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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionThe Teacher (c) 1988 Master Chris Story #14 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is late afternoon and you are just about complete with your day at the school. You are the headmistress of a very special school for young people who are being initiated into the joys of B&D sex. It is probably the most enjoyable job you have ever had. The last order of business for the day is dealing with one of your instructors. Margie is a petite, shy woman who has been one of the special 'Trainers' that have worked for you for the past couple of weeks. You have noticed that the way she has been interacting with the students has been detached. In particular, she has not been forward with either the girls or boys about sex and has carried out her duties like an automaton. It is time, you think, to change all that.One of your duties as headmistress is to make sure that even the instructors are turned on all the time. You certainly are. You have been thinking about what to do with her all day and the thought of it has your pussy slippery with your own juices. You call Margie into your office. She walks in and stands in front of your desk. You look her up and down. She is wearing what has become almost a uniform for your female personnel, a light, white skirt, a short sleeved silk blouse and white pumps. Her face is flushed and she is so nervous that she is trembling. She has been told that she is to be disciplined today and you are sure that she is wondering what form that discipline will take. You let her wait a little longer before you speak."Hello Margie", you say, "Do you know why you are here?".Margie's keeps her head down as her voice becomes like a ten year old girl, "Yes. I'm here because I've been bad. I haven't been sexy enough.""That's right Margie.", you say, "And do you know what we are going to do to you?"Margie shakes her head slowly. "We are going to make sure that you like your body.", you say, "When was the last time you had an orgasm?"Margie looks up at you hesitantly. Her face is a deep red. She is evidently embarrassed at the question. You are now sure that she is simply embarrassed about sex."About ten days ago.", she says.You smile at her. "Please remove all of your clothes immediately.", you tell her.Her face becomes even more flushed and you can see her hands shaking as she begins undoing the buttons to her blouse. It is soon removed to reveal two beautiful breasts. Margie is a petite woman and her breasts are not large but they are very firm and are topped with wide, pink nipples. 'Someone is going to enjoy licking and biting those nipples today', you think. Her skirt follows and you see that despite Lolita Sex Stories your standing instructions, her pussy is not shaved. It is, instead covered a blond furry patch of hair. A moment later she is standing again, now completely naked."Please place your hands above your head.", you say.Margie does so. Her breasts are now stretched against her body and her nipples have begun to get hard, sticking out from her firm mounds. You get up and begin walking around her. Her ass is perfect. It is round and firm and you run your hand across it carressingly. Margie gasps at this first touch. As you walk in front of her, still standing with her hands clasped on top of her head, your hand moves to her breasts. You gently stroke the left one, your fingertips barely touch the now turgid nipple which sticks out from her body about a half-inch. It rises a little further into your hand and Margie closes her eyes as she enjoys the sensations.You grasp the right nipple gently between your fingers. As you look closely into her face, you slowly begin squeezing it harder and harder looking to see her expression. Her breathing gets harder and harder until she is gasping. You let go of her nipple and look to see it dark pink and hard like a little penis sticking out from her right breast."How do you like your nipples pinched Margie?", you ask her, "Do you like it gentle or hard?".Margie's voice is almost a whisper as you hear her say, "I like it very hard."You smile. You sit back down at your desk and ring for Andrew. Andrew walks in immediately. He is a huge black man standing easily 6'2". He looks like he should be playing football but he is, in fact, one of the best masseurs you have ever met. Margie is mortified by his presence. She goes to cover herself up with her hands."Put your hands back up on your head young lady!", you say.Reluctantly, she does so. Andrew smiles as his eyes seem to eat the young blond up. "Andrew, I say, "please take care of Margie. Her pussy is to be shaved and I want you to give her a thorough massage.""Yes Miss.", says Andrew.Margie is led over to the massage table in the corner of the room and lies down on her back. Andrew fastens leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles and quickly and efficiently restrains her to the table so that her hands are stretched to the top and her legs are wide apart."She is already wet Miss.", says Andrew.You look down and see that it is true. Margie's own juices have soaked her long pink pussy lips and the hair that covers them. Margie is humiliated beyond belief. She turns her head to the side in shame. 