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Related article: Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 06:38:58 -0700 (PDT) From: Larenza Prince Subject: 2010 qualifying chapter 3Hey guys.Enjoy this latest chapter.Feel free to email me and tell me what you think at larenzaprinceyahoo.comLarenza Prince. 2010 QUALIFYING 3 Well it seems that England is well on their way to sunny South Africa after the 5 -- 1 win over Kazakhstan on Saturday and the supporters made absolutely no secret of that as they left the stadium. Proud and jubilant that the lads who represented the three Lions on the pitch did the job so well. Even though it took for the last ten minutes for three of the five goals to be scored.Wayne Rooney was the hero of the moment as his two goals had put England on their way. It could even have been a hatrick, but England's second was unfortunately an own goal. With his new shaved head he looked even sexier to the equally hot David Beckham, who couldn't keep his eyes of the young Manchester United stud, something that he was himself ten years before, while sitting on the bench during the game. David knew that his best years were behind him, hey Theo Walcott was being picked before him and that was something that he had to live with. All that he hoped was, if England qualified for 2010, to be chosen for the squad, which would surely be the last World Cup of his brilliant career. As he saw Wayne lift up that white shirt he closed his eyes as he imagined that hairy, strong and fit body on top of him, grinding into him with that fat seven incher.On the other side of the room, Matthew Upson was the surprise inclusion in the squad. He was glad that England had won, and hoped Nude Preteen Girls that he would get a run out in Belarus the following Wednesday. He smiled as he saw the team celebrate, and was glad to just be here. While the others were just joking around and slapping Wayne on the back, Matthew dressed quickly, anxious to rather get home before things get out of hand. Seeing the likes of Beckham, Lampard, Rooney, Walcott and Barry naked in the showers was something that he knew his enormous nine inch red and horny cock would give his secret away and therefore made an excuse to get home instead. As much as he wanted to see those lads in all their glory, there was something such as his reputation and family. He grabbed his bag and left the dressing room with a quick goodbye.David was dripping wet when he stepped out of the shower. He looked down at his body. He had been skinny all his life, and honestly, he couldn't tell why half the population of the world wanted and lusted after his body, afterall, David Beckham was not one for bragging or rubbing all his fortunes in other's faces. His eight inch cock was hanging peacefully between his legs as he dried himself off. To think that people actually wanted to see him naked! He thought of Gary Neville...and all those years ago when they had first met and became friends. There was an immediate attraction between the two young, then amature footballers. To be honest, Gary wasn't much to look at in the early years, but his friendship and kindness was enough for David. He thought back of that time when Gary had to accept that he wouldn't make the 2002 World Cup in Korea. That night Gary Neville cried like a baby in David's arms, his dreams shattered. David was there for him, stroking his hair and rubbing his back. David could also not help to notice Gary's sexy, strong and muscled six pack body in the dressing room. They were always close, but one night, back in the summer of 2003, everything changed...Matthew was heading home when he stopped at a general caf� to buy himself a Pepsi. As he suspected, a lot of people came up to him and congratulated him on England's win. As he walked back to his car he heard someone call his name. He turned around and looked into the brown eyes of Danny Cipriani."Hey mate. Thought I would wait to congratulate you. Seems like you have a big fan base back there," Danny joked."No, I wouldn't go that far. Thanks anyway. What are you doing here by yourself?""Probably the same as you, I watched the game at the stadium. Pretty good, mate."Matthew couldn't believe that a man this sexy was talking to him. Danny was georgeous with his cute smile, his dark hair and brown eyes. And as much as he lived for football, he couldn't get enough of the London Wasps and especially when this guy was running on the field, catching balls of a different sort. Danny was slient aswell when he saw that Matthew Upson was checking him out. As Matthew caught on that Danny had been watching him this whole time, he swallowed nervously and turned to his car."Well mate, enjoy the rest of your evening. See ya sometime, yeah?""How about coming over to my house for something to drink?"Matthew stopped and quickly looked over to Danny. Was he hearing things? Danny started to step closer to him and leaned sideways on Matthew's car, showing off his tanned and sexy body through the jersey that he was wearing. Matthew couldn't keep his eyes of the sexy Rugby star and slowly nodded. Danny leaned in to Matthew's ear and he whispered:"Get in your car and drive me home."With that he squeezed Matthew's rock hard pre cum dripping cock.