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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.65 The Master Chris Collection PREGNANT SUBMISSION --------------------------- Nicole closed her eyes and luxuriated in the warm water of her bubble bath. She sank a little lower in the oversized tub silently thanking her husband for perhaps the thousandth time for insisting on installing the extra large tub. Even when she hadn't been pregnant it had been a decadent sensation Preteen Cp but now, with her distended belly weighing her down, it was hard to imagine life without it. Nicole opened her eyes into the candle-lit room and let her hands stroke her tummy. "God I'm only 8 months." she thought. "Surely I won't get any larger." The combination of the warm water and her light fingertips was having its usual effect on the pretty 25 year old blond. Nicole could feel that familiar twinge between her legs as she began to get turned on. In her half-reclining position, she could still reach below her round bell to her pussy. Nicole gasped softly as her fingers found her tight clit. "Mmmm" she moaned, "Ooooh, I'd better be careful for I'll come before Brad gets home and that would never do." Nicole had heard different stories from different girlfriends but for her, pregnancy had seemed to make both her and Brad horny all the time. "Hmmm", she mused to herself, "Almost an hour until Brad's home. Maybe his little slave girl should surprise him." Nicole and Brad had always enjoyed domination and submission games in the bedroom and Nicole loved to play the submissive role. One of the things she had done almost since the start of their relationship was to keep her pussy submissively shaved smooth. Nicole had once had a light down of blond curly hair down there but no more. She took this opportunity in the bath to remove any hint of hair over her now pink and swollen pubis. Nicole finished up in the bath and dried off thinking of how she would 'prepare' herself for her dominant husband. She started with the baby oil. Working slowly, she started oiling her body from head to toe, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. Nicole's breasts and pussy. Nicole's breasts had never been large, a 'B' cup at best but now, 8 months pregnant, they had swollen to a solid size 'C'. They were very sensitive. Her nipples, however had become impossibly long. Nicole had always been blessed by nipples that were somewhat oversized for her tight breasts but now the fat dark nipples stretched for over an inch when erect. "That seemed to be all the time these days", thought Nicole as she watched her areola crinkle in a light draft of air. Nicole sucked in her breath slightly as her nipples tightened achingly hard. Nicole rubbed the oil over as much of her back as she could reach before covering her round buttocks. With one hand, she slid her well-oiled fingers between the cheeks of her bottom and along her crack. Unable to resist, Nicole let her middle finger slide effortlessly into her anus to the first knuckle. "Mmmm, I'm sure Brad will be giving this part of me plenty of attention." chuckled Nicole. Pushing a little harder, the well oiled finger slid deeper into Nicole's rectum eliciting a moan before the young girl pulled her hand reluctantly away. Glancing at her watch, Nicole realized she had better hurry if she was going to surprise Brad. Pausing in the bedroom only long enough to take one of her silk scarves from her drawer, Nicole made her way down to the living room. The front door opened directly into the living room and Nicole wanted to be the first thing that Brad discovered. By pushing the coffee table off to one side, Nicole left the whole carpeted area open for play. She took several of the throw cushions from the couch and placed them one over the other in the middle of the room. "This should be perfect.", she thought as she knelt down in front of the pillows. Nicole had arranged herself to be facing away from the front door in a position that she knew Brad would find irresistible. With a last glance at her watch, Nicole figured she had between 5 and 10 minutes left so it was definitely time to get ready. Reaching up, she carefully tied the scarf so that her eyes were completely covered. She shuffled forward on her knees until they touched the cushions and then bent carefully over them arranging her swollen belly to hand down freely from her body. Nicole shifted positions slightly to make sure she was comfortable and then spread her knees wide open. She could feel her buttocks part naturally as she did so leaving her pussy and anus exposed for 'inspection'. Snaking a hand down between her legs, Nicole gently stroked her pussy and then spread her sensitive inner lips wide before pulling her hand away. "Now he'll be able to see just how wet I am." she thought. In the few minutes she had to wait, Nicole got more and more turned on. She loved this kind of submissiveness and the anticipation of waiting was often one of the best parts. Her mind went into overdrive as she imagined what might be done to her by her dominant husband. The sound of the front door opening made Nicole gasp with excitement. "Honey, I'm home." called out Brad. Nicole remained silent, holding her breath as she listened for his movements. "Hmmm, What have we here?" said Brad as his footsteps carried him into the living room. The sight that greeted the young man was enough to excite anyone. Brad's 8 month pregnant wife, a shapely blond was