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Lolita Cum

(2011-11-22 12:00:25)





Related article: From: Davey Subject: Story:A Bad Dad mm sex and cp Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 22:43:39 +0100 Organization: SwansThe usual disclaimers apply.Do not read if you are under 18.This is a new direction for me so any comments will be most welcome.A Bad DadIt was with trepidation I approached the house.Silly really as it was my own house.I am an adult male with responsibilities so why did I feel this anxiety?After all the appointment I was keeping was with my own son.My 26 year old son.It was the reason for the meeting that was bothering me I suppose.A year before I had asked him for a loan of a thousand pounds for my business.It was agreed that it would be paid off in twelve months and somehow I had not been able to pay it all and was now unable to even pay the interest.I entered the house.It was in silence.Slowly I mounted the stairs to my room.The stairs seemed steeper today for some reason.The usual one creaked as I put my foot on it and I remembered back to the days when my son had been heard mounting the stairs in the same manner.I wonder why that thought crossed my mind then.I crossed the landing and entered my room.Curtains still drawn.The room was cool.I had spent some happy years in this house and so had my son.I glanced at the dressing table as I passed to open the curtains.The old hairbrush lay there still.Suddenly the door opened and my son entered."Well Dad, what are you going to do about this money.You know that I need it soon for expansion, and I mean soon.""I am sorry,son, but I do not know.I have had some bad luck and also have been careless.There.You know now.You will get it and soon but not today or tomorrow.I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you.""OK Dad I accept that you are going to pay eventually but right at the moment I need some satisfaction mentally.Many a time you spanked me for carelessness and now it is time for the same medicine.Come here."He sat on my bed and for some unknown reason I obeyed him.I obeyed my son!!He told me to put my hands behind my neck.I did so without hesitation.His hands went to my belt and my thoughts went back more than twenty years when our positions would have been reversed.One part of my mind was saying"This is ridiculous" but another part said "Stand still.You need this"My belt was undone and my trousers were being undone.I had always spanked him bare.Was that his idea??I had never been naked in front of him.I could feel familiar stirrings in my groin as the trousers came down and once again thought back to my son in his teens.After the age of 12 he inevitably had a hard on when I removed his pants.I had used the opportunity of the spanking to examine him and to explain about washing properly and the normality of erections.Now his hands were at my jockeys.Would he??Yes he would.They came slowly down releasing my now stiffening cock.One hand cupped my balls.He wouldnt!!Yes he would.He was playing out the old scene.Next he would gently take hold of the shaft and with the other hand slowly pull the foreskin back to check for cleanliness.He finished his leisurely inspection and then pulled me over his knee.I felt rather than saw his hand reach for the hairbrush.Crack!!I bucked a bit.Crack!! wowee Crack!! I had forgotten the sting Crack!! Oh yes I needed this.Crack!! my cock was between his legs Crack!! and moving with my body.Crack!! my arse was on fire with a much needed flame.Crack!! then nothing....He stood me up and looked at me tenderly."That is the first instalment Dad.Now how about some of what I always wanted you to do to me when you spanked me." And he hugged me in his arms as I stood there half naked and kissed me full on the mouth.Of its own volition my mouth opened and his tongue touched mine.I was being kissed by a man and that man was my son.My cock was reacting on its own as well.As he held me in his arms I could feel it pushing against the roughness of his jeans.One hand came from around me and grabbed hold of it gently."Oh Dad," he whispered in my ear."If only you had shown some interest then."I was still in another world.This was drawing me along like a steam engine out of control.I had not had sex for a long time and never with another man.And this was my son.But I knew in my heart that this was to be."Strip naked,Dad," were his next words and he left the room.I obeyed his command as though he were the one in control.I stepped out of my trousers and pants and undid my shirt.Catching a glance of my naked body in the mirror I realised that my son and I were of the same build.He reentered the room wearing only a pair of very tight white briefs.In his hand he carried a small blue tube.I realised that the last time I had seen him naked was when I had caned his behind at 17 for getting drunk.He came up to me again and glued his mouth to mine.At last he let go and pushed me into a sitting position on the end of the bed.He took my head gently in his hands and pulled it towards his well filled briefs.I inhaled the aroma of soap and young man and moving forward tongued the outline of his young cock.Lick my sons cock??Suck my sons cock??Had I ever thought about it over the years??I really did not know but now I wanted it.I raised my hands and tugged on the bbriefs and as they slid down his cock appeared.Rampant.I gently tongued at the tip.It twitched and I opened my mouth to absorb it.I had no idea of what to expect.The silkiness was a surprise and the almost sweet taste.I had my sons cock in my mouth!!I took his balls in one hand and gently kneaded them.I felt a warm stickiness on my tongue.Sweet!!But before I had time to savour it the cock was withdrawn from my mouth.He stepped out of his briefs and leaning down lifted my legs and pushed them up over my shoulders.I was helpless,vulnerable,but ecstatic."Hold your ankles,Dad" he murmured to me and then lowered his head to my crutch.I felt his wet tongue on my balls.He gently mouhed them one at Lolita Cum a time.His hands were one on each cheek and I felt him spread them.As his tongue went into my crack I found myself wondering about the last time I had bathed.It was this morning though.His tongue wss now where nobody had been since I was a child.It lapped around my hidden site and I tingled all over.I could not believe that this was happening to me.Perhaps a whole new life was dawning.The tongue withdrew but was immediately replaced with a finger.This was more forceful.More intrusive!!I felt it push past the sphincter.The alst time anyone had been in there was when I was 12 and the school doctor had bent me over for a rectal.Further in and deeper.How did the boy know all this I wondered as his finger probed and explored.The finger withdrew and surprisingly I felt empty.But not for long.He reached for the tube he had brought in and taking off the top pushed it against my exposed hole.Cold and slippy.He worked some inside with a finger.Then I felt his cock at the entrance.It slid in and I winced as he leaned over me.Looking deep into my eyes he slowly entered me.Fully in he rested and leant down and kised me.I could feel his balls against my behind."Daddy,oh my Daddy.You never realised how I longed for you to Lolita Cum do this to me did you.?You took my pants off,examinedmy cock and balls and then spanked me and sent me to bed.You never knew how I longed for a loving touch.A kiss.A cuddle.Well that is all changed now isnt it??" and his tongue slid into my mouth and his cock started to slide in and out of me.No my son,I thought.I never realised how Lolita Cum you felt.And even if I had, would I have done anything about it??I suspect not.But now was different.He was a man as was I.We were choosing to do this thing together.I started to move with his thrusts and all too soon I felt him tense and then his hot seed filled me.The feeling was so intense and I was so excited that my own cock covered his chest with come.He slowly withdrew and moving me up the bed properly he laid beside me."Dad I love you," he said and took me in his arms.-- Davey
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