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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 60: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Lights up. The portion of the set beneath the Queen's chamber has rotated, again revealing the cell beneath. Four guards enter with the massive Man between them. They attach the Man's ankle chains to the floor so that he faces the door, then gather his hands and lock them into a pair of manacles attached to a chain. This they attach to a hook imbedded in the ceiling. The Creation enters and watches the proceedings. When they are completed he gives them a curt nod. "Leave us." The guards go, shutting the cell door behind them. The Man's broad shoulders and back taper down to a narrow waist and hard, firm ass. Below hang the Man's massive testicles and long, flaccid cock. His huge thighs are swollen with muscle and the backs of his calves are full and round. The Creation walks around the Man twice, studying him, prodding him, feeling him. Each exploration becomes more insistent until he is engaging his entire body. His own huge muscles, as well as the huge cock which rigidly protrudes from his groin, enlarge as his actions become more vigorous. Soon he is pressing himself into the Man's powerful physique. He digs and claws and rubs and slides himself against the thick muscularity. When he has gone on for several minutes, he stops and looks at the Man's enormous genitals. They still hang loose and flaccid between his massive thighs. He pushes himself away in frustration. "How do you do it?" The Man does not acknowledge his presence, much less that a question has been asked. The Creation walks to the front of the Man and stares him straight in the eye, as if looking for his answer there. He realizes he will discover nothing, so he drops his eyes again to the massive tool which hangs before him. He reaches for it, takes the shaft in his hand and raises it. The motions of his arm indicate that he is attempting to stimulate it. He tries for several moments, but when he releases it, the huge cock hangs as loose and unaffected as before. "Your control is quite admirable. But you must know that, in the end, it will get you nothing but dead." There is still no response. "I shouldn't admit this, but many people here are affected by your actions. In that way, you have great powerful." "Power is not had, but given." "And at this moment, the Queen has given you a good deal of it. Over her. Over me. Over all those out there. And over you." "Perhaps the Queen should not be so generous." "Ah! It is one of her faults, I'm afraid. Especially when she gets these urges which she can not seem to satisfy." "She places to much value on the efforts of others. It is only herself who can reach the goal she has set." "But she has determined that you are her goal. And so, you see, the power rests with you. For, until the Queen has her way, none of us may find any relief." "Why do you let her command you to do this, if no one wants it?" "It is not a matter of wanting or not. Her magic, while not powerful enough to conquer her own problems, is quite potent enough to control us. You will have noticed, I'm sure, the only time the rest of us were even able to move towards some kind of release was when she was directing her energies towards your own amazing display." "Again I say, power is not had, but given. Why do you give her such power over you?" The Creation pauses for a moment, then shrugs his shoulders. "Because she is the Queen." "And?" "She is the Queen." "Then you are lost." The Creation thinks on this, but sees no solution, and so passes over it as though it were something on his plate he would not like to eat. "None of this has anything to do with your situation. The fact still remains that until you get that big cock of yours hard and send Her Highness soaring to what ever heights she imagines you can send her, we are all suffering." The Man returns to silence. The Creation shrugs again, seeing that his line of reasoning has had little affect on him. "Very well. Whether or not anyone else gets any around here, I'm certainly not going to put up with it much longer. The Queen thinks I'm down here trying to persuade you. She has told me I may do anything as long as I don't damage you. If I can not persuade you to change your mind, and I am not Dark Lolita stupid enough to think that I can, then I shall, at least, make your stay here in our little dungeon as interesting as possible. For me." He moves to one side of the room and pulls a lever on the wall. A turntable on which the Man is standing rotates ninety degrees so he is now facing sideways. Next the Creation gets a "U" shaped bar and sticks it into two holes in front of the Man. It stands only slightly higher than the Man's groin. The Man watches with interest. When he is sure the Creation is otherwise occupied, he glances at the pile of rags chained to the floor. As if in response to his attentions, the pile moves and a face, hidden in the shadows of its coverings, peers out at him. At first, he is curious, but then he seems to understand something. He smiles in the same way as before. He perceives a victory. He even affords himself a little chuckle. The Creation turns to him. "Something in all this amuses you?" The Man shakes his head. "Only that so much effort should be expended for so little return." The Creation approaches the huge Man, reaching once again for his massive genitals. He hefts the weight of the huge shaft in his hands, wraps his hand around its length and begins to squeeze. The muscles of his forearm expand, the veins on its surface press out against his taut skin. The Man tries valiantly to deny the pain, but it is too much. His knees buckle and he is suspended by the chain from above. "You are too modest. If your little display out there for the Queen was any indication, I have little doubt the experience which I am preparing you for will be quite satisfactory." He releases the Man's cock. It has begun to harden again. "I see now what makes you react. The strain of your efforts against the weight. The pain I caused you here. That is the stimulation you can not resist. All the better. Let me see if I can create an irresistible inducement. I may have found the answer to the Queen's dilemma. And mine" He removes the chain from the hook overhead and extends it across to the opposite wall. There he attaches it to a winch and begins to turn the handle. It's gear ratio is low and it slowly takes up the slack chain until it is pulling the Man's arms forward. It forces him to bend over the bar placed before him until his upper body is parallel to the floor. His semi-rigid cock extends out just below the bar and his hard, finely-shaped ass is held high. The chain is drawn more taut until the muscles of the Man's arms are straining. His huge deltoids pull against the force, becoming huge in their effort. As the pull of the chain increases his body swells as well as his cock. The Creation gives the winch one final turn and the Man lets out a groan of pain. His gigantic cock is now fully erect and presses against his abdomen. The Creation, whose own massive cock is painfully swollen, checks the connections between chain and Man, chain and winch. Satisfied with their security, he moves slowly around the Man, his hands running over the massive musculature. He explores the Man's bulging arms, the biceps and deltoids, the vast expanse of his back, the crevasses and valleys within the convolutions of his strength. He works his way around to the Man's ass and, in a moment of desire, grabs each of the Man's ass cheeks and squeezes them brutally. His body swells against the effort and he rams his cock against the two mounds of muscle. He pumps the head of his cock against the Man's ass with no effort to penetrate, but merely to feel his huge cock press against the strength and massiveness Dark Lolita of this Man. His face is contorted in a grimace which straddles the boundary between agony and release. After several minutes of this, he releases himself from his self-created ecstasy. As he pulls away from the Man, he grabs his own cock and begins to milk its length. His face is a picture of agony. He stands before the Man, grabs his long, brown hair and pulls it back until the Man is looking directly at the head of the Creations swollen member. "The Queen has cursed me. She says I will not find release until she is satisfied. It is magic which she is depending on. It is you she believes will have that magic. I intend to find out just how much magic there is here." The Man does not respond. The huge cock wavers before him. He waits for the Creation's next move, though he is already certain as to what it will be. "Does it make your mouth water?" No response from the captive. "What is it you want? How would you take me?" After a