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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.45 The Master Chris Collection BEST FRIENDS: Part I ___________________________ "Today is the day!", thought Kara as she woke up. Kara had been making plans for this Saturday evening for the last two weeks. Two weeks ago, she had been visiting her boyfriend's apartment when she had discovered a sex magazine on the table. It had been no ordinary Playboy either. The one had a picture of a naked woman completely tied up on the cover! The magazine had been full of such pictures and stories. Kara had devoured the publication, fascinated by what she saw. Mark had never done anything like that with her! The thought of trying something like this had lived in Kara's most private fantasies for a long time but now the possibility of turning these fantasies into reality was at hand. Kara had shared her plans with her best friend Laura and Laura had agreed to help. She and Laura had been best friends for 10 of their 19 years and shared everything with each other. The day passed in a blur as Kara did some shopping, picked up some items she would need that evening and got her apartment ready for tonight's "hot" date. Laura arrived at about 6:00pm. Her face was flushed as though she had been jogging. 'I am so damned wet, I can barely stand it!', she said. Kara grinned back at her, 'Me too!' What time is Mark expected?', asked Laura. At 8:00 o'clock.' answered her best friend. O.K., I couldn't resist stopping by the sex store on 1st Street.', said Laura, 'I picked up a couple of "interesting" items.' 'You went without me?!' exclaimed Kara. What did you get?' Laura smiled, 'You'll see.... When the time is right.' Oh God!', said Kara, 'I don't know if I can go through with this.' 'You'd better decide quick Kara, because this is pretty much your last chance to back out.' Kara hesitated for a moment and then took a deep breath. O.K., I'll do it. I mean, I'm dying to try it. I'm just nervous.' Great.', said Laura, 'Ummmm, have you had your bath yet?' Kara shook her head. Alright, off you go to do that then. I'll get a few things ready in your bedroom.' Kara disappeared into the bathroom and a few moments later Laura heard the sound of the bathtub being filled. Laura picked up her bag and went into the bedroom. By the time Kara had finished with her makeup, the time was almost 7:00 o'clock. Wrapping a huge bathtowel around her young nude body, Kara joined Laura in the bedroom. Kara noticed that her dresser was partly covered with a Preteen Boy cloth that seemed to hide some objects that had been placed there. What's this?', she asked. Laura giggled from the easy chair in the corner. You'll find out soon enough. Are you ready to start?' Kara hesitated one last time. When she had first had the idea of being naked and tied up for Mark to discover, she hadn't figured on being so nervous about it. Now she felt herself trembling. She knew that the next step would mean taking off her towel and allowing Laura to tie her up. After all, that's how they had planned it. Certainly she and Laura had seen each other naked before. Kara even remembered when they had double dated and had ended up side by side on her bed while their boyfriends made love to them simultaneously. This, however, made Kara feel more vulnerable than she ever had before. Kara felt her eyes drawn to the dresser as she wondered what Laura had bought at the sex shop. Taking a deep breath Kara tore her eyes from the dresser to look at her friend. Don't look so smug.', she grinned, 'You'd be nervous too if it was you.' Laura grinned back, 'Well, are you ready?' In answer, Kara reached down and pulled the towel apart, letting it drop to the floor to reveal her naked body. Laura giggled, 'O.K. then, sit down on the bed and I'll give you your first surprise. Kara sat quickly on the bed as Laura reached for something on the dresser. Laura turned back to Kara holding a black silk scarf in her hands. 'This is your blindfold.', she said. 'Oh God, here we go.', though Kara as her friend tied the blindfold around her head. 'Alright now, lay back.', said Laura. Kara lay back on the bed. Her hands moved of their own volition to cover herself. 'Oh no, that won't do at all.', said Laura Preteen Boy as she gently pulled Kara's hands above her head. Kara felt her friend moving across the bed and then felt straps of some kind being fastened around her wrists. Her wrists were pulled taught and attached to something at the head of the bed. Kara was now helpless. She felt her breathing quicken as she heard Laura move over to the dresser. A moment later, more straps were attached. This time to Kara's thighs just above her knees. 'Oh no.', Kara thought to herself as Laura attached ropes to the thigh straps and pulled them back and wide apart. Laura found her own breathing quicken as she looked down at her pretty friend. Kara's hands were tied to the headboard and her knees were now up and wider apart than even during a doctor's examination. Kara's curly brown muff was stretched wide open and Laura couldn't miss seeing the juices that appeared on her friend's parted pink slit. 