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Related article: STORY.68 The Master Chris Collection KAREN'S MEDICAL EXAMINATION ___________________________ Karen heard the door close and the sound of his footsteps walking into the living room. As always, she was waiting in the position he had instructed her in. She was just in front of the couch, in the middle of the carpet. With the exception of the silk scarf which covered her eyes, she was completely naked. She was on her knees and sitting back on her heels with her knees stretched familiarly wide apart. Her hands were clasped loosely behind her back leaving her firm up-tilted breasts and her smooth shaven pubis in full view. It was a position that Karen could maintain without discomfort for long periods. This evening however, she had been in it for only a few minutes, waiting for Roger, her boyfriend and Master to arrive. Since their first date, Roger and Karen had discovered their mutual interest in dominant/submissive sexual games. It was a perfect match. Roger's dominant fantasies and experiences were tailor-made for the submissive fantasies that Karen had never fulfilled. In the weeks and months that followed they both delighted in discovering the pleasures of kinky sex. Several weeks ago, Karen had surprised Roger by waiting naked and blindfolded in a position very similar to the one she was in right now. Roger had been delighted and had immediately started an evening of wild fun. Since then, Karen was always waiting for Roger in a similar state. Karen felt Roger's fingers trail across her cheek and along her bare shoulder. "And how is my little slave today?" he murmured. "Mmmmm" purred Karen, "I'm hot for you as usual." Karen heard Roger sit down in front of her and felt a shiver of pleasure run through her as she imagined him watching her. Roger relaxed back into the couch and looked his girlfriend up and down. It was something he never tired of. She was quite a catch, he thought to himself. Petite, standing just 5'4" and weighing about 110lbs, Karen's body was built like a gymnast's. Her tight 34b breasts were tilted up slightly and the nipples were pointing slightly Nn Lolita outward. The nipples themselves always excited Roger. The were dark brown in color and when erect, as they were now, were very thick and about 3/4 of an inch long. Karen's hair was honey-blond and she kept it short, just off her shoulders. Roger's eyes slid downward to her flat, tight stomach and beyond. Karen's pubic hair had been a light brown Roger remembered. It was light and soft. Since he had shaved it smooth one night a couple of month ago, Karen had kept it that way. Roger could clearly see the bare skin of her pussy lips which were gently parted to expose the wet interior. Roger smiled. He knew from experience how much being exposed like this turned her on. He reached forward to take Karen's nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Karen moaned softly as her dominant lover took control of her nipples and rolled Nn Lolita them slowly in between his fingers. Her nipples were one of the most sensitive parts of her body and Roger knew it. "Are you ready for an adventure tonight?" asked Roger quietly. "Mmmmhmmm" murmured Karen. "Alright then, I want you to go up to your room and get into your submissive position on the bed and wait for me." said Roger as he reached forward and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. Karen felt a shiver run up her spine. Immediately she rose to her feet and made her way upstairs feeling Roger's eyes on her rolling buttocks as she walked. Once in her room, Karen knew just what position Roger meant. She got up on her bed on her knees with her feet Nn Lolita just over the edge of the bedspread and her back to the open door of her bedroom. She placed her knees very wide apart then bent forward at the waist to rest her head and shoulders on the bed and arch her back deeply to leave her bottom up in the air offered to her lover. Karen could feel her rock hard nipples rub gently on the bedspread. Now she reach back with both hands, placed them on her buttocks and pulled them firmly apart. She felt her pussy lips part slightly and the gentle air currents in the room reminded her that her crinkled rear opening was now lewdly splayed open for "inspection". She had only been there for a moment or two when Karen heard Roger's footsteps following her up the steps. Roger did not immediately enter Karen's room although he could see her from the hallway. Karen's submissively Nn Lolita offered rear view never failed to excite him. Karen heard Roger opening the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and knew for a certainty what we was looking for. Her anus clenched involuntarily in anticipation. Karen heard Roger enter her room and open a drawer directly behind her. She had no doubt it was her "toy" drawer containing the various sex and bondage devices she had collected since meeting her dominant boyfriend. Roger moved to Karen's side so she could see him. As she expected, a jar of vaseline was in one hand. It looked like one of her butt plugs was in the other. Roger opened the vaseline and leisurely dipped a finger deep into it, pulling it out covered in the slippery jelly. "We're going out for our adventure tonight." he smiled at her. "Mmmmm" Karen