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Related article: This is a story of how it happens sometimes around here, and do *I* ever love it... _____ is ________________ from the 28 Barbary Lane. I had posted that I was seeking an annual event for my birthday in the bedroom. I had been teased about it for some time, until he pulled me into chat one nite. My roommate had already gone to bed, and was sleeping quite soundly. He asked what I was doing and I told him not that much, seeking sex, other than that nothing. ______ said that he wanted to come over. I had talked to ______ before on the board about what I Preteen Art like to do in bed. Not really, kinda in the feel of strong legs around my neck and wild passionate sex. Into the scissors hold, huh? I LOVE the scissors hold! I could kill, you know. I've done it before... Either way I still like the scissors hold... the dangers of the scissors hold. It isn't dangerous if it is applied correctly....if it isn't it can be dangerous... yeah, you never know what happens in the midst of passion. one twist, and.... dust. That is true, but that is one thing that has not happened, and I have been careful of....that is why positioning is important.. I don't think that I would even be in a situation with someone that would even accidently hurt me... That's good... I didn't mean that I would. But allowing yourself to be placed in an inferior position is very disadvantage physically and (to me) sexually. I don't mind the position in the least..in fact it is probably the biggest turn on for me.. What position is that? We're discussing the scissors hold. What are your opinions? If you have more than one... Depends one where ones important parts are? In someone else's mouth, of course! Of course! Explain the scisors hold in that light please. Certainly, someone on top of you giving you a blow job, and squeezing you tightly with thier thighs around your neck.. Gotcha...would prefer to do the sqeezing and get the blow too. I would. Like to do the squeezing, or get the blow... Well, if you had three people, a triangle perhaps could work... I Preteen Art wonder how it would work turned around for some nice rimming? It does work. It's harder to do that way. you lose your leverage. There are things that you can do...loosen the legs a bit, and slip the tongue in... Anyways, I prefer a tongue job on my dick... Who doesn't, and giving a good tongue job is a wonderful thing also. I prefer not licking someone's ass. I agree. I don't know about you, but I find that the scissor hold turns me on, and that when it comes to having sex, I prefer having safe sex.... All of them, from scissors, to rimming (yuck), I guess that I prefer safe sex....but with my liking of the scissors hold does help me in keeping safe alot of times... Actually it wasn't that much. A friend of mine (*****) and I were "sleeping" over at my house in the backyard in the travel trailer, we started to fool around a bit, and he got me trapped into a real tight head scissors, and gave me a blow job. He repeated the scene a number of times after that. Ahhh. so that's where the scissors hold comes from... It sure is...and I still, to this day love the feel of muscles around my neck, squeezing or not. Well, I do work on my leg muscles... Fell into that trap in high school. When I worked out, it was always the squats, and the free weights (benching)... So I've developed huge thighs and calves, and a big chest... forgot to work on the tummy muscles and arm muscles. Nothing wrong with having hugh thighs at all, the more the muscle the better, the more cozy I think... We moved into private chat: So you have large thighs, very enticing indeed... Yeah, unfortunately, i also have a tummy, and sometimes it looks as if I have just fat there, but it's mostly muscle... and when I wear the right clothes, it looks like muscle... There is nothing wrong with that I have some fat, which I don't like, but I am also too lazy at the moment to worry too much about. I am still hard underneath that, and that is what I like the feel of is a man that has something on their bones. Well, I'd qualify... I want those muscular legs...heheheheh sure thing... My friend and I were at a party, and he got drunk. He asked me whether he could stay at my place, since he didn't want his parents to find out he was drunk... I agreed, and he slept on the floor in my room. I usually sleep in the nude, but because he was over, I slept in my underwear.. Anyways, after I had fallen asleep, I dreamt that my dick was being sucked... It wasnt' a dream. My friend was sucking my dick. So I fall back on the scissor hold, I am close, I can fondle whatever I can reach, and it excites me.. Understandable... I can see that it is a convenient postition, for both involved... I suppose it can be, but I find that I get more excited when it comes to contemplating