completely exposed in the most submissive of positions. With her knees wide apart and her bottom raised by the cushions, Brad had a perfect view of both her crinkled brown anus and her swollen pussy lips. The soft light of the living room only served to highlight the slippery, oiled skin and the smoothness of Nicole's shaven lips. Brad smiled as he enjoyed the view. Leaving Nicole in her submissive, widely spread position, Brad moved into the bedroom where he quickly removed his clothing. With a quick stop on the way back to the living room, Brad was soon back behind his beautiful pregnant wife. Kneeling down behind her Brad got an even closer look at her body. Nicole's tight brown anus was twitching. Nicole could sense her husband right behind her, only inches from her widely exposed body. She knew the muscles of her anus were twitching as though they were nervous to be penetrated, but she couldn't help it. The movement was completely involuntary. Brad looked a little lower to see Nicole's bare pussy lips. The pregnancy had made them fatter, longer and almost always wetter than they had been previously. Nicole's arousal was obvious with her juices already starting to trickle down the sides of her thighs. Brad couldn't resist running his finger down the soaking slit to find her clit. Nicole gasped at this first sensation. Her clit was, of course, achingly hard. Brad's finger tickling the end of it didn't make it any less aroused. Brad's fingers left Nicole's body and she strained her ears trying to hear what he was doing. If she had been able to see, Nicole might well have closed her eyes again. Brad was just opening their jar of Vics Vap-O-Rub. He knew that Nicole would be expecting her bottom to be thoroughly teased and that she almost certainly be expecting a teasing lubrication with the vaseline she had thoughtfully provided. Dipping his finger deep into the jar, Brad covered it with the warming gel. Brad moved his finger forward until the tip hovered over the tiny brown opening. It was close enough that the gel at the tip of his finger was now touching the very center of Nicole's anus but his finger as yet was not. Brad moved his fingers in minute circles. Nicole gasped as the cool sensation of the Vics touched her most sensitive opening. Brad's finger teased the crinkled brown opening with the tip of his finger covering the brown ring with the pungent gel. The heat-generating jelly was just starting to have effect and it was immediately obvious to Brad. As the sensitive muscle began to feel the heat Nicole's anus began clenching and releasing in earnest. Brad heard Nicole's low moan as she realized that the cool lubricant was not, in fact, vaseline. As Nicole's anal muscle relaxed, Brad took advantage to slip just the tip of his finger past her sphincter. Nicole's bottom clenched involuntarily and Brad had to hold his finger steady as the movement pulled at his finger. He smiled once again as Preteen Cp he felt Nicole struggle to relax the tight rear aperture. Just as she succeeded, Brad slid his finger slowly but firmly all the way into her rectum. Nicole couldn't help but gasp at the intrusion. Brad's finger twisted sensuously through a full rotation as he coated the sensitive inner membranes of her rectum with the sensitizing gel. Nicole's anus was clenching hard at Brad's finger now but the Vics had served to lubricate her thoroughly. Brad pulled his finger almost all the way from her bottom then slid it in again hard. "Oh Please...", whispered Nicole. It was unclear what she was asking for but Brad could guess. His pretty wife had probably been getting worked up for ages and was now ready to be brought to a climax. Brad had a few tricks up his sleeve first. Pulling his finger from his pretty wife, he left the Vics to work on the sensitive opening, knowing that it would get steadily warmer in her already hot bottom. Nicole could already feel the effects in a path from the highest point on her body, her exposed anus along her rectum to what seemed like deep inside of her. The jelly seemed to continue to heat up adding to the heat that seemed to be constantly a part of Nicole's body these days. In the past few weeks it seemed like she was always running a temperature but now she felt like her core body temperature had instantly doubled. Brad was not done yet. Reaching into the toy bag he had brought with him from the bedroom, Brad took out one of their smallest rectal plugs. Nicole was no stranger to a variety of toys to be used inside of her body but with the pregnancy advancing, she felt more comfortable and just as excited with something small in her bottom. Covering the thin white rubber plug with more Vics, Brad teased the tip of it into her twitching bottom. "Oh!" gasped Nicole as the plug slid in deeper. Nicole tried in vain to relax her bottom but the effect of the Vics Preteen Cp was already taking over control of her anal muscles. She clenched and unclenched involuntarily as Brad teased the long thin plug into her. The rectal plug got wider and wider until the round ridge at the middle was up against her anus. Brad waited for her anus to "wink" open then pushed the ridge gently past her anus and into the depths of her rectum. The wide "T" base kept the plug from disappearing into her body and the wide round ridge would ensure that it stayed there until Brad decided to remove it. With the tip of the plug sticking out from between Nicole's pretty buttocks, Brad took advantage to heat up