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Related article: From: Edwin Gay Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories Subject: TG: "A Strange Turn Of Events" (Magic Trans Breast) Date: Sat, 7 Jan 95 22:25:40 -0500 A BIZARRE TURN OF EVENTS By Karen Albright PROLOGUE I awoke strapped to a narrow bed, with my wrists and ankles tied at my sides. The room was well lit, and absolutely empty except for me. An everpresent humming sound filled the air. I had been here once before. I could remember it well! I had been in this room just after they had captured me. This was the room that had started my various transformations from a man to a woman.! Why was I here now? Hadn't I already been transformed (slowly, and to my complete horror) into a woman? What could they be doing this time? Weren't they happy that they had changed a 6'5" stud into a 5'2" woman? Hadn't they been satisfied as they watched as I slowly realized what was happening to me, and then as I waited as the change inexorably happened before my eyes? What could they have decided to do to me now? Why me!!! Then Mistress Kathy walked in, gave me a shot without saying a word, and left as the whole world turned dark. PROTEINS ARE GOOD FOR YOU !!!! I awoke with a tremendous headache. Nothing felt right. As I rolled to the side, I felt different sensations throughout my body. "What had happened", I wondered? As I looked around, I realized that I was in my own bed at home. How had they gotten me here I wondered, even though it had happened before. I moved sideways to get out of the bed, and my body seemed to get in the way. I sat up slowly, and the changes began to be more definite. I felt a huge weight on my chest as I sat up. In the dark, I could see nothing, so I reached up to touch my chest. Suddenly, my hands hit something, where nothing should be, and I could feel them touching himself. I felt around, and was shocked to feel immense breasts instead of the pretty ones I had before. What had we done this time I wondered? I reached beside my bed and turned on the bedside light. Looking down, I saw the biggest set of boobs that I had ever seen. I could not imagine any their size. I stood up, and almost lost my balance as I moved to a mirror. I could not believe my eyes. My face was different, but that was completely overshadowed by the huge breasts. From the front, I could only see that they seemed to hang down way below the normal position of about halfway down the upper arm. I almost could not see my navel. Turning sideways quickly, I was even more astonished. they stuck way out from my body. What was I going to do? As I turned back to face the mirror, I looked again at my new face. My features were similar, and I had long brown hair, reaching to my shoulders. I looked further down, and was surprised again. my hips seemed bigger also. I looked on the dresser, and saw a pile of clothing, so I picked it up, and carried it to the bed where I sat down. Now I knew what had felt so strange as I moved in the bed, the immense hips and tits. The clothing included panties, panty hose, a bra, a slip, a skirt, a sweater, and high heeled shoes. Reaching for the bra, I was taken aback by its size (38 DD), then I remembered the size of my chest. I slipped it around my waist, to get it below my boobs, and clipped it. Then I pulled it around my body so that it was on straight. I tried to pull up the straps, but I could not get them over my tremendous tits. I thought for a minute, and then lifted one of them up, and put it into the bra. That let me get one shoulder strap on, and I did the same thing with the other one. The bra was a very tight, longline bra, and it barely contained the huge mammaries. The weight on my shoulders seemed tremendous. Turning sideways, the sight was even more bizarre. Now my tits stuck out like two huge nosecones on a missile. They had to be bigger than anything I had ever seen. The panties and hose were next. They felt smooth on my legs, and tight around my hips. I guessed that my hips measured at least 36". What a strange sight. The sweater barely fitted over my tits, and the skirt was very tight on my hips. The figure in the mirror was something else. It was a small boned woman, with a very pretty face and hair, but with breasts and hips totally out of proportion with the rest of the body. My measurements must have been 38-19- 36, on a 5'2" body. I was having enough trouble balancing the new body, and the high heeled shoes made the problem worse. I could barely stand up in them. What was I going to do? How could I go out in public looking like I did? I was a walking advertisement for sex. I slowly walked out of the room, still trying to get used to my new center of gravity. The bra straps pulled on my shoulders, and the hips swayed in the very tight skirt. The sight would have men chasing me from miles around. When was this nightmare ever going to end? I knew that I had to get to the clinic by noon for my daily shot, or the changes would become permanent, so I walked as quickly as I could toward the bus stop. The clock across the street read 9:00 AM. I could feel every eye follow me, and why not. I was a truly incredible