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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.61 The Master Chris Collection TALIA'S MEDICAL EXAMINATION ___________________________ "What are you wearing tonight?" asked Chris Talia looked up. There was more to this question than met the eye. "I'm not sure. Did you have particular preference?" Chris smiled. "Yes, I believe I do." Moving to her closet he picked out a short flairing skirt and a thin silk white blouse and placed them on the bed. "Garters and stocking?" asked Talia. "No. Not this time, just the blouse, skirt and your heels." Talia felt rush of excitement surge through her. Whenever she and Chris played dominance/submissions games, it was an incredible high. Her mind immediately started racing, wondering what plans he had up his sleeve. Maybe they weren't even going for supper. Perhaps the evening would start right here with Talia being blindfolded and teased by her dominant lover. Chris was always full of surprises and although Talia was yet to find out, there was one planned for this very evening. By the time they left for their evening out, Talia was ready for her Master. She had pampered herself in the bathroom, soaking in a nice hot tub then doing her hair and make-up. When she stepped into the bedroom to put on her 'outfit' for this evening, Talia caught glimpse of herself in the mirror. 'Hmmm, not bad for a gal pushing 30.' she thought to herself. Her blond hair was short and curly at the moment and it framed a pretty tanned face. Her breasts had never been large, a 34B, but by the same token they didn't sag at all. Talia's tan line from her bikini outlined a tiny pure white triangle over each breast from the dark sun-tanned skin around them. The nipple in the center of each triangle was set off perfectly. Unlike many blonds, Talia's nipples were not pink, they were a dark shade of brown. Although nature had seen fit to give Talia small breasts, her nipples were not. If anything, they were unusually long and thick and perhaps the most sensitive part of her body. The residential home where they ended up was not what Talia was expecting. What did he have planned here she wondered. Inside, Chris and Talia were greeted by a pretty woman around Talia's age wearing a simple skirt and blouse combination. They entered and were led to the living room. The evening was shaping up to be a simple visit with a friend thought Talia as they three of them chatted about all kinds of current events. Talia found out that Susan was a medial doctor with her own practice and that she and Chris had met in college. Susan was a year older than Talia and the two women found they had lots of things in common. It wasn't until well into the evening that Susan brought up a new subject. "So, I understand you're sexually submissive." she said casually. Talia just about choked on her drink. She had never ever told anyone about the kinky games she and her lover played. To be told about them by a stranger took her breath away. Talia felt a hot blush hit her cheeks as she looked over at the attractive blond doctor. Unable to reply, Talia just nodded her head. Susan smiled. "I thought so. Little toys like yourself are so transparent." Talia blushed again as she realized how true that statement was. Unless Susan was blind, she should have no trouble figuring out what Talia enjoyed. "Your lover has brought you here for a little surprise." said Susan. He felt that an examination would be appropriate for his sex toy." Susan got up and took Talia's drink from her. With a movement of her head, she indicated that Talia should follow her. Talia looked over at Chris only to see that he was standing too waiting for her to obey. "Do as you're told Talia." he said quietly. Talia felt her knees tremble as she got to her feet. This was completely uncharted territory. Unable to stop her mind from wandering, Talia wondered what would happen to her. An examination? What would that entail? Just the word reminded Talia of her last Gynaecological exam. Every time she had to put her feet into those steel stirrups she blushed with embarrassment. It didn't seem to matter that her doctor was always completely professional, just the thought of being that exposed to him was mortifying. Susan walked along the corridor and turned down the carpetted stairs into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, Talia saw that the basement was remodeled into Susan's office. There was a large desk off to one side with filing cabinets against one wall. There were a couple of chairs in front of the desk. On the other side of the room the more medical supplies were stored. There was a counter with glass covered shelves above it and a sink and, of course the ever-present examining table. Susan sat down in her chair behind the desk. Talia went to sit in one of the chairs in front of it but Susan stopped