someone's legs than their cock. I figure the cock is there, attention has to be paid to it (mostly because it seems to be so insistent on attention), but the legs are what thrill me. Sex.... Well, oral sex, to me, is very enjoyable. I've always felt that to be one of the most gratifying parts of the whole act... I know that I have always enjoyed it. I can remember a number of times just sitting around watching tv with ***** and sitting between his legs, and starting to stroke him and fondle him, and I just loved to get bewteen those legs and work on his cock, it was great. The taste, everything about it was something that I have not wanted to forget. I am sure he enjoyed it.. Yes, he was my "little fantasy man" because he had a body that was fabulous, smooth, and muscular, I have had a number of offers from people during this last year or so, but I normally say no, maybe because I am looking for someone that is willing to be safe, willing to allow me the use of their legs, and that will be a turn on to me. I do have to admit though, that most of the offers have been verbal so far, and in a situation with someone sitting next to you, stroking my body, and propositioning me, that is a different story, I more than likely wouldn't say no to them, because I (and this is the most important) want to be assured that they really want to be there with me, Preteen Art and not just for the sake of sex. sounds good. Though sometimes (coming from a college student addicted to sex) just for the sake of sex is not too bad either... Oh, not at all, I have wanted that a number of times, as long as both parties know that is what is happening. I hate it when it turns into something other than that, where either I or they want more than just the mutual orgasm. Take care of yourself *****...and I hope to run into you soon, and do take care of those muscular legs.. Another conversation with him long before actually having sex: Okay....so ** how are those sexy legs tonight...I have thought of them a couple of times. I'm sure you have. Been working them, just for you! Good, nothing like a nice set of well-defined hard muscled legs to caress stroke massage, and whatever comes to mind with. Whatever comes to your mind... The feel of nice warm flesh on each side of my neck and my tongue working at a hardening member... (scissors hold, scissors hold) subliminal persuasion.. A man after my own heart due to muscular legs! Sorry, I was drifting in a sea of muscularity... Thinking about **...hmmmmm I don't think it's a muscle you want flexed. Then came the night that I actually met ______. I told him where I lived and so he could get over here. I was anxious as I could be. Nervous about meeting him for sure. I got the house straightened up before he got here, moved the VCR into my bedroom, and pulled out some porno flicks. I heard someone pull into the parking lot behind the building. I ran to the window to see what he looked like. He was exactly like he had described to me. He was Asian, tanned, and had thickly muscled, smooth skinned legs. He was wearing shorts. I was flabberghasted for sure. I was nervous without a doubt having this musclebound man heading to my apartment for a porno, and some sex. When I actually saw him face to face, he was my own height, was built like a brick shithouse, muscles all over with just enough definition to make me drool almost immediately. I got a hardon just looking at those these wrapped tightly in those shorts and spandex. I had never taken spandex off of a man, and I was certainly looking forward to this chance. We moved into the bedroom where I had set up the VCR and picked out a couple of movies for watching, mostly Colt movies, with lots of muscle and sex. We didn't talk much, just sat there watching the movie Preteen Art for a little while. He sat back on the bed, watching the movie, nervous without a doubt. I had already told him what I was wanting from him, and I wasn't sure what he wanted, and waited for some sign. A little while longer I started to massage those smooth skinned legs of his, feeling the muscles underneath, already hard and waiting for the taste of this man! "Would you like me to undress you and do what comes naturally?" "Sure" he replied, pulling off his shirt with a little help from me. His chest was smooth, and muscled like that of Greg Louganis. He tossed the shirt off the bed, and I began moving towards his shorts. He let me do most of the work here, first removing some gym shorts. The sight of those thighs right in front of me, flexing as he lifted his hips from the bed to allow the shorts to come off. I massaged his legs again, and moved up to his crotch, massaging his cock through the material. I began working at the next pair of shorts that he had on, the spandex. I pulled on these and he assisted with pulling them off of his hips, playfully trapping me between his