sight in tight sweater and skirt with my measurements. As I walked, I could feel a tingle growing in my crotch. Now I was in trouble, Nude Loli Preteen because that tingle would quickly grow into an unstoppable desire for sex. I just hoped that I could get to the clinic before I lost control. As the bus passed a stretch of hotels, my time ran out, I could not wait for sex any more, so I got off the bus before I attacked a man on the bus, and walked into the nearest hotel lobby. My body, and my clothing, screamed "SEX". I had barely walked in before I was propositioned by a man, and I gladly agreed. We walked into an empty elevator and waited for the doors to close. In a minute, the doors closed, and the elevator began to move. Wasting no time, I turned to the man and kissed him. The man reached up and grabbed one of my huge tits and squeezed it quickly. The man was having trouble getting past them to even kiss me. Inside the man's room, we wasted no time undressing, and the man immediately began to fondle my tits. The man's whole head could practically fit between them. In a moment, the man was down at my cunt, licking it. I moaned immediately in ecstasy. Suddenly, I felt something pressing at my vagina, but the man's face was down there. I quickly realized that the man had his hand on my cunt, and the whole hand fit inside. What a wonderfully strange feeling. The wiggling fingers drove me to incredible heights, and I screamed as orgasm after orgasm passed over me. In addition, I could feel the whole arm moving inside me. The sensation was incredible. The man pulled his hand out and began to mount me. Now I was in greater trouble, but I could not stop it. I knew from my first transformation that getting sperm protein in either my cunt or my mouth would make me even hornier, which would lead to more fucking, and more sperm. The first time I was changed, the sperm protein had slowly made me change into a woman, what would it do now? How was I to stop all of this? Now, I could not. The man was thrusting into me vigorously, and we both collapsed in simultaneous orgasms. What a sensation. I had to do it again, and I did after sucking the man to another erection. This was only making things worse, but I could not help it, I had to have more sex, and more cum. It was like an addiction. The man again buried his face in the immense boobs just as I felt them begin to tingle, and the cycle started for a third time. I had to stop it, but something drove me on furiously. The man collapsed after the third orgasm, and fell asleep. Satiated, I got dressed. My bra and panties seemed even tighter as I dressed, but I was in a hurry to get to the clinic, so I just left the room. The clock said 11:30 AM. Just enough time to get to the clinic if I did not have another craving. At 11:55 AM, I walked through the doors of the clinic, and gave himself one of the offsetting shots. They prevented a permanent change, but I also knew that they accelerated the effect of sperm protein in my body. I was caught in an endless cycle of taking offsetting shots that accelerated the effects I had to offset. Mistress Kathy was not at the clinic, so I had no choice but to return home. Back home, I noticed that someone had changed the clothes in my closet. It was filed with new skirts and blouses that barely covered my exaggerated shape. The dresser contained a few of the large bras and panties, and panty hose. I could feel the tingling that I had felt before. The sperm protein was taking its effect. I became horny, and quickly found my huge dildo. I lay on the bed, and brought myself to five quick orgasms. The whole device fit up my cunt. I fell asleep, and awoke about two hours later. It was dinner time. My tight skirt and sweater were as subtle as a bomb. My huge boobs stuck out of the front like the bumpers on an old Cadillac. People seemed to bump into me accidentally, and I loved it. As I left the deli, a man passed me on the street. "A lot of sail for such a small ship". he commented. "More than you can handle I bet", I responded without thinking. I needed more cum. I could not stop myself. "Lets find out", he replied. "How about my place?" We walked there quickly, my breasts bouncing wildly as we climbed the front steps. Inside he did not even say a word. He closed the front door, immediately turned around and pulled my sweater off. He grabbed one of my boobs, and squeezed it sharply. The craving was getting worse, and I stopped being subtle either. I pulled off my bra and panties, and unzipped his pants. He could not believe that I was that aggressive. I was down on him right on the living room rug. I could not stop myself. I knew the effect of the sperm in heightening my need for cum, and I suspected that it continued to make me become more feminine, but I also knew how much I craved sex. I had a stomach full of cum in less than 5 minutes, and then I aroused him again. This time I pulled him onto me, and put his cock into Nude Loli Preteen my cunt. He was moving as fast as he could, but I was moving faster. We both came quickly, and he rolled off, but I did not stop. I was over him quickly, with my boobs touching the floor as I was