pause the Man says in measured syllables, "Far less than what you desire." The Creation drops the Man's head and Dark Lolita reaches, instead, for the eleven-and-a-half inch shaft of flesh protruding from the Man's groin; hard, dark, throbbing. "Your body contradicts your mind. I see you are not beyond arousal." Fluid leaks from the head of the gargantuan phallus in response to its handling. "Let's see just how much you don't want this." He grabs his own rigid member and slaps it hard against the Man's upturned ass. A shudder of pleasure rumbles through the Creation's body. Again he beats his aching cock against the full mounds of the Man's ass. He lets go of the Man's cock, positions himself behind the Man and swings his hips back and forth, beating his cock repeatedly until fluid is flowing from the slit in the dark, thick head and flying around the room. The Man is becoming aroused by this aggression. His member is growing visibly thicker, as well. He pulls hard on the chain leading to the winch causing the muscles of his back and arms to bloat and swell. Both of the massive bodies are soon covered with a sheen of sweat. The Creation jams his cock into the crack Dark Lolita of the Man's ass and begins to rub himself back and forth, his hands pressing the hard ass cheeks around his cock causing his pecs and biceps to flex and bulge. His actions become more frantic until he reaches a point where mere friction will not do. He pulls away from the Man's ass. His cock is now so dark and swollen it is obvious how much agony he must be in. He grabs his own shaft, guides the head to the Man's ass crack and presses it to him. There is resistance, there is a moment of suspension, and then an instant of release. His cock sinks several inches into the Man's ass. His victim screams a mighty roar and thrashes about, trying to dislodge the intruder. The Creation holds on with all his might and presses himself deeper. The effort of his attack along with that of fighting not to be unseated demands great effort resulting in his huge body swelling even more with the effort. He has the advantage, however, and presses further until his groin is pressed firmly against the captive's ass. As the Creation's hips touch the skin of the Man's ass, the victim realizes that this round, at least, has been lost. He now looks directly at the mound of ragged clothing chained to the wall. There is movement there again, but the Creation is too involved in his own efforts to notice. The nine inch cock begins its thrusting drive towards satisfaction. At first the journey is slow and paced, the effect being relished for its own. But as the Creation becomes more involved, his thrusts become more frantic. He is thick. He is hard. He is very horny. He is close to release. He strains at the moment of orgasm, but something holds him back. His efforts become more labored, his breathing ragged. Thrust after pounding thrust drives closer to agony, further from release. He gives one final shove against the huge Man's ass and collapses forward, onto the back extended before him. His chest heaves. His hips continue to flex against the imprisoning ass. "Damn the Queen's curse. Damn her. My balls ache. My muscles ache. My mind aches. I will not be denied. I feel it. You have the power to release me from this curse." He stands erect and slaps the Man's ass with his open hand. The Man shudders. His huge cock wavers in mid-air. It is leaking profusely. He pulls harder against the chain, a moan of pleasure escaping his lips. The Creation realizes what he is attempting. He grabs the Man's hair and pulls his head back. "Oh, no you don't. You're not going anywhere without me. I don't know how you're doing this, but you're going to take me along for the ride. I've got two aching balls that say you will not live if you shoot without me." "You forget the Queen's conditions." "That matters not. If I don't get relief, I'll die anyway." Dark Lolita He thrusts his hips hard against the Man. "You feel that? You feel that power? I know you do. I was created by the Queen's magic. You feel it inside you? That power can go both ways. You want to cum? You want Dark Lolita release? Then you had better do something for me, as well." He releases the Man's hair. His hands caress the huge back, ass and thighs before him. "You are now as much a prisoner as I." He reaches between the Man's legs and grabs the huge scrotum and its swollen contents. "You think these ache now? Think how bad it'll be tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. You are locked into the Queen's curse. I give you that. And your only way out is to bust it for both of us. Only that which is stronger than the Queen's magic can do that." The pile of rags moves again. An arm extends upwards to where the chain holding it captive is attached to the wall. It pulls hard on the chain, its withered skin shaking loosely with the effort. It disappears back into the cloth. The Creation begins to thrust against the hard ass before him. He sets a rhythm for himself and drives hard and steady towards completion. Soon his eyes are closed, his head Dark Lolita thrown back as he wills himself to experience release. Again a hand emerges from the pile of rags, but this time it is young and strong, thick with muscles. It tests the ring embedded in the wall, pulls once, twice, and then, with a mighty jerk, removes it from the wall. The Creation's grunts and moans indicate he will observe nothing. Now the pile of rags begins to rise as the body within stands. When it is fully erect, the rags are shed revealing the Man's lover; naked, hard, glowing. She walks to the Man, confident that the Creation is too involved to see anything. She drops to her hands and knees and crawls forward until she is beneath him. With one hand she grasps the huge cock and pulls it down. Her mouth opens and takes the shaft deep into her mouth. She begins to suck the cock. The Man groans. The Creation groans. His efforts double, moving to a new level of arousal. The Woman takes the cock in both hands and begins to slide them up and down the shaft, adding to the efforts of her mouth. Her attentions become more deliberate, her own body more involved. The nipples on her hard, firm breasts thicken and lengthen until they are painfully swollen. Eventually she becomes so aroused that she finds her own body desirous of attention. She releases the cock from mouth and hands, leans back and wraps her arms around the Man's thick neck. Next she wraps one leg and then the other around the Man's waist and pulls herself up against his chest, her breasts crushed against his huge pectorals. The movement of her hips leaves little doubt as to her intentions. After several attempts she succeeds in getting his mammoth cock inside her. She drives herself back on the length of manflesh, eliciting a thunderous shout. She now hangs from the Man's neck and waist and begins to swing herself back and forth along the achingly thick shaft. The Creation is beginning to feel the approach of his own release, not suspecting that he is being aided there by an unknown accomplice. His own vocal activity is becoming louder, masking the sounds being made by the other two. His thrusts become harder, longer, body-wracking attacks which cause his huge muscles to jump and dance on the surface of his body. Sweat pours off of him, running down his legs, dripping from his huge, heavy scrotum. If he hears anything, he assumes it is the result of his own efforts on the magnificent Man before him. Each of the massive bodies push towards their own release, moving in increasing frantic abandon. The Man and Woman press their lips together and drink hungrily at each other's mouth. Soon there is little control and no desire to conceal their efforts. The Man's body pushes hard against his partner's to the extent possible in his bound state. The restrictions to his movement cause his muscles to swell even more. Their efforts break loose of any control and with a physical fury that drives them to the ultimate state, they throw themselves against the wall of orgasm and burst through. At the same time, the Creation feels himself drawn to the same destination. His hands grab hard around the Man's hips to keep himself held firm. Just as his body erupts in orgasmic release, he grabs the Woman's calves. The surprise of finding a pair of legs wrapped around his captive's waist alarms him. "Guards!" The door bursts open and the four men who escorted the Man in earlier appear. At first they only see the Creation pounding his cock into the Man's upturned ass. They do not recognize this as a problem situation and so are confused as to why the Creation summoned them. "The Woman. Seize her." It takes a moment for them to realize there is a Woman hanging beneath the Man's chest, riding herself to climax. They finally see her