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Related article: Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 07:28:56 -0700 (PDT) From: lenrbnsnyahoo.ca Subject: Yes Sir I Am - A Boy for MenYes Sir, I Am A Boy for Men By Parkstranger lenrbnsnyahoo.caYou know the drill -- if you're too young etc... Enough said.My Rant:Every story needs a build up -- an intro if you please, but, it does not require, in my mind, 10 pages of garble gook to get there. We need sex -- that's why we are here -- right?The storyI leap forward here to year 14 for me to the following summer. After my adventures on Halloween night things pretty much quieted down over the winter with Preteen Nudist Pics the exception of me becoming my buddy Tim's steady fuck and one other little liaison that evolved over the winter with an older neighbour who was married to the bitch from hell. He had a heated workshop out back of his house with a window that looked directly into my bedroom and well -- as time went on I was eventually lured into his workshop and over a short time "nature" sort of took its course and soon I became his steady fuck as well, often bent over his workbench but that is another story.When we played games and so forth in the school ground or parks, it was fairly common for boys to be -- well boys. We'd often in more or less disguise of our perpetual hornyness grab each other. Often a mate or buddy would just go ahead and walk up to you and grab your cock or more often they would just grab and feel your ass.I, with my big ass was more often the target for grab ass. Almost everyone at the games targeted me to grab a feel of my ass. And, I didn't argue or even complain because -- well I kind of liked it. Yes, I have a big bum that as I've explained before seems to attract attention. It attracts even more attention because I don't withdraw or complain even when the touching and grabbing becomes much, much more than that. It has often become much more than a grab. It maybe started out as a friendly grab but, often, when no one was looking became much more -- and I let it.Especially when we were introduced to the game of Rugby. There were about a dozen of us guys who showed up either in the park or the school grounds every day during the summer. One day a Mr. Hegbloom showed up at the park and when we we're taking a water break from whatever game we were playing, he came up to us and asked us if we'd ever played Rugby. We, of course look around at each other and almost in union said, "No, what's Rugby?" "Can I show you", he asked? Well we spend the rest of the day learning the basics of how to play Rugby. Mr Hegbloom was from like oversees somewhere and spoke with a funny accent but had moved here recently and I guess he was a big rugby player. He was a stocky man in his 40's or so and stood about 5' 10" and was very fit. He had red hair and a beard (red also) and I noticed from the beginning that although he was addressing all of us he looked directly at me.The rugby ball was always tossed to me and I ran with it. I ran until I was tackled and ended up on the bottom of the "scrum." As a player coach, it seemed that Mr. Hegbloom ended up on top of me every time I was on the bottom of that scrum. I never wear anything under my shorts and when I ended up on the bottom of the scrum, I could feel his big cock pushing up against me. I began to start paying more attention to him and trying to decide if this was accidental or was he testing me out to see what my reaction would be. He did a good job of acting as if this was very normal so I just let it happen and began to enjoy getting tackled by him. I could never tell whose hands were all over me when pinned down under all these guys but n that position there was nothing I could do about it anyway (or wanted to.)This went on for the next two or three days and as time went on I became more and more convinced he was interested in me sexually so I began to leave hints that maybe I was interested in him too. I did it with body language and sly little smiles and stuff like that. Now when he tackled me and pushed into me with that nice cock of his I would push back letting him know I knew what he was doing and even wanted him to do it. By the end of the third day I could tell he was getting more and more worked up to the point of almost letting his lust for me be known to everyone else. Fortunately, with the exception of Tim, the rest of these guys were oblivious to the interaction between me and Mr. Hegbloom. As we all got better at understanding and playing the game of rugby, we got much more aggressive playing it and of course as we got more aggressive, guys began to get hurt a little bit. There was always somebody it seemed limping off the field to take a time out and let some owey heal up. Mr. Hegbloom always had his first aid kit with him and he tended to all the cuts and bruises and generally took care of everyone.That third or fourth day it was my turn. Right near the end of the game when it was time for the guys to head home for dinner I ended up on the bottom of the pile again but felt something pull in my leg right up near the top just under my bum. It hurt like hell at first so I limped over to the picnic table where we kept all our stuff and sat down rubbing my sore leg or at least trying to but it was hard because of where to soreness was. Nobody gave much of a shit about each other's hurts and this was no exception as the guys just gathered up their stuff and headed home in two's or three's depending on what