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Related article: Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 08:40:06 +0800 From: "solark36yahoo.co.uk" Subject: 15 Hartford - Part 4Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and not intended for minors or those judged unable by law to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintended.The author reserves all rights to this work.15 HARTFORDThe story so far: Michael has impressed Martin. He has shown his care and love for the people around him, even Martin. Michael felt sorry for Martin that he was alone for the weekend and asked him to have dinner with his family. As Michael settled down for the night, he finds out that his younger brother and sister are beginning their puberty and the growing pains that go with it. Part 4 - The RejectionMartin had to do his laundry in the morning. He needed to wash the sheets. They had been stained the night before. He usually brought back his clothes back home and washed them there, This weekend, he was in the city and that upset the usual routine. In fact, for the next two weekends, his routine was disrupted. He did not have a machine in the flat and so he could not do it in the flat. He could not notice the any laundry shops about. This was frustrating for Martin.Because his mother had caught chicken pox, he could not return home. Actually, this did not just upset his usual laundry routine, it upset his whole routine. When Martin was at home, there were things to do. Now that he was in the city, he was lost. He did not know what to do. If this were not bad enough, Martin was feeling guilty about the dream he had. Though he knew that it was only a dream, he was guilty because he knew that he was beginning to have some feelings for Michael. He could not place it. He obviously cared for Michael. Michael was old enough to be his son! Yet the dream the night before questioned his motives.The toast popped out of the toaster, bringing Martin out of his thoughts. He was brought back to the problem with what to do during the weekend. Martin decided to make a list. At least, he would have a guide for the next two weekends.-----Michael did not really want to go to the school he had attended. He was afraid that he would not do well for his exams and he would have to spend his time trying to explain embarassing results to his teachers. Jimmy had left him and was shot a week before his exams. He was depressed during the week and had not studied. When the news that Jimmy had died was published, he had already started exams. Though he did the best he could, Michael knew that it was not what he was capable of. He did not blame Jimmy. Things happened. He just did not wish to lie to his teachers. No one actually knew about Jimmy and thought that Michael would be an exemplary student.Michael knew that his mother would expect him to go and get his results. He did not want to disappoint her but he knew that his results would probably do so anyway. His brother was still in bed. He thought about what happened the previous night and his sister was probably talking to her right now. He smiled. He should take his time and let the two ladies have a good talk before appearing before them. He got up and got to the bathroom. His mother had left the bedroom door open. He went to close the door. As he was closing it, he saw his sister still in slumber land. He sighed. He had better hint to his mother about what happened the night before.After he had washed and dressed, Michael went to the kitchen and was greeted with the smell of coffee and eggs on the pan."Good morning, Mom.""Good morning. All set to get your results?""I suppose so.""You don't sound too enthusiastic.""I am afraid that I would not live up to the teacher's expectations."His mother smiled. "You were up night after night before the exams. I knew you worked hard. So whatever results you receive, I know that it was your best. Don't worry. The important thing is that you are happy with your results and you know that you obtained what you worked for."Michael nodded. He was afraid to tell her that the late nights in his room were not spent on studying but on crying. He couldn't sleep, being depressed that Jimmy had left him and had gotten himself shot."Mom, I need to tell about what happened last night."His mother looked up in surprise. "What happened last night. I thought the dinner went quite well.""I mean after the dinner.""You mean about Charlene and the boys?""You know?""Yes. I asked Charlene why she took so long to come to bed. She told me about what she had asked Adam and what you had told her. Sigh! They are growing up so fast. Soon, just like you, they'll want to move out and leave me all alone.""Mom, you are too melodramatic."Mrs. Watson chuckled, "I am, aren't I?"I'm worried about them," Michael said seriously, "Adam is curious but I think he is not ready to hear about those things. Charlene is mixing with her friends and I am worried that she may decide to try what her friends are doing?"Mrs. Watson looked at her son and remembered Michael's time of discovery. "I remember how difficult it was when you were at that age. I needed someone to talk to you and your father was no longer around. I