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Lolita Girls

(2011-11-22 00:01:38)





Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 52: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== The phone rang. "Hello?" "Ed?" "Yeah. Hi, Carol." "You gentlemen feel like coming up here and putting on a little show?" "I guess. How's the crowd?" "Hanging from the rafters, as they say. Barb, Judy and Tom have them nicely warmed up for you." "Yeah. We just saw the last fifteen minutes of their act. That was pretty exciting. Is Ivan sure about this?" "What's the matter, Ed?" "Nothing. I'm just nervous. Arnie says it's stage fright. I guess so." "Well, there'll be an awful lot of very disappointed people up here if you don't get that gorgeous body of yours out on stage real soon. The general consensus is, as hot as the first act was, people tried their damnedest to save themselves for the main event. I know I'm looking forward to it. To you." "Is someone paying you to say these things?" "What do you mean?" "It just seems like everyone's been paying an awful lot of attention to me since I got here." "Ed?" "Yeah?" "Are you standing near a mirror?" "Yeah." "Are you naked?" "Uh, yeah." "Take a good look at yourself. I know you see that every day, so it's no big news to you. But the rest of us have just begun to lay eyes on you. You are big, and I stress the word 'big,' news. What do you want me to do? Cum right here on the phone for you?" "Jeez, Carol." "Now get your beautiful, well-hung self and that partner of yours up here on the double so we can cure this crowd of blue balls. Okay." "We'll be up in Lolita Girls a second. Do we take the elevator Lolita Girls in the gym?" "That's right. Just get on board, it'll drop you off at the right floor." "Okay. See you in a second. Bye. And thanks." "Just give us a great show. We'll talk about thanks later." Ed hung up the phone and looked at himself in the mirror across the room. His body was glowing from the light workout he and Arnold had gone through. It was covered with high bulges and deep cuts between muscle groups. His huge cock hung loosely between his legs, just on the verge of becoming hard. Its thick, bulbous head swung back and forth like a pendulum and beat seductively on his muscular thighs. His scrotum was comfortably relaxed, hanging down behind his cock, his balls heavy with their pent-up energy. Not having cum for the past twenty-four hours had been much more of a challenge than everything else about this evening. Everything, that is, until this moment. "Arnie?" "Time?" "Yeah. Carol says everyone's got blue balls waiting for us." "Good. The more they cum, the better they think we are. They'll be so busy popping off they won't notice how scared we are." "We?" "Yeah. It just hit me." "Good. I was feeling kind of angry that you were being so casual about this." "I'm sorry, Ed. I never meant to make you feel like this was nothing to me. I've just been busy keeping myself from getting too wound up about it. Comes from doing plays in high school. I guess we should get upstairs." "Carol says we take the elevator in the gym." "What're you going to wear?" "Oh, right. I forgot. Where's my bag?" "Under the table there. You think this looks pretty 'everyday'?" "Yeah. Except. . . what'd you do with your cock?" "Oh, I tucked it up between my cheeks. Thought I'd keep them in suspense. It should stay there for a little while, I just have to make sure I don't sit down too hard." "Or get hard." "Don't get me started. In fact, I wish you'd get something over your mid-section. That cock of yours is starting to have an adverse affect on me." "Horny?" "Could fuck a lamp post." "A sexy lamp post?" "A plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill lamp post, great personality, makes its own clothes." "That bad?" "That bad. Come here. I need a hug, real bad." "Me, too. Mmmm. Feels good." "I like the way your biceps press against my sides like that." "Mmmm, you mean like that?" "Yeah. Oh, shit, that feels good. Thanks. Now get dressed, impetuous youth. I mean to have my way with you." "Don't you have that backwards?" "Gotta get dressed so you can get undressed, me bucko. Nice jock strap. Simple, yet elegant." "You like the rhinestones and lace?" "Nice touch. I'm especially enamored Lolita Girls of the holsters and six-shooters with the mother-of-pearl handles." "And I think it goes especially well with the tea service, don't you?" "Absolutely. You're the well dressed host. Don't forget your back support." "Right. Thanks." "Let's go get big dicks." "Too late." "Goodness, how did that happen?" "Goodness had nothing. . ." "Trite, Ed. Very trite. Shall we?" "After you." "No, no, no. After you." "Oh, no, no, no. After you." "Age before beauty." "You're older." "Oh, right. Very well. To the dump." "To the dump" "To the dump" "To the dump" "To the dump" "To the dump" The door to the gym slid aside before them and they paraded down the stairs, across the floor and into the waiting elevator. "To the dump" The doors closed and the car rose rapidly. As there were no buttons or indicators to be seen, Arnold and Ed had no idea how far they traveled. "Where are we going?" "Beats me. To the dump?" The car came to a halt, the doors slid open, and they found themselves at the end of a short, dark hallway. Arnold and Ed looked at each other, shrugged, and proceeded. As they neared the other end, Lolita Girls a shadow appeared on the far wall. It moved forward and finally blocked all the light falling there. Suddenly the person turned the corner, the body enormous, full, round, tall, wide, filling the entire width and height of the