direction they lived in. Even Tim took off saying he had to get home to babysit his little sister because his parents were going out that night. That left me and Mr. Hegbloom."Where's it hurting Terry" he asked, and I turned my back to him and showed him and explained that I felt something pull in my leg. Mr. Hegbloom is a physical therapist and said, "Well, I would say that you pulled a muscle in your upper thigh and I have just the cure for that but you had better move over here to this other bench because we'll need to get your shorts up (or down) so I can apply this liniment I have and you don't want someone seeing your bare bum do you?" I Preteen Nudist Pics was thinking, "Yes I do want someone to see my bare bum, you." But I just did as he said and limped over to the other bench which was a bit more secluded and out of view from the field and street behind some bushes. He threw an old blanket over the table and told me to climb right up on it and lay on my tummy which I did. He explained that he would first work on the muscle to get the tension out of it then he would apply the liniment.From the moment I felt his strong but soothing soft hands on my leg I immediately forgot about my owey and could do nothing but zero in on how great his hands felt on me. I was struggling trying to stifle moans of pleasure as he massaged my leg. I have fairly thick legs and he was using both hands as he worked my muscle all the while talking to me in a low soft voice saying how I seemed to be much more relaxed and that I have very nice smooth legs. As he worked on me he kept leaning down closer and closer to me and now he was almost whispering in my ear. With his lips right up by my ear he asked me if I was feeling better and as I turned slightly to nod a yes I felt his tongue flick gently out and lick my ear. I couldn't believe how erotic this felt and I was immediately elevated into a highly emotional feeling of blind lust. I was so hard it hurt as there was no comfortable position I could shift to that helped.I suddenly realized his hands were no longer concentrating on the sore muscle but were all the way up inside my shorts massaging both of my bum cheeks. Voluntarily or involuntarily I was grinding my ass back at those wonderful hands of his. He kept going from breathing in my ear to giving me a little lick that continued to set off fireworks inside my body. I was his for him to do with whatever he wanted to me and I wanted him to explore me sexually all over and to me now, my only mission was to satisfy his sexual needs. Positioned like he was now it was easy for me to reach back and fondle his lovely cock through his shorts. I slid up hand up and down his shaft pausing often to give him a gentle love squeeze. I could feel him pulsating back with each squeeze. He whispered to me, "Fuck sakes Terry don't make me cum in my shorts I have other ideas about where I want to cum." I pushed up and turned over to lie on my back and he came to me and kissed me with full passion shared only by me and my passion of kissing him back letting him explore my mouth with his tongue.He broke the kiss and said to me, "God Terry I've had my eyes on this luscious ass of yours since the first time I laid eyes on you. Tell me Terry, are you a boy for men?" I gave some thought to that expression, "A boy for men" and I ask him, "Do you mean am I a boy who has let men -- um - `do me' or do I suck men's cocks?" "Right now I'm asking if I can `do you' Terry", he said. To answer him I shuffled myself to the edge of the table and lifted up my hips to allow him to slide my shorts off. I Preteen Nudist Pics spread myself wide for him Preteen Nudist Pics and arched myself up to him as I accepted his throbbing cock into me. He entered me easily and that was good because he was so high and on the very edge of eruption that I could feel his swollen balls so full of cum gently slapping my ass as he plunged in and out of my boy cunt. He had me locked in his embrace as he sunk himself as far up inside me as he could go and held himself there as he began to cum in me. My god the man must have been carrying around this load for a month or better and just kept cuming and cuming in me. I had wrapped my legs around him and held him to me as I gently rotated my hips with each new thrust of cum to spurt out of him. Finally drained of all this pent up lust and spunk he deposited in me he slumped into me holding me tight to him as he struggled to catch his breath.It probably took us maybe ten or more minutes before we gathered up enough strength to pull apart and begin to clean up this incredible mess we made -- well at least the mess he made in me. Thank god he had a couple of towels with him as well as it was unbelievable the amount of cum that kept running back out of me as well as the cum all over both of us from my explosion that happened the same time his did.Of course I promised to see him again and as a matter of fact I said whenever he felt the need to come to me and I would be his "boy for men." On the way home, walking rather slowly I might add it occurred to me that my mom was working late that night and my friend Tim was home alone with his little sister who was pretty young and may even be in bed already. As my energy returned I realized I was still on a sexual high and being as my friend Tim seems to enjoy "sloppy seconds" I thought well why not go pay him a little visit? Why not indeed? ?Until next time I amThe Parkstranger lenrbnsnyahoo.ca
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