaft. Oh fuck, Tom thought, I can't hold back, I'm going fill the little fucker with my spunk! Leaning back he grabbed the kid's bony hips and forced his throbbing cock as far into the kid's boypussy as he could and cried out. "There Preteen Model Galleries you go you sexy little fucker take my big load of thick mancum!" Adam felt Tom's cock throb and swell and then he felt the hot blasts of Tom 's thick spunk splattering against his colon walls; he moaned with pleasure. When he'd finished cumming Tom collapsed against Adam's thighs, his spent cock still buried deep inside Adam's boypussy. Adam hardly noticed Tom' s weight, he was so far gone, he'd never felt sensations like that, even when Tom had fucked him earlier, Tom's cock had seemed to go inches deeper into his arsehole. He wanted to be fucked like that again, very hard and very fast, he loved it. Eventually they both came down from their respective highs and Tom pushed back off Adam who still had a dreamy faraway look on his pretty face. He smiled up at Tom and gave a squeeze of his sphincter around Tom's cock-shaft. "That was wonderful Sir, I've never had a cock so far up my, er, boypussy and I've never been fucked so hard, it felt great, I can't wait for you to fuck my boypussy like that again. Oh, please don't forget the buttplug Sir; I want to keep your spunk inside me until I get home." "I haven't forgotten pussyboy; I've got a treat for you. Wrap your legs around my waist then put your arms around my neck and I'll get it." Tom was pleased to hear the kid's words; it was going to make it much easier to talk the kid into being the focal point of an orgy. Tom leaned in and Adam did as he was told wondering what the surprise was. Tom's cock was still quite hard and as he cupped Adam's buttocks in his hands and stood up Adam felt it move around inside him, he shivered with pleasure. Tom could feel his cum on the kid's thighs and buttocks as he steadily walked the boy to the shelving and picked up a buttplug showing it to Adam. It was roughly the same length as Adam's buttplug but substantially thicker, especially the narrow bit. "Would you like this one up your boypussy keeping your sphincter stretched? " Adam's eyes gleamed as he imagined what it would feel like walking around with the buttplug in his arsehole and Tom's spunk sloshing around inside him. So he answered eagerly with a broad smile on his face. "Oh yes please Sir." Tom chuckled and walked Adam back to the bed and laid him on his back away from the sweat and cum. "Hold your legs up and back so that I can get at your boypussy." When Adam was ready Tom eased his cock from his boypussy and after briefly admiring the red inflamed hole he gently pushed the buttplug back in its place before Adam's boypussy started to close. Adam's sphincter closed around the narrow part almost immediately; the elasticity of young kids' boypussies never failed to amaze Tom. He removed his hand from the buttplug base. "Thirsty kid?" Adam was parched. "Er yes, er Tom?" "Yes Adam, you can call me Tom again; I'll get us a drink, lie there and relax." Tom walked over to a bedside cabinet and opened it. It was actually a small fridge, and Tom took 2 bottles of water out and rejoined Adam on the bed. He lay with his back against the wall and pulled Adam up to join him putting his hand around his narrow shoulders as he handed him a bottle. "Drink it slowly and then we'll talk about the next time we're going to have sex." Good Adam thought as he sipped his water, Tom's really going to fuck me again, I can't wait. While they drank in companionable silence Tom was idly playing with Adam's small, bright-red nipples which quickly stiffened, resembling match heads. They both looked at Adam's cock, it was hardening again. Tom reached down and gave it a squeeze and a couple of wanks until it was hard. "You sexy little fucker, I'll take care of that after we've had our talk! But I won't be fucking your boypussy again today kid, you've drained my balls! But I'll give Preteen Model Galleries you a good suck-off!" Adam was a little disappointed that Tom wouldn't be fucking his boypussy again, but he cheered himself up when he thought of how good a cocksucker Tom was. Then he had an idea. "Er, my Mom is working at the hospital Saturday night; she leaves about 3p.m. and gets home around 9 a.m. Sunday morning. I could, um, see you Saturday afternoon and, er maybe stop the night. What do you think?" Once again Tom couldn't believe his luck; he and his mates would have the boy to play about with for hours, fantastic. The kid was becoming so amenable and he was calling his arsehole his boypussy without hesitation; what a fucking find! Choosing his words with care Tom began to weave his web. "That sounds good Adam; I am