and each grab an arm or leg and pull her forward, off the massive cock. She, as well as the other two, is still in the thralls of orgasmic release and is not fully cognizant of her predicament until she feel the huge phallus leave her body. The four guards wrestle her about until they have her pinned against the far wall, her huge muscles bulging against their restraint, her chest heaving, her nipples swollen and hard. The Creation shoves his cock deep within the Man several more times as he completes his own orgasm. The guards watch the scene, making no attempt to hide their own interest. The Man's cock, now free, swings loose and heavy beneath his bent-over body. His testicles hang low and pendulous from the base of his shaft. As the Creation removes his own swollen organ the men gasp. The sight of these two huge cocks, one so long and dangling, the other so very hard, so very thick, so very distended, both extending from massive, muscular bodies, is too much for them not to react to. Each of their loincloths begin to bulge, causing them to readjust their own prodigious genitals into a less painful position. "Don't let her go. I suspect this is the Woman who was with this Man when he was captured by the Captain of the Searcher. As long as she is restrained, she cannot use her magic to escape." He moves in front of the Man and grabs his hair once again, pulling his head back. "Perhaps there is magic enough for the Queen's needs between the two of you. Certainly something to investigate. The Queen will be quite pleased with my discovery. We will take them to the throne room and restrain them." He drops the Man's head and crosses to the Woman, his huge cock still stiff, swinging to and fro. The guards can not take their eyes off of it. "Just one question remains. How did you manage to enter this chamber unnoticed? There may be greater power in your magic than we suspect. Take them away. Use the metal frames and lock them down." Two guards remove the Woman, the other two release the Man from his chains and escort him from the room. The Creation gives the pile of rags a kick, unaware of their function or the fact that they had ever held a body. The chain which had restrained the body within them rattles. He lifts it out of the pile and then realizes it has been pulled from the wall. He is puzzled, suspicious. He exits the chamber, closing the door behind Dark Lolita him. The set revolves as the Creation exits the door. As he enters the throne room he calls for more guards. When they appear he instructs them to retrieve two restraining frames. These are brought promptly and the Man and Woman each have their hands and feet attached to the corners of the frames by ropes. The frames are locked into place, the two captives facing each other, their bodies separated by only a couple of feet. The Creation tests the various restraints and the mechanism which locks the frames in place. Satisfied as to their integrity, he dismisses the guards. He now stands between his two prisoners. Their arms and legs are extended to the four corners of their respective frames. Their bodies are thick with muscles, their chests wide, waists narrow, asses full and round in profile, legs heavy and powerful. The three of them seem to form some sort of whole, each body complimenting the size of the other two. A certain energy seems to form between them and the Creations hands are drawn to the captives' bodies. At first he explores their arms and torsos, one hand on each; the Man's pectoral fills his right, the Woman's hard, firm breast his left. He moves to their deltoids, their biceps, back to their chests and down to the hard, rigid muscles of their abdomens. He lingers there, seeming to fight against the next move, as though he is being drawn there against his will. The two captives begin to undulate their pelvises in sync with each other. The Creation's own hips pick up on the same rhythm. Three solid, muscular abdomens flex and bend in unison. Three heads fall back in abandon. Two huge cocks swing wildly and beat against swollen, hanging scrotums. The Creation's hands move closer to the captives' genitals. They circle, retreat, advance. Something in him is causing him to struggle, but he eventually succumbs to the couple's magic. One hand moves down to the Man's thick organ and grabs the shaft. The Man's body stiffens at the contact. The other hand then moves down over the mound of the Woman's pubic hair. He presses against it and then extends one finger down between her legs, seeking out her cunt. There is a moment of exploration, a brief contact with her clit, causing her to shudder violently against her restraints. The Creation then finds his goal and his finger disappears within. A bright light envelopes the three bodies as they go rigid. They are caught in a rapture which consumes them. There is a loud noise like some great power arcing across a space. The Creation seems to be a conduit for some force passing between the two prisoners. The muscles of all three of them are flexed to their maximum size and the huge cocks of the two men quickly swell to full erectness. The two prisoners bodies are actually lifted off the ground by their flexing biceps and their lats swell with the effort. They are all huge in every way. Nipples harden, cocks harden, bodies harden. The Creation begins to vibrate between them, his pelvis thrusting at an unbelievable frequency. He is quickly approaching an orgasm. The loud arcing noise suddenly goes silent and the two captives break free of the Creation's grasp. For a moment the Creation stands rigid, suspended by some invisible force, and then his legs give way and he slumps to his knees. Voices are heard approaching. He shakes his head and tries to remember what had just happened. The thoughts do not come. Two Dark Lolita female servants enter through the main arch. They see the Creation on his knees between the two captives and rush to help him. "Are you all right?" The Creation shakes his head to clear it. "I'm. . . Dark Lolita I'm fine. Something just came over me. Not sure what." "Perhaps an effect of the Queen's curse on you." "You look like you're really hurting there, not being able to cum." "Yes. That's it. It must be. I just got a bit dizzy, is all." The two servants support him as they walk over to the throne. The Creation sits heavily and tries to regain his balance. The women are curious about the two captives. "Who is the Woman?" "She seems to be the partner of the Queen's recent acquisition. The one the Captain mentioned." "How did she get here?" "Not quite sure. I suspect there is magic involved, but I think the Queen should have a better idea. I must inform her of this." One of the servants crosses to the couple and admires the Man, his massive cock, still achingly erect. "Seems he can't get enough, doesn't it?" "I guess so," replies the Creation. The woman reaches out to stroke the huge organ. Just before her hand makes contact the Creation yells, "Stop!" Her hand jerks away. Something in the Creation's face tells her of danger, though even he does not realize the source of his alarm or its extent. "I don't think the Queen would tolerate anyone getting involved with him. She does, after all, have very specific plans for him." "You think he can fulfill the Queen's desires?" "I don't know. There seems to be something about him. Both of them, actually. Let's put it this way: If not, then she's probably beyond help." The other servant notices the Creation's condition. "Looks like you could use some help, too." "What duties are you performing at the moment?" asks the Creation. "Our duties are completed. For the moment." "I require bathing before seeing the Queen. Will you accompany me to the baths?" "I was just mentioning to my companion how I thought it might be nice to freshen up after the excitement of this afternoon. Are you sure the Queen will not mind us tending to her personal bondsman?" The other servant chuckles knowingly. "I suspect the Queen is fairly occupied with the Captain of the Searchers. Though he is probably not able to quench her needs, I have heard he has enough to keep her entertained." The Creation stands and looks down at his own massive Dark Lolita organ. "If this is not enough to fill her needs, then I doubt if the Captain will be any more successful. However, the Queen has been noticeably lacking in concern for my own requirements. I believe I have found a way to circumvent her control over me." Both servants look at each other with knowing glances and move to either side of the Creation, slipping their arms through his. Their other hands move to his pectorals and rub them seductively, each toying with one of his nipples. "I believe it would be our duty to make sure you are properly bathed before going to the Queen. She would, in fact, be very angry, should we allow you