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Preteen Nonude

(2011-11-22 06:15:15)





Related article: 442 442 by CARL DICKSON Does your mother know you're reading this shit? Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.This story is copyrighted, �2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. I just couldn't handle it. I backed my classic sixty eight 442 convertible from my regular parking space and roared to the street. As soon as I cleared the school parking lot I lit up the tires. My three hundred and seventy five horse power four hundred and fifty five cubic inch Oldsmobile engine pushing red line. There were two twelve inch wide thick streaks of black rubber under the thunderous cloud of Preteen Nonude smoke behind me. The traffic light in front of me was red. As red as the lights on top of the police car behind me. I had a clear view of traffic so I kept the pedal to the floor and roared across the six lane divided boulevard. I checked the rear view mirror, The cop wasn't so lucky. He was T boned by a jacked up pick up truck that went right over the top of him. I was home free and I roared out of town to my own private mountain top. Eighteen miles west of town was a hill in the middle of a flat plain. It stuck up like a pimple on the face of the earth. Phillip could make the climb with Preteen Nonude no problem. Phillip was my own private name for my little 442. My car was strong and sexy just like the boy I loved. I pulled to the top of my private mountain and shut the car down. I finally lowered the top. I laid the six way power seat back as far as it would go and stretched out to watch the waning daylight. I love this time of day as the sun sinks below the desert floor and the sky and desert take on a deep red hue. I put on some Chopin. I like to listen to an orchestra as the sun subsides. It just seems fitting. I sat there staring at the sky, the changing colors, the moving cloud patterns. My face was wet. My eyes were sweating. Large drops of sweat ran down my cheeks. I wiped my eyes. Why do I hurt so much? How could he...Why? I do love him. Me? A fag? I love a boy? Why are my eyes sweating so much. Don't call them tears. I am a man child. I am sixteen. I am strong. My heart aches. My chest is crushed. I feel so alone. So betrayed. So...What do I feel. I love him. That has to be the feeling. My throat has such a lump in it I can't swallow. Oh, I know there is a God in heaven. Please look down on me with pity and end my pain. I have sinned against you. I am in love with a boy. I can't be a fag. He is everything. He is my laughter. He is my light. He is my guide. I can't live without him. I awakened. The sky was dark. The stars were bright overhead. This is my reason for this car and this mountain. My private mountain is a big rock in the middle of the desert. It is about seventy to a hundred feet high standing in the middle of a flat plain. From the top I can see for over fifty miles in any direction. I used to bring Phil here. I have known Phil since the ninth grade. We were both fourteen. The first day of school he walked into P.E. and took the locker beside me. My heart melted. My knees went weak. My mouth dried out. He was drop dead gorgeous. The coach walked through the locker room. We were just sitting on the benches waiting for directions. No one had gym clothes or even shoes yet. Our lockers were empty. "Alright, listen up," the coach began. "We're going swimming today. There will be no swimming suits in my pool. I want nothing but naked asses out there. And don't even think of peeing in my pool. Any of you swinging dicks so much as dribble a drop of piss in my pool you'll regret it for the rest of you life. Get your mangy asses into the shower. I want you clean. I mean a complete BBC. That's butt, balls, and cock. Scrub your pits and toes then line up at the door. Come on ladies, lets move it." Well at least we don't need to get dressed out for this class. Dressing down would be much more fun. There are a lot of sweet dicks to look at in here. Stripped I was in the shower with fifteen other naked guys, all scrubbing their cocks and most of them were getting a little longer and a little stiffer. Guys were coming in and going out. I stayed in the corner where I could watch each one. Finally all forty five of us were sparkling clean and smelling good. I joined the cue as we lined up at the door to the pool. There was a three inch shallow pan that was as wide as the door sitting on the floor. I could smell the chlorine bleach in it. "Ladies, step into the bleach. Be careful because your feet will be slick when you step out. You do this to kill the little fungi between your toes. Fungi doesn't belong in my pool." Each boy stepped into the bleach and moved through the door. Suddenly I was shoved from behind and I was going down. I have very quick reflexes so I twisted and was going down butt first. There was another boy going down on top of me. We landed together with our faces against each