on my hands and knees. They were tingling again. I brushed them against him, and he rubbed his face between them. I turned around and went down on him again. He began to lick my cunt. Within 10 minutes, I had him aroused again, and had a second load of cum in my stomach, as the tingling continued. He collapsed on the floor, but I would not let up. I sucked him for 20 minutes until he awoke, and then I had my fourth load of cum. Finally the urge stopped. He collapsed again, so I got up and left. Back home again, I got undressed, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of masturbating with the dildo. I knew that I had to get a bigger one! I awoke the next morning, still on the floor. My back hurt from carrying all of the weight of my boobs, so I took a long, hot shower. It felt great to let the water hit those large mammaries. I dried myself, and lounged around the house nude for a few minutes. It almost hurt to move without support for my tits, and they swayed against my torso as I walked around. Finally, I decided to get dressed to go to the clinic. I went to the dresser, and took out one of my bras. I hooked it, and pulled it up. It seemed very tight, so I let it down and loosened the shoulder straps. That did not help. It was still too tight. My tits barely stayed in it. I knew what was happening. The sperm protein was making them bigger. My hips were the same. The panties and hose Nude Loli Preteen were very tight. What could I do, I had to get bigger ones. Then the craving started. That meant trouble! I had to get to the clinic for my shot, but I was afraid that I would not make it there without some sex. I pulled the sweater and skirt on, with trouble, and Nude Loli Preteen left for the bus. Almost immediately, I did not care if someone was watching, I just needed sex. Again, I got off at the hotel, and went into the lobby. Quickly, I was picked up, and was in a man's room. Equally quickly, we had our clothes off, and we were well on our way to a climax. This guy seemed strange from the start, but he turned out to be really strange. Just before his first climax, he rolled off of me. "What is the matter?" I asked. I craved his cum. He said nothing. He just walked to the other side of the room, and opened his suitcase. Now I knew I was in trouble. It was full of leather straps and devices. In 2 minutes, he had me spread-eagled on the bed, strapped to the four corners. This was not good. I had to get to the clinic by noon. He took out a roll or rope, and proceeded to bind my huge boobs. He wrapped rope around them tightly. That caused them to stand up straight as he tightened the loops around them. Then he disappeared, and returned with the biggest vibrator I had ever seen. It was almost 4 inches in diameter, and a foot long. He stuck it up my cunt, and turned it on. It really shook! I quickly came to a series of orgasms. I moaned and screamed during each, but that did not reduce my urge for cum. "Fuck me!" I screamed. "Fuck me NOW!!!" He smiled, and removed the vibrator. Then he climbed onto my chest, and rubbed his cock between my huge, bound boobs. He came, and I contorted to catch every drop of sperm. I had to have it inside me. He laughed at my efforts, and then released me. I quickly went down on him again, and again, and again. Each shot of cum made me feel better, and made my tits tingle more, but I needed more. He finally mounted me, and shot a load into mu cunt, then he collapsed. Hurriedly, I got up, dressed, and took the bus to the clinic. I had to get a shot, even Nude Loli Preteen if it made things worse. I did not want the changes to become permanent. Mistress Kathy was there, and she laughed at me as I gave myself the shot. "What a set", she said. Then she measured my hips, and they were 39 inches around. She got me a bigger bra, and it actually was marked 40 DD. How much longer could this go on. How much bigger could they get, and let me live any sort of life? Mistress Kathy did not care. "Let this be a lesson to you" she said. "Breast worship can be dangerous." I could only smile. "Don't you wish that you were just the normal man that you were when this started?" she said. "Your circumstances will teach all who would cross me!" "Please change me back!" I pleaded, but she just turned and left. What could I do?. I quietly turned and went home. The tingling started again after dinner, but without the craving. I could actually feel my bra fitting tighter and tighter as I sat and watched the TV that night. The next morning, I awoke and dressed slowly. I stood in the shower and fondled my ever increasing tits. I lifted them carefully, and felt their substantial weight. As I walked about, I had to keep my arms further from my body to avoid hitting my hips. This could not go on I thought (How wrong I would be!). FOR ALL TO Nude Loli Preteen SEE I got up, and showered, My bra was too tight, and I could barely get each boob into it. The panties were tight, as well as the panty hose. I looked in the mirror, and was again struck by my bizarre shape. My 40-20-36 on a 5'2" frame would stop traffic. Then the tingling started, and I knew that the cycle was starting again as I Nude Loli