moaned, "Sounds like you've got hot plans for me." Roger chuckled, "Yes, I think I've outdone myself tonight." Roger walked behind the pretty blond as Karen closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. Roger waited a moment, knowing that her anticipation and heat were building eve though he wasn't touching her. Karen's anus was spread wide open and Roger watched Nn Lolita as it clenched and relaxed despite her. He reached forward and held just the tip of his finger up to the tight brown ring. Karen gasped at the cool touch of the lubricant on Roger's finger. Roger held his finger there, making tiny minute circles over the sensitive flesh, knowing that the sensations for Karen would be intense. Karen was holding her breath feeling each tiny movement of Roger's finger all the way through her body. Her whole consciousness was centred on Nn Lolita that tiny part of her anatomy. With a slow but firm motion, Roger slid his finger past the tight muscles of Karen's anus and deep into her body. Karen let out the air she'd been holding in one long whoosh. Roger held his finger deep in the rectum of his submissive girlfriend letting her catch her breath for a moment before slowly twisting his finger back and forth as he pulled it from her. Karen's body trembled at the sensation. It was as if every one of her nerve endings had taken up residence in her bottom. Roger added more lubricant and slid his finger deep into her again. Karen arched her back in pleasure. Anal sex had always been one of her favourite games. Roger picked up the rectal plug and rested the tip against the slippery opening of Karen's anus. He paused for a moment then slowly pressed the plug in. The 5" inch plug got wider and wider until the widest part of it stretched Karen about an inch and a half open. Karen's breath was a little ragged now. Roger twisted the plug slightly, pushing it in another half-inch and then let the muscles of Karen's anus pull the remainder of the plastic toy into her body. "Mmmmm, I'm so hot for you." said Karen as she let her hips sway back and forth. The feeling of the firm plastic intruder deep in her body was naughty, intruding, hot. "Now, go put on your white dress, you know, the tight cotton one." "Stockings and garters too?" Roger chuckled. "No, just the dress and heels and, of course, this." he said tapping on the end of the plug with one finger. Karen pulled the thin cotton dress over her head. It was one of Roger's favourites. The form fitting dress moulded her body perfectly. Her over-sized nipples pushed hard at the thin material. Karen knew that if anyone looked directly at them, they'd be able to see her dark areolae. The end of the plug was now grasped firmly between Karen's buttocks but the length of it deep in her body shifted with every movement. "I'm ready." she said "Great." said Roger, "Let's go." Karen gasped as her bare bottom touched the cool leather of the passenger seat in Roger's car, "Ooooh, a little cool." Roger smiled. "Can you tell me where we're going?" asked Karen "You'll know very soon. Just be patient." The drive lasted only a few minutes and ended up in the center of the city. "Here we are." smiled Roger as he helped Karen out of the car. Karen's heart was pounding. What would happen here? Each of their adventures this far had been tremendously exciting and Karen knew that she trusted Roger completely. She also knew that not knowing was part of the game and that it added to the excitement she was feeling right now. Roger held her hand and walked Karen into a high-rise office tower. The rectal plug still deep in Karen's body rolled and shifted at every step, reminding her of her submissive role in tonight's game. Although it was dark, there still a few people moving in and out of the building. Roger and Karen waited for an elevator and then got in. Roger pressed the 18th floor button. Taking her by the elbow, he moved Karen around. "Stand in the corner like a good little girl." he said. Karen shivered as she did so. She was very familiar with this position, at least when she was alone with Roger. She was usually naked and usually had just been over Roger's knee for an old-fashioned bare-bottomed Nn Lolita spanking. Now she was standing submissively in an office elevator. To her shock, Roger reached down and pulled the cotton dress up to her waist. "Roger!" exclaimed Karen "Shhhhh. Be a good girl and don't move." he said, patting her bare bottom affectionately. Thank God they were alone on the elevator, thought Karen. She listened to her heart pounding and knew that she was blushing furiously at the sensation of being so exposed. Karen heard the bell for their floor and felt the elevator slowing before Roger finally said, "Ok. You can cover yourself." With a sigh of relief, Karen pulled her dress down over her hips and below her buttocks and turned around. Roger led Karen down the 18th floor corridor and finally into a waiting room. "Roger, what's going to happen here?" asked Karen in a little voice. Roger chuckled, "Nothing too serious sweetheart, I'm just making sure you keep your body in its best shape for me so you're here for a quick checkup." "What!" said Karen, "but..., but...." "Miss, please follow me." A nurse's voice had broken in on Karen's protests. Before she really had time to think about