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Dark Lolita Toons

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Related article: Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:54:31 -0700 (PDT) From: CompactChub Subject: Kev / Part 3Part 6It was a huge shadow and I wasn't expecting a monster, but I surely wasn't expecting Brian! There was a loss for words from all of us. How could there not be a loss of words when I was all over Kev's completely naked body, holding his erection while his younger brother was right there stunned at the sight he had just seen?"Oh my God..." muttered Brian.I didn't have anything to say really so I just kept quiet."What are you doing to my brother?" he said aggressively as if he were asking if I was hurting Kev."Nothing..." I replied calmly and let go of Kevin's dick which I should have done long ago."Aren't you supposed to be at Mark's house?" asked Kevin as he covered himself with the blanket."I just left cuz we fought. So I came back and the door was open,"I looked at Kevin and saw that he was looking back. I couldn't believe how stupid we were. All the kissing led us to forget the door and we were really pissed by that. Meanwhile, Brian looked like he was thinking really hard as he stared at us."Eww, you two are fags, disgusting,""Brian, we're not, we were just having some fun, right Kev?"Kevin nodded to assure Brian that I was speaking the truth."But Kevin, you're all nude in front of a stranger and he's touching your privates. This is sooo bad! Oh my God, wait till Mom hears about this..."And with those words he left pretty much confused as anything else. I guess he was satisfied though as he was always happy to get his brother into trouble and this was a great shot at it. I turned to Kev who looked really scared."We have to stop him from telling. You know how much trouble we could be in,""I know my brother; nothing is going to stop him from telling,""At least we should try, right?""Okay..." he said desperately."Ok....listen...why don't you go persuade him to join us? That way he won't be able to tell because he would have done the same thing. That's the only thing I could think of at the time."Hmmmm....ok, I think he'll go for it,"He got right up and headed to Brian's room. He came back in a sec to cover himself with a towel. Obviously he didn't like to be naked in front of his brother.A few minutes went by and I was still alone. I thought that they'd probably be talking about what had happened. I went to the hallway where I had heard some talking."C'mon Brian, it will be fun and you'll like it, if you don't, you can tell mom. I know you wanna do it..." Kev said."I'll do it, but I want your new bike and if you guys don't do ANYTHING I want from now on, you're in trouble" answered Brian in an authorative manner which didn't surprise me coming from the little brat."Oh and what's Alex doing here anyway? I thought mom said she was gonna tell him not to come" wondered Brian."Ummm...He came back to get the computer games we borrowed from him. Then I asked him to try that with me, cuz I saw Larry and Jerry do that back home, I wanted to see what it felt like and it feels great.""Ewwwww Larry and Jerry did that too, nasty." answered Brian convinced. To me it felt like a definite lie, yet a brilliant thing to say at the time.As they went into Kev's room, I remembered to make sure that the door was closed this time. It was. I headed for the room thinking of what we were going to do. It felt wrong, even worse than what we had done before, but it was either that or watch Brian dissolve the complex secrets of my life. I could do nothing but hope for the best.I entered and the first sight was encouraging. Kev was helping Brian take off his underwear.Brian was wearing white briefs. When those went off you could see a meaty section leading to his already erected 2 1/2 Dark Lolita Toons to 3 inches. He was quite big I thought. It was thick and uncut unlike his brother's. He had jelly-like thighs and a big round floppy belly that showed as he took up his shirt a little bit. Although Brian was not really my type his Dark Lolita Toons fatness was cute and surprisingly a turn on for me, especially the idea of two brothers getting ready for a blowjob. My dick was burning like mad.I stood at the door not really sure what else to do. Brian had his shoes, underwear, and shorts off lying extended on the bed while Kevin was practically naked except for the towel and starring straight into Brian's privates.He finally began jacking Brian's hard purple-brownish shaft. Up and down, up and down and it still felt to me, as I watched Brian, like it felt good but nothing was really happening. I had to act, we HAD to give him pleasure. It was our only chance.I whispered into Kev's ear," Suck him". He nodded, but the look on his face I had never seen before. He felt bad, he was jealous, and mostly he was scared to death. So was I."Ready?" Kevin asked Brian."For what?"No answer required, Kev wiped Brian's penis and took it into his mouth trying to imitate what I had done for him earlier and I made sure that Brian's expression changed. It did. He loved it, an idiot could tell."Ewwwww..........Oh my god," was all Brian could say.Well it was all he could say till he said, "aaaaah, your teeth are hurting me". Obviously, it was Kev's first time and must have forgotten about his teeth."Sorry," he said.I whispered into his ear that I'd take over and so he went to wear something.I put some lotion on one hand and started