other and our cocks rubbing each other. He was trying to get up but kept slipping and falling back onto me. This was causing our cocks to rub together in a most interesting way. We were both gaining wood, big time. Somebody reached out and helped him off of me then a hand from each side reached out to help pull me up. As we stood facing each other our cocks were at full mast. "Faggots, fairies, fruits, homos, queers," were being said all around the room. The coach blew his whistle right close to my ear. I bent over in pain as I pulled away from him. "There will be none of that kind of talk in my class, ladies. Get through that door and line up against the wall at the shallow end." Finally all forty five naked boys stood in a line against the wall at the shallow end of the pool. "Alright ladies, listen up and listen good. Starting on my left I want you to count off with a one or a two. The first boy is one the second is two the third is one and so forth down the line." I heard a comment that the first boy, John was known to be one but Paul, next to him, hadn't been known as being one too. Everyone was laughing. Coach was in the face of the boy who made the statement. "So you know who the faggots are do you boy. I bet you like all of them up that pretty butt of yours. Drop and give me twenty. NOW!" The kid was on Preteen Nonude the floor doing his push ups as the rest of us counted down. "Hey, queer bait," coach called out. "I don't hear you counting. Start over and let me hear your count." In a loud, clear voice the kid started over. "One coach, two coach, three coach." We were all doing everything in our power not to laugh but it was the funniest thing that had happened all day. "Listen up. Ones, turn to your left. Twos, turn to your right." There we were almost touching the boy next to us as we faced him. "Reach out with your right arm and put it on the left shoulder of the boy in front of you and push back until your arm is straight out." We all complied as the line lengthened and everybody had some space between them. However I was rubbing butts with a real cutey behind. me. "Ladies, look down at the cock of the boy in front of you. Study it. Look it over real good. That means you too boy," he shouted at someone. "Check out those balls. He may be a little smaller than you or he may be bigger. Look at his pubic hair or lack of it. Look how is dick is getting nice and hard. Look how it sticks out as it lengthens. Look how it compares to your tiny little dick. Look at his balls as they move up Preteen Nonude and down in his sack. Some of you have foreskin most of you don't. I see a few with a half a skin. "Boys circumcision is a common practice that most parents have preformed on their sons at birth. Some of you have not been circumcised. I want those boys to pull their foreskin back so that the head of your cock is exposed." Two boys cried out in pain and told the coach that they couldn't put their skin back. I pulled mine back and let the boy who had fallen on me get a Preteen Nonude good look. He was cute as hell. His cock was about the same size as mine, five and a half inches and he was uncut also. The coach had talked to the two boys that couldn't retract their skin. He told them that he would help them to be able to get their skin back. He explained about infections and smell and shit. I knew he was right. A year or two back I had not cleaned myself and there was a lot of milky gunk under my skin and it stunk, bad. I talked to my dad and he explained smegma, or head cheese, as he called it. He took me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet as pulled my pants down and played around with my just growing dick. I was about four inches long then and it was skinny, like a frankfurter, the regular kind not the ball park biggies. Dad talked to me as he took a wash cloth and washed my now rock hard cock. He had me turn around and bend over. He washed my ass and showed me the shit streaks on the rag. We had a long talk about hygiene and then he asked me if I jacked off everyday. I blushed and finally confessed that I did. He was jacking so slowly and making me wiggle around before him. He knew what he was doing. I was in a quandary. I loved what he was doing. Nobody had ever seen me like this before and here was my dad with my cock in his hand and I was about to shoot my load. I wanted to get out of there but I wanted to cum. I cummed. Dad caught the first few spurts in the rag then he blew my mind. He bent over and took my dick in his mouth as I continued to shoot and dribble out the last few drops. He pulled back and looked at the wash cloth. He told me that I had more sperm there then he would expect from a twelve year old boy. He explained the seminal fluid and the sperm and how they come out together and how the prostate makes the fluid as the balls add the sperm. He told me how the prostate causes the ejaculate, he called it, to litterly shoot out the end of the dick. I was totally hard and dad looked up at me