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Related article: Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 21:49:15 -0700 From: Jerri Ann Subject: 4x4ing by JMThis is a story of fiction and is intended for Lesbian Readers This story involves sexual acts and is for adults 18+ written by JMIts the beginning of summer, and it just finished raining for a week straight; so Sam decided a big pallet bonfire would be the perfect way to start off summer.After calling everyone on her contact list she managed to get about 35 people to come out for the fire. It was on. 35 people, in the middle of nowhere for a big pallet fire.*The next night*Three pallet runs later, everyone was settled in and ready to set the blaze.Sam is about 5'8", 130 lbs, with an athletic build,short blonde hair and B cup breasts. A stereotypical dyke you would say, by the way she dresses and acts.A few hours had passed since the fire was started, when a pretty young woman sat down next to Sam, "Hey, how's it going?" she said. "It's going great, are you having fun?" Sam replied with. " Oh my god yes, I've never seen a fire so big before." After about an hour of chatting, Sam found out the pretty young womans name is Cora.Cora is 5'5" and approximately 115lbs, with brown hair just past her eyes and C cup breasts. A little more feminine in her style than Sam.Sam went and sat on the tailgate of her '93 Jimmy to have a smoke and cool off a bit when she noticed Cora coming towards her. "May I sit with you? I need a break from the loud music." Sam at this point was happy to have Cora sit with her Preteen Cuties so she could get to know her a bit more. Sam was pretty sure Cora was also into women just by seeing how Cora looked at the other women around her. " Of course, hop on up." she replied as she patted the tailgate.A couple more hours passed by and they went on talking about family, friends and what they liked to do for fun. Sam found out that Cora liked the same music as her, as well as a lot of the same books and movies. It was although they had known eachother for years the way they talked and laughed about everything.During their conversation they slowly creeped closer to one another, and pretty soon Cora was leaning on Sam's shoulder for comfort. " So, if I can be blunt here... Are you single?" Cora blurted out. Sam was takin back by her forwardness, but answered her with ..." I am actually."Cora tilted her head up and looked into Sam's blue eyes... Sam stared back into Coras green eyes. Leaning into eachother, their lips touched ever so softly before their tongues twirled and teased the others mouth. With the passion in their kisses growing, they embraced, caresses turned into full on fondelling of eachothers bodies. Sam eased Cora into the truck further and closed to tailgate behind them so they had more privacy.Before they had even layed down completely they were back in one anothers arms with each of their shirts off and tossed to the side. The bras were next to come off. "Oh my god! you're..." Cora said while pointing to Sams bulging crotch. "I'm only wearing it to..." Sam started to reply with before Cora looked into her eyes and begged for Sam to fuck her with the strap-on. They re-embraced eachother and kissed with more passion and lust than before.Bot women now naked and Sam on top of Cora, Sam asked Cora what it was she really wanted, Cora responded with "Fuck me like you've never fucked another woman before". With that said Sam started teasing Coras clit with her tongue while her index finger was lightly penetrating her pussy. Once Sam was satisfied with the wetness Cora had for her she slowly inserted all 7 inches of the strap-on into Cora.The bon-fire as well as all their friends, were completely forgotten and they were in their own world where only they exhisted to please one another.As Sam was steadily pumping the strap-on in and out of Cora's pussy, she was teasing Cora's clit with her thumb while her left hand was pinching and flicking Cora's nipples. Cora was moaning as her pussy was getting tigher and wetter, Sam knew Cora was close to exploding so she pulled the strap-on out; she didn't want Cora's pleasure to end so soon.Sam's tongue quickly found Cora's pussy and started running her tongue up and down her slit. Sam would tease Cora's clit and as soon as Cora got close to orgasming she would stop and start tongue fucking her, making sure she only came close to cumming. Preteen Cuties " Please... fuck me... make me cum, I'm so close" Cora begged. Sam decided she had teased her enough and plunged the strap-on back inside Cora's pussy and fucked her fast and hard. Cora screamed with pleasure as she came all over the strap-on, but Sam didn't stop she kept pumping the strap-on in and out of Cora, making Cora come to the biggest orgasm she Preteen Cuties had ever had.As Cora collapsed onto her back, Sam layed down beside her and gently kissed down Cora's neck and across her breasts. after a few moments of relaxing they decided to get up and join the rest of their friendsfor a bit longer. It wasn't until they had exited the truck that they had realized the fire was barely burning and everyone was gone. Sam looked at Cora and Cora was already looking back at her with the same devilish smile. "Let's do some 4X4ing then wecan go back to my place" Sam said. Coras face lit up with excitement and they hopped into the truck and headed up the mountain...Only a couple of minutes had gone by since they left the dying fire and Sam's hands were already exploring Cora's inner thighs. "I have an idea!" Said Sam... "Oh yeah? What's that?" Asked Cora. Sam pulled out her strap-on through her jeans zipper and told Cora to hop on. "I'll use the bumps and pot holes to fuck you"The truck cab was big enough that Cora could sit on Sams lap with the strap-on fully inserted into her, now soaking wet, pussy and still have enough room to move up and down on the strap-on. As they drove along at various speeds Sam found out just what speed and sized bumps would pleasure Cora the most."Oh My God! Yyyeesssss..." Cora screamed.Before they reached the end of the road Cora had had multiple orgasms and begged for Sam to lick her pussy clean. They pulled off into the bush a bit, as this was a popular 4X4ing trail, and they hopped into the back of the truck. Cora was instantly sitting on Sams face begging for Sam's tongue to be buried deep within her tight wet pussy. Sam's tongue jutted in and out of Cora's pussy. Sam ran her finger up and down Cora's slit to get some lubrication for Cora's puckered asshole. With her thumb knuckle deep into Cora's ass her index finger was working Cora's clit. Sam could feel Cora's pussy tighten and prepare for the upcoming orgasm."Fuuucccckkkkk Meeeeee!" Cora screamed while cumming onto Sam's face. Sam didn't stop she kept tongue fucking her until Cora had had at least another couple orgasms and was completely spent.They couldn't get anough of one another ,but decided to move to a more comfortable location. Off they went to Sam's house to spend the rest of the night fucking eachother, until the sun rose and they finally fell asleep in one anothers arms.If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at acanadianbiotch13hotmail.comP.S. take it easy on me as this is my first attempt at doing any erotic short stories, Thanks
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