Preteen rushed to the bus. I was able to get to the clinic before I was overcome with lust, and I gave myself a shot at 11:00 AM. Mistress Kathy saw me, and motioned for me to enter her office. "How are we coming", she said with a smile. "Often enough?" she laughed. I could say nothing. "I need you for all to see" she continued, and she motioned for me to come with her to the back of the clinic. I had been here before during the transformation. They had kept me here and photographed me during the torture of my first transformation. I had been kept in the room nude, surrounded by mirrors so that I was constantly aware of my changing body. And photographed regularly as a record on my changes. "We are making some movies today, and you are one of the stars", she commented. It turned out that they were making pornographic films of big breasted women, and I was to be one of them. I was undressed, and made to move before the cameras and continually fondle my tits. Then they had someone help me put on a skimpy, push-up bra that could barely hold me. It barely covered my nipples. I could feel the craving start. I had to control myself. Another woman fondled my tits, and then they removed the first bra, and put on another one that just provided support to my exposed boobs. They stuck out more than I had imagined. All the while, I was to keep moving to quiet, seductive music in the background. The movement, coupled with the second bra, caused my tits to sway from side to side dramatically. I was becoming more aroused! They told me to bend over as the camera ran, and both tits fell out of the bra. What a Nude Loli Preteen sight. They hung straight down, like mellons on a thick stalk, from my chest. Then the craving got worse. What could I do? They gave me a tight bathing suit, which I pulled on. I took each boob, and lifted it into the suit cups, but they could not hold them. My tits bulged out the Nude Loli Preteen side of the suit, and hung down toward my belly. The cameraman just kept motioning for me to move so that they would giggle and sway inside the suit. I held on as long as I could, and then I attacked the cameraman. "Fuck me, PLEASE" I screamed. Mistress Kathy just smiled. "Fuck me!" I yelled as I tried to rip off his clothes. Another cameraman took over as I began to pull his clothes off. He made no attempt to stop me. I quickly had his cock in my mouth, and I uncontrollably sucked him off. I was starting the cycle again, but I could not control myself. He came, and I rolled off of him and went after the second cameraman. As I bent down to suck his cock, I felt a needle in my ass, and everything went dark. I awoke in the empty room, secured to the table again. Mistress Kathy came in, with two other large women. They turned me over, even as I struggled, and tied me face down to the table. Then they slid something under the table, and my tits fell through an opening, and hung straight down. "You are now a 40FF" Mistress Kathy said. "Aren't you proud of your accomplishments?" "I just want to be changed back to a man!" I replied. "And have us miss all of the fun?" she responded. "Not yet." She gave me an offsetting shot, and then left the room. I was becoming uncontrollable with desire. A TV in the room played continual pictures of undressed men that kept my cunt dripping, and my nipples erect. I was crazy for relief in the way of sperm. I had to have some. Mistress Kathy returned. "Sperm protein grows on you, doesn't it" she said with a smile, "And you grow from it!". She walked to the door, and wheeled in a small table. From the table, she took a large object that looked like a kitchen baster. It was filled with a white fluid. "How about this?" she commented. "I need a fuck". I screamed. "I need cum!!" She walked in front of Nude Loli Preteen me, squeezed a drop on her finger, and put it on my tongue. It was sperm! I became frenzied. I reached out with my tongue to get more, but she held it just out of reach. "There is a lot here", she commented. "About 10 loads of cum. What do you think that will do to you?" "I need it!" I screamed. Ignoring the obvious implications for my body from such a huge amount. She teased me some more, enticing me with drops of it on her finger, as I thrashed around on the table, my huge tits waving wildly hanging under the table. "Mucous membrane absorption is fastest" she commented as she went around to my ass, and stuck the device in my cunt. "I need it" I screamed again. I could feel the rush of fluid into my cunt. How could it hold it all I wondered, but it did. Then, she put a vibrator plug into my cunt, and turned it on. "The orgasms will accelerate the absorption" she warned, and the tingling started almost immediately. I did not care, I needed sperm protein. I was addicted to it. I had to have it, regardless of the effect. The tingle in my boobs became intense. I looked around, and quickly saw a mirror that let me see myself, including my extended boobs. I knew immediately that I was in trouble, because there was a sort of scale on the wall behind me, and my nipples were reaching down to one of the lines marked '41'. Hanging down, they looked kind of skinny, but the tits seemed