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Related article: Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 00:54:08 +1000 From: Kane Armanis Subject: GM 360 Degrees of Intensity - Welcome to Sydney - Chapter 1, Part 1Gay Mens Military, Athletic and College Themes DisclaimerIf you don't like the idea of gay sex then don't read this!If the law states you shouldn't be readying this in your home state/country then don't break the law!No reposts without the permission of the author! Non-commercial and commercial reposting/publishing requests can be made by emailing me.Copyright 2002 -- All Rights Reserved --- Kane Armanis ISBN: 0-9580377-9-5You can always email me at: kanearmanishotmail.com or look for me on MSN Messenger with the username kanearmanis. Sydney -- Welcome Home - CHAPTER ONE - 1 I was exhausted as I couldn't stop thinking of Dirk whom I left in Frankfurt. My butt was still sore from the pounding he had given me.Considering my must have looked a sight in my A &F Track pants and tight hugging t-shirt. I love to show of my assets i.e. my chest, butt andThe plane touched down at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, finally I am home.As walked through the airport arrival lounge destined for customs I was dragging my feet from tiredness, that's what a 23-hour flight will do to you without sleep. "Where the hell is customs", I thought, "I need to get to Toby's for some sleep". Toby was my ex boyfriend whom was putting me up while I was in Sydney. I was looking pretty considering everything in my tight Abercrombie and Fitch track pants, which show off my bulge, and my chest hugging t-shirt that shows of my pecs abs and cock.Finally I lined up for Customs. I hate customs agents as they are normally old balding freaks that are on a power trip with way too much attitude. As I got closer to the customs desk I noticed the first customs agent, a fat podgy man in his late forties with a scow on his face. "Here we go", I thought to myself, "another power trip freak"."Passport!" he barked at me as the start of the queue that he was serving.I reached into my track pants leg pocket and pulled out my passport and handed it too him."Mr Armanis, I see you've been on quite an expedition," he glared. "Anything to declare?""No!" I answered back, as I dare not look into his eyes. I didn't have anything to worry about anyway."We are going to have to search you baggage Mr Armanis. Can you please place you belongings on the bench here thank-you."I lifted my suitcase on to the table and he opened it and started to go through all my belonging in front of the line of around 50 people still waiting to get through customs. When he began to go through my dirty clothes I was beginning to turned crimson coloured in embarrassment. Then he noticed it."What is this?", as he picked up Dirk's leather studded Cock Ring (a souvenir he gave me when he said goodbye). He lifted it above his head and twirled it in the lights catching it on the metal studs. "Well, what is it Mr.?"I was so embarrassed, I had forgotten about Dirks present posing a customs problem. I was so embarrassed. What could I say so I just shrugged my shoulders.The customs office picked up the phone, "Matt, we have a Code D out here, can you please advise".I was biting my bottom lip, I am sure I had turned as white as a sheet in my panic. I was shit scarred. A tap on both of my shoulders awaked me by two ugly army officer. Everything started to flash before my eyes as I pondered my fate as you always seem to do in those moments of panic, that also seem to go in slow motion. I was as I was grabbed from behind and dragged off kicking and screaming. As my mind rolled over and over, my vision went blurry and I blacked out....Sometime later I woke up in a lit white room on some type of medical bed. I was still in my clothes but there was nothing else in that 15ft x 15ft room. Except a full-length mirror on the far wall. As I slowly awoke from my state a figure appeared blocking out the fluorescent lights above."Are you awake Armanis?" a deep male voice.I felt the hairs on my back prick up as he spoke and I tensed up again. "Mmmmm" is all I could reply."Kane, sit up if you can please, relax boy, in good time I will need you to answer some questions though".His deep baritone voice had a calming effect on me. I slowly lifted my bed from the pillow and sat up and then I got the first look at the man in the room.My jaw dropped as my sleepy blurry vision cleared and this very good-looking man appeared before my eyes."Close you mouth son, otherwise you might catch flies" he said heartedly.I closed my mouth and took in the beauty before me. He was around 6'2, black hair, green eyes, with a muscular build that made his army fatigues look like it had been poured onto him like wet latex. "What a spunk," I thought. As I scanned his body from top to toe I felt like Homer Simpson drooling checking out the fine specimen of man before me. When I noticed the huge bulge in his pants my imagination when wild about the monster within its confines. My cock