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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.23 The Master Chris Collection SOUTH AMERICAN ADVENTURE ___________________________ Vacation time again and this time you and your friend Natalie have taken an "Adventure Excursion" into South America. It is a three week tour and the first two weeks have been incredible. You and Nat have travelled through some of the most exotic jungle scenery in the world. The natives have been very friendly and all in all you have enjoyed this trip as no other. You are now on a rickety old school bus which operates as the local version of inter-city travel. You are on your way to the next sleepy town on your itinerary. Last night you and Nat found a local party going Preteen Nude Art on to which you were instantly invited. The local boys crowded around, anxious to play with the two 'gringa' girls. You shiver with delight remembering the way you and Natalie got stoned and then, holding hands, lying side by side, you were gloriously fucked by two of the more attractive boys. Your daydreaming is suddenly interrupted by the bus coming to an abrupt stop. The front door opens and two soldiers get on. They make their way slowly down the aisle looking carefully into each passenger's face. They stop at your seat and look at both you and Natalie. "You two off the bus!", exclaims the soldier. You attempt to argue but the soldier grabs you by the arm and before you know it, you are standing at the side of the road watching your bus disappear around the next bend. You are terrified. People have disappeared in countries like this, you think. The soldiers refuse to answer your frantic questions. Instead they handcuff your hands behind your back and you and your friend are bundled into the jeep to return in the direction you came from. An hour or so later, you and Nat arrive back in the small town of last night. The soldiers bring you to the local garrison and into the office of Colonel Ortega. He is an attractive but stern looking man sitting behind a large desk. He looks up as you enter. "Good afternoon ladies.", he says in a deep voice, "Do you know that we have severe penalties in our country for people who use illegal drugs?" Now you are very nervous. You know that smoking dope in a foreign country is a stupid idea and you mentally kick yourself for doing it last night. Natalie tries to explain but the colonel cuts her off. "Do you have more of these drugs with you?", he asks. You tell him that you do not. "We shall see.", he says, "Please remove all of your clothing." You hesitate for a moment but you realize that there is little choice. As embarrassing as it will be to undress in front of these strange men, the alternative is too dangerous to consider. You look over at Natalie and she is blushing furiously as she quietly unbuttons her blouse. You hang your head submissively and start to remove your white cotton shirt. As usual, you are not wearing a bra and the soldiers whistle appreciatively as your firm white breasts come into view. Your jeans are next leaving you in only your flimsy bikini panties. As Nat removes her skirt, she reveals her long tanned legs and her sheer silk panties. The colonel smiles at the sight. "All of your clothes if you please.", he says. You are both beet red at the humiliation of having to do this but you both bend down to remove your last piece of protection. The colonel now instructs you to clasp your hands behind your head and you both do so thus exposing yourselves completely to him and the other soldiers. He stands up and moves around his desk for a better look. "You will have to be searched completely for this contraband.", he says. He looks back and forth between you and Nat comparing your smaller firm breasts with Natalie's large ones. Your nipples have gotten hard despite yourself and you are mortified to see him looking at them carefully. You glance sideways at Nat and see that her long pink nipples have extended themselves too. Although you should be scared for your life, you find yourself at once scared and oddly turned on by the situation you are in. The colonel looks at Natalie "You first, I think.", he says. One of the soldiers takes her and pulls her into the next room. The colonel walks around you carefully examining your body. You feel him stroke your exposed bottom with his rough hand and you jump at the touch. "Sensitive?", he asks. You nod your head. "This is the part of the body that naughty girls have punished in my country.", he says. You close your eyes at the thought of your bottom being spanked just like a little girl. Your hands are still clasped behind your head and the colonel takes advantage of your well-presented breasts to squeeze them next. Your eyes snap open to see him pulling on the nipples with his large strong hands. You moan softly as he pulls them both out as far as he can before releasing them. The door opens and Natalie reappears. Her face is beet red and she avoids looking at you as she stands back in front of the colonel and places her hands back behind her head. The soldiers take you now and pull you into the next room. There is a table here and you are pushed onto it on your back. You are sure that they are going to fuck you but you are wrong. Two soldiers hold your legs wide apart while the other sits between your legs. You feel his fingers parting your sensitive pussy lips and sliding two fingers deep into you. Your hips jumps reflexively at the penetration and you are embarrassed that the soldier finds your pussy so wet. His fingers slide in and out of you a few times and then one slides deep into your bottom. You let out another moan as he roughly lubricates your bottom. Now they stand you against the wall and one of the soldiers begins to take pictures of your naked body while