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Preteen Nude Girls

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Related article: Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:31:05 EDT From: allbearedaol.com Subject: 4X4This is gay fiction. If you don't like it, don't read it. 4X4 I'd often thought about him, but I didn't know how to speak to him. After all he was my boss and you can't ask for an appointment with your boss and then when you get in to his office say "Excuse me sir, but can I kiss you" I'm sure that I wouldn't last long in my job if I did. Still he was often in my mind whenever I had a wank. I just wish that he was in bed with me! He's always friendly, to all his staff, but I wanted more than friendly and I knew it wasn't going to happen, not this side of the next millennium anyway. So everyday I go to work and whenever he's in the office I just gaze at him, find myself dreaming and hastily get back to whats on my desk, usually boring accounts, but that's what I'm paid for as an accounts clerk. I'm looking forward to this weekend as I've been invited down to Ashbury in Sussex for the weekend. A bit different to my normal weekends, I hope! Its an old friend of mine and he's getting married, another good one bites the dust. He was never gay, like me, just a very friendly guy. He was the first person I told about myself and he was so supportive at the time that I kissed him. He didn't mind, just said, "Look mate, kissing is fine, but you want another gay not me" and that's how we became even better friends than we were before. We had kept in touch over the years as we both travelled around to different jobs. The occasional phone call, the odd card etc. But I hadn't seen him for about seven years now when suddenly he rung me, out of the blue, and asked me to go along to his wedding. I'm leaving work early on Friday, I've taken some holiday time I'm owed, and driving down from here, Birmingham, to this Ashbury place. I don't know anything about the place at all, but Phil, my mate, has arranged for me to stay at someone's place down there. Bloody hell! Here comes the boss, I'd better look as though I'm doing something I suppose. Of course he has to stop at my desk and ask me if everything is OK. I look up at him and say its fine and that I hope he is OK. When I look up I can see a few grey/brown hairs edging over the top of his collar and I have to drag my gaze away from them to look up into his eyes. Oh my god! I nearly melt when I do. Fortunately I knock some papers off my desk and I hurriedly bend to pick them up, by the time I'm back in my chair the boss has moved on.... -----------------------------------"------------------------------------ So here it is Friday lunchtime and I've finished work, I packed my bags last night so all I have to do is get into the car and drive away. Being this early leaving town means that I miss all the rush hour traffic and I'm soon well on my way down the motorway. Its good to be out of the office and thinking about the relaxing weekend ahead. It's going to be good to see Phil again and chat about old times, I wonder who he's pushed me onto for the weekend. Most of my friends try to fix me up with someone at some time or another. I finally arrive at Ashbury at about three' o'clock and after a couple of trips around the town, I'm always taking the wrong turning, I finish up at Phil's house. We have a cup of coffee and its just as though we have never been away from each other, we start talking about things straight away. Phil tells me about the arrangements for the weekend and it seems that I'm to stay with this couple who live a couple of streets away from the church. A couple even, Phil must be slipping not even trying to fix me up with someone, but then I suppose the ratio of gay's in Ashbury must be rather small. It's the stag night tonight and as there only two pubs in town we won't be going far, apparently they are across the street from one another and just around the corner from where I'm staying. I suppose that I shall have a couple of drinks and make small talk with all the other guys, and Preteen Nude Girls just keep my eyes open for any likely bed partners. Phil takes me round to his friends' house and on the way tells me that they are called Jay and Stevie and that Stevie is something big up north. When we get to the house, very suburban it is with potted plants on the patio and a path leading around to the back at the side of the house, with a two car garage, but only one car in it a little runabout. Phil knocks on the door and this very nice looking, bearded, big guy opens the door. "Hmmm! I think, what a pity he's straight." With a deep voice he welcomes us in and we follow him through to the kitchen. "Stevie will be home later, there is some kind of meeting going on" he says to us "But don't worry I shall be at your stag party from the start" Phil laughs as he says "I've never known you miss a piss-up anyway Jay" I like this Jay, but he is so straight it hurts, he takes me up to my bedroom and shows me around the house saying "Just use it as if it was your own" I thank him and reply