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Related article: Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:24:32 +0000 From: Chicago Sucker Subject: 98 InchesFor the past few months I have been posting chapters in a series called "True Stories From a Cocksucker" which is titled on the list of stories simply as "Cocksucker." They are true stories from my life, real experiences I have had with real guys. I may come off as being critical of some of the stories posted here because they are only fantasies of experiences that most of us, including me, never find in real life. But that's not to say that fantasy isn't a good thing. It's actually a great thing, especially since I seldom get off in the presence of another man. 99% of my sexual experiences start and end without me every getting off. I believe it is my place to concentrate only on the person I am servicing, and it has become second nature to ignore my own needs and to actually suppress and deny myself the right to have an orgasm. However, alone, on my own, when I'm feeling horny and I have no suck session in my immediate future, I like to jerk off and slip into the world of fantasy. Often it is reading other stories that are posted here on the nifty archive, or it might be while looking at pictures that I either saved or printed out. Very often, however, I fantasize about guys I have met online but have not met in person yet. Often, while we work out the logistics for a meeting. We email back and forth and most of the guys ask me to write to them what I think or "hope" might happen when we meet. If requested to do so, I will write out a detailed story. These stories are fantasy, based on truth (because I have lived out most of what I write as it is). The story below, called "98 Inches" is an example of the type of things I write for the guys I plan to meet. In this case, I wrote this story for Ken. He mentioned to me that he has several friends who he might invite to our meeting, and he asked me to write about how that might go down. So that is what the story is about. I am not posting this as part of my series simply because I want to save that for writing about things that have happened, not things that might happen. (However, chapter 21 of my series does have another example of a story I wrote for a guy, but I decided to include that in the series because it is presented in the context of my real daily life and the fact that I meet a lot of guys online who for one reason or another (usually distance) cannot meet with me and I feel it is my duty to provide them with something to jerk off to so that they can at least get some pleasure while they wait for our first meeting to take place).As always, I want to invite any comments or questions that anyone cares to share with me. I am particularly interested in meeting superior, dominant, aggressive top-minded men who, when reading my stories, see themselves in the same category as the guys I am writing about. If you are interested in meeting and "putting me to the test" let me know. I'm in Ls Lolita Preview Chicago but I travel frequently. However, I will answer all emails, even from other cocksuckers like myself who simply want to ask me a question or share some of their own true experiences with me. Those of you who have emailed me in the past know that I always reply. My email address is chicagosuckerhotmail.com (or you can also write to me at chciagosucker2hotmail.com or chicagosucker3hotmail.com. I use these other mailboxes for overflow, because my mailbox often fills up. I hope to hear from some of you. 98 INCHES(For Ken) My jaw ached with anticipation. I knew I'd really be sore tomorrow, but I could have cared less as I waited in the small hotel room alone. Ken, my internet stud buddy, invited me for a visit and happily agreed to put me up here for the night. It was 8:00 and I had instructions to wait for the knock on my door. Just on time, I heard someone pound on the door. I looked through the peep whole to see a hot young stud in the hallway. This must be Ken, I thought, because I never saw pictures of his face. Everyone of the photos he sent was a close-up of his big hard cock. I'd have to wait until he undressed tonight before I could make a positive identification. I opened the door and smiled before being pushed aside as the stud Ls Lolita Preview walked in. I closed the door behind him. "You're Ken, right?" I asked. "Shut the fuck up!" was the stud's response. "If I want you to talk I'll tell you." This was Ken alright. I had told him that sometimes I like to taken by overly powerful men. Ken was willing to play along and that made it more exciting for the both of us. Ken sat at the edge of the bed. "Well," he said, "get the fuck over here." I walked over and stood in front of him. He pointed to the floor with his hands and I got down on my knees, looking into his eyes and waiting for his next order. He said nothing and lifted his left foot and