the others place you in a variety of exposing positions. It is very embarrassing to expose yourself so wantonly but also strangely exciting. As soon as the pictures are done, you are brought back in the room where the colonel is now playing with Nat's long nipples. You stand back beside her and, as instructed, place your hands back behind your head. The colonel sits down again, "You know, we could have you put into prison for a long time but I am in a benevolent mood today. I shall give you a choice. You may go to our jail here for an extended stay in our fine country or you may accept to be punished immediately for your crimes. I assure you that you will not find this punishment comfortable. It will begin at the hands of the woman in charge of female prisoners with the kind of spanking little girls receive from their mothers. It will end with you back here punished by me and my men in a more personal manner. You may choose but choose now." You and Natalie look at each other. The alternatives are not pleasant but you can see there is little choice. "We'll be punished by you.", you tell him. He smiles at your answer. He barks a few short words at the guards and you and Nat are pulled right out of his office still stark naked! They bring you down along a busy corridor while everyone laughs at you and Nat as they do so. You have never been so embarrassed. The men whistle as you pass and you feel a few hands reach out to fondle your exposed breasts or buttocks. At the end of the corridor you are brought into another office and told to stand and wait. A side door opens and a large severe looking woman enters the room. She smiles at you as you stand at attention but her smile has little warmth in it. "You first.", she says pointing at Natalie. Natalie shuffles forward and the woman handcuffs her hands in front of her. The woman sits down in a straight backed chair and pulls Nat over her lap. She gives a soldier some instructions and he bends down to fasten Nat's ankles to a bar about three feet long. Her legs are thus spread wide apart exposing her pussy and anus to you. You see that her pussy lips are puffed out as though she is sexually excited and her pussy is glistening wet. The woman takes a black leather strap and lays it gently on Natalie's buttocks. You see Nat shiver as she lays there passively. The spanking now starts. At first the strokes are gentle but gradually they increase in intensity as the sharp report of the leather against Natalie's sensitive bottom rings out over and over again. The spanking continues until Natalie is crying and her bottom is a bright red. You are trembling, you are so nervous. You know that you are next. The woman lays down the strap now but she doesn't let Nat up yet. You see her hand rubbing Nat's bottom feeling the heat. Her fingers dip down between her legs and you see two long female fingers slide slowly but deeply into Natalie's wet pussy. They come out glistening and one then the other is gently slid deep into Nat's exposed bottom. Nat lies there passively as her most intimate opening is penetrated by this strange woman. The woman reaches down now and takes a long string of beads. She pushes the beads one by one into Natalie's now lubricated bottom until they are all inserted. The last six inches of the string dangles from her bottom. The ankle restraints are now removed and Natalie stands up beside you. She has stopped crying but her tear streaked face is testimony to the severity of the spanking. Now it is your turn. Your hands are fastened as Natalie's were in front of you and you are pulled over the woman's lap. The feeling of her nylons against your naked skin is strange and you have never felt as helpless as at this moment. Your face is about a foot from the floor and you reach out your hands to steady yourself. You feel the woman's hands caressing Preteen Nude Art your buttocks as the soldier pulls your feet wide apart to attach to the ankle restraints. It is oddly exciting to be so exposed to this woman and the soldier behind you. Your soaking pussy and sensitive ass are completely exhibited. You feel the warm leather strap gently stroking your white bottom. All of a sudden the woman starts to spank you with the strap and at first, just like Natalie, the spanks are almost gentle, and certainly not painful. The spanking continues to get harder and harder until each smack of the leather brings a sharp sting to your bottom. You can feel the stinging heat travel through your rump directly to your pussy and your juices start to flow. The spanking is even harder now and you can feel the tears come to your eyes. A moment later the spanking stops and all you can feel is the heat of your buttocks rising from you. You feel the woman's cool hand caressing you and then her fingers touching your wet slit. The sensation is at once exciting and humiliating. Her long thin fingers slide easily deep into you and you are unable to contain a Preteen Nude Art gasp at the feeling. You too feel her finger lubricating your buttocks and then a string of beads is slowly inserted into your ass. You feel each one as it pushes past your sphincter and into your body. The feeling of the string hanging between your legs is very strange as you stand once again beside Natalie. The soldiers take you out of the office and back down the crowded corridor this time at a much slower pace. The men and women laugh at your red bottom and you feel many a smack on your sensitive rear before you are led into another room. You and Nat are blindfolded and you feel yourself being pushed onto your back on a cold table. You hear Natalie being put in the same position next to you. Your hands are attached to the head of the table and your knees are fastened wide apart. The soldiers leave and for a few moments there is silence. "Are you OK