her. "Just stand there." she was told. Talia waited nervously. Behind her she heard Chris' footsteps coming down the stairs and then stop. She turned to find him sitting on the third stair, waiting, watching. Lolita Toplist Galleries Susan got up from the desk and moved over to the other side of the room. A moment later, she returned carrying the small step that had been beside the examining table that was used by patients to step up on the table. She walked over to Talia and put it down in front of her. "Step up." she said. Talia stepped up on the step feeling even more on display. Susan walked back around the desk to sit down. Susan waited another minute or so, just admiring the view before she spoke again. "Alright Talia", she said, "Now remove all your clothing. Everything." Talia's heart skipped a beat. She had known this was coming of course, but to actually have to remove her clothes in front of this strange woman was intensely embarrassing. She started with the shoes. She must have seen plenty of naked women, thought Talia. It didn't make any difference. Chris had deliberately made sure that there was very little to remove and in a few moments, Talia's skirt followed her blouse and shoes as it sank to a puddle at her feet. "Now turn around." said Susan. Talia turned around several times on the small stair. After a couple of turns, Susan had her stop again, this time facing away from her and showing a profile to Chris. "Clasp your hands behind your back. No, elbows further back than that." Now, with her hands stretched up and back, Talia's firm breasts and rigid nipples were thrust up and out. Despite her acute desire, she didn't lower her hands to cover her blond bush. Susan got up again from behind the desk and moved over to Talia, getting a closer look as she walked all around. Talia's face was flushed a bright red. She had never been so embarrassed. "Follow me." said Susan again and walked toward the examining table. Talia had been dreading this. She walked toward the table with tiny steps. Susan helped her get up on the table and lay down on her back. Unlike the doctor's office, there was no paper covering the black leather of the table. The leather was warm and humid against her skin. Talia lay passively as Susan walked around her again. She did not resist as her hands were taken and pulled to the head of the table. Leather cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and attached to the head of the bed. Talia was now a prisoner of this dominant doctor and her dominant lover. Chris had approached the table now and stood at the end. Lolita Toplist Galleries Walking forward, he gently spread her legs and slipped her feet into the stirrups. Standing between her knees, he took straps attached to the stirrups and firmly covered her ankles with them. She was now helpless to keep from having her legs spread. Susan walked to the end of the table and pulled gently at Talia's naked hips. Talia slid her bottom to the end of the table, letting her knees push up and apart as he did so. The ankle straps on the stirrups kept her feet tightly held down. Susan took long leather straps and tied them around the tops of Talia's thighs then pulled thm down to keep Talia's bottom pulled toward the end of the table. Additional straps around her wrists kept Talia's arms pulled to the top of the table. Her naked outstretchd body was now offered completely to Susan and Chris. Susan re-adjusted the stirrups to further spread Talia's legs apart. Talia closed her eyes, surrendering herself to her master and his friend. She sensed rather than saw Susan move to the end of the table and step between the stirrups. Susan's slender fingers slid through Talia's blond curly pubic hair. Talia felt Lolita Toplist Galleries Susan gently tug at the short hair. A moment later, another tug followed by the distinctive "snip" of scissors told Talia that her pubic hair was being removed. The scissor were soon replaced by the warm wet sensation of shaving cream as Susan rubbed it over the remaining stubble. A safety razor pulled across the sensitive pubis of the young girl, leaving her pussy now bare and smooth as it was when she was a child. Chris moved up to Talia and tied a black silk scarf over her still-closed eyes. Talia felt his hands glide down her face, touching with just his fingertips. The fingers trailed further downward, tickling her neck, sliding down to her breasts. Talia arched her back as her master held her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Chris squeezed and tugged upward, pulling Talia's breasts upward. He let go, letting the nipples slip out of his grasp. Talia gasped. Her nipples were now hard and swollen, sticking out almost their full 3/4 inch length. Chris took the left one in his fingers again and pulled it outward. Talia moaned softly in appreciation. Her nipples were aching to be touched. Chris