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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionPlaying Doctor (c)1996 Master Chris Story #74 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Well look which cat just swallowed the canary."Leanne just smiled at her friend Karin. The two girls were the best of friends and had been since grade school. Although both girls were now 28 and each had married they remained as close if not closer than ever. These weekly lunches had become so much a part of their routine that it was unthinkable that either would ever miss them. If anyone could recognize when Leanne was in a great mood it would be Karin."Maybe I just got lucky last night" said Leanne.Karin grinned. "It looks like you got more than lucky. I don't think Bob and I have had anything that hot in years. Of course, you've been married a year less than us."Leanne smiled. "Now I know you and Bob have sex. It's not like you've lost your looks or anything."The truth was, neither girl had lost their looks. Karin was a blond with short curly hair and a trim gymnast body. Her pert breasts had no trouble passing the 'pencil' test but her best feature was probably her shapely backside.Leanne was a gorgeous brunette with short straight hair. Her body was long and curvy. Her breasts were also firm but larger than her somewhat shorter friend. Either girl could be runway models.Since high school both girls had gotten consistent offers from the opposite sex but both had settled down in their early twenties. Karin had married first. She and Bob had met in college and had married quickly. Leanne had been, of course, the maid of honor. That had been seven years ago. Leanne had goten hitched a year later to John. The two couples spent much of their time together. They had bought homes near each other, almost always took vacations together and shared meals virtually all the time.Karin looked enviously at her best friend. What was she doing, she wondered, that could keep her marriage so hot. Her own relationship was wonderful but did't seem to have the intensity they once had."No we still have sex." she replied, "It's just not as hot as it used to be. Bob doesn't seem to have that... I don't know... spark."Leanne smiled knowingly. "Yeah, we had that problem for awhile but a few weeks ago we hit on something that's turned our sex life on its ear""Well c'mon! Don't hold out on your best friend. What is it?" Leanne blushed. Um... I don't know... It's kind of embarrassing."Karin's eyes opened wide. "Then it must be pretty kinky. I've known you forever and I've seen all kinds of wild stuff you've done."Leanne laughed. "Ok, ok, of course I can tell you. A few weeks ago, John and I had one of those heart-to-heart talks that no one ever wants to have. Anyway, we were talking about our relationship and one of the things that came up was our rather bland sex life. I mean, it was almost down to doing it once a week on Saturday's in the missionary position. Anyway, at one point we decided to write down our hottest fantasies and then read them and see if there was any of them that we wanted to try. So we sat in different corners of the living room and I wrote a bunch of things and John too then we exchanged.""So what did you write? Never mind that, what did he write?" interrupted Karin.Leanne laughed. "Which do you want to hear first? Well, John wrote some of the regular things you'd expect. He wanted to have a threesome and he wanted to try some bondage thing and he wanted to do it in the car but one of the things he said was at the top of my list and when I saw it I was instantly hot." Leanne grinned, "He said his favorite game was to play doctor.""Doctor?" said Karin, "Are you kidding?""Oh no." replied Leanne, "Do you remember the last time you played?"Karin blushed. "How could I forget. How old were we thirteen, fourteen?. It's still one of my hottest sexual memories. As I remember we both wanted to be the nurse."Leanne smiled "I remember. Well John and I decided right away to try it. The first time I was the patient and John was the doctor. It was ok, but it still wasn't hot. Then I turned the tables. I told him that I had to give him a very complete examination and to strip down. I touched him all over and at one point, had him bend over so I could take his temperature."Karin gasped. "You didn't!""Oh yeah, I did. It was very hot. I slid a thermometer into his bum real slow and he squirmed and moaned. Didn't you ever take a temperature rectally when you played doctor?"It was Karin's turn to blush. "Yes. It was my favorite part."Leanne grinned back, "Me too. Nn Preteen Model Anyway, we had the hottest, I mean the hottest, sex that night. Since then we've played it over and over again. I'm almost