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Related article: Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 15:10:50 -0800 (PST) From: Sharon Pinder Subject: A BAD HANDWarning: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between both sexes. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. It can only be down loaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend only. A Bad HandChapter One The game had started well. A group of friends, sharing a few beers while playing a friendly game of poker. I'd done well for the first hour or two, and had come out nearly �20 ahead. As we had played, we had worked our way through Lolita Rape a small mountain of beer, the cans creating a piled monument to the day. The hours slipped by and the stakes increased. I look back on it now and I am not sure how it happened. By the time Jane came home from her friends I had dug myself into a hole. The pennies were long gone and so had the pound stakes. There were three of us left playing, the others having dropped out and left.My baby daughter, Jane had been to her friends, where I assumed they'd done what ever young teen girls do. Listen to music, chat about boys, and discuss fashion. Hell I didn't know, and as I kissed her goodnight, my mind was elsewhere. I was �500 down. Yes I know, crazy, stupid, but the game was like a slippery path, I couldn't seem to stop myself. Jane was a good kid, and since her mother had left us, we had made a good team. Times were not easy, but we owned our own house and had some money behind us so we did ok.Had, being the operative word. Midnight came and passed by and I was well on my way down the path of all losers. I was �2000 down, with �1500 of that in the form of IOU's. But I had always considered myself a mean poker player, and I knew the tables would turn if I stuck with it. This run could not last, and as the minimum stakes increased, it would take me less wins to recoup the losses. A loser's logic! At 2.00 a.m there were just two of us left at the table. The game had become too serious for the third players likes. They were the sensible ones, the ones I now look back on and wish I had shown their wisdom.I had lost twice the amount of cash I owned in the world, the rest being made up by IOU's, making me �5000 down. I had no realistic hope of paying it back, and I knew the game was long beyond friendly rules. Pete would expect the money paid. My luck had to turn and the cards in my hand were the ones to do it. Four Kings! I struggled to keep my face straight, the game was mine. But Pete was playing hard ball. He matched and raised me. I had to somehow keep in the game. Do not ask me how, but ten minutes later the keys to my car and the deeds to the house lay on the table. Four kings! Nought to worry about, in a few minutes more I would be back in the black and a good few thousand pounds in the black. I had needed to keep my nerve and I had. The game was mine. Loser's logic!With a flourish and a smile of the cat that had got the cream, I showed my hands. "Four kings" I laughed as I sat back in my chair, hands behind my head. Sweet victory always went to the brave! Pete looked at my hand and sat back in his chair. He'd lost; I could read it on his face. He turned his first card over, ace of spades! The rest you can guess. Four fucking aces! How? As I stared at his hand, my world fell apart. I had lost the car, the money, and even the damned house. Jane and I were with out a penny to our name or a roof over our heads. How had I failed us? Surely Pete would allow me time to pay up. He wouldn't see us on the street, but it soon became all to apparent that he would just that. I was ruined, and humiliated. How would I face Jane? How would I suffer the taunts of my ex wife? She had always said I was a total waste of space. Now she was right, and I could hear her now. But there was a worse side, Peter had made it clear, he expected payment within 24 hours, after that, well lets say it would cost me a broken limb for every following 24 hour period. It's not pretty seeing a grown man cry, or even seeing him beg. But Pete had the satisfaction of seeing it that night. I pleaded but he would not budge.There was a knock at the door, and as I sat hunched over the table sobbing, Peter let his wife in. As she walked in he was relating the night's events for her pleasure. A grin sat on his face and a smirk was in his voice. Sharon looked down on the ruined man who lay broken before them. Broken, ruined! She told Peter it was only fair to give me one more chance to redeem the losses. Pete was against it, but the hope in my eyes seemed to give his wife the incentive to push for it.He was, in the end, prepared to put the house deeds and car back on the table. The cash he insisted he would keep, but I had to match it. To offer him something, otherwise there could be no game. One last final game, what could I loose, I had nothing. He had it all, he had everything. But if I thought my life was at rock bottom, I was about to descend into Hades. He would place car and house in the pot, if I placed a 12 hour period with my daughter in the pot as well. The man was insane. That wasn't even a consideration! She was a teenager, my daughter, the only precious thing left in my life. No it wasn't an option. That was no problem for Pete, he was well up on the evening, and would need the house vacated Lolita Rape by midday.What choice did I have? Tell me? As much as I struggled with it, I knew I there was none. If I didn't, Jane would find her world in shreds when she woke. If I won, she would never know. One cut of the cards. The odds had to be good? I struggled with another option but it was all to clear to