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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.46 The Master Chris Colleciton KAREN VISITS MASTER CHRIS ___________________________ Karen felt a familiar tingling of excitement as her taxi pulled up to the hotel entrance. Whenever she got the chance to meet her Master it was a thrill. She wished for the thousandth time that her Master lived in the same city as she did and sighed audibly. Still, she thought, it's wonderful to see him when I do. The would be their fifth meeting and Karen wondered what would happen this time. Sex had never been like it was with her master. Under his expert training, Karen had been brought to levels she never would have imagined before. Master Chris had taught her the delights of being blindfolded. He had excited her beyond anything she had ever experienced when he bound her. Each demand he made seemed to bring a blush to her face as he asked more and more of her. She had discovered, to her surprise, that anal sex was an incredible turn-on as was having to 'display' herself to him. She had expected that a spanking would be a complete turn off. She was wrong. Bending over her Master's knee with her bare bottom presented for punishment had her soaking wet in seconds. Now, just the sight of a blindfold or handcuffs turned her on. It had been 3 months since the last session. It had started out very much like this, with Karen meeting Master Chris at his hotel. Here she was again. As instructed, Karen was wearing a light cotton skirt and blouse. Underneath there was, of course, no undergarments. As Karen got out of the taxi, she was careful to hold her skirt down in the windy weather. Karen walked into the hotel and up to the front desk. "Do you have a message for me?", she asked, "My name is Karen Sommer." "Oh yes.", replied the clerk, "This envelope is for you." Karen opened the envelope and read the note inside. 'Come to room 421' it said, 'Be prepared to obey any instructions given to you.' Karen felt her pulse quicken as she read the note. A few short moments later Karen was in the elevator heading for the 4th floor. As she rode up Karen could feel her pussy getting warmer and warmer. Her nipples were hard and thick and poked through the thin fabric of her blouse. Karen hesitated at the door of room 421. Once she actually knocked, she knew there would be no turning back. It was a piquant moment. One of fear Preteen Nudity and excitement at the same time. Karen took a deep breath and knocked on the door. For a long moment nothing happened and Karen was left listening to the pounding of her heart. Suddenly the door opened and Karen found herself looking into the face of a complete stranger! "He's handsome.", Karen said to herself. The man was in his mid-thirties with short dark hair and crystal clear blue eyes. "Yes?", he said. "Oh, I'm s-s-s- sorrry.",stammered Karen, "I m-m-m-must have the wrong room." The man's smile seemed to pierce right through her, "No Miss Sommer, you do not. Come in" Karen's eyes slowly widened as she began to grasp what was about to happen. As if in a daze she felt herself walking into the spacious hotel suite. "Stand here." said the man and pointed to the middle of the room. Karen stood where directed and looked around the room, hoping. But her Master was not to be found. The man, meanwhile, was now sitting in one of the room's easy chairs and seemed to be enjoying her discomfort. "Turn around Karen and face away from me." he said firmly. His voice seemed to command her and Karen found herself turning before she could even think to disobey. Facing away from the strange man was even more disconcerting. Karen felt her palms becoming sweaty. She was acutely aware of her nakedness beneath her thin cotton skirt. She was sure it would not be long before her lack of panties was discovered. Karen was left standing that way for several minutes. She heard the man get up and walk around the room. Although she could see him (She didn't dare turn around.), her hearing became more sensitive as she listened to the opening and closing of luggage zippers and bureau drawers. Karen gasped softly as he pulled a blindfold down over her eyes. Despite the fact that she was fully clothed, Karen felt more vulnerable and exposed than she ever had before. It was another couple of minutes before she felt the touch of the strange man again. Despite herself, Karen was getting more and more excited by this strange turn of events. Karen heard the man move in front of her. His hands were gentle as he reached for the top button on her blouse. Karen could help trembling as her blouse slowly came open. As he pulled the blouse from her skirt and pulled the sides apart, Karen could feel a draft of air drift across her now naked breasts. Her dark brown nipples crinkled at the sensation. Karen's breasts were well shaped but not large. Her nipples, on the other hand, were unusually thick and long. Although there was literally nothing that she could do to control them, Karen blushed as her nipples stiffened. Karen half-expected the man to touch her now exposed breasts. Instead, he reached for the clasp of her skirt. Oh God, thought Karen, now he's going to see EVERYTHING. Karen had not thought about it up until now but, unlike most women, her pubis was shaved completely smooth in accordance with her Master's wishes. The clasp and zipper presented little difficulty and much to Karen's embarrassment, she felt the garment fall to a puddle at her ankles. The man moved slowly around the naked girl examining her body. She was very pretty. He left her there for a few moments, letting her savor the sensation of being naked, blindfolded, in front of a strange man. She didn't even know his name. "Hands behind your head Karen.", he said suddenly. Karen quickly did as he asked. "Elbows back." Karen pushed her elbows further back thus lifting her breasts further out for presentation. "Feet apart.", he said. Wordlessly Karen spread her legs. She had never felt so helpless. Now she heard the man moving around her again, examining her. God she was wet! The knock on the door startled her. Karen gasped. What should she do?, she thought as her heart began to race in a panic. To her horror, she heard the man go over to the door and open it. "Come in.", he said. Karen felt her face flush a beet red as someone else walked into the room. The door closed and someone sat in the chair in front of her. "Yes, put them on her." said the man and Karen knew that it was him sitting and watching her. Karen felt cool delicate hands attaching straps to the tops of her thighs. They were cinched