placed it against my stomach. Ken just looked at me as if to say just don't sit there holding my foot, so I started to untie his shoe. I pulled it off and the odor of his hot foot started my blood boiling. I took hold of his sock and pulled it off and just held his warm, damp foot in my hands. Ken put his bare foot down and lifted his other shoe. I stripped that foot and was about to put it down when Ken said, "Uh uh. I don't think you got a good enough whiff." Ken knew I liked to smell, kiss, lick, suck and taste on other body parts besides just dick, and he again was playing along with my fantasy. I lifted that beautiful foot to my nose and deeply inhaled. I began to rub my nose into the dampness between his toes. My tongue playfully licked between each toe and up and down his whole foot. Soon I was sucking on his toes. Then I did the same to his other foot, eventually ending with both of Ken's big toes in my mouth, gently sucking them. I was so excited but couldn't tell about Ken. Maybe he was just letting me do what he knew I wanted to do. But I didn't want him to get bored so I stopped and looked up at him. All Ken had to do was point at his shirt and I moved into action, pulling it from the waistband of his jeans, up past his hard stomach. He lifted his arms and I pulled his shirt up and over his head. I gasped at the sight of him and my hands went to immediately caress his smooth body. My thumbs rubbed his nipples until they got hard. Ken tilted back until he was lying on his back. I moved up over him and buried my face in his chest. My lips found his left tit and I sucked it hard. I moved to his right tit and my fingers stayed behind to tease the wet left one. Ken moved his hands behind his head and I moved again to explore more of him. My nose found his left pit. The dark hair was damp and cool on my lips. Just as I had asked, Ken didn't put on any deodorant that day, so I could enjoy his true manly scent. My mouth explored every inch of his pit before moving to the other one. My mouth was really watering from the taste of him and his dark pit hair was soaked with my spit and his sweat. After thoroughly cleaning each pit, I moved back to his tits and worked them over good. At the center of his chest I licked and kissed, slowly moving downwards as my hands rubbed down his rib cage. My tongue found and explored his hot belly button. I didn't spend much time there because I was distracted by the huge bulge throbbing and straining beneath Ken's jeans. I quickly moved my hands to cradle that bulge. Pushing and poking at it. Ken responded by pushing his hips up, pressing that hard stick against my hands. I buried my face into his crotch. Wanting to feel and smell more, I opened the button of his jeans. Ken's throbbing cock pushed forward and practically pushed the zipper on his fly open on its own. I slipped my hand over Ken's jockey's enjoying the heat and the wetness. I was thankful that the weather finally turned hot making guy's sweat all over. I grabbed at Ken's jeans and began pulling them down. Ken lifted his butt off the bed so I could get them over his hips. I continued pushing them down past his knees and finally over his feet. I lingered at the bottom of the bed and licked at ken's feet again before moving back up to his crotch. His big hard cock was tenting his shorts, making the elastic pull away from around his thighs. I peered in and saw his huge red balls. My fingers slid in to find them. As I caressed his balls I lowered my face into his crotch, smelling his strong scent. I detected piss and sweat, but was most delighted by the odor of Ken's precum. It had been oozing from his dickhead for quite some time, forming a large wet spot. I could see the outline of that thick dickhead as it pushed against the wet fabric. I covered the wet spot with my lips and tried to suck up as much of the liquid as I could. Ken's hard cock pressed against my mouth and as I opened wider, he pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked on the head, feeling the fabric of his briefs getting wetter from my spit and more of Ken's precum. I desperately pulled at the waistband of his underwear and began pulling them down. Ken again lifted his butt up so I could pull them all the way down. His huge hard cock sprang free and slapped against his stomach. With a kick, ken was free from his underwear. I brought Ls Lolita Preview my face close to Ken's cock. Yep, this was Ken alright. God knows I studied those pictures he sent to me and I could have picked his dick out of a police line up. I just stared at that big cock, watching the veins pulse. Ken finally broke the long silence with just two words: "Get busy." I nestled between Ken's legs and looked up at him. He had propped himself up on a pillow to get a good look at the action. I lowered my head into his balls and inhaled again and again while my tongue washed over his plump sack. I worked one nut into my mouth and sucked