me I would have to say "yes".Pete let me cut first. My hands shook as I gripped the pile of playing cards. I gripped the edges and lifted half the pile clear. I turned the card face up and was greeted by the two of Hearts. Pete burst into laughter as he split the remainder of the pile. Seven of Hearts! I stared at the card, and realised I could smell the sulphur of Hades. I had descended into the very fires of Hell.Chapter Two.The pathetic wretch had lost everything. He was one of life's losers; I'd seen that from the moment I had set eyes on him. I had steered the game through its penny stage, ever gently pushing the stakes up. I had played honest, for the early part of the evening. But I had watched with satisfaction as John slowly lost, but the mug had the belief all losers had, his luck would turn. His sweet daughter had come home in the early part, and she was a picture. She had the most innocent smile and the look of pure virgin. She oozed sensuality and she hadn't a clue. Her long blonde hair hung down between her shoulder blades. Her boobs were small yet demanded attention. But her legs, oh my god her legs. They were clad in barley black tights and were topped by a shirt mini skirt. Her legs were toned, and muscled. She kissed the looser, her dad, good night and as she walked across the room to the stairs, I watched that skirt sway and those legs move. Glorious! God I wanted some of that, but more than that, I knew Sharon would adore her. There was fun to be had here. Now was the time to put into practice the skill I had picked up in the army. I gently steered the game my way, fixing only the hands that were crucial to my winning the evening. By the time I had finished. the sop had lost everything. He had gambled money he didn't have, as well as his house and car. I had no interest in the items; they were just the key to the door of his daughter. She was what I wanted, but I had to last the game out. When John went to the loo, a quick hushed call on my mobile and Sharon was on her way. She managed to time it to perfection and arrived at the very moment when a gentle push would ease him over the edge. She provided that push with a smile and over he went. Ok the card cut was down to luck. That I had to face up to, but what did it matter. If I lost the hand, well we would still take what I wanted. But the sap drew a two and I knew the evening was mine. I knew I had him where I wanted him. I watched him sob and cry, like a little girl, as he knew he had gambled his sweet daughter away to two depraved people.Sharon had brought the handcuffs, and as he sobbed he barely noticed as she cuffed his hands and ankles to the chair. He was held up right in the chair; the crying had dried up as we looked down at him. He had no idea what lay ahead. He assumed that I was to feast on his daughter, unaware that she was to be a gift to my darling wife. We had been here before as the world was full of losers and we would be here again, but all that mattered at the moment was the now.We left him secured to the chair, a napkin in his mouth to act as a gag. I watched my darling's wife skirt clad bottom sway its way up stairs, as I walked behind her. I could feel my cock straining in the material restraints of my jeans as we walked down the hall. If I was erect, then I could imagine how wet Sharon was! There were three doors leading off the hall. The bathroom was obvious without opening it. We opened the second door to find the master bedroom. The remaining door opened quietly to reveal a teenagers room, with a single bed. Under the bedding was a sleeping body and long blonde hair lay over the pillow. She was softly breathing and I knew the next part was best handled with a woman's touch. I leant against the door way as I watched Sharon walk into the room and gently sit down on the edge of the bed.Sharon was a master at this, or is the correct term a mistress? She gently woke the girl and eased her initial shock at finding two strangers in her room. Her soft feline tones, god she could turn it on, related the night's events to the girl. She led her through her dad's losses, and brought her up to the loss of their home, car and money. I could see a mixture of shock and tears on the girls face, from the light of her bedside light. Her dad had lost everything. Then Sharon wove the tale of the final hand, but in her version, the inclusion of the teenager in the pot had been Lolita Rape her dad's idea. Anger had at this stage over taken the girl, anger at what her dad's stupidity had cost them, anger at everything! Sharon wove the tale beautifully, with a craft and skill few realised she had.By the time she had finished she had the teenager girl wrapped in her arms, a comfort cuddle, of course. Not! It was like the python gently wrapping itself around its unsuspecting pray, She squeezed the girl closer, and ran her hands through that blonde hair. She teased the stands through her fingers as she told her how her dad had lost. Had lost everything! The car, the money, the home and even his daughter! She spoke softly, sometimes I could barely hear her, but she wove her charm. Her hand gently stroked the girls face, and eased their mouths closer. She comforted the girl as their lips touched. She stroked the girl's hair as she kissed her softly; she whispered words of love between the kisses. As she whispered the kisses became more invasive, Lolita Rape her tongue wet the girl's lips and her fingers wiped the tears off her checks. Her tongue traced a line along the lips and with a gentle pressure eased those soft moist lips apart. Her tongue slid deeper into the girl's mouth and she pressed her closer, as the python completed its coiling of it's