to appear unbathed." "A trip to the baths is required, I believe. Follow us. We will make you presentable." The three of them exit through the main arch, leaving the two prisoners facing each other in their frames. For the moment, they are calm. The lights fade on their exit and the wall on the opposite side of the stage from the entrance to the dungeon and Queen's bedroom rotates to reveal the bathing room. The rear wall is a mass of rough stone work over which falls a gentle stream of water. At various locations across the wall the water collects in pools and then pours forth from a spout, creating a shower of sorts. The colors are muted earth tones, matching the sounds of the gently splashing water. The light spackles the surfaces of the floor and wall as if it were passing through dense vegetation above. Into this scene comes the Creation and the two servants. The two women lead their charge to beneath one of the water spouts. They are all immediately drenched with water. He is nude, the water glistening on his taut, Dark Lolita vein-mapped skin. The women's clothing is plastered to their bodies, confirming the condition of those parts of their bodies which had only barely been concealed before. One of the women reaches into a nook in the wall and extracts a handful of some thick liquid. She pulls the Creation out from other the stream of water and applies the pearly substance to his still blood-engorged cock. A thick lather quickly builds as she cleans his cock. Her ministrations are, at first, gentle, tentative. The Creation's body relaxes and stands open to the experience of this union. As she gets to know the extent of him, as she gets over the initial experience of having such a cock in her hands, she increases her speed until her hand is fairly flying up and down the nine inch length of manflesh. Her partner has already removed her clothing and is pressing her crotch hard against one of his massive thighs. Her body strains towards his, using all her strength to crush herself into him. The first woman takes her partner's hand and directs her to take over her duties on his cock. She does so, allowing her friend to remove her own clothing. The Creation is becoming more aroused. His pelvis begins to thrust against the actions of the hand which slides up and down the length of his shaft. Just when they sense that he might be getting close to orgasm, they both move off in a different direction, grabbing handfuls of soupy liquid and covering various parts of his body with the same thick lather. When they have completely encased him in soap suds, they pull him back under the stream of water and the bubbles pour off his body, leaving the sight of him completely unimpeded. His cock is now raging in its hardness. It is almost vertical and is a deep, rich purple. The women again pull him forward, away from the water. They reach for his magnificent shaft, this time with their mouths. Together they consume opposite sides of his cock, nibbling and sucking in tandem the entire length of him. One then concentrates on the head while the other moves to his heavy scrotum and begins to lick and suck his balls. Again he is brought quickly to the brink of orgasm. Again they stop their actions before he can reach completion. He grabs the hair of the woman who had been attending to his balls and pulls her face to his. She dives for his mouth Dark Lolita and they press their bodies and lips together, their muscular bodies totally involved in the contact. His thick cock lunges for her pelvic region several times until he is able to press himself directly against the swollen lips of her cunt. The contact is electrifying. The woman wraps her arms around the Creation's neck and begins to slide her vagina up and down the cock pressed tight against her. The Creation grabs her ass in his two hands and lifts her high above the end of his cock. The other woman grabs the shaft and aims it at her friend's eager orifice. He slowly lowers her, biceps swelling deliciously, to where contact is made. The woman holding the Creations shaft directs it to its final mark. Both the Creation and the woman in his arms recognize the instant. He lowers her slowly onto the engorged glans of his penis as she strains to accept him. Deeper and deeper he penetrates her until she has consumed most of his cock. She pulls his face to hers, roughly kisses him and begins to heave herself up and down the burgeoning tool. The Creation's arms swell and bulge with each movement. He moves to beneath one of the waterfalls. His partner reaches up and grabs the lip where the water pours forth. She adds her own efforts to her travels, pulling herself up and letting herself drop back down. The effect this has on the muscles of her arms and torso is staggering. Her finely shaped breasts move firmly to accent the action of her body. Each lift causes them to float momentarily before her bulging pectorals. Each downward thrust sets them to dancing in reaction to the sudden stop at the bottom of her travels. Water pours over her body, splaying out around them like a fine curtain. The other servant stands aside to observe their actions. One hand reaches purposely for her clit and begins to worry it. Initially she is more interested in what is taking place before her, but her attentions to herself finally win her over and she places herself beneath another water fall, a fine spray which barely wets, and commits herself to her own pleasure. Her own physique swells in response to the strain of her efforts and this streams of water run down through deep troughs between thick bundles of muscle. Her nipples swell and lengthen until they appear painfully large. The cries of the three begin to mingle and climb and soon they are crying out in unison. The light shifts. The bedroom above the dungeon is illuminated, revealing the Queen and Captain of the Searchers. He stands before the end of the bed. She is kneeling on the bed, one hand holding his gigantically thick cock in one hand. She opens her mouth widely and takes is a good portion of the shaft. She works her mouth up and down expertly. Within seconds the Captain is thrusting his pelvis towards her. Removing her mouth, it can be seen that he is now fully erect, fully thick. She swings her body around until her legs hang off the bed on either side of his. He grabs her hard thighs, pulls her to him and slowly embeds his thick cock inside her. She has trouble at first accepting his girth, but manages to open herself enough. Now he slides in more easily. The Queen shouts out at the top of her lungs as he fills her. As his pelvis presses close to her, a long, sibilant hiss escapes her mouth and she locks eyes with her partner. He readjusts his grip on her thighs and then begins rapid thrusts which elicit stacattoed grunts from both Dark Lolita of them. Their rhythm increases until they set a fast, even pace. Lights dim on the bedroom and come up again on the two prisoners. The energy which they communicated to each other before, through the Creation, still fills them. They strain to close the gap between their bodies. The Man's eleven-and-a-half inch cock increases in hardness until it is thrust straight out from his body. The Woman flexes her abdominals until the lower part of her body has bent forward against the ropes. It is almost enough. The head of his huge cock floats an inch away from her. She strains more, closing the gap slightly. Now the Man flexes his striated stomach muscles and gradually forces his cock forward until it touches his counterpart's lips. She strains once more, spreading herself to take him. He thrusts forward and enters her. She flexes with all her strength to hold him within. They each take several deep breaths, preparing themselves for the effort they know they must put forth. Starting very small, they begin to thrust toward each other. Each of them strains against their restraints, causing their muscles to increase in size. The effort, as well as the visual effect it is having on them, raises their energy even higher. Their bodies seem to be drawn together by some other power, forcing their pelvic thrusts deeper and deeper. Now their backs are arched in an unnatural way, as though being pressed together from behind. He is deep inside her and their bodies are vibrating as though connected to some current of energy. The lights come back up in the bathing room. The woman currently mounting the Creation's cock immediately lets out a shriek and her body suddenly convulses in orgiastic rapture. Her muscles continue to dance and swell as she rides the cock. With one final shudder, she drives herself down hard on the shaft, her body shaking violently. The Creation waits until she stops, then lifts her up off his cock. It is harder, thicker and darker than before he started. Quickly the other woman replaces her friend, who