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Related article: 2010 Qualifying Hey everyone. Due to the serious hotness of some of the stars in the battle to reach the World Cup in 2010 right here in sunny South Africa, I just had to create a new series of stories. So many footballers, so little time! LOL. I would really appreciate it if you would mail me and let me know what you think. Feel free do to so at larenzaprinceyahoo.com Enjoy. 2010 QUALIFYING 1 Russia vs Wales Welsh hearts was shattered. What a cruel game football can be. Responded well after going a goal down, getting the equaliser and looking for the winner then Russia scored to win the game 2 -- 1. No one was more stunned and dissapointed than the young Spurs player Gareth Bale. It could have been a good draw had he scored the first half penalty that he himself had won for Wales.It was a much different story in the Russian dressing room as there was nothing but cheers, celebration and excitement. The captain, Sergei Semak, was watching all of this with a cheeky smile on his face. He could allready see himself leading Russia out on South African soil in two years time. Sergei showered and dressed quickly as he wanted to get home to his family. He was just busy spiking his hair when his teammate, Andrei Arshavin walked past him with nothing but a towel to cover him up. Sergei felt his cock getting hard, as was always the case when he saw Andrei naked. This boy was really sexy, and Sergei kicked himself as he reminded him that he could never do the things to Andrei Arshavin that he dreamed of every night.Young Gareth Bale didn't feel the need to have a shower. He just kept sitting on the bench in the dressing room and kept staring out infront of him. He couldn't forget about that fucking penalty! He felt a presence sitting on the bench next to him and he saw that it was the new boy in the Welsh team, Joe Ledley, who had scored the equaliser in the game. Joe had always dreamed of this moment, that he would get his chance in the Welsh first team, but not quite because of the reason that some would think. Joe knew that, if he got into the Welsh national team, that he would finally get to see Ryan Giggs naked. Many a night he glided his hand up and down his six inch cock thinking that it was the Old Trafford man doing it for him, aswell as sucking him and drinking his sperm. Once Ryan had retired, Joe gave up hope, as he would never get the chance. But then came a new insparation, a new glimmer of hope, a new incentive to get into the team and that was the sexy Gareth Bale who was sitting right next to him.Sergei was getting ready to leave the Lokomotiv stadium when he heard a faint call behind him. He went back into the dressing Preteen Sex Stories room and he heard someone call again. It was coming from the shower."Hey, who's in there?" he shouted."It's me, Sergei! Can you help me with something quikcly, please?"Good Lord, it was the boy from his dreams, the sweet, sexy Andrei Arshavin who was calling for his help. With his hormones working overtime and his cock growing to its full nine inches at the sheer thought of seeing Andrei naked, he walked over to the shower. Before he could enter, Andrei came out, with his hands over his eyes."Sergei, can you help me? I got shampoo in my eyes and it hurts like hell! Can you pass me a towel?""Sure, buddy." Sergei grabbed one of the clean towels on the bench and handed it to Andrei. Andrei grabbed the towel, but almost immediately let go when his eyes burned once more. He could handle pain, but he wasn't quite used to this kind."Man, it burns when I take my hands off! Sergei, would you mind wiping my eyes for me? Please, man!"Sergei took hold of the towel, his hands visibly shaking and one by one, he took away Andrei's fingers from his eyes, wiping the boy's eyes as he went along. As the burning feeling slowly started to subside, Sergei got the chance to look into those beautiful eyes. He couldn't help himself. The Russian captain raised his left hand and glided the back of his hands over Andrei''s cheek and lowering it down to his neck. Andrei looked into the eyes of his captain and for the first time it dawned onto him that Sergei Semak was really something good to look at. Sergei's hand felt so good after a long match, and was made even better by the feeling of his captain's lips on his own...The Welsh dressing room was almost empty as Gareth was still sitting on that same spot as he had for the past half hour. He felt as if he had led his country down, and he couldn't think of anything else. Joe came out of the shower and he saw Gareth still sitting there. He wished that he could kiss Gareth and tell him that everything would be alright. He walked over to Gareth and placed his hand on his shoulder. Instant hardon."Hey mate, why don't u go and have a shower and then you come over to the hotel and then we drink away our sorrows. What about that?""No thanks, Joe. No offence, but