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Naked Preteen

(2011-11-22 04:16:49)





Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.26 The Master Chris Collection SUBMISSION IN THE WILD WEST ___________________________ Although you were skeptical at first, now that we are on the plane, heading to Colorado, the idea of a dude ranch seems kind of attractive. I have spent the last few weeks showing you brochures and talking you into the idea of spending a week in the Wild West riding horses and breathing the clean mountain air. The pressures of work have been unbearable and the thought of spending time back with nature is too good to pass up. The plane ride is a couple of hours long and we have two seats next to each other on the half empty plane. You immediately snuggle up next to me and I put my arm around you. Once we have taken off and are cruising on our way, I reach around you to fondle a breast. "Mmmm", you murmur. We haven't had time to think about sex for awhile and the caressing is appealing. With my other hand I reach out and undo the top button of your blouse. Then the second. At the third button, you start to get nervous and as I reach for the fourth button you instinctively reach up to hold your blouse closed. I take your hands and gently hold them behind your back as I loosen the fourth button. I reach in and gently pull at both of your nipples. As I do so, your breasts are exposed to the air. "Arch your back.", I whisper. Despite yourself, you arch your back to more fully offer your breasts to me. I reach down and bite each nipple hard and then I release you. You reach around and draw your blouse closer together then you go to do up the buttons. "No", I say softly, "Don't do up the buttons, leave them open. You are nervous but you do as I ask. Your breasts are covered but the cleavage you now present goes all the way to your navel. In a way it is more exposing than being naked. Every once in a while I reach over to caress you again. I play with your full breasts or I slide a hand up under your skirt to discover your ever increasing wetness or I simply reach over to stroke your hair or your neck. The constant stimulation continues to turn you on until you are literally sitting in a puddle of excitement. By the time the plane lands you are ready to make love right in the airport but instead, we pick up our bags and get on the ranch bus. I have allowed you to do Naked Preteen only the bottom two buttons of your blouse and you blush red as men stare openly at the expanse of flesh is exposed. The bus ride is not long. There are 2 other couples with you and you notice that they are young and attractive, not at all the old retired types you expected. The ranch itself is also a pleasant surprise. The decor is modern and comfortable and your room contains a huge bed as well as a well equipped bathroom complete with hot-tub. 'This is going to be better than I imagined.', you think to yourself as you unpack. I arrive in the room a moment later and you immediately slide your horny body up against mine. You have been turned on all day and you beg for me to allow you some release. I smile at you as I stand you up. "Not yet.", I say in a mischievous voice, "Don't you want to do some horseback riding?" "Uh uh.", you say, "I want a different kind of ride." I'm still smiling as I pull you out of the room and towards the stables. You follow reluctantly. You are still wearing your light blue skirt and your blouse is still revealingly opened to show more than you are comfortable with. The stables are well appointed and you admire the various horses as we look around. One of the stable hands introduces himself as Jim. "Are you ready to go sir?", he asks me. You look at me questioningly. Evidently, something has been planned here in your absence. "Sure.", I say. Four horses are led out and I refuse to answer any of your questions. "But I'm not even dressed to go riding.", you protest. "Shhhh", I reply. The horses are saddled up and Jim and what must be his girlfriend mount up. I help you onto a pretty mare and instruct you to sit, not sidesaddle as you would have liked but astride the horse thus placing your naked pussy directly on the leather of the saddle. The warm leather immediately gets slippery with the juices of your overexcited pussy. We start out across the empty plain towards the nearby hills. The feeling of the pommel of the saddle rubbing against your hard clit is driving you to distraction and you have difficulty concentrating on Jim's steady patter describing the wilderness around you. After about an hour, you come to the hills and shortly after that Jim and his friend Peggy come to a stop beside a little stream in a clearing. The scenery is beautiful. You are truly away from everything here. You get off your saddle, careful not to let anyone see that you are wearing no underpanties and you sit down on the grass to relax. Your mind is really on one thing and one thing only; Sex. You see Jim removing the saddles and letting the horses relax also and a few minutes later, you are all sitting in a circle on your saddles passing the canteen around for a drink. "So,", says Jim, "this is your submissive lady." You choke on your drink. Peggy is looking right at you and smiling. "Tell me.", she asks, "What have you made her do?" "Well,", I say, "First of all, she is not permitted to wear underclothes of any kind. Secondly, I have had her submit to strange men and have exhibited her in public. She has had her pussy shaved, her nipples clipped, her bottom spanked and has been a slave to both men and women." "Mmmmm.", says Peggy. She stands up and looks down at you. She is wearing a chamois shirt and jeans and has leather riding boots on her feet. In her right hand is her riding crop. You feel your heart skip a beat. She is petite but she looks severe and her presence scares you. You know that you will have little choice but to obey everything she