to begin to swell. The tingling got worse, and I began to orgasm again from the vibrator. Mistress Kathy just smiled as she watched me thrash on the table. Soon, my tits looked like mellons hanging from my chest. Then I noticed that they extended down to the line marked '42'. I was in real trouble now. The vibrator speeded up, and I orgasmed again, and again, and again. I was continually moaning and screaming "fuck me!" Mistress Kathy turned to the table, and returned with a device like a large glass funnel filled with white fluid. She came to the head of the table, and Nude Loli Preteen gave me another taste. It was cum. I went wild. She smiled, and put the device into my mouth. I immediately began sucking it. I had to have more. "This is another 10 loads" she said. I did not care, I sucked the device until no more came out. Now the tingling was more intense, and the vibrator was going faster. I had not eaten since last night, so my stomach would absorb the cum quickly. The tingling got worse and worse, and I finally passed out from the continual orgasms. I awoke in my own bed. The tingling was gone. What had happened I thought. I rolled over, and felt motion on my chest. Even on my back, my tits stuck up tremendously. I felt between my legs, and my whole hand could slip into my cunt easily. I was afraid to get up. Finally, I had no choice. I had to get to the clinic for my daily shot. What was going to happen? As I sat up, a tremendous weight pulled down on my chest. In a moment, as I sat up fully, I could feel them brush my lap. They were hanging down to my lap! I stood up slowly, and had to offset the weight in front. I walked to the mirror, scared of what I would see. There I was, 5'2" tall, with huge breasts. In the dresser, I found bras marked 44FF. I did not know that they made anything like that. I took one out, fastened it on, and carefully lifted one immense boob into it at a time. The weight on the shoulder straps hurt!. The sight in the mirror was frightening. The 44FF bra barely held my immense mammaries. They seemed to stick almost a foot out in front of my stomach. I found few clothes in the closet. There was a spandex leotard, and a knit skirt. I put on the panty hose (marked Q), but could barely get the leotard on. The sight of it clinging tightly to my small waist, and the immense boobs, was frightening. The stretch skirt made it look worse. The 5" heels finished an unbelievable picture. I was raw sex on the hoof. I was a walking advertisement for sex, If I could keep my balance on the high heels. I was surprised though. I did not feel the craving. I might be able to get to the clinic without another sex craving if I could get started. On the street cars even stopped, and people were not even subtle as they stopped doing whatever they were doing and looked at me as I passed. In the bus, my tits brushed against people uncontrollably as they bobbed and shook. At the clinic, Mistress Kathy laughed as I gave myself the offsetting shot. "Are you keeping abreast of events?" she said snidely. What could I say? "We want some more pictures today" she said. I had no choice. We walked slowly to the back, because I could not walk quickly. The photographers were there again, and we filmed essentially the same action as the day before. They had me putting on various different bras, but this time, the bras were much bigger. Then, they had me take them out off, and move around wearing nothing but panties. My boobs hung down, and swayed as I moved. They told me to lift them, and push them together as the cameras continued to roll. Then I was told to bend over so that they hung straight down. That almost hurt from the strain, and a sideward look into a mirror confirmed just how huge and round they really were. Then they started some other shots. They had me sit on the table, with my legs out in front in stirrups, as they put various items into my huge cunt. At one point, they had the end of a baseball bat shoved 15 inches into my twat. I loved the sensations. "Well, that is it." Mistress Kathy said. "We will see you all tomorrow." "I can't live like this." I complained. "Too bad!" was her only comment. "Get out of here. Oh, and don't forget your bras, you would not want those udders to stretch out any more" she reminded me. I left and took the bus back home. This was the first day I could remember that I had not been driven to bizarre sex acts to satisfy my craving for cum. All eyes followed me as I boarded the bus, and as I walked from the bus stop to my house. I needed food, and had to bare the constant stares as I walked into the corner grocer and bought a few items. Only the fact that they had changed my face slightly spared me comments from people who had known me before. I also stopped in a department store, and bought the biggest nursing bras that they had. They said 44GG. I hoped that they would fit without the constant squeezing I now felt. Inside the house, I took off the clothes, and took a shower. I could not move quickly because my huge boobs swung around, and slapped against my stomach, when I did not have a bra on. My nightgown looked funny when I pulled it on. My chest stuck out too