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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.49 The Master Chris Collection SATURDAY'S "ADVENTURE" ___________________________ Victoria was as sexually aroused as she ever had been in her life and her lover had yet to touch her. The "adventure" had started earlier that week when Vicky and her boyfriend had chatted. "Let's do something really exciting this weekend.", she said. "Oh?", said Michael, "What kind of exciting are you thinking about?" The one in Michael's voice made it clear that Michael's idea of excitement would involve something deliciously naughty. Each time she and Michael had made love, the experience had been different. The had met in all places in a bar. She had been attracted to him from the first moment she saw him but it was Michael who spoke to her first. For some reason, being with him left her tongue-tied and shy just like a little girl. Their first date had been dinner at the city's most expensive French restaurant. Michael had been a perfect gentleman, only kissing her on the cheek at the end of the evening. By the third date they were sleeping together. Michael was, by far, the most imaginative lover Vicky had ever had. Each time he stretched Vicky's sexual imagination to the limit yet Vicky always felt safe with him. 'He's so.... sure of himself.' she thought. "Well...", said Vicky, trying to bring herself back to the present, "your imagination has server us pretty well so far, I'm sure you'll think of something." "But what if I think of something kinky?" chuckled Michael. Vicky blushed despite herself. "That would be Ok." she said in a quiet voice. She could just imagine Michael smiling. "Does that mean you'll do whatever I think of?" "Yes." said the pretty girl. "Ok, you're on." said Michael, "We'll get together Saturday night. From Saturday morning until Sunday morning you'll follow all of my instructions. Are you sure you're up to it?" Vicky swallowed hard. She had always had fantasized about submitting herself totally to a man but now that the opportunity was here, it mad her nervous. "Uh... Ok.", she said finally her heart beating a mile-a-minute. On Saturday morning, Michael's call woke Vicky up. "Good morning sweetheart." he said "Are you still ready to follow my instructions?" "Mmmmmm" said Vicky Preteen Naturist "I'll do whatever you say Master." Michael smiled to himself. The adventure had started. "A messenger will drop off a package to you this morning. It will have your instructions in it. I'll see you later. Bye!" Vicky was left with a dial-tone in her ear. The messenger arrived a half-hour later. Vicky threw on a robe and signed for the package which turned out to be a large envelope. Vicky opened the envelope and poured out the contents on her bed. Inside were a note, a key, a black silk scarf and a pair of shiny silver handcuffs. Vicky's heart skipped a beat at the sight of them. She had often imagined being tied up and helpless while a lover ravished her but this was the first time she had found a lover who had the nerve to actually do it. Vicky's hands were trembling with excitement as she picked up the note. "Hi Baby! Well the adventure has begun! I guess you're wondering what I'm going to do with these "toys". Read on and you'll find out. Here are your instructions: 1. At 4 o'clock go to the Hilton Hotel. The enclosed key is for room 213. Go directly to the room and bring the scarf and handcuffs with you. You'll find the room empty. 2. Strip completely. Remove EVERYTHING including your jewelry, watch, clothes, shoes, underwear etc. Fold your clothing neatly. 3. Put on the blindfold and fasten it securely so that you can't see at all. 4. Fasten your hands behind your back using the handcuffs. 5. You'll be waiting for awhile so sit down and make yourself comfortable. In 15 to 45 minutes of arriving you'll hear a knock at the door. Go to the door and open it. Then the adventure will really begin. Vicky was flushed and perspiring by the time she finished the note. "Whew!" This time, Michael's imagination had outdone itself. Just thought of what was going to come had Vicky dripping wet with excitement. The rest of the day passed in something of a blur. By the time Vicky had showered, eaten, done her hair and makeup and decided (after much pondering) what to wear, it was already 3 o'clock. Vicky had chosen to wear a light cotton sundress in a canary yellow that matched her blond hair. The thin cotton hugged her 35,24,36 body like a second skin. Vicky picked a pair of lacy panties and a garter belt and stockings that always made her feel sexy. The dress was backless so wearing a bra was out of the question. Vicky looked in the mirror and appraised herself. "Hmm, not bad." she murmured. Her dark nipples could just be discerned behind the thin fabric. Vicky reached up and touched her nipples and watched as the long fat nipples hardened and pushed at the light dress. In a moment of impulse, she reached down and tugged her panties down her legs and off. "There." she smiled "Perfect." By now it Preteen Naturist was 3:30, just enough time to get to the hotel. Traffic was thankfully light and Vicky pulled into the hotel parking lot at 3:55. With her "toys" in her purse, she hurried up to room 213. The key had been given fit the door perfectly and Vicky found herself in a spacious hotel room suite. With a glance at her watch, she realized she'd have to hurry. She peeled off the clothes she had taken so long to choose folded them neatly. Her watch and earrings followed them. The blindfold was next. Vicky took a deep breath as she fastened it behind her head. Now the handcuffs. It was awkward trying to fasten the cuffs behind her back but finally they were attached leaving Vicky naked, blindfolded and helpless. Gingerly, Vicky walked over to where the bed was and sat down on the corner. Her senses, it seemed, had instantaneously heightened. Every sound in the room seemed louder somehow. Immediately Vicky realized that waiting for 30 minutes or so without being able to look at a watch would be difficult. How much time had passed already? One minute? Five? Ten? What would happen when Michael knocked on the door? 