Id rather be alone tonight.""Gareth, it wasn't your fault that we lost, mate! There are eleven playes on that pitch, not one! We all made some mistakes."Joe felt so sorry for Gareth that he knelted infront of him and looked up into his georgeous face. He wanted him so much...his hand traveled up to Gareth's thigh, placing his hand on top of it and slightly rubbing a little spot. For the first time it seemed that Gareth had emerged from his `dead' state and he looked right into Joe's eyes. Joe moved his hand from Gareth's thigh towards his strong stomach, nearly cumming in his boxers as he felt the rippling muscles that he had for so long drooled over. Gareth just kept looking straight at Joe the entire time. Then, the very slightest gasp over his soft lips as Joe pulled at his pants and took it off, leaving Gareth in his jockeys. Joe carefully placed his mouth over Gareth's huge bulge and kissed Gareth's cock, which shuddered underneath his touch.Andrei was the first to pull away from the kiss and kissed Sergei's neck instead. He had never felt this way ever before, and he was enjoying this new experience. He felt Sergei's hands underneath his shirt. Sergei sighed with content as he felt the boy's stomach and chest under his loving touch. He nearly ripped Andrei's shirt off him and immediately attacked his nipples, licking all around each head and kissing his way down the lovely, tight stomach of Andrei Arshavin. He stood up for another kiss and suddenly Andrei's wet feet slipped on the floor and he fell with a thud, pulling Sergei with him. Now that Sergei was just was wet as his buddy, he tore his clothing off, as the sight of Andrei was making him more horny than he ever had been. Andrei also Preteen Sex Stories got rid of his pants and boxers and jumped on Sergei, rubbing their bare cocks together and moaning into the other's mouths while they kissed. Andrei didn't waist time and slowly slid his wet and dripping cock into his captain's arse. Sergei groaned with pleasure as he stretch his fantastic eight pack bosy upwards to accomidate Arshavin's cock inside of him. Andrei started to hump Sergei's arse before he was completely inside as his cock was on fire. Finally Sergei ran his hands all over Andrei' asscheeks as the Zenit St Petersburg man began fucking the hunky Russian captain. There was euphotia in Andrei's eyes as he grabbed a handfull of Sergei's spiky brown hair and sucking it into his mouth, as to somehow be closer to his captain. Andrei's lower body was stimulating Sergei's huge nine incher as he fucked him. Andrei kissed Sergei's chest as his cockhead slapped against where no cock had ever been before.As Joe took Gareth's cock into his mouth, Gareth closed his eyes Preteen Sex Stories as this felt so damn good...His eight inch cock was sucked into Joe Ledley's mouth with gusto and he felt Joe's tongue suck and slurp around his stiff base and cockhead. Gareth took hold of Joe's face, holding it with both hands and dictated the rhythm of the sucking of his red cock. Joe couldn't believe what he was doing...for crying out loud...he had Gareth Bale's cock in his mouth! He licked and sucked in as much of the cock that he could, drinking that sweer flow of pre cum that Bale was producing from his balls. Gareth's hips started to buckle viciously and before he could somehow warn Joe, he began to fill the man from Cardiff City's mouth with his sweet, white, footballer sperm. Gareth cried out in that sexy Welsh accent as his balls was drained of his sperm. Joe was in heaven as he drank all the nectar that this man had to give. Joe stood up and took off Gareth's shit, which was drenched in sweat. He put Gareth's hand on his cock and wank himself off, with the warm feeling of Gareth's fingers on his rock solid cock. Arshavin pounded his cock into Sergei Semak's arse as his captain moaned in satisfaction, stiumulating his cock and balls like never before. He pulled Andrei's head towards him and as he kissed the younger man passionately, his cum spurted like a volcano between his and Arshavin's stomach. That was one too many for the young Andrei Arshavin and he emptied his balls into his captain. No doubt who was the boss now..."Wank me, wank me harder!" Joe screamed as he dropped his hand to let Gareth Bale wank him off. Gareth's sexy face was full of lust and his delious black hair was falling in ropes over his eyes. Joe was nearing his full ejackulation and he stretch that awesome body, letting his cock explode and setting free strings and strings of warm produded semen, landing all over Gareth's stomach. Joe recovered to smear his cum all over Gareth Bale's utter sexy and well defined upper body. The two Welshmen kissed again, and the night was still young...Thanks for reading. Please send me a email and tell me if I should continue with the series, and also if you have suggestions of footballers I can use.larenzaprinceyahoo.com
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