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Related article: Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:10:39 -0400 From: Sleep Memory Subject: 24 Boys, part I: Billy (1967)This story is the first part of a series called "24 Boys" which recalls the days of the late 1960s through the mid-1970s, when no one talked about homosexuality or about boys experimenting with sex with other boys. But it happened anyway, of course; you just had to figure things out for yourself. The stories are a combination of memory and fiction. All the names have been changed.The usual disclaimer applies. Do not read this story if you are offended by detailed accounts of boys having sex with other boys. Do not read this story if it is illegal for you to do so where you live.Comments are welcome at: sleepmemoryhotmail.com Billy (Winter, 1967)Billy Redmond was in sixth grade like the rest of us, but he looked at least a year younger. He was shorter that most of the kids in class and really slim, with stiff, straight jet black hair that stuck out over his forehead. The amazing thing about him was that he had golden brown skin, a full shade darker than most of the kids in school. Even in the middle of a Chicago winter, he looked tan.Billy and I didn't know each other all that well, but he came over one night with my best friend Ted to watch TV. Ted and I had been best friends since kindergarten and he slept over all the time, especially on weekends. I had my own television in my room and we'd stay up to all hours, eating snacks on my bed and then getting under the sheets to watch late-night horror movies, using the scary parts as an excuse to grab each other and wrestle around. During the commercial breaks, we'd dare each other to do things naked and usually, by the time the movie was half over, we were paying a lot more attention to our naked dares than to whatever monsters were stalking across the TV screen.The three of us watched "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," a spy show that Ted and I never missed, and afterwards decided to play "Dogfight," a board game about World War I flying aces that I was really good at. A couple weekends earlier, Ted and I had worked "Dogfight into our naked dares-we'd play it with flashlights in our cotton briefs Preteen Nn and t-shirts; if you drew a "loop de loop" card you had to grab the other guy's bare butt; if you drew a "barrel roll" you had to grab his dick through his briefs (we were still too chicken to touch each others bare dicks). But with Billy there, I knew Ted and I were going to have to play the game straight.I'd seen in the TV Guide that there was a good-sounding monster movie coming on that night-The Horror of Dracula with Christopher Lee-and I would have been annoyed that Billy was there except that I was so good at Dogfight that it kept me in a good mood.Last time Ted had slept over for a Dracula movie, I kept sneaking up on him, pretending to try to bite his neck. He'd get angry and wrestle me to the floor, with us just wearing our white briefs and t-shirts, until I gave up. We got roaring stiffies again and again that night. Toward the end of the movie, Ted decided that the only way to stop me was to drive a stake through my heart and so, once he had me wrestled down to the floor and pinned, he grabbed a magic marker that he'd taken out of my desk and hidden when I wasn't watching, yanked my shirt up and made a red cross on my chest. Ted was a lot stronger than me but he started laughing so hard that I was able to flip him and get him pinned. I could feel his boner straining against my hip and as he pretended to struggle to throw-me off, I managed to position my own boner against his and I kept lunging back-and-forth, pretending to struggle to keep him pinned, so that our dicks would rub together. When he finally flipped me back, I noticed that he got us back in position where our hard little dicks Preteen Nn were rubbing together. We didn't even notice the movie ending until the car dealership and Veg-o-Matic commercials came on.So I was pretty excited that there was a vampire movie on and wanted to make sure that Ed was sleeping over - though like I said, he almost always did on weekends. So after drawing a "loop de loop" card, I looked him straight in the eye and said: "Okay, I have a loop de loop and my plane is on your tail. We'll have time for one more game and a snack before the Dracula movie comes on, if you're sleeping over." That's when Billy, who had already gotten in the way of Ted's and my butt-and-dick grabbing version of Dogfight showed that he was going to become even more of a pest. "You guys watch horror movies? That's cool. My bed time is ten, so I never see them.""Yeah," I said," my bed time is ten o'clock too, so we just watch them from bed when Ted sleeps over. They're