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Related article: Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:27:33 -0800 From: simonne danielle Subject: "A BOY Can Dream ? Can't SHE? - Part 3" TG/Teen"A BOY Can Dream ... Can't SHE? - Part 3"By: Simonne DanielleCopyright 2006All Rights Reservedsimonnedanielle1204hotmail.comReading Parts 1 and 2 is highly recommended.Please be mindful - - This is FANTASY: "Imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained; The forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; A mental image, especially when unreal or fantastic; An imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need; A supposition based on no solid foundation; Visionary idea; Illusion: Dreams of Utopias and similar fantasies; Caprice; Whim; An ingenious or fanciful thought, design, or invention."Got it?Good!Enjoy!Dawn's dream continues to unfold. She discovers she has an addiction to a very special nectar. She also discovers that getting even is so much sweeter than getting angry. This is truly the stuff that dreams ... at least her dreams ... are made of.EARLY SUNDAY AFTERNOONI woke to Preteen Thong the glorious sensation of the tip of Laurie's strap-on urgently massaging my prostate. I could still feel the dampness between my legs from my first incredible girly cum only a few hours earlier. I countered her tender thrusts and began to moan with lust - - and gratitude. I was vaguely aware of Natalie's mewls of contentment and realized she must be experiencing the same feelings while Sis ministered to her.'What a wake-up call!' I thought, smiling to myself.Through the fog in my brain I recognized Natalie's smiling voice. "Nice way to wake up, eh? By the way, Lover, you look lovely in the morning!"The jig was up. Sis and Laurie, aware that we were pretty much fully awake, began probing our ass-pussies even more aggressively. Natalie and I, obviously having similar desires, let them have their way with us. Yeah! Like either one of us would even think of objecting! Lying face-to-face we sucked each others faces like it was our last meal. My god, even her morning breath tasted like honey! Was there anything about this creature that wasn't perfect in every respect?All four of us exploded within milliseconds of each other. As incredibly exciting as our love-making had been last night, it was even more thrilling and sensual to be awakened this way! It felt like every nerve in my body was strung like a Stradivarius and unimaginably responsive to the delicious sexual assault!We clambered out of bed and headed for my en-suite bath. After we brushed our pearly-whites we giddily stepped into my steaming hot shower. Soaping each other from head to toe with gardenia-scented body wash is as about as sensual as it gets. I couldn't get enough of the soft, soapy sea sponge caressing my new titties!After we dried each other Sis and Laurie taught Natalie and I the proper routine for keeping our inner beings just as clean and fresh as our outer beings."A proper douche each morning and after making love will keep you smelling sweet and tasting lovely!" Sis coached. "And this peppermint flavored douche Mom's company just developed will definitely put a wiggle in your walk!" she giggled.She and Laurie demonstrated by douching each other - - frontways and backways - - two successive eight ounce cleansing douches in each love receptacle. You do the math. Eight bottles each time they refreshed themselves. Twelve, if you added in the four additional bottles Natalie and I would now require. At that rate it might not be too long before Mom's cosmetic conglomerate went into receivership!When it was my turn I couldn't believe how tingly that peppermint liquid felt as it sloshed around inside my ... well, you know where I mean! I just knew I'd be feeling the tingle from that peppermint douche for the rest of the day. I found myself clenching my butt cheeks tightly in a futile attempt to relieve that constant, but oh-so delightful, tingle.When we finally joined Mom, Auntie Evie, and Melody in the kitchen, Mom greeted me with a hug and, "I see Elizabeth introduced you to our new peppermint douche, Dawn!" She had noticed my exaggerated Preteen Thong wiggle."Mmmm" I sighed, "What else have I been missing all these years?"After breakfast Natalie and Melody headed home with a promise to get together tomorrow. Likewise, Laurie and Auntie Evie, after tearing Patti away from her favorite cartoon show, embarked on that long walk across the street to their house.I embraced Mom and simply said, "Thanks Mom. I'm the happiest girl in the world!"I playfully rubbed my new boobs against hers to emphasize just how happy I was. The rest of the day was spent modeling each and every feminine treasure in my new wardrobe, much to the delight of Sis and Mom. We organized and arranged and re-arranged until everything was in its proper place. Mom's plan for Monday was to re-decorate my bedroom. Sis was already laying claim to my new wardrobe but promised I now had her permission to raid her closet anytime I wished."Isn't it nice to not have to sneak around anymore, Dawn?" she joked.~ - ~ -MONDAY MORNINGWhen I called Dr. Nados on Monday morning she gave me the green light to go braless, but warned, "If you feel any unusual tugging or discomfort put your bra on immediately."I promised I would and added, "Dr. Nados, with these new puppies everything is unusual! And I think the tugging I'm feeling is from Mom and Elizabeth! They can't keep their hands off me!""Get used to it, Dawn! Nobody's gonna be able to keep their hands off you!" After instructing me to come in at the end of next week for a check-up she clicked off.Sis and I dressed in contrasting outfits. We decided we really liked the twin look. The only difference between us was that my hair wasn't quite as long as hers.'Time will take care of that.' I thought.Well ... there was another minor difference ... and that was what lay hidden between our legs. Once my gaff was securely in place, anyone lucky enough to get a glimpse at the two of us wouldn't be able to tell. Oh, and by the way, 'Thanks Melody for having the foresight to buy me three gaffs!' I silently said to myself. The gaff I wore yesterday was drip-drying in my bathroom.Elizabeth was fascinated with my gaff and insisted on helping me into it."I've never seen anything like it!" she commented as she slipped it gingerly over my cock. When she yanked it back a bit too forcefully I squealed in moderate discomfort."Ouch! Are you trying to yank my cock off?" I complained."Sorry," she whispered, "I'm not used to doing this. I'll learn. And while we're on the subject, why do you insist on calling this pretty appendage your cock? You certainly don't look like someone who'd be sporting a cock. Not with these boobies! Boys have cocks. Girls have clitties! Or haven't you noticed?""Well, dear sister, I'm not cutting it off. So I guess I'm stuck with a cock. And I love it!""I love it too," she said. "But we should really get out of the habit of calling it your cock. It could be embarrassing if someone overheard.""Who's gonna hear us talking about my cock - - besides Mom and the rest?" I countered."You never know, Dawn. Girls whisper things about their clitties all the time. And sometimes nosey boys overhear. You're one of the girls now. You should really think more in girly terms - - like having a clitty instead of a cock."She made sense."And, if this is your clitty," she hefted and stroked my cock, err ... clitty, "then this must be your, umm ... your clitty-cuff!" She squealed delightedly at her own cleverness."Okay, okay - - I get it! Quit playing with my clitty and get my clitty-cuff locked up before I make a mess all over both of us!""As sweet and fresh as you are down here, I wouldn't mind if you did! ""Hold on a sec. I have to tell Natalie how clever you are ..."I grabbed the phone and, in seconds, had her in stitches over how Elizabeth had renamed our, err ... equipment.Before she hung up she cooed lovingly into the phone, "I can't wait to rip off your clitty-cuff and gobble up your clitty ... ..."Elizabeth finally secured me snugly. It was really an amazing sight. I mean the two of us standing naked in front of the mirror. Summer was just around the corner. I couldn't wait to shop for my first bikini.It was a warm day. I selected a very tight and very short silk lined lace mini-skirt in sunshine yellow topped by a hot-pink lace-trimmed satin shell. My top wasn't see-through but you sure could see my newly extended nipples protruding in the naughtiest way and my titties jiggling with every step I took! Did I mention I wasn't wearing a bra?Sis wore the same skirt and top only her skirt was hot-pink and her shell was sunshine yellow. Her bright yellow bikini panties contrasted with my hot-pink pair. Oh yes ... we definitely had the whole twin thing goin' on! It was going to be an exciting day. I mean exciting because it was gonna be such a turn-on for me. It was, after all, my first full day out amongst the masses. I couldn't count my trip to Dr. Nados' office as a real day out.My titties jiggled incessantly. The exquisite feeling Preteen Thong of my satin shell tickling my nipples was even more delightful than I could have imagined. My panty-liner was already doing its job. When I made my final mirror-check I was stunned that there was no sign of Dale! He had simply ceased to exist and a lovely, oh-so-cute teeny-bopper co-ed had taken his place!