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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 21:35:25 -0700 (PDT) From: Aden Reynolds Subject: A Bike Built For TwoMy dad has in the last few years gotten a motorcycle and to Free Lolita Tgp be honest it has awoken in me amongst other things a desire to ride around with him. Originally I planned to get my licence at the same time and then we had excuses to go off together to go and 'practice'. It is at this point in my story I need to explain the back ground. I'm gay, I'm open about it but not flamboyant about it. My dad has always been a crazy sexy fantasy of mine, and I'd always hoped to one day make it a reality, if only for one mind-blowing session. To be honest I'd grown up thinking my dad is pretty straight laced, but over the years I know he is more open-minded and I'm hoping a hell of a lot more kinkier. He keeps suggesting I take a ride with him and to think all it could take to turn a fantasy into a reality is a helmet. So it is here that I leave the reality and tell you of my fantasy....Saturday night slowly turns into Sunday as I watch the digital clock tick over toward Sunday, knowing that Sunday may be the day it happens. As I stare as the digits I start to wander off into my fantasy, still not sure if I'm awake or asleep, all I know is I'm happy thinking about what might be. I was awoken by my partner making breakfast, by this time I realised I've done it, I've made it through the night, as really in my mind I'd built this day up to be like Christmas, and the nervous excitement didn't keep me awake... much. I can already feel it growing in my pants the thoughts of what today might bring. My dad had asked me to go riding with him, something I'd been looking forward to for a while. I also knew like other failed attempts at seduction, this may end up being a quick jaunt around the block and then home to watch some sport. But still, I longed for another opportunity. I was brought back to the now when I heard my partner's keys jingling in the door lock, now confirming his absence.I arrived at my parent's house about 2 hours later, hair perfect, clean shaven and smelling like some cheap male hooker, not that I expected my dad to notice. As I stated before I had also resigned myself into what today was likely to be like and more likely it will end with me using toilet paper to clean up my toilet back home, after a few quick tugs at what could have been. I was greeted by my dad as he was washing the bike when I arrived. Surprisingly, he was quick to state that mum was out at a jewelry party. I thought it weird on a Sunday morning but I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like this.My dad was actually pretty quick to get to get the bike clean, dry and ready to take out. He hopped on top of it and for a moment I thought that image alone would be all I needed, but somehow I managed to 'contain' myself. The next part was slightly awkward as my dad was never really a touch-feely type of guy, well he wasn't when I was a child growing up, that was for sure so I really didn't know about the proximity of where I should sit. I originally started right at the back pressed up against the metal bar, but thanks to gravity I did slide forward a bit. The next part was even more awkward than the earlier as there was now the option of a full on hug for safety or to hold onto something metal on the bike. To play it safe I chose the hug, well sort of I was only holding onto his jacket on the sides. To my joyous surprise my dad says to me while pulling my hands forward 'you'll need something more stable if you want to stay on'. So just as we were taking off I realised I was basically pressed against my dad with my hands inches from his crotch, maybe it was Christmas after all?We hadn't been riding long when we approached a train Free Lolita Tgp crossing, I intended on being a little sneaky here and decided that as we crossed it in the commotion I'd rub my thumb against his cock just for a second. as we got nearer my nervousness was enough to make me faint but I knew another opportunity like this may not present itself again, so I went for it. At first I had gain my balance as I knew that the equilibrium will be off kilter for a second and I tried to get myself in preparation for this so I didn't fall off. As we hit the first rail I felt the bike jolt and to be honest I was momentarily concerned I was going to fall off but soon n realised my preparation had come in handy. As we hit the next few I again let gravity, my friend take control and let my hand slide a little, until I rubbed what felt like the head. as we were coming off the last rail I was quick to replace my hand in its original position. Something about that experience though was whirling in my mind, Free Lolita Tgp was my dad hard?I thought about this question for the next few minutes, paying no attention to the road, all the while congratulating myself on my convert grope operation. I was so busy thinking about it and my findings I forgot my own reaction, I was hard as a rock. And now another thought entered my head, can my dad feel it and can I blame the vibrations or the excitement if need be? I soon got my answer. As we came to a stop at some following traffic lights my dad put his hand on mine, at first it was more of a reassuring thing, like a friendly pat, but then I also felt something else a gentle touch, a sensual touch, something I hadn't ever felt before from this man. As the light turned green my dad took my right hand and placed it just above his crotch, I knew that at that speed other cars could see so while it looked innocent I was starting to think the green traffic light wasn't the only thing saying to proceed.I kept my hand exactly where he'd placed it for about three minutes, still not entirely sure what to make of what was happening. I was so worried that if