it, Karen was being led through a door and down a short corridor. With the exception of the nurse, the office seemed empty. Following the nurse, Karen was led into a large examining room. "I'll be checking your weight and height first." said the nurse, "Please take off your clothes." Karen waited for a moment, hoping the nurse would leave the room or at least turn her back, but it was not to be. She stepped out her heels first and felt the cold tile beneath her feet. Using both hands, she pulled her thin dress over her head. Karen blushed as she felt the nurse's eyes on her smoothly shaved pubis. The nurse directed Karen onto the scale and Karen was careful to keep her bottom turned away from her. Although the end of the rectal plug was mostly concealed between Karen's round buttocks, she was sure the nurse would see it if she turned. Once Karen's height and weight were recorded, Karen thought the nurse might leave perhaps giving her a chance to get rid of the plug, but again it was not to be. The nurse opened a second door and motioned Karen to enter. Keeping her buttocks tightly clenched, Karen did so. This examining room was slightly larger and was set up with the examining table in the middle of the room instead of off to the side. "Up on the table please." said the nurse. Karen lifted herself into a sitting position on the leather covered table, feeling the plug push even deeper into her as she sat on it. A moment later the door opened and a young man in a white lab coat entered. "Hello Karen, I'm Doctor Wilson, I'll be giving your examination today." Karen was instantly charmed. The doctor was young and very attractive and before she knew it he had checked her heart, her reflexes, her eyes, ears and throat. Through it all the nurse had sat quietly and Karen had almost forgotten about her. "Ok, lie back please." said the doctor and Karen started to do so. With a start she realized that the rectal plug was still in her. "Uh...uh...no, wait." she started but the doctor had already pulled the steel stirrups up and was pulling her left ankle into one. 'Oh God!' thought Karen, 'He's going to see EVERYTHING!' In a moment the other foot was snugly settled into a stirrup and the doctor had dropped the end of the table under Karen's buttocks leaving her completely exposed. Doctor Wilson reached over and turned on the bright flood light at the end of the table. "Hmmmmm." he murmured interestedly. Karen squeezed her eyes tight. She felt her face flush hot with embarrassment and knew the blush was sliding down her face and onto her upper chest to the tops of her breasts. She had never been so embarrassed. Karen felt the stirrups being adjusted. They were stretched a little wider and pulled a little closer to her body. Karen felt her buttocks and pussy spread even wider for the doctor's inspection. Doctor's Wilson's hands felt warm at the top of her thighs. "Hmmmm, nicely shaved lips." he said as his hands slid higher and gently rested a thumb on either side of her smooth pussy. The doctor pulled his thumbs apart, peeling open Karen's pink, wet interior. "Hmmm, yes, you seem sexually aroused Karen." he said. Sliding his thumbs higher, Dr. Wilson pulled the head of her clitoris back to expose the sensitive area. Karen felt the hands slide lower and now the thumbs were resting on her buttocks and pulling them apart. "And what have we here?" said the doctor. Using his forefinger, he tapped several times on the end of the plug. Each tap seemed to reverberate though Karen's whole body. She could feel his fingers on it now, teasing it, twisting it. "This will require further investigation, I think." he said. Each touch of the plug was electric and Karen knew her arousal was perfectly visible to doctor and nurse who could see her most intimate parts. Dr. Wilson grasped the plug and began teasing it from her, pulling and twisting in tiny motions until just the tip held Karen's anus open. With a final slow seductive twist he pulled the device from her completely and laid it aside. Karen tried without success to stifle a moan. The doctor just chuckled, "Sensitive hmm? Well a submissive little girl like yourself should be used to that kind of stimulation." Karen opened her eyes to see the doctor squeezing a tube of lubricant onto his finger. Embarrassed at what was happening to her, she closed her eyes again. The doctor's finger teased around her rear opening much as Roger's had earlier and then slid in. There was no resistance. The plug had made sure of that. First one finger then two twisted and penetrated the submissive girl's bottom. Karen squirmed. "Tsk, tsk. Can't have you thrashing all over the table." said the doctor. In a flash, cotton straps were holding Karen's ankles firmly to the metal stirrups. She was helpless! The added restraint only seemed to turn her on more. "Give me your hands Karen." It was the nurse's voice. Karen opened her eyes and saw the nurse right beside her. As if in a dream she lifted her hands and offered them to the doctor's assistant. She felt her hands being pulled to the head of the table and fastened there. Her breasts were now flattened against her body like little mounds with only her turgid nipples sticking up. The nurse's hand slid down Karen's side, dragging across her left nipple. She felt it, squeezed gently by the nurse