~ - ~ -Our first stop was the finest furniture store within a five hundred mile radius. It was an hour drive but well worth it. It truly was one-stop shopping. The store had everything I needed to completely re-do Dale's old bedroom into Dawn's new girly-girl boudoir. I picked out a king-sized canopied four-poster, two night stands, a five-foot wide kidney shaped vanity with a triple mirror and matching satin covered bench, and an eight foot long nine-drawer dresser - - all perfectly matched in a dusty-rose matte finish and gilded with gold trim. The full-length oval mirror on its own swivel stand was perfect to view my pretty self from just about any angle.I also selected cream Berber carpeting and several throw rugs with a dusty-rose floral design. The store even sold window treatments. I picked out Venetian blinds with two-inch wooden slats in dark-rose and contrasting pale dusty-rose swag-back chiffon sheers. I couldn't resist the matching five-foot hope-chest. Mom made me beg a little for that but eventually relented after she saw the effect my coquettish flirting had on our middle-age salesman. The discount he offered made the price irresistible. Hell, I even gave the geezer a long and lingering upskirt view of my hot-pink bikinis as I innocently writhed about while testing the firmness of the mattress! In fairness, I'm sure Sis helped too when she joined me on the bed and began playfully smooching me.The five hundred dollar tip Mom gave him guaranteed I would have my new furniture and all the accessories installed by mid-afternoon. As Mom settled the bill, Sis and I teased Mr. Johnson to the point that he was perspiring and gasping for breath. We kissed him on each cheek and squealed our thanks with girlish delight before we left the store. We left Mr. Johnson with a raging hard-on and some fond memories.MONDAY AFTERNOONWe hooked up with Natalie and Melody for lunch. The five of us spent the rest of the day generally causing all sorts of havoc at every store we went into. Once the sales folks figured out the sky was the limit for the two daughters of an obviously wealthy woman, they catered to our every whim. In my entire sixteen years I had never been treated like this! Now I finally understood why Mom and Sis devoted so much time to all these wondrous girly activities. At one store Mom, Sis and Melody had gone off to another department and left Natalie and me to our own devices.Natalie dragged me into the shoe department, grabbed me by the arm and, in a conspiratorial tone, whispered in my ear, "Watch this, Dawn."In less than thirty seconds she had the poor twentysomething sales boy flustered beyond belief as he tried ... really tried ... to fit her with pair after pair of the sexiest CFM sandals in stock while trying ... really trying ... to hide his erection . She made his task all the more frustrating as she wickedly spread apart her thighs. I couldn't tell which was tougher for him - - trying not to show the obvious bulge in his slacks or pretending not to look up her very short pleated skirt!"Natalie!" I said, as he was off fetching yet more shoes. "You're sooo bad! That boy can't keep his eyes off your panties!""Actually, Dawn, I'm not wearing any panties! He thinks he's looking at a real cooch-cooch!" she giggled. We were cracking up as the teenage boy returned and looked at us with an innocent though very embarrassed look. Any lingering doubts I had about how realistic our new clitty-cuffs looked were immediately dispelled!"I have to give it a try! It looks like fun!" I whispered.We excused ourselves and went to the ladies restroom. I wasted no time hiking my skirt and removing my panties and panty-liner. I was right ... it was saturated with the gooey juices I had been leaking since we left the house this morning. I decided to relieve my bladder as long as I was there anyway.And another thing - - ladies powder rooms are much more luxurious than the boring and purely functional boy's bathrooms I was used to. There was even a large vase of fresh-cut flowers. What a thoughtful touch!We touched up our make-up and, as an after-thought, I added a touch of clear lip gloss to my faux pus, err ... cooch-cooch. ((I really have to get out of the habit of using disgusting 'boy' language!)) I knew it would add a glistening sheen which would certainly catch the eye of our hapless sales boy. On the way back to shoe heaven I stopped at a small candy kiosk and bought a pink lollipop. It didn't exactly look like a penis - - but its six inch long cylindrical shape was close enough.As we walked back to shoe boy I began licking it lewdly."Dawn," Natalie chastised, "you're not gonna tease that poor boy with that! Are you? You slut! You are!"We returned to the shoe department to further torment our unsuspecting victim. And I was licking that lollipop like it was the last penis on earth! "Actually" I said, as I coyly batted my lashes at him, "Do you think I could try on a few pairs of shoes, too? You know, a girl just can't have too many shoes." I purred. "I even need a separate closet just to hold all the shoes I have!"I seductively licked the tip of my lollipop as I looked directly into his eyes. He furiously licked his lips! His eyes were darting back and forth from my protruding nipples to the hem of my mini. Talk about R.E.M.! He might just as well have been wearing a billboard on his chest announcing to the world that he was about to be treated to his second upskirt in less than fifteen minutes!"No problem, miss." he said, a little too eagerly. "Glad to be of assistance. Have a seat right here. I'll be right back. Size five?" he asked, accurately gauging the size of my tiny feet.He came back with at least a dozen boxes of shoes stacked in his arms. I was sitting with my legs demurely crossed, my short skirt pulled down modestly, and sucking my lolli for all I was worth as he removed my right shoe. He looked a little disappointed, poor thing! His gentle caress on my calf actually felt nice. I shivered. I slowly uncrossed my leg to allow him access to my other shoe. I let my skirt ride up higher on my thighs!His eyes just about popped out of his skull when he realized I wasn't wearing any panties either! Natalie was standing just behind him, pretending to look at a table display. It was all she could do to stifle her giggles when she saw how I was torturing the poor boy. It was Preteen Thong all I could do to keep a straight and innocent look on my face.I really put him through his paces as I had him fit me with practically every shoe in stock. With each new pair I'd uncross my legs and spread my thighs as far apart as my tight mini would permit. I'd lean forward pretending to look down at my feet. Sitting slightly below the level of my knees he had a perfect view! He was licking his lips incessantly and sweating profusely!I thought he would faint dead-away when Natalie innocently rested her hand on his shoulder to look down at one pair I had just donned. He almost jumped out of his skin thinking he was busted for lewdly staring at my naked nether lips. I still wanted to try on another four or five pair. I wasn't sure he had the stamina to keep up with the onslaught of sensations he was experiencing. He had never had an upskirt show like this! Not even in his wildest fantasies!Mom, Sis, and Melody showed up while my performance was producing its most effective results. Not only did he have the most impressive boner tenting his slacks, but there was a delightful wet spot spreading across his fly! The poor boy had gotten himself off just from Preteen Thong looking at the treasure which lay at the juncture of my thighs - - just out of his reach! When they saw Natalie almost doubled over with fits of giggles, they knew exactly what I was up to.Naturally, neither of us bought anything and we left another victim with his hands clasped in front of his groin trying to hide what every woman in the department knew was there anyway!"Isn't it fun showing off your pretty lingerie, Dawn?" Mom asked in a conspiratorial tone.Paraphrasing Natalie, I simply replied, "Actually Mom, I'm not wearing any lingerie!" I added, "I better get to the ladies room and put on a pad before I have a wet spot as big as the one that sales boy had!""Dawn, you are a little slut!" she exclaimed with mock exasperation.Now I knew the joys of shopping.