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Related article: Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 23:47:25 -0700 (PDT) From: CompactChub Subject: Kev / Part 4Part 8A week had passed after that night, and I was still feeling guilty. I won't deny though that it was the happiest time I had ever lived. I'm not even sure if I will ever be that happy again. I kept telling myself to stop being the pessimist I had always been. It even bothered Kev who would keep on asking me to lighten up, reassuring me that everything was Lolita Bbs Pics ok.I was slowly coming to terms with that fact. I had the most handsome boyfriend in the world and we were having the time of our lives. That week I was with him on the phone for more than 2 hours a day. We also snuck up twice when no one was around to start building our own private tree house. We had a no Lolita Bbs Pics touching policy. We were not going to do anything risky anymore. We also spent one hour at the arcade, but that was all the fun for the week. We couldn't think of too many ways to get away.School kept getting nearer. It was now only one month and one week away. More importantly, my mom was back from a visit to Alice's that day and mentioned that it was Kev's 13th birthday the next day not really knowing how important what she had just told me was.I was so excited, but I had no idea what to do. I couldn't go over, I couldn't see him. I needed to find a way. His mom was now really wondering why and with whom he stayed so much on the phone. He first made up and imaginary friend and said he was talking to him, but then she wanted to meet him so he had to say that he had fought with him. That made the phone even harder to use.I emailed him. It was the only thing left to do. I told him to meet me by the tree house as soon as it got dark that night. I told him I just wanted to tell him something for a minute and I would leave.I didn't receive an email in return but still went. The tree house was only two minutes away from his house, about 8 from mine. All it Lolita Bbs Pics had was a ladder and some wooden boards Lolita Bbs Pics that only surrounded it from three sides. It was more like a tree room, but I was mostly private and something we could call our own.I waited and waited. I was making sure nobody was looking so I could go back home. That was when I heard footsteps. It was Kev!He climbed up and we embraced." I missed you so much," I said."Me too""Hey look who's glad to see you," he laughed pointing at his arrow. I mean, dick."Hehe"I couldn't help but give it a little rub from the outside."Man you're making me way too horny, quit it please" he said."Awww it's just a little pre birthday present. It's not everyday you become a teen you know.""Heeeeey, how'd you find out? I was gonna tell you tomorrow.""You can't hide anything from me!" I smiled. "I know every little detail about you""Did you see that note I left you from the last time?""Nope where is it?""In our secret hiding spot right there"I looked well till I found the little piece of paper. It read " I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there when I needed you most." My heart leapt in joy."Awww Kev, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me".It really was.I kissed him so much. He stopped me before I got outta hand. I was lusting for him more than ever."I gotta go Alex, this is too risky. What did you wanna tell me?""That I love you and that tomorrow morning I want you to open your black bag; the second zipper. It's a surprise from me""Cool, you're not kidding me right?""Would I lie?""No. Bye. I'm sending you an email tonight.""Okay," I grabbed him for the last time kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Happy Birthday".Part 9 The next day was horrible. Kev's mom had a small party for him. He, a friend he had met that summer, his brother, Jack, an old relative, and my mom were there. Yes, my mom. And I wasn't there! I couldn't go. I wasn't invited anyway.I sat all day doing nothing but jacking off and wondering what they were up to. I was gloomy. It just wasn't fair.Well, it wasn't fair till Kev called! His voice made everything ok. All he said was "hi" and already I was feeling so much better. His voice was so soft, tender, and adorable."Happy Birthday Kev" I screamed."Oh my god Alex. You are the beessssst. I can't believe you bought me that watch. Thank you thank you thank you soooooooooo much. It's the best present ever. Mwah" he kissed the phone. He loved the watch."Like it?""Like it? I love it. I have no idea how you got it there!""I've been waiting to call you all day. They just wouldn't get off me till now. It's no fun without you, I wish you were here. What are you doing there?" he added."Thinking about you," I answered which was nothing but the truth."I didn't want to ruin this day for me and for you, but I have bad news Alex. My mom killed me with that news.""What's wrong? Talk to me.""Mom is sending us to camp next week for three weeks. I can't think of how long it will be before I can see you again.""No way. She can't do that. Tell her you don't wanna go" I said furiously."I tried. It's no use with her. She said I needed to see people my age and make friends.""We're screwed...""I know, but I'll email you from there everyday.""Okay I guess there's nothing we can do." I was now depressed like hell."I'll miss you" he said."I'll miss you too buddy, so much.""Kevviiiiiiiin come cut the cake," I heard his mom shout in the background."Go and be careful with the watch. If she sees it you're dead.""I have a drawer that locks up." he said."Have fun. Happy Birthday""Not happy without you..." he said and hung up. He was sad and I was sad. That last discussion tore us both apart. On my end, it felt like life would stop for a month. what next? I needed to be patient, but that wasn't one of my virtues. How could I not be with him for a month? They were going away for that weekend and then on Monday, he was going to camp. I couldn't see him for about 30 days. I had to live with it... Part 10 I did live with it. I wouldn't really call it living though. My life at that point had become even worse than before I met Kev. My room was messy. I smelled. I did nothing all day except log on to the net chatting with some old friends, telling my story here and there to the ones I could trust. On the net, things were simple. All you are is a nickname, you don't have to feel bad about yourself.I sent tens of emails to Kev's mailbox. It was only his first day at sleep away camp. I had to make sure he was fine and settled.He didn't answer the first couple of Lolita Bbs