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Related article: Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 11:05:00 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: 5b & 6c 04The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"5b & 6c" 04 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Saturday morning, Tom was up with the early-birds, as he was the previous Saturday, his first weekend at Lake Quinn Apartments. It was his first jog, finding out there was no lake in Lake Quinn! Instead, he found some jogger paths through the park, connecting with the apartment complex. Like last Saturday, he assembled his whey protein shake in the blender. `Oops!' he thought, after turning it on, the sound whirring away, piercing the silence. He let it mix less than the required two minutes, then shut off the blender. Looking inside the glass canister, he determined it to be mixed. He held it to his lips, chugging the contents down.Upstairs, in 6c, the lone inhabitant at first cursed the `noisy neighbor'! Then he thought out loud, "5b, that son-of-a-gun!" Even though he didn't get in til 4am, after his cubeboy gig, Gino looked at the clock, yeah he cursed again when he realized that was only an hour ago, but `whom' caused the infraction, had all to do with the power of instant forgiveness. Instead of turning over and going back to sleep, Gino got up and looked out the window. He saw a `pair' rush off and into the wooded area. "Rats!" he said, hoping to see one man, by himself, out for a morning jog. However, he knew sooner or later, some guy would be there to spy going out for his monring jog. One doesn't get up at 5am, eat, `yep! there goes the shower', to practice the flute! Unlike other Saturdays or even the occasional Sunday, instead Nude Lolita Toplist of jumping back into bed, Gino ran for the jon. There wasn't anything to `take off', so he just acclimated the water, to please his bod, and stepped in. It felt great! Invigorating, thinking of the guy downstairs, in 5b, doing possibly the same thing. Only thing is, he couldn't hear if the shower was on or off, so Gino took a calculated guess, letting the shampoo do his whole bod, then rinse off, making sure the soap was rinsed in those places down below that could get itchy, later on!5b man, thought he heard feet run across the floor. Either some guy had to go bad or raced against the clock! All dried off, Tom put on a pair of briefs, shorts, pulled a tee shirt out of the draw, another LQSY tee and placed it around his neck, feeding his hands into it. As went the habit, he smelled it, taking in the Cheer and Downy scents, pulling it down over his freshly Tone-scented bod. Tom found his last pair of white socks, commenting, "Geesh, that was fast!" meaning the last time he did the wash'n'dry routine, this past Saturday afternoon.Gino woofed down a bowl of cereal, then headed out. Figuring he missed Tom, he jogged down the stairs.Tom wondered who the `unthinking' person it was whom made all that noise on the stairs, at 5:45 in the morning. Then he skimmed back a half hour and thought about himself, no better, running the blender. At the bottom of the stairs, he headed for the glass-doored entrance. "Say, isn't that?" Running out the door, he yelled "Hey Gino! Gino! Wait up!""Hee heee... I thought you were gone!""Gone?""I mean," Gino tried to make a coverup, "I heard some noise from downstairs and figured you were up.""Sorry about the blender. I guess you got in kind of late.""No problem," Gino said, wishing he could've turned over in bed, "but once I'm up, I'm up.""And jogging, no less," Tom said, impressively."Well, I have to keep in shape." Funny thing is, just about every Saturday and Sunday, Gino has slept through til eleven or twelve. "You too, huh?""I started in high school. I admit I haven't religiously gotten up every Saturday and gone jogging, but I try to do a lite workout.""Oh? How does that go?"Shrugging his shoulders, Tom says, "Dumbells, exercise ball. Very lite working out. You?""This is about as far as I get and... hee hee.... I have to admit it's been about a year, since the last Saturday I was out for a jog.""A year you say?""Right. It's actually been about a year and a half since I moved in, but once I got the job at the club, I've slept in on Saturday," Gino confesses."Hmm...""What?""So let me get this straight," Tom did some detective work, "you move in and exercise for say six months...""About around there.""Then you don't get out and jog on Saturday mornings for about a year, because of your job?""Mm... right.""So," Tom sums up, "what makes today any different than all those other days?"Gino just smiles a toothy grin."Never mind. C'mon. Time's-a-wastin'!"No less than twenty times, Tom had to stop and instruct Gino on the basics of jogging. He