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Related article: Another Solar Fox OriginalFifteen-year-old Glenn walked up to sixteen-year-old Ralph. "Yo! What's happening man?" Glenn cheerfully announced as the two engaged in a very friendly handshake. It wasn't your typical handshake; this was a skater's handshake. The two of them had been skating together for just over a year now, and since Glenn had moved down from St. Paul, Minnesota, he had taken up skating, partly because his friend Ralph had been doing it since he was thirteen, partly because he had a very high interest in the sport. But neither of them really fit the mold of the "typical" skater.Sure, they loved going apeshit and to go through a very aggro afternoon of new tricks was way cool to both of them. But the thing they didn't share was the sense that a lot of skaters are guilty of, "I'm king shit and you're a measly pawn. You can never get as high as I am now"... both of them had made secret pacts to each other that they would stop skating altogether before they ever acquired such a piss-poor attitude. They just weren't like that.It was quite an interesting friendship. In fact, everything about it was really interesting. The two of them even had the same birthday, August 16, exactly one year apart. Ralph knew that Glenn had a deep admiration for him; it showed in everything they did together. Ralph had taught Glenn basically everything he knew about the sport; and Glenn also knew Ralph really admired him because he had caught onto the moves so quickly.Glenn, at fifteen, had light brown hair, it was a little wavy and he kept it interesting; in the last year he had gone from a little boy's haircut, from combing it with a part way over on the left, to a skater's haircut, still parting it on the left, but it hung WAY out over his right eye. This added an interesting flair to his light hair. It didn't take him long to get used to prohibiting most of his sight in that covered eye. His eyes were blue. He stood about 5' 9" and was fairly attractive. He was often seen around school wearing Vision Street Wear or Jimmy'z shirts; you'd never catch this kid in IZOD or a shirt with a solid color; he simply didn't own one.Ralph, at sixteen, was born in St. Petersberg, Florida. His family had moved to Savannah, Georgia when he was nine; he had lived here in this house ever since- he was truly in the suburbs. He stood about 5' 10".. a little taller than Glenn. Where Glenn's hair was light brown and slightly wavy, his was black and straight, his eyes were brown and he was dashing. His skin had all the characteristics of a native Floridian; it seemed to have a darker pigment than Glenn's, and personally, this was one of the things that Glenn admired about Ralph. True, Glenn was lighter skinned; but his days in the sun made their presence known.Ralph could move his head and his black, weightless hair would really flop around. He often would do his head like that of a heavy metal rock star, a headbanger, and his long hair would fly, covering his face, often times he would do this in front of Glenn, when they'd go to one another's houses to play tapes or CD's. They liked a lot of the same music, thus when one bought a tape or CD, he'd let the other one copy it to save money.Slowly, hints about the other's thoughts had leaked out to the other; neither one actually accused the other of being gay, ever, but subtle things went on in day to day life. Like the fact that they both seldom spoke to girls, and neither one had ever been out with one. Ralph stood daily on school break at his locker talking to Glenn, and when he wasn't talking to Glenn he was talking to Brian, the sixteen-year-old that had the next locker over. Then there was the day that Brian started talking about girls. Ralph allowed Brian to let his sentence, and the subject, trail and since that time they had said little to one another; Ralph just couldn't see all the hardships in his future. Right now, skating was his one true freedom. He thought it was funny that Brian had said that he wanted to get a close girlfriend so he could move out and have more freedom. "How the hell is THAT more freedom?" Ralph had thought. "Shit, she'll have him wanting to produce more babies than they have right now in the delivery room of the hospital."That basically cut off his contact, or want thereof, with Brian. Ralph couldn't really "see" his future, but at the same time, he knew the basic pattern he wanted to use to mold it.Ralph thought it was interesting; he'd go around the corner of the hall, and there was Glenn, always talking to guys, "never girls," he thought. As Ralph passed, Glenn would always wave or "salute" Ralph in an informal fashion as he would pass. In addition to being Glenn's lockermate, Ralph was also his next-door neighbor.At 3:30 when school let out, they always met at the South entrance to the school and skated home together. It was a scenic