always the nurse. Nn Preteen Model I've found that John has this submissive streak in him that makes him fire hot when I'm in charge."Last night was the best yet. John had been hunting around for the last couple of weeks and yesterday surprised me with a new piece of furniture in the house. It's an honest-to- God gynecologists table complete with stirrups. Last night he found out what it's like to have his feet up and wide apart like a frog in biology class."Karin's eyes were wide as saucers. "Wow." seemed to be the only word that would come out. She had been holding her breath as Leanne explained what games she and John had been playing. She noticed as she finally gasped in some air that her thighs were tightly clenched and that there was more than a hint of moisture between them."I would have given anything to have seen that." Karin whispered. "You know, Bob has hinted at playing submissive games with me for ages but I never thought I could get into it. Every time he talked about it all I could think of was whips and chains and it didn't do anything for me but this... this is so..... so hot!"Leanne chuckled, "You have no idea. You know, maybe one of these days you'll need another examination from your favorite nurse."Karin gasped. "You wouldn't!""But doesn't the thought of it make you hot?" asked Leanne.Karin found herself unable to meet her friend's eyes. "I suppose so."Hard as it seemed, Karin was able to finally get the conversation off the subject of sex and the two girls had a great lunch. The images that had started rolling around in Karin's head just wouldn't stop. She kept imagining first her husband Bob bent over with his bare bottom in the air and Karin's fingers pushing a rectal thermometer into him. Then the image shifted and Karin imagined Leanne's husband John with his feet up in the air in stirrups, completely exposed to her gaze. John was a very handsome man and Leanne had even seen him naked a couple of times while on vacation but never had she even imagined something like this. Another image crashed into her brain and she imagined herself in John's place, naked and spread open to Leanne's eyes and hands. By the time lunch was over, Karin was dripping wet.That night Karin took charge for the first time. She was so hot that Bob was lucky he wasn't raped as he walked in the door. Karin waited until early evening. Bob had settled into the den to watch TV and she headed for the bedroom. After lighting a candle, she stripped down and got Nn Preteen Model into a bath. Her fingers trailed down between her legs and she could feel her slick wetness even under the water. Her clit and her nipples were all rock hard. Karin trailed a finger over her engorged clit and her hips involuntarily arched her pubis with its lightly covered blond muff out of the water. "Whew" she thought. "If I don't stop, I'm going to ruin it."A few minutes later, Karin was out of the bath and dried off. She considered what, if anything to put on. Finally, she settle for a pair of lace, high-cut panties and, wearing nothing else, headed down the hall to look for her husband."Whoa!" said Bob as she Nn Preteen Model walked into the den. Karin had seemed a little distracted all evening, but now Bob could tell what she'd had on her mind. Her tiny white panties just seemed to accentuate her tight athletic figure. Bob loved how his wife looked. Her firm breasts weren't large but they were topped with Bob's favorite feature, very long, remarkably thick nipples. Nn Preteen Model Right now they seemed to be longer and fatter than Bob could ever remember. "Mmmmm" he said, licking his lips. Have any plans?""As a matter of fact I do." said Karin with a smile. In one hand Bob saw one of Karin's silk scarves."Oh?" said Bob, his pulse quickening.Karin just smiled as she walked forward. The silk scarf turned out to be for Bob's eyes and a moment later he couldn't see at all."Just lie still" whispered Karin.By the time Karin actually got Bob to the bedroom he was naked and hard. Karin had teased and touched and licked him all the way there.She pushed him onto the bed on his back then took her time positioning him with his knees up and wide open. She could see everything, just like she wanted.Straddling Bob, she settled her hips lower over his face and felt his tongue start to lick deep into her slit. Bob had always been great at going down on her and tonight Karin knew she wouldn't need much encouragement. She bent down to take his swollen member into her mouth and felt his hips push up in response.The sixty-nine was the couple's favorite position and the two of them squirmed as they pleasured each other. Karin felt herself on the edge. She was very close and tonight, she wanted Bob to come with her. Karin slid