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Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 04:56:21 +1000 From: Snoopy . Subject: 69 Is My Favorite NumberAll stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. (MINE) Any resemblance between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.Lemme know what you think Comments are Preteen Models Nn welcome & Flames are ignored nathan_b16hotmail.comP.S) Andy Is 19 & Daz is 18A couple years ago I decided to get myself a job over the summer while I wasn't studying so I would have a bit of money for the next year. I tried to get some bar work but having no experience in this meant that people just weren't interested. Eventually I got a job in a Bingo hall. This was ideal because it was near where I lived so I didn't have to spend money on getting to work. The pay wasn't brilliant, but I didn't mind. I had a job to keep me out of mischief over the summer and it would pay to get me pissed periodically.I had two duties at the hall. I worked there four nights a week and on two of those nights I would be giving out change and checking claims and for the other two I would be the doorman. I'd never done either of these duties before, but I'm a quick learner and picked it up quickly. The latter of my duties is a bit comical. I don't exactly look the part of a doorman. For a start, I was only 19, very light weight extremely slim build and a voice that was hardly masculine. Still, there were very few problems and the other guys there promised to help me Preteen Models Nn if I needed some muscle.Both of the jobs had their advantages and disadvantages. Being on the door I could see when the gorgeous guys came in and was able to find out who they were. Sometimes they would stand and talk a while before moving on to play. After an hour and a half of this we would close the doors and I'd have nothing to do for another hour and a half until closing time. God it was boring.Being "on the floor" (what we called the other job) was what I really enjoyed most though. Here I had a chance to really show off and occasionally flirt with the customers. I was quite a sight when I ran to check a claim. My slim figure cutting through the air effortlessly and my long hair billowing out from behind me. People just couldn't help but look when I did that. Even my manager, an old ugly man with a soft spot for non-hetro boys would bulge his eyes (and other things I'm sure) when I moved.It was soon realised that my potential could be better exploited on the floor so I was glad when they asked me to relinquish my doorman duties. At last, I'm in on the action. I was one of the best staff they had at the hall and everyone knew it. It was soon that I was to get a promotion - I was to become a trainee caller.Calling was the main job in the hall. You had total control of what happened and over the staff and I loved every minute of it. Even as a trainee everyone said I was better than the regular caller. He was a fat slut and tried to seduce me during my first week - he didn't succeed.Even though I was calling now, I still had to spend a certain amount of my time working the floor and some nights (most it truth be known) I'd do both. It was one of these nights when a stranger came in. I stopped to catch my breath when I saw him come in during the first session I was calling. He was a couple of years older than me and about my height. Visibly heavier than I but he had a cute face with a light plume of hair on his top lip and one of the tightest butts I've ever seen in my life. I coughed, clearing my throat. "Excuse me", I apologised, "your last number was 23 and your next is six and nine, sixty-nine". I blushed a deep crimson. What a number to call! He looked up at me and grinned. He'd obviously caught me looking at him and seemed to be enjoying the attention. I raced through that first session. I wanted to talk to him and suss him out.When that session ended, they played a different game which was computerised and I had to go and give out change. I kept looking at the guy while I was working. He didn't look back. He was going to be alone that night. Yes!After about five minutes he called me over. "Hello", he said, "I'm new, what do I do on this game?" I told him how much it was a go, and explained that the caller would call out the numbers and if he had them on his board he was to push the shutter over them. It was then I noticed the board number he had - sixty-nine! Was this fate or what?I asked if he wanted some change and he replied to the affirmative. Still seated he sat back a little and pushed his hands into the front pocket of his tight blue jeans. I looked down and could see a large bulge in the front. I breathed in sharply and put my hands in my money pouch which gladly covered the bone that I was rapidly developing. He pulled out a Tenner and I asked how much he wanted changing. "Give me one" he replied, his tone meant more than the money. He smiled such a disarming smile and I smiled back. I counted the money delicately into his hand, touching whenever I could. I wished him good