low. Then, I knew that I would have to even sleep in a bra. I got out one of the nursing bras, and pulled it on. It fit well. I was fascinated by the dropdown front for nursing. It let my boobs hang loose, and yet provided some support and uplift so that they looked more normally positioned. I had to get some clothes that made my "assets" less noticeable. I read for a while, and then tried to get some sleep. A "NORMAL" LIFE I awoke the next morning, and planned to do some shopping before going to the clinic. I got to the store just as it opened at 10:00, and bought other nursing bras, and some loose fitting dresses. I looked like a tent in them, but it was better than the tight sweater and skirt I had been wearing. I also got some low heeled shoes to make balance easier. I changed in the ladies room, and went quickly to the clinic. Madame Kathy was not there, so I just got my offsetting shot and left. I had to continue these shots or I could never be returned to my male self. I left and went to a beauty parlor. My hair was a mess. They cut it some, styled it, and then died it dark brown, so that I looked less like a whore. At home, I looked in the classified adds, and found some jobs available near the clinic. I had to be somewhere that I could get the offsetting shots easily. One of the jobs, as an librarian's assistant, I finally got, and soon settled into as normal a life as a 44-20-36 woman who was only 5'2" tall could lead. A number of men made passes at me in the library. They were in awe of my tits and ass, and wanted a "piece of them" as one of them put it. I was afraid that I would start the craving again if I was not careful, so I always said no. My life settled into a routine of lounging around my house at night, maneuvering my arms around my boobs during the day, and offsetting shots at lunch. It was not a peasant long term outlook, but I had no choice. AT THE START I now had a chance to look back over the events that occurred since meeting Mistress Kathy. Needless to say, they were not pleasant memories. It had all started when I had written a short letter to the editor about women's' rights in a Nude Loli Preteen local newspaper. I had thought nothing about it, until I was parking my car in an outdoor parking lot next to my office. As I got out of the car, a very striking woman came up to me, and blocked my way. As I began to Nude Loli Preteen talk, I felt a slight sting in the back of my neck, and I blacked out. I awoke in the empty room, on the small table, restrained. I had Nude Loli Preteen no idea what had happened. The movement of air over me indicated that I had no clothes on. I lay for a while, and then the door opened slowly. Through the open door, an absolutely stunning woman walked. She was well dressed, with golden blond hair, and an incredible figure. "I an Mistress Kathy". she announced, "And you are mine now. I will teach you to be so condescending to women." she continued. "I will show you that you are not the STUD that you think you are." "What did I do?" I asked. "I do not like your ideas, or tone." she replied. "You will suffer for what you said." "But. I did not..." as she gave me a shot, and I passed out. I awoke in my own bed. What had happened? I had no clue. I got dressed, and spent a normal day at work. That night, I went to my favorite bar, in hope of a quick pick-up. Sure enough, I saw one of my favorite friends, and she and I were soon back in my house. We spent a wonderful night together, and I went to work the next day. My life continued normally for a week. I spent each night with one of my girl friends, and the day at work. I soon forgot the comment of Mistress Kathy. That Sunday, I noticed a strange tingling in my crotch, but I gave it no further thought. The tingling continued, and got stronger during the week, but I continued with my normal life style of spending the night with a girl friend. By Friday, I noticed a change. I seemed to always have an erection. Even after an orgasm, it would not subside. I thought that I was simply aroused, and went about my usual life. By Monday, I noticed that my pants seemed too small. My constantly aroused prick seemed to stick out of the top. I stretched my pants over it, but was occasionally embarrassed as It seemed obviously erect all of the time. Saturday night, as I left my car at the bar, I was accosted by the beautiful woman. Mistress Kathy. Again I felt the sting and awoke on the table. "What is going on?" I asked. "You think that you are such a stud." Mistress Kathy said. "I will teach you." She moved to my side, and removed a syringe from her coat. She stuck it into my arm and left. I lay there for a while, and then felt the tingling in my balls and prick. I looked down, and an immense appendage stared back at me. I had no idea my dick was so big. "You believe that you are hung like a bull? Well, you have not seen anything yet." she said. The tingling increased, and suddenly, I orgasmed, spurting sperm all over my chest. I looked sideways, and saw a mirror on the wall. In the mirror, I could see myself, and I was shocked. My dick looked to be 12 inches ling. As I lay there, The tingling got worse, and i orgasmed