that I'm going to have a lie down after my drive as it'll probably be a long night tonight. He agrees and leaves me to start unpacking and have my nap. When I wake up about an hour later I pull a tee-shirt on over my jeans and wander downstairs. Jay is in the kitchen when I walk in and tells me that the kettle has just boiled if I want a coffee and after looking in various cupboards I find everything and make a cup of coffee. I look out at the garden, something I wish that I had at home, but I live in a flat without any access to what passes for a garden to the house. "Go outside if you want" says Jay. So out I go and have a wander around, there is a small shed at the bottom, where they keep the tools I suppose, but the garden is so neat I expect that they have someone in to do it, but its lovely freedom just to walk around without all the noise and bustle of the city. I wander back inside and Jay is bending down looking in the oven, his jeans have slipped down and there is a "Builders crack" showing. It looks as though his arse is covered in hair and I feel an urge to slip my fingers into that crack. Then he stands up, turns to me and asks if I'm ready to eat. I realise that I missed lunch in my haste to get away from the office and that I'm pretty hungry now. Jay gestures towards a chair, I sit down and Jay puts a plate in front of me and then starts laying various cold foods on the table. "Its only cold stuff I'm afraid, but Stevie will grab a snack from it later" He says. We fill our plates and start to eat, our conversation wanders through all the usual phrases and then I ask Jay what he does. He replies that he used to be a driver for some removal firm, but they went bankrupt a couple of years ago and he hasn't worked since, hasn't had to because Stevie earns a good wage anyway. So he is, he waves his fingers in the air, the housewife. I mumble something about no job being safe these days and change the subject. After the meal Jay says he's going to get changed and that we ought to think about getting ready to go out. "What are you wearing?" I ask him. "Oh just jeans and shirt" he replies as he makes his way upstairs. I follow him up, watching his arse move as he goes up the steps. When we reach the top he heads of towards, what I assume is the main bedroom, while I go in and take my tee off so that I can get a shower. I head for the bathroom and go in, the shower is running so I call out "Is it OK if I go in the shower after you?" He sticks his head round the shower door and says "Sure I'll give you a call" his beard is all full of water drops and as he talks some of them drip off. I can also see that his arms and shoulders are covered in hair as well. After seeing the crack of his arse downstairs I wonder to myself if there is anywhere that isn't hairy on him. I lie on the bed expecting him to give me a shout as he passes my door when suddenly the door opens and Jay is stood there totally naked. As my eyes go up and down his body I realise that I'm staring and as I look straight up at his face, I can feel myself blushing like some teenager as I mumble my thanks. God but he's beautiful and he is fully covered in hair, I can't help noticing his back as he turns and walks out of the room and I swear that he has more hair on his back than I have on my whole body and I always thought that I was hairy. After all that's why I never felt at home in the gay bars back home. I'm in a daze as I walk to the shower, my thoughts are of that wonderful man in the other bedroom. I get in the shower and turn it on....Ouch that's cold! I should have looked at the temperature before I got in I suppose, but at least it knocked those thoughts of Jay out of my head. After adjusting the temperature so that its nice and warm I slowly wash myself. With the thoughts of Jay in my head again as I soap around my balls and cock, I start to get an erection. Just as suddenly as the bedroom door, the shower door opens. Jay is stood there, still nude and he asks me if I'm alright. My cock is rigid now and as the shower pours down on me he gets inside. "You look as though you could do with a bit of rubbing in the right places" he says and then puts his hand around my cock, stroking it gently. He pushes the shower door closed behind him "Don't want to get water all over the bathroom do we? Stevie hates it" As he comes under the water I can feel his hard cock pressing against my belly, I reach out and run my hands through all that hair on his chest, feeling his nipples get hard under my fingers I squeeze them between my finger and thumb. He moans softly in my ear and nibbles at my neck, his arms are around me and he pulls me into him. I slide my hands down his wet and dry back until I reach the cheeks of his arse, my dream has come true and I run my fingers into his crack, just touching his hole. He seems to bend onto me so that the crack of his arse opens further, my fingers touch his hole just as his mouth opens up around my nipple. His bearded mouth covers my nipple and he sucks and chews on it, I've always had big nipples, but this guy is going to make them much bigger the way that he is sucking