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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionThe Diary (c) 1988 Master Chris Story #12 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is now two weeks since you took over as headmistress of the special school for discipline and training north of the city. You now have fifteen students. Twelve of them are girls and the other Teen Lolita three are boys. The ages range from sixteen to twenty-four. The past two weeks have been a delightful discovery of dominating these sex slaves. Literally all of them are in your command and each day has brought you a new adventure as you bring them deeper and deeper into the world of B&D sex.You have had more orgasms than you can count and your body seems to be in a perpetual state of excitement. Today you Teen Lolita are wandering through the girl's rooms while they are off horseback riding. They will be taking a trek through the woods to a secluded lake where they will spend the rest of the afternoon skinny dipping. You have the place to yourself.As you walk through Lillian's room, your eye catches sight of a book tucked under her pillow. Lillian is your newest arrival. She is seventeen years old and is the horniest seventeen year old you have ever met. She is tall and blond with long, long legs. Her figure is almost boyish with small hips and small breasts topped with very long nipples. You remember her being particularly turned on by her ass when you 'interviewed' her. You pull out the book and discover it to be a diary. You flip idly through the pages stopping here and there to read an entry about the growing pains of Teen Lolita a sexually active adolescent. The entries stretch back several years. One entry catches your eye. It is much longer than the others and goes on for several pages. The date on the entry shows it to be a couple of years old when Lil was just fifteen. You sit on the edge of the bed and begin to read. Dear Diary, Yesterday I experienced something that is both troubling and exciting. First of all, I think I had my FIRST orgasm! But, the circumstances are pretty strange. Lucy and I spent the day at her place. Mom let me stay over there and I stayed overnight. We spent the whole day together. We were doing all kinds of stuff like playing records and trying makeup. Lucy is definitely my best friend! Anyway, in the afternoon, we were hungry but Lucy's mom doesn't let her eat between meals so we snuck down to the kitchen to eat. We grabbed a bunch of cookies and crackers and cheese and ran back up to her bedroom where we pigged out. I guess we ate too much, because a half-hour later we Teen Lolita were stuffed. We tried on makeup and we spent the afternoon trying on clothes. Lucy sure is pretty and she has some really neat clothes. I peeked at her when she was trying on this dress and her boobs are really big. They're much bigger than mine but I think my nipples are nicer. Anyway, before we knew it, Lucy's mom called us down to supper. We went down but we weren't hungry 'cause of all the junk we ate and we just picked at our food. Lucy's mom asked if we were OK and we said yes but my stomach was a little upset from all the stuff we ate earlier. Lucy's mom kept telling us to eat our food and Lucy finally said she wasn't hungry. "Did you eat before supper?", she asked. She sounded kind of mad. "Yes Mom", said Lucy in a small voice. "What did you eat.", said Lucy's mom. We told her what we ate and then I said that I didn't feel too good because I guess I ate too much. Lucy said the same. "Come with me.", said Lucy's mom and we followed her upstairs to their bathroom. Lucy looked kind of scared but I didn't know what was going to happen. The three of us went into the bathroom and Lucy's mom took something out of the cupboard. It looked like a nozzle with a big red rubber bulb at the end and I didn't know what it was for. "You girls have been naughty.", said Lucy's mom, "First we're going to clean you out and then you'll both be punished." I got a little scared then because she looked real serious. She filled a basin with warm water and then she sat down on a little chair. "You first Lucy.", she said, "Off with those clothes." Lucy's was looking at the floor but she didn't hesitate. I guess we would have gotten punished worse if we had made her say it twice. Lucy took off EVERYTHING. She was completely naked. I had never seen her with no clothes on and she was really pretty. Anyway, as soon as she was completely naked, she went over to her mom and stood in front of her. She was so scared or embarrassed that she was trembling. To tell the truth, I was trembling myself. I didn't know what would happen next. Lucy bent over her mom's knee so she was facing away from me. I looked down and Lucy spread her leg's wide apart! I couldn't believe it. I could see everything! She had a white bottom and I could see that she had more pubic hair than me. Lucy's mom took some vaseline on her finger and stuck her finger way up into Lucy's bottom. Lucy didn't say anything but I bet she was embarrassed. She went to close her legs but her mom told her to keep them open. Lucy's mom kept sliding her finger in and out until it Teen Lolita was slippery then she took the nozzle thing and put it in the basin of water. I figured Lucy would get an enema and I was right. Lucy's mom slid the nozzle into her bottom real slow and I saw Lucy's toes curl as it went all the way in. Then her mom squeezed the red bulb and the water went into her and she let out a little moan. Lucy's mom took the nozzle out and filled it and emptied it into Lucy's bottom two more times. Then she let Lucy go to the toilet. When Lucy was finished, her mom took her out of the room still completely naked and then she came back in. "You're next.", she said, "take off all of your clothes." I was really nervous. I never had to take my clothes off in front of a stranger before and I didn't know what to do. I guess I was more scared of what would happen if I didn't do what she said so I started to take off my blouse and then my jeans. When I got down to my bra and panties, I hesitated again but then I just took them off real quick so I