and asked me if I would jack off for him. He reached down and untied my shoes and had me step out of them and my pants that were bunched about my ankles. He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it from my body. He just sat and stared at my naked body. The only thing I had on were my white socks. The look in his eyes was one of total love. A tear formed in his eye. I moved toward him to hug him. He pulled me to him and laid his face against my tummy and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly to himself. He ran his hands over my back and mostly over my butt. He turned and kissed my belly then pushed me away. "Alright sport, let me see you spurt." I began to stroke myself. He showed me some different ways to do it and they felt good. He had me pull my skin back and stroke. That made me really tingle. It felt so good I didn't want to stop. He reached over and spit on my dick and told me about lubing it when I had the skin back. He explained about getting a raw spot on the edge of my dickhead and how that would hurt for several days. As I stroked he ran his hands around my butt and up in my crack. He was moving his fingers all over and around my butt hole. Without warning he pushed a finger in my butt. He moved it around and suddenly he touched something. He explained that this was my prostate that made the seminal fluid. I looked at my dick. I was pouring clear fluid like crazy each time he pushed against that spot. I was feeling so good when everything got so much better. He pulled his finger out and stuck it in his mouth then he returned it to my ass. He pushed his finger in all the way and began to stroke it in and out hitting my little gland over and over. At the same time he took my dick in his mouth. He pushed my hand away and started bobbing up and down. I was in total heaven. I may Preteen Nonude have only been twelve but I knew what a blow job was and the one person that I loved and trusted more than anybody else was giving me my first one. My legs wobbled as I shot the biggest load of my young life into the hot sucking mouth of my loving father. He pulled me tight and let me shoot every drop into his mouth. He nursed me like my puppies had nursed on their mother's teats the previous winter. I was finished. My legs gave out. My wonderful dad held me up as I tried to catch my breath and stand up again. He was rubbing his face all over me and licking on my tummy. He licked my balls and all around in my sparse pubic hair patch. It was thin but I was proud of it. It was my badge of manhood. I was growing up and I had the hair to prove it. My dad's favorite expression when I wanted to do something daring was, "You don't have a Preteen Nonude hair on you ass." I may not but I was getting there. Dad pushed me away and told me to take a shower. I looked at him. He had tears in his eyes. I sat down in his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I love you, daddy. More than I can ever say." I moved in and kissed him on the lips. I had heard about french kissing Preteen Nonude so I pushed my tongue against his lips. We wouldn't open them but he continued to kiss me and rub my body. I pulled back and asked him to let me see him. He looked at me with a start and I could see absolute fear in his eyes. I moved in and kissed him again. I then told him that we should shower together like we used to do until I was around nine or ten. I had his shirt off of him as I began to undo his belt and unzip his pants. I slipped to the floor and untied his shoes and removed them and his socks. He stood up and I pulled his trousers and underwear down together. His dick was sticking out so Preteen Nonude large and so proud. I was on my knees with it right in my face. I took hold of it and felt all around I pushed his foreskin back and looked at the shiny head of his huge meat. With no preliminaries I took his dick into my mouth. I had never even thought about sucking a cock but this seemed like the thing to do. I started going in and out on it and was getting more of it in my mouth. Dad pushed and my head saying, "No, no. This is not right." I slapped his hand away and got his whole dick down my throat. It felt so good in there. I was really going to town trying to suck my daddies big cock. I remembered what he did with his finger so I reached around I found his ass hole and I pushed my finger in. The skin was dry and my finger wouldn't slide. I pulled it out of his ass and scooped up some the abundant slobbers that I was making then took the wet finger back to his poop chute. My finger slid in all the way. Dad shoved his cock deep into my throat. It felt so good there. I knew that I wanted to do this most often. I was moving my finger around as I kept up my movements on his huge cock that was buried to the hair in my mouth on every down stroke. I felt his little butt nut just under the soft and fleshy skin of his inner ass. He moaned as he bucked his hips forward again. I started rubbing all around that hard little