skate; past the park, down by the Savannah River, then two blocks. They often "hammed it up" on some of their treks home; this is where Ralph had showed Glenn a lot of tricks, some of them he'd learned on videotape himself from the likes of Tony Hawk, Mickey Alba, and Steve Perelta. But most of those were half-pipe moves, that is, were much better performed while holding the coping at the top of a half-pipe ramp, a U-shaped ramp built of wood or sometimes metal for skaters to get wild on.Ralph was doing all kinds of wild things now, like skating down this hill, and at the same time he was managing to flip his board around 180 degrees. Rather, he was riding normally, he'd quickly kicktail down, and flip his board around so that he was riding the same direction, but the tail was now pointing in his direction of travel. He'd often do this several times. He did like to show off.Eventually, Glenn picked up this move too, but right now he was too unsure of himself to try anything this daring in any sizable traffic.But then there was the day when Ralph went skating with his friend at a half-pipe they knew about that someone had placed off in the woods. It was a Saturday; they had no school. Ralph had decided to wear shorts, but not to wear any underwear, and a tank top. Glenn also wore a tank top, and a pair of faded blue jeans because he didn't know if they'd have to walk through a bunch of weeds to get to the ramp. They didn't; there was a clear-cut path which led right up to it.So, Glenn crawled up and sat at the top of the ramp while Ralph started to make some moves. It was then that Glenn discovered something that was interesting, at least to him.Ralph's shorts were pretty short; the legs on them didn't hang down much further than the legs on underwear. As Ralph would come up this curl and do various moves, fakies, grinds and the like, it gave Glenn an eyeful of Ralph's privates every time. He tried not to notice it necessarily, but then as Ralph continued, he'd get a little closer to him as he stopped on the coping. On his drop back in every time, Glenn could see Ralph's balls as they flapped under the gravity. He just didn't know how much more of this he could take. He wanted to let Ralph know, but he wasn't sure that Ralph could get into that sort of thing. All Glenn knew was that looking at Ralph like that, or really just about anytime, made Glenn about half-hard.. and at night, Glenn thought about his friend and wondered if what he had in his shorts was bigger and cooler looking than what he had in his own. Only now, Glenn could catch glimpses of it and it was driving him crazy!Ralph popped back up on top now, where Glenn was. Walking over to Glenn, he said, "well? How was that action?""Hot!" answered Glenn. "It was the hottest thing I've EVER seen come down the pike!"It had been, too. Ralph looked at Glenn as he caught Glenn reaching down at his groin, and gripping at his dick through his jeans. What Ralph had noticed and Glenn had not; it was quite obvious because the jeans were so faded; there was a large wet spot around his fly.Ralph had had enough; he knew enough about his friend to know that here, in this remote place, that the mere thought of girls had not done this to him; he felt certain that it had been his own. "But could my skating ability amaze Glenn to the point that he could cream his jeans?" Ralph thought.Ralph got down from the ramp, pulled down his shorts, and stood right there in the open, pissing. He could have at least turned his back to Glenn, but he did not, making sure that only he pissed away from the general direction of the ramp. He smiled up at Glenn. "Whew. Gotta DRAIN this lizard," he said, wagging it intentionally as he pissed.To Glenn's surprise, Ralph came back to the top of the ramp wearing only his necessary skategear. He had removed his shorts and his tank top after he stopped pissing. He sat on the edge of the ramp at the coping, his dick beginning to harden and his scrotum hanging straight down in plain sight of Glenn."You wanna skate?" Ralph asked."Sure!" said Glenn, trying to look at Ralph's penis and balls draping down.Glenn grasped his own crotch in front again. Still looking, he watched Ralph as he began to rub his own body, his hairless chest, his sensuous legs.. while sitting there.Glenn removed his shirt. He did a tail drop down onto the half-pipe, stopped a moment and unzipped his jeans, pulled out his penis. It was hard, thick and dripping wet. Several drops fell as he repositioned himself to drop back in, this time with an acid drop. He did a rock 'n roll up the other side, came back and on his next pass did a fakie to an axle-grind. Ralph was looking at Glenn's body, shirtless like this. The only other times they had been shirtless had been swimming. Still, Ralph knew that Genn had never seen him purposely hanging it all out until now.There was Glenn, pausing on the coping on this side of the ramp, facing