I misread the signs that the relationship we'd built over the years would be shattered. My desire for this fantasy was too overwhelming and I soon started to rub, what I was now certain was my dad's hard head. Even through his jeans I could feel it throbbing. Knowing now I was basically driving around 60ks an hour touching my dad's dick I was literally in ecstasy. Knowing also I was greedy and knowing also that this may never happen again I was certain to go further. When we came to the next set of traffic lights amongst moving my hand momentarily to higher ground, I told my dad to go to a known place, the yard where he's learn to ride, for I knew that this was a known toilet block for gay sex.As we pulled up neither of us said anything, more so I believe for safety reasons than awkwardness we made our way into the toilet block. I was actually surprisingly calm and controlled as my dad lead me into the last stall and locked the door. In this moment I wanted to do so many things with him but the one that overrode them all was kiss. We kissed so passionately and I felt his tongue lashing against mine and I held his head as I was slowly fading into the fantasy. Soon the kissing turned more sexual than sensual and my hands were down his pants feeling how absolutely huge his cock actually as. I managed to pull away from the kiss long enough to get down to put that huge piece of meat in my mouth. I was still surprisingly paranoid about security so I pushed him into the back of the wall, giving me room to kneel without my feet poking out while I happily bobbed up and down occasionally testing my gag reflex.My dad tapped me on the Free Lolita Tgp shoulder and I came up to be greeted with other aroused and sexually charged kiss. My dad then undone my button and fly and saw that my jocks with soaked with precum. He quickly pulled them down and then bent down to taste his son. He was down there licking every bit, even between the opening, making sure not to miss a bit of the sweet precum juice he was helping me make for him. I then signaled for him to come up and stand on the toilet. As he did I resisted the urged to take his now massively hard cock in my mouth and turned him around. There I went to licking his sweet hole. I was poking it and teasing it with my tongue making it want more and more. I spat in there then followed it up with a finger, I knew he was enjoying it as even though we were both conscious of our surrounding, he did let out a groan of enjoyment.He hopped down, being ever so careful not to slip, and then kissed me but stopped. He then got me to lick his finger and as I was pushing that digit in and out my mouth I was holding on hick cock, realising the special moment I was having. He took his finger out my mouth and while kissing me was fingering me between my legs. This time it was I that could not contain my excitement and I too groaned, unaware or even caring less about any spectators. My dad soon made the finger two fingers and was really spreading my hole open, really preparing myself for him. After about five minutes he took a seat of the toilet, and I could see his cock in all its glory ready to enter me. I slowly maneuvered myself onto it, and even though my dad had tried to prepare me for its size, it still made me wince a bit as it slowly went in. Due to its size, I had to wait a minute while I relaxed and tried not to cum thinking about the fact my dad was inside me. He was surprisingly understanding and just held me while we waited.I felt his cock enter the last muscle and I was ready. I tried so hard not to groan but the moment and his cock were both too big for me and while it was against my every whim to throw caution to wind I was bobbing up and down on my dad's cock, groaning in ecstacy. My dad ever so vigilant about not getting caught put his hand around my mouth. Not that I thought that I was into that sort of things but somehow it made the sex even hotter and I started to respond even more to his thrusts. I could tell by his movements and the slight noise he was making that he too was close. As I wanted to give my dad the best orgasm he had ever had I turned my head sideways and he started to kiss me wildly and crazily. With my spare left hand I reached between his legs and started playing with the outside of his hole. It was still surprisingly wet from before so I stuck my finger in and felt him jolt with excitement. I could now feel him three ways, inside me, against my finger in his arse and in his wild and crazy kisses. He was now getting faster as I too was fingering him faster and faster, until he groaned in my mouth and I pulled my finger out and then I felt a hot wet stream of his cum inside me, filling me and owning me.He stayed in this position for a while, and to my surprise I expected him to get up and act as if the last hour hadn't happened. Instead he reached forward and felt my rock hard cock and was pulling my so hard, all the while holding his hand over my mouth. I came instantly as this was literally a fantasy coming true and to be honest I was impressed I'd lasted this long. About 3 minutes after I'd cum, my dad suggested we clean up and head home. As we were aware of our surroundings we didn't stay too long there to clean up as we expected to have a shower back at his house. As we approached the house we realised my mother had returned, thinking quick I spilt oil all over his hands and smeared some on his neck, giving him an opportunity to have a shower. As he walked inside I could hear my mother's voice, not feeling bad about what we'd just done but seeing her today was not something I wanted to do. I quickly got back in my car when my dad ran back outside and told me how close he felt, and how special our new bond was, knowing my mother was in earshot by now I just winked and thanked dad for the ride.
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