on it. Then moved to the other. The two together were too big to fit at the same time so I went back and forth between them. "You better start on my cock before I explode," Ken said. He knew I wanted his cum in my mouth, so I moved from his balls and started licking and kissing his dick shaft, slowly working my tongue up to the big purple head. I lifted his cock towards me. A thick strand of precum stayed connected to his stomach as I bent his cock toward my hungry mouth. Ls Lolita Preview I licked around that big head, getting it good and wet. It slipped around my lips easily. I had to open as wide as I could to fit that big head in my mouth. I closed my lips tight around it and began swirling my tongue. I sucked that head hard, twisting my head back and forth so that my lips ran along the ridge of the cockhead. I flicked my tongue rapidly around the tender underside of the head before increasing the suction with my lips. I knew Ken was enjoying this because he groaned loudly. I could feel him squirm beneath me and also feel the quickness in his breath as he abdomen rapidly would rise and fall. Knowing Ken was enjoying this made it a surprise when I felt his hand on my chin, pulling me up. I didn't want to let go of his dickhead, but as he kept pushing me up I couldn't stop that big full head from popping out of my mouth with a loud, wet, smack. "God that feels good," he said, "but I think you can do better. I'll tell you what, if you do a real good job I let you have a special reward tonight.""A special reward?" I thought to myself. What better reward could there be then a big hot mouthful of Ken's cum? My curiosity peeked with all the exciting possibilities of what this reward might turn out to be. I got back to sucking Ken's dick, working that big head back through my tight, wet lips. I started sucking hard. I finally knew what Ken meant when he said he thought I could do better. His hands went Ls Lolita Preview to my head and began pushing me downward, forcing more of his big cock into my mouth. When it reached the back of my throat I gagged and tried to lift up, but Ken's hands held me there firmly. I continued to gag and struggle for breath. But the longer Ken held me there, the more relaxed I became until eventually I stopped gagging and was able to breathe normal. Just when I was getting comfortable, Ken began pushing me down again. The feel of his big dickhead pushing down my throat caused me to panic again and I started gagging uncontrollably. I thought I was gonna puke. But then ken eased up and I raised up a little until his cock was out of my throat. Ken let me catch my breath for a few seconds as I held him in my mouth, and then began pushing me down again. This time his cock went even deeper. Ken had a big cock and he was used to cocksuckers gagging on it. He knew what he was doing, and as time passed I was able to take him deeper and deeper. This was Ken's way of training me to be a deep throat.Soon I had all of him in my mouth. My nose pressed against his dick hair and his balls against my chin. Ken now took his hands off my head and moved them behind his head, propping himself up further to get a better view as I slowly raised my head, pulling my lips along his shaft until his head popped out between them and then working that head back in my mouth I'd slowly sink down until my chin touched his balls again. Ken was really enjoying how my throat and mouth felt.After a few minutes of this his hands returned to my head. It was his way of telling me to speed up the pace. I relaxed again and just let his hands move me up and down. The speed was picking up with each thrust and I was starting to panic again. I started gagging. I couldn't help it. I felt the an angry push as Ken slammed me down and his cock went all the way in again."Fuck, man. You gotta learn how to take all of me without gagging so much. Shit, it sounds like you're gonna puke on me. I guess I'm just gonna have to teach you how to get me all the way down your throat."And with that, as Ken continued holding me down on him, I felt his hips buck up but he wasn't stopping. He was rolling us both over. Now I was in the center of the bed with my legs hanging off the end and my feet on the floor. Ken's hips rested their full weight on my head and I sank into the mattress. I thought I was going to suffocate. Ken's dick felt like it was even deeper as he laid above me. His arms held him up and it looked like he was gonna do push ups. I felt him adjusting the pillows just above my head. He lunged forward and rested his elbows on the pillows and I had no doubts that Ken's dick was as deep as it was ever going to get down my throat.Then with a grunt, Ken began bucking his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my throat. Faster, harder, deeper with each thrust. I couldn't relax enough again and started gagging. Ken responded by thrusting harder into me. I gagged even louder. Between grunts I heard