asks of you. Your hot pussy is very present and you hope that she won't discover it. "Roll over on your belly.", she says. You roll over on your saddle so you are face down. Your feet and hands are touching the grass but your bottom is raised and presented to your audience. You feel a tremor run through your body as you realize that you are helpless before her. You feel the leather of her crop slide up along your naked calf and catch the hem of your skirt. Very, very slowly, she raises the crop and pulls your skirt higher and higher until it has uncovered your long tanned thighs. The skirt continues to rise, now revealing your white tan line and the curve of your buttocks and then finally comes to rest in a puddle around your waist. The crop now strokes your long legs carressingly. "Spread them.", she commands and you hesitantly let your legs fall open. She encourages them further and further apart until you are completely exposed. The tip of the riding crop explores the hot wet slit of your pussy and then stops. You hear Peggy sit down and you wait, passively, lying across the warm leather of your saddle with your bottom upraised and completely exposed. The three of us continue to talk about you as I describe some of the situations you have been put in. Your face blushes red as I describe what parts of your body are most sensitive and what particular variations you enjoy. Peggy is very interested to hear that you have long nipples that love nipple clips and that you enjoy being spanked hard. "Stand up.", you hear Peggy say. You stand up before her thankfully allowing your skirt to fall and cover you again. Your respite is to be short-lived, however. "Off with those clothes.", she says. Your fingers are trembling as you remove your blouse and skirt and stand with your head bowed awaiting your next instruction. Peggy leads you over to a nearby tree and attaches your hands together in front of you. The end of Naked Preteen the rope is thrown over a convenient branch and you feel yourself being stretched upwards. She takes the opportunity of your helplessness to pinch your sensitive nipples with her gloved fingers. Your ankles are tied next so that you are spread eagled in front of us. Peggy stands behind you and begins running her hands across your body. She reaches around to squeeze your breasts. You moan out loud at the sensation. One of her leather gloved hands runs down your belly to stroke your pussy. The feeling of the cool leather rubbing across your clit has your whole body twitch and she does it again and again until you are about to come. She walks around to in front of you now and you look down to see that she has a branch of nettles in one hand. You close your eyes, hoping that the nettles aren't for you. Of course they are. You feel the prickly frond rubbing gently across your left nipple. It is already hard but the irritating nettles cause it to get so tight that it aches. The right nipple undergoes the same treatment and although the rubbing of the nettles stops, their stimulation continues. Immediately you feel an itch in your nipples that you are begging to scratch. Your body squirms in its bonds and your pussy begins to gush its juices. You feel Peggy playing with your shaved slit and the tiny sting of the nettles touches your delicate pink pussy lips. She pulls back the hood of your clitoris to make sure that it gets its fair share too. The stimulation is too much for you. You are now panting in short ragged breaths and your whole body is straining at the ropes which bind you. You open your eyes to see Jim in front of you. He is not wearing any clothes and his cock is large and thick. You look up at him and say, "Please." He smiles as he comes closer. You feel the tip of his cock touch your wet pussy and he allows just the head to slide inside you. You hold your breath waiting for him to thrust into you, to fill you up. Peggy has moved behind you and all of a sudden a searing pain strikes your bottom. You body is driven forward and impales itself deeply on Jim's cock. The riding crop strikes again and the hot pain thrusts you forward again onto the unyielding hardness of Jim. The strokes set the rhythm as Peggy drives you forward again and again. Your bottom is burning hot by the time she is done and you are crying out with every thrust of Jim's body into yours. Jim holds himself deep in you without moving. Naked Preteen You feel him reach around behind you and grasp one of your hot buttocks in each of his large rough hands. He pulls them apart to reveal your hidden hole and the next sensation you feel is Peggy's cool finger as she lubricates your bottom. Her finger slides in and out of you and again she sets the rhythm of you pushing yourself onto Jim's cock. Her finger pulls out and you feel the head of my cock at your tiny entrance. Very, very gently I slide into you until you feel my belly pressing up against the heat in your bottom. You are more filled than you have ever been before in your life. Your hypersensitive nipples are still stinging slightly from the nettles as they press into Jim's hairy chest. Your soaking pussy is stretched to the limit by Jim's thick organ and your hot bottom is penetrated by my cock. You feel the two organs pushing and pulling in alternate strokes. As I push in, Jim pulls out and as I pull out, Jim pushes in. Your body takes up a steady rhythm between us as your hips push harder and harder forwards and backwards trying to get more of us into you. You turn your head to the side to see Peggy with a camera Naked Preteen taking pictures but by this time you don't care. Your orgasm starts from the tips of your toes and the depths of your belly. You start to scream out loud at the feeling, letting yourself be consumed by it, letting it use you and your body as you reach a peak and collapse into our arms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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