passageway, silhouetted by the light behind. Arnold and Ed both stopped in their tracks as the person approached, seeming to float with a buoyancy that came from years of moving such enormous girth through a world of devastating gravity. Each wondered what they would do to allow this person to pass. As the large shape loomed closer it passed into a pool of light from the ceiling. Light fell first on the leading edge of the waistline and slowly spread out and across the rest of the body until the person had moved forward enough so that the face was finally down-lit. "Good evening, gentlemen. Welcome to our humble entertainment establishment." The voice dripped sex. In it was the sound of desire and completion, lust and fulfillment. The mouth that spoke was surrounded by a neatly trimmed goatee and impeccably trimmed mustache. Large, doe-brown eyes were magnified even more by thick glasses mounted in severe black frames. The hair was cut short, parted on the side and slicked back with a hair gel. The huge person was clothed in an expensive, precisely tailored suit which hung with surprising comfort on the shape of the body. A hand was extended in welcome. "You're Ed, right?" Ed nodded numbly and shook the proffered hand. "And you're Arnold. A pleasure to finally meet you both 'in the flesh' as it were. You are both much more beautiful than we had been led to believe. As you probably have surmised, I'm Carroll. Two 'r's', two 'l's'. And please don't be embarrassed. The deception is intentional, I enjoy the reactions of people meeting me for the first time. Please follow me. They're getting all your gear moved into the theatre and we'd like to know where you want things." The huge man turned on his heels with the grace of a pirouette and floated back down the hallway in the direction he had come from. Ed and Arnold stood, awe-struck, unable to take a step forward. They watched the retreating figure until he had turned the corner and his shadow had receded from the wall. Realizing they were standing alone in this strange place, they urged themselves to follow the gentleman. The hall made several more turns and they rounded each one just in time to see Carroll disappear around the next. When they finally caught up with him he was waiting at a door about halfway down a passageway, the ceiling of which sloped down from left to right. "This is the door to the stage. The control booth is above us and the seating extends around the stage in either direction. There is another door like this on the other side and this hallway passes around all four sides of the stage. We'll go in and get things arranged. Shall we?" He opened the door and stepped into a short vestibule at the end of which was another door. This one opened to the stage area. Arnold and Ed followed the man and stepped into a wonderland of lights and props, the air charged with huge amounts of electricity, both physical and emotional. The smell was of sex. The remnants of Tom, Judy and Barb's activities were being cleared through the opposite door by a crew of four. As they carried out the tables, chairs and other equipment that Arnold and Ed recognized from the show they had watched a few minutes earlier on the television, the crew would return carrying weights and a bench and bars and the various pieces of gear they had requested Ivan to provide. This included a water cooler onto which was inverted a ten-gallon bottle once it was put in place. Several large, plastic drinking cups were placed on top. As the gear was brought in Carroll asked Ed and Arnold where they wanted things. He offered suggestions that would improve visibility or enhance the range of activities that each unit might be used for. Ivan had, not surprisingly, gone well-beyond the list of requested materials and had arranged for many other items to be provided. Several other exercise stations were brought in including a set of cable flies, a pec deck and a chin-up bar built into a scaffolding. Both Arnold and Ed recognized the significance of this last addition from their first meeting with Ivan in the shower room adjoining his office. For the most part, the stage was made to look like a casual array of equipment in a home gym. Plates and bars were left lying around on the floor, several towels were hung across pieces of gear and a feeling of general disorder was given to the place. As the final props were being brought in, Ivan's voice was heard from a speaker somewhere in the ceiling. "Welcome, gentlemen. I trust everything is as you require." Ed and Arnold looked around in an attempt to discern the source of the voice. "I'm in the booth above the door you entered through. Don't bother. You can't see me, just like the audience. And if you care to speak, I can hear you." "Everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the extra gear." "You're quite welcome. We're about ten minutes from getting started. I'll let you know when it's time to get into place." Carroll gathered the two young men to him and indicated a conversation which he thought should not be overheard. "Although Ivan tends to have a laissez faire attitude about letting folks do as they please out there, I know it can be a bit disconcerting the first time. If you wouldn't mind, I could offer a few suggestions which might help structure your events this evening into a more cohesive theatrical performance." "Anything you could suggest would be just fine by us, Carroll. Ed and I have been worried about this from the moment we started to think about it." Just then a tall, well-built man with hard eyes and angular, chiseled features came in carrying a small tool box. His striking