better in the dark anyway.""It's great to have your own TV," Billy said. "Even when a monster movie is on TV Saturday afternoon, my Dad wants to watch bowling or something."Billy gave a little smile, looked at me and said "so if my parents let me sleep over too, we could all watch Dracula, right?""Yeah, right, I guess" I said looking at Ted, hoping he'd figure a way to get rid of Billy, since he was the one who asked him over."Right," Ted said, looking at me without a care "if your mom has an extra box of pizza rolls so that there's enough to go around." I could have killed Ted, thinking about his stomach when I was thinking about grabbing his dick.Billy smiled again and did a backwards somersault. I saw a flash of his brown leg between the top of his crew socks and bottom of his cuffed jeans and had what I now recognize as a pang of desire. He did a somersault the other way and I noticed the dirty patches on his socks at the heel and ball of the foot. Another pang hit me. "Don't be such a spazz," I said and tackled him. Ted piled on and the three of us wrestled around, with me ending up on the bottom. And then I noticed that Billy had a different smell than Ted did, sort of musky. His white t-shirt had gotten hiked up and I could see his belly, again with that great golden brown skin. I could feel my dick getting stiff and pushed the other guys off me."Billy," I said as if I was angry, "if you want to stay over and see the vampire movie get off me and call your parents and see if it's okay." I knew it would be okay with my mom and dad, who never disturbed me when I was in my room upstairs as long as I kept the volume of the TV down. Since my brother had gone away to college, I pretty much had the whole upstairs to myself. The stairs from the first floor to the second creaked, so it was private and we could easily get back to normal if we heard someone coming upstairs.* * * 2 * * *Things got weirder and weirder. Billy got permission from his parents, but Ted didn't. Ted's dad said that his aunt was visiting from somewhere and he wanted Ted to be there to keep an eye on his little sister while the parents socialized. Ted shrugged his shoulders and took Preteen Nn it in stride. So now it was Billy sleeping over alone with me and he wasn't even my friend. For some reason, I actually felt a little nervous. One thing was for sure, I was going to have to put my vampire act on hold.Ted left and Billy and I still had almost two hours to kill until The Horror of Dracula came on. I pulled out a different game, Stratego, which I didn't like anywhere near as much as Dogfight. Billy wasn't paying much attention to the game and started doing somersaults again. I thought about attacking him but, without Ted there, I felt sort of shy. So I just stared at him and told him it was his move. The night wasn't going well. I didn't even ask my mom to make pizza rolls and brought up a couple bags of pretzels from the kitchen with some cokes, figuring Billy could make due with that as a snack.Finally, it was time for the movie. I turned on the TV and got comfortable sitting cross-legged a few feet away from the screen. Billy laid down on the floor on his stomach and propped his head up with his arms. I could see his shoulder blades pointing out through the fabric of his t-shirt and that pang hit me again. After a while, he shifted position to lie on his side, holding his head in his palm. In that position his t-shirt sort of drooped down from his right shoulder. A couple times he rubbed his tummy through the fabric of the t-shirt and one time he reached under his t-shirt to scratch his side and I got a glimpse of that beautiful skin he had. Another pang.He was a fidgety kid, but at least he wasn't doing somersaults. And he was paying pretty close attention to the movie. During the second commercial break he got up to sit Indian style like me. After a minute of that, he said "hey, I thought you said that you and Ted watched horror movies from under the covers?""Yeah, we Preteen Nn do," I admitted."Well, I'm going to get in bed.""Just don't get pretzel crumbs in it."Billy did one of his somersaults and while his legs were over his head, grabbed one sock in his hand and pulled it off and then the other. Then, on the reverse somersault, he threw the dirty socks at my head. "Don't do that," I said and jumped on top of him without thinking, getting a whiff of that musky smell once I had him pinned. All he did was give Preteen Nn me that smile and then, without changing his expression, he started tickling me in the side. I started to retaliate but he pushed me off, saying "hey, the movie's starting again."Billy went back to sitting Indian style, his bare feet crossed over his jeans-clad thighs. I found myself sneaking glances at him and noticed how small his feet were. He really didn't