picked up my courage and said what I needed to say. From the way you turned out, I think I did okay."Michael smiled. He was careful but he did not know how his mother would react if she found out that he was gay. "I supposed I did okay. I have not slept with any girl and made her pregnant. In fact, I have been very respectful of the girls I am friendly with," he said truthfully.His mother nodded her head. She scooped up the eggs and put them on a plate. She got a cup of coffee and placed the plate and coffee in front of Michael."Thanks Mom, your the greatest. I suppose that you will keep up with Charlene? I have spoken my peace to Adam but I won't be here all the time. If you sense anything, you know my number, call.""Yes I will dear. Now eat. I know you are nervous but you have to get to school and get your results."Michael just nodded his head. He had his mouth full of eggs and bread.-----Monday morning seemed like any other morning to Martin except he was curious about Michael's results. He got to work as normal. He did not soil his sheets, neither Saturday night, nor Sunday. He was actually a little chippy that day. He got the usual work orders and as he was assigning work, spotted Sally's name and wondered how the proposal went. He was really curious but felt that it was not his place to ask. As usual, he laid the work orders Lolita Nudes on the benches according to his planned schedule.He did not notice anything amiss until he came out of his office just before lunch. He saw Michael cleaning one of the computer Lolita Nudes cases. He does not seem to be concentrating. Sally had to remind him a few times regarding the corners that he had missed. Martin feels concerned. When Michael was done, he called out, "Watson. Can I see you for a moment?"Sally's eyes went big. She knew that Martin had been watching, but she did not think that Michael warranted a dressing down. She felt sorry fo the kid."What's wrong with you Michael?" Martin asked when the door had been closed. Michael kept quiet. "You look distracted. Continue like this and you are sure to make a mistake."Michael remained quiet and Martin did not know what to do. After a few moments, the lunch buzzer went.Martin noticed that the workshop was unusually quiet. He got up and went to the door. He opened it and saw some of the workers trying to listen to the conversation inside."Have a heart, Mr. McBain. He's here for just a few days," Sally said."Yes, Mr. McBain. He didn't do anything wrong. He was a little slow, that's all," defended another of the workers.Martin looked at them and said, "You know that I am never unfair. However, listening to a private conversation between Watson and myself is unbecoming of all of you. I am trying to understand what is causing his sudden change in work efficiency. If all of you don't mind, what he says may be confidential and if he wants you to know he will tell you himself. Go to lunch."The workers shrugged and went. They knew that Martin would not fire anyone. In fact, strict as he was, he had never fired any one. Usually, they could not take the strictness and resigned.Martin closed the door and sat on his desk in front of Michael. "Are you ready to explain now?"Martin was taken aback when Michael started to cry. He did not know that he said anything to hurt Michael. "What's wrong Michael?"Michael continued to sob and Martin decided that it would be best if Michael let everything out before talking. After a few moments, Michael felt a little better and looked at Martin with tear-stained eyes. "Sorry, Mr. McBain. I was not concentrating because I am now a little confused and do not know what to do?""With the work?" Martin asked in surprise. He thought Michael had caught the various elements of his work well the last week."No," Michael could not help but smile weakly. When Martin was in the office, his whole heart was there. "It's about my future."Martin said, "Tell me.""When I got my results on Saturday, my form mistress congratulated me. She had expected me to do a little better, but they were great results all the same. I passed every subject. She asked me what I intended to study next. I replied that I had found a job and had to give up studies. She was surprised. When I explained everything to her, she understood but told me not to give up. She said she would try to see if I could get some help. After consulting some other teachers and some files, she told me that my grades were not good enough to apply for a scholarship. She had said I could get a government grant, but I would have to study whatever they wanted me to. I could not choose the subjects I want. There were other options, but because my grades were not high enough, my chances of getting them were slim. I thanked her and left. I thought I had already made up my mind about my studies but my teacher has left me in a confusion. I am sorry, I will try to focus after lunch."Martin sighed and looked at Michael. "I know you really want to continue your studies. I don't think you can concentrate until you have accepted the fact that your situation cannot allow you to study. Until you accept, you will not be able to concentrate.""I know," Michael said. "I wish that I could just give up this notion that