Ralph.Ralph could see his erect penis, his tanned chest with those small nipples, that cute belly button that he never saw often enough, he could even see the band of his underwear as it shone Preteen Gallery brightly above the waist of his jeans. Glenn held his board vertically now in his left hand, smiling a bright smile at Ralph. Ralph had casually been jacking his stiff shaft for a few moments.Glenn lay his board down at the top of the ramp, beside Ralph's. He walked over to Ralph, Glenn's penis still hard and dripping with cum. He bent down and massaged Ralph's shoulders a moment. Then he got in such a position that he caused his penis to lay to rest on Ralph's shoulder. Cum drops came out and streamed down Ralph's chest. "Who you thinkin' about? said Glenn, sitting down beside Ralph now."He wants the truth," Ralph though. "I wonder if after all this, all that we have done, Preteen Gallery he can take it. I wonder if I can take it.. if he leaves me."Looking up now with a tear streaming down his cheek, looking over at Glenn, he said, "you."He didn't know what Glenn was going to say next; for a few seconds it really didn't matter; what mattered to Ralph was that he had never lied to Glenn ever, and he hadn't lied just then when he gave his response. It almost didn't matter for a few seconds if his friend left and never said anything else to him. He just wanted him to know that his hot, young, slim body was the sole thing in his life Preteen Gallery that would make him feel so much passion.Glenn unfastened his jeans and let them fall down the wall of the ramp.Sticking his legs straight up in the air, he threw his underpants down after the jeans. He sat there with his friend. "Oh.." Glenn said, feeling his own stiff pole now, and cupping his hot balls. "I.. didn't know I had that kind of effect on you.." he said, looking over at Ralph's flawless body. He paused."But Ralph.. you have that kind of effect on me, too!""I do?" Ralph asked, stunned."Yeah. Funny, huh.. I mean, I know it sounds gay, but looking at you like that.. makes me like that too.""Yeah.. well, I can relate to that. I was just watching you skate out there, and I thought you looked beautiful man. I mean, not JUST your skating. You yourself looked beautiful. You look it now too."Ralph didn't realize it. On admitting this, he began jacking his dick harder.Glenn kicked off his shoes, socks and padding. Hell, they were in the woods; very few people knew about this ramp's existense and if one of them happened along and saw them now, well.. they just would.Ralph saw what Glenn had done. He too removed all he had left, and for the first Preteen Gallery time they sat here in the midday sun, their Preteen Gallery entire bodies soaking up the rays of the glistening sun in their hair. The light color of Glenn's hair made it glisten most; as Glenn looked at Ralph, streams of sweat were rolling down his back."Glenn?" Ralph said, very slowly. "Yeah man?""I... AM.. gay," he said, rubbing his own legs nervously.Glenn's right arm fell around Ralph's shoulder blades. "Dude, I am too." A tear still in his eye, Ralph looked up at Glenn and wiped his tears with his hand."You don't think it's crazy that I like to see you in my mind, parading around like you are now, as much as I like to parade around in my own bedroom naked?""Hell, no man! That's not crazy at all!" Glenn said, getting his own shirt from behind him and wiping Ralph's face with it. He ran it through Ralph's long black hair, and dried his back with it too. Then he took the garment and held it to his own nose and inhaled."Shit," said Ralph. Glenn laughed. "How do you like this massive air I'm getting?" Glenn asked, pointing to his penis."I think it needs some work," replied Ralph, reaching for his friend's pole for the first time. Ralph wrapped his hand around his hot, throbbing penis. It was just too much for them both. They both moaned. Glenn took his hands and felt Ralph's hand which was wrapped around his dick, reassuring him strongly of their friendship. Then Glenn bent over and kissed Ralph's shoulder.Ralph took Glenn's shirt and wiped it around his genital area. He wiped all the sperm off of the head of his penis onto the shirt. Then he also wiped the sweat from his balls, and handed the shirt back to Glenn, smiling. Glenn took the shirt and again inhaled it, the shirt smelling sweeter and stronger than it ever had.Glenn then wiped his own cum juices from his cockhead and sweat around his scrotum onto the shirt, and it combined with that from Ralph.They each had a turn breathing it, and then Glenn threw it to the bottom of the pipe.Ralph felt of Glenn's dick some more. He reached down and felt of Glenn's soft ballsack. As Ralph felt slowly of his balls, getting to know Glenn's as well as his own, the palm of Ralph's hand was near the head of his cock, and was being coated in cum. As Ralph raised his hand from that position, he looked as he saw it glisten