piece of flesh just a inch or so inside his ass. Each time I stroked it I could feel his cock expand. I could taste his seminal fluid and I knew he was flowing as he had made me do. The only difference was that there was so much of it. All at once he tensed up and grabbed my head. He was going to cum. I steeled myself and took a deep breath. If I was going to suck a cock I might as well do it right. I was going to get a mouth full of cum. Mouthful was an understatement. I knew for sure where I came from when he started shooting in my mouth. There was so much of it. I moved back to get a good taste but it was coming so fast that I couldn't take it all. Some it was starting to come out of my nose. I pushed down and took him as deep in my throat as I could and let his cum just go right down my newly discovered cock sheath. His cock felt like it belonged there and had always belonged there. I had been incomplete until now. His orgasm drained him completely. He sunk back to sit on the toilet seat again. I turned to the shower and turned on the water. I moved back to my father and tried to pull him up. He pulled me to him and hugged me tight as he cried. Big tears were coming down his cheeks as he hugged me tightly. I turned my head a little and he kissed me again, this time he let my tongue go in. My legs turned to jelly as we kissed the kiss of lovers. We took a long hot shower and took turns washing every part of each other's bodies. I got the best end of the deal because I was so much shorter than my six foot three daddy. We dried off and opened the bathroom door to look straight into the face of my mother. "My son and I are bonding." Mom looked down at our naked bodies, both of us with a semi hard dick. She smiled and said, "It looks like it." She went on down the hall and into the kitchen. "Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes, boys." Dad looked at me and we both giggled. Dad told me to go get dressed and we parted to go to our rooms. That evening my dad came to my bed room. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him. I was only wearing a pair of spider man briefs. He pushed me back and looked at me with a serious look on his face. "Are you alright?" "Sure. I'm okay." "About this afternoon..." "Daddy. Sit down and listen to me now. You gave me the talk today now I'm going to give you one. I love you. You are my dad. I think you are the greatest guy in the world. You gave me an education today that most boys will never get. You are my dad and I know that you were having problems with what we did. Well listen to me old man." I put my hands on my hips and stood up straight looking him right in the eye. "I had and have no problem with what we did. You showed me true love. You also showed me lust. I have wondered about lust for some time now and now I know what it is. "What we did was great and maybe someday we can do it again but I know, just as much as you do, that it would not be good for us to continue. "Daddy, what I am going to say is going to shock you but I am much more mature in my thinking then any of my friends. I know from what happened with Mr. Simmons and his crew at your garage. He got to be good friends with his people and they used him. He had no authority with them anymore. They expected his friendship to overlook their mistakes. He had to fire everybody and start over. "Dad, I don't want you to have to Preteen Nonude fire me. I know you can not be boss and friends. We can be a little more friends as father and son but we cannot be lovers. I don't know if I am queer or not. I have never done what we did today with anybody. I have never even thought about it. But for the last four hours I have thought about it. I went online and read a bunch of stuff about boys and their dads. Daddy, I want you to remain the man I know who loves me and provides for me and shelters me and protects me. I want to be your little boy for a few more years." Dad was crying as he looked at me with pure love in his heart. We hugged and kissed, with our lips closed. He told me how proud he was of me. He put me in bed and tucked me in. That is the way it is every night since then. For the last two years my dad comes to my room and hugs me and kisses me with a warm fatherly kiss. He tucks me into bed and sits down and listens as I tell him everything I have done that day. I really love my dad. But we do not have any sex. Coach blew his whistle. "Okay boys, here's he deal. You can see for yourself that you are all the same. Some of you are a little further along in puberty than others. Some of you have not even started. You see that by looking at each other you get a hard on. Boys, this is natural. There will be no laughing or name calling when you see someone get erect. Most of the time you have no control over it. An erection is part of your bodies growing process. Your body pumps blood into your dick to build the muscles in it. You will get a hard on in the worst places at the worst times. You maybe conjugating