Pics days. "Maybe they didn't have internet access there?" I thought to myself. I worried more. I took pleasure in worrying, I sometimes wonder why.My emails became obsessive. I was like a paranoid mom who had lost her son. "Where are you? Please answer. Please answer" I wrote over and over again. I knew where he was, why was I asking?I began wondering if the reason he didn't write back was because I had sent too many emails. I thought that I had probably flooded him that he got mad. When I think about that now, I remember how stupid and immature I was. I mean only three days had gone by. That's hardly enough time for them to get settled in their cabins.I locked my door and cried. I was now realizing that I was sickly obsessed with the boy and that I should back off. I was making too big a deal of things. Maybe I didn't love him as much as I convinced myself I did. Maybe it all was because of the intrigue of forbidden love.I backed off. Three more days went by and I wasn't all worried anymore. I began to take notice of how weird I was acting, so I relaxed. I mean I loved him but he was at camp and there was no need for me to make such a mess of it. I ate better that day. I even slept better and slowly and day by day was getting back to sanity.I went out with some of my friends, something I hadn't done for almost a month. I decided it was the best thing till Kev came back from camp.It worked.I came back home healthy, happy, and relaxed for a change.At that time when I was all normal again and when I least expected it, I got mail. A week had gone by. I was anxious for it to open.It was a fairly long email. In the beginning he told me how much he missed me and how he couldn't email me till then because of the different circumstances at camp.He told me that he'd been reading my emails for an hour. He joked about it but it seemed to have bothered him a little. He added that he was fine and that I shouldn't worry, no one was giving him any trouble. He said I sounded worse than his mom when I worried like that. Then he began telling me about camp and how they all settled down. Obviously, he was really having fun because his words displayed sheer excitement. He told me about this and that and every little detail about camp and the new friends he met and how they were all shy at first. One friend he wouldn't stop mentioning was his cabin mate Chad. It was all Chad this and Chad that. There was one detail about Chad I surely did not want to hear about. As Kev put it, Chad was so cool, almost as cool as I was. Why? Because he knew all the cool stuff I did and they were now jack off buddies. He said they would jack off together as the beds were so close together and everyone was asleep. I was reading it all, but at the same time wishing I wasn't. He meant it in an innocent way, he was just being honest about what he was doing all day. I was the one who asked him to tell me.I was jealous. I couldn't believe myself, but I was, of a thirteen year old boy, Chad. All the nights I just sat there depressed, that ass was playing with my boyfriend's dick, I couldn't believe it, it was horrible.Kev had to add that I was still his boyfriend and he didn't like Chad more, they were just doing it for fun. I realized that Kev didn't know how much he hurt me because if he did we wouldn't have done it. He was too loyal. He ended his email with kisses bla bla bla and wishing I was having as much fun as he was.Yeah right, having as much fun. I was so jealous I wanted to be 13 again and enroll at that camp. I emailed him trying to take the Chad thing lightly. I said I was glad he was having so much fun but joked that if he and Chad got too close, I would have to find myself another boy. I felt like I sounded so perverted. I mean he was having fun with someone his own age, how weird for him must it be that a "guy" whose older wants him.I gradually got over the Chad issue, it was kids play.Four more days and I got another email. That time he sent one on his own, I mean not replying to anything I sent.It was all the usual stuff until he wondered what he should have answered Chad. Chad had asked him if he were gay. Again, Kev got confused. Matters like that troubled him most. Similar matters trouble me. That Chad was nosing too much into Kev's business and I didn't know if Kev would at some point say something stupid. Too many thoughts got into my head. I began to wonder if Chad was gay, which sounded possible, and if he would influence Kev. Mainly, I was worried that he would steal him away from me. After all, he was his age, he was fun, funny, and cool. I was pissed.The issue troubled me a lot. I had to Lolita Bbs Pics think of things from another point of view. What if they got too close and Kev told him about me? I didn't want things to get too out of hand.I emailed him right back that instant. I told him Chad would cause him trouble and it would be best Lolita Bbs Pics just to avoid and ignore him. I also told him that I was going to try and meet him up there.A minute later, just one minute, I got a response. It seemed he was on the computer at the time. "I can't say much I'm surrounded" he wrote, "but your coming here is a BAD idea. Lolita Bbs Pics Please don't come. I beg you. I don't want anymore trouble, especially not here. I'll take care of Chad, don't worry, we haven't talked about that anymore."He was right, but I couldn't admit it. I wanted to go talk to him if only for a second, just to let him know what to say and do. Jealousy played a big part in that although I wouldn't also admit that at the time. I convinced myself it was only for Kev's protection. Now, I regret what I did and thought, I was too irresponsible and too stupid. I had made my first mistakes right there. Part 11 Being the movie lover that I was, I always got ideas from them. I took a cab and went up to the camp late at night. I knew in which cabin he was from the way he described them. Of course, my small binoculars accompanied me. The camp was huge and well lit in many areas. I investigated everything from the entrances to the exits to the safe spots. I took note of when and how the counselors would go in and check on the kids. I figured out that at ten thirty the counselors would stop checking and go to bed. That's when three uniformed men patrol the camp. Either their patrol was too obvious or I was really good at what I was doing. I stayed for two hours. Their pattern was so easy to trace. None of them would be anywhere close to every cabin for about 10 minutes! In turn they'd move away from one towards another and each one in turn would be free of watch for 10 