look like a sixth grader. And they were that same color of golden tan as the other parts of his body I'd seen. Pang again.Billy didn't wait for a commercial to do yet another one of his somersaults. This time, when his feet were in the air and his back on the ground, he grabbed hold of the legs of his jeans and pulled them off. He was so slim that he didn't even have to unbutton them. "That must take practice," I said."Comes naturally," and he gave another one of those smiles as he did the reverse somersault and got back into sitting position, wearing just his briefs and t-shirt. A second later, he vaulted into my bed and in another smooth motion got under the sheets, propping a pillow under his head with that stiff, dark, straight hair."That's my pillow, " I said, "and that's my favorite side of the bed."'You can claim it when you get under the covers.""I don't think so, Billy. You can use the other pillow and get your buns to the other side of the bed.""Shush, the movie's back on," he said. He didn't move. "Oh, and, pass me the pretzels, huh." I exaggerated a sigh. "You're gonna regret it Billy." And I meant the threat: Ted was a lot stronger than me, but I knew I could pin Billy.A minute later, when Christopher Lee was baring his fangs, a pillow hit me in the back of the head. This time I went after him and wrestled him off the bed and on to the floor. I had him pinned across the chest but then he wrapped his bare legs around my thighs Preteen Nn and started to flip me over. His straight black hair was now sticking out in all directions and his belly was showing above his briefs. He was beginning to flip me, but I outweighed him enough that I was able to start rolling him back in the other way."Damn, the rivets on those jeans are tearing into me," he said. I stopped and sat back on the floor, panting. "You okay" I asked. "Yeah," he said fingering his bare thigh and looking for signs of bruising. "Didn't mean to hurt you," I said."You want to make it up to me?" he said, looking as if he was going to cry. "Yeah, how?" I asked. "Give me the pretzels and go downstairs and get me another coke.""Faker!" I yelled and started tickling him, reaching up under his t-shirt to get at his sides." I owed him a good tickling from when he threw the dirty socks at me. He started giggling uncontrollably and squirming away from me. His bare legs were flying in all directions as he tried to get away from me. I felt a boner coming on inside my jeans and didn't even think that this was Billy and not Ted."Shush" he said when I let up the tickling, "the movie's back on." And he crawled back into my bed.* * * 3 * * *After that last bout of wrestling, with Billy's bare legs going in all directions, it took a while for my boner to calm down. I concentrated on the movie, which was getting interesting. When they got to the part where the vampire hunter was sharpening his stakes, I thought of trying Ted's magic marker routine on Billy, but I was still a little nervous about him. As silly as he was, I was getting to like Billy - like him a lot-and didn't want to mess things up by doing something that might gross him out. Ted and I had been friends for so long that our playing with each other's dicks and rubbing up against each other seemed natural. Billy sure didn't seem to be shy about wrestling around in his briefs, but I wasn't quite sure about him yet.I was still sitting Preteen Nn on the floor in my jeans and t-shirt watching the movie when another commercial came on. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Billy had conked out. At some point, he's shifted to sleep on his stomach, so all I could see was the outline of his body under the sheets sprawled across my side of the double bed and his head and dark hair smushed into the pillow. The next commercial he was still that way and breathing regularly. He hardly seemed to have moved at all.The credits for the movie rolled and I thought about staying up for the next one, but it was about flying saucers, which didn't interest me as much as vampires, werewolves, zombies, and ghosts. So I shut off the TV, stripped-off my jeans and socks, and crawled into the bed in my white briefs and t-shirt, trying not to wake Billy who was still breathing deep and out of it. His butt was sort of swung toward my side of the bed and a bit over the middle, so I ended up trying to sleep on my side.I could hear him breathing and then I started to sense that musky smell I'd noticed when we were horsing-around. I felt a woody coming on again, and it was weird because I didn't usually get them thinking about anyone in particular; with Ted, they usually came because we were messing around, not because I was thinking about doing it.I started to rub my dick, real slow so that Billy didn't wake up. But when I was doing it I just kept thinking