~ - ~ -TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAYThe rest of the week went by pretty fast. It was great fun setting up my new furniture and adding all the absolutely necessary accessories. Mom surprised me with three sets of silk sheets in pink, emerald-green, and virgin-white. All hemmed with the most gorgeous ivory, hand made Irish lace.With my new furniture in place and my wardrobe settled in, Sis, Laurie, Natalie, and I decided to spend our time hanging out at the nearby shopping center. With the three of them as my mentors I quickly learned the art of driving boys wild with desire and making them believe my desires were really theirs. We had yet to come up with a game plan for dealing with the sudden appearance of Dawn or how we planned to explain the equally sudden departure of Dale.The first time we met up with about a half-dozen kids Sis casually introduced me as her sister.Her SISTER!?!?'Everyone knows Sis doesn't have a sister ... what's she doing?' I thought with a little panic starting to well-up in my gut.Just as casually, like she was telling them the time of day, she went on to say that I, Dawn, had been kidnapped by our mother's ex-husband shortly after I was born and had been living in South America all these years. It was only a week ago that our mother had finally located me outside of Santiago and had sent a squadron of P.I.'s to rescue me!'My god, what an imagination! Will anyone with even half a brain buy this line of crap?' I wondered.When they asked about me ... I mean, Dale ... Sis said Mom had worked out an agreement with her EX ... an exchange of sorts. Dale wasn't all that happy living in an all-female household and thought that living with his biological father would be worth trying. She finally satisfied everyone's curiosity Preteen Thong by concluding with the vague suggestion that Dale would probably be back for visits from time to time.In Preteen Thong less than thirty seconds Sis had managed to effectively erase the existence of Dale and magically incarnate Dawn!'That's my Sis!' Preteen Thong My chest swelled with love and pride! It was such an outrageous story, how could anyone NOT believe it!We spent Preteen Thong each night at one of our homes. Mostly we spent evenings at our house. It was just too much fun hanging out in my new girly boudoir. Sis, Laurie, Natalie and I became the fearsome foursome. Everyday Dawn made new friends - - boys and girls alike gravitated to our little group. The boys, especially, wanted to be with us - - even those with girlfriends. Especially after we made it clear that we weren't interested in breaking apart any relationships. They all wanted to hang with us. Being popular can be sooo addicting.I have to admit that I got an incredible rush flirting with boys and twisting them around my little finger! I'd playfully let them hold my hand, touch my shoulders, put their arm around my waist, and even pat my butt! Boys would just drool over my titties. I loved wearing low-cut tops which showcased my substantial cleavage. I had learned my lessons well from Sis, Laurie, and Natalie!WEDNESDAY NIGHTOn Wednesday night Sis and Laurie had dates. Mom and Auntie Evie had plans with their girlfriends. I had eagerly volunteered to baby sit Patti and was thrilled when Auntie Evie suggested I invite Natalie to spend the night."Patti's had a busy day so be sure she's in bed by seven." she instructed over the phone. "Oh, by the way, feel free to raid my closet! That is, if you still have the urge!" she joked."Auntie Evie, I know I've gotten myself a whole new wardrobe in the past few days, but you still have the most beautiful things any girl could wish for! You can bet I'll raid your closet!" I kidded.Natalie and I got there about six-thirty, just as Auntie Evie and Laurie were putting on the final touches for their night out. Auntie Evie looked gorgeous as usual in a mauve full-skirted silk cocktail dress with a low cut bodice which emphasized her magnificent cleavage. The swishy hem was a seductive four inches above her knees and pouffed out seductively. She's such a slave to chiffon petticoats. Her black four-inch strappy sandals were a perfect compliment to that dress and her magnificently sculpted legs.She must have been reading my mind when she asked, "Wait 'til you see my lingerie, Dawn?"I only wished I had my digital camera as she seductively raised her skirts to reveal the treasures hidden underneath.Her virgin-white bustier was trimmed with the finest black French lace. The black garters lovingly gripped her silk seamed stockings and stretched them tautly to the middle of her thighs. Her skirts barely covered her stockings and garters. Her sheer matching panties barely masked her smoothly shaved love treasure. In fact, it would be tantalizingly visible ... if one was lucky enough to get a peek!"You like?" she asked, teasingly."Like? ... I love it!" I responded, with unabashed admiration."Somehow I knew you would!"Laurie was dressed no less tempting, though much less formal. Her mint-green fourteen-inch pleated flippy skirt just covered the welts of her stockings. Hell, they were on display with every step she took! The creamy lace top she wore was cropped enough to show off her belly-button piercing - - a lovely three diamond drop which glinted in a most alluring manner every time a ray of light bounced off it. She wore elegant calf-high calf-skin boots, in ivory, with five-inch heels.The two of them left with a flurry of air kisses, hugs, and loving admonitions of "Don't wait up for us!"Ten year old Patti was as excited as I'd ever seen her. It was the first time since my chest had been redesigned that she'd been alone with me. Her exuberance was punctuated as she constantly found reasons to hug me and, in the process, poke and prod my increasingly sensitive titties.I finally confronted her, in a sisterly way, and told her she could touch them all she wanted, "But, please, please be gentle! They're still sooo tender!"She whined and pouted as she insisted she wanted her own boobies. She was actually jealous that I got to wear a bra!I had anticipated her feelings of inadequacy and had come prepared. I reached into my overnight bag and retrieved a gaily wrapped package. As she unceremoniously tore into the expensive gift-wrap her eyes bugged out and she squealed with delight when she discovered the treat I had brought her.She held the tiny training bra to her chest. The look of pure delight on her face was something to behold. The pale-pink satin confection was trimmed with delicate white lace and had the cutest teeny red bow sewn between the ever-so-slightly fiber filled cups.Natalie and I were giggling uncontrollably as she begged to try it on, "Right now!"She slipped off the top of her pink Goldilocks nylon shortie P.J. set. Natalie and I giggled even harder as she struggled to get into her new contraption while trying desperately to keep the straps from twisting and tangling. She took offense at our giggles. Little did she realize that Natalie and I had suffered through the same frustrating experience as we tried donning our first bras!Of course my own experience was made all the more agonizing what with all the guilt I felt as I snuck furtively and alone into Mom's and Elizabeth's closets. At least Natalie hadn't gone through that! At Patti's age, and even before, she'd had her mother's willing encouragement."Patti," Natalie reassured her, "we all go through the same struggle trying on a bra for the first time. You'll get used to it in no time!"We patiently unraveled the tangled mess she had managed to create and watched as she practiced reaching behind and securing the single hook and eye. We Preteen Thong adjusted the shoulder straps until the pretty dainty fit her tiny chest perfectly. She was in absolute bliss as she pranced around the den, hands on her hips, and strutted like a would-be lingerie model. She put her top back on and marveled at the sight of her new bra peeking through the diaphanous material of her P.J.'s. She lovingly fingered the satin cups and straps just the way I had done when I was her age. What a thrill it was to re-live the experience of wearing my first bra through Patti's eyes!We let her enjoy the moment as the three of us snacked on the fruit and cheese platter Laurie had so thoughtfully left out. Eventually it was bedtime. We put Patti to bed and kissed her good night. Naturally, she insisted on sleeping in her bra! We waited long enough to insure she was sleeping soundly. It didn't take long. Her new bra was better than any sedative medical science had ever come up with!Natalie smiled warmly and hugged me tightly. "That was sooo sweet, Dawn! You've made her the happiest little girl in the world!"Playing dress-up seemed like a good idea to me and Natalie."After all, if Evie and Laurie can dress up like that for their dates ... why shouldn't we?" Natalie suggested.She had that playful, come-hither look on her face and that seductive tone in her voice which I found so irresistible. We agreed to surprise one another. I made a bee-line for Auntie Evie's bedroom - - Natalie headed off to Laurie's.An hour later we were passionately embracing each other in the den. I had rooted out the most delectable emerald-green satin brocade floor-length sheath. The bodice was designed to provide the necessary support for my new C-cups without a bra. It hugged me like a second skin! I could have added one of Auntie Evie's constricting corsets but my twenty-two inch waist really didn't require one.Instead, I selected