pray.Chapter Three.My god how good this sweet girl tasted. Pete's call had been expected, and I knew the game we were to play of old. I knew roughly how long it would take him to wind the fish in. But even I had been amazed at my timing. I had been there to give the final push, to ease him over the edge. I had been the one to cuff him to the chair, and had led Pete up the stairs to our prize or should I say prey? I wove my gentle spell, at first saying how unlucky her dad had been, then slowly changing the story to make him look foolish and placing his daughter in the pot with little thought for her. I had led the girl from sympathy for her dad, to despise him. God I was good. Now I had her in my arms. I could feel my fingers in her soft hair as I stoked it. As I teased my fingers through it, her grateful eyes looking up at me in trust and sadness, a vision of this girl, naked between my thoughts filled my mind. As I tenderly kissed her, I imagined her tasting my juices, feeling my heat and wetness on her tongue. As I parted her lips, I wondered what hers were like as I pulled her closer, I could imagine the excitement and arousal Pete was feeling as he watched me weave my Lolita Rape magic. As I pressed her closer to me I could smell her scent and feel her small breasts pressing against mine. Our kiss became stronger and more intense. I seem to be sucking her in with the kiss and I felt our tongues touch. That wet touch seem to bring her alive to the passion. She returned my kiss, and her slight pressure against my arms wrapped round her ceased. I pulled myself clear of her, and smiled at her, whispering endearments, and my hands slowly unfastened the buttons of my blouse. As I tugged the two unbutton edges apart, I kissed her once more and whispered that she was my darling. That I loved her, the endearments and tripe that the foolish like to hear. As my blouse parted my maternity bra was exposed. I gently kissed the sweet girl once more before with excited fingers I unclasped the bra allowing the flap to fall free and my erect nipple to be exposed.I kissed Jane softly and took her fingers in mind, as I kissed her I teased her fingers in mine, and gently led them towards my exposed erect nipple. As we kissed I touched the pads of her fingers against my nipple. I could feel her soft skin against my aroused nipple, and I could feel it swell further. I gently circled her finger round the nipple and as I circled her finger I kissed her and whispered how much I loved her, how good she was being and how beautiful she was. I felt her fingers resistance lessen and we came to share the circling, I kissed her, my tongue deep inside her. I could feel her breath coming in pants and as I lifted my fingers free from hers, I was pleased to feel the circling motion continue.I gently slid a hand down her back, seeking the hem of the night dress. I ran a hand gently up her spine, softly, and I could feel her moan. I ran my finger pads along her spine, switching to my nails after a few minutes, I gently scratched her back and she moaned against it. With my free hand I removed her fingers from my nipple and cupped the back of her head. Then gently, as she moaned at the sharpness of my nails, I eased her moist lips towards my nipple. I watched as her mouth came closer to the erect flesh, as her lips parted and like a baby she suckled on me. I could feel her suck on the engorged nipple, and I felt her teeth nibble on its sensitive flesh. I could feel my own breath becoming short, as my arousal increased, the first time was always the sweetest and this was so very sweet. As she sulked, my finger took the hem of her night dress and I lifted it over her head, Her arms lifting up to come clear and her mouth pausing in its sucking to allow the garment to come free of her Then her lips were once more on my nipple and she suckled on me.As she feasted on my nipple I looked my lovers exposed body over. She was all I had ever imagined when Pete and I had first seen her with her dad in the city centre. She was as beautiful as I dreamt when I had sat beside her on the bus, looking at her beautiful legs and slim figure. Now I could see that figure and it was perfection. As if carved from the purest marble, unblemished and smooth. I could see her small breasts and the erection her own nipples were betraying her with. I could see small tufts of blonde hair from between her thighs that hinted at the pleasures awaiting me.As we Lolita Rape kissed I teased her nipple between to fingers and with my other free hand traced a gentle finger down her cleavage and towards her navel. I gently rubbed her nipple and my finger explored her navel, before it resumed its downward motion. I ran its tip along her soft skinned legs, and as I neared my goal, I could sense my own arousal increasing. I teased my finger down between her thighs and with gentle pressure eased her soft flesh apart. I withdrew my tongue from her moist mouth and her snaked out in pursuit. We kissed with tongue tips, as my fingers felt the first hairs of her bush. I could sense the moisture and hear as I traced a line down into that soft virgin bush. The thighs parted as I drew her tongue into my mouth and gently pinched her nipple between my nails. My fingers felt the moist heat as they slid into the moist wet trench that would lead to my goal.Chapter Four.I leant Lolita Rape against the door frame watching as Sharon seduced the cute girl. I watched as she guided the girl to her nipple, as she lifted the night dress free. As she explored her with those long fingers. I watched as the teenager came alive to her seducer. I saw Sharon dip her fingers into the honey pot of the teenager, and then withdraw, her