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Preteen Models

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Related article: Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 14:35:00 -0800 From: J Ladd Subject: 1975 Part 2If reading about gay interracial sex is not something you're into, do not read further. If this type of material is illegal or you are not an adult, do not read further. 1975 Part 2 "Perfect timing Hector, I just finished loosening him up for you." Bull told the man as he stood and picked up his clothes, "Thanks kid you was great" Bull called back to me as he and Hector high fived and then left the room closing the door behind him. A smile/sneer spread over the giants face as he took a step towards me.... Hectors cock started to bloat as he looked down at the slim white boy. Hopefully Preteen Models with Bull shoving his black cock in him for over an hour his hole would be open enough to take him with out tearing."Miho, what's your name?" Hector asked as he pulled the kid to his feet and led him to the chair and sat him down."Jimm..Jimmy" I responded. He was the hottest man I had ever seen."Ju call me Popi, si." His dark brooding Hispanic face never smiled, his body was carved out of caramel stone. Full chest, bowed arms, six pack cut deep and solid. He had a light dusting of black hair on his chest that trailed down to the band of his shorts, the effect just made his muscles look more cut. The boxers were stretched around his substantial thighs, his calves square and big. The huge mound tented out the front obscenely.When he turned and walked to the nightstand he walked a little bowlegged, his big round butt rolled as he strutted, this only turned me on more. He reached into the drawer of the night stand and pulled out a small brown bottle, I recognized as poppers, he also bent and picked up the jar of Vaseline Bull had used. When he turned towards me he pushed his shorts down and off, then started walking slowly towards me, his black eyes watching my face as I reacted to the sight of his cock."Oh..No..you can't..it won't fit in my mouth.." I whispered as Hector came to a stop, standing between my hairless legs, his muscled thighs forcing my legs even farther apart.To say his dick was big was an understatement, it was colossal! I saw now why he walked bowlegged, his cock was curved and shaped like a banana, it looked more like a horn of some wild animal. The color was the same as his brown body, but the texture, it looked like leather. It had big veins which were twisted and ran from the obscenely large, missile shaped purple head to its impossibly thick base. It was more flat than round, it was wide on top and bottom and curved on the sides. It was a mean looking dick! It almost made you forget his balls, but once your eye's followed from the head down the curved shaft to the base you saw them, and you knew there was a flood of cum ready to gush out, they were the size of lemons hanging low. The black pubic hair was short; he had shaved the shaft and his sack, which only made him look that much more abnormal."Ju got dat right miho, he don't fit down nobody's mouth, but dat's o.k. ju got another hole just right for it." Hector said as he scooped out a glob of Vaseline and proceeded to work the gel into every nook and cranny of his massive pole. The head starting to ooz pre cum like a river, it combined with the gel and made a sticky wet sound.I just couldn't help myself; I reached out with both hands and wrapped them around the thick brown shaft. My fingers barley touching right under the head, it was so thick, I Preteen Models moved the leathery skin up and down so it would cover and then slide back from the purple head. When I ran my hands down towards the base my fingers were forced apart by his thickness, there was a good inch and a half to two inch space when I reached the root. The Preteen Models piss slit was opening and closing as I stroked him, it was so big I stuck my pinkie into the slit and it almost went in to the first knuckle. I pulled it out and stuck the finger in my mouth. It tasted sort of salty sour, it was great.I knew it was useless but I leaned forward and tried to stuff it down my throat, I wasn't even close. So I contented myself with licking and sucking the cone shaped head and maybe 2 inches of shaft if I was lucky. This went on for a few minutes until Hector pushed me off his cock and kneeled in front of the chair. His height put his crotch a little higher than mine. My hard 7 inches paled next to his massive 12 inch curved weapon.I though I was going to shoot when Hector wrapped his big paws around both our dicks, mashing them together then started to massage them. The sight was amazing; I got a glimpse of what it would look like to have a monster cock. Hector pulled back, his rod slapping on and off his corded belly, it was at a 45 degree angle from his body and so hard it looked like it hurt, he took my legs in his greasy hands behind my knees, then pulled and pushed me so my ass was hanging off the edge of the chair and pointed up towards him."Ohhh..Look at dat, miho.. ju hole, she flowering, Bull did good." His lust filled voice told me. From this angle I could see my red puffy ass lips and the wetness left there by Bull's ass work. I was totally shocked by what Hector did next; he lowered his thick gotee covered mouth to my hole and started to eat me out. I don't mean just rim, I mean eat! He would chew, suck, bite and then stab his long hot tongue deep inside me. He was getting as much of Bulls cream out of me as possible, as well as turning my ass into a dick starving mess. The bristle from his gotee just made it that more intense.He dropped one leg and reached down and gave me the poppers. I quickly opened them and stuck the