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Related article: STORY.66 The Master Chris Collection THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER ___________________________ "Bye Hon" called Betty's Mom. "I'll see you later!" "Mmmm" said Betty, "a whole day to play." Betty stretched languorously and then kicked the covers from her naked, 17 year old body. Betty had shunned nightclothes since she was 13. With one final stretch, the lithe teenager rolled off the bed and onto her feet. As usual, the first sight to greet the young girl was the view of her full length mirror in her bedroom. "Well sexy, what shall we do with you today?" Betty asked her reflection. Reaching up with both hands, she grasped her "B" size breasts and squeezed them gently. The sensation always send a shiver down her spine. With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she grasped her fat pink nipples and pulled them out from her body. "Come along you farmer's daughter!" she said to herself "into the shower." Betty and her family had lived on their farm all their lives. Today, however, she had the place to herself. With her Mom out shopping for the day and her father and brother out on a fishing trip, she'd be able to do what she wanted with her day. "A few minute later, Betty was wrapped in an oversize terry towel and drying her hair when she heard the doorbell. "Damn he's early." she thought then ran down the stairs. Peeking around the door, she saw that, sure enough, it was her boyfriend, John. "C'mon in, but I'm not even dressed yet." she said. "Don't bother on my account." grinned John. Betty tossed her head insolently as she scampered back up the stairs. John quietly followed her up the stairs. Betty was in panties and just pulling on a bra when her boyfriend peeked around the corner of the open door. "Hey don't wear one of those he said." "John!" squealed Betty as she threw the bra in the general direction of his head and covered up her breasts with her hands. A moment later she dropped her hands to her sides, letting him see everything. "He's seen it all already" she thought. Still, Betty didn't wear a bra, instead she pulled out a tube top from her drawer and then put on her favourite cut-off jeans, the ones that seemed to mold themselves to her body. John and Betty shared some breakfast together and chatted about mundane topics for the next few minutes. Betty's mind had now completely woken up and she was becoming more and more curious as to what the two of them would be doing today. Betty and John had been fooling around together since they'd been going steady, about 2 years now. Betty had gone "all the way" with her boyfriend although she knew that her parents would kill her if they found out. In Betty's family, the usual over-the-knee spanking would be the least of her troubles if they really knew how much John and she did together. "So, what'cha want to do today?" Asked John. Betty shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know." she said "But I hope it's fun." Hand in hand, the two teens headed out the door for a walk. Past the south pasture and along a wooded trail, they talked about friends and local events. When they got to the nearby pond, Betty was delighted to find it was deserted. On many occasions, there were a few of the local kids swimming here. "C'mon John, let's skinny dip!" said Betty. In a flash, her orange tube top was over her head and her cut-offs were in a puddle at her feet. Squealing, Betty jumped right into the pond. As she surfaced, she turned around. John was just pulling his shorts off, leaving Betty with a clear view of his naked body. "Mmmm," she said to herself, "he sure is gorgeous." Betty licked her lips as John's cock and balls came into view, nestled in his thick blond curls. A moment and a splash later, John was surfacing in the water right beside her. Betty reached over and grabbed his long penis under the water. "Got something for me there handsome?" she said in a coy voice. John's cock immediately thickened at her touch. "Mmmhmm", he said and it's got plans for you today." "Oh?" said Betty "Would you like to try something adventurous?" said John "I've got a couple of ideas that would be very hot." Betty arched her back, and floated away from her boyfriend. As her breasts rose up above the water, she looked over at him, "My body is yours to command." Ten minutes later, completely refreshed, their hair still dripping wet, the attractive teens pulled on their clothes and headed back to the house. "The whole family is out for the rest of the day. We've got the whole place to ourselves." whispered Betty as she snuggled into her boyfriend's shoulder. "Then get ready for some hot fun young lady." said John. As they walked into the yard. John steered Betty toward the barn instead of the farmhouse. "Got plans for me in here?" giggled Betty. "You'll