a black satin lace-trimmed garter belt, worn underneath a pair of black-on-black silk bikinis. I suspected I wouldn't be wearing panties for very long and didn't want to waste time unclasping my garters! Good fashion sense dictated opera-length black nylons. My gown was already lined with the most delicate Chinese silk so I eschewed a chemise or slip. I found a pair of five-inch open-toe pumps covered in the same material as my gown. No clitty-cuff tonight! Tonight was for seduction, sensuality, and sex!Natalie was a vision! She had donned the wondrous lilac gown Laurie had worn to her junior prom. The skirt was satin and had a double overlay of lace over chiffon. Like my sheath, it was floor-length. Unlike mine, it was full-skirted and I knew she was wearing the three fluffy crinolines, also in lilac, which the drape of the Preteen Thong gown required to pouf it out to its fullest. Her taupe-flavored nylons would be tautly secured to a garter belt - - which color? ... I had yet to discover. Her titties were literally spilling over the bodice. Demure three-inch strappy sandals in the same delicate lilac adorned her tiny feet. She was, in a word, irresistible!We broke from the sloppy-wet passionate kiss - - giggling at the mess we had made of our lipstick. Holding hands, we walked to the bar and poured two glasses of Auntie Evie's finest Merlot.As we sipped our ambrosia, Natalie asked, "Remember Amy and Suzie from the mall yesterday? And how they were talking about deep-throating their boyfriends. Have you ever heard of it?""I've been meaning to ask you about that." I said. "What's deep-throating? I mean, I think I have an idea ... but I'm not sure.""It's almost what you think, Dawn ... but a lot more! It's a blow job, alright, but instead of just sucking a boy's Preteen Thong penis you actually swallow it! It's sooo much better for the boy and ... once you learn to do it right ... it feels sooo good in your mouth ... and throat! What a girl can do to boys' thingies just by squeezing your throat muscles drives them wild!""Natalie, the only thingy I've ever sucked is yours! I'd love to learn! How'd you learn to do it?""I thought you would, so I brought a few toys to practice with. You have to start slow. Wanna try?" She reached for her overnight bag.I was breathless with anticipation! As I sipped my Merlot, Natalie retrieved three perfectly formed flesh-colored silicone dildos and laid them on the coffee table. They were different sizes - - a six-inch long, half-inch diameter - - an eight-inch long, one-inch diameter - - and a ten-inch long, two-inch diameter!"How on earth can you actually swallow these?" I asked incredulously, holding up the largest."Practice, practice, practice, Lover. If you can do the biggest one, you'll be able to do any guy you want!"She took the biggest from my hand, dipped the tip into her wine goblet, and deftly slid it between her moist lips. She slowly pressed it further and further into her mouth. I could see her throat muscles swallowing and could see it expanding her throat as she engulfed it to the hilt!"You could be a sword-swallower in the circus!" I screeched in amazement. "Give that to me!" I demanded, determined to emulate her lascivious demonstration."Hey, hey, I said start slowly, Dawn! Try the smallest one first. But have a little more wine before you try it!" she insisted. "It'll help numb your gag reflex. Trust me!"And so, for the next hour, she guided and educated me in the centuries-old art of Deep Throat! At first I did gag each time the tip of the smallest dildo touched the entrance of my throat. With her gentle and patient guidance I slowly learned to start swallowing before the dildo touched my throat, to use my throat muscles to guide the dildo gently past my gag reflex, and to breathe through my nose. Once I had it deeply embedded in my throat I practiced massaging the head of the dildo with my throat muscles. I could only imagine what a boy would be feeling! What a sense of power I felt!An hour later, and two more glasses of wine, I had graduated to the largest dildo in Natalie's collection. I know my perfectly made-up eyes were glassy with lust and my lipstick was a fond memory when I finally gasped, "I want to try the real deal!"Natalie stood and I dropped to my knees. I lifted her skirts and petticoats and tented them over my head. I was in a satin and chiffon cave. There was enough available light that I could clearly see she wasn't wearing panties or her clitty-cuff!'How accommodating!' I thought, as I licked my way along her thighs.Her clitty was more rigid than mine ... if that was even possible. The fullness of her skirts made access to her eight-inch turgid monster a breeze.I slurped, laved, and nibbled the Preteen Thong object of my lust before finally wrapping my lips around the drooling tip. Just as my mentor had coached, I let the tip of her clitty reach my throat and began swallowing. As it slipped effortlessly past my gag reflex and gently into the depths of my throat, I felt Natalie's hands caressing the back of my head and my shoulders with the silky material of her skirts. That luxurious feeling spurred me on!I used the muscles of my throat to massage and caress the bulbous head and silken shaft of her love tool. Natalie responded by gently bucking her hips, causing 'little Natalie' to slide in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... !I heard her whisper in a husky tone, "I'm so close! I'm gonna cum! Oh Dawn ... I love you so much! I'm gonna cum!"I didn't need any verbal advance warning! I could feel her contracting and extending and getting harder ... impossible though it seemed! Instinctively, I backed away until only the luscious tip remained in my mouth, just past my lips, and she exploded with a furry!My mouth was suddenly flooded with her yummy, creamy, sweet, gooey cum! I swallowed, I gulped, I even remembered to breathe through my nose! I captured every last silken drop! Nothing escaped my lips! I savored her girly-boy juice as though it was my last meal! I kept at it until she began to soften in my mouth - - until she begged me to stop! Even then, I continued to lay tender butterfly kisses on her shaft and baby-pink silken sac.As I emerged from the silken cave that was her gown, she reached down and grasped my hands ... pulling me to my feet."Oh My God, Dawn! That was the most incredible, most earth-shattering, most ..." Her words trailed off.She kissed my lips, my face, my neck, my shoulders - - she hugged, stroked, caressed my torso - - she murmured tender words of endearment, the likes of which I had never Preteen Thong heard!She finally managed a grateful smile and said, "Congratulations, Lover, you learned your lesson well. The student has outdone her teacher! You're gonna make a lot of boys very happy!""I can't wait!" I exclaimed, fully intending to put my new talent use as soon, and as often, as possible! "What else do you think we can do with these luscious toys of yours?" I asked with mock innocence.She giggled and cooed, "I can't wait to show you, Dawn! I can't wait. Speaking of boys," Natalie suggested, "there's a new hunky delivery boy working at Angelo's. Preteen Thong Besides, I'm starving. I could go for a pizza. If you wanted to get in some extra-curricular practice, I'll bet he won't even make us pay!""Maybe not," I responded, "but he'll be the one giving us the big tip!"We placed the order. "Thirty-minutes or less or your order's free!" was the standard deal. While we waited I leaned into Natalie and began playfully fondling her gorgeous titties. They eagerly spilled out of her gown and I suckled greedily."Wouldn't you like an appetizer?" I asked in my newly affected husky tone of voice."I thought you'd never ask!" she squeaked, gasping for breath.I raised my butt off the leather couch and hiked my gown to my waist. Natalie had dropped to the carpet, between my knees, and was stripping off my panties. She nibbled higher and higher on the exposed flesh above the welts of my nylons. She planted soft butterfly kisses on my tiny ball bearings and my shaft. I loved the pink imprints her lipstick left. Her thumb rotated around its drooling tip, spreading my love-juice and causing unbelievable tingly sensations to radiate out to every nerve ending in my body.She finally engulfed me - - efficiently and expertly sliding it deep into her throat. As her throat muscles began to work their magic, I knew just what she had felt when I had done the same to her. Her slick, silken throat massaged and caressed my raging boner like nothing had ever done before. I was long over-due for an explosive orgasm - - doing Natalie had left me hornier than I'd ever been in my life!I was moaning, writhing, and sliding in and out of her wet and warm throat. She knew I was ready and eased her lips back so that only my tip was in her mouth just as a torrent of my luscious girly-boy love wine sloshed into the decanter that was her mouth. Like I had done for her, she swallowed every last creamy drop - - or so I thought.Unlike what I had done, she slithered up the length of my body, placed her mouth over