minutes once every hour. It was an hourly cycle I gathered. I was loving every moment of this. It was so exciting. No wonder I always wanted to become a spy as a kid.I went back home with the same taxi. I told him I had a party at a house a few minutes far from the camp and needed to be pickup up. I also told my mom the same except the detail about the camp. I was convinced my plans were bullet-proof.I got all ready to go again the next day. It was the same plan with another taxi this time. I arrived. Kev's cabin was the closest to the acres of the woods where we could get away and talk. I made sure for the next half hour that I had the watchers' pattern correct. I did and at eleven, I ran up quickly all around the border of the camp to enter from the woods. I was very punctual. I was in their cabin at 11:02.Getting caught was not an option for me as I had no backup plan whatsoever. As for Kev, I thought about taking his bag so that if he went back in and someone saw him, well, he'd be in trouble, but at least his excuse would be that he went out because he didn't want to lose the bag he forgot outside.I walked on air, very quietly. It was dark, I couldn't see a lot, but enough to walk carefully. I looked around all the sleeping boys till I found Kev. Next to him was the famous Chad. If I was ever jealous, it was nothing compared to how I felt when I looked at him. He was a very cute boy. Of course, nothing could ever compare to my Kev. Besides, Chad looked skinny like a billiard stick, but handsome enough to make my trip feel worthwhile.I put my hand on Kev's mouth and woke him up. He was so astonished and half asleep at the same time."Sssshhh" I whispered. "Let's go outside, I just got to talk to you for one second.""You're crazy. What are you doing here? You want to get us killed?"I put some shoes on his feet as he was trying to wake up and scream at me. I knew he wouldn't shout because everyone would wake up. I grabbed him with one hand and his bag with another and tried to pull him out of the cabin.He resisted a lot, but quietly, making sure no one woke up."Stop it. Go back home now. Please." he begged."It's all under control. Relax I know what I'm doing. We'll talk when we're out."He stopped fighting me. Some boys were starting to wake up. No sooner, they all were fully asleep.We stepped out of the cabin and I gagged him till we were out far in the woods after the five minute run."You're crazy," he said again."We already established that point,""Are you kidnapping me?" he asked really having no idea why I had gone to such extensive measures to see him. When I think about it now, there really was no reason. I was foolish. Simple. Love blinded me."No." I laughed. "I just needed to talk to you,"He looked very sad and angry. What I didn't realize was how scared he was."Why Alex?" he asked. "Why couldn't you wait one more week. Five more days and I'd be back. Why do you have to scare me all the time. I hate feeling scared never knowing who's gonna catch me and where. We're gonna get in trouble. I hate you Alex, I wanna go back and sleep.""You can't" I jumped.I stroked the boy's cheek. It was impossible not to love him. How could anyone look upon him and not feel deep love? Tenderly, I brushed the soft hair on his forehead. He was blameless. He was the victim of my perversity and I felt bad that he said he hated me, Lolita Bbs Pics even though I was sure he didn't mean it.I explained it all to him from how I found it all out to when we had to be back. It was 11:20 and we had to have him back by 12:10 at most."Awesome. You did all that yesterday night?" he was amazed and kept called me James, for James Bond. It was his favorite movie after all."Yep"I felt proud. He relaxed after all mostly because he thought the lost bag idea was a good one. But he was still expecting some super important conversation with me.Knowing that, I couldn't think of anything very important except for the Chad issue. The very honest reason I was up there was because I wanted to see him and feel him. I felt proud of having achieved what I did and now that I had survived, I was sort of lost for words."I have to know." I said."What?""Do you still like me? Or do you like Chad now?""No I still like you. I think Chad is an idiot compared to you.""Don't be stupid," he added. "No one could ever do the things you did for me."He felt offended by that question and quickly put his arms around me and his head dropped to my chest. He was so sensitive and tender. He cared so much seeing me sad and jealous. It was so sweet."I'm sorry I said I hated you. I don't I swear. I was just scared." he said kissing me softly."It's ok Kev, you were right. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it first."We had about forty minutes left. We sat down on the sand. It was clean and white as we were not too far off the water. Surrounding us all over were very tall trees.Kev got up and sat on me with his back to me like it was our custom to do. We talked about Chad and the camp. I missed him so much it felt like it had been years since I last saw him. He missed me even more when he remembered how good he felt when he was with and around me."I have a question Alex." he said looking at the sky."Shoot""Why does it feel so dirty and wrong Alex, what we were doing together before?""I dunno Kev, it felt like that to me too. Do you regret ever doing it?""No way, but ever since you put your fingers up my butt the other night at my house, I keep on feeling like something's missing down there. Like I need to put things inside. I put my finger inside sometimes but it feels like such a bad thing to do. Not bad in a kids sense of bad, but dirty and wrong. I tell myself that then I remember how good it felt. Why does it feel like that Alex?"I hoped again that he didn't feel how horny I was getting. I felt guilty, a feeling I was getting used to more and more everyday. It seemed to accompany my love for Kev. I had taught him stimulation and a feeling, I guess, he should have found out on his own. He was definitely gay. It would have been the same outcome in the end anyway I said to myself to feel better. Besides, I think a Dad's presence plays a big factor in kids and their sexuality. We both lost our fathers very early, and we both stayed with our moms most of the time. It only made sense."It's ok Kev, it's ok, please don't worry. Don't fight your feelings" was the only answer I could think of."I won't."I held him tight in my arms and kissed his neck. I got an idea."Kev, you got any suntan lotion in that bag?""Yeah, but what for, it's the middle of the night."That was the