bottle under my nose as I saw him line up the head of his monster cock with the swollen open hole that once was my ass. He watched as my eyes clouded from the scent and then popped his head in my hole. Even with all the mouth work and Bull's attack it still hurt like hell and was a tight fit for him.I didn't scream this time; I just pushed against him with my ass which helped him continue his penetration. Inch after inch he kept sliding into me, with his great weight and strength it went pretty smoothly until he got to the 9 inch mark. That's when my ass ring stretched to the ripping point."Miho, open up for Popi, ju know you want dis." He coaxed as he pulled back and drove back in sinking another inch. He was so thick that I didn't see how it was going any further. When he was pulled back he led two big wads of spit fall from his mouth, as they hit the junction of my ass and his cock I almost passed out, it felt like sex acid. It also gave me the push I needed to gratify him."Popi, please..please help me." I begged the events and chemicals of the night turning me into a pig boy bottom. I dropped the poppers and tried to pull him further into me as I grabbed his rock hard ass. Hector just smiled and lowered my legs, he wrapped them around his waist as his muscled arms scooped me up and held me to his sweat covered body, my arms wrapping around his wide neck. He clamped his hot mouth to my neck and started to bite and suck."Yes, Popi, yes.." I cried as I realized what he was going to do, a soul deep moan escaped my mouth as he stood up. Hector reached up with his huge hands and put them on my shoulders and pulled down. With the pressure he exerted and gravity he managed to shove the last two thickest inches up inside my stretched swollen red boy hole."Ju see I make him fit, now it's time to fuck, ju got all Hectors pinga in you. I'm gonna keep it dere all night long..ju my boy now, si." My brain barely processed his statement as my prostate was being mashed by the biggest cock I had ever taken. With Hectors great strength I was like a rag doll to him, he lifted and lowered me on his mammoth pole without any excretion at all. I was groaning and grunting with every wet sloppy stroke. By now we were covering in sweat, the room full of the smell of intense male sex.Once he Preteen Models was sure I was stretched and ready Hector walked us over to the mattress and kneeled, then laid us down so I was on my back, he repositioned my legs up on to his thickly muscled shoulders. He put his hands on either side of my head and stretched out his legs until he was in a push up position. Buried balls deep in my guts, I could only watch and moan as he started to pull back and inch after inch of his Latin pinga exited my body.What was amazing was that as he pulled back my ass was literally turned inside out. The thickness of him, even with all the lube, pulled an inch or so of my red ass wall into the light of lust as he kept pulling until only his purple head was still inside me, I watched and groaned as he pulled out and my hole stayed open for a few seconds before trying to close again."What ju want Jimmy?" He teased as he punched in and out of me with only his head. Over and over he cock head fucked me, until I thought I would loose my mind."Fuck me Popi, fuck me hard.." Hector just smiled and sunk all 12 horse thick brown inches deep in my ravaged hole. Again and again, faster and faster, with a litany of Spanish words I didn't understand, but by the tone I knew he was urging me on to even greater crudeness.I didn't think he could fuck any harder until I clamped onto his hard nipple and started to bite and chew. The tempo and solidity of his thrusts got so hard he almost knocked the breath out of me. This went on for ever until I couldn't take it anymore. The friction of his muscled belly rubbing against my hard young dick and his obscene Latin horse cock mashing my young boy button was too much and I came so hard I lost touch with reality for a minute or two.That seemed to do the trick and Hector roared as he dumped shot after shot into my abused boy hole. There was so much cum that it squirted out as he repeatedly plowed into me to release all his pent up seed. He slowed down but he never stopped, he just rolled us to our sides and moved behind me and kept slicing into me with his pole. My Latin Poppi was an animal!I don't know how many times I came that night, but by the end I was dry cumming, you know the type? So deep in your being your whole body convulses. Hector was insatiable; he would stop pumping long enough to reposition us then once he was stuffed back inside it would continue. He fucked me all over that room, on the bed, on the floor, bent over the nightstand. When he needed to rest he would sit in the chair and make me fuck myself on his cock as he sat there, watching his bloated rock-solid brown cock turn my white ass into mush.I sorta remember the sun starting to come up and Hector telling me to get dressed. When I went to the bathroom I was shocked to see my neck and all around my nipples covered in deep hickes were the two men had marked me as theirs! The next thing I know I'm standing in front of my car in Menjo's parking lot watching him pull away. The seat of my pants wet, with all the cum, lube and ass spit draining out. God I couldn't wait until next Friday! Hopefully my hole would recover to ride the horse cock I now craved!Thanks for all the encouragement for my first attempt at writing 1975 part 1. I must apologize for my lack of skill with the dialogue of Hector. I can't tell you how a Spanish accent turns me to jelly; I just wish I could express it better, I meant no disrespect. Until next time, play safe.seatlebotomcomcast.net
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