see." said John The barn was empty except for the hay bales stacked along the sides and near each stall. John brought Betty in and closed the barn door behind them. "Hmmm" he said, "Well, if this is going to be a surprise, we'll have to have you close your eyes. "Ok" said Betty and closed her eyes. "Well, just to make sure..." John said and then Betty felt him tying his bandanna over her eyes. Even when she opened them, she couldn't see anything. "What are you going to do John?" she asked "Just you wait little lady. I've got plans for you." Betty could hear John moving around the barn then, his hands on hers, pulled her hands together in front of her. The feeling of rope around her wrists made her shiver. "You're going to tie me up?" John just chuckled. "Mmmm, that's so hot." said Betty. John felt a thrill as he realized that this was turning Betty on as much as him. He had always had fantasies of tying up a pretty girl and now, here was his girlfriend, the prettiest blond in 3 counties who was hot for him to do it! John Lolitas Cp finished tying her wrists together and then looped the rope over the beam that was above Betty's head. Betty felt the rope gently pulling her hands higher until they were stretched directly over her head. She felt incredibly Lolitas Cp submissive and totally vulnerable. What would happen next, she wondered. She didn't have long to wait. With Betty completely helpless, John took his time walking around, her looking at her body closely, indulging in it. He could see Betty turning her head, trying to follow him by the noise of his movements. At one point he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. "Mmmmm" moaned Betty as she strained forward to continue the kiss. John moved again, his next touch was just the tip of his tongue as it licked her left earlobe. Betty moaned again. Then his tongue again, this time sliding into her right ear. This time Betty gasped. John was in seventh heaven. Taking his time, he moved around to Betty's front and gently, an inch at a time, took the top of her tube top and pulled it down. As it passed the fullest part of Betty's breasts at the nipple, the top slid down further, letting her firm teenage breasts pop out. The nipples were already longer and thicker than John had ever seen them. It was one Lolitas Cp of the things he liked best about Betty's body. Betty was squirming now. "Oh God", she though, "Please just suck them, they ache so much." John must have been reading her Lolitas Cp mind, because he next bent to her right nipple and sucked it forcefully into his mouth. "Oh!" gasped Betty as she arched her back, thrusting her naked breasts forward. John stood back now and then reach forward with both hands to take the swollen nipples in his fingers. Grasping them firmly, he pulled Betty forward again, pulling her breasts into tight cones before letting them drop. Betty was in a daze. Her whole attention was on the sensations in her body. When she felt John's fingers at the clasp of her cut-offs, she stood still, letting him pull the shorts and her soaked panties from her body. The tube top was next, sliding over her hips and then down to her feet. Completely naked now, John could smell his girlfriend's lust. He slid a hand up one thigh and watched Betty spread her legs to give him better access. He trailed two fingers up the side of her pussy lips and around, but not on her clit. Betty was panting. Without warning, the two fingers now slid deep into her tight pussy. "Oh God, yes!" cried Betty as she raised herself up on tiptoes. She was sure she was close to coming but John wasn't done with her yet. His fingers left her pussy and he walked slowly around behind her. "What an ass." John thought to himself as he surveyed Betty's perfectly formed buttocks. Kneeling down behind the naked girl, he again stroked up her thigh. Betty spread her legs, wishing for him to touch her pussy again. John stroked upward until he had one hand on each smooth buttock. Very slowly, but very firmly, he spread them apart, deliberately exposing Betty's tight brown anus to his view. Betty whimpered at the sensation. She had never before felt so exposed or so hot. Suddenly the hands were gone. Panting in short, hard breaths, Betty listened as John moved about the barn again. In a few short moments, she sensed him behind him. Betty heard the whistle of something swing through the air. "What is that?" she wondered. It sounded like the sound of a branch that's swung through the air. It took a moment before her over-stimulated brain could make the association and by then the switch was whistling again. "Oh!" cried Betty as a thin hot line was painted across her buttocks. John switched her again, and again. This wasn't like the kinds of punishments that Betty had been given in the past, this kind of stimulation was making her even more hot. Each sting of