answer I wanted to hear. I grabbed the oily liquid bottle from the bag."Ooooooooooh, but Alex please, what if someone sees us. No don't do it" he got the idea but totally rejected it."It's ok. We're at least ten minutes away from everyone. we'll have fun for about fifteen minutes and head back to camp. Come on I only wanna make you feel good. I'm sure you want it and I love you, how can I not give you what you want?"I put down the bottle and set my hands forth underneath Kev's t-shirt. I loved the warmth and fullness of his back and tummy, the way they totally filled my hands as I gently grabbed the sexy flesh from top to bottom."What have I ever done to deserve you Alex? You're awesome."It was totally the OPPOSITE. What had I done was the question. He was all mine again. I felt like at that moment I had regained him from the arrogant but cute Chad. He felt good and happy and as long as he wanted me, he was my boy forever.I slid off the bottom part of his shorts, just enough to enter his crack with my fingers. I oiled my fingers and pushed open his cheeks.The position was incredibly uncomfortable, so we moved into one that resembled me spanking him. He slept on me as my first finger was ready to break an entry.My middle finger slid in bit by bit. Every bit my finger would go in his dick would get that bit longer. When it was all in he was fully erect."That feels sooooo good, like something inside me is tingling.""Well something is tingling on the outside for sure," I joked grabbing his pricklet lightly.I took it back out slowly and caressed his tender butt cheeks. I longed to make love to Kev one day. I wasn't sure though if I could Lolita Bbs Pics or ever would. At that same moment as my hand rolled around the soft white skin, I pledged to myself that my dick would not penetrate his ass before his fourteenth birthday. That way, I thought, would test my ability to control myself and my appetite around him, and would also test the strength and longitude of our love. Even at fourteen, I was sure the boy wouldn't have lost his boyish charms given how hairless and small his body was.For now it wasn't going to be hot passionate sex, but it didn't mean that what we were doing wasn't hot and passionate. I stuck my index and middle fingers together. I oiled them over again. I looked for the crack as he began to rub my groin from the outside of my jeans.Finger-fucking him was the next best thing to rubbing his tummy and chest. His ass was very tight and unyielding. As both tips were in I began to push them apart. I knew that with the correct preparation, his first fuck wouldn't have to be as painful as others."Could you like do it up in front. No! Deeper.... Yeah. That's it! Ohhhh Shit" he moaned. "Stop! Please go slower for a bit, I think." Kev exclaimed all drowned in lust.He loved it and kept asking me to push deeper. His ass muscles clinched my fingers more and more every time they worked in and out."I can't watch this anymore Tom," I heard from somewhere around me.I won't call it coincidence that every time Kev and I got up to doing some stuff someone would show up. Three times we had been interrupted but this time was different. This time it was a grown man's voice.Quickly I took out my fingers. They made a "pluck" sound and Kev said "ow". My heart wasn't beating, but I didn't freeze this time."Quick Kev run back to camp" I whispered as I looked around to see where the voice had come from.Kev got up and put his shorts on correctly. I stood up and Kev had already taken one step forward when he was caught from the side by a man. As I rushed to save him from the man's grasp, I was caught from behind myself with very very strong arms. The grip was so tight, my ribs were gonna crack. Still, I didn't quit wriggling and neither did Kev. It was hopeless though. Both men were much stronger physically. Kev was shouting for the man to let him go."what have we got us here Tom, some stray kids foolin' around?" the man behind me asked. The man holding Kev was dark haired and about forty."Listen kid" the guy named Tom addressed me. "If you don't stop wriggling I am seriously going to hurt you two here. Then maybe we'll take you too down to the police."I stopped immediately. Only the thought of him touching Kev scared the hell out of me. Kevin stopped too as he noticed there was now nothing he could do. He never stopped screaming till Lolita Bbs Pics the guy's hand came over his mouth."So what have you two naughty boys been up to? Don't you know this is private property?" Tom said with a little smile on his face. He turned Kev around to take a good look at him. Kev had yet to lift his face. He looked nowhere but to the ground."So you're the kid that was tingling just seconds ago. Shame on you. And shame on him doing that to you" he said to Kev who now had his face in the ground more than ever."Show me your face, boy" Tom pushed his face upwards. "Oh," he added and turned Kev around to the other man."He's one of our kids Hank isn't he?""Yep sure is, but this one isn't, too old.""Hmmmm. We've never see anything like this happen here before, so far from camp." he commented to the other guy. "What cabin are you in boy?" he asked Kev. Kev didn't answer."ANSWER HIM," the strong guy shouted like mad."Six, sir""Six. Yes. So many cute boys in that cabin. Shame most are faggots, shame." he looked at the other man kind of laughing. I thought at the time that it was the fact we were faggots was why he smiled that way. If I had known better maybe things would have been different."What's your name boy"? Tom asked."Kevin,""Oh Lolita Bbs Pics yeah, now I remember him" came the voice above me."How the hell did you did you get out of your cabin? Hmmm no matter now anyway. Kevin I'm the camp director and that over there, I'm more than sure you already know, is coach Hank."Kev nodded. I was going to throw up. It was too hard a situation for anyone to be in, ever. This was the ultimate mess and there was no way out from there."I'm sorry but we're going to have to call your parents and send that boy to the camp staff, they'll decide what to do with him." he said very assertively."No please no. Please. I'll do anything. Anything, but please don't do that." I cried out in despair. I was so doomed and so was Kev."Oh," came Hank."Please," I begged and pleaded. "I'll work at camp for as many hours and as many years as you want, I'll do anything you need, just please don't call his parents, they don't have to know." I was so worried about Kev, it was unbearable."No need, but thank you anyway," Tom said sarcastically," This kind of behavior is not tolerated and