in the sunlight. Glenn smiled. As Ralph smelled his hand, then cautiously tasted his fingers, Glenn grasped his dick Preteen Gallery and moved it around a little, grasping it with his thumb and forefinger at the base, moving it around slightly as if it were a large pen with which he were trying to write something. Ralph saw this, and it made him feel good to see that Glenn was really as stiff as he was himself.Ralph looked at the head of Glenn's cock, which was more greyish in color than his own; and Glenn's cock also appeared to be slightly larger in diameter.Ralph climbed down the ladder on the back of the pipe, and went around to the center of the U-shaped ramp. "Come down here," Ralph beckoned to Glenn, whose feet he could quickly hear pounding the rungs of the ladder. As Glenn walked up, ralph noted that his friend's penis was so stiff that it flapped and bobbled when he walked. He arrived at the center of the ramp and sat there now with Ralph."Whatcha wanna do?" Glenn asked. "Wanted to get off the top of that thing.Didn't want to make a wrong move and take a chance on falling," he said."Oh," said Glenn. "Makes sense," he said, slightly hooking his wrist.Glenn sat with his legs drawn up under him, sitting back on his hands a moment, his penis and balls very visible in this position as well as the fine hairs hanging from the base of his scrotum. He soon located his jeans and, unfolding them to their full length, lay on them in the middle of the ramp, naked. Ralph drew near and straddled his body, one foot on either side of Glenn, only his toes touching the ramp. He smiled down at Glenn, felt of Glenn's chest. Then Glenn lay spread-eagle, his legs as far apart as they could go. The metal surface of the ramp felt a little hot to the backs of Glenn's legs. Ralph took care of this by placing other clothing under his legs. Ralph slid up now, he had moved so that Glenn's penis was right in his face.Glenn drew his legs in so that the sides of his legs scissored around Ralph's body. This was more comfortable for them both. Glenn had just constructed a little archway for which Ralph to travel, and then, "lowered the bridge behind him." Glenn's hands rested on his legs, just off to the sides of his genital area. He raised his head slightly and watched Ralph, as Ralph now had total access to his friend's body. He reached up first and felt his friend's lower belly, he had never felt Glenn's belly before. It was smooth, it felt to Glenn like he was rubbing the lobes of his ears with a soft piece of cotton, while at the same time, both dudes were, without realizing it, working on their summer tans that they were getting ready to develop. Glenn got goosebumps on his chest and stomach, and couldn't help but maintain a very good feeling. His ever-present boyish smile reflected this.Before Ralph moved back to lower ground, he skirted Glenn's navel; it was a cute navel and again until now, Glenn had been the only one to touch it. "It feels cool," Ralph said, "I like it.""Yeah, it feels cool to me too, man," Glenn said. His hand moved down now, to Glenn's brown pubic hairs totally surrounding his penis and genital area. He played with these as he had his own before, rather patting them lightly like one would a fine pile carpet to check the texture. As he did, Ralph noticed that Glenn's penis was throbbing feverishly, and that a long stream of cum was mindlessly now making it's way down the long shaft, to the scrotum below. It just seemed to race down, on it's merry little way.Ralph moved his hands to Glenn's scrotum, Preteen Gallery feeling it carefully with both hands.He got his face right in it; breathed it directly. It smelled sweet with the smell of this boy's lower body sweat. Ralph licked it; Glenn moaned. It was the first time Ralph's tongue had touched his body. Glenn's balls even shifted their position in his scrotum slightly as Ralph licked his scrotum like a cat licking cat hairs. He pulled Glenn's scrotum up and licked the back of it as well, getting it wet with his saliva. He could get a faint smell too of Glenn's asshole; even that seemed a delicate smell now to Ralph, who was buried deeper in his friend of three years than he had ever been buried in himself.Feeling that he had punished both himself and his friend far too long, he turned his attention to Glenn's straining cock, licking the entire circumference of his six-inch pole. Glenn's dick throbbed slightly occasionally, emitting a fresh glob of cum out the head. Without hesitation, Ralph's lips and entire mouth engulfed the length of Glenn's shaft, as Ralph had long thought that he would have wanted Glenn to do to him. Glenn moaned, rubbing Ralph on top of the head. Soon, Ralph was bobbing his head up and down the entire length, causing increasing stimulation in Glenn's penis. "Suck me man," he moaned softly in his boyish voice. "Suck me..."Ralph did. As Glenn began to tense up every muscle in his body, Ralph