Ken say, "You can choke on it for all I care!"I reached up and fondled his ass as he pumped into me over and over. My god, he was fucking my throat like it was a pussy. As I rubbed Ken's ass, thighs and lower back I sensed he was getting hotter and sweatier by the second. I could hardly believe it, but Ken'' thrusting became even more violent, more urgent, as the pace continued to pick up. The thrusts were full, long, hard, fast. Even though I tried not to, I kept gagging every so often. Ken would reply with "Take it all, fucker!" and slam hips into me.Just when I thought I was gonna pass out, Ken lunged forward with a violent thrust and I felt his whole body tremble. Ken let out a loud, low moan as his body completely tensed. I felt pressure deep in my throat as jet after jet of ken's hot sperm erupted in my gullet. I had the urge to swallow even though his dick head was deep enough that swallowing wasn't necessary. His hot load continued to blast down my throat. I now knew why ken had such big balls, I thought to myself, as his cum continued to squirt from his dick.Exhausted, Ken pressed his weight onto me. I could feel his pulse in the throbbing cock still lodged in my throat and could feel ken's heavy breathing as his lower abdomen, slick with sweat, pressed against my forehead. We laid like that for a while. Each time I tried to swallow my throat muscles would tense around Ken's cock and he would let out little moans. Finally, Ken moved and I felt his cock begin to pull out of my throat. I didn't want to let it go. My lips clamped around his wet shaft as he pulled from me. On my tongue I could feel globs of cum sticking here and there along the way. I did my best to lick him clean. At last his big head was out of throat and now gliding across my tongue. I licked at that head, trying to convince Ken to keep it in my mouth, but he continued to roll off of me and with a wet "plop" his head passed through the lips that tried so hard to hang on.Ken adjusted himself onto his back, pulling the pillows behind his head. I glanced over at his cock. It was still rock hard and covered with spit and more sperm that oozed from his piss slit. I lifted my head to get to him again and noticed his chest was soaked with sweat. Even his legs and arms and face glistened. He had his hands behind his head again, eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. I watched a bead of sweat run down his left pit. I quickly got my tongue up there to catch it. I began to lick at his sweat covered body.Ken opened his eyes and I stared deep into him, waiting for his response to see if I was good enough for the special reward he promised. I couldn't wait to find out what it was."Don't worry," he said, still breathing heavy, "Your reward is coming." I just smiled and quickly returned to cleaning Ken's body.After a few minutes his breathing calmed down. He started to turn from me and I watched him get up from the bed. I noticed the bead spread was dark where he was laying. I moved my hands there to feel the hot wetness. Ken's dick was still hard and appeared to be leading him as he walked across the room to the small desk. He picked up the phone and dialed a number."John? Yeah, it's me. It was great, yeah. You and the rest of the guys better get over here and fucking hurry it up! Yeah, room 208."Ken hung up the phone and turned to look at me with a big smile. Your reward's on it's way," he said. He walked over to the bed and laid back down on his back. His cock was still amazingly hard. "They'll be here in a bout a half hour," he said, looking at me and then at his cock. "Keep me hard until they get here," he ordered. I responded by sliding ken's cock back into my mouth. I sucked, licked, kissed and worshipped it. Ken assumed his familiar position with his hands behind his head. For a change of pace I'd move my mouth to other parts of his body, continuing to clean all the sweat from his crotch, feet, chest and armpits."I gotta piss!" ken said after awhile. I moved to let him get up but he didn't move. I soon found out why. "Get me something to piss in, I don't want to get up." I started looking around for a garbage can or something. "Hurry the fuck up, I really gotta go!" Ken said again. I grabbed the closest thing, a plastic cup from the sink. It was wrapped in cellophane and I quickly brought it back to the bed and got down close to Ken's crotch hoping the cup would be big enough to hold all his piss. As I struggled with the cellophane wrapper, ken grabbed the cup from my hands and threw it on the floor. "I ain't got time for that shit. I'm gonna end up pissing right in this bed," he said. "Well what do you want me to do?" I asked. "If you want to keep this bed dry you better open up and get my cock in your mouth!" Ken ordered. I quickly lowered my mouth over his dickhead. I did a good job keeping Ken hard like he told me to, so his hard cock slipped easily past my lips. I was just in time as