watched Talia squirm as he let the nipple clip close gently on the thick left nipple. The pressure was not painful but the thick brown nipple was now squeezed with a steady pressure. He repeated the same procedure with the right nipple. Susan had placed herself on a stool between Talia's bound legs. From there, her view of the pretty girl's outstretched body was unrestricted. Susan smiled to herself as she watched Talia's now-bare pussy lubricate as Chris played with her nipples. With her nipples now firmly held by the clips and her body completely restrained, Chris and Susan now Lolita Toplist Galleries turned their attention to between the young girl's legs. The stimulation of Talia's large nipples was now showing between her long athletic thighs. Susan and Chris could already see that her now very visible pussy lips had puffed out and were pink from the rush of blood through them. Susan reached out with both hands and, using her thumbs, peeled back the thick labia to reveal the delicate pink interior. Talia was soaked. She blushed yet again as the two dominants exposed her more than she ever had been in her life. She did not know that she would be exposed much more than this before the night was over. Talia could hear Susan moving around but did not know what she was doing. There was a counter at the end of the room and Susan was standing at it. Talia's hearing became even more acute as she strained to hear what was happening. For the moment, no one was touching her. The sharp clink of somethink metallic made Talia jump. 'What were they going to do to her?' she wondered. Talia sensed rather than saw Susan moving back between her legs. A moment later, her thoughts were confirmed as Susan's slender fingers gently strocked Talia's smooth pussy lips. Talia gasped at the sensation. The shaving of her labia had made her lips ten times more sensitive. She knew that if the woman doctor kept stroking her, she wouldn't be able to help having an orgasm. Susan was using two hands now, using her finger and thumbs to spread the lips wide apart and show the hot, wet interior. After a few minutes of stroking and teasing, the fingers stopped. The tension in the room went up a notch. Neither Chris nor Susan said anything. Talia was breathing shallowly, listening, tense for what might come next. The touch of the warm object at her pussy lips made her start. 'What was it?' she thought. The object teased the outside of her lips before Susan spread them once again and urged it inside of her. 'A dildo or vibrator.' were Talia's first thought. But the feeling wasn't quite right. Talia had enjoyed a variety of dildo's and vibrator's inserted into her and this didn't feel like any of them. Susan eased the object deeper until only a handle of some kind was left sticking out. The object wasn't painful in any way but Talia held her breath, as though being absolutely silent would help her determine the nature of the object that had been inserted deep into her body. She didn't have long to wait before finding out for certain. Susan reached down again and a moment later, Talia felt the object move inside of her. It seemed alive for a moment and then she realized what was happening. The object was getting wider, spreading apart. In fact, the object was a Doctor's speculum. Just as had been inserted to her while her feet were in the stirrups at her own doctor's office! Susan squeezed the handle slowly watching the opening to Talia's shaven pussy spread wide, wide apart. When the speculum was fully extended, she locked the handle, leaving the young girl wide open for inspection. Talia blushed deeply for what must have been the thousandth time. She couldn't imagine being so embarrassed. She had been examine* ( before but this was different. It wasn't enough to be completely naked in front of her Master and a strange dominant woman. Even her insides were to be on display! With the speculum holding her wide open, the pressure on her clit had increased. Despite herself, Talia felt herself getting even more excited. Talia felt the tips of the Doctor's fingers stroking her inner thigh and along the sensitive stretched sides of her open lips. The fingers traced outside her pussy and trailed lower and lower until their tips were touching the bottom of her pussy lips, dangerously close to her stretched rear passage. Although Chris had teased Talia's ass several times, it was a part of her body that always left her embarrassed to be played with. Talia tensed for a moment as the fingers slid through her thick juices that continued to trickled down the crack of Lolita Toplist Galleries her ass. The fingers left and Talia was left with the sensations of the speculum pressing against her clit and keeping her complete pussy exposed to the air. The constant pressure on her thick, elongated nipples was a continuing source of stimulation and Talia felt herself