'Whew! This is getting hot!', thought Laura as she picked up the straps for Kara's ankles. A few moments later, Kara felt her ankles pulled wide apart also. Laura looked at her watch, 40 minutes to go! 'Are you O.K. Kara?', she asked. Kara was panting slightly. 'Uh huh.', she answered. 'God Kara, you're sooo wet!', said Laura. Laura smiled as she watched Kara blush a deep red under her blindfold. 'I bought a few goodies for you today that'll make you even wetter for Mark.', she said. Kara squirmed slightly. She wondered what Laura had in store for her. Laura looked over her purchases, trying to figure out which one to use first. 'Hmmm, the heating lotion I think.', she said to herself and opened up the jar. Taking a dollop of the jelly on her fingers, she moved over to the bed. Suddenly it was Laura who was nervous. She had enjoyed immensely watching Kara take off her clothes. And tying her up had been great. Looking at Kara's spread open pussy had turned Laura on but now Laura was going to have to actually touch Kara's naked body. As close as they were, neither Kara nor Laura had ever touched another woman sexually before. Laura reached out two fingers and tentatively touched the warming jelly to Kara's already hard nipple. Kara gasped at the touch. Feeling a bit more confident, Laura gently circled the erect nipple. She had always admired Kara's breasts particularly the nipples. Kara's nipples were a dark brown where Laura's were a pale pink. Both girls had unusually long nipples but Kara's were both long and thick. Laura had secretly fantasized about what it would be like to suck on Kara's nipples. The lotion that now covered Kara's right nipple was beginning to heat up. Kara's breathing was becoming more and more ragged as the stimulation of her nipple increased. 'Do you like that Kara?', asked her best friend. 'Oh yes.', replied Kara in a gasp. Taking another large dab of the warming lotion, Laura began rubbing the left nipple. At first she just dabbed it on but as she became bolder, Laura began pinching and squeezing the fat nipples. Kara was squirming helplessly in her bonds when Laura's hands suddenly left her breasts. The lotion was, by now, very warm and Kara felt the hot stimulation constantly. Laura thought for a moment about what to do next and then went to the dresser for a tube of K Y jelly. Covering one finger fully in the slippery jelly, Laura moved back to the bed and sat between her friend's outstretched legs. With her other hand, Laura gently stroked the insides of Kara's thighs letting her fingers trail from the backs of her knees all the way up to just shy of her soaking wet pussy lips. Kara strained her hips upward in a vain attempt to have Laura touch her. All of a sudden, Kara felt a tickling sensation at her rear opening. She gasped and went absolutely still. Kara had NEVER been touched there before. Holding her breath, Kara waited to see what Laura would do next. The moment seemed to last for hours as Kara felt the very tip of Laura's finger circling her sensitive anus. Kara was, of course, helpless to do anything about it. Nevertheless, she felt her toes curl and her thighs strain against the straps as Laura's long thin finger slowly pushed into her virgin bottom. Laura was gentle but firm as she slid her forefinger into Kara's bottom as far as it would go. When it was deep inside her, she held it there, letting Kara get accustomed to having her anus held open by someone. Then, ever so slowly, she started moving her finger in and out in what were at first, minuscule movements and then longer and longer strokes until she was almost removing her finger and then plunging it deep into Kara's rectum. Kara had never felt anything like this before in her life. The sensations of the hot lotion on her nipples and now the long thin finger of Laura sliding in and out of her anal opening had her panting out loud. Kara moaned, despite herself and she felt that familiar twinge from deep in her belly that meant she was close to coming. Laura must have felt it too, because instantly, her finger slide right out of her bottom and Kara was left panting, hoping that Laura would giver her relief. Letting Kara come so quickly was the furthest thing from Laura's mind and she was glad that she had stopped before Kara had been able to have an orgasm. She waited a few moments for Kara to calm down and then went back to the dresser for the next toy for Kara to experience. Kara felt Laura get up from the bed and then heard her moving around over near the dresser. She had never been so turned on as she was at this moment. The plan had always been for Kara to be tied up and hot and wet waiting for Mark, but this was more than Kara had ever imagined. Kara felt Laura's weight as she sat down on the bed, again between her legs. Laura looked down at Kara's hot and wet body. Her pussy juices were actually trickling down Kara's body and adding to the lubrication between her buttocks. Laura looked down at the crinkled opening of Kara's anus. It was shiny from the lubrication it had just received and Laura watched it clench as Kara anticipated it being touched again. In the sex shop