ken's stream of hot piss burst forth. I clamped my lips tight on his shaft so that none would leak out. My cheeks ballooned out as my mouth filled up with piss. I felt his hands gently tickle Ls Lolita Preview my adam's apple. "Swallow it, dude!" he said. And as I swallowed I felt Ken's hands pushing me down, his pissing cock pushing farther into my mouth. "Just open up your throat for me and let me piss into your gut," Ken said. I relaxed and his cock pushed deep into my throat. There was no need for me to swallow as the stream of hot piss gushed into my stomach. I felt ken relax his body as he laid back into the pillows, putting his hands behind his head again and just enjoying the sight of me taking all he had to give. Ken must have had a six pack of beer and a couple gallons of water earlier, because his dick just kept spitting a full even stream down my throat. I was starting to feel real full and didn't think I could take much more. Just then I felt the stream start to weaken and eventually trail off to a dribble. I felt Ken's hands lifting my head up and I once again felt his cock slowly withdraw from deep in my throat. I tried even harder this time to hang on to his cock with my lips. As his wet shaft pulled across my tongue, my taste buds caught the strong salty-bitter taste of his piss again. That long hot cock continued it's slide out of my mouth until my lips released the swollen head with another loud wet smack. Ken's hands continued to hold me tight and close to his dick. He squeezed my head and grunted and I felt the last few drops of his piss splash across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and caught a few drops, wishing Ken Ls Lolita Preview had to piss all over again. Ken just sighed like he was relived to finally empty himself.Just then, someone knocked on the door. Ken said we were going to answer the door together and I was Ls Lolita Preview to keep his hard cock in my mouth at all times. We got up from the bed in one motion and Ken began Ls Lolita Preview walking backwards to the door, me crawling on my knees, keeping my mouth around his cock. Ken looked through the peep hole just to make sure it was the guys. He unlatched the lock and we stepped from the door. He yelled for them to come Ls Lolita Preview in. The door opened and seven hot young studs passed by me as I knelt before their friend, sucking his cock. The guys all made comments and jokes about what I was doing to Ken but I didn't care. Once everyone was in, the door was closed and locked again. Ken pushed me away from him and a fell backwards onto the floor. The guys sort of laughed at this. "Get up and sit on the edge of the bed," Ken ordered and I did what I was told.Ken explained that these guys were all good friends of his and thought he would share his new cocksucker with them. Ken said I was gonna do them just as I had done him. And with that, Ken pointed to the floor. I knew that was my place and I quickly got on my knees. Ken sat in a chair to watch. "Shoes first!" he ordered, and I went to work, removing the shoes and socks of each of the studs before me. I smelled and kissed 14 hot feet, sucked on 70 toes. "Now shirts," Ken growled, and I jumped to my feet and into action as I removed each guy's shirt, exploring each hot chest with my hands and mouth. I sucked 14 nipples until they were hard, and I smelled and licked 14 hot, damp pits. "Pants!" Ken ordered, and I quickly started undoing buttons and zippers until each of the studs was standing before me in just underwear. All of them had huge, throbbing bulges. "Get your face in there and smell them," Ken told me. I happily obeyed, working my way to each crotch and marveling at all the different smells. "You know what to do next," Ken said to me, and one by one I stripped each stud of his shorts until they all stood before me fully hard and dripping precum. These were seven of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. "Get in there and lick that precum off," was Ken's next order. I approached each stud and carefully cleaned all seven dickheads. I could tell the guys were ready. They looked at Ken and he nodded at the first guy and he began to move towards me."Open up, cocksucker," the stud said as he pushed his hips forward. I did and he pushed his dick into my mouth. He didn't stop and went all the way down my throat. I gagged uncontrollably and some of the guys laughed. "Your gonna take it all," the stud yelled and continued pushing his cock in farther. I continued to gag. "Shit, Ken," the stud said, "I think this cocksuckers gonna puke." If I did, I was gonna bring up all of Ken's piss that I drank just before. The stud backed up and pulled his cock from my mouth. Ken got up and walked over to the guys. Next to them I was able to compare Ken's cock to the rest of the gang. Ken was obviously bigger. He was longer, thicker, and his balls were larger too."He's a gagger," Ken said. "I tried to teach him to take