thighs. I was in heaven, those thighs were a great erection giver. I felt the muscles churn under his hot skin, and pulled the short over his legs and tossed them to the side of the bed. I found that he had a pair of underwear under these, still hiding that cock that was my goal, besides of course the feel of those thighs around my neck. I moved up between his Preteen Art legs and continued to massage his thighs as I got myself comfortable and began stroking again, his cock under the cloth. He was laying down with his legs on top of my shoulders while I was laying there massaging with my hand. After discovering that he was partially hard and enjoying the treatment more and more, I moved deep between his thighs, feeling those muscles around my neck, the hot skin warming me, and the smell of his manliness hitting my nose. I began gently chewing on is cock through his underwear, which began to harden his cock even more. He moaned occasionally, but didn't say anything, except to give me a gentle squeeze with his thighs. I was enjoying the taste of the cloth, the feel of those thighs, and the hardness of his cock pulsating beneath the gentle bite of my teeth. He began to get impatient for me to place his cock in his mouth. He began pulling off his underwear, only to show me that there was another layer of cloth still to go. I played with the last pair of underwear, biting and licking, mouthing the ever growing mound of manliness. The head of his cock pushed through the top of his shorts, throbbing as he squeezed me with his thighs, the blood rushing into it. I quickly began pulling off the last pair of underwear to get to the cock. It was wonderfully shaped, throbbing, and begging for attention. I moved onto it quickly, licking the sides, and around the tip with my tongue, and moved to the area between his legs, licking his balls, slowly taking them in, careful to treat them gently. I licked his perneum, enjoying the manly odor, and flesh surrounding my neck, all the while my hands are exploring his skin and cock. He was wonderful at this point, placing his thighs firmly around my neck, moving them around, me groaning with the pleasure of feeling those smooth skinned thighs holding me at the center of his manliness. I was enjoying every inch of his member, balls, the smell of his manliness. The feeling of those thick thighs around my neck were beginning to sweat with the passionate sex that I was giving him with my mouth. He was quiet through out the experience, groaning occasionally as I touched an extremely sensitive spot. When I heard him groan, I concentrated my sucking and licking even more, while he rewarded me with a firm squeeze around my neck. My hands, arms, tongue, and lips were busy working at his pleasure, slowly taking him towards the point of orgasm. I continued to suck for a long time, enjoying the sweating muscular thighs gently squeezing me, and the taste of him. I motioned to him to grab the bottle of oil by the side of the bed. He placed it quietly in my hand, and used the oiled hands to stroke him even more, causing him to reward me even more with those lusciously muscular thighs. He was holding out on me. Making me work for his orgasm. Letting me lay there between those thighs, rewarding me occasionally with the a squeeze. I continued working on his cock for quite sometime until I tired of the wait. Wondering if I had lost the touch or something. He admitted that he was keeping himself from having an orgasm. He finally decided that he wanted to stroke his cock, while watching the video that was still going in the background. While I laid between his thighs licking his perineum and balls. He began stroking Preteen Art his cock with his oiled hand, stroking it slowly, while I attended to his perineum. His thighs wrapped around me firmly, squeezing slightly with the oncoming orgasm. He stroked, both of us sweating from the building sexual work. I continued licking him, stroking him, and massaging him over his thighs, sides, stomach, whatever was in reach while I was enjoying those hot thighs, and the taste of the man. I gently mouthed and licked his balls, while watching him stroke his engorged member, and felt the skin of his thighs holding me. Shortly thereafter he whispered that he was coming. He came, the fluid spurting from his cock, covering it, the smell permeating the air. His thighs tightened slightly, and relaxed fully when his spasms of passion subsided. We rested for a few moments, be still stroking his thighs, looking forward to the orgasmically wonderful next step, the step that I really wanted. We rested for a short time, and then I asked him, "Well, are you ready to do your part?" He responded, "Sure". I had him move up on the bed, his leg stretched towards the foot and instructed him what to do. I moved, all the while hardening at the thought of his huge thighs surrounding