on it. I've worked one of my fingers up into his arsehole now and he changes nipples with his mouth giving the other one as much work as he gave the first one. The water is running down his broad back in rivulets, making his hair look like a shining mat, I reach with my other hand and run it through the matted hair on his back. His mouth is working its way across my stomach heading, very rapidly towards my cock. His licking and sucking has got me really worked up now and I can feel my balls tightening as he gets nearer and nearer to the base of my cock. Then he's down on his knees and his mouth has taken my balls into it, his tongue is running in circles over and around them. He leans back, pulling them tight, and making my Preteen Nude Girls already hard cock spring upwards. As I look down on his head I notice that his hard prick is swinging between his legs and I know that I want that cock inside me somewhere, everywhere. His hard-working mouth leaves my balls and he leans his head sideways and grasps the base of my cock in his mouth, his tongue is still moving as he works up toward the tip of it, but he doesn't take it in, just starts working his way down the other side. The warm water of the shower is raining down on us and I suddenly feel the urge to have a piss. I reach down to move Jay's head out of the way, but as I do he moves as well and plunges his mouth over my cock, I try to say something, but its too late and suddenly I'm pissing into his mouth. Jay squats there sucking my cock and letting the piss pour into his throat, he is gulping it down. I've always been able to have a piss when I'm hard and this time it has its advantages as Jay sucks on my cock. Eventually I finish and Jay gets up from his squat, as he rises his hands go out and he squeezes my nipples. I lean forward and kiss those wonderful lips that are in front of me, I can taste my piss still on them, his rigid prick is pressing against my balls and as I open my legs it pushes them up against my body and slips in between my open legs. I close my thighs and I can feel that hard cock sliding backwards and forwards, rubbing against my balls on every stroke. As nice as this is, I want him inside me. So I grasp his cock with my hand as it slides out and then it is my turn to go down on my knees. I hold his balls in Preteen Nude Girls my hand and gently squeeze them as I press my lips onto the head of his lovely knob, pushing my tongue between my lips I work it inside his foreskin and then I press the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. Its as though its what he was waiting for, because I feel the surge through my lips as his piss slit opens to release a stream of his water into my mouth, hurriedly I gulp away at it, after all its only right to take what is given so freely. As he finishes pissing, I suck deeply on his cock to stop it going down too much, and it doesn't take long before he is as hard as before. Still holding his balls I pull him deeper into my waiting mouth, I can feel the end of his cock entering my throat, the foreskin pulling back and that tender piece of meat sliding deep into me. I reach up with my other hand and start to play with his nipple, now tweaking it, now pinching it hard between my finger and thumb. This has the effect of making him thrust even harder into my throat. Oh my god! I want this man to shoot his load there and then, but I also want him in my arse. Jay slowly pulls himself out of my mouth, I hold my lips firm around his prick as he does, so that I can roll his foreskin back over his cockhead. As he slips from between my lips, I realise that the water has stopped running as I look up at the showerhead Jay says "Lets get a little bit more comfortable! I nod my head in agreement as he steps out of the shower. I follow him and he throws me a towel to dry myself of, I reach across and start to rub my towel over his hairy chest, down over his cock and balls and round to his back. "This man was born a fucking gorilla" I think to myself as I see the amount of hair on him. I look closely, but I can't see a patch without hair anywhere. He grabs my hand and I'm virtually dragged along the passage into the bedroom, I'm still damp as is he, but it doesn't worry him as he pushes me onto the bed. It doesn't worry me either as I can see damp spots on him as well. Our pricks are rigid, my balls are pulling tight against my crotch. His cock must be at least a good eight inches long and one of the thickest that I've ever seen, its dripping with pre-cum now and looks good enough to eat, but its not eating that he has in mind as he spreads my legs as he lifts them over his shoulders. I can feel the hair on his shoulders on the backs of my thighs as he edges forward. Suddenly I feel the tip of his cock pressing against my hole, now I'm no virgin, but the thought of that monster going into me made me quiver, but that could have been pleasure! Slowly he presses his prick against my arsehole and I can feel his pre-cum moistening my hole for him to enter. I try to relax as the tip of his cock enters my hole, he pauses long enough for my hole to adjust to him