'Your treatment seems to be working', you think to yourself. Andrew quickly cuts most of her pubic Lolita Sex Stories hair away with a pair of scissors and then gently lays a towel soaked in hot water on her pussy. Margie gasps as the heat soaks into the already warm area. When that towel becomes cool, Andrew replaces it with another.Within a couple of minutes, Margie's hips are squirming slightly on Lolita Sex Stories the table. Andrew removes the towel and begins shaving her pussy with a razor. Margie cannot help squirming as his large black hands manipulate the sensitive area. She gasps quietly as he pulls first one then the other lip tight to allow him to shave everywhere. Soon it is done.Her prominent mound is beautiful. It frames her long, pink inner lips perfectly. They are now hot and dark from the manipulations they have received. Andrew releases her legs from their restraints and turns her over on the table. His fills his huge hands with oil and begins rubbing her back in long full strokes. His hands move down from her neck and up from her feet until she is covered in warm oil.Margie has been moaning contentedly with the sensation of this massage and is now thoroughly relaxed. Andrew slowly and sensuously rubs oil into her white buttocks, clearly defined by her bikini tan line. His hands delve deeper into the cleavage between her cheeks and his strong fingers soon find her puckered hole. She gasps and her head raises up as Andrew penetrates her bottom with one long oiled finger. The hot oil has its effect, however, and soon his finger is sliding in and out of her ass in long, full strokes. She doesn't resist as his hands gently spread her legs.Standing behind her as you are you can see her pussy perfectly framed from behind. Andrew's hands move lower and soon he is oiling her large pussy lips from behind. Andrew rolls her over and begins massaging her breasts. Margie is openly moaning now. You can see that her eyes are closed and her body continues to wriggle on the table as she feels herself being touched by this large, virile man. He pulls her sensitive nipples over and over again with his slippery fingers and she arches her back to get them closer to him. His hands move over her belly and down to where she now wants them to be."Please let me come.", she says.Andrew looks at you and you shake your head. He now starts a kind of teasing. He rubs her pussy lips and occasionally slides a slippery finger across her clitoris. It feels to Margie like her clitoris is on fire. She pulls at the straps around her wrists trying to get free. Her clitoris is now covered in a mixture of her own juices an oil and whenever Andrew touches it, it is like rolling a marble around in a pool of oil. Margie's hips buck upwards in an effort to get the relief she craves but whenever she gets close, Andrew stops.The action is almost too much for you. Your hands have been playing with your own pussy and nipples since the beginning and you have had about 3 orgasms so far. You hand Andrew a thin vibrator and he gently inserts it into Margie's bottom. She lets out a little cry and begs you to turn it on. You take your own vibrator and begin sliding it in and out of your own soaking pussy. Andrew now removes his own clothes and gets up on the table. His cock is huge but in the state Margie is in, you are sure it is just what she wants. His cock pauses at the entrance of her white shaved pussy, just touching the lips. Lolita Sex Stories Margie is pleading with him to push it in. He slides the large knob of the head into her, parting her long, pink lips to the side with it. Margie gasps at the feeling and closes her eyes.Andrew looks over at you for the final ok to give her the relief she is begging for. You reach down under them and turn on the vibrator now lodged firmly in her bottom and tell Andrew to go ahead. He starts pumping into her for all she's worth and Margie screams in pleasure. She begins coming almost immediately in an orgasm that will last for a couple of minutes. The contrast of his ebony black cock sliding into her pristine white pussy is too much for you. You pump your own vibrator into your pussy for your fourth mind-blowing orgasm of the day. Andrew comes a moment later and soon you have all calmed down and are sitting on the floor of the office having a drink.You are all exhausted. Margie is still covered in oil and is leaning against the wall. She looks right at you, no longer concerned about her nakedness,"Thank you.", she says, "I had no idea that it could be this good. I think I'm going to like the rest of my stay here and I want you to know that you can 'discipline' me anytime."You all laugh as your mind turns to what adventures tomorrow might bring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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