mine and deposited my own juices into my mouth! We shared the gooey remnants back and forth until we had each consumed our fair share! It was truly one of the most intensely sensual experiences I had ever had!I had barely stepped back into my panties and straightened my gown when the doorbell rang. Natalie kept the delivery boy occupied while I applied a fresh coat of ruby-red lipstick. His eyes were popping from their sockets as I swayed to the doorway. His erection was already straining the fabric of his jeans just from taking in the exquisite vision of Natalie. The guy couldn't believe how lucky he had got!He had no idea how lucky he was about to get!Natalie was chatting him up in the most seductive way. And, as I took the pizza from his shaking hands, she was busy unzipping his fly. By the time I returned she was on her knees hungrily slurping on his virgin bone. He looked like he'd died and gone to heaven and did nothing to pull away from her hot mouth.After I hiked my gown to my thighs, I knelt down beside Natalie and growled, "Gimme!"She handed off his stiff baton which I selfishly wrapped my lips around. She was so right when she had observed earlier that I had learned my lessons well! His youthful rod slipped deep into my throat and ten seconds later he was jetting spurt after spurt of his virgin gooies into my mouth and straight down my willing gullet!"How much do we owe you?" Natalie innocently asked, as she stuffed his wilted bone back where it came from and zipped him up."Are you kidding?" He asked with a stupefied look. "This is my treat! In fact, I should be paying you!"He retreated to his tiny Yugo Cabrio and yelled, "See you next time! Thanks for calling Angelo's!"The pizza was fantastic, as usual. Angelo's is just about the best pizzeria in the state. The decadence of eating pizza and drinking a fine Merlot while so elegantly dressed had us alternately trying to act like women of the world, seductively touching and caressing one another, and giggling uncontrollably.We finally swished off, arm in arm, to one of the spare bedrooms. If the pizza was good, the sex which followed was incredible! As much as I adored taking Natalie deep into my throat, I loved the feel of her stuffing my boy coochie-coo even more! And we did find more uses for her lovely toys. As we engulfed each others clitties in a classic sixty-nine, we used them to simultaneously spear each other in the only other love holes available. Now that was a sensation I could become addicted to! About midnight we managed to make it to the shower and scour our cum-encrusted bodies.~ - ~ -THURSDAYWe woke early Thursday morning to the sounds of Patti gleefully showing off her new training bra to Auntie Evie and Laurie. When we got down to the kitchen all three of them were just starting to prepare breakfast. Auntie Evie gave me a big hug as she thanked me profusely for Patti's gift."That was so thoughtful of you, Dawn! She hasn't stopped nagging me since you got your boobs. She feels so grown up ... and she's even behaving more maturely! Thank you so much!"Sis showed up while we were having breakfast. Natalie, Laurie, Sis and I had plans to shop for outfits for the Spring break dance party at our high school gym on Friday night. It was a warm, sunny day. It was either shorts or a light weight sundress!Hmmm!I opted for a cute sundress and wispy net petti which I pilfered from Auntie Evie's closet. Not to be outdone, Natalie selected one of Laurie's short skirts and a matching top. Sis and Laurie decided on short-shorts. We headed out to our favorite shopping center.For the first time I became aware of the clickity-clackity sound of my strappy sandals as we walked across the parking lot. The warm breeze felt almost as good as Natalie's gentle caresses as it wafted under and up my skirt."My god, Dawn" Sis exclaimed, "I can see clear to your panties and garter belt through that thin dress and petticoat when the sun is behind you!"I was hoping for that reaction. The thin Egyptian cotton of my pink dress over the equally transparent lightweight net petticoat made for an especially sexy vision. The net petti was stiff enough to hold out the flared skirt of the dress in a most enticing way. My pony tail, high on my head, and my minimal make-up screamed innocent school-girl. My three-inch heels and suggestive lingerie screamed something else entirely.We hit every store in the center and each Preteen Thong of us found the perfect ensemble for the school dance. Mom had thoughtfully scheduled appointments for all four of us at Gigi's Salon. Next stop - - pamper-me-heaven!Was Gigi ever shocked when I revealed who I really was ... Shocked, but very pleased! She even dragged me and Natalie into the private waxing room so we could show off our brand new clitty-cuffs! Was she ever impressed! Even called in a few technicians for a little touchy-feely time. "I always knew there was something special about you Dale, err ... Dawn. I mean, the way you buried your face in all our fashion magazines - - not to mention that far-away look in your eyes as we worked our magic on Virginia and Elizabeth," Gigi commented as she playfully fingered my faux vagina. "I just couldn't quite put my finger on it - - until today, that is!""Looks like you've figured out where to put your finger, Gigi. Haven't you?" I tittered. "Mmmm, that feels marvelous! I'll give you an hour to stop!"She was teasing the tip of my clitty-cock and wantonly licking her lips. "If you think this feels marvelous, wait 'til you've been the recipient our all the services Gigi's has to offer."My first salon experience was everything I thought it would be. I had been accompanying Mom and Sis for as long as I could remember but only as a tag-along-son. I had never been the recipient of Gigi's extra-special pampering.Being the center of attention as the stylists pampered me was absolute heaven. My hair didn't need coloring - - its natural chocolate-brown seemed perfect for my complexion, according to Anna, my hair stylist. We did toy with the idea of going platinum blonde."Maybe for the summer," she tactfully suggested.The vigorous scalp massage as she washed my hair was invigorating and the scent of the shampoo and conditioner was sooo sensual! I loved the pampering as she set my hair in large rollers and enjoyed thumbing through the latest issue of "Seventeen" as I sat under the dryer's bonnet.Anna styled my hair in a sophisticated upsweep with wisps of curly tendrils floating down across each cheek. The style was simple enough that I knew I'd have no problem recreating it the next day - - with a little help from my girlfriends. Natalie convinced me to ask the manicurist for acrylic extensions. My new nails now extended almost an inch beyond the tips of my fingers! The three coats of fire-engine red matched the polish on my toes. The ruby encrusted toe ring I bought for my right middle toe really drew attention to my dainty feet.We bought a ton of make-up, lotions, and polishes ... mostly to pad the commissions our stylists worked so hard for. Besides, they only stocked products from Mom's company. We were now "officially" their four best clients! We should be! The bill for the four of us was more than a thousand dollars!Hey! Mom did tell us, "The sky's the limit!"The large food court in the shopping center was the perfect place for me ... well, all four of us really ... to hone our flirting skills. More than one boy got slugged on the arm when his girlfriend caught him staring at us. Actually, they were staring up our skirts or at our chests. Preteen Thong I know my own titties were trying desperately to free themselves from my skimpy demi bra and the low-scooped sweetheart neckline of my sundress. I don't think any of those incorrigible boys ever looked me in the eye! Even a couple of married guys were dragged from the cafeteria by their wives when they wouldn't, or couldn't, take their eyes off the four of us.One of the four college guys who butted in as we were eating burgers thought he had won the lottery when I accidentally laid my hand on his thigh for the five or ten seconds it took me to whisper a response to some sort of inane comment he babbled. When he insisted that I just had to give him my phone number, I did ... except it was the phone number for the police station in the neighboring town! We laughed about that all the way home.Boys! They're sooo easy! Easy - - but dumb!