appearance garnered both Ed and Arnold's immediate attention. Carroll noticed the object of their distraction and introduced them. "Gentlemen, this physically severe but ultimately wonderful person is Pascal, our audio/video wizard. He's here to make sure all the various technologies are in working order. Just ignore him as he tends to not like being noticed." Indeed, Pascal immediately set to work without the slightest acknowledgment of their being another person in the room. His focus was on one of the traveling cameras which moved about the room at the command of Ivan or a patron. He pushed a series of buttons on a remote control device he carried and the arm carrying the camera responded smoothly, though apparently not to Pascal's expectations. Carroll proceeded to offer his suggestions for the evenings activities, from the opening through a list of several possible scenarios which Ed and Arnold might like to involve themselves in and which Carroll seemed to think the audience might especially appreciate. He was uncanny about his evaluation of their sexual and physical abilities and they soon found themselves listening to an unusually accurate description of what they had done in the gym at home with Sarah and Heather the other night. When he got to suggesting that they might even be able to trigger orgasms without touching one another, Arnold stopped him. "Excuse me, Carroll, but you seem to know an awful lot about the two of us. I don't suppose you have two women in your employ named Sarah and Heather?" "I was wondering when you would come to that conclusion. It just so happens that, completely independent of any hopes we had of contacting you, the two women you spent the night with Monday reported your activities to us. This actually happened after your initial meeting with Ivan. They had no idea, and I believe still don't, that you are involved with us already. They are always on the lookout for new talent for us, and, as you can imagine, were quite impressed with the little show you put on for them. Of course they felt it important to relate the details of your encounter to us. It was strictly coincidence. How do you feel about this?" Ed and Arnold looked at each other. Arnold shrugged and deferred to Ed whose emotions were running a little closer to the surface on this. "I don't know. I guess it's okay. I think it's a little strange for people to be running around telling stories on us, though." "I can assure you, Ed, that neither Sarah or Heather told us anything about you other than your activities. If you hadn't contacted us, then we would have waited until the women had gotten back to you with the same basic introduction that Tom and Judy had given Arnold. They would have given you Ivan's phone number and left it at that. It was only through their description of several of your more unique physical attributes that we realized the men they were referring to were the same ones who had devastated our fearless leader in his office the very next day. As I said, a complete coincidence." "So you think we should just play it the same way, huh?" "As you wish. The important thing to remember, actually one of several important things, is that there is an audience. Don't worry about showing off, don't worry about being in a certain position, just try to keep things open enough so that we can see the big moments." "What are these other 'important things'?" "Don't get hurt, don't hurt each other, unless that's what the other person wants, don't wave to the cameras and have a great time." Pascal approached the young men but looked to Carroll to pose what seemed to be a standard question. "We will be adding music to the sound the audience hears from the stage. Do you want to hear it, also?" "I don't know. We never had music in the gym. What do you think, Ed?" "Better not screw around. It might get distracting." "Fine. Will that be all, Pascal?" "Yes, fine. You two should do quite well. You're both very beautiful. Have fun." Without waiting for a response, Pascal grabbed his remote control and left the arena. Arnold and Ed watched him depart. "You should consider yourselves honored." Arnold and Ed turned back to Carroll. "That was two words more than I've heard him say in the four years he's been with us." "He's very beautiful, himself. Is everyone who works here so good-looking?" "Why, Ed. I do believe I'm blushing. Surely you don't mean to include me in that statement." "Hell, yes. I haven't come that close to having an orgasm over the phone in my life. Both of us were hard when we got off the phone with you." "Ah, that was just my voice. I'm sure that my physical qualifications are a different matter." "Only if you want them to be." "What's that supposed to mean?" "Nothing. Nothing more than what I said. I may not be able to work a person's spirit up like Arnie can, but I know love when I feel it. Everyone here, including you Carroll, has got this incredible energy that flies around here like comets or something. It's in the way Ivan runs the place, in the way Pascal treats his equipment, in the way you talk on the phone. I'm not talking about 'marry me and have my babies' love. But it's there. I feel it from you." "Ed's right, Carroll. It's in the way you treat everyone. So if you don't feel like you fit the bill, then it can only be because Lolita Girls you, yourself, have decided to be excluded." "I think, gentlemen, that this is neither the time or place to be delving into my psyche. I talk a wicked game, but I can assure you I have never had the slightest inclination to involve myself physically with the other members of this organization. We each have our individual