grew and extended in my track pants into a very hard erection. As my pants tented, I had to re-adjust my cock so it was more comfortable, I then covered it with my hands.He looked at my predicament, smiled, and then looked me directly in the eye, and a serious look came over his face."Kane! I need to ask you some questions?""Yes, sir!""Call me Matt, Kane, ok?"Ok!""Now let me see ... Yes, do you know what that was that Bill found in you case and do you know that the Australian Government doesn't take to kindly those that import weapons?"My ears pricked "Weapons, but its not a weapon?" I was starting to worry."Kane, your bracelet could be used as a weapon and since September 11, security has been stepped up and that's why a Code D, was called."The blood rushed from my head again as I started to think of what might happen to me in some freaky Aussie prison. Don't you hate how the mind always jumps to the wrong possible conclusion."Kane, relax its not that bad."He sat down on the bench next to me still looking at my directly in the eyes and he slowly placed his had on my thigh. The erection that I soon lost from my fear soon became visible when he started lightly stroking the inside of my thigh."We've checked you out and we are positive your are not a terrorist and pose not threat to Australian security, but we are going to have to do a body search," which is just a bureaucratic formality."A what?""A body search. You will need to get undressed and wait for me to return with some stuff for the examination. So get up and get undressed son, the quicker we get this done the sooner you can get out of here!"I was so surprised at how gentle Matt was. I slowly started to take my shoes off followed by my socks. Matt stood there and watched the bastard. As my confidence started to return, I thought "two can play at this game", so I did a strip tease for him. I seductively lifted my t-shirt over my head as my naked chest came into view. I look Matt directly in the eyes and then pinched my nipples making them hard as I licked my lips. Then I obviously lowered my gaze to his cock and was not surprised to see his monster snaking further down his leg. I returned my gaze to his and then turned around as I slowly shook my butt and lowered my track pants revealing my bubble butt confined in White 2xist briefs. I was so erect that my cock was poking out the top of my briefs. After I stepped out of my pants, I turned around displaying my manhood to Matt."I will need the briefs too Kane..."I never took my gaze from his as I lowered my briefs and stepped out them. My cock twitched and hit my tummy. Matt lowered his gaze and looked back at me and smiled. Did I notice a slight licking of his lips. No he looks to straight to me.Matt bent over picked up Kane's clothes and stated , "I will be back momentary", before opening the door and leaving.I closed my eyes and thought of Matt naked and needed to wank off. As I grabbed my cock in my right hand and slowly massaged its length Matt, walked in with a black bag and a clipboard. Damn!! I let my cock go, and looked at him with my best puppy dog eyes.Matt slowly opened his bag and pulled out a glove and put his right hand in it. He pulled out some KY and liberally coated his latexed fingers in the goo."Kane I need to do a body cavity search lad, please stand by the bed and bend over please"I moved over the medical examination bench and bent over Preteen Tube it. I sensed Matt move behind me and then I felt his latex hand on my butt exploring my butt crack and looking for my hole. It didn't take him long and he slowly pushing his index finger into my butt. I let out a yelp."Sorry Kane, did I hurt you""No, I am fine, I am just a bit sore, ummm, I mean not used to it".I then felt a second and then a third finger enter me. I started to moan as Matt slowly started to fuck me with his fingers. Preteen Tube Damn I had given myself away my backing against his hand as he thrust his fingers into me."No weapons Preteen Tube in there Kane .."I smirked to myself as I felt Matt's chest against my back and he lent forward and whispered in my ear."How would you like my huge weapon in that hot arse of yours stud", he whispered."Please fuck me Matt!!"I turned around and looked into his gorgeous eyes and melted. Matt was so close that I could feel his breathe on my neck. I then reached up and kissed him. He welcomed my mouth and we kissed passionately as our tongues fought with each other in our mouths.Matt removed his fingers from my arse and tossed the glove into the corner. He then grabbed my cock as we continued to kiss. I broke the kiss and looked into those beautiful eyes. I stroked the tummy through his uniform shirt. I stroked the buttons and then slowly opened his shirt exposing one of the most defined chests I have seen. A nice set of pecs and a flat tummy. I then stroked his tummy and moved my hand down to his pants. Preteen Tube I reached his belt and slowly opened the clasp and pulled the belt from his pants, unbuttoning and lowering them. His cock looked so huge through tenting in his Armani