about him doing somersaults in his briefs and about his thin, tan legs and little bare feet, I couldn't get comfortable and rolled around from my left side to my right. But now I was facing Billy on the bed, looking at the back of his head and breathing in that faint smell of his body. I'd never felt attracted like this. Ted and I played around but we never snuggled. Watching Billy, I just wanted to lie right next to him and hug him like a little kid with a stuffed animal. Which was a weird thought.I just couldn't sleep and my attempt to jack quietly so Billy wouldn't wake only resulted in keeping my dick stiff and not getting that great throbbing feeling I loved.He just looked so great lying there. After a while I sort of reached out with my foot and touched his. It was like an electric shock, it felt so great. I told myself that that was as far as I was going to go. But after a while I started slowly shifting my body to the left so that my whole leg came into contact with his. God, he was warm. I was like that golden tanned skin and that musky smell came from the warmth of his body. I loved feeling his bare leg against mine and couldn't help rubbing the top of my foot a bit along the sole of his. He was still breathing regularly. I was still a bit scared, but just wanted to stay that way forever.As I felt the warmth of Billy's leg against mine, my dick was rock hard and pointing slightly upward through the opening in the front of my briefs. The temptation was just too much. I shifted the angle of my body slightly and pressed my dick against the top of Billy's warm, bare leg and then I slowly, quietly began to rub it against him. It felt so great. I was so excited that the throbbing started almost instantly but I still tried to keep my rubbing real slow so that Billy didn't wake. That just kept the pulsing going longer than it usually did until finally it crested and I fell away from him, letting out groan that I hoped he didn't hear. Feeling tired and wonderful, I rolled on my right side, facing away from Billy, to sleep.Then, about a minute later, I heard his voice: "I know what you were doing."* * * 4 * * *"I know what you were doing," he said again. All I could think to do was pretend to sleep, imitating Billy's breathing pattern that I'd seen earlier."I was awake for most of you rubbing against me. It's okay. Really," he said, but with a different sort of tone in his voice that made it sound as if he was older than me instead of the goofy, undersize kid I'd been wrestling with.I was still a little freaked that he's caught me, and maybe a little guilty, and all I could think to do was keep pretending to sleep."Look," he said, "it's okay. But you have to let me do the same thing to you. My dick is like a rock.""Okay," I said in my best imitation just woke up voice. "That's fair.""But you have to take off your briefs, " he said in that older kid voice. I could feel that he had shifted closer to me in the bed."Why," I said, scared, forgetting about the just woke up act."Because it's better that way. And because you owe me." I still hesitated, both excited and scared. "C'mon," he said, "do it.""Okay." I reached down and took off my briefs, tossing them on the floor beside the bed. I was feeling shy and kept my position facing away from him. But not every part of me was shy-my dick was getting hard again. Behind me, I could tell Billy's was pulling off his briefs too."I'm gong to put my dick in between your legs, right against your butt. Its really great that way," he said, beginning to sound like the goofy kid again. "I really love this." And I felt his dick press in below my butt. Even better, he pressed his warm torso against my back and, to hold me in place, put his arm under my t-shirt across my chest. He was so amazingly warm and he wasn't exaggerating that his dick was rock hard. Because he was shorter then me and had shifted lower in the bed to get his dick in the right position, he head was just at the base of my neck and his crazy, stiff black hair was a little ticklish on my neck. But I stopped noticing the tickling when he began thrusting his dick under my butt and between my legs. He moved his hips back and forth slowly at first, but soon his dick was thrusting between my legs fast, with his arm tightening around my chest to keep me in place, his hand flat on my flesh but with his fingers digging-in slightly. When he started his dick spasms, he didn't groan but whispered. And then, after a few seconds, he rolled onto his back, using the arm he had on my chest to pull me along with him. He guided my hand to his dick and said, kind of sweetly, "feel it, it's still jumping." It was still throbbing and, suddenly, it felt natural to have my hand on another kid's naked dick and to not let go."That was the greatest," he said. "Thanks." And he started to drift off to sleep with his dick still in my hand. After a while, I fell asleep too.