free on Saturday afternoon. I'll be able to pick you up around 4p.m. and bring you back here. Er Adam, you really enjoy having your boypussy fucked don't you." Adam flashed him a silly grin. "Yeah, lots!" "I've got a few mates who like fucking boypussy too. Would you like me to invite them over too; so you wouldn't be limited to just 2 fucks like today? They're all nice guys. I think you'll like them, I know you'll like their big thick cocks." Adam couldn't believe his ears; he'd get fucked more than twice! Maybe he' d get fucked as many times as Colin used to fuck him; their record was 8 fucks in one day. He tried not to sound too eager when he answered. "Er, that sounds great Tom; how many mates are you talking about?" Tom didn't want to scare the kid and tell him that there'd be 7 other guys as well as himself. They'd formed an informal club a couple of years ago and whenever they found a compliant teen they'd all gang-bang him. Tom had converted the end flat to include an orgy room just for that purpose. "I'm not too sure; it depends who's available, 3, or maybe 4?" Adam was thrilled at the thought of 4 or 5 men with big thick cocks fucking his boypussy and his cock twitched in anticipation and precum oozed Preteen Model Galleries from his cock-slit. Adam beamed at Tom and his voice went up and down the octaves when he answered. "I'd love to have you and your mates fuck my boypussy; look," Adam pointed to his precum leaking cock, "my cock loves the idea Preteen Model Galleries too!" "Right Adam I'll fix everything up for this Saturday coming. Now I'll take care of your cock and after we've cleaned up and had another drink we'll exchange phone numbers and then I'll run you home. Lie back down and relax. " Adam wriggled down the bed until he was flat on his back and Tom pushed a pillow under his head and one under his buttocks. Tom began by pushing Adam' s feet so that his knees bent and he placed Adam's feet flat on the bed, fully exposing Adam's arse-crack and tiny pink pucker. Tom dived in and started lapping up the drying spunk off Adam's arse-cheeks, hairless ballbag, and between his legs. When he'd cleaned up what spunk he could from there he slowly licked his way up Adam's delicious body collecting whatever of Adam' s watery boycum he could. At the same time Tom took hold of the buttplug base and worked it about in Adam's boypussy. Adam was moaning softly and his cock was rigid, twitching, and leaking precum. Tom took the opportunity to nibble gently on Adam's tiny red nipples until they erected, then he continued up his body He licked around Adam's neck and face, then gave his ears a tongue bath. Adam was writhing about and moaning louder. When Tom began to french him Adam responded eagerly. Several minutes later Tom quickly kissed his way down Adam's body and swallowed Adam's cock to the root after easing back his foreskin. As soon as Tom started sucking and tonguing Adam's knob Adam started to groan through clenched teeth as he tried to delay his inevitable climax. Tom worked expertly on Adam's rigid, precum leaking 5 inch cock while twisting and turning the buttplug. Adam writhed with pleasure, clutching the rubber sheet. Tom started to pull Preteen Model Galleries on the buttplug so that it stretched Adam's sphincter, but he didn't pull it all the way out. After several minutes of this delicious torture Adam gave in and gasped. "SHIT, I'M GONNA CUM!" Tom sucked harder and Adam's watery boycum started flooding his mouth. Tom swallowed the first couple of shots but kept some back. As soon as Adam sank back into the bed totally spent Tom let go of the buttplug and moved up over Adam's inert body. He kissed Adam's lips, Adam opened his mouth, they frenched and Tom fed Adam the rest of his boycum which he duly swallowed. After a few minutes Tom got off the bed, he lifted Adam up and carried him into the bathroom. Tom stood him in the double shower and they washed each others' bodies, kissing from time to time. By the time they were drying off Adam had another erection. Fuck, Tom thought, the joys of youth, I'll have to suck him off again before I run him home. They left the bathroom, collected their clothes and carried them with them as Tom led Adam down the corridor into the very large kitchen/dining room at the far end of the flat. Adam walked very gingerly; he could feel the new, thicker, buttplug moving about in his boypussy causing his hard cock to twitch. As Tom quickly prepared a chicken salad he told Adam to get a lager from the fridge for him and told Adam he could have a coke or a bottle of water explaining that the water was healthier. Tom was pleased when Adam put his lager and a bottle of water on the table before sitting down very carefully. Adam was still getting used