and then he surges into me. Oh! That is so wonderful as I feel his cock filling my arse, as he starts to fuck me his cock is hitting all the right spots inside. His hands go to my nipples and he squeezes and pinches them, making me rise against him, my cock slips up his stomach and my balls are pressed between us. He has a steady rhythm that is pounding into my whole body, his cock hammering at me and his balls beating in time to that rhythm. Suddenly his cock is swelling inside me and I know that the moment has come. He squeezes my nipples as his cock thrusts deep within me and I feel the spurt of his hot cum filling my arse. Still he drives his cock in and out of my arse and with each thrust more cum shoots into me. The feel of his fucking and the warmth of his cum is enough for me and I can feel the stirring deep inside me that means that I'm going to cum as well. Just as the cum starts to climb up inside my cock, he takes his cock out of me arsehole and leaning down takes mine between his lips. Sliding his mouth down over the stem his lips squeezing all the way down until he reaches the base, I can't hold back now and I thrust up into his mouth and feel my cock slip into his throat as I empty my cum into him. He gulps and sucks with his tongue wrapping itself around my shooting cock. Not only does this guy fuck like a horse he sucks like a vacuum cleaner and he keeps sucking me long after I've finished shooting my cum. Gradually he slides his mouth off of my cock and lies down beside me, with one arm over my chest he says "I guess we'd better get ready to go out now!" I murmur agreement and lean over and kiss those lips which have just taken my cock between them, as I do I can taste my cum lingering on them. When he puts his tongue into my mouth the taste of my cum is even stronger. I like the taste. He slaps my arse and tells me again that we'd better go, so I roll of the bed and head for my room, all sorts of thoughts going through my mind as I get dressed, "What is his wife going to say if she finds out? How am I going to stay here this night? Will we get another chance? Oh boy! I hope so!" I'm just about ready when Jay shouts out "Come on! Hurry up, its not far, but we don't want to be late" It's a good job that I have one of those fashionable buzz cuts so that there is no combing of hair to do. I slip on a pair of shoes and go downstairs where he is waiting. Preteen Nude Girls He is dressed in jeans and tee shirt as well, with his beard and hair all brushed and tidy. Just before we go out the door he kisses me on the lips, grabbing my cock through my trousers, then he says "That's towards later, we are going to have fun tonight!!" Before I can react, except to start getting hard again, he's off through the door. Hurriedly I follow him outside and down the front drive, eventually we reach the pub and enter, with me wondering how the hell he is going to do anything later. Once we are inside, Phil is already there, with some others who, when we join, get introduced. I'm never going to remember all their names as they probably won't remember mine, but the good old stand-by of "Mate" will get me by. I order a pint and stand a little bit out of the circle as they all go back to chatting about the latest car they've bought and let my gaze Preteen Nude Girls wander around the bar. A darkish place, these village pubs always are, with about four other customers sat around. Of Phil's group most of them are about our age, but there is one older guy who I vaguely remember, but from where or when I can't think. He must be about twenty years older than me and has grey Preteen Nude Girls hair, cut very short, and a grey/brown beard. His blue eyes are rather piercing and striking, if only I could remember where I knew him from! I make my way around the group until I'm next to him and after a while he turns and asks me how things are going? I tell him fine, but then I say "I know it sounds stupid, but don't I know you from somewhere?" "You should do" He replies "I'm Phil's dad" I apologise and say of course I remember him now, but it was a long time ago. A very long time, memories come back of his wife being a mousey blonde and that there weren't any other children. "How's your wife?" I ask. "He glances at Phil, but Phil is buying a round at the bar, "She and I divorced about ten years ago, we Preteen Nude Girls discovered our incompatibility, I suppose" he murmurs. "Well I'm sorry about that, I hope it was all amicable? Would you like another drink?" He says that he'll have a beer so I go up to the bar, I look around to offer Phil one as well, but he is busy so I just tell the barman to put one in for him and head back to Phil's dad. As I hand over the beer I ask "So what do you think about Phil's marriage then?" "Oh, its no problem, she's a nice girl and I'm sure that they will be happy. Phil is a very secure guy" "I know that" I reply "He has been a bloody good friend to me, he helped me a lot at one time." The conversation wanders a bit between various subjects for a while and he tells me that his name is Valentine, but most people call him Al as in Jolson. I look a bit