toying with his ball sack. Simultaneously, I took his whole groin into my mouth, doing a much better job with the speed and suction of the very sensitive penis head. I was almost sucking all his body blood into the head like a vacuum cleaner. His body got stiff I could feel it as my second hand was now caressing his thigh. His dick tasted a bit saltier than his brothers. I presumed it was because of how much he was sweating. Brian began to hump intuitively as his belly started to jump up and down blubbering.I took it out of my mouth and started jacking him off. With infinite care, my thumbs began to stroke up and down, following the rounded curve of the plump Dark Lolita Toons little scrotum, then along the underside - to the topside - of the swollen shaft. The pace was now increased to near lightening speed. It took only a second. Brian's eyes closed again. The shaking started and I knew it was the beginning of his first ever orgasm. Unable to resist the delight that soared outward from his genitals and too ashamed to admit that he liked it, he did the only thing he could, he began to moan quietly.It took only a second or two. He released my head and his body was practically twitching like I had sent an electrical current into it. His managed to out a fainted "what's happenin? ... oooooooooaaaaaa", but it didn't last long.It ended, he was in boy heaven. His eyes closed shut. It looked like, incredibly, he was asleep. I was so horny; I think my dick could've died of a heart attack that night. I wasn't letting anything back. I felt his tummy. It was soft and flabby and he had boy breasts half the size of my hand. There was one last thing I had to do. His belly button was big, thick, and deep. I could not stop myself from fingering it. Strangely enough, I didn't really like it. It felt....normal.By that time, Kev was out of the bathroom. I turned to look at him and suddenly all hell broke loose. I came and came and came, my dick felt like a water fountain. It felt gooood, but I felt drained. So drained I could fall asleep. My shorts felt too damp for me to collapse.Kev looked at me wondering what had happened. I explained it to him as I got my breath back. It was simple really. Just Dark Lolita Toons looking at him made me cum. His hair was perfectly brushed, he was smiling, wearing a tank top that showed most of his upper body, the tightest jeans that just bulged out his ass, and last but not least his slightly chubby feet were sticking out. What more could I take? He was my sex god.But we were losing the plot and I told him Dark Lolita Toons that as soon as I felt my brain working again. We were still in trouble.Part 7The doorbell rang.THE DOORBELL RANG.We couldn't have a second's rest; it was all action that night. Our hearts were beating at an unheard-of rate, for a second time. Kev looked at me desperately, "Shit, mom..."I froze. I told him I was going out the window, but I then thought about was he said. It was only seven thirty, why would she be back? Besides, she had keysWe knew all that but we wouldn't risk it. Meanwhile, Brian was waking up looking like he had no idea what was happening. I told Kev to check who it was and wave to me only if it was his mom.It wasn't.It was Brian's ten year old buddy Jack. I could hardly hear a thing he and Kev were saying. I looked at Brian and asked him nicely to put back his shorts on."Alex, duuuude," he said. "Wow, what just happened to Dark Lolita Toons me?""You had your first orgasm my friend, did you like it? I asked.He put everything back on. "Noooo, Ewwwww, it was sooooo disgusting" he lied, obviously. "Oh and I'm not your friend""I'm cool with that and since you didn't like it, we won't do it anymore." I teased as I got the response I wanted. He wanted more, possibly at that moment too, and it showed by that little look of disappointment he tried so hard to hide."By the way, you're friend's here."We both went down."Brian, Jack wanted to tell you that he was sorry and that he wants you to go back and sleep over. Both he and his mom insist." Kev said."Oh Okay, but I get the big bed" came Dark Lolita Toons nasty old Brian."Anything you want" answered Jack in a squeaky voice that still sounded like a seven year old's.Jack was funky Dark Lolita Toons looking. His hair stood straight up with moose. He had weird red glasses, wore baggy jeans and a shirt that could shelter the homeless. He was skinny, but seemed to be nice behind all the "coolness".I thought we should let them go as fast as possible. It would give us time to think things over. Heck, maybe Brian would even forget about telling his mom and consider his debt repaid. Kev, it seemed, had other ideas in mind. None that I knew anything about."Hey, I know, we all have nothing major to do right?""Uh yeah,""Kind of""Then why don't the four of us play a little truth or dare game for like half an hour and then you two could go back to Jack's house. It'll be fun,""Now that's a game I like" Brian seemed to like the idea. "Yeah, I can already think of some cool dares.""Cool with me. Wait up guys, I'll just go tell my mom that we'll be back soon so she doesn't kill me for being late."Okay. By the way, Jack, this is Alex, our babysi...ummm baby looking friend" Kevin laughed like he said something really funny but he didn't. Brian didn't utter a word. Weirdly enough, Kev looked at me and winked.""Ummm hi Alex" Jack said and ran home."It's crazy, but it might just work." Kev smiled so beautifully at me as he said that. Man, I thought, this