knew Glenn was not far from cumming. Ralph had kept a small touch applied to Glenn's scrotum, wanting to do again as he would have someone do to him. It was obvious that "do unto other boys" bore quite high meaning to him.It started with a small streamer. Then, on his next reaction, a long rope.Another long rope. Glenn was gasping, his hands by his sides drawn into fists.Another shorter rope of semen came out. Ralph was right there, STILL bobbing furiously on his cock. His lips were wrapped tighter than ever, sealing in all the sticky semen, preventing it from falling out his lips, even at the corners.Another thrust, and Glenn began smaller, shorter pulses in his penis which Glenn recognized well, since he first "came" at age eight, as the end of the orgasm.Ralph rubbed Glenn's leg slowly, softly. He was still allowing Glenn's seminal explosions to slowly trickle down the back of his throat, savoring this, his first taste of his best friend's cum. His best friend, whom he had never hidden ANYTHING from. His best friend, with whom he had DONE anything and everything with that he himself had interest in, as well as Glenn. Glenn slowly rose to a sitting position, looking at Ralph, in no hurry to rise."Dude, that was intense," said Glenn. His dick was still hard slightly, even after this intensity. It was still in a somewhat throbbing state."Yeah man, I loved it too.." echoed Ralph."What did my cum taste like?" asked Glenn, curious."Like fresh coffee beans... kinda.. heh." responded Ralph."Weird," said Glenn. "Yeah well, I rather liked the taste, said Ralph, sticking out his tongue and revealing his tongue was still coated slightly with the sticky jism."Ralph, would you.. kiss me?" asked Glenn, still smiling."Yes, I would," said Ralph, and without anything further, he got right next to Glenn and buried his tongue in Glenn's mouth; letting him taste all the sweetness and succulence of the sperm shots."I'd take semen over cunt hair any day of the week," Ralph noted."So would I," said Glenn. "But I don't think I'd take anybody's but yours," he said."Wanna mess with me?" Ralph asked, his cock still dripping."Yeah," Glenn said, adding, "I'm skatin' on the most awesome half-pipe today that I've ever been on before!".. and he wasn't talking about the one they were laying on, either.Before Ralph lay down on the jeans that his friend had just occupied, Ralph had a request that Glenn stick his butt right in Ralph's face. After all, they WERE getting to know each other, and Glenn did have an interesting body-- as Glenn did, Ralph could see really well where Glenn's scrotum hung down from the back, and a thin member of skin that seemed to hold it firmly in place. He felt of this skin, which was coated by hairs from Glenn's scrotum. "That feels cool,"Glenn noted. Ralph's finger trailed from there, bacl to Glenn's asshole, which Ralph examined. It was tight, firm, Ralph noted, spreading Glenn's asscheeks to get a better look. "How's it hangin'?" Glenn asked."Oh, it looks really good back here," Ralph said. "Can I just barely stick in a finger?""Sure! Do anything you want!" he said. Damn. Suddenly he felt that Glenn's body was as much HIS as it was Glenn's. He took this trailing index finger of his left hand, and eased it into the ass opening. Feeling it as tight as a thick stretched belt on an automobile, he slowly inched it into the hole, watching it expand. "Ooo," moaned Glenn, excited.Damn. Glenn was hard again. Ralph peeked under his ass as he saw him running his hand up and down the shaft of a stimulated cock. "Feel good?" asked Ralph."Like ridin' the tracks of my Cabellero," Glenn confirmed.Ralph pulled out his finger, smelling it briefly. "Damn," he thought, "Glenn really does keep his ass clean!""Hey Glenn, ya can do some shit to me now, if you want.." Ralph asked.Glenn turned around, facing Ralph again. Not only had Glenn again been stimulated, but.. he was again dripping cum! Shit! Ralph obviously "had him by the balls!"Ralph lay flat on his back, as Glenn had, he pulled his long black hair down with his hand so that it was out of his eyes. Glenn knelt over him now, dripping some semen on him, but more, rubbing his chest and stomach, his navel, his tits. Ralph could see the leaking head, and his scrotum hanging low in the heat. When Glenn moved around a little, he could see his scrotum really flopping around. It REALLY turned him on. He couldn't stay in this position long because the metal surface of the ramp, after soaking the sun as they were, was as hot as a copper penny on a parking lot; he was muttering "ouch!" as he maneuvered his way back to his denim protection. "Too much on ya, huh?" Ralph said."Yeah.. this ramp's a little warm. So's your cock," he said, feeling Ralph's tall, proud six-and-a-half-inch penis. It may have been a little longer than Glenn's, but Glenn's was thicker, bigger around. Glenn played with Ralph's black pubic area; he uncurled several