the switch was fire hot but quickly turned into a deep heat that seemed to be directed directly at Betty's soaking pussy. The switching stopped and Betty heard John move around again to her front. She could hear that his breathing too was short and strained. It turned her on even more to think that he was as excited as she was. "Did you like that?" whispered John into her ear. Betty gave a throaty chuckle "You know I did. The spanking made me sooo hot." John moved closer and Betty could feel his bare skin against hers. He had removed all his clothes at some point and she could feel his hard cock bobbing against her leg. "Do you feel that?" he asked "Mmmm yes" "I'm going to slide it into you soon. I'm going to get it all wet with your juices then I'm going to slide it into your tight bottom. Would you like that?" "Oh God John, I'm so hot, you can do anything with me, even fucking my ass." "I'm not quite done with you yet though." said John. Betty just moaned in frustration as he moved away from her again. Her wrists pulled against her bonds as she strained her lithe body towards him. The whistle of the switch was softer this time but the target was not her already hot bottom. The switch struck squarely across both breasts just below the nipple. "Oh!" cried out Betty again at the unexpected heat. The switch struck again and again a third time, this time right over the over-engorged nipples. The three thin lines of heat, made Betty's nipples even stiffer. If John doesn't take me now, I think I'll come in a minute anyway, thought Betty. John was walking around her again, letting the tip of his switch trail over his blond friend's body. Betty felt the twig across her nipples and along her tight tummy. As John walked behind her it slid over her shoulders and then down her spine. John let the switch move lower and lower then slid the tip between her buttocks and along the crack, across her sensitive anus. Betty went up on her toes and turned her heels out at the sensation. The effect was only to spread her buttocks out more. John felt himself get even stiffer at the sight. He had to have her now! He couldn't wait even another moment. Suddenly the bright morning sunshine poured into the dimly lit barn though the doorway. "What is going on here?" demanded Betty's Mom as she strode into the barn. John withered at the sight. Betty's Mom took in the whole scene at a glance. Under her blindfold, Betty though she was about to die of embarrassment. She tugged frantically at her bonds as she felt her tears of humiliation wet her boyfriend's bandanna. "Out" said Betty's Mom as she looked at John, now scrambling for his clothes. Without a backward glance, John left the barn at a dead run. Now it was Betty's Mom, Julie who walked around the still helpless teenager. Betty, unable to be sure of what was happening, still pulled at the rope holding her wrists to the beam in the ceiling. Julie smiled slightly as she looked at her bound and blindfolded daughter. The switch was as John had left it, the tip still resting between Betty's round buttocks. The thin red lines from the switching Betty had received were quite obvious across her tight bottom. As she walked to the front, the three lines across Betty's breasts were visible also. Julie had not had a chance to look at her daughter's naked body in years and certainly never like this and despite herself, it seemed to turn her on. Julie was no stranger to bondage and discipline games and this, without a doubt, was what had been happening here this morning. Julie noticed Betty's over-engorged pink nipples where the switch had caught them and at the top of Betty's thighs, Lolitas Cp the sight of Betty's own juices made Julie shiver. Julie reached down and picked up the switch making Betty gasp as it pulled from between her buttocks. "Well, what suitable punishment do you think you should have for this young lady?" she asked her daughter. Betty whimpered, "Please Mom. Please let me down." "I think not quite yet" said Julie, making up her mind as she said it. "I think you're in just about the perfect position for the punishment to fit the crime. Don't you?" Betty just trembled in reply. Julie was walking around her now, holding the switch in her right hand. Betty's head followed her, trying to figure out where she was standing. Suddenly the now familiar sound of the switch swished through the air and Betty yelped as a light stroke hit her bottom. That was followed by another and another as Julie's mother began warming her bottom in earnest. Over the next 10 minutes, the strokes picked up in intensity and frequency as Betty's bottom was tanned for the second time that morning. By the end of it, Betty was crying softly, hanging in her bonds. As suddenly as it had started, the spanking stopped and Julie stepped back to admire her handiwork. Betty's bottom was a dark shade of pink