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Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 18:51:36 +0100 From: paul jockboy Subject: 2007Here is the follow-up to my true stories about my encounters with my Master. i have had to write them down in order to share them with the NIFTY readers.My Master said that i should give me slave boy e-mail address to all who want to write me: paul.jockboygmail.comPlease forgive my grammar, as English is a second language for me. 2007As i said in the previous chapter, i was not a very respectful boy from October 2006 to April 2007. Yet, my Master did not give up on me. Soon, I would find back under his boot, living through several sexual experiences that were totally new to me. i feel a bit ashamed about sharing them, but at the same time, i am proud of these experiences because a lot of people have complimented my master on his skills when it came to abusing me in public. Let me tell you about this.First, in April, my Master was worried about me because i had not been replying to his e-mails. It was very bad of me. My Master had invested a lot of time and feelings in our relationship, and i would not find the time to jot down a few words.On my side, things were not going well. i was planning on making a big career move by launching my own business. At the same time, i had not had sex for months and my mind was staring to get filled with desires. i even lurked on some websites, watching videos of guys being spanked and raped, wishing i were them. i hurt myself during a heavy kickboxing training, so i was not feeling well physically either.i wrote to my Master to tell him that I was drowning into my desires, that they kept me from focusing on my new venture. i asked him to come over to my place, for the first time. i wanted to have dinner with him, to show him that i cared for him and i valued our bond.My Master came to my place. We had dinner. Soon, i felt comfortable with my Master and let down my guard. i shared with him my fears. He took me in his arms tenderly and we kissed for the first time.Then, we went to my bedroom. He made me strip. He was till angry at my not answering his e-mails, so he hit my balls hard and spanked me. i was very hard. i think that it was the first time that i realized what was looking for in our relationship : i wanted to feel like a little boy that my Master would protect and abuse at the same time. For instance, I realized that I love when i was in his arms while he was torturing my asshole. That evening was also another first : my Master let me suck his dick. My Master has a very, very long dick. It was difficult for me to get all of it inside, although i wanted it so badly.A few days later, my Master formally agreed to take me back as his boy, provided i passed a series of exams to show my determination.The first challenge he put me through was in a public cruising place. The building is a kind of local cruising space. We went there on a Saturday afternoon. As usual, i had arrived at my Master with a clean ass, had stripped at his door and knelt in the middle of his play room. He played with tits, balls, and asshole a bit. Then, he put a metal chain aroun my neck, together with a lock. He made put my clothes back on and led me to this cruising place.Once there, we stripped and put towels around our waist. The few older gentlemen who were there kept on looking at the chain arounf my neck and at my Master. i felt ashamed of my situation, but at the same time, i was vain enough to know that i had a good body and that the sight of the chain falling down on my pecs must have been quite arousing.My Master put in a room and left for a few minutes. When he came back, he had a wooden paddle in his hand. He spanked hard, in a lound way, and I was moaning from pain and pleasure very loudly as well. In my head, i was picturing the guys that we had just walked by. They must have known that it me who being spanked and who was moaning this loud. i felt like a toy that was used and my cock was super hard. My Master really knew what was good for me. He made me apologize for my conduct, while spanking me harder and harder.Once again, the session ended and i was not allowed to jerk off. My balls were hurting badly from not having been able to release my juice.During another session, in May, my Master shaved my ass. While the shaving cream was on my ass, he took a picture. He then took other pictures, with me blindfolded: on my back, feet in the air, asshole exposed; facing a wall with a leather vest and my ass red from spanking; facing him with a big hard-on. He then put these pictures online, on a French S&M website, to show his boy to other masters and ask whether they would like to play with me, under his constant supervision.In June, my Master took me shopping again. We met after work. Being a boy, i was not told where my Master was taking me. We stopped in front of a store that I did not know. We got in; it was a leather shop. The sales guy quickly understood the situation and treated my Master as the real shopper. We were there to buy leather chaps. My Master made try two pairs on. All through the fitting, he played with cock and spanked me slightly. i was getting hard, which made the appreciating sales guy chuckle. He liked us so much that he did not make us pay for neither the martinet (cat of nine tails) nor the little dildo that we bought that day.My Master also instructed me to buy some good shoes. I went to a store to by Doc Martens shoes. And a leather harness, as I knew what was coming: a few day later, we would go to biggest S&M party of the year in Paris.Needless to say that i was very nervous, on a lot of different levels. First, there would hundreds of men there. i did not care that much that one of them would know me from my regular life, although i was still embarrassed by the fact that i would clearly appear as an "M", not as an "S". My real fear was: how would i measure up to all these guys for whom it would not be the first time?At the venue for the party, i had to Preteen Pics strip in front of everyone (but for my jockstrap), in order to put on my leather chaps and harness. My Master Preteen Pics has put the chain with its lock around my neck. He has also put leather bracelets on my arms. i really felt like a little boy at a new school, i wanted to see it all, but i also needed to hide between my Master.There were dark corners, with slings. As the night advanced, more and more guys were sucking/ kissing / fucking / fist fucking in the venue. My Master first spanked me in plain light, almost in the middle of the ranch. He meant business and hit me very hard. i was not playing, i was really shouting from pain. A few guys came to