I am going to study again.""Even if you accept it now, I can see that you will be moody for at least a few days.""Maybe I should ask for a few days off to recover from this."Martin then had an idea, "I don't think you'll ever recover from this. I suggest that you quit this job ..."Michael could not believe what Martin had just said, "What?! You want me to quit, over a small distraction?""Calm down, Michael. I have not finished. I would like you to continue studying. I will be able to provide the means for your study.""Mr. McBain. You are very kind. I cannot take your money. You have been saving that money for your retirement and to look after your mother. I cannot take that money from you.""Well, I was not going to give you the money. I was thinking more on the lines of an interest-free loan. You would have to pay me back when you start to earn with your university degree."Michael was surprised. He did not realise how kind Martin really was. He stood up Lolita Nudes and gave Martin a hug.Martin was a little surprised by the hug. He had not expected Michael to be so forward with his emotions. He hugged back. When his hands made contact with Michael's back, he felt the curves of Michael's muscles. He was enjoying the brief contact with Michael. Without any permission, his dick began to stiffen. That was when he realised what was happening and was very embarassed. He wanted to push Michael back but it was too late. Michael had also felt the hardness.Michael was actually confused when he felt something hard at his abdomen. He had felt that kind of hardness before: from Jimmy. He realised that Martin was gay. Martin probably wanted something out of helping. Martin was attracted to him! Now everything made sense. Why he was employed, why he is offered this opportunity to study again. It was a nice ploy. His wanting to study again would give his boss the perfect excuse to Lolita Nudes demand sex from him. He had thought Martin was a nice man.Michael pushed himself away and said angrily, "Is this your way of getting something from me? Offer me a interest-free loan and expect me to pay back in other ways?" There were tears in his eyes once again."You pervert! You wanted me all along. How could I have been so blind?"Martin tried to explain, "You've got it all wrong. It's not what you think it is.""What's not what I think it is? You think I don't know a hard dick when it is pushing against my tummy. You think I don't know what kind of person you are? You offer me money for my studies without interest. I was stupid to think that there is such a thing. I was stupid to think that there is really such a good person in this world. I was stupid! My 'interest' is you having your way with me. How could I be so blind?""Michael, please listen to me. You are blowing this out of proportion.""Blowing this out of proportion? Blowing ... you want a blow job is that it? You know what? I resign. I do not want to be part of this workshop. You want to make me into your own little boy prostitute? I won't give you that pleasure. I resign! The last place I want to be is to be with you, you Dirty Old Man!"Michael stormed out of the door and out of the complex. He was in tears and in a rage. He just went straight out leaving Martin with tears in his eyes, too. Martin felt helpless. He felt angry, not with Michael, but with himself. He thought about what happened to his dick a few moments ago. It had chosen to do something that was totally out of line. Martin did not know what to do. He closed his door and then sat down, tears slowly coming out of his eyes.After lunch, Sally had knocked on Martin's door and asked him where Michael was. Martin sat with his side to the door and had a file in his hand. He asked Sally to come on in and talked to Sally in that position."May I come in?""Yes. Come on in.""Mr. McBain. Michael is not in the workshop, what happened to him?""Mr. Watson claimed that he had some personal problems. You know, family and things like that. I have given him time off to sort those problems.""Oh. I thought he was a such a happy lad.""Sally, I am not in a position to talk about Watson's problems. If that is all?""Yes.""You need to get back to work.""Yes sir."Sally was puzzled with the scene that went on in the office. Martin had never looked away from his staff when they went into the room. He had always put whatever he was doing down before engaging in conversation with them. She guessed that the promotion must have changed him.What Sally did not know was that Martin had been crying. He was totally useless now. He was fortunate that he Lolita Nudes had an office to hide his condition. He was supposed to finish the report of the previous week's services and inventory, but he was not able to do so.