Nat?", you ask in a whisper. "Uh huh.", she whispers back, "How about you." You hesitate a moment before you reply. "I'm alright. That spanking sure hurt but you know it's funny. It kind of turned me on." "Yeah", says Natalie, "Me too." You both hear the door open and you stop talking. The sounds of at least two people move around you. You hear Nat gasp and a moment later you feel rough fingers pulling sharply at your nipples. You gasp also as they are pinched hard and pulled up, away from your body. The fingers continue to toy with your nipples, pulling them and squeezing them until you feel you could come from the stimulation of your tits alone. You feel one nipple being pulled hard away from you and then you feel the cold metallic pinching of a nipple clip fastening on it. The other nipple immediately undergoes the same treatment. You are left for a moment to savor the piquant feeling of your nipples being pinched hard and then you feel the fingers of your tormentor at your pussy. His rough workman hands are pulling your wet pussy lips with his fingertips, stretching them far apart until it is a little painful before he lets them go. Your pussy is now dripping its juices more or less continuously and you hear Natalie moan softly next to you in response to her 'treatment'. Now you feel the pinching feeling of clips on your pussy lips as they are pulled wide apart and fastened there to display the pink interior of your slit. You hear a low hum and a moment later the feeling of a vibrator touches your clit directly. You cry out. Your body has been overstimulated for ages and this is too much. You feel your hips straining upwards despite yourself as you attempt to press against the vibrator. Natalie's cries of passion now mingle with yours as she suffers the same fate. Your tormentor seems an expert. Whenever you are close to coming, he stops and lets your writhing body wait until it has calmed down. Your entire body is begging to be fucked and you know that you won't be able to stand it much more. The heat in your buttocks from the spanking combined with the constant stimulation of your nipples and pussy is driving you crazy. You feel Preteen Nude Art hands squeezing your breasts and pulling at the tight nipple clips. Now the vibrator slides slowly and deeply into your hot, wet box and you moan out loud at the exquisite feeling. You know you are about to come as never before when all of a sudden you feel the string of beads being pulled gently from your bottom. You had completely forgotten about them but now your entire being is focused on the sensation. You feel the first bead at the entrance to your anus as steady pressure from the string holds it there in the most sensitive spot. You feel your body start to shake as you begin to come. Your pussy tightens on the vibrator and your ass tightens on the first bead as a little tug pulls it from your body. The release of the bead provides enough stimulation to push you over the edge and you cry out in pleasure as you peak. The vibrator continues to play with you and you feel the second bead being pulled from you. You peak again at the sensation as your entire body, now bathed in a sheen of sweat thrashes up and down in your bonds. "I'll never survive it. There must be twenty of those beads", you think to yourself as the third causes yet another orgasm. You surrender your body totally to the sensations. Dimly, as if in the distance, you hear Natalie crying out with pleasure as she gives herself over totally to the orgasms wracking her body. It seems a lifetime before it is over and when it is you lie there weak with the effort. Your body is totally spent. Your blindfold is removed and your bonds untied. You need the support of the soldier as he Preteen Nude Art leads you back to the colonel's office. You no longer care that everyone is looking at your naked body. They bring you and Nat back into the office where the colonel is sitting. You realize that you have no idea who saw you or who touched you or who did what to your body. The colonel is smiling. He holds up a videotape and looks at you both. "Your punishment is complete.", he says, "However we will be enjoying it for some time to come." You are given your clothes back but before you can dress, you are brought right outside into the open and hustled back into the jeep. Still completely naked, you are driven almost all the way to the next village before they let you out of the jeep and leave you there, naked at the side of the road. You and Nat sit down on the grass beside the road and lie back, exhausted. A few minutes later, you raise yourself up on one elbow. You look over at your friend, lying on her back still completely nude. Her breasts are gently rising and falling with each breath. You have never really allowed yourself to think about it before but she really turns you on. "Nat?", you say tentatively. Her eyes open slowly and she looks right at you. You don't exchange words, you just look at each other. It is as though she is reading your mind. She rolls over and pushes you back as her lips reach yours. The kiss is like none you have ever experienced. Your tongues mingle back and forth as your passion rises yet again. Natalie swings herself around so that her head is between your legs which you spread willingly. You pull one of her legs over you so that you are in a perfect 69 position. As her tongue glides easily into your pussy your lips suck her clitoris into your mouth. You mirror her every action, knowing that she feels exactly what you do as you bring each other to another peak Preteen Nude Art of ecstasy. It is two exhausted but smiling girls who finally reach their hotel that afternoon walking down the road hand in hand. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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