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Related article: Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 20:45:11 +0000 From: m smith Subject: 60's Cinema In EnglandStory codes M M M M M b Cons, anal, sucking, fucking, swallowing gang bangI can't even remember the name of the cinema, I can tell you every detail about it but the name eludes me.I remember seeing the film Mame there with Lucille ball way back in the 70,s but want to Toplist Preteen go back earlier than that to the 60's when I was way too young to even be in the flea pit of a cinema.It's bugging me now what the name of the place is maybe before I get to the end of this story I might remember.I am talking about in the winter every year staring October till March it used to show dirty films. There was always 2 films shown back then they started at 1 pm and 4 pm and then 7 pm every day like clockwork.It was all one level on a high rake from back to front. It always seemed like a steep climb from the front row to the back row after being sat there for 3 hours or so. Not that I did much sitting well not on seats anyway.I was far too young to even be in there I used to get smuggled in. I was in my element watching a mucky film, seeing ladies tits and a cunt and maybe if it was a bit daring a man's naked bum. All simulated sex I suppose looking back but then it was so real. I say simulated as you never so any penetration it was not allowed. You never saw a man's prick never mind him stuffing it into a woman, but it was so erotic to me an 11 year old boy.I used to get wanked off by this man when I was 10 years old. Mostly in toilets and an odd time back at his place, this was more ruder as we used to both take all our clothes off then and it was more exciting.I was taught to suck cock and kiss and lick a man's bum which then I was not too keen on and eventually he put it up me bum. This really bloody hurt but after a few times it slipped in quite easy He had about 5 or 6 inches I thought it was massive compared to my little cock, but I was in heaven when we were at his place.I used to be out all hours from home and very rarely asked where I was going or where I had been, I had to be in by 10 ish 10.30 at the latest. Sometimes I was so exhausted I literally crawled home. This was after an evening of naughty man and boy sex. I was having sex 3 or 4 times a week at his place for months and months. Then came the colder nights and it did not seem as much fun anymore as the house we were in was so cold.He told me about the cinema, I said can I come he replied "No you have to be 18 to get in" I could not even pass for 12 never mind 18 so that was that. 1 night I was at a loss and sort of wandering the streets and I bumped in to this man he was off to the cinema.He said it's always quiet on a Tuesday night if I was on best behaviour and sit down into the seats he would let me in through the gents toilets as it had a fire door on the side of it.Well you should have seen it I was on my hands and knees crawling across the floor from the toilet to the 3rd row and sat down next to the man. His name was Bill I'm not making this up honest it is true.Well I had never seen naked women and this was all fascinating for me to see up there on the big screen 2 naked ladies kissing and each sucking the others tits. I had a hard on god knows why as I am gay but then I did not know what I was. I l knew I liked cock but then it was just sex no lables etc! Just sex and I knew I liked it. Bill had his dick out and he was reaching for my hand to wank him whilst he watched these two ladies cavorting on the couch together. I was rock hard and soon Bill shot his spunk. I saw it in the dim light it shot up into the air and landed all over the place.The film finished and the lights came up I was pushed onto the floor to hide so no one could see me. I saw a man go to the toilet then another and another and another and no one was coming back. Bill said wait here and I nervously sat with Bill's coat over me on the floor on C row. The lights went down and then 1, 2, 3, 4 and more men came back from the toilet at different intervals.Film 2 started and I was missing it then bill came scuttling on the row and sat down next to me. Ok you can get up now everyone is back in their seats. Film 2 was about the same with an odd man in it you saw his bare chest and that was it, he sucked a tit and then he disappeared off the screen I then realised he must have been licking the woman's cunt out but I was so naive I had not a clue what was happening. It got to about quarter to ten and Bill said right we need to get you out of here before the film ends and the lights come up. I Toplist Preteen was ushered out of the side door and was told to wait at the back till he came round to get me.When he came round the corner there were 2 other men with him, one man said were you in there at the cinema? I was afraid to answer and Bill said it was ok. Yes I said I went in about ten past 7 and been out just a few minutes. Bill suggested I went to see him the following night at his house. Bill said get yourself home before you get into trouble and see you tomorrow at my house. I said bye and the other 2 men also said bye and I ran home as it was just after 10 and I did not want to get shouted at. I never went into say good night to my parents. I always shouted I'm in" Night", and "Night" was the reply I got from 2 people engrossed in whatever they were watching on telly.All day at school I was day dreaming thinking about tits and cunt, dicks and spunk and I was soon to find out who the 2 men were. I arrived at Bill's the following night about 6.30 and as I went into the house I had a presence of there was someone else there. I went into the lounge and there were the 2 men from the cinema. This is Albert & Philip there gonna fuck u up the arse I have told them all about you. I was nervous with excitement and looking back they were nervous of the jail sentence I suppose if I blabbed to anyone.I was undressed by them all and soon I was naked thank god bill had lit a fire as it was cold outside, I was kissed played with fingered up the arse and was as horny as hell. First Albert took his dick out and I was bent over and was forced to suck him, then Philip was rubbing his dick on my arse crack. Bill did the honours of greasing my arse and in Philip went. I was screaming with pain as his dick was a lot bigger than Bills but none the less it went in and the pain eased after a while. I thought my arse was bleeding but it was just the grease dripping down my right leg. I still had a mouthful of Albert's cock and I was in my element. I was then turned round and Albert fucked me whilst I sucked on Philips cock. I had difficulty getting it in as it was a mouthful.We were all soon naked and I was fucked all night and spunked up my arse so I certainly was made use of.This I suppose what started me as being the