also edited his jog to once around the wooded park."Whew! Guess I'm out of shape," Gino said, breathing heavy."Part of it's cardio... the way you breathe... you were off of a routine in the beginning, Gino.""I figured...so... whew! How about a shower?""A shower?""Oh I didn't mean a `shower' like `two in a shower'," Gino said.Tom did a quick flashback to the Jersey Shore, Jordi's place... Jordi yelling at two guys in the outside shower, meant for one!"Is that a yes?""What's a yes?""Never mind," Gino says."Oh you thought I was... yeah, never mind."Turning the key to 5b, Tom let himself in."See ya later," Gino said, going up one more flight.After stripping down, Tom went to the shower. As he turned on the faucets, it tickled him to think he could have been in the shower with another man. "Oh shit!" He just realized what he was doing with his free hand! He had a raging hardon!Meanwhile, upstairs in 6c, Gino was having a great shower, soaping up, rubbing off soap, scrubbing between his legs, flopping his 9c around, singing a tune from last night, doing a few bumps and grinds. Then he suddenly stopped, thinking of somebody. "Eh...too bad he got away! Oh well..." then he went back to his routine.On the other side of the coin, in 5b, Tom let Nude Lolita Toplist the water play over his head, softly humming a Debussy melody. His soapy hands played over his smooth bod, except where his navel trail led to his pubes. As he showered, he thought of how it could have been, Gino washing his back, instead of his scrub brush! "Oh rats!" he called out, thinking he heard the phone ring. He forgot about the two students that might show up for practice, hence the phone call. For sure he knew it wasn't Gino, since they hadn't exchanged phone numbers. As he fashioned the towel around his waist, he thought about the missed call. Leaving the jon, heading into the other room, he pushed a button, eliminating the beeping sound, followed by a human voice.Sure enough, it was Greg Lassiter. He could heard Ted, his ensemble partner in the background, saying, "Go ahead Greg. Tell him 10 o'clock."Then Greg seemed to turn from the phone and say, it's almost ten now?" Tom looked at his wrist, asking himself, "Is it almost ten?" However, his barechest and toweled waist reminded him of taking his watch off to shower. He turned around and stared at the clock hanging on the wall in the other room. He squinted to see it, commenting to himself, "I've gotta get these eyes checked!" When his attention went back to the machine, the message was over. He hit replay. This time he listened intently, laughing when Greg disagreed on the time, as if Greg and Ted were lovers, they quibbled over the time, leaving it at ten. If that was the case, Tom had to really hustle to make it to the college in time."Hi!""Hi!" Tom responded to his doorbell, buttoning up the front of his shirt."Oh, you're going out. I was going to..."Tom cut Gino off, "Sorry, but I've got rehearsal at... well I'll be late for the guys.""Guys?""Right. The flute ensemble at LQCC. Is there something you needed, Gino?"Tom grabbed his keys from the back of the door and grabbed his jacket and flute case."Nothing that can't wait. I thought maybe you would like to go to the club with me tonight.""Oh, I don't know about that. I'll have to think about it. Excuse me, but I'm really late. The guys are waiting."Gino did a quick inventory. He had nothing to do today, except laundry and that could wait til tomorrow."Mind if I take a ride?"Seeing he couldn't shake Gino, not that he wanted to, Tom let him Nude Lolita Toplist go along."So, who are these students? Maybe I know them.""Greg Lassiter and Ted Bean, both freshman.""I'm a junior.""I figured so.""You did?" To Gino he sensed Tom thinking about him, which was a plus. He thought Tom was real cute and wouldn't mind starting up something!Before they knew it, Tom was pulling into the circular driveway, up to the security booth. The figure inside waved him right through."Wow!" Gino exclaimed, "I wish'd I had that kind of clout!""No big deal. My first day here was a hassle, til he checked everything out to make sure `me' was `me'!"Gino found it humorous."Anybody coming that way?""Nope," Gino helped out, adding, "it's Saturday!""And that's supposed to mean?""Nothing. Usually it's a free day off.""Or," Tom suggests, "you could be in the dance studio, practicing?""People actually show up on Saturday?""Think of it, Gino. Think of how many guys and girls live in the boring dorms?""Oh right. True. Other than opening a book and studying, what else is there?"After spending a half of a semester, Gino could think up an assortment of activites, but didn't want to mention any!"There's the student lounge," Tom brings up, "to sit and stuff their faces!""True," Gino thought, "or I've heard some