is resting on a stone ledge beside them. The Creation's shaft disappears within the second woman and he increases his thrusts until he has reattained the speed he had with the first. The lights come up on the bedroom. The Captain and Queen are locked in seeming mortal combat. They have moved so that both are lying on the bed. As the lights brighten, the Captain is on top. But the Queen quickly switches positions and begins to heave herself up and down on top of the almost unmanageable girth of his cock. The Captain reaches forward and fondles the Queen's breasts, pressing his palms into them, pinching the erect nipples and twisting them, eliciting loud moans of pleasure from her. As stimulation increases, so does passion. Soon their bodies are writhing and tumbling about on the bed as the need to press themselves against their desire completely overwhelms them. As the Queen gains top position again, it can be seen that she is straining painfully towards relief. It is equally obvious that something is preventing her from attaining it. The frustration makes her even wilder; her actions become incomprehensibly frantic. The Captain can no longer keep up with her. His body collapses and he simply lies there, allowing the Queen to assault his cock with her driving, yearning cunt. As he goes limp the imprisoned couple below reach a point of ecstasy, their bodies frozen, backs arched, the Man's long, thick shaft buried as far as it can reach inside the Woman's body. They vibrate with almost imperceptible movements, shaking on the edge of an orgasm neither is willing to give in to. At the same time the Creation and the women attending him have increased their efforts. The woman who had been his first now is on her knees between his splayed legs licking and sucking his testicles while her partner continues to float up and down the length of his cock. At the very moment that the imprisoned couple freezes, the same bright light which enveloped them before now consumes all the participants, each group illuminated by their own shaft of light. It is as though they are trapped within. They each struggle to move or be free of the power that surrounds them, but within the struggle to achieve satisfaction, they are held bounded. It is the Queen who first figures out what might be happening. She continues to drive herself against the Captain, but to no avail. Finally she drops down on the huge man's cock one last time and shouts in frustration. "Damn. Damn, damn, damn! This is all that bitch's fault. I know she has something to do with it." The Captain, still reeling from the Queen's onslaught, tries to comprehend what is happening, but is just a bit too far gone to grasp the significance of the Queen's anger. The Queen looks down at the impotent form beneath her. "Bah! I knew you would be a waste of time. End up with nothing but blisters." She lifts herself off the still-thick penis. It stands hard and throbbing on the Captain's groin. The Queen is about to abandon him when she gets an idea. She leans towards the cock and takes it in her mouth, quickly sucking it in as far as her lips will allow. A shock pulses through the Captain's body. After only seconds of contact, the Queen pulls her mouth away just as huge torrents of cum fly out of the huge head. The thick substance flies up in the air and lands with noisy little splats on various parts of the Captain's anatomy. His hips barely move, so completely drained is he of energy after the Queen's vigorous mounting of him. "Just as I suspected. There is magic at work here. As long as I was on you, there would be no relief. As long as I am not looking for relief, then there is no problem. There is only one person who can have that kind of control over this. And it's about Dark Lolita time she and I had a little talk." She storms down the steps at the back of her platform. The lights dim as the Captain grabs his cock and Dark Lolita milks the last vestiges of his orgasm up the length of his achingly thick shaft. In the bathing room, the Creation is having the same difficulty. The woman in his arms has gone limp. He flings her up and down his huge cock with great speed, his bulging biceps swollen from the effort. Still, he is no closer to orgasm. The woman tending to his balls has doubled her efforts in an attempt to help him cum, but the futility of their struggle is becoming evident. Finally, more out of boredom than anything, the Creation lifts the woman off his cock and sets her down on the floor. As soon as she is free of him she regains her vitality and joins her friend in a renewed attack on his swollen genitals. The Creation already knows that it is a lost cause; he gently pulls them away from his cock and pats them on the head. "I suspect there is more at work here than just the Queen's curse. It must have something to do with that couple I left bound up in the main hall. I think I need to have a talk with them." He departs, his nine inch cock, hard, thick, dark, aching, jutting straight out from his body. The bathing room revolves out, revealing the wall unit again. The Queen and the Creation reach the main hall simultaneously. He is furious with the couple. The Queen is surprised by what she finds there. It only takes a moment before recognition strikes her. She is so angry she does not even notice that the Man's eleven-and-a-half inches of manflesh are reaching powerfully for the Woman's cunt. The Queen marches straight up to the Woman and slaps her face. The force of it, as well as being disturbing to their efforts, causes the Woman to disengage from the Man. She is mad at first until she realizes who it was slapped her. Her rage turns to a bemused smile and then she laughs; long, full laughs of ironic revenge. This makes the Queen even more furious. "You. I should have known you were behind this. That withered old crone routine was just a ploy to make me think I had drained you." For the first time, she takes in the set up and who else is present. She turns to the Creation. "Are you responsible for this?" "Yes, your highness." "What did you think you were doing, leaving them this close together?" "I thought it would be interesting to see them suffer with frustration like I have been." "You forgot just how well-endowed our friend here is. Seems they were able to transcend the distance." She turns once again to the Woman. "And it seems you have met up with my latest acquisition." She thinks for a second, then turns to the Creation. "Go to my chambers and waken that fool in my bed. Tell him to appear before me without delay." The Creation leaves. Now the Queen turns her full attention to the Man. She wickedly teases his rigid cock, running fingernails along the length, tickling the full, swollen head, lightly stroking the huge, pendulous balls. He strains at the ropes which hold him within the frame. The Woman looks on with mild amusement, as though there is some secret the Queen still does not yet comprehend. The Man prisoner twists his hips, his huge cock swinging widely and wildly. Small drops of pre-cum fly from its head and land on whatever is in its arc of travel. The Queen grabs his cock roughly, causing him to cease his motion. She finds herself drawn to the enormous shaft, her hand pulling the shaft upwards, her mouth widening in anticipation of taking it in, her tongue wetting her lips, her eyes locked on the immense glans that caps the elephantine phallus. Her lips are inches from the huge slit which is now drooling an ample Dark Lolita supply of juice before she realizes she is being drawn in. She slaps the cock, eliciting a loud groan of pain from the Man. "This is ridiculous. I am the one to be served here, not you." Just then the Creation returns with the Captain, both still naked, both still huge, muscular, erect. The Captain sees the Woman enroped in the frame and his reaction confirms the Queen's suspicions. "This is the Woman you found when you captured this huge cock of a Man." "Yes, your highness. Though I must say, I don't think I was able to enjoy her presence as much as I can now." He moves to behind her and encircles her chest with his thickly muscled arms, his hands cupping and pressing the magnificent breasts which adorn her chest. As he draws her closer to him, his hips begin making small thrusting movements against her ass. The Man becomes calm, his muscles relaxed, as though waiting for some event or cue. The eyes of the two prisoners never leave each other; a palpable link of communication riding the air between them. The Queen misreads this as desire for each other. She pushes the Captain away from his thick cock's target. "Spread these two apart. I don't want them trying anything funny. I already know what this one's up to," referring to the Woman. "But I think I might have a way to get all that I need from these two." The Creation and the