bemused at this so he says "I don't suppose that you remember Al Jolson a singer?" I shake my head and he carries on "Well I guess I'm getting old then!" "You're not that old!" I retort "My guess Preteen Nude Girls is that you are about 55 or 56" "Thanks very much, I'm actually 62" he says smiling. "Umm! He looks good for 62" I think, "I hope I look that good at that age" "I'm just going for a pee, will you look after my beer for me please" I ask him. "Of course" he says "But I want one as well. I think it will be OK if we leave our beer on the bar for a while" So off we go to the toilet. I can't help glancing down at Al's hands as we stand at the urinal and he's not hiding anything, his cock is hanging there pissing and its thick with a long foreskin. I realise that I'm staring and start to look away when his hand reaches out and grabs hold of my hardening cock. Looking up at him I can see he is smiling as he leans forward and kisses me, I'm a bit taken aback, but with those lips on mine I respond passionately. "We had better get back to the bar" he says. I murmur my consent and as we go back I think "This weekend is turning into something else" Back in the bar, Phil has started to sing, which isn't a good idea as his singing voice is not one of his best attributes. "Are we going to the other Pub?" I ask Jay "No chance mate. That's where the women are, unless that's your interest?" he says with a knowing smile. Jay turns back to the group so with no one else to chat with I go back to Al. He has sat himself down at a table so I ask if I can join him and get an affirmative. "What do you say to someone who has just groped and kissed you?" I wonder. "I was just thinking what to say to you, now that I've had your prick in my hand" he says, almost mirroring my thoughts, "So I wondered if you would like to go to bed?" I almost choke on the mouthful of beer I'd just taken. "Like? Like? I'd love to, but where?" I splutter at him. "It just so happens that I'm staying here, my wife is staying at Phil's. So all we have to do is go upstairs" and with that he describes how to get to his room and tells me to wait five minutes and then follow him, and with that he finishes his beer and heads out through the door. I get up and wander around the bar, pretending to look at various things, while glancing at my watch occasionally. The music on the jukebox interests me for a couple of minutes, a couple of pictures are quite good prints and so on. All the while I'm getting nearer to the door I'm going to go out through. I finish my beer and casually put my glass down on the nearest table, while glancing around to see if anyone is watching me, nobody is obviously looking in my direction so I slip through the door. By the time I reach Al's door my cock is already hard, I give a tap on the door and it opens immediately. When I walk in Al is stood behind the door totally naked, his cock is proudly rigid in front of him. He locks the door and waves me toward the bed, I strip my clothes off as I cross the room and as I drop my jeans I feel his hands on my arse. I bend over the bed, expecting him to fuck me straight away, but he kneels down behind me and parting my cheeks puts his mouth over my arsehole and sliding his tongue out over my hole he starts to lick it. Gradually I feel his tongue probe deeper and deeper into my hole, my cock goes rigid against the bed covers as his tongue fucks my arsehole. Eventually his mouth leaves my arsehole and slowly works its way up the crack of my arse along my spine until he is virtually lying on top of me. His bearded mouth is kissing my shoulders and nibbling at me, I push my arse up against his cock and it slides into the crack of my arse. Then he flips me over and I roll over onto my back staring up into those light blue eyes. "I'm not going to fuck you.... yet" He murmurs and then he gets up onto the bed sitting astride my chest with his massive cock dripping pre-cum onto my lips, my tongue licks my lips and the salty taste of his pre-cum is wonderful. He slides forward so that the end of his cock slips inside my open mouth, I slide my tongue inside his foreskin and realise how deep it is as my tongue reaches for his cockhead. I push the tip of my tongue inside his piss slit and my mouth goes around the outside of his cock, pushing his foreskin back over his cockhead. He thrusts forward with his body and I feel his cock sliding into my throat, "Oh my god! I'm going to choke on this" is the first thought that goes through my mind, but then I relax as he slides his cock in and out of my throat and I realise that he knows what he's doing and is giving me time to adjust to the movement. I feel his hands mauling my nipples, which are already tight from my time with Jay. Al is different and his pinching is much harder and rougher as he pulls on them. I'm sure that he is about to cum as his cock swells in my mouth and I get ready to take another load in me when he suddenly withdraws his cock. I gasp, I wanted him to shoot his load Preteen Nude Girls and I was ready for it. Slowly he works his body from off my chest and down my body, I can feel his cock dripping