boxers. Mmm. I lowered them and huge thick 9' uncut cock hit my tummy.I knelt down and took the head of his cock in his mouth. I swallowed as much as I could without gagging. As I starting getting a rhythm happening on the length of his cock he grabbed both of my ears before starting to face fuck me. Preteen Tube I deep throated that hot cock while he fucked my face, reaching the depths in my throat that I never thought possible.Matt stopped and lifted me to a standing before kissing me tenderly. Oh my god this was so hot. Matt broke the kiss."Kane, you suck cock so well for a young man, I was so close to cumming "I smiled."Besides, I want to fuck that hot bubble butt of yours now. Assume the position stud."He helped me turn around and bend over the bed. He opened the black bag again and grabbed a condom and some more KY. Rolling the condom down his hot cock and applying a generous amount of lube to his cock and also to my ass. He fingered my hole once again and I felt him position at my opening. As Preteen Tube he pushed forward and entered me slowly in one complete stroke as I held my breath and then he was completely inside me. I felt his balls against my butt cheeks and he held it there for a minute deep inside."Kane, breath stud. Mmmm, it feels so good inside there stud, breathe mate"I relaxed and breathed be must have sensed this as he had whispered in my ear and slowly removed his cock and then plunged back into me. He continued to thrust into my ass."Fuck me Matt!"I was getting into it now. Matt was really pounding my ass and I met each stroke. Then he pulled his cock out."Get on the bed Kane, I want to fuck you deeply".As I lowered my back to the bed with my leg dangled over the edge he slowly lifted my legs to his shoulders and entered me again. He was fucking me so hard that he pounding my hole. He lent forward and kissed me. I was in heaven! I grabbed my hard cock and started wanking myself vigoursly. Oh fuck, we were both working up a sweat, and moaning loudly, along with the slapping noise of him fucking me."Fuck Kane, you are so tight stud, tighten that hole stud, and milk my cock""Fuck me harder Matt! ... Oh Matt I am going to cum".With that I went past that point of no return, pulling on my cock and Matt stimulating my prostate did it and I soon blew a huge ribbon of some up over my belly, then a second, then a forth, then a fifth and finally a sixth ribbon on cum. As I came my butt clamped tighter bringing Matt to the brink of orgasm."Fuck Kane, I am cumming inside you. I am cumming, I am cuuummmminnnngggg."He collapsed on my chest and I held him tight as we both composed ourselves. I stroked his hair and he placed little kisses on my chest as his breathing returned to normal. As his breathing removed to normal his cock softened. He kissed me again, pulled his cock out of me and then got up and started to dress."Kane, you are one hot fuck, stud.""Lets do it again sometime?""That could be arranged," Matt said.Matt dressed, gave me one final kiss and then went to leave."Someone will be back with your clothes in a few minutes and then you are free to leave."I was totally shagged and loved it. I lowered myself on the bench face down relaxing while I waited for Matt to return with my clothes. I heard the door open."I've got some clothes for you Sir," said a familiar voice.Wait a second that's not Matt, so l got up quickly with a surprised look on my face."What are you doing here Toby?""Oh, I was worried about you", Toby exclaimed with a smirk on his face."Cut the bullshit Toby, you didn't know I was coming home today. I have a spare key to your house and you told me to let myself while when I goy back!""Ok. Ok. Ok ! Matt come in here!"Matt entered the room again and walked up to Toby and put his hand around Toby's waist."Kane this is my new boyfriend Matt!" Toby said grinning."You bastards" Kane said grinning."Tut, tut, don't blow a gasket Kane. And yes, Matt works here as a Customs supervisor, isn't he sexy. ... Anyway we decided to play a little trick on you. We made a note on you Immigration file that you were a known terrorist and would need to be detained by Matt for integration. But when you passed out you sort of scared as all.""You bastards" Kane stated"Oh and by the way Kane, great show. Matt's a good fuck isn't he!"My jaw dropped and we all laughed together and moved together and joined together in a group. Then Matt kissed me passionately and then Toby kissed me, before they both joined me in a three-way kiss. After some intense tongue kissing it was broke."Come on boys lets get home and fuck out brains out. My shifts over now!", Matt said."Come on Kane, get dressed I want you to fuck my butt for old times sake while Matts fucking that hot butt of yours.""Ok , Ok!"I dressed as fast as I could and when finished Matt and Toby grabbed me in another three-way kiss."Kane, Welcome Home! " Toby and Matt said in unison.Well that's one home cumming I will never forget....Next EpisodeSydney -- Back to the Gym -- Chapter One - 2
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