Captain pivot the frames away from each other so they are facing forward. Again, the Captain can not seem to keep his hands, as well as the rest of his body, off the Woman. He presses his huge cock against her thigh while wrapping his leg around hers from behind. The thick shaft crushes into the definition of her powerful thigh muscle. His hand strokes her breast, her stomach, her groin; finally finding the opening to her cunt. His finger disappears, but it has no visible effect of her. The two are still in visual contact, gaining strength just from the presence of the other. The Creation, delayed in his own release for far too long, has assumed the same position and attitude with the Man. His cock is crushed against the Man's side, his hand strokes the huge cock that still stands frighteningly erect from his groin. The Queen allows this to continue for a few moments, her own hands finding her depths and working herself into a state of arousal, higher than that which she already finds herself in. When she is very agitated, she halts the proceedings. "Enough. It's clear we are all ready for a little satisfaction here. And I will be satisfied." She turns to the Woman. "You have been draining off my power and using it to fuel this Man's existence. This is where my satisfaction has been going. You let me think you a withered old crone while you spirit away and give what is rightfully mine to your own creation. No wonder I can not get enough energy around here to create what I need." For the first time, the Woman speaks. "You still don't get it." "What do you mean?" "That Man was not created by me. His gifts are natural. In fact, they are nature, a force you have not yet learned how to reckon with. The power you have been 'taking' from me has been nothing more than a bunch of parlor tricks. The power we hold between us is the real power. The secret which holds us together is something you will never know, for you can not, will not see." "Parlor tricks? Look at that Man over there. You call him a parlor trick?" The Creation steps away from the Man and flexes his muscles, his hard, long cock jutting out before him. "It is not a matter of power in the creation. The power is in the employment. No matter what you do, your creations will only be extensions of yourself. You believe yourself to be separate. As long as you think this, you will never succeed in joining with one to your fulfillment." "What are you talking about. How can you talk about power when you stand here, held in ropes, at the mercy of my very whim?" "No rope has ever held me before. What makes you think that I am being held now?" Smoke begins to rise from beneath the Woman. The cloud thickens until she and the Captain can not be seen. There is a loud shout, the cloud clears and the Woman has been replaced in her bonds by the Captain. The former occupant of the frame is nowhere to be seen. "Get me out of these. Release me from these ropes, immediately." The Captain is struggling against his imprisonment, but to no avail, although his muscles do bulge effectively with the effort; his huge cock wagging up and down. The Queen seems momentarily bemused by the Captain's plight. She soon turns her eyes to the other Man, still held captive. "I don't suppose she has taught you how to do that." The Man shakes his head. He seems rather distressed to have been left there alone. The Creation still works his groin up and down against the Man's thick thigh, his hand up and down the Man's lengthy cock. Aside from sustaining the Man's erection, it does not seem to be having any other effect, neither on the Man or the Creation. The Queen finally breaks up the action. "Oh, stop that. You'll both get friction burns." The Creation stands away, in obvious discomfort with his huge, dark penis projecting from his hips. He grabs himself and begins to massage his own aching organ. The Queen glares at him, but he shrugs his shoulders as though he has no control of the situation. She growls in frustration and turns back to the Man still roped in the other framework. "Do you know what she was talking about before she popped out of here?" The Man stares directly into her eyes for a moment, as if to ascertain that she is asking the question in sincerity. He apparently sees what he is looking for. "Yes." "Does it have something to do with you?" "No." "With her, then?" "No." "What is the key to all of this? She seemed to be intimating that there was a solution to my dilemma." "There is. But you must rethink what she said. The key is in the distance." "You didn't seem to be having any trouble with the distance when I came in." "The distance is not physical. It is not corporeal. It is not even of this realm." "This is the level of magic I have been attempting to attain. If you hold the secret to this, I command you to reveal it to me instantly." "Again, you have lost." With that the Man lowers his head in contemplation. The Queen is furious with frustration. She throws herself at the Captain, climbing his body until her legs are wrapped around his waist. She reaches beneath her, grabs the huge cock and aims it at her cunt. In one movement she has lowered herself onto it, eliciting loud groans of passion from both of them. When she is secure in her position, she attacks him with all her might, flinging herself up and down the bulky organ. Both their bodies strain and writhe with the effort of their union. With muscles bulging, they fly towards some goal. But as their passion turns to effort, their effort to frustration, it is obvious the Queen will not find her relief here. At the very last, just before the Queen is about to give up, the Captain yells loudly and achieves orgasm within his assailants vagina. This angers the Queen even further. She detaches herself from the quickly softening Captain and approaches the Creation. "Someone's going to make me cum around here. It had better be you." She leans over backwards before the Creation's throbbing organ, reaching out her hands to support her arched body. The Creation needs no encouragement. His painfully distended cock approaches, engages and is consumed by the Queen's cunt. It is the Queen who moans loudly. Her breasts, full and firm, the nipples very erect, jump on her chest with each thrust of the nine inch cock. The Creation reaches around her waist and lifts her off the ground. Her body is still parallel to the floor, but now the Creation can thrust against her without knocking her over. He continues to thrust as he repositions himself in front of the prisoner. The Queen reaches for the massive cock before her, takes it in her mouth and begins sucking on it. Her hands massage the lengthy shaft; cup and cradle the swollen balls. The Man throws his head back and releases himself to the pleasure. The Creation's thrusts become more powerful. His body is swollen with the effort of holding the Queen in this position. His face becomes more determined as the effort begins to take its toll. It is obvious he can hold neither himself or the Queen much longer. His back arches as he thrusts into her deeply and a roar rumbles from his mouth. He cums violently, almost dropping the Queen in the process. Only his need to keep fucking the Queen to reach his own completion prevents him from releasing her. As soon as he is spent, he sinks to his knees, lowering the Queen to the floor, out of reach of the huge shaft she has been sucking on. She is now violently frustrated. She jumps to her feet, her chest heaving, her eyes wild, her muscles bloated as she flexes in rage. The Captain and the Creation are both out cold. One on the floor, one still hanging from the frame. Both their cocks are as limp as their bodies. There is only one hard cock left. She turns to it and stares, as a cobra about to strike a rat. A great big fucking rat, with a eleven-and-a-half inch tail. When she looks up, the eyes of the Man are locked on hers. There is a moment as they both try to find the depths of each other's need. The Man is obviously willing to wait a lot longer than the Queen. She finally gives in. "All right, damn you. Tell me. Whatever it is, I will do it. Show me what I need to do." Again, the Man shakes his head in dismay. She still hasn't gotten it. "What? Tell me what I'm doing wrong." "Nothing can help you outside of yourself." "What are you talking about? I've been masturbating for the past three years. It doesn't help." "There is nothing there which can help you. Stop trying to help yourself. It has nothing to do with what you want." "Well, what else matters? I'm the Queen. I'm Dark Lolita the only thing that matters around here." "Then you are lost. It is time for me to go." He flexes his entire body, pulling against the ropes on his wrists. His biceps swell larger and larger, the veins which cover his arms press against the inside of his flesh. His pecs