-----Michael had never been so humiliated in his life. How did Martin know that he was gay? Why did these things happen to him. The people who were good to him, except his mother, were all dead. The ones who had seemed good had ulterior motives. He was angry and sad at the same time. As he reached his flat, he began to think about Jimmy. Why did Jimmy go? If he had been arrested, they could still be able to be together Lolita Nudes and then Jimmy would teach that M&M monster a lesson. Jimmy was good in beating people up.Michael sat at the kitchen table and wept. He did not know how to tell his mother that he had quit his job. His mother had met M&M and he seemed like a nice guy. How can a seemingly nice person turn into such a monster overnight? It must have been his luck.As the thoughts were Lolita Nudes passing quickly through his head, the thought of how he had met Jimmy floated in. It was a good memory and replaced the bad things that were going through his head temporarily.Michael had just finished school and was walking home. All of a sudden, from nowhere, a boy, not much older than he, ran towards him and brushed against him. He dropped his file and books, and the papers in the file came flying out. The guy mumbles sorry and helped him to retrieve his papers. There Lolita Nudes was one piece that ended on the road and the guy almost gets run over trying to retrieve it."That was very kind of you. But you shouldn't have to risk your life for that one piece of paper.""It was my fault in the first place. Sorry ..." the guy suddenly stopped talking and took off.He was still clutching the papers he had retrieved.Michael frowned. He was about to call out to the guy when he heard running behind him. He turned around to find seven or eight men running. They ran past him and the last one stopped and asked Michael, "Where did your friend go?"Michael retorted, "He was no friend of mine. He just took off with some of my stuff."The man had a raspy voice and said, "Where did he go?"Michael was starting to be afraid, he had begun to realise that these were not your everyday neighbourhood men. They were part of a gang. His mother had warned him about joining gangs."I did not see but he headed the same direction as your friends there."The man gave Michael a glare, who promptly looked down. When he looked up again, the man was gone. Michael cursed silently. He stuffed the rest of his papers back in the file and began to walk back home. His route home took him past a small park about five hundred yards from his house. He was still a bit shaken from his brush with a gang. He stopped at one of the park benches and sat down. He did not want his mother to know what happened. If she saw his face, she would know."Hi, again."Michael looked up to see the guy who had run away with his papers."Here are your stuff. I don't think that I lost any of them. Sorry about the guys, I owed them some money and they wanted it back."Michael took a good look at the guy. He was quite good-looking in a way. His dirty blond hair was short and he had added gel to make it look a little spikey. He had brown eyes and his two ears were pierced. He wore a black sleeveless shirt and black cargo pants. Michael had known for a while that he liked guys but he had hidden it well. He did not think anyone knew that he was gay. This guy was definitely attractive."I thought you had decided to keep my notes." Michael said showing a little irritation. He took the pages from the guy and said, "You have to look where you were going. You almost got killed trying to get one of the pages off the road. You almost died for a piece of paper that was not that important."The guy grinned. "I almost got killed when the guys came after me. When I knocked down your books, I wanted to just go, but when I saw your eyes, I couldn't.""What do you mean?""You've got the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen."Michael stood up. He was actually flattered but he did not want the guy to think that he was a sissy. "What did you say? Are you gay or something, saying such things to a guy?"The guy just grinned. "What if I am? What are you going to do? You're going to punch me? You'll have to catch me first!" The guy backed up a few steps.Michael could not believe this guy. He was quick Lolita Nudes on his feet, and his mind and tongue."So are you going to try to catch me or not?""I am not going to waste my energy on you. I've got my papers back."The guy then walked up close to Michael and said. "I don't care if you are going to punch me. I am going to take my chances. You are a gorgeous guy. I think I am falling for you. In fact, I want to kiss you right now."Michael moved back in horror."Don't worry. I won't do it now. I can see that you like me. Meet me tonight at the place we first met at nine. If you don't come by half past nine, you'd have broken my heart." Then he ran off.Michael just stared at the street, looking at him disappear around a corner. He did not believe what just went on. He knew it was risky to meet the guy, but he was also drawn to him. All through dinner, Michael kept quiet."What's the matter, Mike?" his mother had asked him."Nothing."Charlene looked at her older brother and giggled. "Maybe he is in love."Adam looked at his twin sister and then at Michael and then giggled too. "Yeah, big brother is in love!"Michael frowned and his mother told the twins to keep quiet. Michael gathered the plates and went into the kitchen to wash them. His mother was behind him. She kept quiet but Michael knew that she was concerned."Don't worry, mom. I've come across a little problem which is nagging at me. You know how it is? It seems little, but it bothers. Can I go out for a walk after