one finger deep into her mouth and licked it then as she let her mouth descend once again on Bob's cock, she slid her hand below his balls and, in one smooth but very firm motion, slid her finger past her husband's anus and deep into his rectum. Bob moaned at the sensation. Karin slid her finger out slightly then pushed it hard all the way to the knuckle in a twisting motion.Bob's body was awash with sensation. His beautiful naked wife was lying on top of him. He could feel her hot thighs on his cheeks and her wet pussy and clit grinding down right on top of his mouth. Her tight-tipped breasts were pushing into his belly and his cock was, of course, deep in Karin's mouth. The finger sliding into his rectum was something new and made him wild. Bob had always loved it when Karin took charge and she certainly had tonight. With a finger sliding in and out of his bottom, Bob didn't hold out for long. Karin felt him cry out beneath her and felt his cock swell in her mouth. A moment later the hot salty spray of his come spurted to the back of her throat. It was all she needed. Moaning loudly, Karin felt her hips slide her pussy across Bob's mouth and started coming herself in an orgasm that seemed to start deep in her belly.The couple ended up sleeping curled up together like spoons. It had been one of the hottest nights of sex since their honeymoon.The next day Karin figured she's be sated and the thoughts that had started with lunch the day before would fall into a faded memory but she was wrong. As she went through her day, the images and fantasies of playing doctor seemed to become stronger and stronger.She thought back with vivid clarity to the times she Nn Preteen Model and Leanne had played doctor first as children then a few times as teenagers. Both girls were quite well developed the last time they played. Karin still remembered Leanne pulling on rubber gloves from the kitchen and dipping one finger into a jar of vaseline as she waited, naked, on her spread open knees with her head resting on her folded arms. The head- down, tail-up position was the most exposing one Karin had ever been in and it made Karin hot every time she was in it. The feel of Leanne's fingers in those rubber gloves as they spread Karin's cheeks wide open was so clear it seemed like it had just happened.Although Karin remembered feeling embarrassed as Leanne slid her lubricated finger into her bottom, she also remember the sensation causing her to get hot and wet something Leanne couldn't help noticing given Karin's exposed position.For the next couple of days, these thoughts were fantasy fodder for Karin who seemed to be playing with herself all the time.On Friday, Bob kissed Karin goodbye and headed to the airport. He'd be in Europe for the next week on business.Karin gave Leanne a call. "Hey there. I just dumped the hubby. How aoubt if you and I spend some time together this weekend. If you like we could have a pyjama party tomorrow night. I'll rent Gone with the Wind, you can make the popcorn and we can cry like babies."Leanne chuckled over the phone. "Sounds like fun but I just can't. John and I have... plans.""Oh!" Karin blushed. "I... um, I see. Well take care of yourself and give me a call later."Leanne promised she would and hung up.Karin's Saturday was quite busy. She and Leanne did their shopping together as usual and Karin did some gardening in the afternoon. Karin thought about renting a romantic movie but the truth was, she was still hot and in the mood for something else. Rooting around in Bob's collection, she found some of his bondage movies and took a couple upstairs to their bedroom to watch them in private. Most of these types of movies left Karin cold but Bob had found a few that even had a plot and had some decent scenes.Karin got lucky with the first tape. The women were gorgeous and the first scene featured a dominant woman instructing a submissive woman in what to do. Karin was naked, spread wide open on her bed with her right hand buried between her thighs and her left on the remote when the phone rang. Karin almost left it but at the last moment, reached over and grabbed the handset from beside the bed."Hello?""Hello yourself. Are you having that pyjama party all by yourself?""Hi Leanne. No, I'm enjoying Bob's dirty tapes." giggled Karin."Well I was thinking you might want to come over here." said Leanne."No thanks, I think I'm going to just curl up here for the evening." replied Karin."No, you've *got* to come over here." said Leanne in a conspiratorial whisper. "Believe me, you'll be happy you did.""Why? What is it?" asked Karin her eyes widening."Never mind, just get over here right now." Leanne hung up the phone.Karin's breathing got quicker. She knew Leanne was crazy but