hairs, and pulled them up to check the length on several of them. "Long suckers," he said, "some of 'em are longer 'n mine..""Well damn.. heh. I just let 'em grow. Do they make you as hot to play with 'em as it makes me to feel you do it?" asked Ralph."Yeah! It does.." Glenn said, making sure Ralph could still see his dripping boner, and calling attention to it. This caused Ralph's to also drool slightly.Getting down on his stomach, Glenn crawled up in a similar fashion as Ralph had. He took Ralph's balls in his hand, raised them up as high as he could, and saw the little stretch of skin behind them like he had. He also saw a little hair around Ralph's asshole. He felt of this now. The hair felt smooth, silky.He licked the sweat from Ralph's large scrotum, it was larger than Glenn's, the entire scrotum. He too felt Ralph's balls seem to dance around in their sacs slightly as he did this.Lying here now, both boys were in ecstasy. But, they were so wrapped up in themselves, they failed to look off down the path, where there was a lone dude standing there, about 25 feet away. It was Gary Richards. Gary was a curly-haired, freckled-faced thirteen year old, who had blonde hair and green eyes. Stopping here, he watched the boys, their cocks in plain view even from this angle, and he reached down his Jams and felt his stiff little weiner. He had his board on the ground as he stripped slowly to his underpants, removing his skategear and everything else. He approached the ramp as Glenn looked up from licking Ralph's scrotum. Ralph really couldn't see because his eyes were closed. Glenn heard him scuffle the dirt with his feet and looked up. "Ohh shit, it's Gary!" Glenn yelled with a start, Gary's underwear protruding in front with his large dick for his young age. Gary looked rather nerdy, but he didn't wear the nerdy glasses. Still, with this massive hardon he sported under his drawers, he looked anything BUT the nerd he seemed in the classroom."Hi dudes," he said, after Ralph's eyes had flown open. "Nice to see you alone.""This.. seem crazy to you?" Glenn asked the thirteen-year-old, afraid of a negative reaction."No, I suck my big brother Marty all the time. He likes it. He sucks me too and I send cream all up in his mouth," Gary remarked. "Wanna see it?" he asked."Are you alone?" Glenn asked, looking for someone else to arrive."Yeah man, relax! It's just us!" Gary said."Whew. Yeah.. you can whip it out if you want.." commented Glenn.Gary dropped his underpants to the ground, they fell at his feet as soon as the elastic band was released from it's position around his waist. "Feast your eyes on THAT," Gary stated, showing the boys the biggest, roundest-headed jewel they had ever seen. It looked like a MAN'S penis, not one belonging to a thirteen-year old boy! He had some golden patches of hair around it, and some on his scrotum, but this looked like the penis from a Greek god's statue."What is it? What's wrong?" asked Gary as the boys' eyes were as big as saucers."That.. dick! Your dick is HUGE!" cried Glenn, who begged to touch it."Sure!" said Gary, "everybody else does.""Everybody else?""Sure, there are some boys in my P.E. class that go apeshit over it.. they like to feel it. One dude sucked me off then.""Wow!" screamed Ralph, feeling his own cock.Looking at the dirt at Gary's feet, one could see a few droplets of cum that had fallen there from his penis. He did have a big, mean sucker.. must have had an early puberty..Glenn TRIED to get it in his mouth.. he had his mouth stretched all the way open, and was just barely able to get the head in. "I'll bet he cums gallons,"Ralph exaggerated. Glenn left Gary's dick now, and returned to Ralph. Gary, using the saliva from Glenn's tonguing, rubbed it in to coat his cock along with the cum he was now producing. Within seconds, Gary sent streams belting over Glenn's back and Ralph's chest, coating them both. As his dick was winding down from the shots, he grinned ear-to-ear. "Heeeeheeeheee," Gary sounded.About that time, a shot rang out in Glenn's mouth, too. Ralph, excited not only from his best friend's and his own new discoveries, but from the belting out of this stream from Gary, he could hold back no longer. He FLOODED Glenn's mouth with wet, salty semen. Gary had tried standing on the pipe and watching them, but it just was too hot for his bare feet. It seemed- they had found a NEW friend.Ralph and Glenn were amazed at Gary's openness.. and Gary was equally amazed to find them like this in the woods, where he had never seen either of them naked before. Gary had Preteen Gallery a cute stomach, and there wasn't another damn thing on his body that would suggest that his penis was actually as big as it was.As they looked at Gary, the sun was taking it's toll on Glenn and he was turning a little pinkish. However, Ralph's darker pigmentation was accustomed to it and all it did was make him a little darker. Gary waved his dick