cocks down deep." The stud who just had his cock down my throat responded, "Looks like he could use a few more lessons." The guys all laughed and Ken began raising me up to sit at the bottom edge of the bed. He then began pushing me down on my back. I was now in that familiar position: My head in the middle of the bed, my legs hanging off the bottom end, my feet firmly on the floor. Ken told me to raise my hands straight above my head and then putt two pillows across them. He nodded again to that same stud who without hesitation began to mount me. He placed his knees, one on each side of my chest, and dangled his big cock over my face, the head just touching my lips. His elbows rested on the pillows, and when the weight of his upper body pushed his elbows deeper into the pillows, I knew my hands were trapped. I was now defenseless and at the mercy of the stud above me. There was nothing I could do to control the depth of his thrusts. His cock was gonna go in all the way whether I liked it or not.Of course, I did like it and opened wide to take him in. The stud plunged his hips forward and his cock went all the way in. I gagged but could do nothing to stop the assault. His thrusts grew in strength, length and speed. As I continued to gag and choke the other guys laughed and watched as the stud kept thrusting deeper and harder into my throat. I heard Ken tell me to take it all. The other guys joined in. The violent thrusting continued until the stud gave out a loud moan. He started twitching and drove his cock as deep as he could, letting his full weight down on me. I opened as wide as I could and tried to get my tongue out further. His big balls were pressed against my lower lip and my tongue tried to brush against them. I felt a powerful explosion of cum deep in my throat. The stud shook his body a little as if to force out the last couple spurts and then began to roll off of me.Before I had time to even catch my breath, I felt the next stud starting his mount. As his huge cock approached my mouth, I opened wide. This guy was thick so I wanted to make sure my lips covered my teeth. His cock slammed in all the way. Even though I was expecting this and tried my best to relax my throat, I still gagged. But it didn't matter now. This stud took his time at first, pushing his cock slowly back and forth through the tight gullet muscles in my throat. Soon, however, he was speeding up the pace. He built up so much speed in his thrusting that his strokes into my mouth seemed jerky and wild, very different from the firm, even strokes of the last big stud. With almost a cry of pain, this stud pushed deep and again I felt a hot fullness deep in my throat. He withdrew his cock slowly from my throat and moaned again as his head passed through my gullet. I squeezed tightly around it, not wanting to let go.He was barely off of me when stud number three got over me. This guy was urgent to drill me. I accepted his cock deep in my throat but not without still gagging and choking on it. This stud knew how to fuck. He probably had several girlfriends and got plenty of practice forcefully fucking their pussys. He pumped deep into me with firm even strokes, building up to a steady pace. This guy came too quickly, though. I was really enjoying his cock gliding in and out and I didn't want him to stop. When he did cum, he surprised me by not thrusting deep and holding his cock down my throat. Instead he kept thrusting up and down, depositing the first spurt of cum deep in my throat, but the next few in my mouth. He gave one more thrust down my throat and then pulled back up, leaving just the head of his cock in my mouth. It was there where he finished dumping his load. The hot sperm coated my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I swallowed it all down and cleaned off his cock. I was thankful to get his load in my mouth where I could really feel and taste it.As he moved off the bed, cock number 4 came into view. He fucked my throat without mercy and blew his load deep. The rest of the guys did pretty much the same thing. I did notice that these last four fucks were quick. The guys were really getting hot watching their friends get off in my mouth and were jerking themselves as they watched. When it was finally their turn, it didn't take much for them to cum. One stud didn't even last a full minute in my mouth.When the seventh stud finally finished and rolled off of me, I noticed the room was rather quite. Some of the guys had already left. As the remaining few got dressed no one said anything. I couldn't move. But as the last guys were leaving I heard them thank Ken.I heard the door close and Ken walked over to check on me. "You alright?" he asked. "My throat burns and my jaw really aches," I said. Ken sat on my chest, his hard cock pointing at me. He looked at me and rubbed my jaw. "Do you think you could take one more?" he asked. I just nodded yes, and that was enough for Ken move