of the juniors and seniors get together for some touch football.""Touch, you say?"Both guys smiled.So, out of the car Nude Lolita Toplist and into the performing arts building they headed, Tom in the lead, hurrying along."Sorry I'm late guys!""It's okay Mr. Ladner," Ted said. Greg used Nude Lolita Toplist a more traditional greeting, "We're glad you could make it Professor.""By the way, this is Gino Travaglione. Maybe you've seen him around. He's a dance major."Both shook their heads no, but shook Gino's hand. Ted smiled and Gino notated it in his mind!"Well, maybe I'll go see if the dance studio is open.""And if you could, would you get me a water at the student center, please, Gino?"Tom went to hand him a coupla bucks, but Gino turned him down with the usual, `my treat'.Gino set out for the dance studio, located down the hall, away from the complex of practice rooms. He took a quick peek in throught the little square windows of practice rooms not `boarded up' with a sheet of score paper. One such room, just as he looked through the window, the lights went out. The door opened, a guy coming out, saying, "excuse me. I'm done, if you want to use the room." He switched the light back on."Oh, no thanks. I'm on my way to the dance studio, if it's open."The guy reported, "It's open. I'm headed there myself.""Cool," Gino replied, following the guy.Just before entering, the fellow stopped and turned."Pardon my manners. I'm new here at Lake Quinn. I'm Justin Kharazian.""I'm Gino Travaglione," Gino offered, shaking the student's hand.Opening the left side of the double doors, Gino could see no else around. He knew where the light switch was and flicked it on."If you want to practice Gino, I'll only be a couple of minutes.""Oh. Okay. No hurry.""You see, I was figuring this out on paper, now want to apply it to the dance floor.""Look's like some complicated pattern.""It calls for two dancers. Would you like to try it?""Two male dancers?""Oh, pardon me. No. Male and female dancers. I'm not sure I can catch you on the run, so do your pirouettes and stop.""Okay. Fine."However, when Gino started spinning, he did the right amount of pirouettes across the floor, bumping right into Justin."Ooof! Oh! Sorry!""Not your fault, Gino, I assure you."When Gino careened into Justin, he more or less `caught' him, sort of in a hugging position, to keep each of them from bouncing off the other, onto the floor."Well, I'm glad you caught me. It could've been a nasty fall. Thanks.""You're welcome. Try it again?""Sure. I'll edit my pirouettes.""Thanks, but keep track of how many, if you can, please?""I'll try.">From across the floor, Gino did a great job of keeping his bod spinning. This time he stopped about a foot short of Justin."Oops, sorry.""No problem, Gino. Sometimes it's trial and error.""At least I didn't slam into you this time."Gino was wondering what Justin was thinking, as they both paused."Oh, sorry," Justin shook his head, as if shaking something loose from it, "If you could try it once more?""Sure. No problem."This time, as Gino made his way back to the other side of the floor, he sang the tune stuck in his head from last night, doing some slutty dance moves."Wait!""Change your mind?" Gino called back."No. Um, would you mind if I did the pirouettes? I think it would give me greater perception.""No problem," Gino said, walking over to where Justin stood before. Under his breath he said, "At least I stand a better chance of catching you!"Looking at the stats, Justin looked to be about two inches shorter than Gino's six foot height and ten pounds lighter. Gino waited til Justin did a couple of trial runs, then returned to the far side of the room. As Justin got there, he took the tails of his shirt and pulled it up, over his head, wiping his dark, hairy pits with his tank top. Gino thought of the same, but he had on a buttoned down shirt. But he wasn't as sweaty, either. Now he really thought about catching Justin. Even if it meant `body to shirt', it would be worth the effort."Why don't I try catching you, Justin?""Do you think you can?""Sure. I've done it before. In my sophomore year.""Alright. Cool," Justin replied.Setting himself in motion, Justin began spinning across the floor. His last pirouette, he gave a little jump, landing perfectly on target!"Awesome!" Gino said, holding Justin in his arms.Then Gino got the surprise of his life! They lingered a couple of seconds, Justin staring into Gino's eyes, saying "That turned out perfect!" Justin places his arms around Gino, his lips moving in for a kiss. They stood there, motionless, except for some hearty breathing."I'm sorry if I surprised you.""I'm not!" Gino said and yes he was surprised!%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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