**2003**Gary was in his kitchen trying to fix the damn tap that was giving him problems. He didn't want to call the plumber for a little thing such as a broken tap and thought that he could fix it himself. It was a little more difficult than he had first thought. When he heard the doorbell ring, he breathed a sigh of relief. An excuse to take a break. He opened the door to see his best friend looking straight at him."David, come in mate. What's wrong, you look terrible."David entered and sat down in the living room. Gary sat next to him and stared at David. This wasn't how he knew Becks...he gently lifted David's cheek upwards and looked him in the eye. He was shocked by what he saw. David was crying...and the only time that he had seen David cry before was when Brooklyn was born. Something must have happened."Dave, please fucking tell me what's wrong!"David looked away from Gary."Im being sold to Real Madrid, Gaz."Gary's eyes widened. He knew that there was trouble between David and the gaffer, but...REAL MADRID?REAL MADRID!!!This wasn't happening. Gary reached over to David and pulled his face towards him. He wiped David's long hair from his face and and tucked it behind his ears. David gave a few sniffs before his body started to shake and he broke down once more. Gary knew by that time that there was more than just best friend love that he felt for David and to know that he was going away now...Gary felt a tear escaping from his Nude Preteen Girls eyes and falling across his cheek. He held onto David like never before. To his surprise, he felt David's strong, muscled arms grab him by his shoulders, holding him."It's gonna be okay, Dave. Really it is. We'll still see eachother. Hey, as long as we never play each other in the Champions League! Dave, you're my best friend and I want to be near you but now..."As Gary's voice became too croaked to talk, David finally looked up from Gary's chest. With one swift move he grabbed Gary's face and kissed him. **2008**It must have been a sheer miracle from the gods that Matthew did not make an accident on the way to Danny's home because the feeling of Danny's hand on his thigh and shoulder was driving him crazy. Danny was smiling the whole time as they drove to his place."Just down here, second house on the left."AS Matthew parked the car infront of the house, Danny climbed out and Matthew missed the feeling of skin on skin as Danny dissapeared inside the house. Matthew was so fucking nervous as he entered, what the hell was he getting himself into? He heard Danny in the kitchen and he followed him there. Danny gave him a beer and Nude Preteen Girls they drank in silence. Suddenly Danny out down his beer and reached out to Matthew. Matthew stared at Danny as he felt the Rugby man's strong hands on his arm. Matthew swallowed nervously as Danny came closer. All that Matthew knew was that Danny's face was coming closer and closer...until he felt Danny's lips on his neck."Oh, Danny what are you doing to me?" Matthew sighed as he felt tingles all over his stomach. His breathing became heavier while he felt the lips of Danny Cipriani on his neck."Am I not allowed to show that I like something? Or someone?" Danny asked innocently. He gently rubbed Matthew's arm while he kissed his neck, his shoulder and finally he reached his face, where he pulled back and looked Matthew in the eye. He stepped back and took his jersey off. Matthew's eyes lowered as the London Wasps star bared his upper body to him and fuck! What a sight! Danny's har was ruffled up as he took his jersey off and Matthew reached out and ran his fingers through it. Danny pressed his lips on Matthew's chest as he fiddled with his trousers. Slowly but surely Danny and Matthew's faces came closer. Danny licked his lips and Matthew gave up. The two athletes's lips touched and the electric feeling was undescribable as they kissed. Danny's hands roamed all over the West Ham player's strong body. When Danny pulled away from the stunned Matthew, he winked and walked out of the kitchen. Matthew stood still for a couple of seconds before the followed Danny. He heard noises in a room and he entered. What he saw made his chin drop. Danny Cipriani was laying on his bed, stiff cock in his hand, the slick noise of wanking in the air as he pumped his thick seven incher.**2003**Gary's dreams was coming alive right infront of his eyes. David Beckham, his best friend was kissing the living shit out of him. He could feel David's tears rubbing off on him. David started pulling at Gary's clothes, first the shirt and then his pants. David attacked the back of Gary's neck, kissing him furiously and rubbing his hands all over his back. David let out a groan from his chest as Gary pulled away."Dave, are you sure about this, mate? We can always stop.""No way, Gaz. If wanted this for so long. You've helped through so much in my life. I fucking love you and I want to show you how much. If im going to be moving to Spain then I don't want to be without you for another second. Kiss me, Gaz. Kiss me now!"The two kissed and attacked the other's mouth and tongue as if they kissed someone for the first time. David pulled Gary closer and into an embrace. David took off his shirt to show Gary that awesome Beckham abs. Gary lovingly ran his hand over the strong muscled flesh that he had seen so many times but never thought he would have the nerve to touch. David reached down to Gary's