my Master to compliment him and said that we were the hottest couple around.My Master then led me to a sling. He asked me whether i was ok. i nodded. It was my first time in a sling. He locked my feet and my arms on the chains. i was very hard and tense, i was breathing very fast. There another sling just a foot from me, where a guy was bing fist fucked. Men kept coming and going in front the slings, trying to see what kind of action was going on. My Master put a glove on and started working on my ass. He put several fingers in it, which is already a lot for my tight hole. With the screams of pleasure and pain around me, i felt free to voice my own feelings as loud as i wanted. i was saying yes, no, thank you master, stop, ouch, etc. What i also like is that my Master fended off anyone who was trying to touch me. He both abusing and protecting me.Later, we came back to my Master's place. i was exhausted. Yet, there was a big surprise for me : my Master lubed some more my ass and fucked me for the first time. As first, it was horrible. His dick was much thicker and longer than anything he had put in my ass so far. And he was not allowing me to touch myself. Then, he was clearly using my asshole for his own pleasure, despite my cries. After he came, he was kind enough, for the first time, to let me jerk off. But i just could not come. It was very frustrating, as i had wanted to come all evening long.At the end of June, my Master put me through another challenge. This time, i was to cross Paris a clean ass, my jockstrap, my cotton shorts and a T-shirt, and meet him at a certain place. i knew that i was supposed to meet another Master.i went up some stair case. There was my name on the door. i pushed the door, stripped and put on my face the blindfold that had been put there for me.i will detail this very long session in another chapter, as my Master has instructed me to. Let's just say that there a few other first times during this session.Summer came and went. i saw my Master again in September. He made me buy kneepads, as my knees were hurting from kneeling all the time. My Master really knows what he is doing. i really value this, because it means that he can blindfold me, use me, have another master play with me, while i am 100% that i am safe.In Mid-October, we had an encounter with another master. My Master put a blindfold on my eyes before arriving at this other master's place. This Master seemed younger, but he was demanding and he did not hesitate to insult me. During this session, i was spanked and yoked ; hot wax was poured on my body, from chest to thighs, balls included; i had to suck the other master's cock; my Master tried to put a big dildo in my ass, but it hurt too much and was too wide for my butt. Once again, i was luck enough to be let to masturbate once the masters had come. But i just could not come. In a way, i think that just jerking off was really not enough to get me off, after living through an intense session.In late October, my Master took me to a sex party in a cruising Preteen Pics bar called Le Next. Iihad my white Bike jockstrap, my leather chaps, and my Doc Martens boots on, as well as some kind of bracelets cum handcuffs. There were quite a few hot men there. My Master got two of them to come into a room with us. One of them was in the French army, while the other was an experienced cock and ball torturer. iwas in my Master's arms, while the soldier was licking my ass and the other guy was viciously twisting my balls. i was leaking precum all over my jockstrap.Then, my Master made a break. This break meant that he got me tied up on a cross, in the middle of the big public room. There, he took a wooden paddle and spanked me for a very long time. Meanwhile, the ball torturer was at it, playing with my cock and balls. Pain and pleasure were rushing through my mind. i felt free to scream, as nobody would mind.Later, the other guy pulled on my balls some more and came all over me. My Master took me back to his place and let me sleep in his arms.A few days later, we went to a casual meeting with the ASMF, the main French S&M association. We introduced ourselves to one of the officers and talked a bit. Later, my Master and I went to a sex club, where he spanked me and worked on my ass while i was on a leather sling.In early November, i invited my Master to the Paris Opera. i was very proud, because I knew that my Master loves music. i then took him to my place where for the first time we spent the night together. As usual, i was not able to come at the end of the session, while my Master covered me with his abundant spunk.A few weeks later, my Master told me meet him at Le Next. The ASMF official would also be there. Needless to say that i was thrilled and nervous, as i was thinking that I had to be an extra good boy, in Preteen Pics order to honor my Master and give a good impression to this experienced official.i was soon made to strip in my white jockstrap. i was allowed to keep my leather boots. My Master made me bend over a chair, while the ASMF guy was holding down my Preteen Pics head and my hands, and i got spanked very, very hard. At one point, i screamed from the top of my lungs, because my Master hit really hard. i was on the verge of sobbing, but held on, because i wanted to show to both of them how tough a boy i was. i was made to stand and hug the other master, while my own Master kept on spanking me. i had to apologize to him, for i had not written the reports that you are currently reading as fast he had wanted. In my heart, i knew that my Master was right and my ass was now red and burning.My Master and the other Master lifted me in a sling. My Master put a glove on, and put his fingers in my ass. i knew that he could fist fuck me, as i am too tight, but i could feel his fingers going up and down my chute. Suddenly, i realized that ASMF guy had started swinging the sling, making it go back and forth. As a result, i was fucking myself on my Master's fingers. It caused me a wave of pleasure. I moaned on and on. Some guys came around us and wanted to touch. But once again, my Master pushed them away (politely). i felt safe and protected.We said goodbye to the ASMF guy and promised to see each other for a longer session. My Master took me to his place. We took a bath together and i toweled him off. Then we want to his bed and he played with me then and in the morning.It was yesterday. Now, i am finishing up this report, as I have promised my Master i would do.Please, Sir, accept my apologies for writing up these reports so late. i thank you for teaching me so much and for helping me face my fears.Respectfully, Your French boy,Paul
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