skin coated in a glistening honey. Sharon sucked the finger, as if it contained the purest nectar, then she stood and slowly undressed. The teenager watched as she removed her blouse and the bra. Jane's own fingers dipped between her thighs as she watched Sharon undress. As she let her skirt fall free, to reveal she wore no panties. To reveal her shaven mound. Her legs a match for the teenagers. I watched as she gently pushed the teenager back onto the pillow and leant over her to kiss her. Then she ran her tongue down the soft sweat coated skin of her prey. She teased her tongue round each nipple, gently biting down on them in turn, each bite drawing a moan from Jane. I watched as her tongue traced a line through the sweat towards the navel and on down. I could feel my own arousal, and knew my own fun would not be far off. There was nothing like a hard erect cock to enhance a victim's surrender. Sharon parted those thighs and her face disappeared between them as her tongue sought the source of the honey. Her hands reached under the girl, cupping her buttocks. As Sharon's tongue worked its magic, and the girl arched in arousal, her fingers slip under the buttocks and parted them. As her tongue dined on the virgins enflamed lips as she sucked on the wet flesh as if it was the softest of cocks, her fingers teased a line alone the space between the buttocks. As she drank deep of that pool, her finger tips sort admittance second hole of pleasure. Her fingers were not yet seeking deep penertration, just merely hinting at what lay ahead.I watched my wife seduce the teenager, taking her from a shy virgin into a wanton tart, I watched as the teen surrendered herself to her first orgasm at the touch of her own sex. As her buttocks lifted off the duvet and as Sharon's fingers slid gently into the entrance to that second pussy. She eased her finger tip in, increasing the arousal the girl felt, and expanding her organism.Chapter FiveHow had Dad made such a mess? Mum walking out on us Lolita Rape had been a shock but we had come through it. School had been hard, I had taken some teasing, but I had come out the other side of that. We had a reasonable life; I had my mates and a dad who cared. Or I thought I Lolita Rape had, until he had shown himself to be a total loser.I'd spent the evening with Shaz, my best mate from Sixth form. Homework was the `official' reason, but the real agenda had been boys. Shaz had been on her first serious date, and I knew being the `slapper' she was, she'd have some tales to tell. God slapper, I even sound like the old fart downstairs now. The `date' had been a lad who had been coming onto her for a few weeks, and in the end she'd agreed to go out with him. Hell he had a car, and that had to be cool. They'd gone to the cinema to see some new action film. But their minds had been else where and the back row was the obvious place for them It was half way through the film, just as Bruce Willis was about to save the city, that he slipped his arm round her shoulders and they had snuggled in. Then a kiss, and give him his due, he was good. All thought of the film slipped from Shaz mind as their tender kiss became full on. She'd felt his fingers on her knees and it was only natural to part them. He had worked his fingers deep into her, and she had to bite her lips hard to ensure her moans didn't escape.When he unzipped his trousers and removed his erect cock from its entrapment, Shaz had touched the thing. She had even stroked it! She told me how warm and alive it felt to her fingers. He'd cupped the back of her head and guided her down onto the warm wet shaft. Her mouth took it deep in and she sucked on it, ran her tongues tip round the head and along the shaft. The twitches of his cum took her by surprise and she had drank from the fountain. Her mouth had filled with the salted cum, and she had swallowed. I couldn't believe she had gone so far and come away from the evening wet myself.I'd played with myself when alone in bed, imagining I was Shaz, and I was sucking a hard erect cock. I'd gone to sleep my fingers resting in my moist but satisfied hole. It must have been a few hours later that the woman woke me. I wondered who the hell she was, but she explained that dad had been a total tosser and gambled away everything. How he had cried and pleaded like a girl would. How he had thrown his daughter, me, into the Lolita Rape pot and how he had lost. She stoked my hair with her fingers, and her voice was so soft. I felt safe and relaxed with her. She explained that of course they had not taken his inclusion of her seriously, but they had to take the other items he had lost. They had been lost fair and square. They had little choice. Her fingers in my hair felt good, and she smiled at me. She told me how pretty I was, and Shaz exploits of last night came to the fore again. She whispered how pretty I was as her face came closer, and she gently kissed me. As her tongue slid between my lips I felt my arousal, I felt maybe I could make things right.I lay back on my bedding as Sharon squatted over me. I could see her pussy, and I could see the wet lips that she exposed to me. I saw her shaven mound, and I smelt her scent. I reached up with my fingers to ease her down on me. I wanted to tastes and drink of those wet juices. My world became filled with soft female flesh as she lowered herself down, her lips just above my mouth. Her scent was so strong, so over powering. My tongue snaked out from my between my lips and touched that soft moist skin of her enflamed lips. I traced my tongue along her wet skin, tasting her, and feeling her juices on my tongue. I sucked a lip into my mouth and her juices flowed down into