if she was doing what Karin thought she was doing, it was even wilder than crazy.Karin hopped out of bed and thought for a moment. She pulled a brush quickly through her hair and wondered what she should wear. Her pussy was slick from playing with herself and her whole body was flushed with desire. Her internal fires hadn't stopped burning since the Tuesday lunch.Karin grabbed a cotton summer dress from her closet. It was short, backless with a little strap that tied around her neck. In bright sunlight, it was almost sinful as someone could easily make out her dark nipples through the thin cotton and if the sunlight was behind her, anyone would get a perfect view of her legs. Karin always had to pay attention to what panties she wore with this dress because they were mostly visible. None of that was a problem for the moment though as it was dark out. Karin reached for her panty drawer and pulled out a pair of rather plain panties. She held them for a moment then threw them back in the drawer. If Leanne could be crazy, so could Karin.With their houses so close together Karin didn't even bother with the car. Ten minutes after the phone call, she was walking up to Leanne and John's door. The door opened just as Karin reached for the bell. "Shhhhh" said Leanne with a finger to her lips. "C'mon in" Leanne was wearing a matching spandex tube top and shorts. With the flushed, excited look on her face it would be easy to thing that she had just come from the gym.Karin smiled at her. "Having a little fun?" she asked.Leanne giggled quietly. "You have no idea. As you can guess, John is upstairs right now. He's naked and kneeling in the corner waiting for the 'nurse' to give him his examination. Well, he's not completely naked, he's wearing a blindfold. But you should see him. He's got his nose in the corner like a naked little boy."Karin felt a wave of heat rush up her from her thighs to her pussy and then beyond up her belly and across her breasts with her hard nipples and up to her face."C'mon" whispered Leanne and headed up the stairs. Karin was rooted to the spot and for a moment, didn't move a muscle."Come on!" whispered Leanne and Karin headed up the stairs after her friend.The sight of John in the bedroom caused an instant rush of heat through Karin's body. Leanne's attractive husband was, as promised, naked. He was kneeling in the corner with his bare, white bottom accentuated by his tan lines. His knees were wide apart and his hands were on his head. John's face was leaning forward into the corner. As Karin walked into the room in something of a daze, Leanne turned around and put her fingers to her lips, admonishing Karin to be quiet."Okay John," said Leanne. "I'm going to take your temperature now. We may need to take it several times to be sure it's accurate. Of course, a little boy like you would only get his temperature taken one way."Leanne reached to the bed then handed Karin a long rectal thermometer and a small jar of vaseline.Karin's eyes opened wide as she looked at her friend. It was one thing to get a peek at her naked husband but now she was offering the submission of his body to Karin! Karin took the thermometer and vaseline and as she did so, felt her pussy just gush with moisture.Dipping the thermometer deep into the vaseline, Karin walked forward then knelt down behind her best friend's naked husband. With her skirt flared out, Karin felt even more naked beneath her skirt. Karin put the jar down and considered John's bare bottom for a moment. Reaching forward with both hands, she rested her hands on his buttocks with her thumbs resting alongside his crack.In one smooth but firm motion, she spread his bottom with her thumbs until it was stretched wide. John gasped softly as she exposed his most private parts to her. Karin looked down at his crinkled brown anus. In a moment, she was going to slide a Nn Preteen Model thermometer into it. Karin leaned forward and blew along John's spread crack.Karin let go of his buttocks and reached for the thermometer with her right hand. With the thumb and forefinger of her left hand, Karin again spread John's bottom wide open. This time, she brought the thermometer, covered in petroleum jelly to the very center of that brown crinkled opening.As Karin touched the cool metal tip of the thermometer to John's tight anus, it clenched tight Karin smiled as she teased the tip of the thin tube against the sensitive orifice. John's hips swayed slightly then Karin heard him groan as she slid the tube past his anus then as deep into his rectum as it would reach. Karin pulled the thermometer almost all the way out then slid it back in but this time she spun the glass and metal thermometer in her fingers as she did so. John gasped at the