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Related article: Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 06:42:04 +0000 (GMT) From: Casey Subject: Casey's Diary: 29-10-2006All standard disclaimers apply. Please refer to the first installment for the introduction on myself and the background for the story (essential if you're reading this series for the first time).Also, thanks so much to everyone who wrote in! I didn't expect so many people to like it since it's a bit different from a standard story. Your emails and comments are very welcome and will surely encourage me to write down more of my experiences.Please send any thoughts and feedback to yourlittletoyboyyahoo.co.uk. -------- 29/10/2006 Dear diary, The moment I got back home from my week-long holiday I stripped and brought all the necessary stuff to the bathroom. If I was nervous to try it again one week ago, this time I was too horny to stop - I had not cum for a whole week! I gave myself several enemas as usual using water directly from the tap (I've never seen an actual enema bag in my life). I used very strong jets of water that churned my insides - it felt like the water was boiling inside me. I filled my guts with litres of water each time, feeling it fill up my guts and stomach. My extreme horniness made me force myself to take more water than I've ever done. I could see my belly growing, my stomach muscles and skin tightening and the pressure building inside my guts and against my bladder. I would only stop filling myself up once I felt the pain was going to make me explode.It took 6 or 7 times before the water ran clear. As I have learned the last time, I would use my fingers to encourage the water to come out. It seemed like every time I inserted a finger into my boypussy and gave it a pump or two, more gushes of water would come out. It was a little funny because when I stuck my finger in there the water would spurt out around my finger and I could even direct it! When I stopped moving my finger the water would stop. Then I probed inside again and played with my pussy and more water would spurt out. It was like my boypussy was obeying my finger's command. I imagined it was my Master's fingers playing with me, coaxing the water out, making my body obey him instead of me.I was anxious to send Master more photos for him to enjoy. I wanted to take photos of my boypussy spread out like a whore's and also of the 'dildo' (the same stick I used before) penetrating me, so I didn't do the other exercises and instead immediately went on to use vaseline to lube up the stick and also inside my asslips. Smearing the lube on my pussy felt wicked. I took my time working the Preteen Incest liquid around my opening and then inside it, feeling the bunched pouting lips squish under my finger. I wondered that, should Master be there, whether he would be eyeing my pussy admiringly and with lust or whether he would be disgusted with it. Either would be a benediction to a boycunt like me. Then I began pushing the dildo inside me. The earlier flushing and the vaseline made this easy and soon I was taking 3 inches up me again like before. I played with it for a while and then went out to the living room to take pictures of the dildo sticking out behind me.Unlike the previous smooth dildostick I used, this one didn't have any problem staying in and sticking out because of its many ridges. I must have been getting used to it because the fact that my asslips were clutching at the ridges no longer gave me much pain. It only made me feel a little uncomfortable but in a good way. I turned on the timer on my camera and positioned it about two feet off the floor where it would capture my squirming body at a nice angle. I was moving about the house naked with the stick snug inside me, and it made me feel dirty at how willing I was to commit such shameful acts for my Master, and how excited I was to be showing off my depravity to another man. I took several pictures of myself on my hands and knees, from the side and from the back Preteen Incest with the dildo sticking out. I was proud to note that the dildo stuck out straight and high, not drooping down, which meant my ass was gripping the dildo firmly. Surely Master would be pleased Preteen Incest if he'd had my boycunt gripping his cock in such a way.Then I went back to the bathroom and decided to take the camera with me, as in my mind I had more pictures to take. I was nervous that it might get damaged by water, but decided to risk it. After that I sat in front of the mirror, legs up and apart, and fucked my boypussy with the dildo. As before the ridges on the stick drove me wild - I could see my pussylips getting pulled in and out lewdly by the stick. It was awesome the way the ass-ring fought to hold on as the stick was coming out, the lips stretching in a nice 'O'. I loved the way the skin around the lips get stretched thin but the ring itself remaining sort of thick (like thin lips as opposed to thick lips when my boycunt is empty). Carefully I took pictures of my pussy both with and without the stick inside. For the former, I pulled the dildo halfway out at an angle to make my asslips get as stretched out as possible before taking the pictures. For the latter, I used the dildo to stretch my pussy around before pulling it out completely, repeatedly, and I did this without once clenching my ass-muscle, until my boypussy was really splayed open and gaping. It reminded me of those really messed up girl-cunts you sometimes see on porn flicks where they are just so beaten up and overused that they screamed 'whore' to the whole world.I imagined how nice it'd be if my boypussy were to look like that all the time, like a ready, spread open pussy for my Master to use any time he wanted.I took a lot of pictures, maybe 2 dozen. I loved to feel how perverted all of this was.Also, like before, whenever I pulled the stick out of my chute, my ass would sort of 'cum'. I didn't realise it at first until I saw strands of the gooey stuff drip from between the ridges on the stick to the floor. The whole 2 or 3 inches of the stick's end would be dripping with the clear whitish stuff. After that every time I pulled the stick out I would quickly hold it over my torso to let the assjuice drip on my belly. Then I would slap the stick a few times on my belly to get more of the assjuice. It looked and felt like thin cum with clear liquid mixed with white. After several rounds the stuff was all over me, covering my belly in little puddles. The quantity amazed me. I swiped most of the juice onto my fingers and brought them to my mouth, licking them clean. It was sweet as before but saltier this time, maybe because I used a different lube? The rest I spread and massaged into my skin. This time I made sure to lick and suck on the dildostick to get all of the remaining juice. It was so slutty of me!After a while I could not stand it any more. I grabbed my cock, using what remained of the same juice to lubricate it somewhat, and jerked myself into a frenzy. I hadn't cum for more than a week and I was so horny so when I orgasmed my cum filled all over my chest and belly. There must have been a full half-glass of it. I remembered Master's order and tried to eat my cum again, but again I could not do it. I felt really bad for failing to obey. I think it is a problem for me because I come down quickly after cumming. I know (or at least, am convinced that) I would have no problem eating another man's cum if I had not orgasmed. It is something I have to work on. I must find a way to eat my cum at least once, and after that I will probably be addicted to it.I had let the dildo remain stuck in my boypussy when I came so it was a little difficult to pull it back out since my ass-muscles were now clamped down hard on it, and the ridges did not help, but I managed it after a while and then washed all the ass and cock juice off my body. It was very late by now and after cleaning up I fell asleep quite quickly, totally naked and with no covers/blankets on as usual. It was a nice feeling, to know that I would get up and go to work in the morning as if I was just another normal average guy, when in fact the night before I had done some really nasty perverted things for my Master, and would continue to do so for many more nights after (and also during the days on weekends!).- Slave Casey -
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