again. This time, I shot onto my face. I could not move, so I just lay there. A look into the mirror showed that my dick seemed bigger. What had she done to me? The tingling increased, and a third orgasm occurred, and a fourth, and a fifth. I passed out. I thought that I awoke in a fog, and the tingling was still there. As I opened my eyes, something was on my chest. It was my dick. It was 4 inches in diameter, and above my nipple level. Mistress Kathy came in. "Quite a stud. Hung like a bull now!" she said. "What have you done to me?" I cried. "You will see" she said, and she gave me another shot. "I have given you a shot that makes you absorb sperm in a certain way. The absorption Nude Loli Preteen suppresses your male hormone generation, and creates huge amounts of female hormone from sperm. In addition, it gives you an uncontrollable craving for more sperm. Once started, only I can stop the cycle!" I did not know how I might absorb male sperm though. "You may wonder how you would absorb sperm", she continued, as though she had read my mind. "I have fixed that. Your dick is now almost the size of a bulls. It will shortly reach your mouth. Then you can absorb your own sperm. I looked down in fear, and recognized what she was doing. My prick was now almost at my chin. As I lay there, I could sense it coming closes and closer, and I could do nothing to stop it. Within an hour, she gave me another shot. Then she reached for a small glass on a nearby table. It was filled with a milky, white substance. She put her finger in the cup, and brought it to my mouth. She squeezed my cheeks, and forced my mouth open, and put her finger into my mouth. I was helpless. I could taste a salty substance as she rubbed her finger on my tongue. She laughed, and left. Now I was alone. Then the tingling started again, and a funny craving for sex. I could not understand what was happening. She returned with a strange object, that turned out to be a vibrator. She pressed it into my ass, and up against my prostrate. Now I knew what was going to happen. The vibrator quickly aroused me to a climax, and the fluid shot straight at my mouth. I closed my mouth to avoid tasting it, I did not want to become a woman! . The vibrator continued, and I climaxed again, and again, and again. Now my face was covered with my own sperm. Finally, I could not breath through my nose, , and I opened my mouth for air. That was the end. I tasted the salty substance, and a large amount fell into my mouth, where I could not help but swallow it. The vibrator continued, and more and more fell into my mouth as I gasped and moaned from the climaxes. Then the craving started. I actually needed it. I licked my face to get more. I needed more. Suddenly, I realized that I could get it all, I just had to put my own dick into my mouth. I had to, I needed the sperm. I grabbed it with my lips, and held on as another climax shuddered through my body. Now I got it all. I fought not to loose it. I needed more. I licked my own prick to get more. Then the vibrator stopped. What could I do. That was easy, I licked my own prick, and shortly I came again, and again, and again. I could hear a voice laughing in the room. I looked quickly, and saw Mistress Kathy standing next to me. "You love it, don't you. You must have it, don't you. You will soon become an expert cocksucker. What kind of stud sucks cock? What kind of stud are you? I love it!" She laughed uncontrollably as I began to lick my own cock again. I had no idea how long I continued. I only knew that I finally passed out with my own dick in my mouth. What an ironical state of affairs. Now I was a queer. Now I loved to suck cocks. Now I had to suck cocks! I kept this up for some time. I would awake, and bring myself to climaxes until I passed out. I lost track of time. Then I noticed that it was harder to reach my dick. It was shrinking. I contorted to reach it. I had to have the sperm. Eventually, I could not Nude Loli Preteen reach it as it shrunk to a normal size. I began to moan, and the scream. Then Mistress Kathy came into the room. "What is the matter" she said with a smile. "What does the "STUD" want. How does it feel to be a cocksucking queer?" I could do nothing but moan. My supply seemed to be getting further and further away. I could not bring myself to a climax. I needed sperm. I passed out. I awoke, and was not restrained. I was in a ward with about 20 other men, all of them in similar hospital beds. I needed sperm. I had to have it. I went to the nearest bed, and went down on the man in the bed. He did not object at all. He just lay there until he climaxed. Then I went to the one next to him, and did the same. I could not satiate my desire for cum. Again, I finally collapsed onto my own bed after about 15 blow jobs. I then realized that my dick was no larger than it was normally. What had happened. I awoke in the bare room again, restrained again, as mistress Kathy walked in. "How is my queer stud?" she asked. "What has happened to me?" I asked. "Such a fool" she remarked. "Now that you are addicted, it does not matter. So that you understand my power, I will tell you. We hypnotized you. That was just a dream