~ - ~ -FRIDAY NIGHTThe school gymnasium was packed. The four of us were dressed to intimidate and seduce the boys ... Okay, and maybe a few girls! The social committee had even hired a live combo to crank out rock and roll, latin jazz, and lots of slow romantic ballads. Shafts of blinding light bounced spastically off of the rotating mirrored ball suspended from the ceiling in the center of the gym. It was the perfect setting.My lavender silk mini dress Preteen Thong flared enticingly from my hips with the aid of a black, double layered, three-tiered chiffon petticoat. My well-tanned legs were on full display and were accentuated by my sparkly ultra-sheer nude nylons and my strappy four-inch CFM sandals. We had managed to recreate my hair and make-up exactly as Anna and the girls at Gigi's Salon had done. Natalie had even bought me a beautiful gardenia corsage which immediately drew roving eyes to my cleavage."You're Dawn, Elizabeth's sister?" I heard, as a boy approached me from behind. I twirled on my toes and came face-to-face with Jack Andrews, the star letterman of every major sport the school had to offer."I heard about you from some of the other kids. You're even better lookin' than everyone said. I'll just bet you're dying to dance with me."As good looking as he was, Jack Andrews was even more egotistical.Yuck!"You're a pretty smooth-talker." I challenged, as I strained my neck to look up at the six-foot-four would-be Adonis."Who are you? And why would I be dying to dance with you?" I gave him my most innocent look and batted my eyelashes.He introduced himself in a manner which implied that I had to be the dumbest bimbo in the gym to not know who he was! He grabbed my hand and swept me onto the dance floor without even asking!One dance wouldn't hurt - - would it?I did a perfect imitation of Sis' performance at the Dew Drop Inn - - except I was wearing panties! Even still, a crowd had gathered to watch us gyrate to the pounding beat. The girls were there to watch Jack. The boys were watching me! Well, they were probably more interested in what they could see under my flaring skirts. And I did give them plenty to see. With every step, every swing of my hips, every bump and grind, I could feel my chiffon petticoats caressing my nylon-clad thighs.I felt an especially sexy thrill when my silky petti swished across my panties and ... oh yeah! ... the naked skin above the tops of my nylons! I could feel my tight pink panties molding themselves into the lips of my faux vagina and cutting across my shapely butt cheeks. I could even feel that special squishy dampness in my crotch as 'little Dawn' drooled freely! Out of the corner of my eye I saw several boys pointing lewdly every time they caught a flash of pink panty or garter belt. The tantalizing show I was putting on had every boy bulging and more than a few girls staring lustfully at me as they possessively held on to their dates for dear life.When the song finally ended Jack dragged me from the dance floor and angrily complained, "Sheesh, Dawn! The way you danced, everybody could see everything! Not very lady-like, if you ask me! In fact, it was kinda slutty!" he lectured, in a loud, preacher-like tone of voice.He was the son of a preacher, after all. His Puritanical upbringing was starting Preteen Thong to show.I was momentarily embarrassed but quickly retorted, in an equally loud tone, "Slutty? You wouldn't know slutty if it bit you on the neck! If anyone's acting like a slut, it's you!"I patted the front of his tailored dress slacks which were tented out by his massive boner. "Now this is what I call SLUTTY!"He tried to slap my hand away in that Preteen Thong disgustingly domineering way a lot of jocks have. I held on tightly. The more I squeezed his boner, the redder his complexion got.With even more kids looking on, I went on, "Gee Jack, I was hoping to get you under the bleachers and do you 'til you were bone-dry. With that kind of attitude I think I'll have to find some other boy to wrap these lips around!"I gave him an I-couldn't-care-less peck on the cheek and gave his cock one last squeeze and spun away from him. A few of the on-lookers actually applauded.I heard one girl utter, "Elizabeth's sister sure doesn't put up with any crap, does she?"Natalie put her arm around my waist and led me to the refreshment stand. "Nice going, girlfriend. He had that coming.""The only thing that's gonna be cumming is his dick when he jacks off at home ... alone!" I retorted loud enough for anyone within earshot to hear.Not very lady-like, I know. But Jack, the jock, Andrews had really ticked me off. He obviously didn't know he was dealing with one of the fearsome foursome.Natalie cracked up.We headed to the dance floor to snuggle during a slow number. I had both my arms around her neck and she had her arms around my waist. Our clitty-cuffs prevented any direct stimulation of our clitties but our pelvic bones grinding together made for a very erotic scene. Natalie's LBD fit her like a second skin. Her blonde hair glistened in the reflecting lights. I wanted to devour her right then and there. As it was, I had let my hands roam from her neck to her chest - - gently pinching her protruding nips!A boy asked to cut in and gently took me in his arms. "Looks like you really pissed off Jack Andrews." he observed.I was as horny as I'd ever been."Shut up!" I commanded. "I came here to have some fun and didn't need any lecture from the-son-of-a-preacher-man!"My partner's stiff rod was trying to drill a hole in my tummy. It felt wonderful. Before the song ended I was dragging him into the girls' restroom.Sis was just coming out and I hissed, Preteen Thong "Stand guard! This won't take long!"I grabbed a few feet of clean paper towel from the dispenser and kneeled on it as he was unbuckling. Nine inches of man-meat was staring back at me. I hungrily took his rod into my mouth a slid it deep into my throat. I bobbed on it for about twenty seconds before he shot his copious wad, filling my mouth to almost over-flowing! I was really getting addicted to sucking boy-thingies and draining every last yummy drop!"There's no booze allowed here, but that was sure a great substitute!" I complimented him. "It actually gives me just as big a high as a fine wine! I love the taste of your cum!"Still on my knees, I refreshed my lipstick and, as an afterthought, coated the tip of his flaccid cock with my hot pink war paint."Something Preteen Thong to remember me by!" I added, smiling up at him as I tucked his monster back into his trousers.I had always thought a girl on her knees in front of a boy was a sign of submission. Now I realized how wrong I was. It was really the most powerful position I could imagine!I had been at the dance for less than thirty minutes and had already alienated the school's star athlete and sucked one beautiful cock. I didn't even bother to ask him his name!Sis smiled as we exited the bathroom. "Tasty! Very tasty!" I licked my chops.She just laughed and asked me to dance. We left a very satisfied boy standing alone in the girls' toilet with a fond memory which I fully expected he'd relate to his friends.I danced with Sis, then Laurie, then a couple of boys, then a couple of girls who turned out to be more interested in me than their dates. I snuck out behind the gym a few times to satisfy my ever-increasing desire for cummy-goo. By the end of the night I estimated I had sipped from the fount at least five times.On the way home I compared notes with my three partners-in-crime. Sis and Laurie had nailed a few boys each and made out with even more girls.Natalie had confined herself to sucking off two boys and added, "Dawn, you're the only girl I want!"She had her hand cupped around my clitty-cuff and was fingering my protruding unencumbered drooling tip.Mom, Melody, and Auntie Evie had waited up for us. They were thrilled when they saw how excited we were as we related all the events of the evening ... and I do mean ALL!I confided to my family how much I adored being a girl and couldn't imagine my life any other way. The four of us left our moms and went to my bedroom. Suffice it to say, it was a very, very long night as our m�nage-a-quatro discovered just how many combinations two cocks, two pussies, and four asses could invent!~ - ~ -SATURDAY AFTERNOONWhen not much else was happening on Saturdays most of the kids went to the afternoon matinee at the two-screen theater in town. This week we had a choice between a romantic chick-flick and a mindless action film. It was a no-brainer. Sis pointed out we'd only find the boys we were looking for at the action flick. Saturday matinee was more like a bordello for every horny teenager for miles around!Even though we had loved each other silly 'til the wee hours, or maybe because of it, we were still hot-to-trot. I made it clear that I was ready, willing, and able to suck every hard tool in the theater."I think I'm addicted to cum!" I moaned, as we entered the darkness of the theater where some inane Kung-Fu flick was scheduled to begin any minute."Join the club," they replied, almost in unison.Natalie, Sis, and Laurie commandeered the back row like they owned the place."Why so far back?" I naively complained. "We won't be able to see anything!""You've got a lot to learn, Dawn!" Laurie observed. "We're not here to see the movie, silly!""Oh yeah! That's right!"We sat in the back row, leaving an empty seat between each of us. It was a common practice for girls looking to make-out and an obvious invitation for any boy to join us. Before the first cartoon had ended, four horn-dogs had taken the empty seats next to each of us. I was in the next to last seat in our row - - leaving the seat next to the wall empty. I couldn't see the face of the boy who sat there - - I didn't really care!The