dinner to clear my mind so that I can see how to solve it?"His mother smiled. "Of course you can. Just don't stay up too late. Bring your keys because I have to go to work.""Yes mom."That night, the walk took him to meet Jimmy. They sat at a dark corner talking. Just talking. They learnt each other's names and they came out to each other. It was there that Michael learnt that Jimmy was on drugs. Against his better judgment, he decided to stick with him. Jimmy was a casual user and was not really addicted. Michael only came to know Jimmy's dealings with the syndicate after a year of knowing him. Michael had found someone who was like him. Someone who knew how he felt and the difficulties of a gay man in a straight world. He had found his soul mate. How could he let him go?Jimmy walked Michael home. Then in the darkness of the trees in the park, when they were sure that no one could see them, they kissed their first kiss. It was a simple peck but it was profound, at least for both of them. A second kiss followed which brought their hard dicks touching each other through their pants. Michael broke off the kiss and said that he had to get home. Jimmy was visibly Lolita Nudes disappointed but cheered up when Michael suggested that they see each other the following weekend. That was the weekend that Jimmy found out how old Michael was when he wanted to fuck him.Michael looked around the flat. It was the flat that Jimmy had left him. He felt a tear rolling down his cheek. He may have to give up the flat now that he had quit his job.He took out a few boxes and started to pack some of the things that Jimmy and he had bought for the place. He did it slowly because it was a difficult thing for him to do. Each piece held a certain memory for him and he found him mind wandering away as he took each piece.He had filled one box when he heard a knock on the door.He looked through the hidden eyepiece attached to the door. It was Martin. Michael's temper flared. "Now what does this pervert want now?" he thought to himself. "If I don't answer the door, he may think I am not here and then go away."Martin was insistent. He knocked again and waited. Michael kept very quiet. He moved to see if Martin had gone when there was a pause. Martin was still there.Martin's knock became louder and he began to call, "Michael, please open the door. I am sorry for this afternoon." After about half a minute of silence, Martin's voice was louder. "Please Michael, I know you are in there. I called your home and you were not in. I saw your shadow under the door. Please Michael let me in."Michael was furious. What kind of person is he? How could he have the gall to call his mother's place. What kind of lies did he tell his mother?"Michael, please, I am not going to go until you talk to me."Michael slipped the chain onto the door and opened the door slightly."Go, you pervert," he said softly afraid that the neighbours could hear. "I told you I quit and I want nothing to do with you anymore.""Michael, we need to talk. What happened this afternoon was a misunderstanding," Martin pleaded."A misunderstanding?" Michael's voice was getting louder. "I don't call a hard object sticking from between your legs a misunderstanding. What did you have in there? A gun?""Please Michael, let me in and I will explain.""Let you in? You think I am stupid. You are going to jump me and rape me. You had the gall to call my mother's! What makes you think I don't know that you are capable to attack me once I open the door.""Michael, please! I was worried and concerned. I thought you had gone back home. I wanted to know that you were safe. When you left, I was in a daze myself. When I came to, I was afraid you might ...""You? Worried? Who do you think I am? I may be only eighteen, but I think I am a little smarter than that! Mr. McBain. Go home. Give up. I am not going to become that cheap. I may want to study but I am not going to sell my body for my studies. I still have some dignity left!""Michael. It not it at all. Why can't you see that I am not after your body. I cannot explain why my body reacted the way it did. I really care about you.""I can tell you why your body reacted that way. It is called lust. It is called curiosity in little boys, it is called love in a newly wed couple and it is called a perversion when it happens to a dirty old man like you."Martin started to sob. He had never been so humiliated in his life. Yet he felt the need to stay and try to set it right with Michael."So now you are crying to gain sympathy. You are good, Mr. McBain. You are one smooth operator. I am not going to fall for that. Give up. Go home. In fact, I think you had it all planned, didn't you. You hired me so that I could become your little sex toy."That last line stung. Martin took a deep breath and said, "I will go home, Michael. I will go. But know the truth. I did not hire you because of sex. I hired you because I made a promise to your friend James Mitt." Martin shook his head and turned towards the stairway. He felt that he had failed that dead young man.-----to be continued.Author's note: Comments are welcome, positive and negative. Thanks. solark36yahoo.co.uk
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