role to play here. Now is not the time to upset the apple cart." "Ed and I aren't trying to upset anything. We just thought you should know how we feel, that's all. All of us have limitations, walls we put up around us to guard against things we can't deal with. Both Ed and I have spent the entire summer working through personal issues that have kept us from reaching our full potential. I don't know about your background, Carroll, but I would bet each of us has seen enough crap to keep us down for a long time. Ed's success, my success, has nothing to do with what swings between our legs. It has everything to do with how we have come to view the world and how we let the world deal with us. It's like I said before. You've put up your walls for your own reason. You can just as easily tear them down." Carroll looked back and forth at the two gorgeous young men, expecting to see them burst into laughter at any moment, unable to carry on the ruse any longer. He was almost disappointed to realize they were dead serious. He wanted to get mad, Lolita Girls get furiously angry with these two for treating him this way. But they had a show to do and he knew if he upset them only a fraction as much as they had upset him just now, Ivan would fire him on the spot. He controlled his seething temper, took a couple of deep breaths and walked to a phone hidden in the wall and made a call to the booth to see if Ivan was ready to begin the evening's second act. Ed leaned in close to Arnold's ear and whispered, "I think we might have touched a raw nerve or two there, Arn." "Yeah. Looks like we've got some patching up to do after the show." "That's okay. We did our best. That's all that counts." "I think you're getting the hang of this stuff, Ed. You make me love you more and more every minute." Carroll returned from the phone and spoke in an even, but continually sultry voice. "Ivan says the audience returned from intermission several minutes early in anticipation of your appearance. Are you ready?" "Oh, Arnie." "Yeah, Ed?" "This is it." "Yup. How're you feeling?" "I'm not sure if I'm going to throw up or cum." "Well, if I had my druthers. . ." "Yeah I know. Well, let's go get big. . . ah. . . " "Right. Let's get started, Carroll. Before we both chicken out." Carroll took a deep breath, reached out with both his hands and stroked each of their cheeks. "I know there is nothing I can say to make this any easier for you. But you must know, absolutely, deep inside yourselves, that you are, without a doubt, the most amazing pair of people we've ever had here. Pascal was absolutely right. You two are very beautiful. And I think he could see a lot deeper than just your taut, vein-lined, muscle bulging, cock-stretching, hard-nippled skin. I'm not sure where you two were trying to go a few moments ago with all that talk about me, but I've never been talked to like that before. I suppose, until I get things sorted out in my head, I should just say 'thank you.' We'll save further discussion on the matter until after I've had a chance to fully admire your physical attributes. I hope you give us all the chance to do that." "Carroll, I can turn your advice right back around on you. Believe in yourself. We'll see you after Lolita Girls the show. And thanks. Okay, Ed. Let's go get." "Couldn't have said it better, myself." Carroll led the way back out to the stage entrance, signaling Arnold to follow. Arnold had agreed to wait here for a few minutes to let Ed set the mood. Just before he left the stage, Arnold grabbed Ed from behind, whirled him around and crushed him into his huge, biceped, triceped arms. They held each other for several seconds, rubbing each other's back, patting each other's shoulders and then pulled away. One last, long look at each other, one final squeeze of the shoulders, one last quick kiss then Arnold stepped through the door and into the vestibule just as Carroll closed the outer door behind him. He was alone. One wall was covered with television monitors which he had not noticed before because they were off. On them were images from the cameras deployed around the perimeter of the stage which were, ostensibly, controlled by the audience. All three cameras displayed various views of Ed standing in the middle of the room taking deep breaths as though he were about to attempt lifting several tons all at once. At one point he looked around the room for something unseen, then said something as though responding to a question. Ivan, no doubt. He nodded, looked around the room, found a small barbell with eighty pounds on it and sat down on the edge of a bench. Ivan's voice then filled the small vestibule. "Arnold? Can you hear me? There's a mic in the room there so I can hear you." "Yes, Ivan. Where are you?" "I'm right above you in the booth. I presume you two and Carroll have worked through certain matters." "You mean a plan?" "Yes." "Yeah. He thought it would be better to let the audience see us one at a time. Sort of spread out the surprise." "You're going to be one hell of a surprise, Arnold. I wish we could videotape the audience so you could see the looks on their face when you walk on stage." "I have a feeling they'll be just as impressed with Ed." "With the two of you, they'll be beside themselves. So I guess I should get things rolling. Have a good show and I'll see you afterwards." "Thanks, Ivan. For me and for Ed. Your people pumped him up pretty good." "You are too perceptive, Arnold. I hope Ed doesn't suspect." "I think he does, but he's enjoying it too much to stop it." "Very well. Places, please, for act two."
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