luck and left him.Immediately I went over to another floor worker, a friend called Joanne. "Have you seen that guy on 69?" I asked. "Yeah", she said, "isn't he hot." She looked into me eyes, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "You mean..." she started to say, "you mean he's gay?" I told her about what had happened so far that night. "You lucky bitch!" she hissed, jokingly.I was half hoping that he wouldn't win on that game because it would mean that I would have to give him his winnings. I could have got it all wrong. He could have been straight and just very friendly, but I'd heard that one before and was secretly dying to see just what he had in his jeans.The computerised session was just about to finish and I was ready to go back to the calling rig for the next session when he waved me over again. I looked at Joanne and she nodded. She wasn't going to stand in the way and was egging me on. I went over and he asked for some more change. The bulge in his jeans was making it difficult for him to get his money out. I started to ask whether he needed any help, but stopped and stuttered "you want some more! How much this time?" The glint in his eye made my heart miss a beat. My dick and my heart pounded like I was about to explode. He got a fiver out and slapped it on the table. "Gimme the lot" he sang, his voice like honey in the hot smoky air. I complied and wished him luck again as I dashed up to the calling rig the coins in my money pouch Preteen Models Nn cruelly smashing against my cock which was now dying for some attention. I was dying for a break so I could relieve myself.The music to introduce this session finished and I turned on the microphone to introduce myself and welcomed the customers. It was a standard thing that every caller had to do. We then have to explain the order of the games in the session before we start. My mouth was so dry with lust and my mind obviously on other things that I made so many mistakes; I thought they were going to take me off. My manager glared at me as if to say my arse was on the line if I didn't get my act together.I turned the mic off and coughed, I asked someone for a glass of water. That guy was looking at me again. He knew what I was thinking. He started to chuckle. The water quickly arrived; I took a short gulp and started. "We're looking for any one line across and your first number is..." I pushed the button to bring up the number. I see it a fraction of a second on my rig before it is displayed to the customers. It was that number again. With disbelief I said "sixty-nine, six and nine, sixty nine". I looked at the guy again. He'd nearly fallen off his seat with laughing.When I'm calling there is nothing I find worse that seeing someone laugh or someone trying to make me laugh? One night, during the final session one of the floor staff had got hold of a towel and folded it in some way to make it look like a chicken. He came up behind me and called my name. I turned and he held up the chicken. I almost died laughing as did most of the other staff. It was impossible to keep on calling through the laughter of myself and the other staff. Some of the customers could see the joke and laughed as well. Others screamed for me to get on with it.I carried on with the game, still half looking at the guy. I had this feeling that he was going to win something. I was right. Three games later we were playing a game for a grand a house. A shrill shout came up from the hall below me. "We have a claim on number one. Are there any further claims?" I looked around and could only see the staff moving toward my guy on board sixty-nine. His claim checked out ok, the lucky bastard had won all that money. Quickly, I though about something to say. "Congratulations, but remember the house rule, you've got to take me for a drink at the end of the night!" I was actually joking, but with a beaming grin on his face he nodded frantically that he would.I started the next game and noticed that he was whispering something to Joanne. What was he saying? I felt jealous! I actually felt really jealous. But in true professional style I carried on. I soon realised that because it was such a big win there were various things that he had to Preteen Models Nn sign and Joanne was probably just talking about them with him. I relaxed, dying for the night to end so I could spend some time with this god.Break time came and none too soon. My break was shared with Joanne. We'd been friends every since she started working there, we just hit it off immediately. We got a drink, it was a hot summer so all the staff were on water - by the bucket - and moved into the staff room. "Fuckin' hell!!!" I erupted as soon as the door closed behind us. My scream was probably heard all over the building but I didn't care. "Fuck, Joanne, I got a date!!" She threw her arms around me and kissed me gently to say she was pleased. "He's called Darren" she said, "but everyone calls him Daz. He's so sweet and he does seem to like you a lot". The emphasis on her last word confirmed my suspicion.It was clear that she was a