try to squirm in her bonds. The doctor was back in a moment and Talia suddenly felt a very cool touch right at the center of her anus. The vaseline covered finger teased the outside of the crinkled opening in tiny circles. Talia found that she was holding her breath, knowing what must come next. Just the tip of the delicate female finger nudged inside of Talia's bottom, opening her bottom up to her Mistress as Talia gasped at the senstation. The finger was motionless for a long pause as the younger girl got used to the finger, then, relentless, it began to push in. Talia heard herself whimper as if from a distance as the finger slowly pushed in as far as it could go. Again it stopped and time seemed to stop too for Talia as she waited for the next sensation. Now the finger began to twist slowly back and forth in a long, Lolita Toplist Galleries full rotation. Talia had never felt anything like this. Along with the rotation, the long delicate finger began sliding in and out in long smooth motions. Despite herself, Talia felt herself trying to push herself even even harder onto the penetrating finger. On one stroke, the thin finger was joined by a second and now two fingers were sliding in and out. An orgasm was just moments away for Talia, she was sure but suddenly the fingers pulled out again, leaving her gasping for air and squirming. Talia moaned in frustration. The doctor moved away from the girl. Both Susan and Chris could smell the young girl's sex as it continued to flood with her juices. Talia felt a touch again at her now opened anus. Was it a butt plug, she wondered? Chris had used a couple when they had played before and although it embarrassed her severely, she had enjoyed the sensation. The hard intruder at her rear twisted slightly and then slid in. It didn't feel like a plug, thought Talia as it slid gently into her rectum. Combined with the over-full sensation of the speculum in her vagina, Talia felt every milimeter of this rectal intruder as it penetrated her. Finally it was all the way in. Talia was struggling for oxygen now. It seemed she was gasping all the time. She felt, rather than saw Chris lean close to her. He grasped one of the nipple clips and pulled on it gently. "I think you'll enjoy this." he said. As he pulled upward on the thick, sensitive nipple, the object in Talia's bottom started to move. For a moment she couldn't place the sensation, but then it hit her. The object was getting larger! Susan had inserted in a smaller speculum into her rectum! Squeezing the handle, Susan watched Talia's crinkled opening stretch as it opened until the skin was pulled smooth and tight. Talia was whimpering openly now. She thought she had been exposed before, but this was beyond her imagination! Susan chuckled. She knew that the 2 objects were not hurting the girl, but she also knew that the sensations of being opened at both holes simulaneously was incredible. Talia was pulling at her bonds now, as the teasing of her body continued at her nipples, pussy and ass. She thought this was as much as she could expect, but of course, she was wrong. She could barely feel the tiny plastic eggs as they were dropped into her pussy and inserted deep into her rectum but as Susan turned the small but powerful vibrators on, she couldn't help but notice. Talia cried out loud as the sensation of the two strong vibrators started out simulaneously from deep inside her belly. It was as if her whole body was vibrating. She pulled frantically at her bonds as she felt her sensations being pushed over the red-line. The orgasm started somewere deep in her body and spread outwards, gathering momentum like a snowball as it did. There was no part of her body spared, from her nippes, to her anus to her fingertips, the hot wave of her cumming hit like a freight train. Talia felt the world close down as she almost lost conciousness. The first wave was followed by a second and then a third, Talia did not keep count. She cried out, pulled at her wrist and ankle straps but the orgasm kept going. She wanted it to stop, wanted it to keep going and felt like she'd been cumming for hours. Finally, finally, finally it slowed down, leaving her hot, sweating body heaving on the examination table. All there was for Talia was a warm glow that went through every part of her body. She barely noticed first the vibrators then the two instruments being pulled from between her legs. The nipple clips were removed and Susan and Chris helped from the table and into the hot tub. It was a couple of hours later, with Chris and Talia now back home and curled up around the fireplace when he finally looked down and asked if she'd like playing "Doctor". "Well." she said, smiling slightly, "I think you may need an examination yourself sometime soon." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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