to the thicker buttplug lodged up his boypussy. While they ate Tom put the last part of his plan in action. "You like cumming while you're being fucked don't you Adam?" Adam blushed. "Er, yes Tom, it feels so good." "What's the highest number of times you've been fucked and cum?" "Er, um, 8, but Colin or I had to wank my cock to make me cum after the first two times." Adam was blushing furiously now and his voice was going up and down the register. "How would you like to cum so many times that you'd end up dry orgasming? Just like you did when you were a little boy playing with yourself." Adam's eyes widened and he stopped eating. Tom remained silent letting the kid digest what he'd said. "Er, that sounds really weird, er and a bit, er sexy." Adam paused. "Er, um, how could that happen?" "I have a good friend, Yannick, who's a Doctor. He gives me pills that will stop you getting an erection." "But ..." "Please let me finish Adam. While you can't get an erection your boycum builds up in your balls. Let's say you took the pills now and every morning up to and including Saturday morning, you'd build up a huge amount of boycum. Then Saturday I'd give you another pill from my Doctor friend Yannick and you'd be able to get hard again and you'd cum so many times you'd think you'd died and gone to heaven. And I bet you'd cum, hands-free I mean, more than once or twice while me and my mates were giving your boypussy a real good fucking." Tom put his hand up to stop Adam speaking. "Don't say anything yet; think about what I've told you while we finish our meal and then you can give me your decision." Adam started eating and Tom could almost hear him thinking; it was a kid's dream, unlimited orgasms. Tom was sure that he'd got Adam hooked and that he'd agree to take the pills. They got most of the young kids they ganged-banged to do the same thing; it was great Preteen Model Galleries to see them having orgasm after orgasm while they were being fucked. Adam was eating automatically not tasting anything. His mind was racing as he tried to imagine cumming so many times that he'd run out of spunk. Adam tried to remember what it was like when he wanked off before he could cum; he remembered that he used to enjoy wanking himself to a dry orgasm. The more he thought about it the more turned on he became; and he felt precum oozing from his hard cock. Without thinking he thumbed it off and ate it. "Er, Tom, I think I'd like to try that." "Good boy Adam; now if you've finished I'll suck you Preteen Model Galleries off again, my pudding, and then I'll give you a pill to take now, and enough for the rest of the week, then I'll run you home." Adam's eyes Preteen Model Galleries lit up, he was going to be sucked off again. He really liked Tom, well he especially liked having sex with him; he was so experienced. Tom beckoned him over and Adam went and stood in front of his chair. He straddled when Tom told him to and Tom reached around him and took a hard round hairless buttock in each hand. He pulled the kid forwards and swallowed his hard cock. Adam moaned as Tom's throat muscles worked on his knob and his tongue laved his jerking cock-shaft. He moaned even louder and grabbed Tom' s head for support when Tom stopped fondling his pert buttocks and started playing with the buttplug. He was still so sexed up that Tom's clever throat and mouth had him groaning in minutes as another orgasm approached. "I'm cumming again!" He whimpered breathlessly. Tom immediately pulled back and Adam's watery boycum started filling his mouth. Not as much boycum as before but a good enough load for the amount of times the kid's orgasmed today thought Tom. Once again Tom saved a fair amount of Adam's boycum and when he felt the kid going limp he stood and embraced him and they Frenched and shared the load. But this time Tom swallowed most of it, it was too sweet and tasty to waste on the kid. Eventually Tom broke away and told Adam to get dressed. When they were dressed, while Adam was entering their phone numbers in their mobiles, Tom took a bottle of pills from a dresser drawer and gave Adam one to take, which he did with the last of his water. Then Tom put three pills into a small bag and handed them to Adam who put them in his bag after promising faithfully to take them. Tom took a couple of photos of Adam, telling him they were a memento. They had another snog and then Tom ran Adam home. They didn't chat much, both were lost in their own little worlds; Tom was mentally organising the orgy and Adam was remembering the brilliant afternoon he'd just had. After Adam gave him his address Tom dropped him off in a busy supermarket car-park around the corner from his house, telling Adam that it was safer, hopefully no one would notice him