kid sure watched a lot of movies. But then, so did I."Hey Kev""What's up Brian?"You two do that a lot, what you did together?""No idiot, first time and last time, just trying to see what it's like""Who are you calling an idiot, braniac? Wait till I tell Jack about you fags" he went up laughing like a moron."Wait till I tell him how much YOU liked it" Kev answered quickly.Brian got quiet all of a sudden realizing, I guess, that he did. Still that wouldn't stop him from being a brat. He called out to us," You two are faaaags, you two are fags ..." Kids..."Leave him alone" I said. "So what are you up to Kev?" I asked."It's just a very nasty idea I got, but there is nothing else we can do about my stupid brother, he'll tell on us the first chance he gets." he said both sadly and guiltily.Before he could answer Jack was back. The kid had a lot of energy in him.We all got together in Kev's room. Again, another one of his decisions. Jack was curious about my age. He thought I looked really older. After clearing it up, they set up the game's rules. It seemed everyone knew them except me. Maybe I wasn't that much of a truth-teller, or a dare-devil either for that matter, I though to myself. Kev set up the bottle to spin. The front end would point to the questioner and the receiver was the closest to the back end of the bottle. No one could leave the game or not fulfill his part unless the dare was deemed dumb, disgusting, outrageous etc. by at least three out of four. Man, I thought, these kids were professionals.The game went normally for about twenty mins. Well some parts were disgusting, but We laughed and laughed, it was a pretty fun game after all. The truth questions were almost always about girls. Jack and Brian would say "Eww" and us, well, we would lie.The bottle spun and it was Kev's turn to ask Jack. Jack chose "truth" but changed it to "dare" after a few shouts of "chicken" by both Kev and Brian. Kev concentrated looking like he was really thinking about the dare. I expected something different, but not the words that came out of his mouth."Jack, I dare you to sixty-nine with Brian for one minute.""Huh" came from Brian who looking stupefied by the new word, or should I say, number. Jack looked either confused by the idea or as if he was trying to remember what the word meant."It means you two have to suck each other's dicks at the same time" Kevin explained while my mouth dropped all the way down to the floor; you know tom from tom and jerry? That was me."No way. Uh uh" Jack exclaimed after thinking for a second. Brian, silent, turned to Jack who was also looking at him. "No way that's gross" Jack added. Brian nodded in agreement but still, he was obviously remembering how good it just felt. No doubt he was already thinking about all the stuff he could do with Jack. Stuff he never was fully told about."You two wanna chicken out that's fine. I knew you'd be too shy to show your baby dicks, I shouldn't have asked""I'm not a chicken nor am I afraid. It's just sick. Okay let's vote it out you'll see""I'm with," said Kev."I...uh don't care....ok, I'm with" I had to make it look like I didn't care but still this was shocking me. It was a hysterical night getting messier and messier. What was Kev thinking?"Brian, chicken?" Kev looked at his brother and smiled. How could Brian think of saying yes? First, there was his pride about to be shattered by his brother in front of a friend, and then he really wanted to do it. He knew that."Sorry Jack, I'm no chicken and it's just a game anyway" Brian said. He was acting, he was dying to get his dick sucked. He had a dry orgasm and was horny again, typical, I thought."I'm not putting your thing in my mouth dude, that's gay.""Well we just found out who wins the baby dick competition." Kev and Brian laughed a little. It was a nasty thing for me to say, but I think I knew what Kev was getting to. It was wrong though, very wrong. We were taking advantage of boys and their toys. We were becoming worse people by the minute, it felt like to me. We kept telling ourselves that we had to, we just had to."Okay, fine I'll do it. You're a jerk, the only one with a baby dick here is you." he looked furious, but he wasn't gonna let me win. He didn't know it yet, but the only person winning was me. "Just wait till it's my turn to dare," he laughed."I'll do it OKAY, but you better wash up, you know Bry, germs and all.""You'll have to also, yuk" Brian played along.They got up and headed to the bathroom. Kev and I couldn't help but giggle as Brian apologized to Jack about agreeing to do it, but as he put it, his bro was an "ass"."It's working" Kev whispered to me. "Quick, go get my camera. It's in the drawer next to my bed, and I think there's an empty film in that closet over there.""No way!" I said quietly to myself. This boy was a damn GENIUS. He knew what he was doing all the way. We were gonna blackmail them. It was dirty, it was ugly, but it was brilliant. I couldn't but congratulate the brains on him. It was very quick thinking.I did as I was told. I hid it in my pocket and sat down. We heard giggling from the bathroom, they were, after all, innocent little boys. Well, maybe not that innocent.Out they came and Jack was still nagging," I can't believe we're doing this."They unzipped. Brian had a smirk on his face. The weasel knew all along what he wanted, but he had no idea what would come next.Kev was explaining how things would go. They couldn't stop giggling and nagging, but they both still wanted