must be reported."Kev started crying as he felt the man moving him."Please don't tell my mom, I'll do anything." Kev sobbed."What do you think about anything Hank?""We could work it out," Hank answered."Ok boy, I'm convinced. We'll see about a behavioral modification for you" Hank said.My thoughts went all the way from camp chores to spanking to sexual gratification. Anything, I thought, but tell our parents. I was so wrong, I had no idea.Part 12They grabbed us and led us somewhere. I was sure it wasn't back to camp, but it was no time at all to complain. A few minutes, left and right turns later we are at a cabin house. It had two rooms and smelled a little. At this point, I could imagine what was going to happen, and I would try to block it out of my mind. I couldn't really, it was the type of things one reads about in dirty pedophile sex stories. I prayed to God it wouldn't be like that.The tough guy let me go, locked the door with a key and put it in his pocket."Let's get a few things clear up front," Hank said."One. The cabin here is sound proof. Screaming will get you nothing, except unpleasurable experiences. Two. Right now, Tom and I are not here, we are at our buddy's house Morris, if you guys know what I mean, for later on. So don't try to get smart on us. Three, we will live up to our end of the deal and therefore you will also live up to your end. I guess that's about it. Let's all enjoy a good night." he had a rye smile that would scare a ghost."Ok boy. Go in that bathroom there and get yourself washed up," he ordered Kev, "properly" he added shouting.We were tricked. They were never going to report us. It was only a game to them. Poor Kev looked at me in a look I now hate to remember. It brings back terror when I think about that look. It was so helpless, so sad, so guilty, so confused, so angry, all at once. I couldn't look at his face anymore. My heart was already bleeding. I was the one who had to come to camp. It was all me, all my fault. The guilt was up to my neck strangling me. I breathed like I was dying, an old man in his last hours.It's the main reason I tell you all this now. Guilt. It's so powerful a feeling. At times, the most powerful weapon known to man. It mixes fear with the shame of the conscience. I thought for a very long time before in fact deciding to write what happened that night at the cabin. It's not easy to bring back lost memories engraved deep down in one's psyche. It's the only solution now, to ease the pain. Maybe when it's all out in the open it would be easier. Only time will tell. Time, one of the things I sometimes wish I had less of.Kev took the towel and went in to the shower."Good idea, deciding we should go get a drink," Hank winked to Tom."We've also got you to thank" Hank pointed at me.He got a rope and tied it around me as tight as possible. By then I had already been kicked in the balls and could hardly move in my lower body. He pushed me to the floor and whispered in my ear."To thank you, we've decided to let you hang around and enjoy the show."He had to rub salt in the wound, like what I was going through wasn't enough. What about Kev though? I couldn't stop thinking about him. How scared was he in the bathroom. There was nothing I could do to help. I was helpless. I tried to reason. As I was about to say something to them, Tom interrupted."Why'd you tie him up, not your taste?""Boys aren't boys anymore at that age. You should know better Tom."He was right, but I wished so much that it wasn't like that. I begged again."Please, try me, I'm so good you won't believe it. I'll please you guys much more that he would."It was useless."Nah, besides your young friend seems to like it up the ass." Hank teased like the asshole he was."I'm gonna go check on Kevin." Tom said and left.A minute later Kev came out with Tom all nude except for the groin area he covered with his hands."Insides need cleaning, oh, and look, the cutey is shy." Tom said."Very handsome lil boy, maybe a little of that meat should be muscle though.""I disagree coach." he answered pinching some of Kev's flesh.Kev looked and saw me tied up then his face dropped towards the ground."Stand up straight Kevin, you might be a pussy but that's no excuse to slouch." Hank raised his voice and Kev did as he was told."Kevin, you better listen to him well, he was in the military and take it from me, there is no such thing as refusal to obey." Tom said calmly.I kept hoping Tom would feel sorry for Kev. He was the nicer of the two by far. It didn't happen though. Tom was as horny if not hornier than Hank."Yeah, raised at the military school and fucked every night. My time to do the fucking now." Hank exclaimed.My ears began to hurt. The words were too much to bear. They were talking about my Kev. Lolita Bbs Pics My handsome innocent Kev. Even I wasn't going to do anything to him yet, and now he had two men all over him. I was there. I had to be there. Fate would have it no other way, but to let me hear all that would be done to the person I loved more than life itself. I stopped looking at him. I wished I would become blind and deaf, even if it were for life. Anything to not experience that night.I prayed.I wasn't religious, but I prayed. It was the only sane thing to do in such an insane situation. I prayed that God would decrease his pain and maybe even throw some heart into those men. I prayed for forgiveness although I knew I would never have it. I prayed for Kev's soul that was being devoid of all things pure and innocent. I told God it was my fault. He knew but I had it coming for a long while. I didn't quit. No words can describe what I was feeling. if I tried for years, I wouldn't get it right.Meanwhile, I didn't know about Kev. How and what was he feeling? Everything I thought of hurt. I kept blocking out the ugly things and nothing but ugly would replace it.It began. Maybe I should tell you it was rape and move on, but justice wouldn't be served. It wouldn't be just to Kev or my conscience if I only said it was rape."You'd like your ass to be pummeled wouldn't you boy?" Hank asked."No need to answer I heard how much you liked it before. Boys like you should be punished for such indecent behavior and you and your ass will be." Hank tapped Kev's cheek twice right below the red watery eyes."What point was this guying trying to make to himself?" I wondered. Is he trying to make what he was doing right? I wondered how much of a moron this guy was. Maybe, his voice turned him on. I didn't know. I was so angry, blood filled up in my face.Kev was pushed down onto the bed. He looked scared. No. Terrified.Tom started