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Artistic Lolitas Toplist

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Related article: Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:41:32 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: 5b & 6c 09The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"5b & 6c" 09 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Pretty cool art project.""I thought so. Even you got into it, Gino.""I felt sorry for the kid making an elephant with three trunks," Gino says."You were really something.""What makes you say that?""Like a magnet, all the kids were drawn over to you.""Yeah. Why was that? How come they didn't flock over to you.""Happens whenever there is a guest. It's part of their hospitality to get you involved. Here comes another question!"A nine year old walks over to Gino."Mr. Gino?""What's up Roberto?" Gino looks down to the youth."How come we can't make unicorns for the ark?""Think about it roberto. Do you see any unicorns around today?""No.""Then you can't make them for the ark.""But how come God didn't have Noah put them on the ark?""Um..." Gino was ready to say because they were too horny, but it was the wrong aged crowd. "Um, because he already had enough on board.""He seemed to accept your reason," Justin tells Gino."Heck, I don't even think they were around then. Didn't those little blue guys make them up?""You mean the smurfs?""Right.""How come you didn't tell Roberto the truth?""For whatever reason, I couldn't. I guess it's like Santa Claus.""Yeah. Right. Whatever. He'll find out someday. I guess it won't hurt pretending there's unicorns. Y'know, Gino, you're pretty good with kids.""I come from a large Italian family.""Something we never talked about.""Heck, we've only known each other a day.""Almost two and I'll tell you one thing.""What's that Justin?""I never expected it would take such a short time to fall in love."Gino smiled. It was his turn to extend his feelings."What's the look for?" Justin said of the smile adorning his handsome features."It kind of baffled me too.""Baffled you say?""Yeah. Since I was around fifteen, I figured it was going to be this long, drawn out love affair, lasting a coupla years. But no," Gino snaps his fingers, "it happened just like that.""Still, I think we should slow down.""You're having reservations?""No. None as of yet. Should I be?"With arms across his chest, folded, Gino bent to the side, to Justin's ear and whispered, "Just you wait til tonight. If I don't get a good blowjob, you'll see what happens!""Horrors!" Justin jokes. "What's the penalty?""Spank your little boy ass!""Ooooh," Justin replied, feeling a tingling sensation down below.But their little vignette was shattered by the sound of a single church bell."Time to clean up," the Sunday School superintendent called out.Justin announces, "Nobody gets out of the room til the workplaces have been inspected."One of the kids, Angela calls out, "Can Mr. Gino be the inspector?"All the other kids called out something, to the same respect. Of course Gino didn't mind. The kids even liked him more, when he found a little dab of glue left behind on the table surface!After Sunday School, everybody returned upstairs for `church'."I haven't been to mass for ages," Gino says to Justin."Just follow me.""Anywhere!" Gino replied.%"BLT are my favorite type of sandwich," Adam says, standing in Thomas' kitchen, helping to make up their picnic lunch."I'm sorry I don't have much variety, in the house. We need to shop.""We?""What?" Thomas asks."You said, `we' need to shop.""Did I?"Adam responds, "Yup.""Well then I suppose `we' need to shop!""We should really compare notes.""Huh?""Take inventory of Artistic Lolitas Toplist what you have and add it to my kitchen inventory, so we don't stock doubles."Thomas stood there, in reflection."Did you hear me?""I heard you Adam. It's just... everything is happening sooo quick!""Am I moving too fast?""No. Not at all. It's just.... well, I got into town this past weekend and here this weekend I'm ready to move again."Adam dropped what he was doing, spreading mayo on bread slices, licked a finger, then wiped it on his apron. He turned to his side and confronted Thomas."If you need time to think, we can..""No. Not at all. What I'm saying is everything is happening fast. Last night we accidentally meet, then you come back for... what was you bothered me for? A cup of sugar?""To invite you upstairs for veal parmesan.""Oh. Thanks, but I had already eaten.""It's the thought that counts and it wasn't my idea.""Gino's?""Right.""I suppose I owe him a great big apology. Artistic Lolitas Toplist As I said, I was joking and....""As you said. Gino took it the wrong way and because you didn't explain yourself, Justin was carried along on the tide of opinion.""How philosophical!""Don't quote me. I think I read it somewhere and it's not exactly right.""Doesn't matter." Thomas says, putting his hands in between Adam's bod and his arms, getting ready for a hug. "It's the way you said it that makes it so sweet."Their lips meet and they trade off sweet, French kisses."Did you snitch some bacon?" Thomas accuses, jokingly."Did you taste it? Rats! I'm caught, red-handed.""French kissing comes in handy!"They both laughed, breaking off their hug and continuing on the path of making up their picnic lunch.