as she walked back to the end of the room and sat down. Karen's body was a turmoil of sensations. The doctor's twisting, penetrating fingers were pulling out of her bottom. "We'll be checking your reflexes again." he said as he turned to pick something up. Karen felt the end of something hard touch her now open anus. The doctor pushed and the long thin object disappeared into her slippery rectum. It was longer than the plug but thinner, she thought as her anus contracted down on the foreign object now held in her. Another object was now sliding into her pussy. She couldn't identify it but it was perhaps the size of a small egg, she thought. A third object was resting high on her shaved pubis, almost directly over her clit. "We're going to watch you have an orgasm Karen", said the doctor, "Given your current state of arousal, you'll be quite helpless to prevent it but just in case, we're going to give you a little help. The warm fingers on Karen's right nipple made her jump. She looked up to see the doctor putting a clear ointment onto it. Immediately her nipple started tingling. It was warm and not quite tickling, not quite itching. It felt like a dozen tiny insects were crawling all over the nipple. The doctor let go and the already hard nipple stood out further. Karen felt it aching to be touched. She wanted to beg the doctor to take it in his mouth but she bit her lip and moaned softly instead. The doctor was now doing the other nipple and a moment later, both were thicker and longer than Karen could ever remember. She was squirming now. Only her restraints held her to the table. The doctor chuckled and moved back between her legs. A moment later, Karen felt the device in her pussy come alive. It was a vibrator! It was immediately followed by the device in her ass vibrating also. Karen cried out. She couldn't help herself. The doctor reached up and turned on the final vibrator. The vibrations directly over Karen's clit were too much. She was bouncing up and down on the table. With another cry she felt herself starting to come. It was all consuming, including every part of her body. Her nipples contracted even tighter and seemed directly connected to her clit, her pussy and her over-excited anus. Again and again and again she came, pulling at the straps that held her. Finally, limp and exhausted, she could come no more. As though from a million miles away, she felt the vibrators being pulled from her and her wrists unfastened. It was a few more minutes before Karen could regain enough composure to open her eyes. The 'doctor' was smiling at her, "Your Master is going to be proud of you. I'm going to give you a parting gift before you go back with him. Call it a graduation present. Karen's eyes widened as she watched him squeeze a little of the teasing ointment onto his forefinger. A moment later she gasped as his finger slid gently but firmly all the way into her bottom. He twisted back and forth for a moment, coating the sensitive membranes of her rectum and anus before pulling out. The sensation was immediate. Despite herself, Karen felt a desire to have her bottom penetrated again. Karen looked down and saw the doctor holding another rectal plug. "This plug is a little different than the one you arrived with. As you can see it has two ridges, not one and it's a little longer." Karen felt the plug penetrated her then slowly spread her open but unlike her one plug, when her anus started to clench down, it was spread again until the wider ridge was buried deep in her. The plug only partly alleviated the internal excitement and teasing of the ointment. Karen squirmed several times as her ankles were unfastened and she was helped to her feet. The nurse whose name Karen never found out took her by the arm out of the room and back into the room where her dress and shoes were waiting. "Go stand in the corner Karen. That's a good girl." said the nurse. Karen stood as she had been taught, nose pressed gently directly into the corner, feet apart, hands resting at her sides. With the exception of the end of the plug resting between her pretty buttocks, she was completely naked. Karen felt the nurse's hand pat her bare bottom affectionately before leaving the room. "Stay like that and wait for your Master." were her parting words. Karen heard Roger's voice talking to the doctor and nurse but could only catch part of the conversation. The ointment on her nipples had them aching to be squeezed or suckled and the ointment in her bottom made her shift her weight from foot to foot. As she did so, she felt the plug deep in her body shift too. Suddenly Roger was there, sliding his hands down the length of her back, kissing her neck. "I saw the whole thing on video." he whispered into her ear. "You were incredibly hot!" His fingers found the end of the plug and wiggled it, knowing it was teasing her deep inside. "Shall we go home and watch the tape?" he asked "Are you still hot for more?" "Oh God am I ever!" moaned Karen as Roger handed her her dress. It was many hours later, cuddled up in their bed together when Roger and Karen finally settled down to sleep. "Roger this was the best ever." murmured Karen, "I loved it." Roger chuckled into her ear. "Wait until you see what I've got planned for next time!"
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