that afternoon, Laura had discovered something called a butt plug. The one she had purchased was about five inches long. It was tapered at the end and then widened out to about an inch and a half wide at the widest part then tapered down again to about a half inch wide before attaching to the T shaped handle at the end. The handle was to prevent the plug from disappearing into the rectum, Laura had been told. Kara started as Laura placed the tip of the plastic intruder at the entrance to Kara's bottom. Laura teased just the first half inch in and out of Kara to get her used to the penetration. Then, in one long, firm motion, Laura slid the entire plug deep into her friend. As the thickest part passed into her, Kara's sphincter pulled the rest in seating the 'T' against her anus. Kara was breathing in short ragged breaths now and Laura could see her feet pulling against the straps Laura reached down and gently teased the plug. Each time she touched it, she was rewarded with a gasp or a moan from Kara. Kara had never felt anything like what she was feeling now. Her anus was held open, impaled on the rectal plug. Her nipples were very hot from the lotion that had been rubbed onto them. She could feel her own juices trickling down her buttocks. Her whole body was tensed up, waiting for whatever Laura decided to do to her next. The tiny drip from an ice cube on her inner thigh caused Kara to jump. That drip was followed by another, this one halfway between her hip and her knee on her left thigh. Then Kara felt Laura's warm breath blowing gently where the water had fallen. Another drip of ice water fell, Preteen Boy this time a little higher up on Kara's thigh. Kara waited for the delicious feeling of Laura's Preteen Boy warm breath. Instead, she felt the very tip of Laura's tongue, licking the drop of water from her thigh 'Ohhh!', gasped Kara. Thus encouraged, Laura worked her way slowly up Kara's smooth inner thigh. First a drip from the ice cube then immediately followed by her not roving tongue. Kara was beside herself. As Laura's tongue got closer and closer to Kara's dripping pussy, the tension got higher and higher. Finally, Laura's tongue travelled up and down where Karas thigh met her pussy. Kara knew that the next lick would be directly on her clit. She arched her hips up, silently begging her best friend to lick her hard nubbin. Laura had other ideas. Moving back down, she started on Kara's other thigh. 'I'll never survive this.', thought Kara as she moaned loudly and squirmed in the tough nylon straps that held her tight. It seemed to take forever for Laura and her maddening tongue to make their way up Kara's thighs. Kara held her breath in anticipation and then gasped as the ice cube dripped on her spread open pussy lips. Kara felt the cool drip of water trail down her pussy lips and around the base of the plug still lodged firmly inside her before sliding down between her buttocks. 'I'll bet you'd like your little pussy licked wouldn't you?', asked Laura teasingly. 'Oh God. Please do it Laura. I'm going crazy!', said Kara. 'It's almost time Kara. Mark will be here any minute. I've unlocked the door for him. I think he'd like to see you this hot.' 'Oh please Laura. Please lick it. I can't wait anymore.' Laura reached down with the fingers of her left hand and held Kara's pussy lips wide apart. Kara's clitoris was hard and pink. Kara was holding her breath. With her other hand, Laura reached down and grasped the end of the butt Preteen Boy plug. She pulled at it gently. Not hard enough to remove it, just hard enough to tease Kara's anal muscles a little more. Kara moaned loudly and as she did Laura leaned over and ran her hot, wet tongue directly over her friend's clit. Kara bucked her hips at the sudden exquisite sensation and cried out. Her whole body tightened up and as it did, she felt her anus clamp down hard on the rectal intruder, pulling it solidly into her bottom. It was almost too much. Laura got up and looked down at Kara who was pulling in vain at her bonds. Kara's whole body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and Laura could see that she was trembling. She's soooo close.', thought Laura. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Laura jumped up. 'I'm going to be in the closet', she whispered, 'I'm going to watch everything Kara.' Kara nodded her head, now both nervous and excited at the prospect of having Mark see her tied up like this. You're not going to leave that thing in my ass are you?', she whispered back. Laura smiled. She reached down with one hand and pushed hard at the base of the anal plug. Kara gasped as the plug moved within her. You bet I am.', said Laura as she scurried into the closet to wait for Mark. Laura could hear Mark coming along the corridor. She had only a few moments before he would come in the bedroom. She reached under her skirt and pulled at her soaking panties, pulling them off and allowing her easy access to her own pussy as she peaked out of the closet and waited for what would happen next at her friend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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