tight. Similar straps went around her wrists, still held obediently behind her head. The wrist straps were now attached together with a clasp and Karen felt a cool thin chain hanging down her back and between her buttocks dangling from the clasp at her wrists. The bottom of this chain split in two and was attached to the straps on her thighs. Her hands were now securely held behind her head leaving her helpless to pull her hands forward. Until she was released, even if she wanted to, she would be unable to cover her breasts or pussy. "Very nice.", said the man. "Now take the pictures." Pictures!? thought Karen, Oh No! Karen heard the click of the camera several times as she was photographed from several different directions. "She's very pretty like this isn't she?", said a woman's voice, confirming Karen's suspicions about the other person in the room. "I love these nipples. Look how long they are.", she said as Karen felt her right nipple grasped between the thumb and forefinger of the woman. Karen gasped as the over-sensitive nipple was pulled forward. "I think her Master made a good choice in keeping her shaved also.", said the strange woman as she trailed her fingers down Karen's belly to stroke the prominent mound. "Perhaps we can talk Chris into lending her to us for a weekend." The man laughed, "Perhaps, but he'd probably be more inclined to come along and have the three of us train her at the same time as a couple of others." Karen stood quietly as the two strangers discussed her. The conversation was, at once, terrifying and exciting. "She's got a perfect ass too." said the woman. "I'd love to heat it up for her." Karen felt the woman's hands stroking her buttocks and wondered if a spanking was next. The man chuckled, "Maybe next time. We'd better get her ready." Karen felt the woman grab her left nipple firmly. "Come with me Karen.", she said as she led the blindfolded woman into the next room. "Good girl. Now stand still." Karen's nipples were throbbing where the woman had tugged at them. The chain was disconnected from her thighs and Karen's hands were pulled forward over her head to hang in front of her. The woman disconnected her wrists and pushed the girl forward. Karen's knees bumped against a low table. "Get on the table on your hands and knees." said the woman. Karen did as she was told and found the table to be padded with leather. The woman carefully adjusted Karen's position. "Knees wide apart Karen." she instructed. Straps were attached now to Karen's ankles and then fastened apart to the table. Her thigh straps were lowered to just above her knees. "Head down." said the woman. Karen bent forward and obediently pressed her cheek to the cool leather. Karen's buttocks were now high in the air and well displayed. The woman took Karen's wrists and pulled them back to attach them to the straps at her knees. Thin chains now held her knees wide apart leaving Karen helplessly exposed from the rear. Karen had never been more excited in her life. Her pussy was soaking wet and she could feel a tiny trickle of her own juices working it way down her thigh. The click of the camera had her gasp again as another series of pictures were taken. Karen heard a movement behind her then a long thin finger slid slowly but firmly deep into her bottom. Karen couldn't stifle a loud moan as the woman's finger violated her tight anus. The woman continued to lubricate her first with one finger then with two. The in and out, twisting motions were driving Karen crazy. "O.K. she's ready.", said the woman as she pulled her fingers from Karen's body. Karen clenched her rectal muscles involuntarily as her body made a vain attempt to keep the probing fingers within her. A moment later, Karen felt the plastic tip of some kind of plug as it was teased into her tight and now slippery opening. The tip of the plug was thin and the man slid it slowly in and out, getting Karen used to its size. Now the man slide the whole plug into her in one long motion slowing only momentarily for the thick bulge in the middle of the plug to pass into her body. The plug was now lodged firmly in Karen's shapely rear. The thick bulge in the middle of the plug was now deep in Karen's rectum. It would prevent Karen from pushing the plug out. Until it was removed for her, the anal intruder would remain where it was. Karen was now breathing heavily. The woman stroked Karen's cheek gently. "Good-bye little one.", she said, Preteen Nudity "You will meet us again soon." Karen felt the man's hand touch the end of the anal plug and suddenly she felt it come alive. The tip of the plug that was lodged firmly in her started to grow longer. The tip extended itself even deeper into her bottom in a slow but relentless movement. Karen whimpered and the couple watched her clench her fists and curl her toes at the exquisite sensation. Now the tip retreated again quite slowly and then extended again. The man patted her bottom gently. "Good-bye Karen.", he chuckled. Karen could only moan as she heard them walk to the door and leave. The butt plug continued it's easy in and out motions in long strokes that had Karen gasp at each deep penetration. The next five minutes seemed like hours before she heard the door open again. Footsteps made their way to her side. Who was it now?, she wondered Preteen Nudity as the plug once again worked its way deep into her rectum. "Hello Karen.", said her Master, "Have you been a good girl?" "Oh yes Sir.", gasped Karen. "Please... Please Sir", she whimpered. Master Chris smiled as he moved behind her. Karen felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her drenched pussy. Gently he nudged the head of it between her swollen pussy lips and held it there for a moment. "I watched the whole thing, you know.", he Preteen Nudity said, "I've been here the whole time." "Oh Sir, please take me... Please!", begged Karen. He timed his first thrust to be at the same time and speed as the penetrating anal plug. Karen felt herself filled in front and behind at the same time. The sensation was too much. Karen's body trembled as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. She cried out again and again as each wave washed over her. Dimly, as if from a distance, she heard her Master cry out as he spent himself deep in her. Karen lay quietly as the plug was removed and her blindfold and bonds undone. Finally, curled up on the bed in her Master's arms, she looked up into his eyes. "Thank you.", she whispered. Then, purring like a contented cat, she closed her eyes to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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