to get undressed."Hank I want the virgin ass tonight, I'm dyin to get hold of that chub.""Dream on boss. It's my turn. Remember you had that Asian kid last week. Two for you, one for me. For tonight you go second." he laughed like a pig.Hank stepped over and grabbed something that looked like a long, thin, hose with a large plastic weird looking piece at the top of it. He greased the top with a lubricant he got out of his drawer. I shivered as I wondered what he was up to. Kev was on the bed, looking as beautiful as he was confused. Everything was perfect about him, his body, his nose, his hair, everything, except the situation he was in.Kev's feet were pushed apart as far as they could go. I didn't look anymore till I heard Kev let out a little noise. The hose was about two inches inside him and his face looked so pitiful..."I'm turning on the water now," Tom said.Seconds later Kev hade a huge look of discomfort on his face."Stop! he pleaded. "I'll burst!"They watched quietly as they let the water continue to flow into him. When Tom finally did close the nozzle, Kev let out a little sigh expecting immediate relief. He was disappointed. Hank simply unscrewed the hose and left the tip plugging him up."Please take it out!" Kev said. "I'm gonna split open!" Poor kid's guts were all filled with water."No, you won't. It's purified water and nowhere near enough to blow you up" Tom said. "You'll be fine for a few minutes. Then, we'll take it out and you'll be clean inside. It's a little ritual we've gotten used to, don't worry."Hank was all over Kev's tanned body checking out his features. Every time Hank put his hand on Kev, he'd hurt him. First pinching his nipples roughly, then squeezing his tit wildly, and finally grabbing his balls like they were bugs he was squashing."Little package you got there," Hank remarked, whacked it, and went to the other room.Hank came back from the tiny room with a whip, some cuffs, masking tape, and some more lubricant.without my realizing I let out a very loud "STTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP,""Don't hurt him," I continued shouting."Hank," Tom called. "Shut that kid up, would you?"He threw the pile on the floor and came over to me. I was generating all my power trying to get out of the rope. I was wriggling, shouting, shivering, anything just to stop what was happening.Hank kicked me in my balls again, gently this time, and put lots of tape on my mouth. That was it, my resistance from that point on was over."You better not bother us a lot boy, or then I'll seriously have to hurt your little Kevin. Same goes for you Kevin, if you care at all about this guy you won't nag or curse, or I swear, I'll kill him."Hank then yanked the plastic out of Kev's ass as the water exploded out of him."Drop down and give me 20 push ups boy, I'm looking forward to a moist fuck."That was strange. I wasn't expecting him to order that especially after a shower. Even Kev didn't expect that, and took his time getting down. That was to his disadvantage. Hank raised the whip and unleashed a really hard whip onto Kev's butt cheeks. I convinced myself that I was deaf and wasn't hearing Kev sigh out in pain."You wanna hurry that up a little, I Lolita Bbs Pics can't wait all night" Hank shouted.Kev's ass was turned towards me as he began his, well, whatever the shit wanted him to do. He was pretty fit, but not fit enough to do twenty push-ups with Hank's foot pressing down on his back. Kev's balls went up and down as he completed his first. At about the fifth, Kev dropped completely on the floor to take a breath. He got whipped again, only this time, it was that much more concentrated on one spot and followed by another one to his back.The one to his back must have killed him as I can now remember the shriek that could almost break a window. When I concentrate, I can recall the shouts and screams, but that night, from the first whip, I became deaf. I could watch what was happening, but couldn't hear a word. The words did enter my ears, but my brain wouldn't process them. It just kept them in memory to torture me forever."No wonder you kids become faggots, cuz your parents aren't raising you like they should. You boys need discipline. Get up sissy boy, show us some muscle." Hank lectured."Easy on the boy Hank. I don't like this, I'm going in. You're so unoriginal, the same thing every time.""Whatever," answered Hank.Tom went in as Hank continued to administer his punishment. Kev wasn't even allowed a one percent error margin."Whack, whack, whack," Hank came down on him like thunder. Kev's ass was red like a tomato, the actual color red. His meaty back had red lines on it. He tried his best not to mess up anymore. He was almost done.As if my shame and guilt hadn't reached any man's peak level, I had to go beyond to another level. I was getting aroused. How couldn't I? Of course, I didn't want to, hell, the idea disgusted me, but there was Kev all nude, sexy like hell, sweating all over from chubby feet to chubby legs to his balls all the way up to his face.When it was all over Kev was sniffing. He had been crying. It was too much for him to take, and the worst was yet to come. At this point, my erection had completely faded and my heart began to feel empty.Hank picked up Kev with a lot of ease and put him back on the bed. Hank was very strong. Kev was short, but full, and still, Hank could have carried him around like his briefcase. The pure strength of Hank was on display when he removed his shirt. He was 100% pure muscle, the stocky type. His arms were all built up like a true soldier. He was blond with hair shaved off his head and his chest bulged out. He was a really big man and Lolita Bbs Pics to top it all off he had a cut fat cock about 6 inches in length.He put on a condom, which again stunned me. It was a tiny relief though.Hank turned Kev around, bent his knees into a doggy-style position, and cuffed each of Kev's hands to a side of the bed."Don't wriggle too much or I'd have to change my mind about going nice and slow,"Hank lubed his fingers and stuck two of them into Kev's sore ass. "Nice and slow, my ass" I thought. Kev got hard immediately, but was still feeling the pain of the beatings he had taken."Super tight, interesting." Hank murmured.Hank tore apart Kev's cheeks with his fingers. Kev howled in pain as Hank stretched the hole more and more. Kev got to enjoy the feeling for only one split second. Besides, nothing that is forced on you can ever be enjoyable."Kevin, now you better push with your ass like your shittin. It goes in easier that way and I bet you'll like it; you