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Related article: Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 22:04:24 -0700 From: gerardmmicrotec.net Subject: 19th summerIt was summer break and I was at my parent's cottage. It's a lovely place by a large lake, and I always enjoy my summers swimming, hiking, and boating. It was a hot August night; the moon was full. I decided around ten o'clock to take a walk and headed for my special swimming hole. It was about half a mile around the lake and was situated in a little bay, secluded from the whole world - or so it seemed. I used to spend many hours swimming and daydreaming in my little paradise. It was a beautiful night, the moon was so bright it was easy to walk on the little trail in the woods. I was feeling great - I was nineteen and life was great. I finally came to the little hill that bordered my spot, and got quite a shock. Someone was down there. I could'nt belive it. I was hoping to be alone and maybe jerk off by the light of the moon. But then I got a good look at him. He was six-one or two, had short-cropped blond hair, a face and - even with his clothes on - a body to die for. He was lying down, leaning on his backpack, so I figured he was a camper just passing by. He was staring out at the lake and seemed to be resting from a long day's walk. He kicked off his sneakers and rubbed his feet in the hot sand. He had on an old pair of cutoffs and a white tee shirt. Even from the distance, I could tell he had a strong, muscled body. Since I was behind him, he could'nt see me - so I could stare all I wanted. And it looked like I was going to get a show. His right hand left his side and came to rest on his crotch, where he slowly started to massage his balls and cock under the denim. His left hand lifted up the tee shirt to reveal a well-defined chest. He started rubbing his chest and pinching his tits- large, dark nipples on a sun-browned expanse. My heart was pounding and the blood raced to my cock, which grew in record time to its full seven inches, and was pushing against my jeans to be set free. I started rubbing it and the friction of fabric on skin was electrifying. Meanwhile, I could tell by the mound at the blond's crotch that his hidden beast was also large and was demanding to be set free. But he just spread his legs in the sand and kept on massaging his basket, enjoying every moment of it. I was so excited I thought I would faint. I had to take off my clothes. I first pulled off my shirt, and my hands played with my tits, sending shock waves down to my cock. The feel of the hot, night air on my chest was wonderful. It was great to be young and free. I then pushed off my sneakers and pulled off my jeans. I stood in only a pair of white briefs. Of course, they were tented up front, since my pole was aching for release. I grabbed it and squeezed. I could feel a drop of pre-cum leak out and wet my underwear. The stranger seemed to get the same idea, as he got up, and still staring Preteen Sex at the lake, pulled off his shirt, and then his pants. He now only had on a pair of white briefs, like myself. Still massaging his crotch, he walked down to the water and stared out. His left hand still played with his tits. He arched his pelvis out toward the lake, and I could tell he had at least seven good inches of hot, throbbing meat. He then turned around and started walking back toward his backpack. That's when he saw me. He froze in his tracks, his legs spread wide. I did'nt know if I should run or just hold my ground. I was afraid of his rejection, but soon was reassured, as he sized me up and smiled. I guess liking what he saw. His hand found his crotch, and squeezing his cock, he arched his pelvis. I almost died, but squeezing my own cock, I managed to arch my pelvis in his direction. We stood there for about five minutes, just massaging our crotches. My briefs were all stained at the front, since my cock was leaking love juice like crazy. The warm sticky feeling was sensuous. I then decided to get closer, and walked down to the lake and stood in front of him. We smiled and looked each other over. He was beautiful; where I was dark, he was blond. There was a lot of hair on his legs, just like mine. Our cocks were just inches apart, straining through the fabric, and I could tell he was also leaking a lot of pre-cum, as there was a large, wet spot at the front of his briefs. We then both arched our pelvises and our dicks touched. The excitement rushed through me like a wave, and I thought I would come right then and there. But I took control, wanting to enjoy this feeling. Still not touching with our hands, we started moving our hips, mashing our cockheads together. The Preteen Sex stains on our briefs grew larger, and the hot sticky ozze was making the sensation even more exciting. We were both moaning like two hot, lusty male animals. We both reached for each other's cock, and through the fabric, I could feel the heat of his pulsating meat. He put his hand on mine, we both squeezed, and our cocks throbbed at the same time. He then reached for my waistband, and slowly, he pulled off my briefs. My cock sprang free, slapping against my stomach, then coming to a straight-out position. His warm hand took my prick and slowly massaged it. My knees got weak from the feeling. My juice coated his hand and made the contact slick and wet. He then played with my balls, which hung quite low. His fingers softly massaged each testicle and one finger slipped behind the sac and tickled the passageway toward my ass. It was heaven. I then wanted to feel him and pulled down his briefs. His cock sprang out and our cockheads now met freely. We thrust our cocks forward, mashing the two heads together, which were now all sticky and wet. Preteen Sex Our pre-cum created a bond between us. My hand caressed his dick. it felt good to hold another man's cock. Our cockheads still pressed together, we slowly massaged our cocks and spread our pre-cum all the way down our shafts. In the moonlight, our two cocks were shining and glistened in the night. His hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me in closer. Our cocks slid up between our bellies, our crotch hair mingled, and our balls collided. We became as one, as he kissed me. Our mouths opened slowly and our tongues met in a warm, wet embrace. We took time to discover each other's mouth with our tongues, as our hands played with each other's tits. Our bodies slowly rocked together and our cocks rubbed belly to belly. The juice coated our stomachs, creating a squishing sound as our cocks made love to each other. I could feel the pulse in his dick as we throbbed together, sending another drop of hot liquid through the cum passage and out of the heads. Each time our cockheads met they would spread the liquid over each other's shaft and balls. Our moans grew louder and our tongues moved quicker, as we ground our crotches harder and faster. I could feel our shafts getting bigger, and I knew we were heading for a tremendous mutual climax. We stopped kissing to stare into each other's eyes and our mouths opened. We were now groaning out loud together,. Then, with loud cries, we both ground our crotches together, as our cocks exploded at the same time. It seemed like an eternity, as wave after wave of hot cum shot out of our dicks, covering our stomachs. We just stood there, clinging to each other, as our cries subsided and the cum finally had stopped pouring out. We made love many times that night, and I will always remember that lone stranger in my nineteenth summer. Tell me if you like this story guys: gerardmmicrotec.net
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