* * * 5 * * *I wasn't asleep for all that long. I woke-up feeling Billy's hand shaking my shoulder. "Can I ask you question?" "What," I said, honestly sleepy this time."So, is rubbing your dicks against each other all that you and Ted do?""Did Ted tell you that he and I do stuff?" I asked, feeling a little uneasy."Nope," Billy said, "I just figured out that with all those sleepovers you guys must be at least jacking. Though when you didn't reach for my dick when we were wrestling, I wondered whether you did stuff. I hoped that you did.""What's jacking mean?" I asked. I was pretty sure I knew, but wasn't sure."It's just a word for playing with your dick," he said in his older kid's voice, and then he added, "or playing with another kid's dick. I learned it from my step-brother." I didn't know what a step-brother was either, but wasn't going to ask.We were silent for a minute. "But is rubbing dicks all you guys do?" he asked again.I got a little scared again. "You won't tell Ted that I told you that Preteen Nn we rub dicks?""No," he said. "Don't worry. I like you." And Billy squeezed my shoulder.There was another minute of silence. Billy broke the quiet, and this time he sounded a little uneasy. "There is something else we could do," he said almost in a whisper, "if you want to.""Okay," I said, trusting him and feeling a woody coming-on. I laid on my back so that I could see him. I was still sleeping naked below my t-shirt and when I shifted from my side to my back so I could see Billy, my dick tented the sheet above me."It may seem kind of weird, but it will feel good," he said, "I promise." Billy hesitated for a second and looked at me. "Hey, you won't tell Ted about us doing stuff, will you? I mean, with you guys being best friends and all""I won't tell him if you don't," I said. "Besides," I said, "you're my best friend too." And I felt that way."Okay," he said, gaining courage, "this is like a lolly pop." And he ducked under the sheets and moved his head toward my dick. Before I could react, he started licking it on all sides, his tongue taking short slurps along the sides of my dick. It tickled a bit but felt great.All the sudden Billy stopped and his head poked-up from under the sheets. He had that goofy little-boy smile. "Did you like it?""Yeah," I said, "a lot.""Okay," he said, "now the popsicle." He ducked his head under the sheet again, and this time I could tell that he was putting the head of my dick into his mouth. There was an amazing feeling of warmth. I threw the sheet off to make sure he was doing what I thought and, my eyes accustomed to the darkness in the room, I could make out his head and lips around the top of my dick."Billy, that is so cool," I said.He released my dick from his lips and looked up. "Okay," he smiled," just wait for this." And then he started moving his lips up-and-down over my dick. I couldn't believe it.All the sudden he stopped, flipped on his back and said "your turn."For some reason I wasn't expecting that. But I also wasn't feeling shy anymore with Billy. I decided to skip the lolly-pop and went straight to the popsicle. When I took his little dick between my lips, the first thing I noticed was that musky smell of his, really strong. I started moving my head up and down over Billy's dick head the way he had, but even with a raging woody his penis was so small that I soon started moving my lips further down, below the fold of skin where his shaft began. Billy started making Preteen Nn noises. "That is so great," he said, "pleeese keep doing it."At first, I'd just pretended that Billy's dick was like a popsicle, but it was warm not cold and after a while I just started thinking of Billy and fell into a rhythym. "Jeeze, that's great, " he said, a strain in his voice. And then he almost whispered "oh, oh, oh," and I felt his dick start to spasm. "Ooohh, you are so cool." And he pulled his hips back a bit so that his dick came out of my mouth.I took my head off his belly and shifted my position in the bed, laying back with my head near his little boy feet. We didn't say anything for a while. And then Billy somersaulted up, nearly falling off the bed, but then he recovered and scrambled back to lie next to me. He put his head near mine."I'm going to go to sleep now," he said, back to his little boy voice, and gave a big smile. We were now both upside down in the bed, our feet at the headboard. I wasn't sure where the pillows were but I felt so happy and relaxed that I didn't want to go looking for them. Being upside down with Billy was fine. I reached out and took his dick in my hand - it was soft now - and fell asleep holding it and feeling Billy Redmond's breath on my neck.
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