with light criss-crossed lines across both cheeks. The young girl was alternately clenching her buttocks and releasing them at the intense heat she was feeling. Julie walked around to Betty's front again and was not overly shocked to see that Betty's nipples were still betraying her excitement. Julie knew that if she felt between her daughter's legs she'd find her soaked. For a moment, she was tempted to do so, but then decided not. With just the tip of the switch, Julie began teasing Betty. Over her tummy, around to the back and down her spine. Just as John had done, Betty felt the tip of the twig as it slid between her buttocks and along her crack. The shiver up her spine was involuntary as the tip crossed Betty's clenched anus. Down her leg and then up again, this time from the front and Betty shivered again. When the tip touched her tight nipples, Betty gasped and then moaned in embarrassment as she realized that her own mother could see that she was sexually aroused. The switch pulled back and snapped tight across the over-engorged nipples. Betty gasped. It light, but sharp strokes, Julie struck first the underside then the tops of Betty's teenage breasts. When she stopped after only a few strokes Betty was panting. Julie put the switch down beside the over-stimulated girl and started to walk toward the door. "Mom, you're not going to leave me here are you?" pleaded Betty "You're not done yet young lady." said Julie, "Your father will be completing your punishment. Betty just whimpered with frustration and fear "I wouldn't worry though", continued Julie, "He'll be home very soon." Julie closed the barn door behind her and trotted into the house. She had plenty of preparations to make. Betty's father Bill was home only about 30 minutes earlier. From her helpless position blindfolded in the barn, Betty could hear the pick-up park near the house. With her eyesight removed, it seemed that her hearing was more acute than normal. Julie was waiting on the porch. As Bill and their son Rob came up the stairs, Julie intercepted Rob right away. "Honey", she asked. "I need you to do me a big favour right away. Your aunt Jane has a package for me that I forgot there earlier today. I know you must be tired, but could you go and pick it up for me?" "Sure Mom." said Rob, "I'll take a bike ride over. Is it ok if I'm back only around supper time?" "Sure Hon." said Julie smiling. That would be just about perfect. Rob headed out on his bike a few moments later. Bill looked up at his wife. After 22 years of marriage, he knew how to read her like a book although it probably wouldn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that Julie was aroused. "Got a little afternoon delight planned there Babe?" he asked. "Wellll, not exactly." chuckled Julie. "Although it involves your favourite kind of kinky play." Quickly, Julie told her husband all about her discovery of Betty and John in the barn. Bill was at first furious, then curious, then incredulous as Julie told how she had continued Betty's punishment and left her Lolitas Cp tied and helpless in the barn. "You mean to tell me that she's still there?" he asked. Julie just grinned, "I guess you'll just have to come and see." "Just what do you have in mind?" asked Bill. "Well Honey, you know how you're always saying how the punishment should fit the crime? Well, here's what I was thinking of doing...." A few short minutes later, the couple walked arm-in-arm to the barn. Julie opened the door and motioned Bill inside. Once in the door, both of them remained silent. Lolitas Cp Bill just stood at the door, drinking in the sight of his teenage daughter, her hands bound to the beam in the ceiling and the bandanna still keeping her eyes completely covered. The thin pink stripes that both John and Julie had given her were quite visible across her tight breasts. Julie and Bill walked forward and to either side of the trembling girl. Betty's head turned from side to side trying to figure out what might be happening by their sounds. The only thing she was sure of was that there were at least two people beside her. The embarrassment of being so exposed in front of others was very intense. Betty knew that her face was blushing a bright red under her blindfold. To make matters worse, the heat of the spankings seemed to have transferred directly to Betty's soaking pussy and swollen clit. She felt like her clit had inflated to twice its size and was sticking straight out of her. "Hello?" she asked in a timid voice. "Well young lady, you've gotten into a mess of trouble this time, haven't you?" said Bill in a stern voice. "Daddy, I'm sorry." whispered Betty. "You know that I always say that the punishment should fit the crime." said Bill "But haven't I been punished enough?" asked Betty. "No, you haven't." said Bill, but by the time you go into the house, you'll be sure that