verbs in front of the class or working a math problem at the board. This is natural. No laughing. Heaven help the lad who laughs, either in my class or elsewhere. If I learn about it he will understand his folly. Boys, you're not queer or strange or even weird to look at each other. You're young and curious about how you stack up to others. Well this year, in this class you will know. Before this year is over the boy in front of you will grow taller. He will have more muscle tone and definition. His dick will get bigger and he will get more hair, not just around his dick but all over his body. Boys you are becoming men and there is nothing you can do about it. Now, turn and face the pool. "Is there anybody here who cannot swim?" Three boys raised their hands. Coach told them to go to the side of the pool with one of the assistant coaches. He asked if anyone was afraid of deep water. There was some feet shuffling and some looking down at toes. "Listen to me, ladies, I am here to help you grow up mentally. Your bodies are growing. I am going to teach you how to tone them. But your fears and phobias have to be dealt with too. No one is going to laugh at you or think less of you because they have their hang ups too. Now who is afraid of deep water? "Now all of you swimmers line up inside of the pool. When I blow my whistle take off for the other end and swim as far as you can. Try, boys. Try with all of your heart to get to the other end but if you get tired stop so you don't get in trouble. This is an exercise to see where you are in your development and how I can help you get better. That's all I want is to help you be all of the man you can be. Before this year is over everyone of you will have a good leg up on being a man." He blew his whistle and Preteen Nonude I took off. I was swimming at my best speed. The boy who had fallen on me was right with me. I could sense a challenge so I went into racing mode. I lowered my body in the water and struck out. I was pulling ahead. I beat him by a half a body length. He was good. The coach came up to us and pulled us from the water. He complimented us and asked if we had ever competed. I told him no. I have a big half size olympic pool in my back yard. and I swim everyday, year round. I learned the other boy's name as Phillip told the coach that he just swam when he could but he really liked it. He had never raced anyone before but he just felt right trying to beat me. The coach smiled as he saw the competitive drive in both of us. He asked us Preteen Nonude to get back in the water and race to the other end and back. He said he didn't care about who won he wanted to time us. We pushed off and swam like a dragon was after us. I had Phil all the way. He swam like a fish but he was fighting the water a little. He just needed some coaching to learn to get his body deeper in the water and lower his head more. The coach was the happiest man I had ever seen as we got back to his end. He was showing his stop watch to the assistants. One of them showed him his stop watch. They pulled us out of the water and someone handed us towels. We dried our hair and listened as the coach told me that I had just taken a full second off of the school record and Phil had just tied the record. He looked at me with a kind of sideways frown and asked quietly, "Can you dive?" I didn't answer. I climbed up to the high board. I stood at the back and checked the water to be sure nobody was beneath me. The coach blew his whistle and told somebody to stay clear of the boards. I took a deep breath and raised up on my toes. I ran down the board and hit it for a good spring high in the air. I did a triple somersault and split the water like a sharp knife leaving virtually no wake. I rolled under water and swam back to the side. As my head broke water I heard everybody cheering, clapping, and whistling, I went back to the board and stood on the end of it. I did a backward double flip and cut the water smoothly. "You're on the varsity team boy. I'm gonna work that ass of yours like you have never been worked. You are Olympic material." He looked at Phil and asked him if he could dive. He told coach that he had never had a pool with a board but he dove off of the side. He asked me if I could coach. I took Phil out on the half meter board and stood behind him as I helped get used to being so high above the water. He did a few basic dives as he worked up his confidence. Then the coach blew his whistle and ordered everybody to the showers. He came up to Phil and me and asked if I would be willing to coach Phil. He asked Phil if we was comfortable with me coaching. We were okay then I told Phil that he could come to my house and we could work out after school. He liked that idea. We showered beside each other and watched each other stroke ourselves. Everybody else had left so I let go and went after the prize. I shot my load all over Phil's belly and cock. He came back at me and covered me with his big load. We were laughing as we