like things inside you,"Something was happening inside my stomach as Hank lubed his dick. My guts hurt like hell and some vomit shot up to my mouth. It was too disgusting and my stomach was reacting. It wasn't a lot but it was horrible, just like the sight was.The process took ages. The guy's cockhead was tremendous and Kev's virgin ass so tight. He pushed into Kev slowly at first, but then he grew impatient. Once the head slid in after much pressure and screams, Kev's breathing became abnormal. I heard nothing, nothing except what my brain was saying. It was repeating the word no. "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.""Take it out, please, take it out. It hurts" Kev hurled out in pain."Sssshhh boy, I hate sissies. You'll get it till u piss yerself," Hank said as he called out to Tom.Hank Lolita Bbs Pics must have really been abused badly in his years for him to have the rage he had. His eyes and cheeks were red in fury as he pushed hard with no pity whatsoever for the boy. The way he was doing it was abnormal, like he had to destroy my precious boy. All Kev could do was take deep breaths and beg for Hank to take it out."AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" Kev shouted.Hank thrust two inches in Kev in a matter of seconds. That kind of pressure was a guaranteed way to rip the ass muscles apart and send the boy into a world of pain. Once most of it was in, Hank took a little time out. Kev's hands gripped tightly as he bit Lolita Bbs Pics the pillow trying to resist the thing that simply was not meant to be inside him. I couldn't understand how stone-hearted Hank was, how stone-hearted all rapists were. I mean they really had to be sick to care less about a kid howling in pain and begging for mercy."Oh s-s-h-h-i-i-t-t," Kev moaned loudly.Hank took it all back out. Kev took quick, consecutive, doglike breaths. He was crying hard, but didn't make too much noise so he doesn't get whipped. Hank checked if the condom tore. It didn't, but it was all covered in Kev's blood. I was devastated by the sight.Tom came back in drinking a beer and holding a dildo which he handed to Hank. "Oh, you're at it already, how's he holding up?" Tom asked."Very tight," answered Hank.Tom was the complete opposite of Hank. He was older and shorter. Maybe nicer too but not by much. He had dark hair and eyes and a round face. Unlike Hank, his body was full of hair and he was fat. He looked like those bears you see on websites except a little thinner and more muscled. Tom knelt on his knees and raised Kev's head to kiss him on the mouth as he played with his nipples. Tom was not very aggressive with Kev except for the minor pinch or squeeze here and there.On the other hand, Hank had fiercely grabbed Kev's cheeks and pulled them apart. He found the sweat-moistened hole, now more stretched than ever, and pushed the black lubed dildo pushed against it. Again, the penetration was nowhere near easy. Kev's body shook as the pain filled him again from the back. It was a long thin dildo that Hank just had to shove all the way in. Every time it hit Kev's prostate, Kev would almost jump in pain. I couldn't imagine how much pain Lolita Bbs Pics he was in. Tears went down my eyes as I watched him hurt, from cuffed hands, to his sweating back and chest, to the grueling pain in the ass. Not to mention his extra hard pricklet that had no one to relieve it from its pain.I guess that Hank felt that Kev's ass was ready, either that or he couldn't wait anymore, because he threw the dildo away and held his huge package in his right hand. The head was in that second faster. Only this time, Kev didn't only shake and squeal in pain, he trembled all together trying to free himself from the cuffs and wriggling his ass left and right to rid himself from the perpetrator. Hank's hand went Lolita Bbs Pics up and back down on one of Kev's burning ass cheeks while Tom wouldn't stop murmuring about how handsome, sexy, and smooth Kev was.Kev was not even given the chance to stuff his head in the pillow as Hank grabbed his hips and pushed in. Tom's dick was now in Kev's mouth and I wasn't sure if he was going to suffocate or not. He was sweating so much, his spiky hair looked like it had just come out of the shower.Kev was being fucked both ways. From the back though, Hank was not able to fuck yet. He would push as Kev would ark his back in pain. When Hank's thick dick hit his prostate, Kev must have bit Tom's dick and Tom howled. Only he didn't hit him or anything, he started to caress him gently and calm him down. Tom must of known that Hank's dick was painful for any gay man, let alone a boy of thirteen.Hank had no mercy at all as he tore my little innocent boy's virgin ass apart. He was very strong and he used his strength to plow into the hole. Kevin wasn't moaning, he was shrieking.A few thrusts later Hank commented on how Kev's ass was the best fuck he had had for years. He had completely dehumanized the boy, stole away from him every last human emotion he had left. If only Hank knew the effects of his actions. If only Tom did...Kev's noises were reduced to moans as he slowly but very painfully got used to the idea. Tom moved over and masturbated Kev's dick as Hank rammed into him. Kevin's muscles contracted, his body wild in energy, energy that couldn't be directed to many places. Kev's dick exploded letting out a straight line of cum on the bed. Kev's throbbing dick and contracted ass muscles were too much for Hank to handle. He pushed in one last time and lost it completely orgasming almost simultaneously with Kev who let out one huge moan.Kev started to cry wildly as Tom milked the last drop out of him. The throbbing in his ass stopped and Hank pulled out as soon as he had nothing left in him. Kev dropped completely on the bed, aching knees and all. He was exhausted, confused, disgusted, and humiliated in front of his best friend.Hank took off the condom, threw it in a bin and replaced it with another. I sat there, frozen, now completely devoid of sense. Completely devoid in all except one part of my body, the part that thrived on lust and sex and no sick human condition would stop it from filling with blood. Hank had to comment, he just had to. Why did he have to? I'll never understand how heartless he was, how cruel. That moment, his cruelty had exceeded the villain peek point.He unbuttoned my shorts and let out my aching dick. I was hoping and wishing that he wanted to fuck me now. I wanted to share Kev's pain. I wanted him to torture me with all he had.He didn't.He called out to Tom and pointed to my erect manhood."See, the little