second he tentatively placed his arm around my shoulders I had my hand wrapped tightly around his bone. I had him unzipped and exposed in less than ten seconds. I could feel the warmth of the pre-cum oozing from his velvety rod. He was roughly mauling my titties - - showing his inexperience. He was groping his way up my tight little mini-skirt, hoping to get to that little piece of heaven he knew was located at the juncture of my thighs. I let him fondle my nether lips through my panties for a few seconds but shoved his hands away when he got too rough."OUCH!" I loudly whispered. "THAT HURT! Let me do you! Relax!"I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. I had barely managed to get his six-inch battering ram into my throat when he lost control and squirted his yummy load! I wasn't particularly upset that he got off so quickly. It left that much more time to conquer the number of cum-suppliers I had in mind!I looked up into his glazed eyes and whispered, "That was delicious! Thanks!"I left no room for doubt that he was officially dismissed. He was forced to climb over the seats in front of us. There was no way he was gonna interrupt my girlfriends. Natalie was on her knees sucking like a vacuum while Sis and Laurie had their feet propped on the backs of the seats in front of them - - two boys on their knees greedily, and noisily, lapping their naked pussies!Hardly anyone was actually watching the flick. The sounds of slurping, sucking, and moaning could be heard throughout the darkened cavern. Before I could swig a couple of gulps of Coke to wash down the sweet and salty taste of 'Number 1's' cum, 'Number 2' was scooting his butt over the row in front of me and firmly planting his ass in the vacant seat. At least he was more gentle than 'Number 1'! His soft touch felt wonderful as he worried my titties. The low scooped neckline of my thin cotton tee shirt did nothing to interfere with the electric sensations his hands were creating.When he slid his hand under my tee and realized I wasn't wearing a bra, I felt his dick twitch in my hand. We kissed, probed each others mouths with our tongues, and groped each other passionately with unrestrained lust. When I begged to suck him off and swallow all the cum he could squirt, he gallantly refused to let me get down on my knees. Instead he raised the armrest separating us so I could lean into his lap. Unbeknownst to me, the management of the theater had graciously installed swing up arms between the seats in the last three rows! Of course I had never sat in the last three rows!I sucked him slowly - - savoring every creamy drop of pre-cum - - wanting to make it last a little longer than 'Number 1'. I could hear the sounds of three more satisfied boys leaving my girlfriends as I finally brought my 'Number 2' to a shattering orgasm. He was a screamer. Half the crowd turned towards us as he groaned throughout his thirty-second long climax! I gently stuffed his dick back into his pants as I licked a stray strand of cum which had escaped my lips. He offered to buy me something from the snack bar but I was too eager for more hot cum. I briefly wondered what a bucket of popcorn would taste like drizzled with two or three loads of gooey, creamy jizz ...'Maybe later!' I mused.I was just finishing 'Number 10' when the movie ended. As the lights came up I saw Natalie, Sis, and Laurie staring at me with big grins."Ohmigawd, Dawn, you're insatiable!" exclaimed Sis."Can we stay for the second feature?" was all I asked with childlike innocence.As some of the kids were heading for the snack bar I saw the-son-of-a-preacher-man, Jack Andrews, walking out with his arm around the waist of a school jock. I could tell 'cuz the guy was wearing a letterman's jacket from the school of our arch rival. Jack's hand was stuffed into the back pocket of his partner's jeans. He was squeezing the guy's ass! And his friend was groping him and nuzzling his neck! He saw me staring at him and quickly removed his hand - - an embarrassed and guilty look on his face."Omigod, Natalie," I shouted, "it's that Jack Andrews - - it's that GAY Jack Andrews! Can you believe it!?!?""Hi Jack!" I yelled. "Is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me? How's your dick hangin'? Or is your boyfriend holding it up for you?"I draped my arms around Natalie's neck and drew her into a passionate embrace. My hand snaked under her ultra-short flippy skirt and squished the juices which had collected in the gusset of her panties. Jack just glared at me - - his jaw drooping in embarrassed astonishment. He was well and truly busted!'If he only knew about my little secret, I bet he wouldn't be so high and mighty!' I thought."He really needs to be knocked down a peg or two!" I complained to Natalie."A lot of kids would love to see that, Lover!" she agreed. "I wonder what the coach and the rest of the team would say if they knew their star jock was a faggot and getting it on with the competition."I felt it was my solemn duty to make sure they knew. School spirit and all.I lost count of the number of loads of cummy boy-juice which were pumped into my tummy during the second feature. All I knew was that I still wanted more! By the time we walked out, Sis, Laurie, and Natalie estimated that I had done at least ten more! They were certain that I had done way more than any of them had. The fact that so many boys knew I was a cum-slut really didn't bother me. I knew I'd be willing to suck on them anytime ... almost anyplace! I really was addicted to that creamy, gooey, pearly nectar called cum!~ - ~ -SUNDAY MORNINGWe woke up early Sunday morning. After all, Sunday was church-goin' day. Not that any of us ever went to church ... at least not regularly. During the night, the four of us had hatched a plan which we hoped would bring a little embarrassment into Jack Andrew's life, like he had embarrassed me at the dance. And, by the way, expose him as the hypocrite he was!We had stayed over at Natalie's house. She had everything we needed. We would have been ready a lot earlier except for the fact that we lingered too long in the shower ... a little early morning sucky-fucky never hurt anyone, did it?We caused quite a stir as we walked in late to the First 'Whatever' Church of the Faithful. The church where Jack's father preached. The congregation began buzzing and turning towards us as we walked down the center isle to an empty pew in the very front row ... right in front of the pulpit ... interrupting the Preacher's passionate quoting of some obscure biblical passage.What the congregation and Jack's father saw were four seemingly pre-teen girls holding hands and mincing gaily to their seats. We had rummaged through Natalie's massive wardrobe and managed to find four of the daintiest, frilliest, and shortest Easter dresses Natalie had worn when she was between nine and twelve years old.Each dress was a different color - - Natalie's was pale mint-green, Sis wore pale pink, Laurie's was a soft pale yellow, and I wore virginal white. Ruffles, bows, frills, and lace trim adorned Preteen Thong each dress. The full skirts were made even fuller by the voluminous petticoats peeking out from underneath. The swish of our skirts even drowned out the monotonous baritone voice of the Preacher.We were perched atop patent leather Mary-Jane's with four-inch heels. Our ruffled ankle socks, worn over nylon stockings, only drew further attention from the bug-eyed parishioners. Our hair-do's screamed little girl - - all done up in curly tendrils and dripping with ribbons, and topped off by floppy, wide-brimmed Easter bonnets. Our perfectly manicured nails were shining like beacons even though they were covered by lace gloves.The Preacher paused dramatically as we seated ourselves in the front pew, theatrically spreading our skirts and crossing our legs in unison. There was nothing blocking the Preacher's view up our short flared skirts. I know he could see the tops of our stockings and our garters. We had practiced the seductively lewd moves at home just to make sure!As Preacher coughed and sputtered, trying to resume his preachering, I spied the-son-of a-preacher-man sitting next to the pulpit, directly in front of the four of us. He was wearing a purple robe, trimmed in red satin. It almost looked like he was wearing a dress. I smiled my prettiest little-girl smile and waived at him.I mouthed "Hi Jackie!" as I fluffed and fussed with my skirts.We were all tittering over the way our antics had caused Preacher and his son to lose control.Preacher turned to look at his son with an angry scowl on his face. The-son-of-a-preacher-man turned beet red.During the remainder of the service we did our girly best to distract Preacher and the-son-of-a-preacher-man by crossing and re-crossing our legs - - fluffing our poufy skirts to insure a perfectly adorable upskirt view. As if that wasn't enough of a distraction our pantyless crotches added further to their obvious consternation and humiliation.Humiliation, because it was painfully obvious to the entire congregation that father and son were more interested in what was