other parts of her. "You've been very naughty." he said softly as his Preteen Cp right hand stroked all over her swaying bottom. "Oh yes Sir. I've been awfully naughty and I think I should be punished." Brad's response was a light spank on Nicole's left buttock. Nicole moaned softly. Brad spanked his pretty wife all over her tightly stretched bottom until the two globes were a light pink. Every fourth or fifth spank was a little harder and every minute or two, Brad tapped the end of the rectal plug lightly getting a gasp or yelp at the sensations he was causing. By the time he was done, Nicole's bottom was warm to the touch just as the inside of her bottom was hot. Brad dipped the finger and thumb of each hand back into the Vics and reached around his bent over and submissive wife. With the blindfold firmly covering her eyes, she had no idea what would happen next but Brad could see from her slowly swaying hips that she was already very turned on. Brad carefully grasped Nicole's left nipple between his thumb and fingers of his left hand. The Vics on his fingers slid all over the hard brown nipple. Brad had always loved Nicole's long nipples but this pregnancy had made them absolutely incredible in size. They were always long and fat and now almost always hard. He squeezed and rolled the thick nubbin in his fingers and reached at the same time for the right nipple, hanging downward from her swollen breast. Nicole gasped again as he Preteen Cp had both her thick nipples in his hand. The slippery nature of the Vics meant that he couldn't squeeze too hard without her nipples slipping free of his grasp but at the moment, that suited Nicole just fine as her nipples were incredibly sensitive. Having squeezed and tugged at the thick brown buttons for a moment or two, Brad stood up and stepped back to let the Vics have its effect on the nipples also. It took only a moment and Nicole knew that the slippery sensation at her aching nipples was not all that would happen there. The heat generated at the tips of her ripe breasts was not intense but given how sensitive she was, it didn't have to be. If felt as though Brad had attached her nipples and the depths of her rectum together with hot cables. Nicole was now squirming in her exposing bent-over position. Brad enjoyed the sight for a moment or two, watching Nicole at any time was a turn on but in this exposing position, it was great. Nicole was so turned on that she was becoming less and less aware of what was happening around her. Brad stood behind her and watched as the tip of the rectal plug waved back and forth in the center of Nicole's spread open bottom. Brad knew that if he just left her like this for a moment or two longer, she'd come all by herself but this was something that he planned to share in. It took only a moment and Brad was as naked as his pretty wife. Kneeling down behind her, he coated his rock hard erection with some more Vics. He could feel the kind of the heat that he knew he had already caused her deep inside of her body. Brad reached out and tapped the end of the rectal plug. The sensation was transmitted like a shock wave to the tip of the plug buried several inches into Nicole's rectum. "Oh God!" panted Nicole, "Brad, I'm not going to last much longer." "I know it baby. Neither am I" said her husband. Brad grasped the end of the plug and gently eased it from Nicole's grasping anus. The round ridge passing out of her caused Nicole's hips to begin bucking and Brad thought she might lose it. With the plug out of her, Nicole's anus didn't stop for a moment in its desperate clenching movements. Brad shuffled forward and put the tip of his cock at her overhot entrance. Nicole could feel the tip of him at her opening. She rocked back and struggled to relax her bottom as he dipped the head of his cock into her bottom. Once inside, they both knew what they wanted. It was only a moment before Brad was buried to the hilt in his pretty wife's bottom. Reaching over her he grabbed the rock hard nipples in his fingers again and tugged as he rocked in and out of her ass. Nicole was already very close and it didn't take long before she was bucking against Brad, trying to pull even more of him into her body. She came once, hard and then again as the sensations from her anus, from deep in her rectum and from her aching nipples all combined to pull her to new heights. The sensations of her swollen belly and breasts only served to make her hotter. Brad felt Nicole come as he heard her cry out. Nicole's cries and the sensation of her anus squeezing hard during her twin orgasms brought him right to the edge. Brad thrust harder, and felt his cock twitch hard inside of Nicole's bottom. His breath, already ragged, now came in great gasps as he began to come. Nicole felt the sensation of Brad's come spilling into her as though it was molten lava. Her already sensitized rectum made her feel every drop of him as it spurted inside. Brad's own cries of passion served to push over the edge one more time as her hot rectum and anus tried to squeeze every last drop from him. It was hours later after a hot bath for two that the two of them were curled up in bed cuddling. "I wonder if you'll be just as hot once you're a mother." wondered Brad out loud. Nicole smiled. "I'll always be your little slave girl." she said, "and I'll always be ready to get extra hot with you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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