was completely naked. I covered up my breasts and my pussy with my hands because I was so embarrassed. "Come over here.", she said and I walked over to in front of her. "Put down your hands!" I turned beet red as I lowered my hands. My nipples had gotten really hard and when they do that they stick right out and I was mortified that someone would see them. I know that I have hardly any pussy hair like Lucy and I was humiliated that Lucy's mom could see everything. I stood there for a minute with my hands at my sides while she was filling the red enema syringe. Watching Lucy had made me excited and my pussy was hot and I think it was wet! I was scared that Lucy's mom would find out! A moment later, I was draped over her lap just like a little girl who gets a spanking. She told me to spread my legs wide apart and I did. Her finger was cold with the vaseline when she touched my bottom but it didn't hurt when she started to lubricate me. She slid her finger in and out a few times until I was slippery and then she pushed the enema syringe into me. When she squeezed the bulb, I felt the water filling me up. It wasn't uncomfortable like I thought it would be. I just felt kind of full. She gave me three full bulbs just like Lucy before I could go to the toilet. When it was finished, my stomach felt a lot better but I was scared about the punishment we were going to get. Lucy's mom took me by the hand and brought me down to the living room still completely naked! Luckily no one else was there but Lucy. Lucy was standing facing a corner with no clothes on just like me. I was brought to another corner and made to stand facing it. "Come here Lucy.", I heard. I peeked over my shoulder and saw Lucy bent over her mother's lap again and a moment later, her mom gave her a bare-bottomed spanking just like a little girl. I was breathing hard. I knew that I was going to get a spanking just like that in a minute and I was ashamed. The spanking didn't last long and when Lucy's mom told me to come over, I saw Lucy was back in her corner with her bottom red. I bent over her knee real quick so she wouldn't look at me like before and I felt one hand hold me tight at the small of my back as the other hand spanked my bare buttocks. It didn't last any longer than Lucy's but I was sure embarrassed. I had to go back into my corner with my stinging bottom afterwards. "You'll wait just like that until your father comes home.", said Lucy's mom. "He'll finish your punishment." I couldn't believe it! My face turned beet red. I bet it was redder than my bottom! It was bad enough getting spanked but to have Lucy's dad see me naked, was terrifying! We didn't have long to wait before we heard his car pull into the driveway. I looked over at Lucy and she was still facing her corner just like me. Her bottom was still pink from the spanking. My bottom didn't hurt any more but it was still warm. I heard Lucy's mom meet her husband at the door and explain to him what had happened. He came into the living room a minute later. "Well, it seems you've both been bad girls.", he said. I was trembling, I was so nervous. "Upstairs to Lucy's room, you two." We scampered upstairs to her room and I waited with my hands covering myself as best I could. Her father was right behind us. He looked right at me first. "Put your hands on your head.", he said. I was mortified but I did what he asked. I didn't know why but my pussy was as hot as my bottom and it was really wet. I guess I got turned on by being punished like that. He sat down in front of me and pulled Lucy over his lap. They were both looking at me, especially at my naked pussy without any hair and my really long nipples. Lucy got another spanking that was harder than the first and then we changed places. Lucy had to stand there with her hands over her head and showing her naked body while I got my bottom tanned. I suppose that Lucy's folks figured that the humiliation was part of the punishment but it turned me on. We were told to go to bed early after that and a little while later, we were lying in bed talking about it. I was excited but I was embarrassed to tell Lucy. She talked about it first. "Did you get turned on?", she said. I looked at her and nodded. "Me too." I had been so hot all afternoon and I was still excited now. I put my hand under my nightgown and started to rub myself. "What are you doing?", she Teen Lolita asked. I blushed again for about the hundredth time that day. She pulled down the covers to see what I was doing. "Can I touch you?", she said. I didn't say anything but she pulled my hands away and pulled my nightgown up to my neck. She gently pulled my knees wide apart and then started to stroke my pussy. I closed my eyes and just let her do whatever she wanted to me. I was feeling excited and my hips were starting to press up when I felt this amazing sensation. I looked down and Lucy had her head between my legs and was sticking her tongue into me! I just laid back and I a second later I felt like an explosion went off inside of me. I was jerking around on the bed and panting and moaning as Lucy licked me. When it was all over, I reached over and touched her. Her pussy was a lot hairier than mine and she was really wet. I stuck my finger into her pussy and she started grinding her pussy into my hand. I kept sticking one finger into her and with the other hand, I started rubbing where her little button was. Soon she was moaning and panting and then she had an orgasm too. It was the best. We just lay there after that and went to sleep in each other's arms totally exhausted.You close the diary and put it back under the pillow. You are incredibly turned on. Your hand has been playing in your panties for the last couple of minutes as you have been reading this erotic tale. You slide one finger and then two into your soaking pussy. Your hand rubs faster and faster as you plan to re-enact Lillian and Lucy's ordeal later tonight. 'What will she look like with an enema nozzle lodged in her pretty behind?', you wonder as you bring yourself to a mind-shattering orgasm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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