grow. His lats grow. His neck thickens. His abdomen hardens and becomes a rippling sea of strength. He suspends himself for a moment, hanging by the ropes, the ones around his ankles extended to their limit. There is a pop. First one wrist is free, and then the other. He reaches to the ropes at his ankles and breaks them as well. He is free. A glance at the Queen leaves him bemused. She is stunned at this show of strength. "Dry rot." He turns to leave. "Guards." He stops, but does not turn back to her. His huge back narrows down to a slim waist then falls to finely shaped ass cheeks. Shoulders are capped with thick mounds of deltoid, neck muscles are thick and broad. His legs display huge mounds of strength, both above and below the knee. He does not move, but waits for the response to the Queen's command. Within seconds he is surrounded by a dozen huge men, each bearing a sword or spear. The sharp tips of each weapon dance dangerously close to his body. Now he turns to face the Queen, revealing his still erect penis. She approaches him Dark Lolita through the forest of weaponry. "We have tried several methods of persuasion. You have not been convinced of my need nor my command of this situation. It is now time for you to believe me when I say that I will be given satisfaction. Clearly you are the Dark Lolita one who can satisfy me, for you would not have been the companion of my nemesis if you could not. If you will not Dark Lolita offer yourself to me freely, or at least under proper persuasion, then you shall be forced to submit to my needs." She turns to two of the guards and commands them to retrieve a bed and have it brought back there to the hall. As the men leave, she notices that the prisoner's cock is becoming soft. "Oh, no you don't." She turns to another of the guards and commands, "Suck him. Keep him hard or you will pay with your own genitals." The man instantly drops to his knees before the huge cock and begins to lick and stimulate it back to erection. The bed is brought in through the main arch and placed in the center of the room. The two frames are removed after the Captain is cut loose and sat in the throne nearby. Before the Queen lies down on the bed to receive the Man's huge cock, she gives the guards present one last warning. "If this Man is allowed to leave here before I have been satisfied, then each of you will be called on to service me until I have had my fill." The reaction of all the men assembled is one of fear. They have seen what happens to the men who are called on to fuck the Queen. Each are apprehensive. The guard sucking on the prisoner's cock stands and moves aside. A dozen sharp blades corral the Man towards the end of the bed. The Queen lies down on the bed and prepares herself for her lover. He stands at the end of the bed, his eleven-and-a-half inch cock swaying before him. First one knee and then the other is raised and placed on the bed between her spread feet. He leans forward and places one hand on the bed next to her chest. His other hand grabs his cock. Slowly he lowers himself until the tip of his penis is just inches from her cunt. He holds there for a moment, his eyes locked on hers. "Damn it. Fuck me." He guides his cock to her and presses forward. There is no sense of hurry or impatience from him. He fills her and fills her and fills her. She is filled and she cries out in joy and then as the pressure increases, in exquisite agony. When he is in as far as he can go, he places the hand that was guiding his cock on the other side of her and lowers himself down on top of her. His ass flexes several times as he fits himself to her, each adjustment being met by a soft cry from the Queen. When he is settled he pushes himself up off her by his arms, draws his hips back until he is almost out of her, then sends his cock sailing back into her depths, generating a loud cry of shock, pleasure and fear from her. He draws out again, his huge arms and pecs swollen with the effort of supporting himself. She reaches to his chest and grabs each of his nipples. As he drives back into her, she twists his nipples, provoking a loud cry from him. The challenge has been set. He draws back again, returning with greater speed. Again he pulls back, his return faster and deeper. Soon his hips are thrusting at her with huge, rapid sweeps. The Queen is very quickly transported to a plain of experience she had yet to attain before. Her cries become louder, more passionate, more pleading. "Oh, God. Don't stop. Don't. . .Don't. . . Don't. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh my God. Oh. So big. So deep. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, I'm. . . I'm. . . Oh yeah, right there. There. There. Oh yeah. . . Big. Big. I'm. . . I'm. . . Cuh. . . Cuh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. . . Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The Queen throws her arms around the huge Man's neck, pulls herself up to him and sinks her teeth into his shoulder. He roars with pain and drives his cock into her even harder. The Queen throws her hips against his attack, her body vibrating through a powerful orgasm. She screams, cries, yells, laughs, cries again, then collapses on the bed. The guards are in a confused state. They are very happy they will not be called upon to service the Queen. At the same time, each of them is sporting an enormous erection, and the completion of the Queen's joy is a bit of a let down for them. But there disappointment is short-lived. The Man's huge cock has not been satisfied. He continues to drive himself into her, his stride broken not a bit by the Queen's orgasm. At first she does not realize what is happening, her head lolls back and forth as she comes down off her orgasm. Gradually she becomes aware that she is still being fucked. She enjoys the additional stimulation and brings her body to life. She is returned to the same orgasmic state of just a few moments before and yells that she is cumming yet again. The Man's body is covered with sweat, his skin glows. Every muscle bulges and flexes as he throws himself into the effort. She shudders, screams, cries and collapses at the end of her second orgasm. He does not stop. It is as if he has not even noticed that she has found relief, not once, but twice, at the end of his massive cock. Now the Queen shows concern. She tells him to get off her, to release her. He increases his speed and she is transported once again up the ladder of ecstasy. The Queen's cries have been heard throughout the castle. A crowd is beginning to gather. Soon the room is filled with dozens of hard, muscular bodies, getting harder and more muscular by the moment. By the time the Queen has been driven to her third orgasm, most of the people have, themselves, become involved with a partner or two. The guards have laid down their swords and spears. Mouths and cunts and cocks and nipples and tongues and assholes are taken and filled and used and erupt with juices. On the bed, eleven-and-a-half inches of cock drive the Queen to yet another orgasm. And then another. And then another. And then another. They come in quick succession, each one closer on the heels of the one preceding it than that had been to its predecessor. She writhes and grabs, flexes and flails. Instead of becoming exhausted, the Man is driving her to an almost constant state of orgasm. The various couples around them find their own level of satisfaction and begin to retire to various areas. They have lost all interest in guarding or caring for the Queen. It is as though the power of the Queen has been dissipated. She no longer controls them. The Queen's cries now become a constant song of ecstasy. The air surrounding the bed begins to glow and a thick cloud of fog forms around the bed, enveloping the couple; they are soon obscured. The sound of their union continues, but the voices change. The Queen's head appears above the fog as though she is now on top of the Man, riding his huge cock. It drops down into the cloud and then appears again, and again, and again, as she drives herself down onto his massive shaft. The air is filled with the sound of the old crone's cough-chocked laughter, this time not filled with pain, but with joy of release. It changes in tone, becoming that of a younger woman. A head appears again, but this time it is that of the Man's lover; she has taken the place of the Queen. Her head is replaced several thrusts later by the Queen again. They alternate in appearance until the Queen's presence becomes less frequent. And then she is there no longer. The fog clears, revealing the Woman now atop the Man, his cock appearing and disappearing as it is consumed by the Woman's cunt. She begins to shudder, her head is thrown back and forth, the orgasm consumes her and she erupts in violent spasms of pleasure, finally falling