sensation.Karin left the thermometer in John's bottom and removed her hand. She couldn't resist though reaching a little lower and grasping John's hanging balls between his widely stretched thighs. Again John gasped at the sensationKarin looked over her shoulder at Leanne who had Nn Preteen Model one hand buried between her legs. The sight was obviously turning her on. Leanne motioned Karin backwards then reached forward and teased the thermometer from John's tight bottom. Both girls could see John's anus involuntarily grasping at the tube in vain as his body tried to keep it inside him."Alright young man. Stand up." Said Leanne. John got to his feet. Leanne took him by one arm and slowly turned him around. Karin stifled a gasp. John's cock was longer than she had expected but it was also rock hard and sticking out from his body. Leanne reached for a small plastic ruler."What's this? Excited again?" she asked then she took the ruler and spanked the head of John's cock lightly. John jumped a bit at the sensation but Karin thought his cock was even harder. It had certainly developed a rhythmic twitch.Leanne pulled the blindfolded, naked man from the bedroom and over to the spare bedroom. Karin followed, fascinated as her best friend exhibited how submissive her husband was. Of course, he still didn't know Leanne wasn't alone.Leanne motioned Karin to follow her into the spare bedroom and Karin walked through the door, she stopped dead in her tracks.There in the middle of the table was a full-blown obstetrics examining table! Leanne led John to the table and he obviously knew what it was because without any hesitation he got up on the table and lay back..Leanne lifted John's feet into the knee rests and stirrups and strapped them in. In this position, nothing was left to the imagination. John's circumcised cock and hanging balls were well displayed. At the head of the table, Leanne fastened John's hands to restraints that were already attached there. Further down, Karin could see that she would no longer need to hold John's buttocks apart. The position had widely spread John's buttocks and neatly displayed his anus. Karin could still see the presence of vaseline around the crinkled opening from the thermometer."Very well John, it's time for your rectal exam", pronounced Leanne. Now Leanne handed a pair of latex gloves to her best friend.Karin pulled the thin rubber gloves over her hands, pulling at the edges with a loud "snap!" when they were on. Karin smiled as John's cock twitching in response to the distinctive sound.Karin moved forward to stand right between her best friend's husband's widespread knees. A short stool just as Karin had seen many times in her own gynecologist's office was strategically placed for her to sit there. Karin sat and just stared for a moment. This was the same vulnerable position she knew she presented every year for her annual examination. Did John feel just as exposed? Karin was sure he was.Karin dipped one finger deep into the jar of vaseline Leanne held out for her and then brought the tip of her finger to John's tight opening. She let the tip of the blob of vaseline touch him there, knowing how sensitive it must be. John's thighs tightened involuntarily but the leather straps help him helplessly open.Karin made tiny delicate little circles with the jelly- covered fingertip. John moaned softly and as he did so Karin simply pushed her finger forward. In one movement it was buried as far as she could reach in his tight rectum."Oh Man!" John exclaimed as his toes curled around the stirrups.Karin twisted slowly in one direction then back in the other. She pulled back until it was just her fingertip at John's anal ring then pushed again to bury her digit back into her friend's rear passage.Karin could see a drop of precum form at the tip Nn Preteen Model of John's cock which was now spasming constantly. Karin was sure he was close to orgasm. Very slowly she pulled her finger out of John leaving him gasping at the edge of release.Karin looked back at her friend whose face was flushed. She had been watching carefully but not only that, Leanne had taken the opportunity to pull her shorts off and to simply pull her tube top above her tight breasts. Leanne had one hand teasing her obviously hard nipples and the other rubbing her very wet pussy. Karin's eyes widened as she saw that Leanne's pussy was completely bare! There was no evidence of any pubic hair whatsoever. Karin wasn't sure what else would happen but she knew in an instant that she would do the same to her own light brown bush. Leanne just grinned at her friend and motioned her over to a selection of toys and devices lying on a tray beside the table. Karin peeked at them for the first time.There was a