you'll not be so careless about such sex games in the future." While Bill had been talking, Julie had moved a couple of hay bales behind Betty. Taking a sheet from the bag she had with her, Julie covered the bales. Bill now reached up and untied the rope holding Betty's arms above her head. Rather than letting it go, however, he pulled it and Betty's hands further back and then further again until Betty leaned back and finally lay back across the hay bales. The rope was now tied so that Betty's hands were stretched out horizontally. At least, the blood could now rush back into her arms and she could lie down. The position was not lost on Betty however. Tied like this, she was even more vulnerable. Her feet were still tied wide apart to the floor and with her hands the way that they were, her back was now slightly arched upward. This left the highest part of her body being her raised pudendum lightly covered by a muff of pale blond curly hair. The points of her upturned breasts were the next highest part of her. Bill walked around the teenager again and surveyed the position she was in. She certainly was exposed this way but she'd be even more exposed in a moment. "Ok young lady." said Julie, "We've decided that if you're going to act like a little girl, then you'll be treated like one." Julie sat down between Betty's legs and began trimming her blond pubic hair with a pair of scissors. For the first few tugs and snipes, Betty couldn't figure it out. When she did, she moaned in embarrassment. When the blond curls were down to a short stubble, Julie took a warm, wet washcloth and laid it on the already hot pussy. Betty squirmed as she heated up yet more. In a couple of minutes, the cloth was removed and Betty felt the unusual sensation of something wet being rubbed across her pussy. She couldn't help but pull at her bonds at the sensation. The razor was next. Julie worked in short firm strokes removing the last of the pubic hair as she had done to herself every week for years now. She knew that the sight of a smooth pussy was always a big turn on for Bill. She wondered if the sight of Betty's would affect him as much. Julie stepped back to admire her handiwork. Betty's pussy was now as smooth as the day she was born. Julie backed up to stand right in front of Bill. She leaned back and could feel Bill's hard-on press against her ass. Turning, she looked up and saw her husband's eyes bright with excitement. Clearly the shaving had turned him on as much as her. Betty was mortified. Although she couldn't see it, she could feel a gentle waft of air cross her now bare pussy. Betty had never felt this exposed before in her entire life. This was worse than being naked. Despite her embarrassment, Betty's soaking juices were now clearly visible, betraying her body's arousal. Both Julie and Bill could see the girl's swollen labia covered in the slick juices. Between her legs, a tiny trickle of them slid down between her buttocks and along her crack. Bill moved forward now and picked up the switch. He let the tip of it slide across Betty's stretched tummy, first toward her breasts, stopping just short of the lowest line across her lower breast, then downward toward the raised, exposed pubis. Betty held her breath, wondering what would happen next. Bill pulled the switch back and let a short, sharp stroke strike just at the top of the mound. Betty yelped. Moving downward, Bill's perfectly placed strokes made little stinging strokes across the swollen lips and upper thighs. Bill carefully avoided Betty's clit that was, as she feared, now peaking up between her lips to show it's swollen, slick state. He trailed the tip of the switch again, up her spread thighs and along the side of her pussy. Just at the top of the lips, he let the tip drag lightly across the swollen nub. If Betty could have jumped she would have. The touch of the tip of the switch against her clit was electric! Unable to move, Betty gasped and tugged frantically at her bonds. Bill now put the switch down and both he and Julie prepared Betty for the next and last parts of her punishment. Julie had brought a bag with her and Bill's toys including some of the toys they used during their bondage and discipline games. Now Julie pulled out some Lolitas Cp leather straps and in a few minutes, Betty's ankles were tied to the beam in the ceiling, spread ninety degrees apart in a wide spread-eagle. Additional straps at the top of Betty's thighs, kept her upper body stretched backwards across the hay bales. Reaching into the bag again, Julie pulled out a toy that she had felt herself many times. It was her rectal plug. Before Bill ever gave her a strapping across her own bottom, he always inserted the plug into her bottom. She knew that the sensations of her bottom being stretched on the foreign intruder were as embarrassing and as exciting as the strapping