my mouth. I heard her moan as she lowered her weight on to me, filling my world. All I could smell was her arousal; all I could taste was her arousal and all I wanted was to please her, as she had pleased me.Chapter SixI watched as Sharon sat astride the young Lolita Rape girl, as she offered herself to her. I felt my own arousal almost too much to bear. I watched from the door way, as I undressed. I wanted to share in the sacrifice of our prize. I heard Sharon moan as the teenagers tongue worked its inexperienced magic on her. I walked across the room, my cock standing proud and pointing the way towards heaven. I sat beside the teens lovely legs and with a firm hand parted them; I could see her wetness and her soft blond hair. I wanted some of the virgin; I wanted her to feel hard cock in her. I slid a finger along the girl's soft warm thighs towards her pussy. Her legs parted almost by instinct as my finger tips found her wet skin. She felt so wet against the probing finger and I wormed my finger into the wet marshes of her lips. I eased it in, feeling her wet skin all but suck me in. I added a second finger to the exploration and her legs parted further. Three fingers had her moan, and stretch her legs as far apart as she could manage with the weight on her. The girl was all we had hoped. She was a wanton whore, a cunt who could not get enough now she had tasted the nectars. What where her limits? We would have such fun finding out as the day wore on. I increased to four fingers, drawing them together to make admission to her pussy easier. She felt tight and I heard her moan increase. Was it a moan of arousal or discomfort? I knew which I would prefer! I pushed against the resisting restriction of her virgin pussy. I pushed and I felt resistance. I pushed my past her hymen and I felt her virginity tear as I entered her. I heard her muffed scream as her first penetration of her sacred heart was by my fist. I felt my hand slid into the warm wet nest. I filled her, as her moans became screams. I watched Sharon lift her self clear from the ex-virgin, and I slid my hand out from inside the teenager. It came free, wet and glistening from her juices, but also marked with the red of her lost virginity. We watched as the wanton whore cupped her wet mound with her own hands and explore her pussy. Sharon helped her off the bed as I lay down, my erection still proud and aching from its desire to be released. She guided the girl's fingers down to touch my manhood and I felt her fingers wrapped round the shaft by Sharon.Sharon guided the hands as they pumped me, but she firmly removed them at the first signs of my twitches starting. She whispered to the girl, and taking her in her arms kissed her long and deep. Their tongues in each others wet mouths, their hands caressing each other. I watched as the two girls made love with their mouths. I watched as Sharon guided the girl to sit astride me, as she positioned her young wet pussy over my aching cock. It ached to be absorbed deep into that wet hole. Sharon rested her hands on the teenager's shoulders and gently eased her down. I felt myself touch her wet skin and the lips part as she impaled me. She slid down on to me, her weight pressing down and a moan escaping her lips. Our heats mingled as I filled her with my wide, warm, wet cock. The timing had almost been too late, as I could no longer retain myself. I felt the warm cum rise out of my cock and fill her. The teenager moaned as my cum filled her sweet pussy and tricked down the shaft as if it sought escape. I moaned myself, as I emptied myself into the young teen.With a firm hand Sharon pushed the girl's mouth onto mine and our lips parted while I was still within her. I lifted my head to receive her lips and we kissed long and hard. Her lips clamped to mine in her eagerness and her tongue slid deep into my mouth. I felt my cum seep down my shaft which hang limp within her. The whore moaned, she wasn't satisfied yet, but then neither were we.Chapter Seven.He had felt so big inside me, I felt as if 'it' almost too much, but when he had emptied his sack of cum into me, I knew I wanted so much more. I had found my desire in life, to feel the butterflies of arousal and the excitement of being sexually abused. It had never been like this in my own fumbling at night. I had never dreamed a member of my own sex could make me feel so forfilled or a man, so used. I lay on the bed, exhausted from their abuses, but as much as I ached, I wanted more. I felt my hair seized by its roots and my head lifted free from the pillow. The strands felt as if they were tearing, tears brimmed in my eyes, but the pain made me almost purr. The collar was slipped round my neck and I heard the buckle secured. The dog tag that hung from it jingled as I was pulled onto the floor, and placed in a kneeling position. I knelt as if offering up prayers to some unknown deity. A deity that could only accept humiliation, sublimation and depravity! I rested my face against the beds duvet, and did not look up at the scene unfolding behind me.Two soft feline hands took hold of my rounded buttocks and I felt them parted. As they hands held them apart another hand ran a greasy finger around spincter applying a layer of cold grease. The finger tip slid in an inch and with it a coating was applied to my shit hole. As it with drew a final layer of grease was applied, and my mind knew what was to come. I tensed, and waited, as fingers stretched by buttocks as far as they would part. I felt the small strip of skin between them all but tear, but the pain was replaced by a hard solid object seeking admission to my rectum. I turned to look round, to see what was seeking entrance