fucker is one of us. He likes watching his sexy little friend."They both stared at me. Kev turned round and stared with glass eyes. I went crazy. I wriggled, I tried to jump, I shouted at the top of my lungs," Liar, liar, I hate watching it you son of a bitch.", but I was tied and my mouth taped up. Nothing came out of my mouth except an attempt. To them I hardly resisted the cruel torturous words, but I was boiling inside. Only the thought of Kev hearing those words and looking at me crushed me more than anything else that night. I looked down to the floor, looking guilty, feeling guilty, but only actually guilty of loving a boy more than anyone would ever understand.Hank laughed as he probably realized how mean that was. He stuffed my prick back in and left to the other room. Just before leaving he humored me with a few words. He wasn't going to give me the pleasure of cumming, unless I did it in my pants. If only he knew how much less I could have cared, I thought.Tom, also practicing safe sex, lined up for a fuck. Luckily for Kev, Tom was thinner and shorter. Tom went in smoothly but still not smoothly enough not to hurt the boy. He fucked him as he toyed with Kev's pricklet and balls. He fucked him and caressed him. Tom was full of paradoxes. He seemed to be in two distinct frames of mind. Such confusion. He caressed him smoothly, soothingly, maybe almost lovingly like he was easing his pain, the pain he, ironically, was causing him. Kev was grunting and panting as the older man made love to him. Love? Never. It was rape. It was nowhere near love. "They were gonna pay", I said to myself as my new feelings become those of rage and an unimaginable will for revenge.Hank came out with 2 feathers, a towel, and some keys I presumed were for the cuffs. I eased up hoping that they were done. I was still unsure though what they were going to do with us after.Hank left only the feather in his hand. That man would do anything just to have the personal pleasure to torturing and humiliating. He wasn't a torture machine, there were much sicker men, but still he took any chance of playing with Kev like he was a new toy he had just bought.Hank knelt on the other side of the bed right in front of Kev's open mouth. He set up the tips of the feathers on Kev's nipples. Kev let out a little hiss and his nipples become so erect and red. Hank toyed with them for a while. He then extended one of Kev's cuffed arms grabbing it very firmly form the middle as his other hand approached with the feather that so lightly brushed Kev's white untanned armpit. It hardly touched, but Kev's arm jerked like mad. The mixture of feelings Kev was experiencing must have been unbearable. Getting fucked and tickled while he had been cuffed and grabbed from 2 sides was a lot for his little body to take. Kev's dick was already hard again. He shook like mad stimulating Tom who was now fucking harder than ever. Obviously, Tom and Hank seemed to know what they were doing, it didn't just happen by chance; each one would agitate the boy as the other got closer to coming.Tom came and withdrew from the battered hole which once was so virgin. Kev collapsed again as he begged Tom for them to stop because he was going to "die".Hank handed the towel to Tom and began uncuffing Kev's hands. Hank slapped him up a bit and asked him to wake up.Tom went to grab another sip of his unfinished beer. It was weird how Tom and Hank hardly ever said a word to each other, like they had done it so many times, it was a common routine. I felt sorry for all the boys they had abused...Meanwhile, Hank again picked up Kev like he was only a five pound bag. Hank sat down on the bed and Kev was almost in his lap. He directed Kev's bottom onto his dick which, strangely, was hard again. Once the angle was right, Hank grabbed Kev by his tits. Kev wasn't sure what was hurting more. The compressed thick thing pushing in or the force of Hank's hand almost tearing up his chest.Hank was going to fuck him again. Kev looked like shit. His eyes were closed and mouth open.Tom finished his beer and grabbed the towel. He approached me and stuffed the towel in my face. It had some liquid on it that smelled like alcohol. Tom did not know of my ability to hold my breath. However, I had inhaled enough of whatever it was to send me off to dream city for a little while.Everything went black. I dozed off. Sometimes I wonder why they couldn't have done that earlier. Why did they have to torture me like that?Part 13...I managed to get half an eye open. I had no idea for how long I had been out nor what had been happening meanwhile. With that half eye open I managed to see the two men naked drinking beers with limp dicks wobbling around. I made sure they didn't see me awake.On the bed there was Kev laying on his back. I wasn't sure if he was sleeping or if he had passed out. Hank had lived up to his promise. Around Kev's dick and balls was a tiny puddle of yellow piss. Kev's tummy had cum all over it. He looked like shit but still handsome as ever. His loss of innocence may have damaged him on the inside, but on the outside he was still beautiful.I shut my eyes when I heard some talking. They were discussing their plan. The called it "bullet- proof". Ironic, I guess, so was mine...They decided to clean up the mess. Neither Kev or I, they presumed would ever go to the police or anything. Even if we did, they thought, we had no proof whatsoever. "Besides, how would the old one explain why he was up here," Hank told Tom.Tom said that he was going to put some cream in Kev's ass. He said he would take care of him the next few days of camp because as he put it, Kev was hardly going to be able to poop for some time. He asked him not to go anywhere near the boy or the cabin till camp was over. He also told him that they were not going to do anything anymore for a month or two.They cleaned up as Tom said he was going to take Kev back to camp and tell him to act sick for a few days. Hank was going to put me away somewhere. I had no idea where.The next thing I knew I was all alone on some hill. I was free to move and talk, but had no idea where I was. My head was a mess. I couldn't stop thinking of Kev and the fact that he was still there at camp with those bastards. Images and memories would just pop into my head when they felt like it. I sat down and looked at the sky. I prayed for God to help. God, who I had never believed in yet. I felt his presence now. I was in need of him. There was no other savior. There was only him and me, on my knees, begging for mercy...
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