herself. Julie reached back into the bag for the vaseline and the leather strap which she handed to Bill. Showing Bill the rectal plug and the vaseline, Julie moved toward Betty's now Lolitas Cp upturned bottom. "Since you think you're old enough to play kinky sex games." said Bill "You can be punished the same way your mother is when she's naughty." Julie's head whipped around in shocked as Bill's words registered. Bill just grinned back at her and shrugged his shoulders. Beneath her blindfold Betty too was shocked. What did he say? Her Mother? Julie knelt between Betty's upstretched thighs and opened the jar of Vaseline. Dipping a finger deep into the jar, she covered it with the slippery jelly. Betty jumped at the first touch. What IS that? she wondered. The tip of Julie's finger rested just at the opening of Betty's anus for a moment, smearing just the rim with the vaseline. Then in one long motion, Julie slid her forefinger as far as it would reach into Betty's tight bottom. Betty cried out in shock at the strange sensation. For the last two hours, her body had been subject to more stimulation than her young years had ever had before but this was another thing altogether. The sensation of the long cool finger deep in her rectum, slowly twisting back and forth and coating her rectum with the vaseline was at once so intense and so surprising that Betty was simply shocked silent. Julie's finger came out at a quarter the speed it went in and twisted in long slow rotations as it did so. Julie knew from experience the kinds of feelings Bill's finger generated in her when she was lubricated. She looked up between Betty's thighs to her blindfolded face for her reaction. Betty seemed to be holding her breath waiting for what would come next. Dipping the rectal plug into the vaseline now, Julie brought the tip of the device to Betty's now lubricated anus. She rested the thin tip of the plastic plug against Betty's anus for a moment and then slowly began sliding it in. In and out in minute strokes Julie worked the plug into Betty. The rectal plug started narrow but quickly became thicker and then narrowed again at the neck of it before flaring out into its wide base. Julie had often had this exact plug inserted into her own rectum before a strapping. Bill sometimes left it in all night or made her wear it all day to remind her that she was submissive. Betty's breaths were coming in short ragged gasps now as the sensations of this foreign intruder began driving her over the edge. Just as the thickest part of the plug reached her anal ring, Julie held it there. Betty thought her heart would stop, wondering what would happen next. With a tiny push, Julie let the plug seat itself with the neck held tight by Betty's sphincter muscles as they desperately tried to close themselves on the device. Betty was full now, fuller than she had ever imagined being. The rectal plug wasn't painful but it was so stimulating in an area of her anatomy that was so sensitive that it was driving her crazy. She was sure she was going to come any minute. Julie moved away and let Bill move closer, holding the leather strap. "Don't forget you're being punished young lady." Her father's voice seemed to come from far away as Betty tried to keep herself from having an orgasm right there. She didn't hear the strap moving through the air or sense it coming but the feeling of the hot leather slapping hard against her bottom woke her up right away. Betty cried out at the sensation. Bill struck again and again, knowing it was leaving Betty's already punished bottom red hot. After a dozen hard strokes he stopped. Betty was crying out. Bill looked at her squirming in her bonds and knew from how her mother always reacted that Betty was very close to coming. The heat of the strapping was now translating directly to Betty's soaking pussy that was visibly lubricating. Julie could see it too. Julie reached over and with just the tip of her finger tapped firmly on the end of the rectal plug. The sensation of the simple finger tap was like a bolt of lightning to Betty. She cried out as the incredible sensation was translated deep in her body. The finger tapped again, firmly and Betty cried out again, and struggled against her bonds. Julie tapped again and again, in a firm rhythm and in a moment, it was enough. Crying out loudly and thrashing as much as she could in her bonds, Betty Lolitas Cp began coming in wave after wave of orgasm. It seemed to go on forever and when it was over, all was quiet in the barn. Gently, Julie and Bill unfastened Betty and removed her blindfold. Bill was smiling slightly as he looked down at his disheveled daughter. "I hope you learned your lesson." he said. "I sure did." said Betty as she walked out of the barn, the rectal plug still firmly lodged between her buttocks.
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