rinsed off and got dressed. It turned out that Phil and I had three more classes and lunch together. We sat together in each class and ate together. After school he rode his bike along side of me. Preteen Nonude I figured he was going to go home with me. Wow, this was getting good. When we got to my house he stopped. "You live here! Wow! I live in those apartments across the street." Destiny? He went home to tell his mother where he would be and was back at my door in fifteen minutes. I took him to my room and told him we needed to get our swim wear on. He looked at me and said he didn't bring his. I looked at him with a big eyed stare as I looked him over. I pulled his shorts down. He was naked. He had left his underwear at home. I walked around him and looked at his naked ass. "It looks like it's all there what do you not have." I broke out in laughter as I explained that I always swim nude. He hit me in the arm and pulled his tee shirt off. I stood naked, looking at his naked body. His dick was getting as hard as mine was. I moved to him and wrapped my arms around him. He moved into me I held him close he pulled me closer. Our hands were all over each other. I whispered in his ear, "This is so queer. I have never done this before but it feels so right." I kissed his cheek. "I have never done it either but I want to do shit with you that is so fucking queer. Please don't hate me." I kissed him on his mouth and pushed my tongue through his hot lips. He kissed back and we fell across my bed. We each took the other's cocks in hand and fondled and moaned into each other's mouths. He got up and turned around on the bed so his legs were off of the other side, his cock in my face his face at my cock. We didn't say a word we just moved in and sucked each other. His cock was so hard and so hot. It was hard and soft and so good. It fit my mouth so well. It had been two years since I had sucked a cock. This one was just right and I didn't ever want to let it go. I used my tongue to slide his foreskin back and was met with a taste of his day. I could taste a little piss and some cum. I tasted a lot of pre-cum. I tasted a lot of him. I couldn't stop myself. I fired my load fully into his mouth without warning. His dick expanded in my mouth and I was getting his load in return. We both tried to bury the other's body in our mouths as we tried to get more and more of the cock into us. We both went soft and rolled away to catch our breath. I turned and lay beside him. He got on top of me and our lips were like magnets as they locked together. "I have never been fucked. Will you go easy?" he asked. I was shocked. I never even thought of it. "I...I...uhhh...I... I never." "Good then I will be your first and you can have my cherry." He rolled to his back and pulled his legs back to his shoulders. I looked at his little pink hole. It looked so good and sweet. I wanted to dive in there so I did. I had my face right in there and was kissing and licking like a starving man. He had a day's sweat in his crack and it smelled so, him. I searched for every bit of it that I could find and then went back to trying to get my head into his ass hole. His hole opened a bit and my tongue went in. I could taste his slick juices just inside of his tiny opening. I went into a feeding frenzy. I just couldn't get enough. He was moaning and pushing his ass into my face. "Use your fingers. Open me up and fuck me. Pleaseeee. Oh please fuck me. I need you in me. Oh I love you, fuck me, Chris. Put your cock in my ass and make me yours forever." I was so turned on. I had two fingers going in and out of his ass. I was going so fast that I was afraid that I was going to start a fire like I can by rubbing two stick together. I pulled my fingers out and licked them. They tasted so good. I got them super wet and added a third then pushed them back into him. He was open for business. I got up on my knees and lined my cock up with his perfect little butt. I pushed in. My cock head broke through and he yelped. I asked him if he was okay. He pulled on my ass cheeks and urged me on. I pushed slowly. I pulled out a little and brought some of his ass juice with my dick. I smeared that over the length of my cock and pushed back in. I went all of the way. He tensed and pulled me down on top of him. God it felt so good. We were mating. I was actually fucking. My cock was surrounded with the hottest, softest matter ever and it was so warm and comfortable. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life. He told me he was ready and asked me to fuck him. I began to move in and out. We both moaned. I have had two blow jobs in my life, one from my dad and one just now from Phil. I love the feeling that it brings to my cock but I can't even begin to describe the pleasure that I was getting from this tight ass around my boyhood. I heard the oldie song, I love you for sentimental reasons start to play somewhere. It was probably the old man that lived next door, he always played his oldies but somehow that song fit what I was experiencing right now. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Ohh I love you for sentimental reasons. I love Phil but was it sentimental reasons or carnal reasons. I was fucking him like a dog and we had our tongues tied in a big knot as our lips were glued together. I knew that before the day was over he would have his dick buried in my ass and we would never be the same. I would now and forever be a queer. If I could have Phil with me I would be okay. Phil shot a big load up between our bellies. It squished and made funny noises as I continued to pound away. My cum was rising and his ass squeezing his load out was speeding me along. I fired everything I had up in him. I had a complete orgasm. Every part of my body was satisfied. I fell on top of him. I kept hearing, "I love you, I love you, I love you." But I realized it was no longer the song it was Phil. I raised up to look at his face. He had tears pouring out of his eyes as he pulled me to him and kept saying, "I love you." I love him too. I told him so. He held me close and wouldn't let me go. We lay together and cuddled. He never knew his dad that well. He was five when his dad and big brother were killed in car wreck. He had lots of money in a trust fund but he wanted his dad and his brother. His brother was his keeper and protector. He had been six years older and he took care of Phil and even fought for him. Phil never knew love. His mother drank all of the time and didn't know if he was around or not. She lived on her part of the insurance settlement and drank. I told Phil we should swim a little and recharge because he still had to fuck me. He liked that idea so we charged to the pool. We worked on the two meter board for an hour. Our pool has three boards. A half meter, a two meter, and a three meter. We have the parts to raise the big board to four meters but dad wanted to wait until I am older. Phil was getting good so I started teaching him some competition dives. After an hour I called time. I didn't want to overdo it on his first day and risk an injury. We got in the water and just swam for a bit. Then I got him out and took him up to the Jacuzzi on the back porch. We sat together in the bubbles and hugged and kissed. We talked and decided that we were definitely in love with one another. Well, we're fourteen, what do you expect. I told him we needed to consummate our union and I drug him back to my bedroom. Phil ate my ass and fucked me. He was better to me than I had been to him. He was paying attention when I did him and he did it differently. I loved it as much as I loved him. He fucked me until I cummed twice. His dick was so sweet. I rolled over and was sucking him and trying to get all evidence of our love making off of him when my bedroom door opened. My dad looked in and backed out. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He was saying as he shut the door. "Dad! Dad, come here. Wait come here, dad." He put his head back in. "Shut the door and come here." I patted the bed beside me. Phil was trying to cover his dick with his hands. I slapped them away. "Dad, this is my boy friend, Phil. He just fucked me daddy and I loved it. I love him and he loves me." My dad looked at me like I was a leper. "He fucked me first and I fell in love with him. Then he gave himself to me. We are now boyfriends." Phil said as he put his arm around me. "Dad, say something." "I don't know what I created. I have feared this for two years." Dad was saying to his lap. "Dad, you showed me what love is. You didn't make me queer. I have never done anything since that day with you. I never Preteen Nonude even think of it. I met Phil at school this morning and I wanted to be his friend. I brought him home after school and sucked his dick. He sucked me too and he wanted me to fuck him. I did and I like it. I wanted him to fuck me so he could see how much I love him. Daddy, he is second only to you in my life." Dad took me in his arms and hugged me. He turned to Phil and took his six inch pecker in his hand and fondled it. Phil got hard instantly. Dad pushed the skin back and played around the head. "He's cute and he has nice equipment. I guess I am a little jealous. My baby boy is growing up and will be leaving the nest all to soon." He kissed me with our daddy kiss. He kissed Phil. "Don't worry dad. I still have four years of highschool to go. I won't be moving out too soon. Maybe Phil will move in though." We all giggled about that. Dad did a good job of convincing mom that I was okay and that things were normal. She didn't like it but she loved me and tried to not show her disappointment. I did hear her lament to dad about not having grandchildren. Dad told her to wait. Time would tell. There is still a chance. Yeah. There is more of a chance today than there ever has been. Phil and I have been together for two years. He does live with me now. His mother took a one bedroom apartment in the same complex and let Phil stay with