around a little bit, it flapped and flopped around as he waggled it. He was obviously very proud of it; as Glenn and Ralph took their belongings Preteen Gallery off the ramp now, Gary ran back for his shoes, socks and padding, and skated naked. Even skating like this, one could tell that he had a nice sized penis.Ralph went in next after Gary came out, giving Glenn his customary "friendship"handshake, and dropping in. It wasn't so surprising; after all this mental crap had been unlocked out of Ralph's mind, he was quite successful at pulling off a McTwist on his second pass down the ramp. He had attempted shit like this before, but had failed. Named for its creator, Mike McGill, the McTwist is a 360 degree mid-air twist on the ramp. He was applauded and cheered by the other two after Preteen Gallery his victory.Then, Glenn peeled off the wall and dropped in. He did an incredible ollie off the other lip, spun around, coming down with a backside air. His penis was also flapping and flopping around. It had never been satisfied from the last time it had been aroused, over there looking at Ralph's body and then Gary's. Glenn ended his show with a judo air and then allowed his board to slow as he went up the other wall, and came off at the top of the ramp wall.It seemed the general skate "rally" was over. But Ralph said he wanted to suck Gary, if that were possible. He was dying to taste Gary's wad before this show was over. Gary lay on his back, hard as Preteen Gallery a brick, on Glenn's jeans on the ramp.Ralph took Preteen Gallery the head of Gary's penis, (as much as he too could fit in his mouth,) and sucked it feverishly. Yes, and soon Gary was putting out for all he was worth. Ralph's mouth was loaded with his cum, and by kissing Glenn he was able to share some with him.Again, Gary giggled at the amazing output from his own dick. Gary cut a long fart just then, and the boys smiled at him. He cut another. And another. Soon, he found himself farting up a storm without much effort. He began to squeeze his legs together so that he could create different sounds. He wasn't being obnoxious; the farts weren't smelly, just noisy. The boys made ready to leave though until they had discovered Preteen Gallery they were odorless. Then they started laughing right along with Gary. Soon though, he began to strain TOO hard and had to stop. Even this strange behavior wasn't too much for sixteen-year-old Ralph.Ralph remembered back in his young mind a time when he was twelve; he had gas and laid in his bed at home at one point, farting up a storm. Hell, it was something that every kid goes through at some time, and the feeling of the rushes going out of Ralph's ass at that time had made him giggle, and he had also gotten a little stiff over it. Ah yes, he remembered it well.It was in fact about that time in Ralph's life when he had begun to show his deepest ever interest in boys his own age; suddenly it was like he had a vision of dudes and skateboarders that he never had before experienced. And some of it, at that time, had even involved the reality of the situations he was going through with Glenn and Gary today.It had been so real, he had even had dreams at night about it."Yo, dude!", he dreamed one night at fourteen, having known Glenn about a year at the time. "What's up?" Ralph asked in the dream."Wouldn't you like to know?" Glenn would answer, with a smirk on his face as big as Texas.Glenn would pull out his penis, showing it to Ralph and letting Ralph feel it.It was a very vivid dream, but Ralph kept pushing daily thoughts of it farther and farther out of his awakened state because he knew he had mentally loved Glenn, and this friendship, enough to know that he didn't want to lose it, or upset Glenn in any way. Today had changed all that. Now he was living those dreams that he had pushed so far from his own realm of perception.Glenn too had felt similar thoughts about his best friend. At twelve, and living in St. Paul, Minnesota, he really hadn't accumulated any friends. He was a brave soul there and seemed to go things on his own; there were a few guys and some girls that he had actually given "the finger" to and nearly started several fights that way; Glenn had truly been a rebel and a doer; after moving to Savannah (he really didn't mind the move AT ALL, since he had started so many UNREAL friendships that had fallen through...), he had befriended Ralph, the closest and dearest friend he had ever had. Glenn had realized this and placed him very high above anyone he had even remotely know in St. Paul.Now, Gary was looking on as these two were embraced in a kiss. As they made ready to leave, Gary stayed on and skated a while longer. Fully dressed, they walked on down the trail towards the main road, feeling differently somewhat about their friendship. They both felt as though it were stronger, and they seemed to feel more like brothers than ever before.Coming out on the