to my shit hole, and I saw the man knelt close behind me, both his hands spreading my cheeks. I could not see his erection but I could feel its probe pressing between the entrances to my hole. Pain filled my senses as my head turned forward once more, my eyes clamped shut and I stifled a scream behind my lips. I felt the sheer width of the cock push its way into me. I felt as if my arse was being torn apart. How could I take such a thickness, but its progress never ceased as onward it marched deep into my most forbidden and taboo of holes.A small whimper escaped from behind my lips as the thick python snaked its way into me, stretching places it was never made to go. Filling me, but with a different sensation as to earlier. I felt it slide in past obstructions and the pain decreased to a new sensation of a gentle pain, tenderness. It hurt but I was also so aroused. The bitten scream escaped as he withdrew the cock an inch and then pushed in once more. He pumped me with a rhythm, and each motion eased the pain as I stretched. I felt those tremors once more as the seed of his cock filled my, and sought escape between the tight fitting cock and my tight rectum.Chapter Eight. I left Pete with his thick cock buried to its shaft deep in the young girl's rectum. I heard her scream and watched as her arse was pumped by his rhythm and stretched by the width of that large tool.As I walked down the stairs I heard the teenager scream once more, but this time I knew it was one of ecstasy as her arse was pumped full of my husbands semen. I entered the dining room where `Daddy' remained handcuffed to his chair. His eyes looked up as I walked in, my naked body on parade before him. He could not see it or sense it, but his daughter's pussy juices smeared my face in a clear film. He may have lost everything, he may have been humiliated but his eyes still stared at my shaven mound and my tits.I walked over and sat on the table, legs spread, before him. His eyes lowered, to look at my pussy that faced him from the table. I smiled and told him of how much fun his sweet daughter was having. About how I had first fucked her, then of how Pete had filled both her holes. A scream bore my account as, as I assumed Pete with drew his cock. Both our sets of eyes turned to look up the stairs as two figures appeared on the landing. Both naked, but one with a flaccid penis and the other led by a dog lead fastened to a collar. He watched as his sweet little girl trotted down the stairs behind Pete, her eyes like that of a puppy. Pleading and loving.`Daddy' sat there the only dressed person in the house. His world destroyed his daughter depraved, as she knelt at Pete's feet and with one hand holding it she ran her tongue Lolita Rape along his flaccid cock. Her eyes looked across at `Daddy', a smile forming on her face. As `Daddy' looked, his sweet innocent little girl slipped the limp member into her mouth and sucked on it, as if it was one of those lolly pops of her childhood.I looked him over and saw him staring at his daughter, at the young whore. I looked down and saw the bulge in his trousers that belayed the truth that told me how aroused he was. I leant forward and with unsteady hands released the zip that was restraining him. With much practice, Lolita Rape my skilled fingers released that length from its entrapment, and as it came free, it became more than half erect. I smiled, knowing what he wanted, and knowing what he would have. I swivelled round on the table and parted my legs. My pussy was wide and on display for the whore to see. She was torn with her choices, but Pete eased himself free from her mouth, releasing her to scamper over and dine on my wet pussy lips as I eased my hips forward of the table. Pete walked over to where `Daddy' sat, and looked the sad specimen over. He smiled and told him hat pleasure he had, deflowering his sweet baby girl.Chapter NineI could not believe what my eyes told me. That my sweet little girl had been debauched by these two 'sickos', and now she knelt naked with a cock in her mouth. She sucked on the length of limp flesh as if it was the sweetest of sweets, her eyes wide with excitement. I could see my baby girl's small breasts and her blonde haired mound. I could not help it, I tried, but the image turned me on. I tried to slam the door, but I wondered what it would be like if that had been my cock. The woman had exposed me, and as I looked at my daughter dining on the limp manhood, my own began to swellThe woman walked over and took my stirring erection in her hand. Her husband's was thicker and larger than my specimen, even when flaccid. I had never been well endowed, one of the reasons my wife had walked out on me. She always argued that "that tiny thing" would never satisfy her. Now she lived in the West Country and from all reports was happy. I had a few dates since her leaving, but the sex life had never been anything amazing and a disappointment to all parties.My sweet little girl sucked on her lolly as it slowly grew to a full erection her mouth. As she sucked, her fingers massaged his balls and her eyes looked at me, taking in my humiliation. Sharon's fingers teased circles round the head of my small cock, but it remained the stunted size it was. All three sets of eyes were on that teenage girl as she worked her newly acquired skills on Pete's cock. He cupped her head with his hands and as he moaned he emptied the contents of his sack deep in my daughter's mouth. She swallowed the sperm, but as she with drew her pussy mouth from the cock, traces of the ejection escaped her lips and ran down her chin. My little girl looked over, and smiling she swallowed the contents of her mouth and cleaned her