crotch and felt his boner grow in his hand. Gary moaned into David's neck as he felt his cock getting stiffer. David took hold of Gary's boxers and let lose that stiff eight inch monster. Gary leaned back onto the couch and let his bone stand proud into the air. David took hold of Gary's cock in his hands and rubbed the texture of it."Dave...mate...suck me for shit's sake. Let me feel your hot mouth on my cock!"David Beckham kneeled between Gary's legs and kissed Gary's bone, elicting a moan from Gary. Pre cum was flowing freely onto David's hand and when he lowered his mouth onto the tip of the mushroom head, he tasted the sweet jems that came from the future Man United captain."Oh God, Dave! Do it! Suck me, mate! Make me know it's my best friend sucking me!"David licked all over the tip of the strong English cockhead and sucked the entire length into his hot mouth. Gary's cock felt his cock being bathed in the throat of the one and only Becks. David grabbed Gary's cock at the base and gently started to wank it while sucking the tip into his mouth. In. out. In. out. In. out. Every single suck stimulated Gary's cock like never before, getting it harder than ever before, redder than ever before and before he could warn Dave, he arched his back and his cock blasted his sperm into the mouth of his best friend. David swallowed and tasted every sweet drop of Gary Neville's white, footballer cum. After he had swallowed everything that Gary had to offer, David, hair wet against his scalp took off his pants and out came the one thing that thousants of girls and guys wanted to see. The cock of David Beckham, wet and dripping.**2008**Danny Cipriani naked on a bed...Matthew Upson's boner was jolted into an upright state in a record time. It was like something had snapped within Matthew because he started to strip off his clothes and layed on the bed with Nude Preteen Girls Danny. Danny playfully grabbed at Matthew's cock and started to softly stroke his purple head, rubbing his thumb over the tip and feeling the blood pulse through the strong cock. He slowly inserted the engorged cock into his mouth; his lips sticked around the head while his tongue fluddered all over the thick meat. Matthew reached for Danny's legs and swung his body into a circle position. He wanted that Cipriani cock in his mouth. He wanted the Rugby hunk's cock and his cum inside him. The two started to suck eachother in the most erotic 69 session you can imagine. Danny Cipriani stuffing Matthew Upson's cock deep into his mouth while Matthew went the other way, sucking and licking the strong red cock slowly, feeling the warmth of the big Rugby cock. Cum spured out of Danny's blood red cock and into the mouth of the equally hot footballer. When Matthew Upson started swallowing the warm cum, his cock decided that it wanted to be emptied inside the Cipriani mouth. Matthew groaned as eh grabbed a handfull of Danny's hair while his cock started to pulse and spurt gallons and gallons of cum inside Danny's hot mouth. Danny attacked Matthew's mouth and they two kissed passionately, their cum mixtures merging in the afterglow of sex between hot athletes.**2003**As Gary Neville pushed himself down on David Beckham's powerful cock he groaned as the pain shot through him as a cock entered his arse for the first time. David held his arms around Gary, feeling his friends six pack abs underneath his touch. He started to pump his cock in and out of Gary's arse faster and faster, his big golden balls swinging and slapping against Gary's hard globes."Fuck me Dave! Fuck me with that big cock! Dave, please fuck me harder!""My cock feels so good inside you, Gaz. I want this always. You're so sexy, Gary." On hearing this, Gary felt his cock being wrapped in the hands on David, his cockhead emerging from the foreskin, feeling like a bitter hot cobra in the hands of his best friend. David kissed Gary's neck as he fucked him, his cock getting bigger and wetter with pre cum and Gary's bum juice. David felt his cock getting to the end of his journey and his golden balls pushing his white footballer English cum being pushed out of his scrotum. David blasted his thick cum into the arse of his best friend. Gary yelped as he felt the volcano of hot lava Nude Preteen Girls that was David Beckham's globs of cum spurting his insides full of white footballer juice. Gary was heaving, his chest full of love of this best friend of his, and for the fact that David's hand has never left his red, tired cock. Gary Neville cried out in pure agony as his cock opened its flaring piss slit and his rich protein came blasting out of his cock and into David's hand. David came off his high after his juice had filled his mate, and spread Gary's cum all over his torso.**IN THE PRESENT**David Beckham opened his eyes as he felt his cum erupt from his cock and into the mouth of Wayne Rooney. David gasped as he knew that while he was thinking of Gary, Wayne was sucking his off the whole time. Wayne stood up, licked his lips and walked over to the door. Before he left the dressing room, Wayne turned around and winked at David."Just between you and me, Gaz makes me horny as hell too." Thanks for reading.Any comments or suggestions of who to write about please send it to larenzaprinceyahoo.comLarenza Prince
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