%"Some service," Gino said, as they walked to his car."Not what you expected, eh?""There's so much `Jesus'!""What can I say? That's church!""I have to admit, I think I got more out of the children's service, than the adult sermon.""Yeah, sometimes Pastor Joe confuses me, but one good aspect is, he's all for gay rights.""So, we can get married?""Wouldn't it be something if we did?""Well, I would hope... you would.... want it.... no?"Justin smiled, replying, "Of course, but I think we're moving a little too fast, Gino.""You're right. Sorry.""No need to be.""It's just, since you brought it up, I seized the moment, I guess.""It's not a problem, Gino. I think sometime soon, I will want the same. By the way, I'm all for moving out of the dorm. When do you want to start?""Right away. Today, if you want?""That's cool. We need tons of boxes.""You have a lot of stuff?"As Gino drives, Justin starts counting on his fingers."There's my clothes, books, lots of little stuff and my basketball.""No computer?""I was using my roommates until I got settled. I saw yours.""Well, I'm due for another one, soon. The memory is just about all used up.""That's good then.""How so?""We can buy it, half'n'half.""Not if you're working to pay for school.""What about you, Gino?""The `rents will foot the bill for anything I need.""Nice folks, but I'm not desolate. Adam and I aren't spoiled, but we can get our parents to buy us things we need.""Oh, so you don't need to work at Adam's art gallery, then?""Nope, but I enjoy it, since art is my major.""Right. Hey, when are you going to draw me?" Gino asks."Oh yeah. I forgot. I have a lot of art equipment. Easel, supplies and that sort of stuff. Are you sure you've got the room?""I think so. If not, I'll make the room.""Down the road, maybe we can think about getting something bigger?" Justin asks."If we decide to get married, we should think about getting a house.""That would be so cool. My dad would help out with the mortgage.""Mine, too," Gino says."And it's not that I'm shying away from the marriage issue, but I think we should graduate before getting married. What do you think?""As they say in the music business, `let's play it by ear'!""Yeah. That's cool, too.""Cool," Gino says, pulling into his numbered spot at the North Shore Apartment complex."Hey look.""Where?""Over there!""It's Adam, getting into Tom's car.""Soooo, the big mystery is solved!""Somewhat, but I'm dying to hear the details.""But Gino, remember... we're supposed to be mad at the professor.""Mad? Who cares. That was yesterday and yesterday is gone.""You're not mad at Professor Ladner?""Maybe a little.""It's going to be hard to stay even a little mad at him.""Why's that?""If the professor is going out with Adam.""Oh. Right. Well then we better make up with him."As Thomas backs up, he moves forwards, right past where Gino is parked. The two stand at the back of Gino's car, thumbs extended, as if hitchhiking. Thomas stops. Adam rolls down his window."Need a lift?" Adam chuckles."Yeah, my ego needs a lift," Gino jokes. "Listen, Tom, about yesterday...""Yeah. It was all my fault," Tom says, "I was really joking, but I don't think you took it that way and I'm really sorry.""Joking, eh?" Justin says, leaning in, next to Gino."Yes. I should have cleared everything up with at least you, Justin, but things evolved rather quickly," the professor filled them in."Well yeah and maybe I could've been more understanding," Justin tells him."Flying off the handle again, little brother?" Adam asks."Yeah and I wasn't too nice to the professor," he tells his brother."Well, as I see it," Adam judges the case, "there was a big misunderstanding, things taken the wrong way and I now see the verdict as everyone `not guilty'. Now, can we get on with our lives?"First Justin reaches across his brother, extending a hand. The professor takes it. Gino follows through, taking Tom's hand."Friends?""Yep," Tom says, "friends. And to think it Artistic Lolitas Toplist was almost more than friends!""What's this, Thomas?" Adam says, with a ghastly look. All three start laughing their asses off, followed by Adam joining in."So, what are you up to?" Gino asks, when the laughter dies."We're headed over to my place, for a picnic. And you two?" Adam asks."I know you're not going to like this," Justin confronts his brother with, "but I'm moving out of the dorm and in with Gino."Stepping back from the car, standing up, so Adam only has a view of his brother's tee shirt; chest and stomach, Adam says, "You're old enough to make decisions by yourself.""Wait!" Justin says, leaning back down, inside the vehicle. "What did you say?""I said you're old enough to make your own decisions and so far you've made the right one about the man you're going to be shacking up with!""Really?" Justin can't believe his ears.Up until now, his older brother has been giving him a hell of a go at it, since about ninth grade. Now, all of a sudden, he's cutting loose of the leash?"What Artistic Lolitas Toplist made you change your mind?" Gino asks."Little bro is twenty-one years old. Old enough to make his own decisions, plus..." here comes the soft part, "I think he's met his match!""Me?""Now the sandwiches are probably mush!"It's all the hint Thomas needed, to put his car in gear. Slowly, Gino and Justin lost there lingering postion, through the passenger window.As the two walked towards the apartments, Gino said, "Well, I guess you're stuck with me now!"Showing his true feelings for being `stuck with' Gino, Justin waited for the elevator, til the two were alone. First he hit the `6', lighting it up. He waited for motion, then began showing Gino his feelings.tHe eNd%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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