little upset that it was me and not her but she said I deserved some action for a change. She was honest and knew that if we both got horny enough she might have a chance to join in. We had this thing where we instinctively knew what the other was thinking about. Most of the time it happened when we were thinking about sex."But going with one of the customers could get me the sack", I said. "Hey, don't worry about it. You can always say it never happened and if he enjoys it enough he won't cause any problems." We spent the rest of the break talking about him and both fantasising about what he was like without any clothes. Joanne said that last time she'd seen a trouser bulge like that it was a thick 8 inch snake that nearly tore her pussy in two. She took it though. "You won't need me to tell you what to do with something like that now, will you" she gave me that mischievous grin that she was famous for. I grinned back. We hugged, glad that we both could talk about it like that and went back to work.They were in the middle of a game when we came back. I didn't call this session I just checked claims. John, another of the floor staff whispered about my good fortune as he went off for his break. "Rather you than me on that fucker, honey" he said, "He's been looking around for you." If we hadn't been at work now I'd have taken Darren and had him there and then, but work was work, and I had a reputation to keep hold of (amongst other things!!!)I went and stood near to Darren. Making sure he knew exactly where I was. Close enough not to draw too much attention but close enough for him to know how hot I was for him. Joanne stood on the other side of the hall, watching me and rubbing her tongue lightly across her lips, and making all manner of rude expressions. She was fantasising about Darren and I being together.He shouted, he'd got another claim. Not many people win twice in the same night. Because I was closest Joanne allowed me to check the claim. As I moved in, he moved a bit closer to where I was going to stand. I looked down at his crotch as I picked up his ticket. I imagined what his cock would taste like, it was obviously going to be more than a mouthful, and it could feed me for a week!I whispered to him that I would need his ID card. I started to check the claim. "Checking a full house on number thirty-two on the white flyer, serial number double-o-six-nine, plate number..." I nearly screamed in ecstasy as he had to stand up to get his ID card out of his back pocket. His hand slid across my money pouch and gently grazed my bulging cock. He had done it on purpose and I wasn't going to complain. "Plate number one-three-double four," I continued, "ID six-nine-six-nine." We both blushed as I read out his ID number. Joanne's eyes were popping out of her head at what she had just seen.It was a good claim - thank god - and I left to get his prize. "Thank you, gorgeous, don't forget our drink!" he whispered as I placed his prize on the table next to him. "I haven't" I reassured him with a glint in my eye.When that session ended many of the customers left. There was a session afterward that I called but not many stayed because it was late. He got up as well, I though he'd gone to the toilet but when I started the session he hadn't returned. My heart sank. It seemed to take ages to get through and I was dying to see whether he was waiting for me by the door. He wasn't though.I went to the computer and keyed in his ID number. It wasn't there, the last number was 6958. He had only come that night and hadn't been put on the computer yet. I asked when the computer would be updated. "Tomorrow morning" was the gruff reply from my successor. At least I was working tomorrow night so if he didn't come in then I could at least ask the computer where he lived. I went home and pleasured myself to sleep dreaming about my god-like Darren.I arrived at 6.30 the following evening to start work. There was a message for me, from Darren. Another of the staff read it out aloud in front of the other staff. "He says, 'sorry about last night, I though you'd finished, but I'll be here again tonight'". My heart pounded as I dived into the staff room to get myself a drink. Joanne and John quickly followed me. "Well, Stud!" chirped John, "So tonight's the night?". "It could well be" I grinned. "I know his brother," John said, "and you're gonna have a sore arse 'til next week if what they say about him is true!" There was a tone of envy in his voice. I'd slept with John once when we were both pissed. He gave a good fuck but was selfish and didn't have that good a dick. It was six inches and he knew how to use it though.We came out at 6.45. I was on the floor all night tonight (standing up that is!) so when he came in I could be ready and near him. It wasn't the done thing to be seen spending too much time with customers and our manager would point us around the hall if we spent too much time in one spot.6.50 came and I needed to use the bathroom. As I entered I noticed a familiar smell. There was only one guy at the urinals and I recognised the