me. But today it is all over. Memories are a strange thing. They come in spurts. I am sitting on my mountain looking at the beautiful, clear, desert sky. My radio is playing to old love songs on satellite radio. No commercials just lots of music. Songs that Phil and I listen too. I was heading to my car after school. I was looking for Phil and I saw him. He was between J.P.'s van and Foress's truck. No one could see him. He was kissing Foress. Foress had his big paws all over my boy's sweet ass. And they were grinding into each other. I had to get in my car and get out of there before I broke down in front of everybody. I reached under my seat and fumbled with the velcro straps. I pulled out a pint bottle of Jim Beam. I took a big drink. My head felt a little better. Sometimes a small drink can put things in perspective. NOT. I heard a motor struggling hard. Somebody was driving up my mountain. Phil better not be bringing his boyfriend up here to my mountain. I sat up and looked in the direction of the headlights as they shone in the sky from the steep road up the side of my mountain. If my low slung car can make it up here anything can but I like to think it is private. I do own the land. I bought it last year just Preteen Nonude so I could sit up here unmolested. I had posted signs at the bottom of the hill. Preteen Nonude The headlights broke over the edge and shone right in my face. I raised my arm to shield from the bright light. Phil was yelling my name. He ran to me and grabbed me. He opened my car door and pulled me out and against him. The car had stopped and I saw it was my dad. He came up to me and hugged me. He stepped back and smelled my breath. I grinned and handed him the bottle. "I just had one little drink. Honest. I just needed a bracer." He grinned and took a small drink and handed it back to me. I looked at Phil but he shook his head no so I tossed the bottle on the car seat. "I have been so worried about you. I needed you at school today and you took off. Foress tried to rape me. I needed you to get me out of there and you just left me." I fell to the ground and started to cry. I cried like a baby. Phil sat down and held me. I held on to him. Dad sat down and held us both.. Phil got a blanket out of the trunk and we spread it out. All three of us stripped naked and lay under the stars. I told them of my thoughts and fears and all of my memories of the evening. We all shared a kiss and hugs. I told dad how important he was to me and how much I loved him. I told him that I wanted my lover to make love to my daddy so that we would all be one. Dad surprised me when he accepted. He went all the way. He let both of us fuck him and he fucked both of us. We all lay there and sucked each other. We got in a triangle and sucked each other then switched around and sucked the other until the sun lightened the eastern sky. Dad hugged both of us to himself and dropped the bomb shell on us. My mom had left him the day before. She could not condone a queer for a son. She had sat back for two years and prayed that I would grow out of my fag phase but it appeared that this was not going to happen. She could not stay with a man that was so weak that he would allow his son to be a butt fucking queer right in his own house. She needed a man that could be strong. She had filed for divorce and wanted nothing out of it. She agreed to a six figure cash settlement and a quiet divorce and we would never hear from her again. Her only request was that I never contact her or try to find out where she was. Now that really made me cry. Dad drove me back to town in his car. Phil drove mine. We stopped at the big truck stop on the freeway into town and had a big breakfast. I had the truckers breakfast: three eggs, sunny side up, three bacon strips, two sausage patties, hash brown potatoes, two biscuits with sausage gravy, and three eight inch pancakes with lots of butter and maple syrup. I had two cups of coffee and a sixty four ounce coke. Hey, what can I say, I'm a growing boy and I had been up all night long. Phil and I found dad a boy friend. He is a cute guy. He was a runaway and was in bad shape. We took him home and fed him and fucked him. We introduced him to dad and he fell in love. So we set them up. We made dad fuck him with us fucking right along side until they were comfortable with each other then we went back to my room and left them alone. We was twelve and hung when we found him. He is fourteen now and really hung. I'm jealous. Phil and I graduated highschool last May and we start at the University here in town next week. We are going to continue to live at home. We both got swimming scholarships. I am on the Olympic's hopeful list and am to try out next month. Yeah we put up the four meter board and it is like diving from the heavens. I love it. But I love diving into my Phil more. So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fishermaniname.com.Hangin' hard, dude. 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