it in their inner minds. Even Jack who didn't stop whining kept staring at Brian's boner and at some point looking like he was enjoying the whole thing."Ya mean you want us to do it right ere, in front of you guys watching?" Jack asked another stupid question."Duh. You ain't got anything we've never seen anyway." I started talking slang as I got caught up in Jack's style of talk."Okay. OK" At last, they were ready.Jack entertained a 3 1/2 inch dick he just had to point at me, laugh, and call me baby dick myself. I could have cared less, but Brian was interested. They compared size and even thought of of a sword fight with em. Both boys were relatively big except that Brian's was partially hidden under all the flesh.Kev was there to give them the reality check.They got into the sixty-nine and began sucking each other's rock hard cocks."Fifty seconds to go" Kev was counting.I started to take photos. They were too busy to notice. Too busy to even notice Kev's count. After taking more than ten shots from different angles, it was time to play Simon says."Smile for the camera boys" I said as I took one last shot. Their faces didn't show in that last one I took but they turned to their amazement to hear the clicking noise that assured them I had really done it.They were stunned. They froze just like Kev and I did when Brian came in. Kev's plan was a masterpiece and it was my turn to finish the job."Hey, what did you do that for?" Jack got up pissed like hell."You stay right there" I said in a really scary voice that even surprised Kev." It's simple, all four of us are gonna make a deal tonight. A nice deal cuz we all love each other, ok?""Okay," I answered myself. "Listen Jack, I'm sorry we had to get you into this but it's the only way. Listen carefully. If I ever find out, EVER, that you said any word at ALL about tonight, about what happened and that you saw me here, you'll regret it so bad. Wanna know how? I'm gonna take these pictures and mail them to your parents, get it?"Poor Jack agreed very frightened of what his parents would do. He tried to buy himself some self- confidence."Why would I want to tell anyone about this anyway?" he stated fearfully."Just don't and everything will be okay, you two just have a great night together and suck each other's dicks as long as you want" I was mean but I had to sound serious. They didn't even dare answer to that.Brian tried to come over and snatch the camera from me but we were two and much stronger. "Stop Brian, what are you worried about?""Why'd you do that? You tricked us" he asked."Simple. Because I'm taking care of you and I don't want you to even think of telling your mom any of this. Brian I really didn't mean to hurt you, it's just that I need the pocket money I'm getting from your mom and if you told her, Kev and I would be in trouble." I played the sensitive type drama now, "So all I am asking you is to forget about telling on us like a baby would do and in return I'll forget the pictures I took.""I'm gonna tell her anyway" Brian said looking pissed but understanding a little where I was coming from."You can do that, but you don't have any proof. Whereas "I", do, and not only will your mom know about what you and Jack did, I'll give those pics to all your classmates at school. I go to the same school you will go to, you know."That was too much. There was no more resistance."God no, please don't do that" Jack really didn't want to be humiliated THAT much."PLeasssse Kev, please don't let him do it." Brian begged his brother."He won't do it you guys, I'm sure, as long as you keep your mouths shut.""Okay, our mouths are zipped. Let's go to your house now Jack." They acted out zipping their mouths, it was cute. They left zipping not only their mouths but their shorts too.On their way out the door, Jack asked Brian what he had seen us doing. Brian told him that he'd "show" him later.We accompanied them out and no sooner were they fighting over which bed each one would have. Kids, they forget so fast, but can remember so quickly. We had the upper hand though. They were convinced big time.I turned to Kev."You are the genius of all time! That was genius"He smiled a HUGE smile as I gave him a long kiss on his cheek."I dunno where I got all the guts to do that. I just didn't want you to be in trouble," he said."You go it from here," I pointed to his heart. I loved him so much, no one will ever know how much."I'm sure we're ok. Just get rid of that film" he said assertively."Sure. No one's ever gonna lay their hands of this. Not even if those two blurt it all out.""They won't, we're free, I guarantee. There's nothing they worry about more than their reputations. Jack was already telling Brian who the cool 10 yr olds were." he smiled."Shit, I gotta get home. Can't have my mom getting suspicious. You gonna be fine all alone?""Sure, I'll call you soon. Make sure that you answer.""I will" I gave him a long kiss, a quick rub of his belly, and a bear hug.I ran home like the wind. It was a night no one would ever forget. I can speak for myself and for all the rest. How could any of us shut all that out? It was dramatic. It was freaky. It was dangerous. Most of all, it was so much fun. I don't like to remember that night anymore, it still gives me the shivers. At that time though, all I could think of was getting on the phone and talking all about what we did and didn't do. we were kids in love and in trouble, who would believe a story like that?
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