about your dick swelling to gigantic proportions. It was a part of our hypnotic suggestions to get you to suck dicks. Now you are addicted, and can not stop. Now the fun begins." She gave me a shot, and I passed out. THERE IS MORE CUMMING I awoke back in the men's' ward. I could not stop myself. I had to have cum. I had to suck cocks. I had to do it. I had lost my sense of time. Without windows, I had no idea if it was day or night,. I just got up, serviced the men in the ward until I passed out, and then rested. One morning, things seemed different. I got up in an unfamiliar room, surrounded with mirrors. As I showered, I felt a strange sensation on my chest. It was sensitive, and swollen. I ignored it in my rush for sperm. The craving was intense. I hurried out to the room of men. The next morning, I noticed the same sensation, and they seemed to be swollen. No time to worry though. The craving was intense. Soon, I could not ignore the changes. I had budding breasts. Her process was starting. The female hormone production was taking control, and I could not stop it. What could I do now!!! Over the next few days, a startling transformation occurred. My breasts got bigger, my hips got bigger, and my waist got smaller. Then my cock began to shrink. I was afraid of what was happening. I was becoming a girl. But I was hopeless to stop it. Each mouth full of cum made me more of a woman, and made me want more cum. Mistress Kathy kept coming into the ward and laughing. Finally, I could not find my cock one morning, but I could feel a slit between my legs. The final stages were occurring. I could not stop it. Shortly, Mistress Kathy came into the ward, and gave me a shot as I was down on some man's cock, then I blacked out. I awoke on the small bed in the empty room. She came in and gave me another shot. "Well, my dear. Now we can start again." she said. I stood up, and walked to the mirror. What a surprise. A completely different person looked back. It was s short, very attractive woman, with blond hair, a slim build, with well formed breasts and hips. A small triangle of blond hair between her legs. I was completely a woman now. "What will happen to me" I asked. "That is easy" she replied. You must receive a daily off-setting shot or these changes will become permanent. That will force you to come here daily to do my bidding" "Where can I live?" I asked. "Here are clothes, some money, and the key to your house." she replied. "You can go now" she said as she left the room. I got up slowly, and put on the clothes. The new sensations were wonderful. The hose against my legs, the bra holding my boobs, the skirt swishing against my legs, and the high heels on my feet. I was a very good looking woman. I left the clinic, and took a bus home. How could I begin a new life I wondered. As I walked down the street, a couple of men gave me longing looks, and one of them made a pass at me. I was afraid of the effect of male sperm, so I walked away without talking to them. I needed to get a job and earn some money. I soon found a job as a sales lady in a small store, and I began to try to live a normal life. It was difficult as I tried to learn how to exist as a woman, especially a very attractive one. Within a week, I became fairly well settled in this job, and was trying to live a normal life. Each day, I would go to work, get an offsetting shot at noon, and finish the day at work. At night, I occasionally went out with my new women friends, but always to a quiet spot. They could not understand why I did not want to meet men, and date them. I could not tell them, they would not believe me. One evening, they seemed to be giggling as I entered the bar where we met. They did not say anything special, but they seemed to have something on their minds. I was so tired that I eventually stopped worrying about them, and just enjoyed myself. Sally, a newcomer to the group, left the table, and returned in a while with drinks. We all thanked her, and kept on talking. In a few minutes, I became very sleepy, and quickly passed out at the table. I awoke naked, tied to a bed! "Where am I" I screamed. "With me" Sally responded. "What did you do to me?" I asked. "I gave you a hypnotic drug, and then suggested that you come home with me", she replied. "You see, Mistress Kathy had not heard from you recently, and she sent me to find you." "What did I do?" I asked. "I do not know", she replied. "I just do as I am told." She left me, and returned in a moment with a small bag. I could not see what she was doing. "What is going on?" I asked. She said nothing. She took something from the bag, and forced it up my cunt. I felt it slde into the uterus, and then something cold sprayed out of it. "Was that a douche?" I asked. "In a way", she replied. "But this was not water, this was sperm." "OH NO!!!" I screamed. "Why did you do that? Now I am trapped again". All that I could hear was her laugh as she left the room. I felt a tingling in my crotch and boobs, and I passed out. What evil thing did Mistress Kathy have in store for me this time! I awoke, strapped to a small bed, in an empty room.......
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