getting into the car on Saturday. Tom watched as Adam set off for home walking rather gingerly. Adam got home about an hour before his Mom was due. After stripping off he placed a towel on his bed and lay down on it on his belly. He carefully eased the buttplug out of his boypussy (that's how he thought of it now), shuddering when the extra thickness of the new buttplug stretched his sphincter. When it plopped fully out he dropped it on the bed and started to scoop up the spunk that was oozing out of his boypussy and fed it too himself. He usually got hard when he ate Colin's spunk from his boypussy, but the pill Tom had given him was already taking effect and his cock stayed soft. He scooped up all of Tom's spunk that he could until no more came out of his boypussy, even when he strained. Adam got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. That done he left his Mom a note to tell her he'd gone to bed tired, and after hiding the spunk stained towel he climbed into bed. His boypussy sort of ached dully, but it was a good ache he thought as he yawned stretched and then dropped off into a deep sleep. Tom meanwhile had gone home and was in the midst of imailing his mates to inform them of the impending orgy. After he showed them Adam's photos he described what they'd done together that afternoon in lurid detail. All seven of them and Tom had erections by the time he'd finished. But none of them was going to do anything about it; they wanted to save their spunk for the new pussyboy. Yannick was one of the gang and he'd supplied everyone with pills, not as strong as those Tom had given Adam, to dampen their ardour. Then on Saturday before the orgy they'd all take a couple of Viagra-like pills; poor little Adam wouldn't know what had hit him! They'd been doing the pill thing with kids they picked up for about 18 months; it really sexed their gang-bangs up. Suffice to say Adam's arsehole was still a little tender for the whole of school on Thursday, but after a long soak after school it was back to normal. He'd taken Tom's pill on the morning but was beginning to regret it. He kept remembering how good it had felt being fucked by Tom's big thick cock and although his cock wouldn't get stiff when he played with it he still wanted a wank. He'd just about made up his mind not to take a pill Friday morning when Tom texted him reminding him not to forget to take the pills; adding that he (Adam) wouldn't regret it because he'd have an incredible time on Saturday. Adam hummed and aahhed and decided to do as Tom asked. He reasoned that Tom was so much more experienced than he so he should know what he was talking about. Tom also reminded Adam to use the thicker buttplug for half an hour or so every night to keep his sphincter supple, and to put the buttplug up his boypussy Saturday morning before he picked him up. So Thursday night and after school on Friday Adam did work the thicker new buttplug in and out of his boypussy for half an hour or so. He found it frustrating, he got muted, pleasurable sensations when it rubbed across his prostate, but his cock wouldn't get hard, but he did produce a little precum. Saturday morning eventually came, and after doing his weekend homework he helped his Mom with the shopping. When she'd gone to work he had a shower and cleaned himself out. When he'd dried off Adam greased up the new buttplug and steadily worked it into his boypussy. He was getting so excited at the prospect of having several men fucking his boypussy, but he didn't get and erection, he'd taken the pill as promised. Feeling sexy he dressed in a tight black nylon vest (wife-beater) and tight, very short, nylon shorts and trainers, the outfit he used to wear when he and Colin went cycling looking for places to have sex. He admired himself in the mirror; he thought he looked sexy, but he missed seeing a big bulge, he always got a hard-on in those shorts. About ten to four Tom texted him and told him to be in the car park in 5 minutes. Now Adam started to get a bit worried, he was going to be at Tom's flat with a lot of older guys who he didn't know. He'd be totally under their control and he briefly considered not going. But then he remembered how good it had felt when he was being fucked by Tom's big cock. So he took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down, slipped his phone into his bag, locked the house up and slipped the keys into his bag and set off. He couldn't hurry, the buttplug made walking fast uncomfortable. On the short journey to the car park he kept telling himself everything would be O.K., but his pulse was racing, his mouth had gone dry and he was feeling anxious.End of part one. Any comments to INSILVA92aol.com
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