pre-cum onto my chest. Then his arse is working over my own dripping cock and I realise that he is going to sit on me. His arse seems to engulf my cock easily and he breathes out a moan of pleasure as it goes all the way inside. He keeps his hands on my nipples and squeezes hard as my cock pushes deep inside him, which only makes me push harder up into him. The movement is different now as he fucks Preteen Nude Girls himself on my cock, each time he comes down on me I feel his heavy balls slap against my stomach, my own balls are trying to follow my cock up inside his fantastic arsehole. This guy certainly knows what he is doing as his sphincter muscle tightens over my cock and massages it like a hand working it up and down. His cock slaps my stomach and he starts moving faster and faster... BANG! BANG! Someone is trying the door handle, a voice says "Dad? Are you in there? Are you OK?" Al places his finger on my lips and replies "I'm OK I'll be down in a minute, I felt a bit tired after the trip and wanted a quick nap" Phil says "OK Dad, I was just checking, you haven't seen Leo anywhere have you" Al points at me and I nod "No not at all, he said something that he was going for a walk round the village earlier" Phil must have been satisfied with this as he mumbles "OK" and we hear him walking away. By this time both of us have gone of the boil a bit so Al gets off me and says "I suppose that we'd better show are faces downstairs" and then he explains how I can go down the back stairs and come back round to the front. We both get dressed and with a quick kiss and a promise about meeting later, we go our separate ways. I wander out of the back of the pub and through the car park and then turn towards the front of the pub. I pause before going in, to check that I'm reasonably tidy, and enter through the door. The group have moved over into a corner and there are a couple of others with them. I go to the bar and get myself another drink and notice that Al is sat down with the group, chatting away with Jay so I head to the other side of the group as though I've got no interest in them at all, when really my cock surges inside my pants seeing those two gorgeous guys sat together. I take a seat and start to look at the newcomers.....I nearly swallow my glass when I see who one of them is. "Its my boss! Holy Fuck, whats he doing here" I'm stuck I can't get up and walk away, he sees me and gives a wave, I'm beginning to panic now. I raise my hand in a half salute and try to focus my attention on my beer and whoever it is sat next to me. I feel a tap on my shoulder and when I turn round its Jay "I want you to meet Stevie" he says and with that he turns and there is my boss. "This is getting stupid" I think. I climb up out of my chair, slowly wondering what the hell to say, I put my hand out and realise that I'm still holding my beer, fumble it across to my other hand and eventually shake 'Stevie's' hand. His grip is firm and his hand seems to totally engulf mine, I notice all the fine blond hairs on the back of his hand and then notice that he's talking to me, I only catch the end "......and Jay said so" I must have looked a real idiot stood there gaping at him, I know I felt like one. "I said that Jay thinks you are a very interesting person, I told him that you work in the office" I start to say something, but change my mind and say "That's nice" instead. "What the hell am I going to do! I didn't know that Stevie was the boss!" That and other panicky thoughts are running through my head, while I try to act as though nothing is wrong. "Umm d-d-did you have a g-g-good meeting?" I stutter, While thinking "I must look like a bloody idiot" "Yes thanks, it was quite productive and means that we will have enough business for a few years yet" Stevie replies. I mutter an excuse and head toward the bar only to be met halfway there by Al, "Can you get away later?" he asks me quietly. "I'm not sure" I say "It's a bit difficult at the moment" Difficult! Its getting bloody impossible. This stag party is turning into a rutting party for me. I take my time about getting my drink trying desperately to think of a way out of this situation. I can't just jump in the car and Preteen Nude Girls drive away as I've had far too much to drink. I can't get off with Al as Jay is expecting me to go back with him. And what the hell do I do about the boss? What a bloody mess! I turn from the bar and while taking a sip from my glass try to decide which way to go and discover that Al has joined Jay and Stevie. What the fuck is going to happen now. As I gaze around the bar Jay waves at me to join them, I give a half wave back and slowly work my way over to this group of gay men. When I reach them Jay grabs my arm and turning me slightly, whispers in my ear "Is this guy, Al, up for it as well?" I nod at him and say "He's great!" as Jay looks at me his face gets a 'So that's where he was' sort of look on it. The conversation among the group becomes a bit more raucous as the drinks start to flow and, of course, louder. I feel a hand brush against my arse and when I turn there is Stevie, he smiles and nods. I