lips with her tounge.Sharon let go of my pathetic man hood and walked over to Jane. She helped her back to her feet and led her over to the table. There she bent my daughter over the table so her head faced me, and with an extended finger she probed my sweet little girls abused arse. As she finger fucked Jane, Pete walked round looking at me. His cock had shrunk back to its flaccid length, but it still drew my eyes. Shrivelled it out matched mine fully erect. He looked me over, and undid my handcuffs. The thought of running entered my mind, but where to? Sharon looked over and commanded me, as her finger slid deeper into Jane, to "strip". My hands shock and any semblance to an erection vanished as I removed my clothes.I stood before the three of them, naked, limb, pathetic and so humiliated. My daughter's eyes looked me over, amusement in them, and Sharon laughed, pointing out that I was not bringing that "sad" little thing near her.Chapter Ten.He was such a sad sight, a small shrivelled cock, hands trying to hide his inadequate manhood. My finger was deep within his daughter's sweet arse, and she was enjoying every moment. I watched Pete walk up stairs laughing, some scheme having been born in his warped mind. `Daddy' watched as I eased my finger out. Jane moaned in disappointment as my finger came away from her hole. I parted her legs further apart with my feet and then bending dipped my fingers deep into her wet pussy. Wet? No soaking, a torrent of juices would be more appropriate. Pete and I have carried this little scenario out half a dozen times in the past, but never had I come across a more eager whore. This girl was a pure slut; she had discovered her vocation in life.I withdrew two fingers, covered in the pure honey of Jane. With my dry hand I delivered a sound slap across the girls exposed buttocks. She squealed and I left a red mark across her tender skin, as I walked over to `Daddy'. Holding the two fingers before his face, I command the sad specimen to suck. Can you believe he was actually going to refuse, I could see the thought in his face, but then realisation that he was going no where crossed his mind? I moved the wet fingers closer and repeated my demand. His lips parted and I moved the two fingers closer to his open mouth. He eased his mouth over the fingers and closed his lips around them. I felt his tongue run along my fingers as he tasted his daughter's pure nectar. I slid the fingers out from his mouth, his lips removing the last remnants of Jane's juices, as I heard Pete reappear. He held up a garment he'd sought out, and I could see they were panties. Not just any panties, but clearly those of his daughter, the daughters whose juices filled his mouth.Throwing them at `Daddy' he told him to put the things on, to hide that sad worm that hung down. His face turned red as he caught his daughter's panties. The crutch was clearly not fresh, as even I could see they had come from the wash basket. He held them open with his hands, the crutch showing that his daughter was not as clean in her lingerie as one would expect. He stepped into the soft feline garments and eased them up his legs. They just managed to cover the worm, which had shrivelled all but to being invisible. `Daddy' stood there, naked apart from a pink pair of his daughters panties, across the front was emblazed the words `I am a horny girl' which somehow seemed so appropriate,Chapter Eleven.The taste of Lolita Rape Jane's pussy filled my mouth, and her panties were a tight fit. I looked at my sweet naked girl and wonder what she had become. The acts heaped on her by these two 'sickos' had drawn no protests, just whimpers and moans of arousal. What had they done to her? I licked my lips again, drawing the last remnants of her pussy taste down into my mouth. She tasted so much sweeter than her mother ever had, but as quick as the thought came into my mind, I pushed it out. Or tried to! I could not take my eyes of her perfection, a perfection that only teenagers have.The pink panties were tight, and held my cock in place. Not that it was going to do any erecting. How could it, this was all so wrong, yet so... Pete stood in front of me, naked, and with his massive cock erect, thrusting up from his groin, growing out of the tangle of pubic hair. It seemed he decided my name was sissy boy, maybe a reflection on the panties or on my sad cock. But I could not draw my eyes off his erection. Sharon laughed and agreed that "sissy boy" had eyes only for the large cock. She ordered me to touch it, a command that made my mind reel in horror. I was no faggot, there was no way I was ever touching that thing, as big and amazing as it was. She raised her voice and once more ordered me to touch her husbands cock. Why I am not sure but my hands seemed to have a life of their own, as my right one reached out and grasped that cock.It wasn't so bad. The girth was enormous, and my fingers reached round to encompass it. I looked at it, now it was closer. I could see the forehead had Lolita Rape eased back and the head glistened in moisture. It was every thing I'd ever wanted mine to be. It was the cock of a true stallion. The owner of that massive column of flesh told me to stoke it, and as my hand slid along the length of the warm flesh, I heard my daughter's laughter. I could feel my face redden, but I did not pause in my task. Each stroke became easier on me, and my eyes watched the small globules of pre-cum form on the reddened flesh of the head.As I stoked the cock, it swelled in my hand, and its power over me seemed to increase. My strokes of the warm solid flesh became movements of love, and my own limp cock rose to the occasion. Pete's hands took hold of