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Related article: STORY.58 The Master Chris Collection TARA IN THE HOTEL ROOM ___________________________ Tara looked up at the tv screen in the arrivals area. The flight should have just landed, she thought. The excitement of the imminent meeting made her heart rush. Tara was a pretty woman, just 32 years old, blond and tall with a figure that she worked hard at keeping in shape. She was wearing a classic trenchcoat and blank high heels. The meeting that so excited her was with her 'Master', her sometimes lover that she was all too infrequently. Tonight would be one of those specials meetings. Carl was a tall brown haired man also in his thirties and was fairly attractive. It was not his looks that excited Tara though, it was his delight in kinky sex, particularly in sex that involved dominance and submission. Tara had discovered to her amazement that being sexually submissive turned her on like nothing else ever had. She didn't like pain and the idea of a whipping was abhorent to her but the thought of obeying a man, especially when his instructions were exact and of a sexual nature made her blush and soak her panties all at the same time. They had met several times now and each time was better than the last. Tara remembered even now the thrill that ran through her the first time he had told her to undress in front of him so he could 'inspect' her. Tara smiled. It wouldn't take him long to strip her this time, she thought. Underneath her fashionable trenchcoat was only Tara herself. Her instructions had been specific. She was to check into the airport hotel and leave her things there. Then she was to meet him at the airport wearing only her coat and her heels. She was specifically allowed no underwear, jewelry or anything else. Tara had even had to shave her blond pubis completely smooth before arriving. The trip from the hotel to the airport had been one of the most exciting and erotic taxi rides she had ever had. Tara was sure that everyone could see right through her. She kept adjusting her coat over and over trying to close the bottom of it that seemed intent on exposing her secret. Walking through the airport had been even worse. Tara was an attractive woman and usually turned heads wherever she went. Now whenever someone looked at her she was sure that they knew she was completely naked under her coat. Tara couldn't help blushing over and over. Despite herself she felt her smooth pussy growing slick with her own juices. As she walked, Tara 's breasts rubbed freely against the inside of her coat making her nipples grow hard and sensitive. That and the air that wafted up her coat to blow across her bare pubis served as a constant reminder of her nakedness. Tara spotted Carl as he came down the escalator and into the arrivals lobby. He smiled as he spotted her and opened his arms to give her a bear hug. "Mmmm, I've missed you." he said. "Me too." said Tara smiling. She hugged him again and whispered in his ear "and I'm soooo hot!" Carl chuckled. "Did you follow all of your instructions?" Tara blushed as she nodded. "We'll find out soon enough." said Carl with a mysterious look on his face. Tara felt a shiver run up her spine in excitement. Carl slung his suitbag over his shoulder and led them out of the terminal and toward the taxi stand. Once in the taxi Carl pulled Tara close to him. His hand drifted down to her thigh just above the knee where her coat had parted to reveal her shapely legs. "Mmmm" murmured Tara as she leaned back and closed her eyes, offering herself Lolita Bbs Toplist to Carl. A tug at the bottom of her coat brought her eyes open in a flash. Carl had just opened the bottom button to her coat. "Carl!" she whispered, "What are you doing?!" Carl smiled at her, "Shhhhh, close your eyes." It took every bit of will power that Tara had to obey him. Her coat was now open very high up on her thighs. Tara felt Carl's lips hear her ears and his hot breath on her as he whispered, "I'm going to make sure my little slave followed her instructions." Tara's only response was a tiny whimper as she felt another button being pulled open. The lowest button still closed on her coat was now near her belly button and Carl carefully pulled open the bottom halves to fully expose the pretty girl from the waist down. Tara could only hope that the taxi driver couldn't see that far down in the back seat and hoped desperately that he wouldn't turn around. Carl's hand stroked downward now to Tara's knees which she had unconsciously pressed firmly together. Carl gently eased them apart using both his hands until she was completely splayed open. Tara felt the petals of her now drenched sex open. She felt Carl's fingertips glide up the inside of her thigh and gasped softly as they reached her swollen labia. His fingertip slid gently up her slit testing its wetness. He continued upward until the finger, wet with her juices crossed her erect clitoris. "If he strokes it once more I'm going to come." she thought. Carl slid upward and gently caressed around her smooth pubis. Tara's breath was coming in shorter and shorter breaths. Suddenly the taxi turned into the hotel and braked to a stop. Carl pulled Tara's coat Lolita Bbs Toplist together and paid the driver. Tara's face was visibly flushed as they made their way upstairs to the room. As instructed, Tara had taken a small suite in the hotel. The couple walked into the first room of the suite made up as a small living room with a couch and sofa-chair in the corner. Carl dropped his bag and moved over to the chair in the corner to sit. Tara moved toward