dirtiest of whores today; believe me I like it very dirty nowadays.Anyway I left Bill's about 9.30 and I was in agony walking home by bum kept farting after all the pounding I had, and the spunk was dribbling out my bum. I hated the squelching underpants as I walked or should I say limped home.The cinema nights took a turn for the better after a few weeks the manager knew I was in there, although I never went through the front door I was always let in from the side door.Now if you can imagine this old cinema, with the high rake, with dimly lit lamps along the side walls to help you find your way. They might as well not have been on for what good they wereOk Toplist Preteen now all of the side lamps on a Tuesday were unscrewed except for the 2 at either side as you enter the cinema at the top or back row as I am trying to explain it. This gave a nice glow from the front that somebody was just coming in or leaving so it was a good focal view.It all kicked off with the house lights dimming to out and the film started, now this cinema was full of men who needed a quick wank away from the wife so the clientele is set all men. There is a table at the front of the cinema an old fashioned table with big fat legs why it was there I don't know; apparently Toplist Preteen it's always been there for some reason.About 10 mins into the film you could see the shadowy figures all moving about, bill knew them all as he checked who was in before the house lights went down. I was still crouched down on row C Bill came to get me. I was taken to the table and Bill quickly stripped me completely absolutely naked and then I climbed onto the table and about 10 or 11 men had their way with me. I was fucked rotten and I mean heavily fucked, Bill kept a look out for any late wanderers in the place there were naked bodies all over the place mostly queuing up to fuck me. I had mouth full's of prick and arse full's of prick and I saw people fucking and sucking each other whilst they waited for their turn up me.It got to about 10 mins to eight and pricks were withdrawn and people got dressed and people wandered to seats scattered about the cinema, and I crawled still naked onto row c. The interval was soon upon us and you could see cigarette smoke filling the air and odd gentlemen walking about.Then after about 15 mins the lights went down again and I was taken back to the table.There were 14 people in the cinema that night and I had 12 of them, Bill did not get round to playing with me as he was on lookout and one old man half way up the cinema who had slept through both films.I was soon cured by bill with the squelchy bum on the way home as when we had finished they were all getting dressed and bill told me to force a fart. I could feel all this gunge coming out of me and the fart echoed and I heard quite a few giggles from the few people remaining. I was presented with a white cup as bill had made me fart and caught everything in a white teacup. It was given to me to drink. I whispered what was it and he said all the men's spunk from up your bum drink it down it will do you good.I drank it or should I say it slipped down into my guts, it was quite warm but I managed to get it all down.Bill let me out of the side door and said I will see you tomorrow night, on my way home I could hardly walk from the fucking I had suddenly I felt queasy and just as I got round the corner to my house I threw up big style in the spar shop doorway opposite where I live.All that spunk from my arse made me really sick, it was not a nasty sick like your drunk and vomit, a sort of pressure release vomit. I felt fine after that.Next night at bills I had 3 mates of his to entertain.Let me get back to the night in question the guy who owns the cinema was a big dirty old fat man who just grunted each time you went in he could not care less what happened inside and he knew it was obviously a wank cinema in the winter. As long as the men came in he did not care. No usherettes probably not a cleaner either as such during the day as it always was a filthy place.Bill had struck a deal with him that if I came in and entertained the men, he would have more people coming in to the cinema. When I asked Bill about this he said he was a big fat homosexual who was more interested in money and stuffing his face with food than worrying about what went on inside the joint. I mean if word got out that we were doing all this they could have all been in serious trouble with the police.So off it went every Tuesday the same procedure I was the main interest not the film, this went on for about 5 weeks and we suddenly increased from 12 people to about 23. I think some people fucked each other down there at the front as they could not get near me at times. Apart from when they were cumming and most of them shot up me or on me or in the mouth. I was awash with spunk and the same procedure I farted, the spunk out and drank it. I even got echoes off some of the men of fart sounds as they all knew what was happening as bill made me drink the spunk out of my well ripped arse. I don't really think I needed to fart as I was so well fucked that if I stood up it would have poured straight out of me.One Wednesday it was my birthday and when I went to bills some men were there about 6 of them and they had given me a surprise birthday party. I was given a white envelope with 10 �1 notes in it. It appeared bill had been tapping the men for money before they left each time for the use of me and they were more than happy to donate odd bits of cash for the pleasure.I said I could not take it home as �10 then was like a �100 pounds. Then you could go on holiday to Blackpool for a week with your mum and dad for less than �10. So bill kept it for me. Again I was fucked and spunked up mouthfuls of cock and mouthfuls of birthday cake I don't know which I enjoyed more the cake or the cock? we had a great night.The cinema went on for maybe 2 years breaking for the summer months when they showed family films. The old man at the cinema died of an heart attack, the odeon took it over and spruced it up a bit but all the dirty pictures stopped but I still had Bill and his mates about 20 of them on a regular basis Tuesdays Toplist Preteen Wednesday and Saturday nights. During the fourteen months Bill had collected �88 for me and apart from an odd ten shillings here and there it lasted quite some time.I was 21 when Bill died and I was still living at home I missed our sessions together, I lost contact with the other men as most of them were married. Now I am 55 years of age and a dirty fuck pig still getting plenty certainly not 23 a night but I have my moments. Hope you enjoyed this story and e mail me if you like with your comments. Your ideas for dirty or personalised stories are always an option, I live in Cumbria in England so hit me up.usemyfingersyahoo.co.ukMark
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