back of his head. I looked as I approached him. He turned and looked at me. Without words, his whole body seemed to say "hello". "Hello there, Darren", I said as I slid my pouch to my side and undid my fly. "Let me give a hand with that he said" and dove into my trousers. I was too stunned to resist. He gave my cock a small squeeze as he pulled it free of my underwear. I glanced at his member. Joanne was right, it was very long and pointing right my way, he still had some of it inside his jeans. My own dick inflated instantly. It's normally seven and a half long, but grows to eight when I get really aroused, and boy was I aroused! "Oh Darren," I sighed, "I didn't know you cared." At that, he bent down and swallowed my bone right to the root. I nearly came on the spot. He nuzzled my pubes and slid slowly off, a satisfied look on his face. "And there's more of that where this comes from" he said as he pushed his hips out to get his entire dick out of its hiding place. God!! It was a 10-incher. My heart pounded. "I....I'll....s..See you later then" I stammered. I'd never been confronted in such a manner and was taken aback. He stuffed himself back inside his jeans, he didn't wear underwear so it was firmly encased back inside his tight jeans. After the shock had left me, I corrected my clothing and left to get back. I just had to tell Joanne what had happened.The session was Preteen Models Nn a breeze. It seemed to fly past, and I wasn't complaining. I waited until everyone else had finished in the staff room because I wanted to get changed into something else. Preteen Models Nn I left a message that if Darren asked where I was, I was in the staff room.I'd just stripped down to my underwear and was about to take them off when there was a knock on the door. "Andy? It's Darren, are you decent 'cos I'm coming in". Preteen Models Nn Now there's nothing I like more than a man with guts. Before I could say anything the door swung open and there stood Darren, I spun round my hard dick pointing directly at him, tenting out in my tight briefs. "Hmm," he said, "they don't leave much to the imagination, but you look so much better like that!" He lunged at me, knocking me off my feet. I landed under him on the floor and we kissed deeply and passionately. As we rolled around our tongues explored every inch of each others mouths. I Preteen Models Nn felt his body. Oh boy! How I'd dreamed about being next to a body like this. And the wet dreams I'd had just thinking about touching it.He started to pull down my briefs to free my throbbing erection. "No", I implored, "not here. If you're caught in here with me, with us like this we're both in Preteen Models Nn deep shit". "Ok, I've got an idea. You finish getting changed and meet me at the front." he said, straightening the mammoth snake in his jeans and moving to the door.I practically threw my clothes onto my body. I was so horny now after that that I knew my cock wouldn't go down until it had been satisfied. It was that hard it was hurting. Boy, did he make me feel good. I charged to the front door, knocking a pile of glasses over as I flew past. The manager gave me a knowing glance as I shot through the door "Goodnight Andrew, have a nice time!" How I hated it when he called me Andrew.Darren was waiting in his car at the front with the passenger door open. I jumped in and pushed my face into his as I slammed the door. He quickly probed my mouth with his tongue and sped off. We drove for about 30 minutes, making pillow talk all the way. We didn't talk about sex that would come later. "Andy," he started as we stopped at some traffic lights, "will you call me Daz, you're out of work now remember!" I said I would as he sped on. He put his hand on my thigh, riding it up to my crotch and giving it a little nudge then sliding back down to my knee, only moving his hand away when he needed to change gear. I wanted to get his manhood out of his jeans and into my mouth but I knew I'd make him crash the car if I did.Finally we arrive at his home. It was an old Victorian house which had been converted into apartments. He opened the large heavy oak door and ushered me through. I waited until he closed the door behind us. Then he gathered me up in his arms and carried me up a flight of stairs. There were three apartments in the building, two smaller ones downstairs and a larger one, his, upstairs. Still holding me in his arms he found a key and opened the door to his apartment and carried me inside.It was sparsely furnished with just a leather suite and deep fur rugs on the floor. He walked over to the sofa and dropped me onto it. Then he knelt down in front of me and we started to kiss again. Deeply, and passionately and with much more energy than before. My already bursting dick felt as it was growing even more. I had changed from my baggy shirt and trousers into tight jeans and t-shirt which gave my body much more definition than my work clothes. He was lapping up the sight that lay before him. If it was going to end there, I'd still be happy but I knew that there was more in store for me.We