the couch but Carl held up his hand. "Stay there for me." he said seductively. Tara stood uncertainly, wondering what would come next. "Step out of those shoes." said Carl. The carpet felt good on Tara's bare feet but somehow it made her feel more aware of how little she had on. "Turn around." whispered her lover. Slowly Tara began turning. When her back was to Carl he had her stop. Nothing was said for a long moment. The anticipation of what would happen next built quickly. "Now the coat." said Lolita Bbs Toplist Carl. Tara took a deep breath. She reach down and undid the belt and then reached for the top button. In a moment the coat was completely open. She let the coat fall from her shoulders showing her long tanned back and then her buttocks, sharply delineated by her tan line. Tara heard Carl pick up the coat and put it aside. "Legs apart Tara." Tara moved her feet about 2 feet apart. "Further." The feet stretched open wide. Tara waited for the next command. "Now bend over and hold your knees." said Carl. Tara bent forward and held herself in the exposing position. She knew that behind her Carl had a perfect view of her bottom and her pussy from behind. She imagined how she must look. Tara heard Carl get up. It had now been a couple of minutes. She sensed him coming closer, standing behind her. Just behind her she saw Carl bending forward, peering closely at her naked body. She felt his hands stroke his buttocks, then his thumbs settled between her pale white buttocks. She felt him spread her wide, pulling her buttocks open to completely expose her most intimate opening. Tara whimpered, feeling so exposed, so helpless. Carl chuckled at her excitement and stood up. He had Tara stand too and move into the next room and onto the bed. "On your knees, facing away from the door." said Carl. Tara moved to obey. Carl moved around the room and then returned behind her and put a blindfold over her eyes. The loss of sight only served to heighten Tara's other senses. She waited, helpless now, for Carl to tell her what to do next. "Very good. You look so pretty with a blindfold on. Now bend forward until your head is resting on the bedspread. Very good. now spread your hands wide apart in front of you and wait there." The effect of the position was not lost on Tara. Putting her head down this low only served to raise her bottom high up in the air, perfectly on display for her dominant lover. Tara's sense of hearing was now much more acute, she strained her ears listening for what was happening around her. Carl's footsteps moved around the room and Tara could almost feel his eyes looking at every part of her. She heard the sound of a long zipper of a bag(?) opening. 'What was he doing?' she wondered. Tara listened as Carl walked back behind her. There was long moment of silence and the young girl felt the anticipation build as she waited for what would come next. 'Surely he would touch her now.' she thought. But where? "I'm just admiring the view." chuckled Carl at last. "Alright, now I'd like you to reach back with both hands and place them on your pretty buttocks for me." Tara reach around with both hands to do so. "Very nice now please pull your buttocks open to display yourself properly." Tara gasped! This particular variant on this position had never occurred to her. Certainly Carl had seen her naked body before but doing as he asked would make her more exposed than she had ever been to anyone before in her life! Tara hesitated a moment, her mind running rampant as she frantically wished for him to change his mind. Blushing furiously beneath her blindfold, she finally did as he asked and gently pulled her smooth rounded buttocks apart for him. "A little wider if you please." said Carl calmly. Tara only whimpered as she pulled herself more open for him. "Very, very nice." said Carl, "Now you shall stay in this position until you are told to do otherwise. It should not be too long." 'Hmm, that was a funny was of saying to wait.' thought Tara, 'What does he mean?' She listened as Carl started to move around the room again. A moment later he moved back behind her, near the door. "Now remember Tara, you are not to move from that position until you are told to do so." With that final reminder, Tara listened in horror at the sound of the door opening! A moment later and it closed leaving her alone in the room. 'What did he mean, wait?' she thought. 'Did that mean it might not be him who's coming back in the room? Does it mean that he might come back with someone else? What *does* it mean?' Tara's breath was now coming in short breaths and her heart raced at the same pace as her mind as she considered all the possible ramifications. 'My God! It might be a woman who comes in!' thought the young girl. It was perhaps only 5 minutes but for Tara it seemed forever that she waited. Through it all, she never considered getting up from the bed and covering herself. As scary as it was to consider all these alternatives, it was also very, very exciting and Tara knew deep in her heart that Carl would never hurt her. The sound of the key in the lock raised the tension level yet again. Tara held her breath as she listened for the footsteps walking in. 'Was it one person or two? Were those Carl's footsteps?' There was no way of telling just from the sound. Whoever it was did not speak, they just moved around the room. Tara could feel herself being looked at. Despite herself, she felt her hands pulling her buttocks wider apart offering herself to whoever her Master had in the room whether it was him or not. The footsteps moved back behind the pretty girl and Tara waited, wondering when she would be touched. Finally one of her wrists was taken by a hand. 