my hair and pulled my mouth towards his erection. I could sense Jane's eyes on me, as she had her arse fingered by a beautiful woman. I could hear my daughters moans of arousal but my eyes Lolita Rape were fixed on the one eyed snake as it drew closer. The scent became over powering and in the purple head I could see the sheen of the pre cum. "Open your fucking mouth sissy boy" were the next spoken words. Was I really going to take the thing into my mouth? Was I really going to suck on it? Would I taste Jane's saliva? Would I go where my daughter had been? As these thoughts raced through my mind, Pete's fingers pinched my nose. A reflect action had my mouth open, and with one motion the column of cock slid into my mouth. I felt it slide past my lips, the scent filled my nostril. The massive cock filled my mouth, the head against the back of my mouth. I closed my lips round it, feeling his pubic hairs against my lips. I sucked, as my daughter had done. I heard laughter, as `Daddy' in his daughter's soiled panties sucked a man's cock, and no matter how I denied it, my own cock betrayed how turned on I was.Chapter Twelve.I removed my fingers from their exploration of the girl, and I offered them to her to clean. She willingly let the soiled fingers slide into her mouth, to suck them clean. To lick her shit off them, as she watched her pantie clad `Daddy' suck on Pete's cock. I heard the familiar grunt as Pete shot his load. `Daddy' tried to with draw his head, but Pete ensured it was held firmly in place as his cum filled the pussy mouthy, and as it slid down the throat of the sissy. I could see the tears on the sissy's face as he realised what he had become and Lolita Rape that his sweet little girl had witnessed him give head. He also could see how much of a willing whore his daughter was, how her clean, Miss Prim image was in shreds.From the bag I had left by the door I with drew some nipple clams, a strap on and a paddle. Our two victims watched as I walked towards the sweet girl, whose face showed eager anticipation. While sissy showed fear, and revulsion at the tastes that filled his pussy mouth.Jane stood still while I fitted the strap on, sliding the smaller dildo deep into her moist pussy. I had never known a girl so wet, and so pliable. The dildo may have the smaller of the two that comprosed the toy, but it was the thicker. I wanted to stretch that supple young pussy to ensure what ever I offered it in the future it would take. I remember our last captive, and how the melon had filled her. She had been stretched to such a degree that she could and did take suck a massive object into her wet hole. I wanted the same for sweet Jane, in time.She parted her legs so the thick plastic cock could be slid into her. A tight fit, but none the less a fit. I looked at my handy work when I had fitted the nipple clamps. She had actually become more aroused when the metal teeth bit into her sensitive nipples, and she sucked air in between her teeth in arousal. She stood there, a sweet teenager, with a massive cock pointing out from between her groin. The cock was as large as Pete's, it had a massive head and fake veins ran its length. Pete had in the meanwhile taken our pantie clad sissy and bent him over the table. A few hours ago he would have resisted, but now, he was beyond that. The taste of cum in his mouth and throat had broken him. Hand cuffs secured our sissy in place, his arse facing out towards his strap-on wielding daughter.I ran my gel covered fingers along the shaft, the motion moving the dildo that was deep within the teenager. Her face showed how it was affecting her, and I could imagine the juices she was gushing, as she looked down at her cock and the lover's hands pumping it with grease. An artificial hermaphrodite, but one that was going to screw, or should I say rape her own father." Go on darling" I encouraged her, as I led her gently towards Pantie Dad.Sissy craned his neck to see behind his exposed arse. He could see baby Jane approach him, led by me, but he could not see her erection. I eased his pretty pink panties to one side and parted his cheeks. Pete supplied a layer of jell over the exposed shit hole, and Jane steered her cock towards that dark tunnel. I have seen many of my victims buggered, but I have never seen anyone do it so smoothly and with out hesitation. I watched as she slid the thick tip past the arsehole entrance and pushed it in. She seemed to use her full body weight, for the thick plastic cock slid in without hesitation. Sissy scream filled the room as he was filled, and Jane laughed as she fucked her daddy. She slid the cock in until it filled him, and then pumped him. As he cried and wept, his daughter fucked him from behind. Traces of blood seeped out, but she didn't pause, as I stood behind her soft round buttocks and smacked her soft skin with the paddle. Daddy cried as he was fucked in sweet pink panties by his teenager daughter. She laughed as she was smacked by her lesbian lover, and Pete winked himself as he took the vision in. Life was good.We sat in the back of the taxi, our day's fun done. Sissy had kept his house, and his car. Ok so we had taken the money, but we had won that. Well maybe not fair and square, but no one was going to complain. We had left sissy chained to the table, a large dildo rising out of his anal pussy. His sweet daughter? Well she sat next to us, having asked if she could come along for the ride. And what a ride it would be! Anyone for a game of poker?A total new departure for me, and I would welcome feed back pin121yahoo.com. Thanks for reading the tale and I hope it gave you pleasure. Sharon x
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