under our skirts than anything having to do with saving their immortal souls! Preacher was sweating profusely as he tried to continue on as if nothing was amiss.When it was the-son-of-a-preacher-man's turn to read a passage from the Good Book the four of us went into over-drive! Preacher had taken his seat behind the pulpit and couldn't see our antics. Only Jack had a view of four clean-shaven glistening pussies as we spread 'em for his eyes only.And, just for the record, we did consider not wearing our clitty-cuffs but decided discretion was the better part of valor! Natalie and I held each others hands tightly. Sis and Laurie did the same. Each of us looked into the others eyes with lust. The message we were sending him shouted out, loud and clear, that we knew he was gay ... like us!We were the last to exit the church. Preacher and the-son-of-a-preacher-man stood at the exit greeting each and every parishioner as they did every Sunday.When it was our turn, Preacher wouldn't even shake our hands and sternly admonished us, "The sinful behavior of you four girls was quite inappropriate and unacceptable anyplace, especially in a house of God!"His face was red and angry.With the-son-of-a-preacher-man standing at his side and plenty of parishioners within earshot, I innocently asked him, "Is it any more sinful than your son squeezing his boyfriend's ass in front of all the kids at the matinee yesterday?"I decided a little embellishment wouldn't hurt. "Or more sinful than the two of them swapping spit in the front row during the picture show? Or calling me a slut at the school dance. When all the time he was the one parading his erect penis in front of everyone? Now that's what I call sinful, Preacher!"Preacher turned to his son. Spitting and sputtering fire and brimstone, he growled, "Jack! Inside! Right now!"And to the four of us, "I don't think it would be advisable for you girls to attend services at this church in the future!""Oh my, Pastor, that's not a very Christian attitude!" I said sweetly.And to the retreating Jack, "Bye-bye Jackie. See you in school. Bring your boyfriend and join us for lunch."I had no doubts that by the time school started back up Jack Andrews would have some serious explaining to do - - to his teammates and his coach.His father would have even more to explain now that everyone would know his son was the very abomination he railed against so passionately almost every Sunday - - a homosexual!I felt much better.~ - ~ -Sis drove us to the shopping center. "Shopping always makes me feel better," she said."Getting even always makes me feel better!" I countered.The center was packed, as usual. We made the rounds of the stores which carried all the latest fashions. After all, there was the outside chance that we'd missed a new outfit on our previous rampages. I did find the cutest pair of three-inch sandals which I knew would look perfect with my new paisley sundress. I had fun with the salesman, letting him peek up my skirts to his heart's content. I loved the way he stroked my calves as he expertly slid pair after pair of shoes onto my feet."See anything you like?" I asked suggestively."I like everything I see." He replied in a confident Preteen Thong tone."I see something I like, too!" as I rubbed my stockinged foot back and forth on his boner. I kissed him lightly on the cheek when he took fifty percent off the price of the shoes!"You're such a slut, Dawn!" Laurie accurately observed, as we walked into the restroom."Yeah ... like you wouldn't have done the same thing!" I reminded her.I was getting used to using public restrooms ... as a girl, that is. It was a little cumbersome this time what with all my petticoats and my full skirt. But I managed. I was freshening my lipstick when I felt Natalie's hand snake under my skirt and grope me. She was probing my boy-pussy and kissing my neck."I'm so hot for you, Dawn!" she whispered huskily. "Can I sleep over tonight?""I thought you'd never ask!" I said playfully.We hung out for the rest of the afternoon - - flirting with and teasing as many boys as we could. Since most of the kids elected to go home and change into more casual clothes after church, we made quite a sight in our Easter finery. We also got a lot of kudos from the kids who'd heard about our antics in church earlier.About ten of us decided to go to the bowling alley to kill time. I was never very good at bowling but it didn't really matter. The four of us were the center of attention every time we hefted the heavy balls and rolled them down the alley.Practice hefting heavy balls is always a good thing. Right?Every boy, and a lot of men, stood behind us as we twirled and swished suggestively each time it was our turn. Forget about strikes or spares ... we squealed with delight anytime one of us knocked down even one pin! The idea, of course, was to give everyone a view of the yummy lingerie we wore under our pretty dresses. <> Just about every boy was bent over in futile attempts to conceal their raging hard-on's which were trying desperately to burst the seams of their trousers.At about five pm Laurie dropped Sis, Natalie, and me at our house. She was going out to dinner with Auntie Evie and Patti. We found Melody and Mom sipping wine and snacking on cheese and crackers. The three of us went upstairs to change. It felt so good to slip into my comfortable satin nightie, a pair of silky panties and my new satin brocade robe. I simply couldn't get enough of that lovely, tingly sensation as the satin tickled my extended nipples."Are you two still wearing your clitty-cuffs?" Elizabeth complained as we stood admiring ourselves in the bathroom mirror. "You know, you don't have to wear them all the time? There's a time and a place for everything. Besides, you're so much more appealing without them." She had the most lust-filled look on her face! Shopping and teasing does that to her. Natalie and I looked at each other and began giggling. We did a commendable imitation of two strippers as we ceremoniously shed our robes, nighties, and panties before removing each others clitty-cuff. By the time we were naked we were rock-hard! Sis had stripped to her birthday suit, as well. The three of us began kissing passionately.Sis knelt and grabbed our clitties, one in each hand. As she stroked them she murmured, "I've always wanted to suck two of these at the same time!"Natalie and I were only too happy to accommodate. Sis squeezed our clitties together with one hand and began licking our drooling tips. Her hot, moist mouth engulfed us and her tongue began slurping around and between our two raging clits. Her other hand gently groped our testis. It didn't take long! We both simultaneously started pumping our creamy loads of gooey boy-juice into her mouth. Even she couldn't swallow fast enough! About half of it escaped through her lips, down her chin, and pooled onto the marble tiled floor."Don't let that overflow go to waste, you guys!" Sis commanded, pointing to the floor.She scooped up a large dollop and fed it to me. She did the same to Natalie. She alternately fed each of us, and herself, until there was nothing left to scoop. We couldn't leave Sis unsatisfied. It just wouldn't be sisterly! Using only our hot and juicy tongues we managed to satisfy her most basic needs before re-joining Mom and Melody for a delicious evening meal.It had been some week! No doubt the most fantastic week in my sixteen years! The most fantastic week any girly-boy could dream of!~ - ~ -My first week as a girl! Whew! It had been everything I dreamed ... and MORE! School starts a week from Monday. As Dawn, I was more than ready! Mom, with the able assistance of her army of corporate legal eagles, had been working tirelessly to arrange for all the documentation necessary to insure that Dawn's enrollment would be as smooth as the silky sheets which now covered my new bed.During the week leading to my first day of school Natalie and I spent several hours each day practicing every routine in the cheerleading squad's repertoire. She was determined to get me onto the squad. I had no doubt that the adorable outfit the squad wore would be exactly the boy-magnet I'd need to insure the endless supply of pearly, gooey love-cream I had become addicted to.Mom had also arranged for the fearsome-foursome, Sis, Laurie, Natalie, and me, to model her new line of cosmetics which were scheduled to be introduced. Besides being paid handsomely we'd get to keep all the cosmetics we used as well as all the outfits we would be wearing!Yaay!I couldn't Preteen Thong wait for school to start! I couldn't wait to experience life as the girl I had always dreamed of being!FINComments are always welcomed and very much appreciated.simonnedanielle1204hotmail.comIn the tradition begun by Fred Gingerman, one of the brightest authors to grace this site, and one of my favorites, I offer, for your perusal, my other stories on Nifty:"The Ranch Hand" - - TG/Authoritarian"A Boy Can Dream ... Can't SHE? - Part 1" - - TG/Teen"A Boy Can Dream ... Can't SHE? - Part 2" - - TG/Teen
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