'My God!', thought Vicky. What if it wasn't Michael? In fact, what if a maid walks in? Vicky imagined for a moment what she must look like. A 26 year-old attractive blond, well tanned except for the small triangular patches at her breasts and pussy with a black blindfold on and handcuffs fastening her hands behind her back. Permutations of scenario after scenario rushed through Vicky's mind one after another. One way or the other, she realized, she was helpless to do anything about it. With her heart beating madly and her pussy now wet with anticipation, Vicky waited. The more she waited, the more excited she got. When the knock at the door finally came Vicky jumped. She had become almost used to the silence of waiting alone with her own thoughts. Nervously, Vicky got to her feet. In Preteen Naturist tiny steps, so as not to bump into a wall, Vicky moved to the door. She finally arrived as the knuckles knocked again. Taking a deep breath, Vicky turned around and felt for the door knob and turned it. The door opened slowly and Vicky took a step back. She felt more naked than she ever had in her life. 'Was it Michael?' she wondered. Whoever it was moved into the room slowly. It seemed to take an interminable long time to close the door during all of which, Vicky realized, she was totally exposed to whoever was in the hallway. Finally the door closed. Vicky felt a hand grasp her arm and move her back into the middle of the room. She was left standing as the person moved around her inspecting her. Vicky felt fingers touch her already hard left nipple and pull gently. 'Are those Michael's fingers?' Vicky blushed as the hand moved lower, feeling the wetness between her legs. Now a hand grasped her by the nape of her neck and had her bend over from the waist. When she was in the humiliating position, the hand trailed down her back to her buttocks. Vicky felt two thumbs pry apart her buttocks and hold them wide open to expose her crinkled rear opening. She had never felt so vulnerable. The hands left her and then pulled her to a standing position again. She was led over to the bed and guided onto it so that she was kneeling on the bed with her feet dangling over the edge. The strong hand was at her neck again pushing her forward until her forehead touched the bed. Her shoulders too were pushed down to dip her back more fully. She felt the hands now at her legs, moving them apart. Vicky was left in this exposed position for a couple of minutes. Each minute added to the excitement of anticipation that had been building since she had read her instructions so many hours before. Vicky heard the person moving around the room behind her and she strained to figure out what exactly he was doing. Vicky was pretty sure that it was Michael who was in the room with her but every once in a while, she thought maybe not. She listened carefully and was pretty sure that he was the only person in the room but the excitement of not knowing was making her hotter and hotter. The hands touched her buttocks again and a moment later, Vicky felt a cold sensation touch right at the center of her anus. The finger covered in cool lubricant made its way slowly into the virgin entrance. Vicky was breathing hard now. She had played with her ass before but she had never let anyone take her there and she was nervous that it was about to happen. The long finger moved gently in and out of her tight rear. Each time the finger buried itself in her rectum, she felt her toes curl up involuntarily. After a few minutes of this leisurely lubrication, the finger was withdrawn only to be replaced a moment or two later by another cool touch. The butt plug that was firmly pushed into Vicky had one large bump in the middle. Vicky squealed as it passed her sphincter to lodge the plastic intruder deep in her bottom. Vicky was left again for a few minutes to get used to the foreign object now seated firmly in her. When she was touched again it was to be brought to her feet. Vicky felt the handcuffs being removed but then her hands were immediately re-attached in front of her. Now she was placed on the bed on her back. Her hands were pulled to the head of the bed and fastened there. Vicky felt straps being fastened around her thighs and then her knees were pulled wide apart to the sides of the bed. Her feet were similarly fastened wide apart leaving her completely exposed. Vicky could feel a drip of her own juices trickle down between her buttocks to where the strange device still impaled her. The incessant hands were now at her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Despite herself, Vicky let out a moan as a hot tongue licked each nipple until it was aching tight. The pinching feeling of the clips that attached to her nipples was a surprise and for a moment, they stung. That feeling soon passed however to be replaced by a constant stimulation of the sensitive nubbins. The fingers now trailed lower Preteen Naturist and lower towards Vicky's soaking pussy. She was squirming and moaning constantly now. If only he would stick it in, I could come right now, she thought. She felt the person get up and move across the room. When he came back, the sensation at her pussy was very strange. It felt like he had spilled something on her. It was not until the razor started removing her pubic hair that she realized that the feeling had been shaving cream. Vicky was helpless to prevent the depilitation of her pubis. The razor didn't stop until she was as smooth as when she had been a little girl. A wet warm cloth wiped the last of the cream from her smooth skin. Vicky gasped at the heat. With the nipple clips still pinching her and the strange butt plug in her rectum Vicky was being stimulated in ways she had never experienced before. Vicky felt the man's thumbs at her pussy pulling her lips wide apart to expose the pink flesh inside. She felt his hot breath a moment before the tip of his tongue touched her inner pussy lips. "Ohhhhh!!!" cried Vicky as the hot, wet tongue licked its way slowly up toward her hard clitoris. He blew gently on her wet clit and Vicky shivered at the sensation then, all of a sudden, her whole clitoris was sucked into his hot mouth as his tongue started to bring her over the edge. Vicky cried out again and again as she tugged desperately at her bonds. The tongue licked her again and again and then Vicky felt the fingers tugging and twisting the plug in her rear. She cried out again. She was sure she was going to go out of her mind and then she started to come. The orgasm washed over her and just when she was sure it was done, it crested again. She felt her ass clench down hard on the plastic plug lodged deep in her and that set her off again. Her whole body was thrashing on the bed under lover. When finally it was over, Vicky was exhausted. She had never, ever, in her life, been so sexually sated. She felt the blindfold being pulled off and there, as expected, was Michael. He smiled down at her still bound tightly to the bed with the ropes and straps. "Well my little slave. How do you like being submissive?" Vicky heard herself as if from a distance as she drifted off to sleep, "I'm yours Master." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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