forward and consuming the Man in hungry, wanton kisses. As the rumblings of her orgasm subside, she draws herself up off the huge cock, revealing that it is still steel-shaft hard. He is breathing deeply, his thick chest rising and falling, thrusting his thick pectorals high into the air. She steps off the back of the bed and runs her gaze up and down the magnificent form before her. His immense cock lies on his rigid abdominals, reaching almost to the curve of his rib cage. It seems to be throbbing with an energy inside it. The Woman takes it in her hands and pulls it upright. She licks its thick head, eliciting huge shudders from the Man's body and a copious amount of fluid from the slit in the glans. She licks again, this time from the heavy sac of his scrotum to the tip. His body contracts, causing huge muscles to explode in size. Again she licks. His own hands reach for his cock and together they begin to masturbate the immense cock. She adds the efforts of her mouth to their work and together they bring him to orgasm, huge volleys of cum flying from the head and shooting in all directions. The Man's pleasure continues for an amazing amount of time, his body writhing with the agonizing release of his pent-up fury. His hips buck, his head rocks back and forth, loud screams of pleasure/release burst from his throat. And then he is done. His body collapses following an effort greater than any he had yet sustained. The Woman again floods him with passionate kisses. His huge arms surround her back and draw her to him; he finds comfort and sustenance. The Woman, the True Queen, draws him up to a sitting position. He swings his legs off the front of the bed and stands. The True Queen moves around the bed and they embrace, their thick, muscular bodies being explored by the hands of the other. Their efforts become more devoted to passion. Their naked hips begin to drive against each other. Their mouths lock in passionate kisses. Just as the Man is about to lift her to him, allowing his huge cock to once again enter her, the Creation appears from behind the bed, a broadsword in his hands. He gets up on the bed and presses the tip of the sword into the Man's back. The couple freeze. "Where is she?" "She is no longer a power here." answers the Woman. "What have you done with my Queen?" "She is returned to her proper place." "Where is she?" He presses the tip harder to the Man's flesh, but the Man does not react. The True Queen steps towards the Creation and places her hand on her chest between her two magnificent breasts. "She is here. Where she belongs. She was a part of the magic which could not suffer the oneness which Dark Lolita makes it powerful. She had to have it all." The Creation is bewildered. His glance moves from Man to Woman and back. Though he may not understand the concept, something in the True Queen's words seems correct. The end of the sword slowly lowers to the bed and the Creation sighs in despair. "Does this mean I must disappear, too?" "No. Your part is already played. You are now free to walk your own path. The path is there for you. You may decide how to walk it." The Creation looks back and forth between them. He is lost. The Man and the Woman begin to walk away. The Creation realizes they are leaving and gets desperate. He again raises the sword and threatens to swing at the Man. "Stop!" They do. "What am I going to do? What about me?" They turn back to him but do not answer." "You can't just leave me here alone." "You are not alone. Ever." "Sure. You can say that fine. You've got your magic and your people and your stud with the huge cock. What have I got?" Both the Man's and Woman's eyes drop down to the crotch of the Creation and chuckle. The Creation follows their gaze. His own nine inch cock is achingly erect again. The Man and Woman again turn to leave, but he threatens them with the sword again, although not with quite as much resolve. They again stop, this time with just a questioning look on their face. What does he really want? The Creation's eyes move to the Man's thick rope of flesh and then to his eyes. The message is clear. He lays the sword down on the surface of the bed and extends his hand to the Man who takes it. Huge muscles explode as the Man steps up onto the bed. The Creation drops to his knees and sucks the huge cock into his mouth, working it until it is raging hard, which doesn't take long. He then stands. The Man's expression is one of curiosity until the Creation turns his back on him and bends over at the waist. Now there is no question as to the Creation's desire. He grabs the shaft of his cock with one hand, the Creations' ass with the other and presses himself to the hard globes of ass. There is pressure, there is a moment of suspension and then, with a scream of release Dark Lolita from both huge men, the eleven-and-a-half inch cock disappears into the hard, muscular ass of the man before him. The True Queen steps up onto the bed before the Creation and stands before him. She thrusts her pelvis toward his upturned face and he wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her crotch to him. She bends backwards until her hands are on the bed behind her. The Creation drives his face into her cunt and begins to lick and drink. Now all three bodies are swollen with their efforts. Their muscles writhe and swim beneath the surface of their skin. The Man's thrusts come faster, driving the Creation's efforts with the True Queen to a more desperate state. She shudders in orgasm and then, with her body still bent over in a bridge, moves further under him until his nine inch cock can reach her cunt. Using one hand to guide himself inside her, the other reaches for her hard, firm breasts and begin to squeeze and mold them, twisting and worrying the long, aching nipples which crown them. As he moves inside her, she strains her body to consume him completely. When their positions are settled, the Creation begins his own thrusting motions, countering those of the massive Man behind him. A low fog again flows in from the wings. The walls and other features of the castle slide away, leaving an empty stage. The fog builds in depth until it is almost to the level of the bed. The backdrop becomes illuminated and all the rest of the lights go out, leaving the three thrusting, driving, muscular bodies in silhouette. Their efforts increase. Their cries increase. The size of their bodies increase. Slowly, bodies begin to rise out of the fog that surrounds them. They are also huge, bulging and erect. They begin to couple and triple and group and grope. Huge arms and necks, thick backs and legs, hard cocks and nipples are sucked and consumed. Bodies drop to knees and take other bodies. Bodies climb other bodies and press together. They drop into the fog, only to emerge elsewhere, coupled with others. They all lock into the rhythm of the massive forms on the bed in the center of the bare stage. Their cries become one cry. Their moans become one moan. Their thrusts become one thrust, increasing in speed and desperation. They strain, moan, flex and bulge and then they cum. As one. They drive into each other as though the efforts of all were affecting each. Pecs and breasts are grabbed and sucked. Mouths clamp around cocks and lips and clits and nipples. Bodies are lifted and thrust in an effort to increase the stimulation. The three on the platform reach their moment as well. The Man arches his back, throws back his head and surrenders to a massive release. The True Queen swings her legs up around the Creations waist and drives herself hard against him. The Creation heaves his hips back and forth against the two-fold attack and gives himself to the double sensation. The outlines grow in size as their bodies swell with their efforts. With each thrust of the Man's huge cock, the outline against the backlight shows its incredible length just before diving back into the Creation's hard, muscular ass. Although they are orgasming, their labors increase, their speed increases, their effects increase as they Dark Lolita go for a level of attainment higher than simple sexual release. Though they should be tiring, their exertions seeming to go far beyond what even their highly developed bodies can stand, they actually drive further towards their unseen goal. A glow builds around them as the frequency of their bodies vibrations increase. It lights them from behind with a growing intensity that matches their efforts until it seems to be as agonizing as their straining bodies show. Their cries grow louder and louder until, with one final surge of strength, their bodies drive together, arching and straining. The light reaches its limit, the trio reach their limit, the bodies surrounding them reach their limit and the stage plunges into black.Curtain
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