kissed for what seemed like hours, exploring each others mouths and bodies with our tongues and hands. We avoided touching each others crotches at first, knowing we'd have plenty of time to do that later. Between kisses he asked if I'd like a drink. With my tongue still deeply embedded in his throat I said yes. We separated and I felt as if there was something missing. I knew he'd already asked my work mates what I drank so it was no surprise when he came back with a can of larger. He opened it, spraying us both with its fizz. We both laughed out loud and he opened his can.I sat up and pulled my legs up to my body so he could sit down next to me. He did and placed my legs on his lap. He was so gorgeous, I just had to have him.I wanted to know about him. He was a stranger to me. Even if we didn't become lovers I wanted to have him as a friend. I shouldn't have worried. He was too keen on me to just let this be a one night stand. We started talking. We'd already broke the ice at work earlier that night, so there was no need for small talk. We spoke about our jobs and families. He was stunned that I'd only been a caller for a few months, "you sounded so professional, I'd swear you'd been doing it for at least a year.". "No, I'm just very good with my mouth", I smiled. He said that he'd been a construction worker for a few years after school. That explained the wonderful body he had. He wasn't beefcake, and I've never been keen on too much muscle. Most men I've known like that make terrible lovers because they're too wrapped up in themselves. Daz was different. He was caring, loving and anyone who saw him could see that he was pure sex on legs.I told him what John had said about his brother. "Well, big dicks seem to run in our family," he began, "but I'm not surprised about John talking about my brother. My brother is such a slut he'll fuck anything. Men, women, dogs, sheep, you name it he's probably had it". "Well he's not had me." "No, but I am."He took my can and placed in on the floor next to his and lay on top of me. He pushed his enormous crotch into mine and the air instantly became hot and sweaty and full of sexual desire. This was going to be a night I'd not forget.As he ground his crotch into mine we both began to moan. If he kept up on this much longer I'd come right there and then. "Hey, if you want to get some time out of me, we'd better stop for a while". Without answering, he got off me and picked me up again. Planting his lips firmly on mine he gave me one last kiss before taking me through to the bedroom.He laid me on this huge bed. The whole room was palatial. He lowered me onto the bed and then lay next to me. I was at fever pitch when his hands started to explore me again. Pushing and pulling gently at the nipples which were pointing through my tight t-shirt. Massaging the material which encased my arse. I started to moan again. I located his nipples through his shirt with my tongue and started to suck and chew through the material. This sent him into overdrive as he practically tore his own shirt off and pulled mine over my head in one easy motion.Naked from the waist up, we rubbed our chests together. Our hard, erect nipples exciting each other. I could feel the snake down the leg of his jeans start to pulse and knew that I had to have it. I moved my hand down and slid down its length through his jeans. He moaned in sheer ecstasy and it thickened up at my touch. This turned me on as well and my own dick began to pulse with his.I attacked the buckle of his jeans. I'd become a master of undoing belts with one hand. After releasing the pressure around his waist I eased my hand behind the waistband and down to the root of his cock. I stroked the smooth bush I felt there. He did the same to me, but his hand glanced my cockhead as he passed it, covering it with the precum that was pouring out like a tap. I couldn't resist it any more. I tore open his fly and yanked his jeans down his legs and off. As his tool was freed, it slapped up and hit me. What A powerful muscle. I put both my hands around it and gave it a gently squeeze. Admiring its beauty. A small drop of clear precum grew at his piss slit. He was huge, really huge. Ten inches of cut man meat with huge duck eggs for balls. When this guy came, he came by the gallon, I thought.Daz just laid there as I worshipped his cock. Moaning gleefully as I ran my tongue all around the head. I took the drop of precum into my mouth and drank its sweetness. It was indescribable and I moaned Preteen Models Nn with pleasure at its taste. It was soon replaced by an even bigger drop which I took on my tongue and massaged Preteen Models Nn all over his huge dong."Andy, what have I got here?" he said. I'd been so carried away dealing with him that I hadn't noticed that he'd taken my jeans down and was licking my dick all over. I must have been horny 'cos I was well over eight inches long. He commented that it was rare to find such a big uncut cock these days. I agreed and said that I didn't mind whether it was cut or not as long as I could get a decent drink out of