'Was that Carl's hand?' she wondered. She felt something Lolita Bbs Toplist being pulled around her wrist and then fastened tightly to it. A strap of some kind she guessed. Another was attached to her other wrist and she was allowed to rest her arms on the bed while straps were pulled tight around her ankles. Once this was accomplished, the mysterious hands took her right wrist again and tugged it backward. Tara arched herself slightly so that her wrist strap could be attached to the ankle strap on the same side. The same procedure was done on her left leaving her bottom even higher in the air. More straps were fastened to her young lithe body, these on her thighs just above her knees. The unseen hands pulled the straps wide apart and tied them somewhere on the bed, pulling Tara's knees slightly wider then fastening them firmly. Tara was now helpless and very widely exposed. She wondered what might come next. The hands reached under her now and Tara gasped as her left breast was stroked gently. The hands stroked inward, toward her already firm nipple and the sensitive flesh crinkled even further. By the time the stroking fingers touched her long brown nipple, it was achingly hard. Tara felt the fingers pull the nipple downward and pinch as it did so. Tara's nipples were one of her most sensitive areas and she loved when they were pulled and teased. She moaned softly as her left one was now pulled out longer than it's normal 3/4 inch length. The fingers pulled away but were soon replaced by the firm pinch of a nipple clip. The right nipple was next leaving the metallic clips hanging from Tara's long firm nips. 'If they don't stop playing with those nipples I think I'm going to come from that alone.' thought Tara as she panted softly at the sensation. Tara listened to movement again as the person (she was sure it was now just one) moved back behind her. She felt the persons hands slide up between her legs toward her chest. Now the nipple clips were touched again and Tara felt them being tugged downward. Cords to the clips were pulled back toward Tara's feet and attached to rings on her ankle straps. The effect pulled her already over-sensitive nipples outward and pulled her upper body closer to her knees, thus bringing her bottom even higher. Tara was soaked. She knew that whoever it was behind her knew it too. How could they miss. Her pussy was so wet that she could feel the trickle of her juices on her thighs. She was now so hot that she didn't care who it was that was playing with Lolita Bbs Toplist her body. She just wished they'd touch her, touch her pussy, her ass, something to relieve her need. An unseen hand patted her upturned rump gently and then Tara listened as they walked back to the door and opened it. The door closed gently leaving Tara alone again but this time completely bound and helpless. Her wait was not long, only a couple of minutes and to her amazement, her sexual excitement mounted again in that time. When the door opened again, she was panting so much that she almost missed it. This time the footsteps did not take long to walk around her and then move behind her. She felt a hand on her buttock. 'Was it the same person?' she wondered. The hand left her, only to return a moment later to palp her buttock to the side, exposing her anus more fully. Tara gasped at the cool touch of the lubricant on the tip of the strange finger. It teased at her opening a moment then slid inside. Tara was so hot that there was no resistance, Lolita Bbs Toplist even in her rear passage. The finger moved deeply in and out, adding more lubricant as it did so. Tara's body moved back and forth in its bonds, trying to get more of the finger in her. 'She was close, oh so very close.' she thought and then the finger pulled away. "Oh please..." she whimpered, speaking for the first time since she was blindfolded. The touch at her anus again was immediate but this time it was the tip of a plug that touched her there. She loved having her ass teased but this was only the second time she'd had a plug inserted there. She felt the widest part spread her anus wide and then her sphincter pulled the narrow neck inwards as she gasped out loud at the sensation. Tara knew she was on the edge, one more push and she would not be able to hold back her orgasm. "So you like it so far do you?" chuckled Carl. "Oh God Carl. Please! I'm so close." gasped Tara, Carl moved behind her and touched the tip of his cock to her soaked opening. "Oh yessssss!" cried Tara as Carl pushed forward in one long motion until he was deep in her. It did not take long. As he stroked in and out in long full strokes, Carl reached down to twist the plug that he had so recently inserted in his submissive girlfriend's bottom. Tara pushed back as best she could in the tight bondage. Each thrust by Carl had the clips on her nipples pulled by the cords attached to her ankles. A moment later Tara's whole body tensed up. Carl twisted her plug again and wave after wave crashed over her. She cried out loudly again and again, straining upward so the nipples clips would pull her nipples and breasts downward. Finally, it was over. It was much later, curled up in bed with her head resting on Carl's chest that she asked. "Carl?" "Yes hon?" "Was it you? You know, who came in the room?" Carl chuckled quietly. "Maybe next time I'll leave the blindfold off so you can see for sure but this time I'll not tell you." Tara wondered as she fell asleep and would until the next time.
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