feel another hand and this time its Al, at this rate my jeans will be worn away to nothing with all the rubbing that's going on. I can feel my cock getting harder with all the attention that my arse is getting and I know that it must be Preteen Nude Girls showing in the front of my jeans. As the bar has got quite full now, the group is getting into quite a huddle and I find myself in-between these three men, we are almost a group on our own, except that all the others are around us. There is a constant brushing of hands across buttocks and cocks between us three and if it goes on much longer we will be having a four-way here in the bar. Phil is more than a little drunk by now, so a couple of the guys decide to take him home and as its nearly closing time the party begins to disperse. Jay says "Well its time to go home I suppose. Are you coming John? And what about you Al are you coming to our place for a coffee?" I guess that the drink, and the fumblings, have made me a little bit bolder by now so I don't think twice about the offer that Jay has made. We all finish our drinks and head off toward the house and who knows what? When we get inside the house Stevie asks "How do you all like your coffee?" I can't answer as Jay has his mouth over mine and although his arms are around me I can feel another pair of hands undoing my jeans. When Jay and I come up for air, I can see that Al has my jeans undone and that Stevie has his hands over Al's backside. Without any further talking we all drop our clothes off and start touching each other as we do. I take my first real look at Stevie with his shirt off and I realise that he must work out as his body is firm in all the right places. He has nearly as much hair on his body as Jay does and as he drops his trousers I see his prick. Its about nine inches long with big balls hanging underneath, Al is also nude now and, like the rest Preteen Nude Girls of us, is hard and ready for anything. We have made our way to the front room by now and Al is sitting on the couch as Stevie starts sucking his cock. Jay is bent over, pulled my balls up and has them in his mouth. I run my hands over his hairy back, not quite able to touch his arse, but feeling all that hair beneath my hands is getting me really worked up. I see Al get up from the couch and he comes up behind Jay and bending over, pushes his tongue out and starts to lick in-between Jay's buttocks. Stevie comes round and starts to kiss me, my dream has come true - my boss is kissing me. I reach down and put my hand over his cock, rubbing it gently, his tongue is pushing deep in my mouth as his hands run over my back. Al stands up and I see him spit on his cock and then push it against Jay's arse. Jay has moved his mouth from my balls to my cock and I can feel his tongue running into and across my piss slit. Stevie has slipped a finger into my arsehole and is working it in and out as we kiss each other. I feel Jay being pushed further down on my cock as Al starts to fuck him, Stevie has moved his mouth down to my nipples and is sucking and nibbling at them. I'm going to cum if this carries on much longer, but then I feel Stevie take his finger out of my arse and move behind me. Stevie's cock presses in-between my arse cheeks and then against my arsehole. I bend over Jays back and feel Stevies cock start to slide into me. As I lean forward I put my arms out and pull Al forward, he slides deeper into Jay pushing him hard onto my cock, Al bends over Jays back and our open mouths meet. Stevie's cock goes deeper and I can feel him tight against my back, I open my legs a bit to give him a bit more room. Then Al starts to fuck Jay faster and I'm sure that he's going to shoot his load any minute. I grip Al's nipples and pull on them as my tongue goes deeper into his mouth. I feel Stevie working harder and faster into my arse, he has his hands on my nipples and as he pushes hard into me my cock fucks Jays mouth deeper. Al gives a groan of pleasure as he surges forward and I know that he is shooting his load into Jays arse. Stevie pushes deep into me and as he does I feel his cock swelling, my own cock is ready to give Jay my cum and then Stevie pushes deep into me and I feel his hot cum spurting in my arse. Its enough and I start to shoot my load, Jay swallows it all. As we all separate from each others bodies, I can see that Jay is wanking and as I watch Al goes down on him and works his mouth over Jays cock. Stevie gets behind Jay and works his fingers into Jays wet arse, working them in and out. I get up and go and kiss Jay, playing with his nipples as I do. Jay moans with pleasure and I realise that he isn't far off cumming as well and as that thought comes into my mind he shivers and I hear Al start to gulp Jays cum down. "I'll make that coffee now, shall I?" Said Stevie. As he goes out he leans across kisses me on the cheek and says "Don't worry John, we are going to get much, much closer as you will be coming here a lot in the future, won't you?" I lean back, with a self satisfied feeling and looking at him and Jay say "Oh yes!"
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