it. He laughed and I felt the velvet of this throat massage the head of my cock. I love being taken deep throat and my precum oiled his mouth fully. I felt his nose in my bush and I was in heaven.He was too big to take all the way into my mouth but I did my best and managed to get most of it in. I began a slow sucking. Bobbing my head slowly up and down on this donkey dong. He increased the pressure on mine, slowly turning his head around the length of my dick. I'd never had it done like that before, the experience was mind blowing. He was screwing me with his mouth. Suddenly, he took my disk out of his mouth and screamed at me to stop. "Aaaaaggghh! You're gonna make me cum, and I've got a better idea of a place for that."He got up and pulled his dick from my mouth. It went plop as it exited from my lips. He turned me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. With one hand he took my cock and began to stroke it up and down, with the other he mopped up the precum still pouring from my piss slit and smoothed it over his fingers with his mouth. The adding some spit to the heavenly mixture he began to finger my arsehole.My outer ring gave in to his two fingered fucking and I moaned and groaned with delight. Then three fingers went in. I nearly screamed. "Its ok baby, but I need to get another finger in before you get my meat". We were both covered in sweat and precum was pouring out of both our dicks. He pulled his hand out and dipped it in the pools of our sex juice, freshening up his lubrication. Then he eased his four fingers into my boy pussy. The pain was intense, but I was so horny that I yelped in pleasure. "Oh Daz" I sighed, "fuck me with your big stick. Fuck me, please". I almost begged.He withdrew his fingers and slicked up his prick with more of our lube. Lining up his cockhead with my pussy, he gently pushed until the head was inside. He squeezed my cock as he entered, making sure I couldn't cum just yet. He let my chute get accustomed to his oversized member before slowly fucking the rest in inch by inch.I'd never had such a large cock up me before and wasn't sure I could take it all. But I was having such a good time I sure as hell wasn't backing out now. When he was all the way in he squeezed the muscles in his groin and his cock expanded a little more in my pussy. It felt wonderful as his cock made a little more room for it. "Hold on, baby, I'm gonna give you the ride of you life." he said as if he was breaking in a horse. I was clear that this was no ordinary guy and no ordinary cock. He was experienced and knew how to handle himself and any pussy around his huge sex tool.It was then that he started a slow rhythmic fucking. Pulling out so that only the head was left in, then pushing it all back. Each time he went back in right to the hilt. I squirmed each time his bush tickled my balls. Boy was this a fuck! He'd released my dick by now and had increased his speed. Without any attention my own cock was bobbing up and down with a life of its own. I didn't need to touch it, Darren's work on my prostate was doing everything for me.Still inside me, he rolled me onto my side. It hurt a little as I turned, but my pleasure far outweighed any pain. He fucked a little more and then pulled out all the way. I opened my mouth to ask why but as I began to speak he plunged back in knocking a scream out of my throat. His fucking speeded up even more and I knew he could go faster. The air whistled slightly and I bounced up on the bed as his pelvis smashed into my arse.He pulled out of me again, rolled me back on my back. He took a dive at me, impaling my arse on his dick and my mouth with his tongue. This guy was now fucking me with both his cock and his tongue. He was incredible.I felt a tightening in my balls and knew I was ready to cum. He sensed the tightening in my arse and raised himself up. "Daz, I'm gonna...gonna cum!" I screamed at him, gasping for air. He was fucking me really deep and really hard and the expression on his face said that he wasn't far off Cumming either. Then, with one stroke deeper than any of the others, he stopped. The force of this stroke nearly sent my head into the headboard. His dick felt about a foot wide in my arse and I felt the warmth as his seed filled my guts. He screamed as he came, opening his mouth as wide as his jaw could open.In seconds, the throbbing of his dick in my arse cause a rush of jizm out of my shaft. I screamed as well. Still bobbing around my dick erupted and shot a wad right into his open mouth. Further spurts covered both of us with my white hot seed. My eyes darted around in pleasure. He pulled out of me starting another eruption in my loins. It caught him on the cheek as he collapsed on top of me.Panting, and well satisfied, we kissed and held each other. Sliding around in our combined mess. We were both still hot, and even hornier than before. If we'd have had the energy, we'd have done a repeat performance there and then, but we were so exhausted that we just fell asleep in each others arms.
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