myriad selection of toys to play with. Karin immediately recognized a coupe of vibrators and dildos of various shapes. There were some small, some long, some with ripples and ridges. Karin could also see other goodies. There was equipment for giving an enema or douche and a variety of different shaped tools that she could only term probes. There was a string with several small balls attached that Karin was pretty sure what to do with. Karin's eye settled on a little goodie in the dildo selection. It was an odd shape, narrow at the end, somewhat thicker in the middle then narrow again then thicker. Karin figured it Nn Preteen Model would be the perfect thing to slide into her naughtly captive's bottom.She picked up the plug and lubricated it generously with vaseline. Karin rolled her stool back between John's legs. His breathing had calmed down somewhat but it was clear from his still-hard cock that his excitement was still at a fever pitch. Karin reached back to the tray for the ruler Leanne had teased her husband with only a few minutes before. Taking the plastic edge, she gently scraped the underside of John's cock from the base all the way to the tip.John started moaning immediately. Karin smiled as Leanne was now wide-eyed. This was obviously something new. Karin took the ruler back to the base of the hard circumcised cock and did it again.Karin took the rectal plug and touched the tip to John's now relaxed anus and nudged the tip into his anal ring.With one hand she again started dragging the edge of the ruler upwards along John's over-sensitized cock and as she did so her other hand firmly pushed the widening plug into John's bottom. John was close to orgasm now. His body would have been trashing around the table but for the restraints holding him firmly down. Karin knew it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge. She was so excited herself she was pretty sure she wouldn't take long herself.Karin pulled the ruler away as the narrow part of the plug seated itself inside of John's tight sphincter pulling the rest of the plug deeper into his rectum. Karin reached over for another of the plastic dildos as Leanne watched, fascinated.Karin took the end of the dildo and smacked it gently against the end of the protruding rectal plug. John gasped in surprise at the sensation then moaned loudly. Karin knew the end of the plug must be nestled up against his prostate and the shock wave traveling up the plastic device would end up right at the most sensitive spot.As Leanne had done earlier, Karin gently smacked the ruler against the now almost purple head of John's hard cock. It twitched hard and John's thighs strained to lift his hips off the table. Another smack to the plug and another light smack to the cock and John started to come. Karin smacked the end of his plug again and again and again as John's cock now started spurting in long stringy come along his chest. Leanne too cried out in orgasm as the sight of her husband driving over the edge brought her to a climax.Karin rolled back, her face flushed. She had never, ever been hotter than this moment.Leanne was still shuddering but she looked over at her best friend and could see how turned on she was. Holding a finger to her lips, Leanne took Karin by the arm and led her out of the room. Karin was trembling, she was so hot.Wordlessly Leanne led Karin back to the bedroom. Karin let herself be led, following silently. What, she wondered would happen now? She was ready for just about anything so long as it involved having an orgasm right now!The two girls entered the master bedroom and Leanne simply guided Karin back to the corner where John had been only a short time before. In a moment, Karin found herself with her eyes facing the corner of the room and unable to see anything behind her. She felt the hem of her dress move as Leanne took it and in one motion, pulled it up. Karin obediently raised her arms to let Leanne strip her completely. Given she had worn no panties, Karin was now completely naked before her friend.Leanne took Karin's hands from their straight up position and gently lowered them until they were clasped behind Karin's head. Karin gasped as Leanne's fingers trailed down her back and between her thighs urging them slightly apart.Leanne stepped back, enjoying the view of her beautiful friend's bare back and bottom in this most submissive of poses. Karin felt her behind her again then felt the soft touch of a blindfold covering her eyes. Leanne's breath was hot in her ear as from an inch away she whispered. Now stay right here like a good little girl until your examination.Karin could hardly wait! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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