forward. He lifted the pillows and I moved my Ls Lolita Preview hands down to my side. Ken repositioned the pillows above my head, positioned his weight, and once again brought his cock to my open mouth. He plunged deep and began thrusting hard and fast. I noticed I wasn't gagging. In fact, I stopped gagging when stud number Ls Lolita Preview 4 was fucking me. I guess I was concentrating so hard on trying to relax that I didn't even realize that I had. Ken noticed, however, and as he was close to cuming, he yelled out "Take it all, fucker, and no gagging" and pounded me hard again and again. As Ken started to cum, I took my hands, no longer restrained, and pushed up on his hips. Ken was so into his orgasm that he offered no resistance. His cock slid from deep down my throat and out across my tongue just as the sperm began squirting. This time I wanted to feel ken's juice in my mouth and savor the taste of it.When Ken finished dumping his big load, he moved to roll off me. I grabbed his ass and tried to keep his still rock hard dick in my mouth. I didn't want to let go of Ls Lolita Preview him. His head slipped from between my lips but my hands held his ass tight, keeping his cock close to my face."Fuck me again, Ken!" I said, trying to push on his ass Ls Lolita Preview and make him thrust his cock back in my mouth. "I don't think I can," he said. "Just try," I pleaded. My hands glided over his sweaty ass. I rubbed my finger in his crack and got it good and wet before brushing it against Ken's ass hole. Ken shook as my finger swirled around the hot wet tightness of it. I slowly began pushing my finger in and out of his ass. Ken was moaning as I got my finger deeper. "Open your fucking mouth!" he cried, and then pushed his big cock back down my throat where it belongs. As he began his thrusts I matched the movement of my finger to coincide. Ken began pounding my head deeper into the mattress, using his full weight to bury his cock deep down my throat. I wondered how long he could keep it up. I didn't want him to stop until he came again. This was my way of thanking him for teaching me how to take cock deep. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have this stud thrusting in and out of my mouth. Yes, my throat and jaw hurt bad, but I'd gladly endure much greater pains for the feel of this powerful cock pumping deep down my throat. As my finger continued to poke in Ken's ass, my other hand reached around the top of his thigh in search of his balls. When I found them I gave them a slight squeeze and began rubbing them. Ken was thrusting so hard and fast that I had a hard time keeping his balls in my hand. Covered in sweat they were slippery, but all this fucking made them swell so that helped me keep my grip.Ken began fucking me with an even greater violence. His loud groans told me he was needing to cum again soon. Finally he pushed forward and tensed his body. His ass clamped around my finger as I pushed it in as far as I could. I found his prostrate and began rubbing it with the tip of my finger and at the same time flexed my throat muscles to milk Ken's dick head pushed in deeper than it ever had been before. Ken came with such power that it shocked me and I panicked. My throat tensed up as he blew his largest load of cum that night. The hot fluid was so abundant that it collected in my throat and felt like it was backing up. I choked on it and gagged but Ken made no effort to move off of me. I kept telling myself in my mind to relax, and was able to regain control of my throat again. Ken just laid there, holding himself deep, breathing hard and fast. I slowly pulled my finger from his ass and he twitched a little. For the first time in hours, ken's cock started to go soft. I can't blame it. The poor thing was worn out. I relished the feeling of the shrinking cock as it made it's retreat from my throat. Eventually, Ken moved to get off of me. Again I did my best to hang onto his cock as it slid from my mouth, but even I knew there was to be no more fucking tonight. I just laid on the bed without moving as Ken got dressed, and without a word, left.After a while, I got up and washed the shit off my finger. I looked at myself in the mirror and examined my neck and mouth. God they ached. I took some aspirin before going to bed. And as I laid there in the darkness, I replayed the evening in my mind. Those were the biggest cocks I've ever had the pleasure of sucking. Adding them up, I realized I had swallowed at least 98 inches of hard cock. That's over 8 feet! I continued to massage my aching jaw, marveling at my accomplishment, before drifting off into to a deep, dreamless sleep. THE END Are you interested in reading more of my fantasy writing in addition to the true stories I post in my series? Let me know, because I have other stories in this category that I am willing to post here. Shoot me an email and let me know.
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