me and squeezing me. I turned around and looked at those thick thighs, feeling them again, the firmness of the muscles under the smooth skin. I motioned him that I wanted to position myself by gently pushing on his leg. His leg move up, the muscles flexing all the way through the range of motion. I moved into position so my body was in line with his, and he pulled his thigh over his head and I turned for a moment to take in the sight of those thighs. The muscles were gently formed under the smooth skin. The muscles were well developed and worked hard at some sport or another. His thighs looked as if they were on a 500 mile bicycle trip in the recent past. Thighs of my dreams. I settled into the manly thighs, taking note of the feel of his hot skin, the smoothness, and firmness of the muscles underneath. He placed those legs around my neck as I massaged those legs, feeling the skin, the muscles underneath, the straited muscles as they moved. I stroked his skin, "Cross your legs in a figure four." He placed his left leg over my chest, and drew his ankle under his right leg. The muscles felt wonderful moving into position, and he began to gently squeeze and I began to stroke my cock with my oiled hand. "Tighter", I pleaded, and his calf closed in on my neck while the muscles of his thighs grew with the change in pressure of the head scissors. I continued stroking my cock feeling those thighs, pleading for more pressure, and feeling the strength, thinking about the trap of manly muscles I had just voluntarily placed myself into. He continued increasing the pressure, while I stroked, massaging his thigh, up his side, and feeling all that I could feel. Taking note of the way that his muscles felt around my neck. "Take you legs and straighten them out", I asked. What else could I do, after all if he would have decided he could have squeeze me with those thighs and cause me great ecstacy. He straightened them, and stretched them out, not crossing the ankles for the tight deep head scissors that turn me to an orgasmic end each time. I felt the muscles move and squeeze my neck, stretched straight out around my neck. I could feel the hardened, flexed muscles around my neck, holding me there. I moved my hand towards his flexing calves, "Cross you ankles and squeeze." I had my neck deep within the recesses of his thighs, right up to his balls, where those fabulous muscles that join at the inner thigh. I told him, "Tighter". He gradually continued to increase with each bidding to squeeze tighter, never too quickly, testing to see just how much of the muscular strength I was after from him. I continued stroking, his legs, and my cock. I could feel as he continued to increase the power of his thighs. He continued squeezing, as I got closer and closer, asking quietly for him to squeeze tighter and tighter. I could feel his muscles hardening to the full extreme, turning me on even more. I continued stroking, feeling those thighs, and was beginning to get closer to my orgasm, wrapped in the those thick thighs. Just like I have always enjoyed. My body began spasming with the oncoming orgasm, I began moaning for the thighs to squeeze even tighter. He obliged easily, with more power to go. "I'm getting closer", then the squeezing began to get tighter and tighter on its own. I stroked my cock even faster, not longer able to concentrate on the skin of this thighs, but the striated muscles surrounding my neck in such a vise-like grip. I stroked Preteen Art quickly now, asking for him to give more of those thighs. I wanted to feel them. For them to be a part of me. I could actually feel the muscles and their striated structure squeezing me. I hung on, asking for a bit more, and "I'm coming", at which time he squeezed me even harder than before, holding me tightly, with the strength of those bicycling hardened, huge thighs. I reveled in the strength, the muscles, the heat of the skin, and the tightness of those thighs, as I let loose spasm after spasm of hot cum. He continued squeezing throughout the orgasm, which seemed to last for minutes, with the legs wrapped around me. I was finally spent, being held hard, tight between those thighs. When I had finally finished with my orgasm, "Okay, that's enough." He released my neck from the tight head scissors. I relaxed and laid there for a moment, enjoying the feel of the now softened thighs around me. "Whew...now that was a workout", he said as I released me fully from his thighs. I sat up, lingering in those thighs as long as he would allow, and sat up, stroking them occasionally. I massaged his thighs, "You did wonderfully. Anytime that you would like to have your cock sucked again, I will be glad to, as long as I get to partake in your thighs." Who knows when it happened again, but this is what I do when I don't enough to do....
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