main road from the backwoods trails, they were further from their homes than they were from school. It was only a quarter of five in the afternoon; still the boys had almost made a full day of it at the ramp. Glenn followed Ralph down the sidewalk and watched as his friend made an intentional spin-out, he turned his board about 90 degrees, just before reaching a dirt road. The dirt road had nothing to do with their normal direction of travel; it wouldn't have come into play except as another road they normally passed by, except for the fact that Ralph stopped. They were just over a mile from their subdivision.Glenn stopped, grasped his board and looked at Ralph, who was smiling. "Yo..wassup dude?" Glenn asked."Heh.. do you.. have to take a wicked piss?" Ralph asked, remembering that Glenn hadn't pissed in several hours."Yeah.. I suppose I do.."The pair walked down the dirt road, carrying their skateboards. The road led down to a privately-owned lake, but there must be 40 acres of untouched, wooded property that led down the man's road TO the man's driveway just crying out as a hideaway. Ralph had noted it too many times.There too, in their three-year friendship, this was ANOTHER first; Ralph had never asked Glenn whether or not he had to urinate ever before. Glenn and Ralph really both did; but Glenn could tell now that Ralph really wanted them to have a moment in private to show themselves off again before facing the humdrum heyday of life in their suburb. The boys walked off the trail, Ralph cutting as smooth and as unhampered as possible by thorns and high weeds, they made their way to a small opening about three acres off the road. Glenn unzipped and began pissing towards a heavy patch of pinestraw. Ralph pulled down his shorts, exposing his entire lower body, and pissed in the same general area. The two boys were standing shoulder to shoulder, and both looking at each other's parts very intently."I never thought I'd ever letcha know how I felt about you, really, in my mind," Glenn said."YOU? I felt that way too, dude! I guess I always have, man, like you were a little brother or something, so wild, so full of life..""A little brother, huh?" said Glenn as his piss trickled to a stop and his unsnapped his pants, letting them fall to his feet."Yeah.." he said as he felt Glenn's chest. Glenn's shirt was in his pants pocket."That's cool.. I've always looked at you as the brother I never had, too!"Glenn said, shocking Ralph. And perhaps this friendship ran.. a little deeper.They kissed."Well, big brother.." Glenn said, "I guess some things are better once they're out in the open, huh?"Ralph couldn't hold back his warm smile as he was quite touched by his companion's remarks. Suddenly, he felt as though he'd known Glenn all his life.Glenn smiled back. With their smiles, it seemed a thousand words which couldn't be spoken by the lips, were exchanged between them. Ralph reached down and wagged Glenn's penis; Glenn did the same to Ralph. As Ralph took his hand off of Glenn's, Glenn shook his body slightly and waggled his penis and scrotum slightly, letting it flap in the air for a moment. "Dude," he said, "I'd skate like this all the time, if there were no law against it, just to let you see me the way you like.""Glenn, you are just as beautiful with clothes on as you are off, man. I just like to see... well, what I never had before. I feel like I know you now as well as I know myself.""I couldn't agree more," Glenn responded. "I feel like if.. I wanted to see your dick, I could just ask..""Exactly," said Ralph, "because, as crazt as this may sound, I love you, Glenn."Glenn's eyebrows dropped to a more serious inner expression. "No, man.. you're thinking like the rest of the world. That's not crazy, at all. I could tell from the day we first became friends that there was more to it than I could see. I Preteen Gallery can honestly say, I love you too, Ralph!"The boys embraced, they were both slightly in tears. Their truest of all feelings had shone today, not unlike small stars just added into their youthful lives. Then, didn't they have the rest of their lives to live it out? As cool and aggro as they were, they both knew now what that feeling meant most to them. It was the same feeling, unchanged, unaltered and at the same time, unquestioned from that Saturday forth.Ralph pulled Glenn's jeans up, snapped and zipped them. Then Glenn insisted on pulling Ralph's shorts up, just prior to which he grasped Ralph's scrotum, as he would his own sometimes prior to pulling up his own clothes. "Ooo," Glenn said, "soft, warm things.. they're so cool..""Yeah.. they are," said Ralph, rubbing Glenn's arms. They headed back out onto the main road again and soon were home. But then, after a long hot shower...Ralph went next-door to Glenn's house and spent the night with his "little brother." Things were indeed, just beginning...
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